How to Fix Being Unable to Post on Facebook

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How to stop linksys from blocking a website, how to purge your cache in google.

If a message like "There Was a Problem Updating Your Status" or "This Message Could Not Be Posted to This Timeline" appears when you attempt to post to your profile, more than likely Facebook is experiencing network or server issues. If, however, the problem continues for several days, you may need to reset your browser cache.

Report a Problem

Try posting from another browser or device, like a tablet or smartphone. If the problem persists regardless of what platform you use, from your Web browser, click the gear icon on the top right of the page and then click "Report a Problem." Describe your problem in the field provided and then click "Submit."

Delete Browsing Data

If you're able to update your Timeline from another application or device, return to your primary browser and clear your cookies. In Google Chrome, browse to "chrome://settings/clearBrowserData" (without quotation marks), check only "Delete Cookies and Other Site and Plug-in Data" and "Empty the Cache," and then click "Clear Browsing Data." In Mozilla Firefox, click "Firefox" in the top left, point to "History" and then click "Clear Recent History." Set "Time Range to Clear" to "Everything," check only "Cookies" and "Cache," and then click "Clear Now." In Internet Explorer, press "Alt-X" to open the Tools menu, point to "Safety" and then click "Delete Browsing History." Deselect "Preserve Favorites Website Data," check "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies," and then click "Delete."

Ruri Ranbe has been working as a writer since 2008. She received an A.A. in English literature from Valencia College and is completing a B.S. in computer science at the University of Central Florida. Ranbe also has more than six years of professional information-technology experience, specializing in computer architecture, operating systems, networking, server administration, virtualization and Web design.

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11 Common Facebook Problems and Errors (And How to Fix Them)

Facebook has lots of problems and frustrations. Here are fixes for the most annoying Facebook issues and errors you'll come across.

Even though nearly everyone uses Facebook, there's plenty wrong with the platform. For every great story or picture you see on Facebook, you have to put up with a dozen low-quality memes, annoying posts, and frustrating user interface elements.

We'll help you put a stop to these Facebook issues. Let's look at solutions for some common Facebook problems and errors, so you don't have to put up with them anymore.

1. Require Reviews for Tags

Facebook tagging is a fun feature on the surface, but it's also a privacy risk. If someone takes an embarrassing picture of you and tags you in it, all your friends will be able to see that picture. There's also a risk that someone could use a tagged post to obtain too much personal information about you.

In 2021, Facebook discontinued its facial recognition feature, meaning that the service will no longer recognize your face and suggest it as a tag in photos for your friends. Manual tagging for photos and posts is still an option, however.

You can't completely block photo tags on Facebook, though you can prevent others from seeing tags. Go to Settings & privacy > Settings > Privacy > Profile and tagging to see the relevant options.

Here, change the Who can see posts you're tagged in on your profile? to Only me , if you don't want tags to appear at all. You can also change the options under Reviewing to require your approval before tags appear to your friends.

If Facebook Tagging Isn't Working

If it seems like Facebook tagging isn't working, meaning that typing @ followed by someone's name doesn't function, the reason is likely that your friend disabled this option on their account. Try tagging someone else and see if that works. If you still have problems, refer to sections #10 and #11 below for tips on troubleshooting deeper Facebook errors.

2. Mute Excessive Posters on Facebook

We all know someone who posts all the time on Facebook:

These scenarios result in a Facebook friend dilemma. You don't want to unfriend these people and hurt their feelings, but you're also sick of seeing their posts. The solution is to unfollow them; you won't see their updates anymore, but will still remain friends.

To unfollow someone on Facebook , visit their profile page. On the right side below their cover photo, you should see a box that says Friends . Click that, then select Unfollow .

Now, you won't have to suffer from that person's posts anymore. You'll still be friends, so you can visit their timeline when you want to check out what they're up to. And if you change your mind, just click the Follow button to start seeing their posts in your feed again.

For a short-term solution, you can also click the three-dot Menu button on any post, then choose Snooze [Name] for 30 days . This will hide their posts for a month, so you can take a break from that person.

Unfollowing someone doesn't send them a notification, so don't worry about them knowing. If you ever want to see everyone you've unfollowed in one place, click your profile photo at the top-right of Facebook and choose Settings & privacy > Feed .

From the resulting menu, pick Reconnect and you'll see everyone you've unfollowed. Click the Plus button to follow any of them again.

3. Keep Important Friends First

On the opposite end of the posting spectrum are friends whose posts you don't want to miss. Facebook's always-changing algorithms mean you might not ever see certain updates from friends. To combat this, you can mark your closest friends to see their updates at the top of your Facebook feed.

Visit the friend's page whose posts you want to prioritize. Click the Friends box again, but this time, select Favorites . Facebook will then put updates from that person closer to the top when you refresh your feed. You're able to add up to 30 people to the Favorites list.

To see who's on your Favorites list, visit the same Feed panel as above and choose Manage Favorites . This will show all your friends; click All at the top-right and change the box to Favorites Only to see who's on the list and easily remove people if needed.

If you like, you can also click Edit Friend List in the Friends box on someone's profile, then add that person to the Close Friends group. Using this list also provides an easy way to share posts exclusively with your most trusted friends.

4. Opt Out of Targeted Ads on Facebook

Facebook makes most of its money from advertising. Thus, the platform spends a lot of time trying to serve you the most relevant ads in the hopes you'll interact with them. By default, Facebook tracks you everywhere you go and uses your browsing habits to influence what ads you see. You can opt out of these personalized ads and see more general ones for your public characteristics.

To do so, click your profile photo at the top-right of Facebook's interface and select Settings & privacy > Settings . Select Ads on the left sidebar, followed by Ad Settings on the next screen. Here, you'll see a few categories.

Disable the slider in Data about your activity from partners and Facebook won't use your activity on other sites to show ads on Facebook.

Open the Categories used to reach you and you can prevent Facebook from using information like your employer, education, and relationship status to show ads. Pick Interest Categories and Other Categories at the bottom to see what Facebook thinks you're interested in; choose Remove for any topics you don't want to influence ads.

Next, Audience-based advertising lets you see lists that advertisers have placed you on based on your information or activity. You can check each of these lists, see why you're on it, and prevent that list from being used to show you ads here.

If you disable the slider in Ads shown off of Facebook , websites that use Facebook ad services can't use your profile to affect the ads you see outside of Facebook.

Finally, setting Social interactions to Only Me prevents Facebook from using pages that you like to show ads to your friends.

5. Stop Sharing Posts With Everyone

Just like you get sick of seeing other people's posts on Facebook, sometimes you don't want to share your own updates with certain friends. Maybe you don't want your boss to see what you were up to on your day off, or don't care for another round of commentary on your life from your sister. Using a few methods, you can easily hide your posts from certain people.

If you only want to hide a post from someone once, click the audience selector button on the Create Post window. This appears under your name and probably says Friends or Public . The audience menu has many options to let you control exactly who sees your updates.

One option is to choose Friends except and search for any friends you don't want to see the post. Click the red Remove button to keep them from seeing the post, then Save Changes to finish.

Conversely, you can pick Specific friends to only share with certain people you pick. To get even more granular, try the Custom option, which lets you share with specific people or lists while preventing certain people or lists from seeing the post.

To keep someone from seeing your posts all the time, you can add them to your Restricted list. People on this list won't see anything you post unless it's set to Public or you tag them in it. To add someone to this list, visit their page, select the Friends button, and then click Edit Friend List . Scroll down and click the Restricted list.

6. Block Annoying Auto-Playing Videos

Very few people like videos that play as soon as you scroll past them. They're loud and can catch you off-guard if you thought your volume was muted. Plus, if you're on a metered connection, they're a waste of data.

To turn off auto-play for videos on Facebook, click your profile picture again and choose Settings & privacy > Settings . Click the Videos tab on the left, then set the Auto-Play Videos option to Off .

7. Block Annoying App Invites

Facebook features hundreds of games, nearly all of them designed to waste your time and//or take your money. If you're sick of friends pleading for extra lives in Facebook games, you can block all Facebook invites and requests by game or by person.

To do this, take another trip to Settings & privacy > Settings > Privacy and pick the Blocking tab on the left this time. Find the Block app invites section, click Enter , and enter the name of any friend who's invited you incessantly. You'll automatically block all game requests from them in the future. This won't affect any other interactions with them on Facebook.

If you'd like, you can also enter an app's name in the Block apps field. This will prevent it from contacting you and using your non-public Facebook information.

8. Change the Facebook Interface to Your Liking

You can't change many interface elements of Facebook through the default options. If you want to take your Facebook customization to the next level, you'll need to install a Facebook-transforming browser extension .

The best one is Social Fixer . It's available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Once you install Social Fixer, it makes several improvements out of the box.

To tweak how it runs, click the wrench icon that it shows in the upper-right corner of every Facebook page, followed by Social Fixer Options on the resulting menu, to customize your Facebook experience.

Social Fixer offers too many options to cover here, but the highlights include:

Dig into the Social Fixer options and you'll find many more ways to change the most annoying parts of Facebook.

Solutions for Common Facebook Errors

To wrap up, let's go over some tips for common Facebook errors you might run into.

9. You Forgot Your Facebook Password

Forgetting your Facebook login information is one of the biggest issues users run into. We've written a full guide on recovering your Facebook account if you can't log in . And if you think your Facebook account was hacked , you need to act quickly.

10. You Can't Connect to Facebook

Since Facebook is one of the biggest sites on the web, it rarely experiences an outage. So the next time you can't get on Facebook, the problem likely lies on your end. You should follow a few steps if you think Facebook is down :

These tips also come in handy for loading errors, like when the "see more" button is not working on Facebook, or a search says "More results may be available; see more when you're back online". Chances are that you have a problem with your browser or internet connection. Try rebooting your PC and signing into Facebook with another browser when this happens.

11. Facebook Says "There Was a Problem..."

A lot of Facebook's common errors start with "there was a problem," such as There was a problem following this profile or Sorry, there was a problem tagging someone in this post . Most of the time, these errors have to do with the privacy settings of the other account.

If you see these warnings, the other person might have blocked you on Facebook , turned off tagging, or otherwise changed their privacy options. You can check with them if you're not sure, though that might be awkward.

When you get messages like this, make sure you've done basic Facebook troubleshooting too. Refresh the page, try logging out and back in, and make sure you don't have a network issue, as described above. If you're comfortable with it, try asking a mutual friend if they have the same problem. This can confirm your suspicions that you've been blocked or otherwise restricted.

How to Fix Facebook Problems Easily

We've shared fixes for some of the most common Facebook problems and errors. By flipping the right settings or using powerful extensions, you can make Facebook a more pleasant experience for yourself.

There are lots of other aspects of Facebook to master, so make sure you know how to put its various elements to use.


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Trending tags.

Cannot Post on Facebook? Here’s the Fix!

how to fix facebook posting problems

Are you trying to figure out why you cannot post on Facebook? 

Over the past years, Facebook has been a part of our lives and not a day goes by that we are not scrolling through our news feed. One of the best things about Facebook is the ability to share a post. 

This way, we are able to express our thoughts and share precious photos or videos with our loved ones. In addition, some users also use Facebook to post and promote their products online. However, if you cannot post on Facebook, then it can pose problems, especially for businesses. 

Thankfully, you’re in luck today!

In this guide, we are going to show you a few steps on what to do if you cannot post on Facebook. 

To get things started, check the status of Facebook’s servers first to see if the problem is on their end. If this is the case, then we can’t do anything about it but wait.

However, if their servers are running fine, you can now proceed to the actual solutions below.

Let’s jump right in!

3. Turn Off VPN.

4. disable browser extensions..

6. Reinstall the Facebook App.

7. try another browser., 8. use tailwind., 9. report the problem to facebook., 1. re-login to your account..

The first thing that you should do if you are experiencing issues within Facebook’s platform is to re-login to your account. Doing so gives your browser the chance to reload your account’s data and refresh the connection with Facebook’s servers.

If you are on a browser, follow the steps below on how to do this process.

how to fix facebook posting problems

For Android users, you can re-login to your account by following the steps below:

how to fix facebook posting problems

On the other hand, if you are using an iOS device, follow the step-by-step guide below.

how to fix facebook posting problems

Once you are back to your account, try to make another post to see if you can do it now successfully. 

2. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies.

Your browser stores temporary data on your computer, which are used to improve the loading times of websites. However, these data can also get corrupted during use, and instead of helping your browser, it causes it to encounter problems.

If a certain website like Facebook is not working on your browser, try clearing your browsing data to get rid of corrupted files.

how to fix facebook posting problems

After clearing your browsing data, restart your browser, and access Facebook again. Now, try to make a post again to see if the problem is already fixed. 

VPN services are third-party programs that provide security on your network online. It works by hiding your true IP address with a generated one from their servers. This way, your identity is hidden online and your browsing data is kept private. 

While VPN services are great for securing your data, it can also interfere with your network connection and cause instability. 

Since your IP address changes randomly while using VPNs, a proper connection with website servers is not established and can cause various websites’ problems.

If you cannot post on Facebook, consider turning off your VPN service and see if this solves the issue.

how to fix facebook posting problems

If you are running third-party apps or extensions on your browser, try to turn it off when using Facebook. In some cases, these browser extensions can interfere with how certain websites function and as a result, it encounters different problems.

To fix this, simply turn off your browser extensions that are not related to Facebook.

Facebook news feed not loading

After disabling your extensions, restart your browser and try to make another post to see if you are able to do it without problems.

5. Upda te the Facebook App (Android and iOS).

Facebook rolls out frequent updates on their application to ensure that it is running at its best all the time. However, if you don’t update your Facebook app often, it is likely that you would encounter problems while using the app. 

Try updating the Facebook app to the latest version to eliminate any bugs or glitches on the application.

For iOS devices, check out the guide below on how to update the Facebook app.

cannot post on Facebook

On the other hand, for Android devices, check out the steps below on how you can update the Facebook app.

how to fix facebook posting problems

Once you are done updating the app, go back to your account and try posting again to see if the issue is already resolved.

Sadly, if an update was not able to fix the issue on Facebook, we suggest that you try reinstalling the application. It is possible that its installation files got corrupted and causes its features to malfunction.

On Android, you can reinstall Facebook by doing the following:

cannot post on Facebook

On the other hand, if you are on an iOS device, you can reinstall Facebook by following the steps below.

cannot post on Facebook

After reinstalling Facebook, open your account and try to post again to check if you are now able to make a post without issues.

Browsers use different engines to render the contents of a website and display it on our screen. However, these render engines do not interpret the codes written on websites the same way. 

This means that a certain website might not work properly on a browser but would function normally on another browser. To check if your browser is the problem, try using a different browser.

Ideally, use popular browsers like  Firefox , Opera , and Chrome , which are the browsers that are usually optimized by web developers. 

On the other hand, you can also check our guide on how to fix Facebook login issues on your browser .

cannot post on Facebook

Want to grow your business online faster? Check out Tailwind !

Tailwind is a social media managing platform for Instagram and Pinterest. With Tailwind , you are able to set scheduled posts for your products based on your own preferences. On top of that, you can also use their SmartSchedule feature that automatically determines the right time to post your products to reach the most customers online. 

It also has a 1-click Hashtag Suggestion so that you won’t have to worry about the best hashtag to use for your posts to get the most engagements.

Try Tailwind now and see your network of customers grow faster!

Try Tailwind Now!

If none of the mentioned steps above worked out for you, we suggest that you let Facebook handle your problem. 

Try reporting the issue to Facebook and hope that they can resolve the problem immediately. To help them address your problem faster, be sure to include important details like your account information, the browser you use, and the device you are using on your report. 

cannot post on Facebook

On the other hand, if you are having a hard time posting comments on your Facebook account , you can check out our detailed guide regarding this issue. 

This sums up our guide on what to do if you cannot post on Facebook. If you have questions or concerns, leave a comment below, and we will try our best to answer them.

If this guide helped you, please share it. 🙂

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Netflix Keeps Buffering? Here’s The Fix!

how to fix facebook posting problems

How to Fix ‘ECG Not Working’ on Apple Watch

how to fix facebook posting problems

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Facebook not working? Here are the most common issues and how to fix them!

Facebook stock photo 6

Facebook has become the world’s social network of choice. It’s, by far, the most popular, with over 2.95 billion active users as of January 2023 . We’re sure many of you are using Facebook to communicate with just about everyone. This is why running across unexpected bugs and issues may be more than annoying. We’ve compiled a list of solutions for Facebook not working. Let’s get your Facebook up and running ASAP!

Check if Facebook is down

Close and reopen the app.

Check the app’s network permissions

Not able to upload photos

Can’t upload videos.

Editor’s note: All instructions were generated using a Pixel 7 Pro running Android 13, a custom PC running Windows 11, and the Chrome browser running version 110.0.5481.104. Some of the steps below might be a bit different on your end, depending on your device.

Facebook stock photo 17

You might not be the only one having problems with Facebook! If the social network isn’t working for you, maybe it’s a site-wide issue. You could try to use Facebook using another browser or device, and see if it’s working elsewhere. Otherwise, you can check on a website like Down Detector , which will let you know if there’s a problem with Facebook. If there is, you can do nothing but wait it out.

Is Facebook not working only for you? Then you have to start looking at possible local issues. Sometimes apps can go out of whack, and something as simple as closing the app or website, and reopening it, might fix the problem. It may also help to log out of Facebook and log back in. This should resync everything and move the cogs back into place.

How to Force close the Facebook app on Android:

How to force close Facebook on Android 1

Check for app updates

Google Play Store on smartphone stock photo 2

Sometimes, having an older version of an application may cause issues. If problems persist, you want to ensure you’re running the latest app version. Head to the Google Play Store (or any app store you use) and check for any available updates . Get the latest version and check if Facebook is working.

How to update the Facebook app:

How to update Android apps Google Play Store 1

Restart the device

Oh, the good ol’ restart solution. Doing this fixes about 90% of all my tech problems. Try restarting the device when Facebook isn’t working. This often gets things back up and running.

How to restart an Android phone:

Restart a phone in Safe Mode 1

Check your internet connection

Wi Fi devices stock photo 1

Another reason for Facebook not working might be that your internet is down. Go into any other app or website and see if it’s working. If it isn’t, chances are you’re having internet issues. Those operating over Wi-Fi or LAN can check the router and see if it’s connected to the internet. You should probably try restarting the router too.

More: What to do if your phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi

If you’re using cellular data, you might want to see if your data connection is on:

How to turn on mobile data on Android 13 1 - YouTube not working

If you have a strong internet connection and everything else seems OK, Facebook not working might be due to permission issues. Make sure you’re allowing the social network to access all it needs from your phone to function correctly.

How to allow permissions on the Facebook app:

How to allow Facebook permissions on Android 1

Clear the cache

Cache is usually good. This data stays available locally for quicker access, instead of downloading it each time you see it. It’s also true data can be corrupted and create issues. It doesn’t hurt to clear it occasionally, especially when Facebook is down. We’ve added instructions for doing this both on Android and Chrome.

Clear Chrome cache:

Clear cache on Windows 11 1

Clear cache on Android:

How to clear Facebook cache on Android 1

Can’t play Facebook videos?

Facebook videos are known for having issues, depending on your device or browser. For example, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and earlier versions of the OS may require you to switch to another browser. Try using something like Chrome or Firefox, if you haven’t yet.

Other common solutions include restarting the computer or closing and reopening the browser. Also, try checking your internet connection.

Facebook stock photo 14

Facebook is all about sharing essential moments in life; we know this is often done through images. If you have image uploads on Facebook not working, you can do a few things to remedy the problem.

The first fix is to ensure you have the latest version of the Facebook app or browser in use. Also, turn any ad-blocking software off or make sure Facebook is included as an exception. If this doesn’t work, it may be a format issue caused by photo editing. Try uploading the original photo and see if that works. If it does, go back to your editing software and export the image in a supported format. These include JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF files. Large image files can also cause hiccups. Always try to keep Facebook photos under 15MB.

Another common issue is that Facebook often temporarily blocks people from uploading photos if they upload anything considered abusive content. Check your Support Inbox and see if you may have missed any alerts. We have a guide on how to recover your Facebook account , just in case you need it.

It’s a very similar case with uploading videos on Facebook not working. When you can’t upload a clip, first make sure it’s in a supported format . Facebook has a preference for MP4 and MOV files. You may also have a video that’s longer than the allowed length. The maximum length is 240 minutes, and the file size should be no bigger than 4GB.

Of course, don’t forget to check you’re using the latest version of the app/browser, and make sure your internet connection is working.

Next: Try one of the best third-party Facebook apps instead

If you’ve tried all these methods and Facebook is down, you might want to take things up a notch. You can check out Facebook’s Help Center for more aid. Alternatively, you can file a report. Access your Facebook account and click on the Profile icon button in the top-right corner. Then go to Help & support > Report a problem .

Online Tool Guides

Best Online Tool Guides

Facebook Won’t Let Me Post A Status, Like, Or Comment. Why?

how to fix facebook posting problems

While as affiliates, we can earn from purchases made through our links. This is an easy way for you to support the work that goes into this blog and may help provide some financial assistance with expenses like rent or mortgage payments!

If you haven’t heard of the trendy social media website Facebook, you may have never surfed the web.

Since it was released back in 2004, they’ve accumulated a whopping 2.8 billion accounts.

Being able to accompany this many users can be difficult for any website to handle, and occasionally you may experience some issues with the practicality of Facebook. “Facebook won’t let me post”

Check out our post on How to Post On Facebook Marketplace!

Why Facebook won’t let you post?

Reasons why you can’t comment, like, or share a status on facebook, how to fix being unable to post on facebook, try another device, delete browsing data.

The most common problem I see floating around the web is “why won’t Facebook let me post a status, like, or comment”.

These actions are a big part of Facebook, so I understand why people want to rectify this problem. After conducting some research, this is what I found out. 

The reason your Facebook won’t let you post a status, like, or comment can be because of several reasons. This could be because Facebook has blocked you from performing that action on a specific user’s content , or you’re generally experiencing app or browser issues.

Facebook won't let me post

With issues like the above, there could be a boatload of reasons why you cannot perform these actions.

So you’re able to grasp a better idea of why you’re experiencing these problems, we go into detail about various situations and how to fix them.

how to fix facebook posting problems

Like all social media’s, they can fall into unexpected issues for individuals depending on their circumstances.

This could be ranging from people blocking you, browser or mobile application problems.

Blocked – One of the main reasons you’ll be unable to comment, like, or share a post will be because the end-user has blocked you from performing that action.

This could be a friend of a friend or another page sharing content to which you’re banned from commenting or liking on.

To tell if you’ve been blocked by either a page or person, you can try searching for their name.

Typically, if somebody has blocked you, their profile will not show.

If it’s revealed, for added confirmation, try to send them a message.

If they’ve blocked you, it’ll show an error message which is similar to “This person isn’t available at the moment”.

Browser issues – Something else that can be causing this issue is your browser.

If you’re an active user online, your browser memory can quickly become filled with some unwanted cache that may slow down the system’s performance.

To quickly solve this issue, you’ll need to head into your browser’s settings and clear your cache.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, try uninstalling and re-installing the browser to give it a reboot.

App problems – Lastly, these problems could be occurring due to mobile application problems.

This should be a simple fix by just closing the app entirely and activating it again.

If this fails to repair the issue, you can also completely wipe the Facebook app off your phone and re-install it once again.

In some cases, the app may have a corrupted file because of how it was downloaded.

This will also install the most up-to-date version of the app.

If you’ve encountered these issues and are still unsure why your Facebook functions aren’t working, you can also message their customer service team.

They may be able to give you additional advice on why you cannot perform these actions, or alternatively, they might be able to fix it on the backend of the system.

The above situation is about how to fix the liking, sharing, and commenting functions on Facebook, but we didn’t mention anything about posting statuses.

If you’ve encountered a message that is something along the lines of “There was a problem updating your status” or “This cannot be posted on your timeline”, you’re probably experiencing status posting issues.

More often than not, this could be due to your internet connectivity, or Facebook is currently suffering from network issues.

This should pass over with a set amount of time, a maximum of a few hours.

However, if this issue was to continue for longer than a day, you should try the following to fix the problem.

If you can, try to post a status on another device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

how to fix facebook posting problems

If the problem continues regardless of what device you use, you should report the issue to Facebook as there might be something wrong with your account that isn’t fixable from the front end.

To do this on a web browser, you need to log into your Facebook.

Once logged in, you’ll need to click the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the timeline page and select ‘Report a Problem’.

Once selected, it’ll ask you to fill in details about your problem, fill this in and wait for their response.

Now, if you’ve tried to post a status through another device and it’s successfully gone through, you may need to clear your browsing data.

This is super simple to do, and we’ll be using the popular Google Chrome as an example.

To clear your browsing data on Google Chrome, you’ll want to copy and paste this into your search box “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” This will then direct you to the appropriate page.

Once you’re here, you’ll want to click on ‘Clear browsing data’ and make sure all ‘Browsing history’, ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files’ are selected (or ticked) before pursuing with ‘clear data’.

Once you’ve successfully accomplished this, you’ll need to close your browser and head back over to Facebook. Now you have loaded the site back up, you can then try to re-post your status.

Again, if this fails to post after clearing your browsing data, it’s recommended that you contact Facebook’s support team.

They may tell you to try this but explain you’ve already performed the data clearance, and they need to either fix it on the backend or come up with another solution.

There could be a variety of different reasons in which Facebook won’t let you like, comment, share or post a status, but it should be easy enough to identify why.

The most common reason in which you won’t be able to execute these actions is that the page or user has blocked you.

To find this information out, you should try the above solution.

All in all, if you’ve tried the above techniques of fixing your Facebook like comments, share, and post features , you should definitely contact Facebook.

Once reached, they’ll be able to suggest additional solutions that you can try, or they could even fix the issue on their end.

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how to fix facebook posting problems

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how to fix facebook posting problems

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How Do I Make Text Italics on Facebook?

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how to fix facebook posting problems

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how to fix facebook posting problems

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how to fix facebook posting problems

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how to fix facebook posting problems

Can’t post on Facebook? (here is the fix)

If you have trouble posting on Facebook, and you are wondering what the heck is wrong with it you are at the right place. There are some causes that make you unable to post something on Facebook and in this guide I’ll touch upon the most common ones.

In addition, I will show some solutions that you can try to get rid of any issues like this once and for all. So make sure to keep reading and hopefully fix the issue.

Why can’t I post on Facebook?

There is no straight answer to this question, however, there are some issues that might be the reasons which are as follows:

• You might have broken the rules or violated Facebook community standards

• The Facebook server might be temporarily down.

• Your network connectivity is poor.

• There might be too much browsing history or simply there are some caching problems.

• You may be running some kind of VPN on your device and in some cases, this can be the reason that you can’t post something on your Facebook page.

• If you are currently using the Facebook app on your device, you should know it is possible that there are some bugs or glitches in the app that causes the issue.

• Using a third-party app and extension can sometimes cause this issue.

• Sometimes using an older version of a browser can cause an issue like what you are experiencing and so on.

How to fix if i cant post on Facebook?

There are a few fixes and I recommend that you try all of them and get rid of the issue once and for all. 

1.  Check your network connectivity

Whenever there is something odd you are faced with whether on Facebook or other social media, first and foremost make sure there is nothing wrong with your network connectivity. If you think that there are some problems with your routers or other devices that you don’t know how to fix, contact your internet service provider and get help from them.

If there is something wrong with your home network connectivity, you can always connect to the internet through your mobile data, and in many cases that will fix your issue. 

2.  Check whether   the  Facebook  server  is currently down

Sometimes the issue you are experiencing is with Facebook itself, like when its server is temporarily down. In such cases, all you can do is wait for a couple of hours or a day, then the problem will go away.

There are different ways you can try to see if the Facebook server is really down, however, here I’ll show you the easiest and most effective one.

• Simply go to  Downdetector  website

• In the search bar type  Facebook

• Then you will have two options to choose from. You can either choose Facebook or Facebook Messenger, simply choose  Facebook .

• Then a new page will show up from which you can gain a lot of information about Facebook. Information like whether Facebook is temporarily down or not. You can also read many comments regarding current issues on Facebook and so on.

how to fix facebook posting problems

3.  Turn off  or on  your VPN

Did you know that running a VPN on your device can sometimes make you unable to post on Facebook? What is even more interesting is that sometimes you even need to run a VPN so that you can use Facebook and perhaps post something on it!

For example, if you live in a place where Facebook is forbidden or there are some political reasons that might make you unable to use Facebook then in such cases, you have to use a VPN. 

Also, if you are using a VPN for security reasons or whatever and consequently you are facing any issues, simply consider turning it off. If the problem is caused by a VPN then turning it off or using a different one will be the best thing to do.

4.  Do not violate Facebook community standards 

You are not probably facing the issue due to a violation on Facebook. However, this is a reason that some users can’t post on Facebook and it is worthy of consideration. Just make sure to follow all the rules and do not violate their community standard.

5.  Update your Facebook app

Using an old version of the app can cause you this problem. Soif you are running an old version of the app on your device, why don’t you consider updating it? Because this will fix many glitches in the app and hopefully, you can get rid of the problem.

Whether you have an iOS or Android device, you can simply update the app within a few seconds, and here is how to do it:

• If you have an Android phone go to Google Play, if not then go to App Store

• In the search bar type Facebook, and if there is an update available, then go on and update it.

• After the update is finished go to the app and see if you can post on Facebook, I hope you can do that.

6.  Remove  or disable  extensions from your browsers

Installing different extensions might be necessary based on what you do with your device and your internet browser. However, sometimes these extensions can interact with some websites in a negative way. As a result for example you can’t post something on Facebook. So removing them will be a wise thing to do. However, if you have installed an extension that is important, simply disable them when you want to log in to your Facebook account, then you can enable it again later.

It is so easy to remove an extension from your browser, however, you may need to use a different approach to do so in various browsers . If you use Google Chrome you can follow the steps below and remove or disable any extension from it. 

• Open your Chrome browser and tap or click the three-dot in the upper right corner

• Tap  More tools >  Extensions

• Then a window will pop up showing you all the downloaded or installed extensions

• Simply tap  Remove  or if you want to disable it you need to toggle it on and that will disable it.

Other  solutions to   fix the issue

Here I’ve also provided you with some quick fixes that you may want to try out.

• Update your browser

• Use a different browser.

• Log in to your account from a different device.

• Report to Facebook about your problem

• Log out of your account and log back in

• Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app

•  If it is only a group that you can’t send a post in, then the admin of the group has something to do with this. They have either limited or suspended you .

• Switch between Wi-Fi and mobile network connection.

• Clear the cache from your browser.

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