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How to Create Custom Cover Pages in Microsoft Word

Hayley Milliman is a former Teach for America teacher turned curriculum developer and writer. Over the past five years, she's written hundreds of articles on everything from Microsoft Office to education to history. She's co-author of the book  Museum Hack's Guide to History's Fiercest Females . Read more...

what is cover page design

A great cover page draws in readers. If you use Microsoft Word, you’re in luck, because Word has ready to use cover pages. But did you know that Word also lets you create custom cover pages? Here’s how to use both.

How to Add a Ready-to-Use Cover Page to Your Word Document

Word includes some cover page templates you can insert and then customize a bit if you need a quick cover page for your document.

To find them, switch over to the “Insert” tab on Word’s Ribbon and then click the “Cover Page” button. (If your window isn’t maximized, you might see a “Pages” button instead. Click that to show the “Cover Page” button.)

On the drop-down menu, click the cover page you want to use.

You can now add your document title, subtitle, date, and other information, as well as change the design up a bit if you want.

How to Create a Custom Cover Page in Microsoft Word

Creating a cover page from a template is easy enough, but if you don’t like any of the built-in designs, you can create your own. You can do this on an existing document, but it’s easiest to start with a blank document. We’re going to be saving the custom cover page so that you can quickly insert it into an existing document anyway.

You can create your cover page using pretty much any of Word’s tools. You can add a background color, picture, or texture . You can also position those elements how you want and even apply Word’s text wrapping tools to them.  Make it look however you want.

When it comes to content, you have a couple of options. You can just type the text you want, but that wouldn’t make it much of a template unless you want the same text on the cover page every time you use it.

Instead, you can use Word’s Quick Parts feature to add document properties to the document. To do that, switch over to the “Insert” tab and then click the “Quick Parts” button.

On the drop-down menu, point to the “Document Property” submenu, and you’ll see a bunch of different properties you can insert into your document: author, title, company, publish date, and so on. Go ahead and insert whichever properties you want to appear on your title page.

When you’re done, you’ll have several fields on your page. When you insert your cover page into a document later on, those fields are populated with the actual properties from the document (and you can also edit them on the fly if you want).

They’re super plain to start with, but you can treat them like any other text in Word by applying styles and formatting, centering them on the page—whatever. Here, we’ve centered them on the page, applied the Title style to the title, shifted things down on the page a bit, and inserted a filigree illustration for a little flair. It’s not the prettiest cover page around, but it’s a good working example.

Now that we’ve got our cover page the way we want it, it’s time to create a cover page template out of it.

First, select everything in the document (that’s why we recommend starting this in a blank document) by pressing Ctrl+A. Next, head back to the “Insert” tab and then click that “Cover Page” button again.

This time, choose the “Save Selection to Cover Page Gallery” command from the drop-down menu.

In the window that opens, give your cover page a name and fill out a brief description if you want. Click “OK” when you’re done.

Now when you open the “Cover Page” drop-down menu in the future, you’ll see your new cover page template in the “General” section. Click to insert it just like you would one of Word’s built-in cover pages.

And that’s it. Creating custom cover pages for your document is pretty easy once you know where to look. While you’re at it, learn a few more quick tips on putting together professional-looking documents in Word .

what is cover page design

Home / Guides / Writing Guides / Parts of a Paper / How to Write an Essay Cover Page

How to Write an Essay Cover Page

What you include in your cover page depends slightly on which citation style you are using, but the rules are generally the same.

Guide Overview

For APA cover pages:

Include the title of the paper, running head, the author’s name, institutional affiliation, and an author’s note.

Here is an example of a cover page in APA:

APA Cover Page

For MLA cover pages:

Cover pages are not as frequently used in MLA format, as the inclusion of headers is preferred.

A header looks like this:

Header in MLA

Cover pages can include the name of your school, your paper title, your name, your course name, your teacher or professor’s name, and the due date of the paper. If you are unsure of what to include, check with your instructor.

Here is an example of a cover page in MLA format:

Cover page in MLA

For more help making cover or title pages, visit our title page generator   here.

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How to Design a Presentation Cover Page to Grab Your Audience’s Attention — and Keep It!

You’ve done all the hard work. You’ve created the content, structured your presentation, designed your slides, and now it’s time for the final step — creating a cover page.

But there’s a little problem…..You have no idea how to do it.

You’re tempted to just type out your presentation’s title and call it a day. How important can a cover page really be, anyway?

Well, hold up. You know the saying: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? 

When it comes to PowerPoint and Google Slides decks, your cover page is your first impression. And just as our first impressions of people set the tone for future interactions, your cover page sets the tone for your entire presentation .

In this post we’ll be discussing how to design an impressive and effective cover page.

Let’s get started.

What to include on your cover page and why

4 design options for engaging and memorable presentation cover pages, go big with your imagery, go big with your icons, make use of strong colors and shapes, type-only cover, and a quick bonus tip…, ready to design your cover page.

Design a Presentation Cover Page to Grab Your Audience’s Attention: What to Include

Let’s start with the basics, there are 3 essential elements to include on any cover page:

Presentation title

This is a phrase that summarizes the central theme of your presentation, and/or communicates the value your audience will receive. When writing a title make sure it is clear, concise and engaging . Something super literal — “Health and safety at work presentation” — might be true, but what’s the emotional hook? “Where’s the first aid kit? Follow these 10 tips and never hear this question again” is much more likely to get attention.

Contact information

You want people to be able to get in touch after your presentation, should they have any questions, feedback or further opportunities for you.

But consider who you’re talking to. Is email appropriate? Or is it better to include your Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram handle — do you want people to follow you and tag you in their thoughts? For pitch presentations , we’d say email. For networking events, social media.

Company logo

You’ve invested in your business’s visual brand language, so why not show it off? Including your company logo shows the audience that your work is legitimate and professional.

An additional tip: if you’re presenting to a client or organization, consider also including their logo for a personalized (and flattering) touch.  

As we touched on before, your presentation cover page will say a lot about what you’re going to share. 

A badly-designed, or sloppy, cover page suggests a lack of effort — and that the rest of your work is subpar, too. A captivating cover page will help you stand out from the crowd; getting the audience excited about what you’re about to say.

Following these four tips, and you’ll have the attention of everyone in the room:

Images are an important part of any visual presentation. Great images capture an audience’s imagination, cause them to feel emotion , and evoke a visceral reaction — all in ways that text alone cannot. 

Better still, there’s lots of ways to use images on your cover page.

The simplest would be making a photograph the focal point of the page by centralizing or enlarging it, to take up 60-70% of the screen.

Another would be using a photo as the background and placing text over it. A word of warning though: make sure your text remains legible, by paying attention to the color and size.

Design a Presentation Cover Page to Grab Your Audience’s Attention: Go Big with Imagery

Whichever approach you choose, there are 5 key things to keep in mind:

In many cases, icons work just as well as imagery.

In fact, because they’re more minimalistic in their form, they might be better suited for audiences who favor eye-pleasing simplicity.

But it’s important to understand that “simplicity” doesn’t mean a lack of character. When used properly, icons can be a great way to communicate a whole range of metaphors, emotions and aesthetics.

For example, icons with square corners appear modern and communicate a feeling of sophistication. While icons that look hand-drawn convey something more laid-back and casual.

Design a Presentation Cover Page to Grab Your Audience’s Attention: Go Big with Icons

But, as with choosing images for your presentation, there’s a few things to keep in mind:

Of all the basic design elements, color is the most powerful for evoking emotion. And the right combination of shapes and colors can really excite and draw your audience in.

Think about the mood or tone you’re trying to set in your presentation, and choose a color that matches it . You can either apply this color in one shape, or use it to create numerous, smaller graphics.

Or, if you’re feeling bold, you can try to imbalance your cover page. Imbalance means that, instead of trying to make all the elements on your page seem equally weighted in shape and color, you avoid uniformity — creating a design that’s both visually striking and leaves an audience wanting more.

Design a Presentation Cover Page to Grab Your Audience’s Attention: Strong colors and shapes

Asymmetry and abstraction is another quick way to stimulate visual interest. Blow your shapes up, and place them slightly off center. Then, when you’re layering your text on top, don’t place your text inside the shape but over it. 

(Trying to squeeze a presentation title into a circle or oval graphic never really works anyway!)

You’d be amazed at just how effectively you can communicate emotion through type — the options are endless!

Tired of the font families stored in your computer? There are thousands of free, high-quality and easily accessible fonts available online.

Design a Presentation Cover Page to Grab Your Audience’s Attention: Type Only

Here’s a couple of tips on how to use them:

If your presentation is going to be emailed, make sure your cover page also works well as a thumbnail. When your audience encounters your presentation on a tiny scale first, you want to be happy with what they’re seeing. Big, bold images work well here. 

Or maybe you’d like a bit more help? Not everyone wants to go through the design process, but your cover page is just too important to overlook. Don’t risk mediocrity — explore the fantastic, free presentation templates available on SlideCarnival instead.

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Professional designs for your presentations

SlidesCarnival templates have all the elements you need to effectively communicate your message and impress your audience.

Suitable for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Download your presentation as a PowerPoint template or use it online as a Google Slides theme. 100% free, no registration or download limits.

Edit a front page for project

Free Cover Page templates

Create impressive cover pages for your assignments and projects online in just a click. choose from hundreds of free templates and customize them with edit.org..

Create impressive cover pages in a few minutes with EDIT.org, and give your projects and  assignments a professional and unique touch . A well-designed title page or project  front page  can positively impact your professor's opinion of your homework, which can improve your final grade!

work cover blue marketing

Create a personalized report cover page

After writing the whole report, dissertation, or paper, which is the hardest part, you should now create a cover page that suits the rest of the project. Part of the grade for your work depends on the first impression of the teacher who corrects it.

We know not everyone is a professional designer, and that's why EDIT.org wants to help you. Having a professional title page can give the impression you've put a great deal of time and effort into your assignment, as well as the impression you take the subject very seriously. Thanks to EDIT.org, everyone can become a professional designer. This way, you'll only have to worry about doing a great job on your assignment.

On the editor, you will also find free resume templates  and other educational and professional designs.

title paper red marketing template

Customize an essay cover page with EDIT.org

final proyect cover

Free editable templates for title pages

As you can see, it's simple to create cover pages for schoolwork and it won’t take much time. We recommend using the same colors on the cover as the ones you used for your essay titles to create a cohesive design. It’s also crucial to add the name and logo of the institution for which you are doing the essay. A visually attractive project is likely to be graded very well, so taking care of the small details will make your work look professional.

On EDIT.org, you can also reuse all your designs and adapt them to different projects. Thanks to the users' internal memory, you can access and edit old templates anytime and anywhere.

best cover template pink

Take a look at other options we propose on the site. EDIT.org helps design flyers, business cards, and other designs useful in the workplace. The platform was created so you don't need to have previous design knowledge to achieve a spectacular cover page! Start your cover page design now.

Free templates for assignment cover page design

Edit a front page for project

Customize free bowling alley signs and cover every need of your business. D...

Free sign design for your business

Find on EDIT.org editable signs to cover stores communication needs. Custom...

Editable Fortnite Banner and Thumbnail Templates

Create your Fortnite banners and thumbnails for your channel's videos and h...

Free window cleaning advertising templates

Design free window cleaning flyers and business cards with the free templat...

Free Templates for Student of the Month Awards

Create a free online student of the month certificate. Use these free edita...

Free National Dog Day templates

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Free printable Grandparents' Day card templates

Use EDIT.org's free templates to create a Grandparents Day design for your ...

Tumblr Banners

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How to Create a Stunning Presentation Cover Page [+ Examples]

Caroline Forsey

Published: January 06, 2021

When you're focused on creating a meaningful, persuasive presentation, it's easy to overlook the cover page. But giving that first page of your deck a little more love can actually go a long way towards grabbing your audience's attention early on and setting the tone for the rest of your presentation.

what is cover page design

A stunning presentation cover page can intrigue your audience into wanting to know more and increase engagement with the information you’re presenting. On the other hand, a lackluster slide, or even the lack of one, can dampen audience enthusiasm for your presentation, and maybe even your own.

You've put so much work into your presentation -- why waste that valuable real estate on the first slide of your deck?

In this post, we'll cover the basics of creating a presentation cover page that's informative and attention-grabbing. Let's dive in.

→ Free Download: 10 PowerPoint Presentation Templates [Access Now]

What's included in a presentation cover page?

A good presentation cover page accomplishes three simple things:

We probably don't need to tell you this one, but your presentation cover page should be centered around a title. And ideally, a title that's straightforward, descriptive, and simple. If you're finding it hard to keep your title short, add a subtitle (in smaller print) to clarify what you'll be speaking about.

what is cover page design

Next, identify the person (or group) who will be giving the presentation. In some cases, this will be as simple as including your own name, and in others, you'll want to include your company name, logo, department, or other identifying information. As a general guideline, you'll need less identifying information if you're giving an internal presentation.

If your audience is mainly folks outside of your company (or there are plans to distribute your deck externally) you'll typically want to include more information to identify your company clearly.

what is cover page design

A successful cover page sets the "tone" of your deck -- but what does that really mean? The colors, imagery, fonts, and placements of different elements on your cover page all create a specific visual style that the rest of your deck should follow.

A well-designed page conveys a sense of professionalism and preparedness that a simple monochrome text slide simply cannot. Even if you're not a design expert, you need to pay attention to the aesthetics of your cover page. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to find free, professional-looking presentation templates without needing a degree in graphic design. Whatever you choose, it's important to remain relevant to your presentation (and, if applicable, your company's branding).

We'll explore a few examples of cover pages below so you can see how different elements converge to set the tone for a variety of different presentations.

Presentation Cover Page Examples

Below, we've compiled a number of presentation cover pages that succeed in different areas. Remember: there's no single perfect format for a presentation cover page, but hopefully, you get some inspiration from this list.

Setting An Emotional Tone

The right presentation page can set an emotional tone as well as a visual one. This presentation cover page for a nonprofit conveys a mission-driven approach to protecting nature, with a well-selected, relevant image, and a call-to-action directly in the subtitle. (Photo by Andy Køgl on Unsplash )

what is cover page design

Focusing on a Photo

You don't need to overcomplicate the format of your cover page, especially if you have a great photo to use as a full background image. A simple stock photo here provides a clean backdrop for this presentation on remote work. Just make sure your title text is legible over any background photo you decide to use. (Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash )

what is cover page design

Leading With Your Brand

Even if you're the central speaker for a presentation, it might make more sense to highlight your team or brand on your cover page, instead of including your own personal information (you can always include your own contact info at the end of your deck for follow-up questions). Context (if you're speaking at a particular event or annual meeting) can be important to highlight as well on your cover page.

what is cover page design

There's a big difference between a cover slide you didn't put much thought into and a slide that makes good use of whitespace and leans on strong copy. Sometimes, the best way to lead an audience into your presentation is to create space for a little mystery.

If you're giving a more casual presentation or a pitch that doesn't need to follow a particular format, consider going the minimal route and opening with a simple cover page slide that asks your audience a question (one that you of course plan to answer).

what is cover page design

Set a Purpose

Many presentations include an agenda slide directly after your cover slide, but that doesn't mean you can use your cover slide to set a clear purpose upfront. Consider using your subtitle to explain a more robust (but still simple!) description of what you'll cover.

what is cover page design

Presentation Cover Page Templates

Instead of creating your presentation cover page from scratch, using a template can take much of the work out of the process. Check out these websites for templates that you can use for your presentation or for inspiration to create your own designs.

A tried-and-true favorite of many marketing teams, Canva offers up a wide selection of modern, drag-and-drop presentation templates with truly unique cover pages. If you're on the hunt for a cover page that looks like you hired a graphic designer to create it just for you, Canva is a good place to start your search. Canva offers both free and paid options.

what is cover page design


Beautiful.ai has an intuitive, highly-customizable presentation builder that allows you to import your own visual elements directly from your computer or a Dropbox folder. Like Canva, they offer a number of free and paid template options (with great cover pages). Their biggest differentiating feature is their (frankly, very cool) adaptive AI technology, which intuits how you're trying to design a slide and makes changes automatically to suit the direction of your project.

what is cover page design

For a completely free option with cover page starter template to suit a wide range of different projects across different formats, check out EDIT. Their online tool is specifically designed to create cover pages in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

what is cover page design

Another highly-customizable template source is Visme, which gives users the ability to select a starting template from their (expansive) library and customize elements in a simple web editor.

what is cover page design

VectorStock ®

VectorStock® has a massive selection of PowerPoint presentation cover page templates for purchase if you're looking for something that's ready to plug and go without the need for customization (beyond adding your own name and title, of course).

what is cover page design

First Impressions Matter

For better or worse, audiences will judge a presentation by its cover page. Because of this, it’s vital that you give your cover page the care and attention that it deserves. Ultimately, a cover page isn't simply a placeholder, it’s a vital component that can drum up interest for your presentation. The best part is that with the tools available online, you don’t have to be an artist to create a stunning presentation cover page.

The featured image on this post was created using a Canva template.

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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Download ten free PowerPoint templates for a better presentation.

what is cover page design

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Definition: Cover Page

The cover page serves as a representation of the author. The format of the cover page will differ based on the style you choose, but it typically contains the name of the author, the name of the professor, the name of the student’s educational establishment, and the due date of the paper. The topic of the paper and the course name is always included on the title page, regardless of the format used. As the name suggests, the cover page is placed at the front of the paper and is the first thing your professor will see when they receive your paper.

When writing an academic paper, you have to adhere to certain established standards. A cover page is required for many papers as it introduces the professor to the project. In this article, we will look at the different types of cover pages and their formats.

How do you write a title page for an essay?

The cover page should be simple and straightforward, and it should only consist of text. For the cover page design, you should consult the latest manual of your institution. You may be required to use a certain style of formatting such as APA, or MLA. The requirements for an APA title page differ from the requirements of a MLA title page.

Does the title page count as one page?

The cover page will take up a whole page in your essay. However, it does not count as one page in terms of the page count for your essay . As well as the cover page, the table of contents and biliography are also not included in the word/page count of your essay.

How do you format the names of multiple authors?

If more than one person was involved in writing the paper, all the names should be clearly indicated. The format used will depend on the affiliations of the authors and the institution that they’re working with. For an APA cover page , the authors should be listed below the title of the paper. List their first names, middle initials and last names with any titles and qualifications.

Is a cover page always required?

The cover page is typically required when you use the APA citation style. With the MLA, and Chicago formats, your instructor will advise you on whether or not you have to include a cover page. However, more often than not, MLA formatting does not require a cover page.

Will you be penalized for adding a cover page when it is not required?

No instructor will penalize you for including a cover page when it is not strictly required. You should consider adding a cover page if you are not sure whether or not it is required for your academic writing work. Nevertheless, you should check with your institution anyway to ensure that you’re fulfilling all requirements.

Essentials of a Cover Page

A cover page   requires:

Besides these requirements, your professor may ask you to add extra information . As mentioned earlier, you should refer to the latest guidelines to see how the cover page should be formatted. With APA style, you have to use 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spacing, and 1-inch margins.

The running head  has to be left-aligned, and it should be capitalized. Besides the ‘running head,’ your header should have a maximum of 50 characters.

The title of your paper should also be properly formatted. It should be in title case, meaning the first letters of every word should be capitalized. The only words that should not be capitalized are small words like articles and propositions. The title should be no more than 12 words in length. For the title, you should use whole words only. Avoid contractions and abbreviations.

The names of the authors should also be properly formatted. If multiple authors were involved in writing the paper, they should all be mentioned, along with the institutions they are affiliated with. Students with different affiliations should be listed separately.

The cover page should not be spruced up unnecessarily. Its only objective is to provide the reader or professor with essential information. Don’t use colored paper, colored text, or fancy images to make your cover page more attractive. That will only make you appear less professional.

Kinds of Cover Pages

There are as many kinds of cover pages as there are academic writing formats. The most commonly used cover page formats are MLA, APA, and Chicago. The difference between these cover pages is in their format and contents. Here is an overview of each of these types of cover pages:

APA Cover Page

The APA cover page should start with the running head, positioned at the top left of your paper. The page number is in the top right. Your paper title is to be in title case, in the upper half of the page. APA recommends that your title should be 12 words in length or less, and it should not include any abbreviations or contractions. Words that serve no purpose should also be left out. The title can take up one or two lines.

Below the title of your paper, list the names of the authors and their institutional affiliations. The author’s name should include first name, middle initial(s), and last name. The titles of the author(s) and their educational qualifications should not be included in this part of the paper. The institutional affiliation is included under the author’s name, and it shows where the researcher carried out the research.

For more information, read our article about the APA Cover Page !

MLA Cover Page

No cover page is required when using the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. Your instructor will let you know whether or not they require a cover page. For some assignments, a cover page can make your paper look more professional, so you should always consider adding a cover page. For MLA, you will have to include the school or university name, the title of your paper, the name of the author, the name of the class, the name of your professor, and the date of submission. You should note that different instructors may require that you add other details to the cover page.

Like in APA, the cover page is double-spaced and the letters are centered on the page. The name of your university should be typed first, after which you can skip down to a third of the page and add the title of the research paper. From here, you can skip several lines and add the rest of the details. These details should be in the bottom half of the page.

The Chicago cover page requires the title of your page, the name of the author, the name of your teacher, the course title, and the due date. The title should be typed at about one third of the way down the page. Some professors accept CMS cover pages using 11 pt Arial font, but the most widely used font is 12 pt Times New Roman. You should generally avoid using fancy fonts or underlining the text. You can only use bold for the title and subtitle. The page should be double-spaced. The page number should not be included in a CMS cover page.

cover page essay printing & binding

Essay Printing & Binding

You are already done writing your essay and need a high quality printing & binding service? Then you are right to choose BachelorPrint! Check out our 24-hour online printing service. For more information click the button below :

In a Nutshell

Here are some key points to note about academic cover pages:

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How to Make a Custom Cover Page in Microsoft Word

Learn how to make your own cover pages in Microsoft Word and create eye-catching documents.

We are talking about first impressions here. So, let's take on the first thing our eyes fall on—the cover page. The instructions below show you how to make a cover page in Word that's attractive and professional?

Note: You can use our instructions to create a cover page design for your school assignment. Before you add a cover page to your assignment, however, check for any specific requirements with your instructor.

What Is a Cover Page?

There are a lot of things that go into a professional Microsoft Word document . The cover page is the very first page of your document. Its purpose right at the beginning is to give the reader the "Big Idea" about the document.

The why and wherefore is communicated through a specific title, the author name, date, a one-liner on the subject, and any other bit of important information that you think is important for the reader.

What Does a Plain Cover Page Look Like?

Microsoft Word is used for writing serious research documents and school essays. Most of them go with monochromatic and simple cover pages. often dictated by strict style guides like the Chicago Manual of Style. Other non-academic cover pages are more casual.

But what if you want to create a cover page in Word that's way cooler than vanilla? Even if you don't have the chops for it? Design your own cover page with the easy tools on Microsoft Word and save it as your own cover page template.

For an academic assignment, do check with your instructor before using a cover page.

How to Make an Attractive Cover Page

Microsoft Word makes it painless to create a business report cover page or a title page for an essay. The Microsoft Office suite comes with a few well-designed cover pages that you can re-purpose for your document. There's a good variety to choose from.

To make a cover page, follow these steps:

The cover page appears at the beginning of the document by default. But to place it in any other location, right-click on the cover page thumbnail in the gallery and select from the options given. Though, I am not sure why you would want to!

Customize Individual Fields

Click on each pre-formatted field (the square brackets) and the whole thing gets highlighted with a blue field label on top. Type in your version for the given field. The author name might appear by default if the Microsoft Office installation is in your name.

Place the common information in Quick Parts and you don't have to bother with typing them again and again.

Change the date fields with the dropdown arrow and select a date from a calendar. You can format all fields just like normal text.

You can easily edit graphical cover page elements like any other image. Just click on the graphic to display the Drawing Tools and Picture Tools menus on the Ribbon.

Change the Cover Page Design on the Fly

Customizing a pre-formatted cover page is a piece of cake. The templates consist of formatted controls and graphic boxes that come in different color themes. So, you can change any part of the template on the fly.

Notice a picture on the cover page template? Maybe, you would like to swap it out with a logo or another more appropriate image. Just right-click on the picture and click Change Picture in the context menu.

Changed your mind about the cover page design? While working on one cover page, you can change it for another cover page by selecting a new template from the dropdown. The new template retains the field entries.

Note: To replace a cover page created in an older version of Microsoft Word, you must delete the first cover page manually, and then add a new design from the cover page gallery.

Click on Save to finalize the cover page as a document.

If you would like to save the cover page for later use in another document, select the entire cover page.

Click on Insert > Cover Page > Save Selection to Cover Page Gallery . You can use the same menu to remove a selected cover page from the gallery.

How to Make a Cover Page in Microsoft Word

Word templates are a time-saving solution, but they don't allow your personality to shine through. To add a personal touch, you should put in a bit more effort and make a cover page from scratch and put some planning into it.

You have all the image editing tools in Microsoft Word at your disposal. When you can  design your own logo in Microsoft Word , a cover page is less of a chore. Borrow or steal ideas from the process.

The screenshot below displays a custom cover page I created in Microsoft Word from scratch. I used a few basic Shapes to create the design and formatted them with color.

Save Your Custom Template

Complete your cover page design on a fresh Microsoft Word document. Save this document as a Microsoft Word template ( File > Save As > Microsoft Word Template ) in a location of your choice.

Now, the next steps are about adding your own cover page to the default choices under the Insert menu. Follow these steps:

Press Ctrl + A to select the entire page.

Add these selections to the Quick Parts gallery. Go to Ribbon > Insert > Quick Parts (the Text Group). Select  Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery…  from the dropdown.

Enter the details in the dialog for a new Building Block . Building blocks are reusable Microsoft Word elements that you can add to any of the galleries available in Word. This is what the dialog box looks like:

Click OK and close the Building Block dialog box. Go to the Insert menu and check your new cover page template.

Create Cover Pages With Style

A cover page is one of the best ways to stylize your document. But is it one of the more underused features of Microsoft Word ? A Microsoft Word document is often bland. Consider the merits:

Most of us don't commonly employ a cover page with a document. If you want to, try free Microsoft Word cover templates and see if they make your document more eye-catching. Then, you can start making your own designs for the front page of a document.

The 10 golden rules of magazine cover design

The 10 golden rules of magazine cover design

What’s your favorite magazine?

You already have an image in mind, don’t you? Probably one of the magazines covers from your favorite publisher.

For me, that would be the Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic magazine. Or one of the iconic Vogue covers that featured Beyonce. I bet you already know precisely the images that I’m talking about. That’s how impactful a great magazine cover design can be. Amazing, right?

In this article, I’m going to show you how to design a magazine cover that stands out among all the others and remains in the back of your reader’s mind. At least until the next issue. 

Together we’ll discover the anatomy of a magazine cover design and talk about aesthetics, typography, placement, and readers’ psychological profile —basically, all the steps you need to consider to achieve a successful magazine cover design that will fly off the shelves in minutes.

Get prepared, and let’s get started. 

What are the elements of a magazine cover design?

The first thing people see when they’re looking at your magazine is the cover. If it speaks to them, hands down, they’ll buy it. However, a great cover design will not only help you sell it easier, but it will also make readers curious and invite them to explore the entire magazine. Yes, that’s how vital a magazine cover is.  

But how do you know if a cover design is good enough? Rest assured, you can quickly figure this out by looking at the giants of magazine cover designs and take some inspiration.

And yes, you also need to follow some practices and use certain elements when designing a magazine cover, but there are many different approaches. No matter what, it’s important to have all the cover design elements work together like a dream. So before we get into more details about how to design a magazine cover, you firstly need to know the fundamental elements.

Below, there’s a cover from the pioneer of magazine covers – Vogue. We’ll use it as terminology to see what elements a magazine cover design should contain. 

Here are the essential elements of a magazine cover design:

Issue and dateline

Lead article, supporting cover lines.

Let’s take them one by one and get into more details.

Of course, we have to start with the most important one. The masthead represents the name of the publication and is the most crucial aspect of your magazine cover design. Professionally designed magazine covers make the mast head stand out besides the other elements. Therefore, it’s good practice to set it right in the center and make it as big as possible. It will also help people to recognize your magazine among all the others. 

So follow what magazine designers do and use a big and bold font for the masthead. Also, don’t forget that the masthead’s color has a crucial role in making it pop even more. Therefore, it’s helpful to adapt the title’s color to match the image and theme you’ll use on the front cover. 

This section contains the date, month, year, and issue number of the publication. Some magazines, like Vogue, only specify the month and year as they only publish one issue for each month. And usually, some magazines also add the price in this section.

The main image of the magazine cover is usually a representative illustration of the content within the magazine. It should best reflect what the issue is all about. Big magazines typically portray a well-known celebrity or a visually appealing image that easily triggers an emotion.

One thing you should have in mind when designing your magazine cover is to use professional images. When you invest in high-quality photos and have a cover image that stands out among the others, you improve the chances of selling more. Also, keep in mind that the image you use will draw the readers in and make them curious to know everything your magazine contains. So invest in photography because it’s one of the most important aspects of a magazine.

Choosing the right image is one of the most essential aspects of designing your magazine cover. So make sure it will best reflect the content within the magazine.

The lead article reflects the central issue of a magazine. Maybe an interview with an artist , an expert on a subject , and the list can go on. It’s recommended to use a different font for the lead article to let the readers know the issue’s theme and main story.

The supporting cover lines are topics that can revolve around the same theme or simply be completely different subjects. When it comes to placing them on the magazine’s cover, the key is balance. Try to make them clear, short, and concise. Also, go for a more subtle font and choose a smaller size to avoid distracting the reader from the main attractions.

Most of the time, the bar code area is made by the printing house you collaborate with, but it’s helpful to plan and have it in mind when designing the cover. Try to leave a little space for the bar code in some part of the corner area. Maybe you also noticed that they add the price above the bar code in some magazines, but it’s not a mandatory option. You can decide what works best for your cover and even change the place in other issues.

And now, without further ado, let’s dive into the most exciting part!

How to design a magazine cover 

A stunning magazine cover design will help you sell it – exclamation point. To be honest, I think this is every publisher’s dream – to see people love their magazine’s visuals and content so much that they choose to buy it. And therefore, to keep supporting them, especially today when you can find content about literally anything, for free.

But if you want to know the rules that will make people buy your magazine, then keep on reading!

Here are 10 golden rules of magazine cover design:

Let’s start with the first one!

1. Place the magazine name in the most obvious place

We already talked about how important the title/name/masthead is. That’s why the first thing you should start with is placing the magazine name in the most visible place. Truth be told, most magazines cover giants, put it right in the middle of the magazine. It’s easier this way for people to notice the magazine among the others.

Therefore, the overall layout of the magazine cover should be organized around your magazine’s name. One rule that all professional designers follow is to make the magazine’s name the most prominent feature of the cover. So make it big, bold, and as visible as possible. 

And speaking of visible titles, take a look at the image below. Do you see how the flower crown hides quite a few letters from the title, but you can still figure out that it’s a Vogue cover? Starting from the image, font styles, colors, and layout design – everything screams – “Vogue.” 

However, Vogue became such a big brand because of the recognizable elements they share on all their platforms – website, social media accounts, printed magazines, etc. Yes, it takes some time and learning to build a brand , but it’s so worth it as people will instantly recognize your magazine’s personality reflected on all your communication channels.

This is a great idea, especially when you have a celebrity on your cover magazine like Beyonce, for instance. 

But don’t forget to give your masthead a color that best represents your brand. Or, you can always switch according to the image you’re going to use on the cover. This mainly depends on the topic of your magazine as changing colors is really useful for fashion magazines . However, it may not be a good idea for an environmental, documentary-style magazine as most of the time, these types of magazines are the epitome of consistency. 

But when you want to learn how to design a magazine cover with a title that will remain in people’s minds, it’s always a good idea to get inspiration from others. So, take a look at the placement, font styles, and colors in the examples below.

2. Use the same cover template for all magazine issues

The next thing you should have in mind when designing your cover magazine is to choose a template that you’ll also use in the following issues of your magazine. If you wonder why let me tell you this: Consistency is key! And keeping the same cover template for your following magazine issues helps your readers get used to your specific magazine layout and easily recognize it. 

And most big brands do this! They mainly change the image cover, keep the name in the same place, and only adapt the colors to match the image. It’s like a proven good practice that works wonders. 

Still, consistency doesn’t mean every issue of your magazine should look exactly the same. That would be boring! In fact, each issue should look different from the previous one to ensure readers know you released a new issue . For the same purpose, you should add the date and the price on the cover.

If you’re not quite sure how to create a cover magazine template, you can always take inspiration from Flipsnack . We have a vast collection of magazine templates that make the whole design process smoother. Also, our online Design Studio tool is super intuitive, so if you don’t necessarily consider yourself a skillful designer, great, you just found the perfect solution! I’ll tell you more about how to design a magazine cover in Flipsnack in the following paragraphs of this article.

And for a brief history time, take a look at how Vogue covers evolved over the years. Still, do you notice the brand consistency ? It’s one of the critical elements that kept the magazine super recognizable. So try to be as consistent as possible. It’s challenging to think about the future when you’re just getting started. But try to envision how your publication will look in a year from now and even 2 years from now. And only afterward come up with a template that will pass the test of time.

3. Work with grids and layouts

Because now you know how much a template can help you make the magazine cover design, you also have to keep in mind using those grids and layouts! It will allow you to organize and align your design elements to make your magazine cover look neat and professional. 

Grids and layouts are helpful, especially when you plan to print the magazine. Professional designers and print studios use them to know exactly where the safe margins are and where the printed pages of the magazine should be cut. 

But no worries. Flipnack’s templates already follow a specific grid style. Our designers already did the legwork for you, so you don’t necessarily have to think of this step separately. The only things you have to do are choose your favorite template, change the texts and images, and basically, that’s it. From this point, you just download your magazine as a PDF and hand it over to a print studio. 

Below you can see how our designers placed each element using grids for having some safe margins. 

Those red guidelines help the magazine cover design be impactful and obtain that professional look. So try to balance your magazine cover design elements and keep in mind to leave some safe margins for the printing process.

Anyways, it’s essential to start the magazine’s design with a focus point. 

4. Decide on a focus point and build everything else around it

Whenever you want to design a magazine cover, you have to begin with the purpose in mind. So, depending on the subject – fashion, nature, cooking, business , etc. pick one and build everything else around it. 

For instance, fashion magazines usually feature models as the cover’s focus point, but you can use an object or a headline. Anyways, if you’re reading this article, you probably already figured out what subject you are going for. 

Still, one crucial thing is to make sure that your subject is best reflected in your cover design. As I previously mentioned, your magazine cover design should best reveal the content within the magazine and hook the reader into making them so curious they choose to buy it.

Do you want to talk about fashion? Or do you have a significant lead article with an interview with a celebrity you want to feature? Choose the focus point and try to build the entire cover design starting from there. If the portrait of the celebrity is your key element, then let the image stand out and only mention brief details about the other articles you feature. Figure out when not to use that much text and when it’s okay to give more information to your audience. 

5. Play with font styles

As you already know, font styles play a significant role in how a magazine cover looks –  they can either instantly attract attention or not get anything at all. So, yes, that’s how much relevance they have. 

And even though most magazine covers feature the headlines of the most important stories on the cover, using suitable font pairings can make a big difference in how the audience will perceive them. 

Accentuate the stories and articles you want to catch the most attention and make the others more subtle.

For instance, take inspiration from the Kate Moss Vogue cover. Of course, the portrait of the well-known model is the main attraction, but the combination of colors – pink, yellow, and white – beautifully complements the photography. Also, notice that some fonts are bold, while others are not, and some have serif fonts, and others are kept simple and clean. Combining font styles can help you balance out the magazine cover design.

Learn from the professionals and use fonts in bolds, italics, different sizes, and colors. Likewise, you should pay attention to what words you are using and how these can impact the reader’s attention.

6. Emphasize powerful words

I told you in the beginning that the primary purpose of the magazine cover design is to sell the stories inside. So what better way to do that if not through emphasizing powerful words? The short teasers reflected through sub-headings are the elements that can trigger the reader’s curiosity.

So don’t neglect the value of using specific words that usually appear in headlines. After a short glance at some headlines, I noticed that the most used words that quickly catch attention are: “Now,” “Free,” “Gifts,” and “Exclusive.” I encourage you to emphasize them because they prove to do the work. 

You’ll see this practice used in a lot of fashion magazines. And even graphic design experts emphasize these words by adding a 3D effect or playing with backgrounds to make them pop more. Using powerful words increases your chances of having a perfect magazine cover that will easily sell itself. 

And remember that people buy first emotionally. So use words that people will feel connected with and instantly draw them to buy your magazine. Colors also play a huge role in this process.

7. Infuse your magazine cover design with a healthy dose of color & contrast

When it comes to selecting colors, never choose randomly. Yes, you first have to decide the image you’re going to use, and starting from that point, infuse the overall cover design with pops of colors to make it stand out.

Take a look at this Marie Claire cover design. It has an orange-toned text contrasting the multiple shades of blue in the photography and background. And with the help of Amy Adams’ copper hair, the contrast works even better. You can also think about coordinating colors for a chic look (copy a color from the photo and use it on different elements from your cover page).

It doesn’t matter that much which color you choose to be the dominant color. However, green is the least used color on cover pages, while red is the most used. So try to use contrast colors to highlight certain elements like the title, model, or headline.

However, pick the colors on purpose as they will affect the overall feeling of your magazine cover. And either if you go for contrast colors between the image and texts or choose to use complementary colors, mix and match until you’re satisfied with the final result. 

Below is another example of how much impact a healthy dose of color has. The two Wired covers differ, from the brand’s name color to the images and texts. So get as creative as you can within the limitations of your brand. If your creative direction allows you to change the colors of your logo to match the overall design cover, then go for it!

8. Place a portrait on the cover

Placing a portrait of a celebrity or well-known artist, it’s a practice most magazines do. If you wonder why, well, the answer is quite simple. It sells easier as people are curious to find out the latest news about their favorite celebrities.

However, when you have a person’s portrait on the cover of your magazine – be it a celebrity or not, eye contact is a MUST as the audience can make a deeper connection with the subject.

You might say that it’s easy to do this when your brand is known worldwide but quite challenging when you’re just at the very beginning. And you couldn’t be more right. But it’s always useful to follow the best practices most brands do and who knows, maybe your magazine will be famous one day too. At least that’s the plan, right? So hit for the stars, my friend!

If your magazine is about fashion, hire models. Or interview people with authority in a specific field. You don’t need Beyonce to have success; you need great content. Remember that without a good story, your magazine is effed.

9. Avoid busy backgrounds

Busy backgrounds can dilute the message you’re trying to tell your readers. So keep the magazine cover elements pretty organized to achieve a professional look. It’s also recommended that the model on the cover is on a transparent or solid color background, as it will be easier to make the headlines stand out a bit more.

For example, if your magazine cover design has quite a few supporting lines, 3D texts, then avoid making the background also agglomerated. It’s important to keep a balance between how much text and busy backgrounds you have in your cover design. 

The more patterned or mixed-color a background is, the more stuff it will look. And this might confuse readers, and you risk not selling your magazine because of it. So don’t neglect the overall look of the magazine cover design. 

Here’s an iconic Harper’s Bazaar cover with the well-known actress – Saraj Jessica Parker. You can notice the image is quite blurred through the margins, but designers still kept the overall cover pretty minimalistic to let the image get all the attention. So follow their example when you have an image that you want to be the central point of your magazine cover and avoid having busy backgrounds.

10. Dare to be bold. Go for illustrations

Generally speaking, photos perform better than illustrations for the cover page. However, for a fun look, you can mix the two or add some drawings to photographs.

Let’s analyze the most creative magazine covers in the food market and see what design tips we can learn.

For instance, this Washingtonian magazine cover will for sure be bought in second by all sweet tooths out there. It has a mix of delicious good photography and fun font choice that compliments the food perfectly. Instead of looking for common ways and fonts to write the headline: 100 very best restaurants , they had fun creatively surrounding the central star – the apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on top – with the hand-written font style. 

Another great example is the Crumbs’ magazine covers. Gorgeous, inspirational, and practical, its cover designs are highly recognizable. Starting from the logo to the choice of text color and photography, Crumbs magazine is unlike anything else on the market.

No matter the industry you choose for your magazine, play around, get creative and dare to be different and bold. Use illustrations to best complement the other elements on your cover.

Now let’s see some great magazine templates examples from where you can start the design process. But also, if you already have a PDF file with your magazine, just upload it in Flipsnack and give it a 3D page flip effect!

Magazine cover templates made in Flipsnack

Below are a few magazine cover examples made by our design team. The first one is an interactive template, so flip through it and see for yourself how fun and interactive the magazine can be!

It interacts with the audience and makes the whole flipping experience more entertaining and exciting. 

Also, look at the following magazine template examples , click on them, and start the design process now!

Interactive healthy living magazine template

This interactive magazine template is the perfect choice for a food magazine style. It has beautiful photography made in natural light and pops of green color, which best reflects the magazine’s name – “Healthy.” Also, the fonts used are sans serif to achieve a clean yet professional cover. Designers added videos with some sports training and kept the content minimalistic to make the readability as easy as possible. Especially when you want to offer lots of information to your readers, it’s essential to keep in mind a balance between chunks of texts, images, and videos. You can easily use video editing apps for this purpose.

Home and lifestyle magazine template

Having a home and lifestyle magazine cover design , it’s super easy with this template. But, first, you should consider from the beginning to have quality images, especially for home and lifestyle magazines. Here, pictures speak more than words, and that’s precisely why people buy the magazine – to find great home inspiration. 

For example, you can replace the image with a new one every month/week when you publish a new issue and possibly change the color from “Cozy home” according to the image. Also, don’t forget to offer your readers relevant information about decorating. Maybe add some tips and tricks for decorating a small studio, for instance. Anyway, think of useful ones that will actually make people curious into wanting to know more.

Beauty magazine template 

Now, this beauty magazine template is more suitable for a fashion/beauty style magazine, right? It has the portrait of a model on the cover, the big masthead “Lucy,” supporting cover lines, and the date. All the elements you need for a stunning fashion magazine cover design. 

You can also see how our designers arranged the content within the magazine by always keeping a balance between images and texts. And do you notice how they maintained the color pink from the cover page throughout the other pages of the magazine? It creates a nice transition between the pages, and also, the fonts used are a mix between big, bold ones and small, sans serif ones. 

Start with this template and make your own magazine. Let your creativity flow, and enjoy the ride of designing your magazine!

How to design a magazine cover in Flipsnack

When it comes to making the design process easier, well, Flipsnack should be your go-to solution. Not only to convert your PDF files into 3D flipping pages but to also use great magazine cover templates , like the ones above, for instance. 

Anyways, the best part when using Flipsnack’s online design tool is that you don’t need professional designer skills. The whole process is really intuitive, and you’ll be done with the design before you know it! But wait, the great news doesn’t end here. With Flipsnack, you can take your digital magazine to new heights by adding interactive elements and offer your readers an immersive experience. For example, you can add videos, music in the background, photo slideshows, and many more. 

Either if you choose to create a magazine cover from scratch or if you want to start by using one of our many great templates, I’ll show you all the steps you need to take.

Step by step tutorial on how to design a magazine cover in Flipsnack:

Go for both print and digital .

Is print dead ? Do you think that way? To be honest with you, I believe print will never be dead. And if you want to achieve success, I think a combination of print and digital is the ideal solution. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having it only one way, but then you’ll be missing some of the benefits. This decision is up to you to make and see what works best for you. 

And yes, it’s also a budget and target audience matter. If you just want to print it for yourself or some friends, the budget won’t be huge. But if you plan to print lots of examples, well, you got to be prepared because it will imply a large amount of money. And it also matters who your target audience is. Decide on these things even before you start the design process of your magazine.

But when I say you should go for print and digital, you increase your chances to reach a broader audience and easily get your magazine name out there. So try and experiment for yourself, and no worries, our pre-made templates are already prepared for print . You don’t need to make any more adjustments as they can be sent directly to a print studio. 

No matter what you decide, learn the best ways to run an online magazine and slowly but surely, achieve success! There are endless possibilities you can experiment with, so again, choose what you most like!

The magazine’s distribution process

The last thing I want to share with you is how you can improve the distribution process of your magazine. Again, either if we talk about the digital or print format, it’s important to think ahead and plan the distribution process properly. 

Firstly, the distribution process for your printed magazine can be fun as you can interact with lots of people and even meet new partners. Therefore, I encourage you to collaborate with beauty salons, restaurants, or any other business that might let you distribute your magazine there.

They could place your magazine in the waiting area, so clients can easily delight themselves flipping through it. This comes in great help for small publishers that want to increase their brand awareness. So why not take advantage of every chance possible?

However, when talking about sharing the digital format of your magazine, you can send it through a private link directly from Flipsnack, via email, share it on your social media platforms, or embed it into your website . Also, don’t forget to send your magazine to all the people who worked and appeared in it. They will for sure appreciate it!

To sum it all up

When assigned the role of designing a magazine cover, your main job is to make it shine and sell itself. But to do that, you need to follow the good practices professional graphic designers do and add a pinch of creativity. So, if allowed, get as creative as you can to best reflect the magazine’s content and get inspired on how to improve your magazine cover design from the pioneers of the magazine covers. Enjoy the ride; it’s worth it!

* Magazine covers are copyrighted by their respective publications .

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How to Create an Amazing Report Cover Page Design [Plus Templates]

How to Create an Amazing Report Cover Page Design [Plus Templates]

Written by: Masooma Memon

report cover page - header

Unless you have a stunning report cover page to represent the hard work you’ve done and invite viewers to read it, you’re doomed.

That’s a big claim. Probably one that I shouldn’t be making, but we’ve all got biased brains that fall for looks anyway. So why should I lie to you?

See, in your imagination, you can write a stellar report that everyone in the office reads. Appreciates. And applauds for. 👏

But no matter how beautiful the different graphs in your report are. Or how well you’ve followed the ways to write a report so that it’s actually read .

Nothing matters. Unless you’ve created an amazing report cover page design to jacket all your content and circle graphs in.

Think of it like this – you’re walking into your favorite bookstore. And for the first time in your life, you don’t have anything on your to-read list. (Impossible, I know. But hear me out.) Now you need to pick a book.

Which one do you think you’ll pick from your favorite section?

At the risk of sounding cliché, it’d be the one with the most attractive cover. Perhaps the cover’s color catches your eye. Or its design.

It could be anything. But, really, the cover is the first step to picking the book up and skimming its summary.

A report cover page works the same way.

It catches your reader’s eye, welcoming him to turn the cover and read what you’ve worked tirelessly to put together.

Since reports are a staple in every quarter, every year, in short, every time, you simply can’t ignore their cover. So it’s time we talk design.

Here’s a short selection of 8 easy-to-edit report cover pages you can use when you edit, share and download your report with Visme. View more templates below:

what is cover page design

In this post, we’ll roll through the essentials of designing a report cover page, what a report has on its front and the design elements that need your attention.

But First, Why Do you Need a Visually Stunning Report Cover Page?

Reports are believed to be dull, boring and bulky documents. Dull and boring because they talk numbers. And bulky because reports are text-heavy creatures.

At least that’s the belief, right?

It was. But not anymore.

More and more folks are recognizing that eye-catching visuals are the first step to ensuring that their reports make it into their readers’ hands.

In fact, your report’s chances of generating maximum readers get bleak if it doesn’t attract them. So who made the change in this long-standing belief about reports, you ask?


Along with their work on unearthing the impact that design plays in developing first impressions and gripping attention.

Consider this.

Design is the first step to leaving a remarkable impact.

We process visual content in about 13 milliseconds, according to the researchers at MIT .

That’s 13 milliseconds .

But have you wondered why we perceive visuals way faster than any other info bit?

The answer might amaze you – our brain is a sucker for beautiful things. It’s innately drawn to them. Put this way, you definitely need an attractive report cover page design.

Takeaway : Design a report cover page that counts. Carefully select the color, font and other design elements. These are secretly working in your favor to spark your target’s interest.

Good design is the way to making your document memorable.

Here’s another interesting discovery. We can remember over 2,000 pictures with roughly 90% accuracy . But we can’t remember words with a similar accuracy.

Put another way – design is much more memorable than written content.

Takeaway : An epic report cover page design makes your report memorable. So your boss will probably call out, “ get me that report with the great design. ”

Step one for getting your report recognized accomplished. ✔✔

Looking to create a stand-out visual report?

Good design makes your content persuasive.

This conclusion comes from an old but gold study with an important, worth-mentioning message. Researchers compared the impact of a time management presentation with and without visual support. The conclusion?

The presentation with visuals was found to be 43% more persuasive than the one sans visual aids. The group also said that the visually rich presentation was more interesting, professional and clearer than the visual-less presentation.

The takeaway : These findings can be easily applied to your report cover. A stunning report cover page design can make your report look professional, interesting and memorable.

In fact, adding visuals to your entire report, and not just its cover, can help you transform your report from dull to captivating.  

In short, a fabulously designed report cover works wonders. It makes your report memorable, encourages folks to pick it up and helps it stand out amidst a sea of mediocrity.

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what is cover page design

Factors to Pay Attention to Before Designing a Report Cover Page

Now that you know how crucial a report cover page design is, let’s get down to business – designing an engaging report cover.  

Remember that the goal here is to make your report cover page design engaging, informative and unforgettable. All while staying professional.

You also need to ensure that the design is appropriate for your audience’s taste and suits the subject it’s covering. For instance, a report cover designed for a preschool principal is going to be much different from that of a hospital report.

To get to the heart of this, you need to pay attention to five key characteristics.

Know your audience.

A pop of color looks great on a report cover page designed for the fashion industry. But it wouldn’t suit the healthcare sector. This is the reason why the Mayo Clinic sticks with blue, a color that gains trust in its annual community report .

report cover page - know your audience

Image Source

Know your audience’s taste.

Not only do you need to know your audience, but their taste as well when you get to creating the perfect report cover page design.

For example, if your boss has a serious hatred for the color yellow, it’s best to steer clear from using it in your report cover.

This begs the question though – what if you pick a report cover page template that has a yellow theme? Such as in this template below.

report cover page - know your audience's taste

Customize this report template and make it your own! Edit and Download

In such a case, you don’t need to change all of your plans. Just change the color. This is incredibly easy to do thanks to the flexibility that Visme offers you.  

Know your subject.

Onto the third factor now. Be aware of your subject like the back of your hand.

So let’s say your report covers extinct animals. Do you think a report cover page with flowers will make sense in such a case? Absolutely not.

Imagine having a flower on this WWF 2018 Annual Report cover.

report cover page - know your subject

Know your report’s format.

Before you go about designing a report cover page, you need to be sure of the format you’re going to lay out all of your information in.

Is it a simple one-page report? This daily report template can be a great place to start.

report cover page - know your report's format

You could also opt for a weekly report format, which gives an overview of the week on its front page as in this template.

report cover page - know your report's format

Or, do you want to take a creative route and design an interactive infographic report ? (Psst! Here’s a pool of infographic templates from Visme to get you started.)

Not to forget, your report could also be a masterpiece with lots of data, discussing future plans and reflecting on the annual (or quarterly) happenings.

report cover page - know your report's format

If you’re putting together suggestions though, then you may find a proposal template suitable for your report cover page design.

Here’s a good one that I find particularly pretty.

report cover page - know your report's format

You see, the options are varied. You just need to determine what options are going to suit your report cover page best.

And while you decide on your format, here are more report examples that people actually want to read to jiggle your creative bells.

Pay attention to your branding.

Lastly, don’t forget your visual branding . This applies to you whether you are a service provider sharing reports with your client(s) or an employee in a company.

As you create your report cover page design, you need to take into account all the branding elements including color, font, brand personality and so on. Incorporate all these elements directly into your cover page.  

For instance, the Content Marketing Institute designs an orange-themed report cover page year on year. Why? Because orange is their brand color.

report cover page - use your branding

If you already have a brand style guide in place, you can take a shortcut to designing your cover by using a report cover page template.  

Say you like this report cover page template from Visme best.

report cover page - use your branding

Just tweak it to add your logo and brand colors with fonts and you’re all set.

What Goes On Your Report Cover Page

Here’s the thing – you can’t design anything unless you know the content that you need to add to it. Designing without planning content beforehand can be a serious design flaw requiring you to redo the process all over again.  

To this end, your report cover page should include:

report cover page - what goes on your report cover page

In case of a report cover page template, you don’t need to worry about all this though.

How to Create an Amazing Report Cover Page Design

Okay now that you know what to factor in as you head to the design board, let’s get to the meat of the matter.  

We’re going to be shedding light on the most important design elements such as color, fonts, whitespace and more for creating an epic report cover page design.

Just one small but significant tip here. Picking and including these elements in your report cover page won’t be a headache if you already have a brand style guide. Because you’ll need to stick to your branding rather than introduce anything new.

Now that this is out of the way, grab your cuppa and read on.

1. Choose your colors wisely.

Creating a report cover page may seem to be the best option to introduce all your favorite colors in one design. Alas, that’s not quite how design works.  

Like we discussed, and we’ll be quick about this, pick colors from your brand’s or company’s color palette if you have one.

If not, then get to work by understanding color psychology before finalizing your best picks.

Other tips to keep in mind here are:  

As far as your font color is concerned, you’re free to experiment with it. Make your headings pop with a bright color and differentiate your subtitles with another shade.

To be on the safe side though, stick with black or white color for your body font. These two colors have a knack for standing out. This helps deliver your message clearly.

And before we head on to the next design element for your report cover, here are 50 tried and true color combinations . Try your favorite ones to save time. Otherwise picking colors can be as tough as choosing an ice cream flavor as a kid.

2. Don’t rush with font selection.

Typography leaves an impact on various factors. It’s just as the founder of iA and iAWriter Oliver Reichenstein said , “Optimizing typography is optimizing readability, accessibility, usability [and] overall graphic balance.”

Not to forget, each font comes with its own personality. This could be playful, serious, clean or casual among other styles. So you really can’t neglect fonts at any cost.

Factor in each font aspect including its roundness, letter to letter flow, length and weight. These play a crucial role in instilling feeling in your viewer’s mind.

For example , script fonts are elegant. Serif fonts, on the other hand, have a serious, refined vibe. And sans serif fonts can help your content and design to feel more modern.  

report cover page - choose your fonts wisely

If you’re in a rush and your report cover page template needs to be done quickly, play it safe by picking from the top 5 best fonts .

Here are more tips to simplify font selection for you:

As you pair fonts together with each other, be sure to outline your objective first.

Do you want your fonts to flow and harmonize? Or do you want to play with contrasting typography? Decide according to your objective.

Here’s a video explaining this very process of pairing fonts for more clarity:

3. Select attention-grabbing visuals.

Data visualization and graphic organizers have a reputation for adding life to your report.

The icing on top is that these stunning visuals can work wonders in catching your reader’s attention. Not to forget, they can make your report cover page unforgettable.

But there’s ONE thing that you need to be absolutely sure about, and it’s that you’ll need high-quality images or illustrations for your report cover page design.

This holds true in all cases, whether your visual occupies a small portion on the front such as in this template.

report cover page - use attention-grabbing visuals

Or whether your image spreads out from top to bottom on your report cover page like in the Visme template below.

report cover page - use attention-grabbing visuals

In either case, you need quality. Without it, you run the risk of looking unprofessional.

The good news is that   report templates offered by Visme are easily customizable. So you only need to slide in your image and edit the text.

In addition to the quality, keep the following in mind:

All of these three points are captured in   WCS Annual Report 2019 ’s cover page:

report cover page - use attention-grabbing visuals

Remember, you’re not to add visuals in your report cover page just for the sake of it. The real goal for visuals here is to reinforce your message.

4. Work on the hierarchy for your report cover page.

Hierarchy is the way you organize information on your report cover.   The aim is to offer visual clues or a navigation pathway to your readers so they know where to start reading.

Let’s pick an example from one of Visme’s report cover page templates to understand things better here, like this attention-grabbing CRO Proposal.

report cover page - visual hierarchy

Did you notice that your focus first landed on “CRO Proposal” rather than any other text? That’s because it was designed to catch your attention first. 

How? With its size and bold formatting.

Your eye will naturally concentrate on the subtitle “Conversion Rate Optimization” next.

That’s because its reduced size – smaller than the title but larger than the rest – lays out a navigation path for you.

Here are more tips for planning out your cover’s hierarchy:  

To add to your tips for this element, take a look this video from our Make Information Beautiful series on visual hierarchy design principles .

5. Factor in whitespace as you design.

The last design element on this list is whitespace . It’s the unmarked space in a design, also known as negative space.

But by no means does this space have to have a white background. In fact, whitespace could be of any color, image, pattern or texture.

The idea is just to add some breathing room around your design’s elements. Proper use of whitespace between paragraphs and margins can enhance understanding by up to 20% .  

So what you’ve got to do in this case is add proper unmarked space (aka breathing room) between the title, subtitle, and other report cover elements.

Here’s a very thoughtful use of whitespace in this report page template to give you an idea.

report cover page - use whitespace

As for your tips:

Design an Epic Report Cover Page Today

You can start designing your report cover page from scratch. Or you could edit a report cover page template from Visme and design a fabulous cover within minutes.

For non-designers though, the design principles we detailed in this post can be a tricky territory to wade into. This is why report cover templates can be lifesavers.

So what are you waiting for? Get a head start designing your next report cover page by signing up for Visme for free.

Learn more in our quick 5-minute tutorial video.

Design beautiful visual content you can be proud of.

what is cover page design

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what is cover page design

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what is cover page design


The cover page is one of the most important parts of writing an essay or doing a report. That’s why you should give it the interest that it deserves. While many people don’t use the term cover page to describe the first page of the report, You can find synonyms (broadly speaking) used for that such as title page or title sheet. In this guide, we will show how you can perfect this art. Yes! It’s an art because not everyone has that ability to catch the eye of anyone seeing that report. With the right cover page templates you can do just that.

cover page, cover design, download, office ms word, cover sheets, office templates, Word Template, title page

Cover page terminology

Technically speaking the terminology used around can refer to the same thing, which is the first page of something. It can be a report an assignment or a one-page format. In general you can find these terms thrown around like it’s the same thing, most of the time, it not. The most used ones are:

Cover sheet or Assignment cover sheet

You can find this in the academic field . It is the paper used by students to display the most important data of the assignment such as the name of the student and the course number.

This assists in the efficient handling of assignments. Other types of information might be included, depending upon the requirements of the course. Some universities require and/or offer cover sheets in standardized formats. These are often in the form of computer files that a student can download, print, and personalize.

Some educational entities that are not universities require also Cover sheets.

Cover letter

Job hunters regularly send a cover letter in addition to their curriculum vitae or applications. This is a method of introducing themselves to prospective employers and describing their viability for the desired positions. Employers may try to find customized and attentively written cover letters. This is an approach of evaluating out candidates who are not adequately thinking about their positions and/or do not have the needed fundamental abilities. You can check out how to write a cover letter .

This is usually used for books as The title page often reveals the title of the work, the person or body accountable for its intellectual content, and the imprint, which consists of the name and address of the book’s publisher and its date of publication. You can see that it’s very important. Especially in paperback editions it might include a much shorter title than the cover or do not have a descriptive subtitle. More details about the publication of the book, including its copyright details, are often printed on the verso of the title page.

What are the types of cover pages?

Academic cover pages.

On the planet of the academic community, following the rules is usually just as crucial as the content inside the paper. This implies you need to have correct in-text citations, quotes, referrals, etc. Most significantly, the file needs to be presented in the proper format. The 3 most common formatting designs for scholastic papers are:

Business Cover Pages

In the corporate world, the cover page design is mostly dependent on the nature of the company and the type of document you are producing. Particular cover pages should be official and professional, while others may call for more imagination and flair.

Report Cover Page

This is the general type of the types. It can include all the other types and it can be for a specific niche. The most important thing is using a template that can reflect what is the report is about. For example if the report is about a greenhouse effect, you can choose a template that reflects that or nature in general. In another case if the report is a financial or annual report you can use a template that is professional and infers a business side of things.

How to create a cover page ?

You can create a cove page in most of the software that is in the market, but Microsoft office is the most used in the world. When using Microsoft word you can see that there are some cover pages already included whit the software. You can customize them or create new ones that have some personality. You can check out this guide on how to create a cover page in MS word

Cover page template examples

Abstract cover page template

Abstract Cover Page Template

Red and black stripes cover page

Academic cove page

Blue pattern blue cover page

Artistic cover page templates

Elegant Red and Black cover page

Simple Cover page

Geometric pattern Cover Page

Creative cover pages template

Cover page Templates Editable Cover Pages, download your cover page design template, edit with Microsoft Word, print, and impress with multiple cover pages.

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what is cover page design

Add a cover page

Microsoft Word offers a gallery of convenient pre-designed cover pages to accent your resume . Choose a cover page and replace the sample text with your own.

On the Insert tab, in the Pages group, click Cover Page .

Click a cover page layout from the gallery of options.

After you insert a cover page, you can replace the sample text with your own text by clicking to select an area of the cover page, such as the title, and typing your text.

If you insert another cover page in the document, the new cover page will replace the first cover page you inserted.

To replace a cover page created in an earlier version of Word, you must delete the first cover page manually, and then add a cover page with a design from the Word gallery.

To delete a cover page inserted with Word, click the Insert tab, click Cover pages in the Pages group, and then click Remove Current Cover Page .

Note:  Cover pages don't display page numbers.

Insert a cover page

On the Insert tab, click Cover Page .

On the Insert menu, select Cover Page

To see how your cover page will look, on the View menu, select Print Layout or Web Layout .

To replace a cover page created in an earlier version of Word, you must delete the first cover page manually, and then add a new cover page with a design from the Word gallery.

Remove a cover page

Click the Insert tab, click Cover Page , and then click Remove Cover Page .

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what is cover page design

what is cover page design

Free Printable Cover Page Templates (Word / PDF)

A cover page template is essentially the first page of most intellectual and expert records, for example, research papers, project reports, recommendations, books, and expositions. In this article, we have given the basics of a cover page alongside editable cover page templates and instances. So we should get to know what a cover page is and how could it be utilized.

The creator gives general data, for example, the name of the author(s), the distributor, and the point being talked about in the record. For scholarly purposes, the name of the course, foundation, directing teacher, and the due date can likewise be incorporated. On a very basic level, it gives the perusers a fast comprehension of what’s in store in the record by expressing the subject and presenting the book or paper.

Basics of a Cover Page

The cover page tells the reader the point that is examined in the document. To do such, a few things are usually introduced on the cover page template.

They include:

The title and subtitle of the report

For instance:

free cover page template

Kinds of Cover Page

The most widely recognized kinds of cover page layout designs are APA, MLA, and CMS. These kinds of cover page templates will contrast by the way they are arranged and the information in them. Furthermore, if you intently analyze the instances of the cover page, a few configurations are more predominant in specific fields than others.

The details of each type will be talked about underneath:

APA cover page

The running title is composed at the upper left of the document on an APA cover page template, while the page number is demonstrated in the upper right. The running is composed in all capitalized letters and shouldn’t surpass 50 characters (spaces included).

The title ought to be written in the upper portion of the page and ought to be in the title case – each expression of the title is promoted except for articles and propositions. The title length ought to be 12 words all things considered and can take up all things considered two sentences.

The name(s) of the author(s), which is then trailed by the organization’s name, is then composed after the title. The creators’ names are first name, centre initial(s), then the last name. In APA, official titles and instructive capabilities ought not to be given on the cover page template.

MLA cover page

In MLA style, a cover page isn’t needed. Nonetheless, a few educators could demand creators to incorporate a cover page, or it tends to be added at the creator’s inclination to cause the document to show up more expertly. MLA cover pages ought to have the accompanying details; the name of the foundation (school or university), the title of the document, the creator’s name, the name of the class, the name of the educator or teacher, and the submission date.

Extra details can be added according to the directions given. At the point when a cover page is remembered for MLA design, it ought to be twofold dispersed, and its items ought to be focused. The name of the foundation is composed first at the top portion of the page.

The title of the document is then added at 33% of the page. Avoid a few lines and add some other data required. This data can be the creators’ names, the class name, the name of the educator or teacher, the date of submission, or some other according to the rules.

Documents ready with CMS format should have a cover page template. The title is composed at 33% of the page. The title and caption ought to be strong.

Some other fundamental data, for example, the name(s) of the author(s), educator, course title, and submission date can then be incorporated. You can find in the examples underneath that in the CMS arrangement of the cover page, the page number is excluded.

Note: Although the cover page isn’t needed in certain formats, it isn’t disallowed except if the educators restrict it. Adding a cover page is in this way suggested at whatever point it is conceivable as they make records look more expert. Cover pages don’t add to the length of the document or paper.

Amazing Cover Page Examples

Here you can find bundles of cover page examples and by including them you can make your cover page more attractive and readable.

The most effective method to Make a Cover Page How to Make a Cover Page Template

Presently, have you been approached to compose a report or class assignment and incorporate a cover page template? If indeed, there are multiple approaches. The strategy to utilize will rely upon the rules and what is to be achieved. This article will feature the various ways writers can utilize cover page templates alongside various examples:

Strategy 1: For the resume

Resumes will, now and again, have cover pages. Keep in mind, as prior referenced and can likewise be found in the downloadable examples given underneath, cover pages work on the impressive skill of a document. A cover page for a resume is a letter that goes with a candidate’s application.

If so, the accompanying contemplations merit carrying out in the writing process:

Keep the letter to one page

The cover page template ought to be one page long. This page should be designed like some other expert letter. A one-inch edge on all sides is utilized, yet the edge can be essentially as little as 0.7 inches. Its items should be single-divided and adjusted to one side. Likewise, each paragraph ought to be isolated with a single blank line.

Remember contact data for the upper left corner

At the top-most left corner, incorporate your name and contact information. The essential data remembered for this part is the source’s complete name, actual location, substantial telephone number, and email address. Fax numbers are composed after the telephone number or the email address.

Write the full date

After the email address, embed the date when the cover page template was composed. Then, demonstrate the Month, day, and year. An organization of the day, month, then the year is likewise satisfactory relying upon the rules. Leave a blank line on each side of the date.

Address the receiver by name

Give a proper greeting. Two circumstances decide how to compose the greeting – one where the sender doesn’t have a clue about the recipient’s name and two where they do. In the first place, on the off chance that you are curious about the name of the recipient, address them as “Dear Employing Director/Recruiting Advisory group/HR Supervisor,” and so on – because of their title. Assuming you know their name, remember it for the welcome.

Write an introduction

An introduction ought to then trail behind skirting a line from the greeting. The creator presents themselves and states the motivation behind the cover page and the position they are applying for. Details like past experiences with the recipient and where you found out about the opening can likewise be incorporated. Demonstrating the organization where you join in, and your major is additionally permitted in the introduction.

Highlight your skills

The body of the cover page can have a few sections. Show why you are appropriate for the job and how you are equipped for the equivalent. Utilize exact genuine instances of what makes you a reasonable up-and-comer. Adjust the capabilities and guides to the job specifications. This can be acknowledged by surveying the work posting and recognizing the details and prerequisites you satisfy. Pick to add any achievements that connect with the position.

Briefly conclude your letter

Close the cover page letter by showing your excitement for the position and repeating key important points from the body of the letter in a couple of lines. Tell the recipient you are free for a meeting and give contact data to connect. An individual telephone number, as well as an email address, would do the trick.

Close the letter officially

Finally, close the letter utilizing a free close, for example, “Yours Truly” or “Thank You.” Next, sign the document and afterwards demonstrate your name. Continuously utilize blank ink to sign proper documents.

Strategy 2: For a fax

While sending formal fax, it is important to incorporate a cover page template to add an expert look focus to the document.

This can be accomplished with the accompanying method.

Provide the header

The authority name and address of the sender are added at the highest point of the cover page. This data ought to be focused on. A telephone number and fax number are then added. An authority letterhead can be utilized to epitomize this information. Later, avoid two lines before continuing with other information.

Format the cover sheet in two columns

Then, separate the cover sheet into two sections. This makes the cover sheet more neat and satisfactory. At last, twofold space the cover sheet before embedding data. Note that clearness and neatness ought to be focused on while making a fax cover page. Creators can add their contact data and the collector’s contact details at the highest point of the fax page. The fax can then be saved as a template that will use in the future due to a similar general format.

Fill out the left column

In the left side column, list down the date, the recipient – “To”- and the sender’s name – “From”- and afterwards the shipper’s telephone number, each in its line. Each mark to the referenced data ought to be in capital/capitalized. With the dates, the standard US design is ‘month, day, year’ while, for most different nations, it will be a day, month, year. Creators ought to follow the proper configuration as appropriate to their situation.

Complete the right column

The right section records the time, and recipient’s fax number, trailed by the sender’s fax number, and email address, each written in capitalized followed by a colon, for example, ‘DATE:’, ‘TIME:’ and so on Each mark ought to be in capitalized. Likewise, guarantee that the shipper/beneficiary’s data in the left column lines up with the source/recipient’s data in the right column.

Indicate the number of pages

Underneath the left column, show the specific number of pages of the fax record. An early assertion ought to be given before the number is down on paper.

For instance, this part of the cover page will be as:

Include a brief message

Then, embed a mark named “MESSAGE” and record a brief message that pronounces the motivation behind the fax and the sort of document being faxed. This message ought to be written in a couple of lines. To close the message, demand the receiver to check the receipt of the fax and give a telephone number or email address they can use to do as such.

Write a disclaimer, if necessary

Finally, add a disclaimer on the off chance that it is essential. A disclaimer can be given on the off chance that the data in the record is secret if the fax isn’t gotten and on the occasion, the fax is wrongly received. Assuming the data is confidential expressing its utilization is completely taboo. Guarantee to utilize the particular rules appropriate in the circumstance within reach.

Strategy 3: For your manuscript

Manuscripts will frequently require a cover page to be part of it. This can be a book, article, or manuscript composition.

The accompanying advances can be utilized to write a composition cover page template:

Include your contact information

At the upper left corner of the page, embed a header containing your name, telephone number, and email address. A nom de plume can likewise be added for however long it is shown, for example, “Pen Name” or “A.K.A.” Additionally, note that if the manuscript is to be explored secretly, the creator is supposed to incorporate their contact details on the cover page template, and, simultaneously, eliminate their name and contact from the title page.

List the word count

Then, show the surmised word include of the original copy in the upper right corner. Utilize the assertion “Approximately … … . Words.” This word consider is composed inexactly because the specific word count needn’t bother with to be expressed.

If the word count is 5133, it tends to be composed of 5100 or 5000.

This standard is, in any case, not material to manuscripts that should have a severe word count. If so, demonstrate the specific word count.

Include the title of your manuscript

The title of the manuscript can likewise be added to the cover page of the manuscript. The title ought to be composed on the cover page and ought to be focused. The title ought to rigorously be in one line and is generally written in capitalized, although this isn’t obligatory. You don’t have to compose it in bold, emphasize or underline the title. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that a cover page isn’t a title page.

Finish with the name of the author

Following the title, the writer’s name is down on the paper. The name can be a genuine name or a pen name. The cover page of a manuscript ought not to be bound, same with different pages in a manuscript.

Technique 4: Utilizing APA style

A cover page template can be ready in an APA design for various circumstances.

For instance, the accompanying advances can be utilized in making an APA cover page template:

Utilize a standard font and margin

Design the cover, first and foremost, page format to APA particulars. As prior referenced, an overall 1-inch edge and 12 – point Times New Roman textual style and twofold dispersing are suggested.

Place the running headline

Then, record the cover page layout running title in capital letters at the upper left corner of the page. The running head ought to have the name “Running head” before a summed-up type of the record title is given. The name and the text ought to be isolated by a colon. The running title ought not to be longer than 50 characters – spaces and accentuation included.

Insert the page number

At the other right finish of the page, demonstrate the page number, ordinarily “1” for a cover page. Standard numerals ought to be utilized, not Roman numerals. Guarantee the running head and the page number are precisely evenly adjusted.

Centre the title

Then, the title ought to be set at around 33% of the page from the highest point of the cover page. Roughly this is 2 crawls from the header line. The title ought not to be striking, stressed, or underlined. All things being equal, utilize capitalized aside from minor words.

Include your name below the title

Following the title, the creator demonstrates their name. Assuming the archive addresses crafted by numerous creators, every one of the creators ought to be recorded. The names should be isolated by a comma.

Include the name of your institution

Finally, underneath the name(s), the name of the association is shown. The name of the establishment/association ought to be written in title case – each major in capitalized. Assuming the teacher or educator mentioned extra data, it very well may be given after the foundation name.

Technique 5: Utilizing MLA style

Cover pages can likewise be written in MLA format. This article will feature the means writers can use to make an MLA cover page.

They are as per the following:

Use a standard font and standard margins

Adjust the cover page layout to the MLA design determinations. As prior referenced, a standard 1-inch edge and a 12-pt Times New Roman textual style are utilized. Note that a few educators will demand a cover page although it isn’t required in MLA design.

Focus the title

Then, give the title of the record and focus it at roughly 33% from the highest point of the cover page template. Each significant letter in the title ought to be promoted. On the off chance that there is a subtitle, it ought to be composed underneath the title. The title and subtitle needn’t bother with to be emphasized, underlined, or strong.

Write your full name

After the title or caption, whichever is last, a few lines should be skipped, and the creator’s name is then given. Assuming numerous creators ought to be incorporated, they ought to be recorded as of now. The name(s) of the writer or writers ought to be written in a similar text style and text dimension as the words on the report’s cover sheet.

List the receiver of your paper

At last, the cover page template should demonstrate the beneficiary of the document, the name of the course/class, and the date of submission following the creator’s name. Every class of data ought to be written in a different line and twofold dispersed. Utilize suitable titles while alluding to the recipient. The course number can likewise be shown.

Technique 6: Utilizing Chicago style

A cover page can likewise be written in Chicago style. In Chicago style, a cover page and a title page are something very similar.

Hence, the means introduced underneath can be followed to compose a cover page template in Chicago style:

As a matter of some importance, change the font style and margins to a generally acknowledged design. A one (1) – inch margin on each side of the cover page and a 12-pt Times New Roman font style are viewed as standard particulars. The cover page and the title page allude to a similar thing; thusly, don’t add the title page.

List the title first

Then, at around 33% from the highest point of the page, give the title of the document. The title ought to be at the focal point of the page. Each significant word ought to be promoted, or the whole title can be promoted. On the off chance that the document or paper has a caption, compose the resulting line, and separate it from the title with a colon. The title and caption should not be adapted: stressed, underlined, or strong.

After the title or subtitle, avoid a few lines and compose your name (first and last) around 33% of the lower part of the page. If more than one writer must be demonstrated, compose their names right now in a similar line however isolated with a comma. The name(s) ought to be a similar text style and text dimension utilized throughout the cover page.

Determine the subject, teacher, and date in your last segment

Finally, show the name and number of the course, the teacher, and the due date. Every one of the components ought to be in discrete lines and double-spaced. Utilize proper titles with the name of the educator.

book title cover page template

In the scholar and expert fields, you frequently need to plan reports or projects which need a cover page template. The cover page is the absolute first thing that the reader would see. Accordingly, the cover page for the project ought to be very much made.

All The content and components that you remember for this page would rely upon what sort of task or record you’re planning. Read on to study the cover page template with the goal that you can set up your cover sheet example for your documents.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

No, a title page doesn’t add to a paper or document’s statement or page count. Moreover, a cover page likewise isn’t viewed as a component of a document’s statement or page count.

In situations where various individuals added to composing a paper or document, they ought to be in every way recognized. How they are recorded will rely upon the arrangement utilized, affiliations, and the association they are working with. For instance, in APA style, the names are composed after the title or subtitle of the record in a similar line where each name is isolated with a comma. The creator’s title, first name, centre name, and last name are shown in that organization.

A cover page will generally be required relying on the organization. For instance, in APA, the cover page is required, while, in MLA, it for the most part isn’t utilized. In any case, in MLA and Chicago styles, this is reliant upon the teacher’s necessities or the creator’s inclination. A cover page will typically be required relying upon the configuration. For instance, in APA, the cover page is compulsory, though, in MLA, it typically isn’t utilized. In any case, in MLA and Chicago styles, this is reliant upon the teacher’s necessities or the creator’s inclination.

No. Writers are never punished for adding a cover page to a record, regardless of whether it was anything but a prerequisite in scholarly composition. If you’re uncertain about whether to incorporate a cover page or not, including it is in every case best. Notwithstanding, consistently counsel the guidelines to guarantee you are adhering to them exactly.

Writers can decide to compose their cover pages without any preparation or utilize a cover page template. Cover page templates are not difficult to utilize and direct and accordingly suggested. The cover page ought to be composed following the establishment or educator’s prerequisites because different cover page formats will be composed unexpectedly. The cover page ought to be text-just, and figures ought not to be incorporated. Fundamental data generally found on a cover page is the title of the record, author(s) name, teacher’s name, name of the organization, and date of submission/publication.

How useful was this post?

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More Templates:

17 Free Customizable Title Page Templates (MS Word)

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Cover Page for Resume (Example Cover Sheet)

Cover Page for Resume (Example Cover Sheet)

Resume cover page, cover sheet, cover letter—what do they all mean? We’ll make it all crystal clear and show you how to write a perfect resume cover page.

Oliwia Wolkowicz

As seen in:

A resume cover page is a letter sent with your resume when you apply for a job. It gives more in-depth information on your experience and career skill set, and highlights why you’re the perfect candidate for the job. A resume cover page is better known as a cover letter or covering letter.

We’ll show exactly what a resume cover page is, why you want to have one, and how to write a cover page for your resume that will wow recruiters.

Want to write your cover letter fast? Use our cover letter builder. Choose from  20+ professional cover letter templates  that match your resume. See actionable examples and get expert tips along the way.

Create your cover letter now

sample cover letter example

Sample cover letter for a resume— See more cover letter samples and create your cover letter here .

Looking for more guides on how to nail your job application? See:

What is a Resume Cover Page?

A resume cover page (cover letter) provides the recruiter with information about your qualifications and motivation showing why you are the perfect match for the position you’re applying for.

A resume cover page is going to make just as much as an impression as your resume and so you need to know what a covering page should say . So let’s dive into what it takes to mod up your job application with a resume cover page that’ll knock the socks off hiring managers.

Read more : How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Page for a Resume

It’s essential to get the format of your resume cover page right if you want to make the best impression on your job application. Here’s how to make a resume cover page:

This should include your current contact information, the employer contact information, the date, and a professional cover letter salutation . Be careful with choosing a “To Whom It May Concern” cover letter .

Use an achievement you’re proud of, a recent award, or some interesting fact that shows your interest in the role. Hook the recruiter into reading more about your experience and skills.

You’ve hooked the hiring manager, don’t let go! Emphasize how your expertise and career skills are just what the doctor ordered for their company pains.

Writing a generic “looking forward to hearing from you” isn’t going to get you anywhere. Reiterate your value to the company and ask for a meeting or call.

Thank the hiring manager for their time, add a professional closing, sign your name, and add a cover letter enclosure if applicable.

Pro Tip : Sending your cover page as an email? The formatting of an email cover letter is a little simpler and you can leave out the addresses from the top and just start from the salutation.

Read more : What to Put in a Cover Letter

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check . Start building a  professional resume template here for free .

Create the perfect resume

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

How to Format a Cover Page

Now that you know what you’re writing, you can turn your attention to the formatting. Your resume cover page needs to be just as stylish and professional as your resume, after all, they work best as a team.

Here are the best tips on how to format your resume cover sheet:

Read more : How Important is a Cover Letter?

Resume Cover Page Example

That may seem like a lot of information to take in, but rest easy, it’s not as hard as it may look.

Take a look at the resume cover page example below to see how all those tips come together:

Sample Cover Sheet for Resume

Kelly Madore

Software Developer

[email protected]


Bryce Godwin

3810 Rardin Drive

San Carlos, CA 94070

March 12, 2019

Dear Ms. Godwin,

Two months ago, I shattered a record I had previously considered unbreakable. My solutions for developing and optimizing ABC's flagship apps and online software helped increase annual mean NPS to a staggering 61.8 (37% increase). Soon after, I came across the opening for Software Development Team Lead at QYZ Corp. As a lifelong fan of your cutting-edge software solutions, I immediately knew that this post was the perfect match for my skills and expertise.

I know your main focus for the upcoming 18 months will be developing new mobile apps for personal finance management. In my current position as IT Team Lead with ABC Inc., my primary challenge has been to supervise the development and design of our mobile and desktop applications for a flawless user experience. Here are some of my most recent results:

With more than 10 years of experience in software engineering, I am positive I can help QYZ Corp achieve similar results.

End User Satisfaction has always been the single most important KPI for measuring my team’s performance. I know that this value is also the cornerstone of XYZ’s mission and vision—that’s why I was so excited when I first saw your opening.

When can we schedule a meeting and discuss how my success at ABC can translate into IT happiness growth for you?

That’s all there is to it! I told you resume cover pages weren’t as daunting as they sound. Now you can write your own!

Thanks for reading. Do you have any questions about your resume cover page that weren’t answered here? Let us know in the comments down below!

Oliwia Wolkowicz

Don't miss out on exclusive stories that will supercharge your career!

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What to include in a cover letter? Your biography? Work history? Photos of your golden retriever? Learn what to put in a cover letter to make recruiters interested in you.

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5 Short Cover Letter Examples for Any Job (+ Writing Guide)

Today’s hiring process is fast and furious. Don’t waste the recruiter’s time—see our 5 short cover letter examples and learn how to make every word count.

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16 Best Free PowerPoint PPT Cover Page Design Templates to Download 2022

Daniel Strongin

Creating an attractive presentation cover page for PPT can be challenging. Create stylish and eye-catching PowerPoint cover slides for your next presentation. Use a professionally designed PowerPoint template.


Having the cover page pop is the first step in creating a memorable presentation. 

PowerPoint templates help you focus on the most important aspect of the presentation, the actual content. If you're not a professional designer, creating a template that can compete with other high-quality designs may be hard.

Envato Elements offers a marketplace full of PowerPoint templates that can all be downloaded with a low monthly cost.  

Modern Templates for PowerPoint Presentation Cover Pages on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Free PowerPoint templates can help kickstart the presentation creation process. But using a professionally designed template helps you stand out from the competition. 

Envato Elements has thousands of the best premium PowerPoint templates with high-quality cover slides available on the web!

Explore Modern PPT Front Pages

PowerPoint cover pages on Envato Elements

For a low monthly cost, you can access this massive library of templates and bring your presentations to life . 

The templates that come with Elements include a variety of features:

5 Best Top Trending Premium PowerPoint PPT Cover Page Design Templates (From Envato Elements - For (2022)

Now let’s look at a few of the top premium printable flyer templates from Envato. We’ll first explore five of the  best cool flyer designs from Envato Elements. Take a look at these PowerPoint cover page ideas:

1.  Minimal PPT Cover Pages

minimal powerpoint cover page

If you're looking for an all-in-one PowerPoint presentation template that can be used for business plans, brand guidelines, marketing presentations, pitch decks, and for personal uses, then this is the template for you. The creators made this PowerPoint cover slide template with a minimal look, adding tons of white space and subtle colors to focus primarily on the information.

A few notable features include:

2. The X Note PowerPoint Presentation Cover Page

The X Note

This effective, modern, and easy-to-customize presentation helps you turn your ideas into persuasive presentations. Whether you've got a product design coming up, a pitch deck, or any type of business presentation, this presentation lets your ideas shine. 

Here are a few notable features for this PowerPoint cover page template:

3. Be. - Minimal PowerPoint Cover Pages


Be. focuses on the creatives. The clean and minimalist layout gives you plenty of options to showcase any type of business or personal presentation. The PowerPoint cover slide is divided into two, with one half featuring a place for an image and the other side for the title of your presentation.

Here's what you can expect from this template:

4. Expert - PowerPoint Cover Pages for Presentations


This high-quality PowerPoint cover page contains a whopping 620 unique slides. The cover page template has five triangle shapes that allow you to add images to, a title, and a section to add around three sentences. 

There are plenty of features that come with this template, including: 

5.  PPT Presentation With Cover Pages & Infographics

powerpoint cover page templates

This is a powerful PowerPoint template presentation with front page designs that let you build whatever you like. The presentation cover template is full of vibrant and colorful PPT cover page ideas for any type of project you have. It'll help you deliver cover pages for presentations that'll catch your audience's attention. 

Features for these PowerPoint presentation cover pages include:

Now let's look at the best PPT free presentation cover templates with high-quality PowerPoint cover slides.

16 Top Free PowerPoint PPT Cover Page Design Templates to Download for 2022

Before looking for a free PowerPoint cover page template on the web, check Envato's free offerings first. Try out various premium template files (not always Microsoft cover page downloads) at no cost to you.

Free Envato Files

Here's the deal:

Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

Do you need some more options for free PowerPoint cover page templates? Take a look at these free PPT cover page ideas:

1.  Global Education Solution - PPT Free PowerPoint Cover Pages

Global Education Solution

This free PowerPoint cover page template features an abstract image to highlight the importance of education. You can include a title and subtitle for the presentation on this Microsoft cover page download as well. 

2. Cool Squares - PPT Free Cover Page for Presentation

Cool Squares offers a mosaic tile cover page for PPT with different colored and sized squares with and without images. This PowerPoint works well for a more casual presentation.

3. Creative Idea Bulb - Free PPT Cover Page

Creative Idea Bulb

Creative Idea Bulb PowerPoint cover slide combines a pencil and a light bulb to express creative learning. Use this template for teaching and creative presentations.

4. Orange Squared - Free PowerPoint Cover Pages

You can expect a background image overlayed with a square image and title on the PPT cover page design download. This is a flexible template that can work for business or personal use. 

5. Blue Architecture - Free PPT Front Page

This Free PowerPoint cover page template has a background image of a city tinted with blue overlayed with a title and briefcase graphic. Use this for any type of business presentation.

6. City of Business Man - Free First Page of Presentation

City of Business Man PowerPoint cover page template has a cityscape background overlaid in red. The title is in the center of the page with a circle around it. 

7. Analysis Consultant - Free Cover Page for Your Presentation

Analysis Consultant

This template is ideal for any business presentation. The cover for PPT has a businessman background image with futuristic icon graphics overlaying the image. 

8. Green Finance - Free Presentation Front Page Design

This free PowerPoint cover page template has a green background overlayed with numbers and money symbols. This template is ideal for finance presentations. 

9. Free Presentation Title Page With Businessman Cityscape

Businessman Cityscape

This cover template for PPT contains a confident businessman against the backdrop of an urban landscape. The template is fully editable and has 135 different icons to choose from.

10. Free Presentation Cover With Hexagonal Tech

This template is great for tech-type presentations and features hexagons and icons pattern on the PPT cover page design. You can expect 35 different slides with this free download.

11. PPT Free Annual Report

This Microsoft cover page download comes with a business graphic on the front. It's best used for economic-type presentations. You could also use this for any type of personal finance presentation. 

12. Business Pitch Deck - PPT Free PowerPoint Covers

Business Pitch Deck

The PPT cover page design download features an abstract, blue-colored shape, some rows for titles, and a row for graphics. Just like the title says, this presentation cover page is best used for pitch decks.

13. Blue Team Work - Free PPT Welcome Page

Any type of presentation that involves a team can benefit from this template. The Microsoft cover page download has a blue background with hand graphics to show teamwork. 

14. PPT Free Business Plan

Business Plan

This simple cover page template has a dark-colored background with abstract shapes. The simplicity of the template allows it to be used for all types of business and personal presentations.

15. Data Analysis - Free PPT Cover Page Ideas

This template design is suitable for the presentations crafted for graphical representation of businesses and economics. The cover page features an abstract spherical shape with a gray-colored background.

16. Modern Pitch Deck - Free PowerPoint Presentation Cover Pages

Half of the cover page is an image. The other half is a black background with a spot for the title. The PowerPoint presentation cover page comes with 24 more slides that can be used for your business presentations.

How to Quickly Customize PowerPoint PPT Cover Page Templates (For 2022)

We’ve explored some of the very best PPT cover page templates from around the web. Once you download cover PPT templates, it’s time to customize them. Remember, your cover page truly is your first impression. That means you always have to get it right.

Fortunately, with premium Envato Elements templates, this is easy to do. You can customize these cover page templates in just five quick steps! Let’s learn how.

Want to follow along with this mini-tutorial? Head over to Envato Elements and download the stunning premium Chime Presentation Template  today!

Chime download cover PPT

Let's get started:

1. Add Title Text to Your PPT Front Page

Once you download cover PPT templates, the first step is to add custom text. Remember, this is the first thing that audiences see. The text that sits on a premium template slide is a placeholder. You can type over it with your own words.

Text download cover PPT

To do this, click into the text box like the one on the first slide here. Select the text inside and replace it with your own text. You can repeat this with any other text until you've got the slide customized to your own needs.

2. Add Font Effects to Your Background Cover PPT

Once you’ve added text, remember that it’s an important part of your style. Download cover PPT templates deserve the use of custom font effects too.

Font effects download cover PPT

These effects live up on the Home tab, found on PowerPoint’s ribbon. With text selected, you can change the font size and style on the dropdown menus. Plus, you can add effects like italics, underlines, and more. Those options are found on the series of buttons in the Font group.

3. Insert Photos in Your PowerPoint Covers

Your cover PowerPoint slide should capture attention in an instant. One of the best ways to do this is with an image. Photos naturally grab focus, and it pays to include them on your cover slide.

Photos download cover PPT

To add a photo, go to the Insert tab, again found on the ribbon. From the Pictures dropdown, choose Picture from File. Browse to an image file stored on your computer and click to insert it. Watch as it appears on your slide.

4. Rearrange the Content of Your  Presentation Front Page Design

When you add photos to a slide, PowerPoint places them in a random position. Chances are, you’ll want to move the objects around. To do so, click and drag to move them to a new place on your slide. Release the cursor when you’re finished.

Rearrange download cover PPT

You can also resize content on your slides. Pull on the adjustment sliders found in each corner. This is the fastest way to resize images and objects to fit into place perfectly.

5. Change Shape Colors of Your Presentation Title Page

Notice that this slide has colorful shapes on it. While the default colors are beautiful, you may want to change them. To do so, click on one of the colorful shapes. Notice a new tab on the ribbon: Shape Format . Click Shape Format , then open up the Shape Fill dropdown.

Colorful download cover PPT

You’ll see a color chooser menu, from which you can apply an array of new shades. Click on one of the color thumbnails to apply it to your selected shape. You can repeat these steps with other shapes to add your own custom colors to your download cover PPT.

5 Quick PowerPoint Cover Page Slide Design Tips for 2022

You're looking for the right PowerPoint cover page. Use these quick tips to get the most from your cover page presentation design:

1. Split in Half Your Presentation Title Page

The half and half cover page design works great for all types of presentations. Include an image on one half and the title and short sentences on the other half of the slide to create this type of cover page design. 

Split the Cover Page in Half

2. Feature a Center Design in Your PPT Welcome Page

Using a centered design for your slides can help your presentation by making the elements on the slides seem more important. When elements are centered, they're perceived as being crucial to the slide. The audience subconsciously views your text and images as all being important. 

Feature a Center Design

3. Include Graphics in Your PowerPoint Covers

While this may be an obvious tip, it's often overlooked. Adding graphics sparingly throughout your presentation gives your slides a professional touch. It makes the presentation more engaging. Be sure to include graphics that fit what you're presenting. 

Include Graphics

4. Give a Simplicity Look to the First Page of Your Presentation

While your cover page for PPT can work great with many different elements on it, you can still never go wrong with having a very simple cover page design. Including a graphic and title of your presentation in the center of your cover page is more than enough to set the stage for your presentation. 


5. Include Skill Bars to Your PowerPoint Cover Slide Templates

Including skill bars in your presentations helps make it much more engaging and memorable. Whether you're giving a pitch deck, creating a project proposal, or showcasing an annual report, skill bars can be used in the presentation.

Include Skill Bars

Still looking for more high-quality PowerPoint templates? Let's look at even more template options for you to choose from. 

5 Top Design Trends for Your PowerPoint Cover Pages (For 2022 Presentations)

You’ve seen the very best PowerPoint cover page templates available today. And you’ve learned how to customize them in five easy steps. But you still need to ensure that you’ll make that winning first impression.

To do this, you must embrace the very latest trends for 2022. These five ideas feature in the best PowerPoint cover page designs today. Use them and prepare to wow even the toughest audiences. Here are some PPT cover page ideas and trends:

1. Give a Minimalist Styling to Your PowerPoint Covers

In 2022, minimalist designs are in style. These layouts help your content shine. Minimalism is an aesthetic that embraces the idea of “less is more.”

The arch download cover PPT

By using a minimalist design, audience focus shifts to your message. They won’t be distracted by flashy design elements that add no value. Not only are these designs trendy for 2022, but they also help ensure your success as you present.

2. Add Subtle Animations to the First Page of Your Presentation

Static presentations are falling out of style, and with good reason. They’re dull, flat, and boring. Audiences expect more in 2022. An easy fix is to embrace the trend of animation. Animated slides control the flow of your slides, and they hold the audience's attention.

Try to use basic effects that support, rather than detract from, your message. For more on PowerPoint animations, check out our full tutorial:

what is cover page design

3. Add Bold Fonts to Your Background Cover PPT

As you saw in the tutorial section, fonts are a key part of your download cover PPT design. What better way to embrace this than to choose a template with bold, stylish fonts built in? These are the trendiest font effects for 2022.

Simpleco download cover PPT

Bold fonts help your slide cover titles stand out. Audiences will have no doubt about what your presentation is about. And by using a premium template with built-in fonts, you’ll save time by having the design work done for you.

4. Add Stylish Designer Background Covers to Your PPT

You may think of cover slide backgrounds as empty space. But in 2022, they’re something more. Stylish designer backgrounds are in style this year.

By adding a pattern or contrast to the background of your slide, you make every part of your cover page stand out. It makes the most of a single slide, which is always the goal to help you succeed.

Learn more about customizing PPT slide backgrounds with our helpful tutorial:

what is cover page design

5. Give The First Pages of Your Presentations Layouts With Contrast

Like the idea of designer backgrounds, contrast-heavy layouts are popular in 2022. Gone are the days when basic two-tone layouts impressed audiences.

Gradient download cover PPT

By using layouts with contrast, you can transform a PPT cover page into a work of art. Viewers will admire your design skills. These designs, found in premium templates, help your intro slide look its very best.

Discover More PowerPoint Top Cover Pages for Presentations 

Still haven't found the right PowerPoint template for your latest presentation? There are plenty of more high-quality and feature-rich PowerPoint templates with stunning-looking cover pages available on Envato Elements. 

To help you continue with your search for more of these templates, feel free to check out a few more of our roundup articles below:

what is cover page design

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2022

You've got your PowerPoint presentation picked out. Now it's time to edit the template and customize it to fit your particular presentation. A basic knowledge of PowerPoint can take you a long way in the editing process. 

For more help with understanding how you can edit templates in Microsoft PowerPoint, go to our  PowerPoint tutorial guide . Or take a look at the articles below:

what is cover page design

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

When you think about using cover page templates, you might have a few questions. You may be wondering about the value PowerPoint can bring to the table.

Or, you may not know which presentation app to use. Here, we’ve provided answers to five common PowerPoint questions to help you:

1. Can I Share PowerPoints on Zoom?

Yes! In today’s global world, this ability is more important than ever. By building slides that look great on Zoom, you can be ready to share with the world.

Want to learn more? We built a handy tutorial to help you start building and sharing PPT cover page slides on Zoom today:

what is cover page design

2. How Do I Make PowerPoint Presentations More Diverse?

There are many ways! This is the most important concept in slide design today. It means using diverse imagery. It also includes making slides more accessible to those with disabilities. Be sure to read up on these ideas and incorporate them in your next PPT design:

what is cover page design

3. How Do I Get Design Ideas for PowerPoint?

Design inspiration comes from studying the successful PowerPoint designs of expert creatives. It’s also a feature of premium Envato Elements templates.

Pre-built slide layouts provide plenty of inspiration. You don’t have to invent layouts from scratch. Instead, you can fill in the blanks left for you by creative experts.

what is cover page design

4. Can I Make Interactive Quizzes in PowerPoint?

Absolutely! These are great to include very early in your download cover PPT presentations. They help you engage with audiences by making your slides interactive. This is crucial because a focused audience is an interested audience.

For all the details, read our full tutorial:

what is cover page design

5. How Do I Avoid Boring Presentations?

Be focused, be direct, and be engaging. Those are some of the key concepts that help you avoid giving a boring presentation. If you lose your audience because of dull slides, there’s no chance that they’ll connect with your message.

For more, visit our guide to building engaging (not boring) PowerPoint slides:

what is cover page design

Get Your PowerPoint PPT Cover Page Design Templates Today!

The templates featured in this article have incredible designs and feature eye-catching cover slides. Whether you're creating a resume, have a project proposal coming up, or need to showcase your portfolio, these PowerPoint templates can help you take your presentation to the next level.

Envato Elements offers you access to a massive library of high-quality PowerPoint templates. Plus, get access to thousands of other creative assets that can help you with your upcoming projects. 

What are you waiting for? Get started on your next PowerPoint presentation with a premium PowerPoint presentation cover page template right now!

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Andrew Childress and Gonzalo Angulo . Andrew is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+. Gonzalo is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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MS Word Cover Page Templates

Download, personalize & print, report cover page designs.

Posted By: admin 26/09/2018

The cover page, also known as title page, is the first and front page of the book, report, business proposals, magazines, any other document. It is an important part of the document as it gives the introductory information regarding what the document is about as well as who has written it.

It basically gives a reflection of the whole document and what is contained in it. The cover page helps the reader in deciding whether the document is of interest to him or not. In addition, the cover page is also important because it sets the first impression on whoever glances at the document.

The cover page of the report gives the ‘Big Idea’ of what the report is about as it states the report’s title. It should be clear, professional, formal and appropriate for the topic or area covered in the report. The cover page of the report varies slightly based on the formatting style (such as APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.) that is being used by the report. However, the main information included is:

The information required on the cover page depends on the type of report being written. For instance, for an academic report, the instructor might provide specific instructions for the cover page. However, for other reports, a catchy cover page might be an important part of the overall presentation of the report.

The cover page is designed based on the information that is to be included. Sometimes the authors opt for the available cover page templates or designs and sometimes they design their own. The main advantage for the author of using the available templates or designs is the time that is being saved.

The available templates, usually designed in MS Word, are easily available and downloadable. They are pre-formatted, easy to update and customize and hence the author can change them according to his requirements.

The designs or templates in MS Word are attractive and catchy so that a good impression of the report can be made by using an appealing cover page. Therefore, when designing a cover page or selecting a template, the following things should be kept in mind:

Making the selection of a cover page is important especially in the business world. As the reader firstly glances at the cover page, it usually makes an impression on his mind whether the report would be worth attention. Therefore, the right choice of the cover page template is critical as the success of the report is, somehow, dependent on it.

A catchy combination of deep and bright red on the lighter base color is the first cover page we have to offer. This cover page has a unique look to it. It basically divides the whole page into sections. The top area is for any heading that the user may wish to tell the viewer. This is the best way to highlight the main point. The second part of the page steals the show as it bears the title of the cover page in a prominent font style and size. Any detail account can follow the title.

Report cover page design

Cover page format: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013 File Size: 3 MB License:   [Only for personal use] Download

The black base gives this cover photo a bold look. A very few people usually opt such dark cover page but trust us; it has its own grace. You can’t deny the fact that black never disappoints, does it? To give it some colors, shades of orange color are used in places. Overall, this report cover page has its own impact and impression. This can be used for all the professional reports without any question. Title of the cover page will be the most prominent feature here. The user can add any type of detail just below the title.

Report cover page design template

Cover page format: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013 File Size: 229 KB License:   [Only for personal use] Download

This is one of the most downloaded reports cover page we have in this category. The reason being the professional look it has to offer. White can never disappoint when it comes to business documents. The image and the border used and the color used for it enhances the overall feeling. Another unique aspect that it has is that the cover page title is placed at the bottom along with space for general details while the top space is fixed for the heading and contact information. So this cover page is not very textual rather, it is pictorial.

Report cover page design sample

Cover page format: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013 File Size: 4 MB License:   [Only for personal use] Download

A very unique and innovative design is on our list of the report cover pages. If you take a note of this design, it has many shades of blue in it, which gives it amazing and the coolest look possible. The top of the page is for the title of the cover page. Headline along with necessary details will go in the space in the middle of the page. This gives the much-needed attention to this detail. The bottom of the page has another text box for some heading if the user wishes to communicate something important to the viewer.

Report cover page template

The last cover of our amazing list is a masterpiece in its own unique way. This design is like no other in the list. This special cover is divided into distinct two parts. The lower portion is dyed in deep red color which is giving it a life for sure. The upper plain portion is for the title of the page and any contact detail that the company may wish to give. The lower colored part bears all the major and minor details that need to be put on a report cover page. This cover page has an organized look and feels to it which will create the same impression about the report itself.

Cover page design template

Cover page format: MS Word 2007 | 2010 | 2013 File Size: 1 MB License:   [Only for personal use] Download

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How to design the title page of the term paper according to State Standard 2023

How to design the title page of a term paper by yourself according to GOST 2023. Retext blog will tell you. Download a sample title page of your term paper from us.

What is the title page of a term paper

Title page of the term paper: content.

How to design the fields in the title page of the course by yourself

An example of the title page for a term paper by state standard 2023 for the humanities, sample title page of the term paper according to state standard 2023 for technical sciences, sample title page of course 2023 for medical sciences, the title page of the term paper according to the sample, download example and sample cover page of the term paper, frequently asked questions.

Our blog has already published an article about term paper design according to State Standard 2023 , which has a lot of useful information for students. Let's consider in more detail what is the title page of the term paper , because there are a lot of nuances in its design .

According to the state standard GOST 7.32 - 2001 , the title page is the first page of the report on the research work and serves as a source of information about the document. The title page draws attention in the first place, its appearance and content make the first conclusions about the whole work. Therefore, it is important to take a responsible approach to the design.

How to properly design the title page of the term paper according to State Standard 2023

Before starting to design the cover sheet, it is necessary to clarify the requirements imposed by the educational institution. Often universities neglect the requirements of GOST and introduce their own clarifications and additions to the regulations. This is due to the fact that GOST contains only general information on the design of the study. Moreover, each department of one university has its own standards. All the nuances can be clarified with your supervisor. We will consider the general requirements that apply in most cases.

Any title page has information about the institution, the theme of the work, the data of the student and the teacher, the city and the year of writing. Let's consider in detail what the title page consists of.


Example of a 2022 cover sheet (no change in requirements).

Formatting the title page of the term paper : the size of the margins

The margins of the title page, as well as the entire term paper should be certain sizes. It is important to comply with the markings, otherwise the work will not be accepted, as it will not be able to be filed in a folder and then in the archive:

Fields, like all of the design of research papers, are designed automatically within Word. It is enough to write one term paper correctly to avoid mistakes in the following term papers. Even if you do not remember all the regulations, you can refer to your previous work as a sample.

So, to customize the fields on the title page of the term paper in Word, you need:

2023 03 06 10 02 24

It is important to note that the design of the title page coursework State Standard does not provide indentation on the red line on the title page. So do not forget to remove them! This can be done on the "Home" tab, in the "Paragraph" section. Or right-click and select "Paragraph".

Term paper title page 2023 : example for different universities

To better understand how to design the title page of a term paper, let's look at several examples. They differ slightly from each other, because each institution has its own requirements for coursework design. But the principle of design and constituent parts are always the same. You can choose the most suitable and download it.

2023 03 06 10 08 08

Coursework title paper - download

2023 03 06 10 19 25

Coursework cover page design - download

2023 03 06 10 15 35

Title page coursework sample - download

Above we have broken down a sample of the title page of the term paper . You can use them in your work, changing the data to your own. Or ask your supervisor for an example. In addition, there are special sites for automatic execution of the title page of term papers . In any case, you need to check your title page for compliance with all the requirements for registration of research papers:

Tip: How do you make the page number invisible, so that it is not on the title page, and the countdown starts from the second page? To do this, use the Columns - Page Number - Bottom of Page tab to set page numbers. Then on the Columns tab in the Options section, check the "Special footer for the first page" checkbox. Done!

And if your term paper lacks uniqueness, then use the neural network for term papers, diplomas, and essays . Just enter your work or part of it and click "Paraphrase". Artificial intelligence itself will identify places in the text where you can add appropriate words, paraphrase sentences or use synonyms. Then you can check the text for originality there and download it.

Работа Сервиса Демонстрация 2

We have considered how the title page of the term paper, a sample of its design. Download a sample title page of a term paper according to the state standard below. Using a ready-made example of the title page of a term paper , it is important to be especially careful and take into account a number of nuances :

By the way, our blog has already published an article on how to make the content of the term paper according to GOST 2023 . I recommend reading it to quickly and correctly execute this section.

Now you know how to make a title page for a term paper and you can easily cope with this task. And if you need to make a term paper quickly, then use Retext.AI neural network for term papers . It paraphrases any text, increasing its uniqueness. At the same time it retains the meaning of the material.

No, the title page of your term paper is the same as last year's. So if you have sample 2022, you can safely use it.

Yes, there are special services where you can make a cover sheet online. To do this, you need to enter your data into the form and the sheet will be formed.

Yes, although universities are guided by State Standard for the design of term papers, many of them have their own standards and requirements for design.

From this article we learned how to design the title page of a term paper according to GOST 2023. We have understood what information the title page includes, what fields it has and why, and considered examples of title pages for technical, humanities and medical sciences. And if you need to do a term paper quickly, the student paper writing neuronet will do it in a couple of clicks .

OnePlus 11R hands-on review

OnePlus Android

The design of the OnePlus 11R is quite similar to the OnePlus 11, to the point where they would look identical under certain lighting. This has not been the case in the past, as neither the 9R nor the 10R looked like the flagships of that year.

OnePlus 11R review

The front of the 11R has a curved display. OnePlus does not advertise what glass is uses for the front [ Update: It's Dragontrail] but in our testing it was scratch resistant. The front camera is centrally mounted at the top of the 11R compared to the side location on the 11, which is one of the ways of telling the two phones apart.

The frame around the device is made out of plastic with a glossy finish. On the right side of the phone is the power button along with the alert slider, the latter of which had gone missing on the previous 10R.

OnePlus 11R review

The power button on the 11R is extremely easy to press and ends up being pressed accidentally all the time. This is especially true when using the supplied case, which somehow makes it even easier to press this button with minimal effort.

OnePlus 11R review

The top of the phone houses a microphone and a second outlet for the top speaker. The third member here is a first for a OnePlus phone, an infrared blaster, which is accompanied by an app to make the phone act as a remote control for household appliances.

On the left is the volume rocker and on the bottom is the second loudspeaker, another microphone, a USB-C 2.0 port, and a dual SIM slot.

OnePlus 11R review

The back of the phone is covered by Gorilla Glass 5 which has been etched to have a velvety texture and appearance. This is something that OnePlus has gotten really good at over the years and each of their recent phones has had incredible glasswork designed to mimic different materials. The 11R back is also resistant to fingerprints and smudges but is also not especially grippy and requires care to handle.

OnePlus 11R review

The phone comes in two colors, Sonic Black and Galactic Silver. Unlike previous models, the two models don't have different back textures and are identical aside from the color.

The area around the camera cluster looks very similar to that on the 11. The three camera lenses and the flash are arranged in a similar pattern and are all housed under the same large glass cover, making it super easy to clean. The starburst pattern of the 11 has been replaced with a simpler radial spin and the Hasselblad logo is gone. The ring around the camera cluster is also made out of plastic instead of stainless steel.

OnePlus 11R review

In terms of overall dimensions and weight the 11R and 11 are once again nearly identical, with less than a millimeter difference in size. Going back and forth between the two there is no perceptible difference between them.

Unlike the IP64 rating of the OnePlus 11, the 11R has no advertised rating. The phone has some ingress protection built-in, as can be seen by the rubber gasket around the SIM tray, we wouldn't recommend putting too much faith in these.

OnePlus 11R review

Ingress protection aside, the OnePlus 11R does look and feel good in the hand. The curved sides, relatively low weight, and the superb texture of the back panel lends it a very premium feel, despite the use of plastic for the frame. The fact that it can pass off as its much more expensive sibling may also be a bonus for some.

The OnePlus 11R has a 6.74-inch, 2772x1240 resolution AMOLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate. The display resolution puts it somewhere between the resolution of a typical 1080p and the more expensive 1440p panels on other smartphones.

The display supports 10-bit color depth and full Display P3 coverage. The color management is clumsy as usual for OnePlus wherein it forces you to pick between sRGB or one of the wide color presets. If you pick sRGB then the phone's own camera images, which are saved in Display P3, will look undersaturated and if you pick one of the wide color presets then everything else will look oversaturated. The only exception is HDR, which does not follow the manual presets and enforces its own colors.

OnePlus 11R review

Regardless of which mode you pick, it presents largely accurate colors for content that uses that color space. We opted to use the natural sRGB preset, as most content is still saved in this color space.

The OLED panel gets reasonably bright although it's not the brightest we have seen under direct sunlight. The automatic brightness adjustment works well and isn't as conservative by default as it was on the OnePlus 11.

For HDR, you get HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG support. OnePlus claims 1450 nits of peak brightness but when placed beside a Pixel 7 Pro with a 1500nits display, the OnePlus 11R consistently underperformed in terms of peak brightness when displaying HDR test patterns of varying sizes.

The phone has a Bright HDR video setting, which on other OnePlus phones boosts HDR brightness at lower encoded values to make the image pop more but the option seemed bugged on the 11R, as it ironically made the image darker when enabled. OnePlus also continues to adjust brightness automatically for HDR content based on ambient lighting, which is frustrating as HDR content has its own mastering value for luminance that is absolute and should not be messed with for best experience. For these reasons, the HDR experience on the OnePlus 11R remains subpar.

Display settings - OnePlus 11R review

The display tops out at 120Hz refresh rate. OnePlus claims support for 40Hz, 45Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz values for the display to automatically cycle through based on the content. We are not sure what the logic is behind 40Hz and 45Hz as there is no content that matches those values but it didn't matter because we never saw the phone reach those numbers. Our review unit only cycled between 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz and actually preferred to spend most of the time at 120Hz.

This is in stark contrast to the OnePlus 11 and the OnePlus 10 Pro before it, both of which very aggressively ramp down their refresh rates all the way down to 1Hz to save every last ounce of battery power. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 11R happily chugged along at 120Hz all day, which often made the experience better on this cheaper model. Not all is perfect, however, but more on this later in the software section.

OnePlus 11R review

Two minor annoyances on the OnePlus 11R are the front camera and fingerprint sensor placement. The front and center camera placement, with an oversized cutout, makes it quite distracting while watching videos or playing games in landscape compared to the OnePlus 11. The fingerprint sensor, which otherwise works really well, is also placed awkwardly low, forcing you to shift your grip if you hold the phone along the sides rather than the bottom.

The OnePlus 11R has a 5000mAh battery and supports 100W SUPERVOOC fast charging, which are the same specs as on the more expensive OnePlus 11. In our testing, the phone charged from 1% to 50% in 9 minutes and 1% to 100% in 26 minutes.

OnePlus 11R review

While we didn't do our full battery testing, the battery life on the OnePlus 11R is good and should comfortably last a full day of use for most users.

The OnePlus 11R has a set of stereo speakers, one at the bottom of the phone and one inside the earpiece. The earpiece speaker has another grille facing the side so the sound fires more evenly on both sides of the phone.

OnePlus 11R review

The audio quality isn't remarkable; there isn't a lot of low-end so music doesn't sound particularly engaging but the vocals are strong with a balanced, natural timbre and thus audio from YouTube videos or podcasts does sound good enough. OnePlus also gets credit for making sure the two speakers sound reasonably balanced, so there's no sense of one speaker dominating the soundstage, either in volume or frequency response.

The phone does not have a headphone jack but we were able to use a passive USB adapter and the audio quality through the phone's DAC and amp is good. The phone also supports Dolby Atmos for speakers and headphones and spatial audio for headphones with optional head tracking support for compatible products, such as the company's own OnePlus Buds Pro 2, which we have reviewed separately.

what is cover page design

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    The cover page serves as a representation of the author. The format of the cover page will differ based on the style you choose, but it typically contains the name of the author, the name of the professor, the name of the student's educational establishment, and the due date of the paper.

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    as you can imagine the Cover Page Design is an art that drives from big fields of design, Wikipedia says; A design is a plan or spec for the building and construction of a thing or system or for the application of an activity or procedure, or the result of that plan or spec in the type of a prototype, product, or procedure.

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    The cover page is one of the most important parts of writing an essay or doing a report. That's why you should give it the interest that it deserves. While many people don't use the term cover page to describe the first page of the report, You can find synonyms (broadly speaking) used for that such as title page or title sheet.

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