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Wanted: Romance lovers seeking like-minded individuals for fun, learning, and a heck of a good time.

Welcome to the Toronto Romance Writers (TRW), the home for romantic fiction lovers in Toronto. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, are working on your first chapter, or simply love discussing and analyzing romantic fiction, TRW is for you. We embrace all romance writers and readers, and are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and definitely fun place for all.

We have members from Toronto and the surrounding area, including northern and southern Ontario and even across Canada. Our roster of published members includes New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

Interested in joining TRW? Regardless of where you are in your career—just starting your first book, or already published—TRW has something for everyone. Please join us for workshops, discussion, support, advice, feedback, or simply a chance to get away from your computer. We’d love to meet you!

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romance writers of canada website

Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada

Enhancing the craft and art of writing, and advancing the careers of our authors.

romance writers of canada website

Our AGM is Sunday, April 2, at 2:00 pm, online.

The business meeting will be followed by a publishing panel discussion, “Polishing Your Manuscript,” featuring local editor/writers:

Anne Louise O’Connell: Georgia Atkin: Molly Rookwood: Moderated by Tim Covell:

We will be electing a new Vice-President and Secretary for a two-year term—for the first year you’ll be working alongside the existing President and Treasurer. You don’t need to be a published author or long-standing member to hold these positions. New members and new ideas are always welcome.

Non-members are welcome to attend, but must contact us in advance.

The Association of Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada  is a Nova Scotia registered society, dedicated to enhancing the craft and art of romance writing, and advancing the careers of our members . RWAC offers a supportive environment for writers at all stages of their careers, and supports diversity. Our members and books encompass an array of sexual orientations, identities, and racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada began in 2000 as a chapter of Romance Writers of America . Spearheaded by RWAC’s founding president, Victoria LeBlanc, the chapter consisted of two published authors and more than a few writers who had yet to complete their first novel. In 2020, RWAC became an independent organization, and is no longer associated with RWA. Several RWAC members are also members of RWA, the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia , and other writing organizations. The RWAC holds meetings several times a year, on Sunday afternoons. At present, meetings are online only. A meeting typically covers association business, news from members, and a short workshop or presentation. Other activities include a summer day-long workshop, weekday evening drop-in help chat sessions, a writing retreat, and a year-end potluck. There is an annual membership fee, and some activities have an additional charge. See the calendar for details.

Officers of RWAC serve for two years, on staggered terms.

President – Deborah Hale 2022-2023

Vice President –  Tim Covell 2021-2023

Treasurer –  Kayleigh Malcom 2022-2024

Secretary – Jaime Lynn Hart 2021-2023

For information about our members and their work, please see Our Members . If you are interested in becoming a member, please Contact Us . View our privacy policy.

From 2013 through 2015, members wrote over 150 blogs for an earlier version of this site. Topics include author interviews and the business and craft of writing. Explore them in the Blog Archive .

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Alberta Romance Writers

Alberta Romance Writers

Learn The Craft of Writing

The Alberta Romance Writers’ Association (ARWA) is a non-profit society dedicated to helping our members learn the craft of writing in an open and non-ju

Joining arwa registration for the 2022-2023 arwa membership is currently open. new members are accepted anytime during the year. the program year begins in sept, our authors books, new releases from arwa writers   other novels from arwa writers treasures along the fenceline, programming workshops and meetings, all sessions are for members and registered guests (please email us to register) and are held at st mark’s lodge  2612 14a street sw, calgary, ab t2t 3x7. st, welcome to alberta romance writer’s association, mission statement.

The purpose of the Alberta Romance Writers’ Association is to promote excellence in romance fiction writing and to provide support for its members through professional development. The Association evolved in 1987 from a six‑week workshop co-sponsored by Alberta Culture, Film and Literary Arts and the Calgary Public Library. In September of 1989, the Association was incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta as a nonprofit organization .  The objectives of the Association have been proven by the number of professional writing careers that have been launched since its inception.

We are an Independent body of writers not affiliated with any other organisation.

Program calendar.

Romance Writers of America. The voice of romance fiction.

Our community of members is here for you. Join us!

Latest news, become a member of rwa apply now    learn more, the romance genre, writer services  listings, booksellers & librarians.

ORW Logo

New Releases

Workshops & events, ottawa romance writers, the capital city’s home for romance writers.

We promote excellence in the field of romance writing and work to advance the professional interests of romance writers. We provide continuing support for writers within the romance publishing industry. We offer networking opportunities, advocacy, dissemination of information, professional education, publications, and other activities.

Ottawa Romance Writers was created in 1985 with Jo Beverley as a founding member. In 2015 we celebrated 30 years of advancing romance writing in Ottawa.

Check out our events

Workshops, special guests, critique groups, socials and more.

Some of our events are members-only, but we always welcome guests to drop-in to our workshops!

Blogs & News

Workshop recaps, writing tips and more.

romance writers of canada website

Saturday, Oct 2 – Mini Fall Virtual Retreat

Registration is limited to 100 participants (30 for RWAC, 30 for ORWA, 30 for everyone else, 10 for presenters and wiggle room)   Saturday, Oct 2 - Mini Fall

romance writers of canada website

Sept 12, 2021 Workshop: Kobo’s Latest Innovations with Tara Cremin

Learn how Kobo is making it easy for authors to reach readers. This year Kobo has been busy reaching new readers through innovative new eInk devices and the

romance writers of canada website

June 6, 2021 Workshop: Zero Dollar Marketing & FB Ads for Authors with Skye Warren

How can you sell more books every day? Learn some key tips and tricks for marketing your books from New York Times bestseller Skye Warren Paid advertising works

romance writers of canada website

May 2, 2021 Workshop – Book Brush with Kathleen Sweeney

A look at some tools to help writers market their work. There's lots of advice out there on how to be a successful author: write a great book,

romance writers of canada website

March 7, 2021 Workshop – Writing a Strong Second Draft of Your Novel

Learn practical tips and techniques for evaluating the first draft of your fiction manuscript Writing a Strong Second Draft of Your Novel In this seminar, Maggie Morris, The

romance writers of canada website

February 2021 Workshop – Giving a Good Critique

Learn how to provide useful critiques without tipping into either bland applause or painful discouragement Everyone wants a good critique for their manuscripts, but it can be overwhelming

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If you’ve just starting to think about writing or have published many award-winning romances, Ottawa Romance Writers is the place for you. Being part of an established professional network is one of the best things you can do for your career, whether you want to give back, develop your skills, or just enjoy being around other romance writers. You’ll find benefits in the monthly educational workshops, critique groups, LoveKnot newsletter, library of resources, socials and more.

romance writers of canada website

CanLit: Romance

For the love of Romancelandia, Canada

About CanLit Romance dot CA

An index and blog celebrating romance novels written by canadians and authors living in canada.

Dear Reader,

The short and sweet: (formerly Love From The True North) is first a website hosting an index of Canadian Romance authors, and second a blog spotlighting some of the CanLit Romance novels I’ve read because they deserve some love…and also so that the index shows up in online search. Stagnate websites tend to fall to the bottom of the search, and I really want readers and librarians and event hosts to be able to find this index and help me shine more light on CanLit Romance authors.

But wait, there’s more!

The concept for dates back to late 2017, when I was volunteering with a local literary festival celebrating Canadian writing. Since Romance is the best genre ever (fight me), and because Canadian artists deserve all the time in the spotlight they can get, I wanted to recommend some Canadian Romance authors as potential festival VIPs.

That was when I realized that I had never consciously read a Romance novel written by a Canadian. As a dedicated Romance reader for 20+ years, and a long-time volunteer with a national Canadian literature organization, that moment of epiphany broke my heart. I had to fix that.

Finding a starting point for my quest to read Canadian-authored Romance was daunting. There was no robust directory available online for Canadian Romance novels. There were some published articles, but when Google’s first suggestion for me was The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill, I was floored (phenomenal book; not a Romance). I put up a call on Facebook and received zero personal recommendations from my friends and family. I continued poking around online and crafted a list of authors, then proceeded to my library website. Hello Disappointment, how are you today?! I then went in to my branch and had a wonderful chat with a librarian, also a devoted Romance reader, who was horrified that she had also never dedicated time to reading Canadian Romance. She could only come up with one name. I took this as confirmation that the lack of education wasn’t just a me problem; this was a national disgrace.

Canadian literature (CanLit), a beloved branch of Canadian content (CanCon), is vital to Canadian culture. CanCon provides a vibrant voice on the world stage in every facet of the arts. The freedom to create art is what many worldwide throughout history have died to preserve: without access to the arts, what are we even doing? Romance novels, as a genre, must end happily, often referred to as the HEA (Happy Ever After) or HFN (Happy For Now), and the Romance must be the central plot point. Romance celebrates feminism, healthy romantic and platonic relationships, multiculturalism, and supports individual identity and sexuality. CanLit Romance deserves to have a louder voice on the world stage, and right here at home. This is what my CanLit Romance index is here to support.

Turns out my first CanLit Romance was sitting on my ereader, and I had no idea. I had picked up PUCKED OFF by Helena Hunting since many members of online reading groups I belonged to raved about it. But I didn’t realize Helena was Canadian until I’d not only finished PUCKED OFF, but started at the beginning of the PUCKED series (PUCKED OFF is book 5, ha ha oops; works as a standalone though!). As I was reading the first book, PUCKED, I was equally charmed and suspicious that one of the main characters in this Chicago, IL, USA-based series was from Guelph, ON, Canada of all places. I flipped to the author bio, and there was confirmation that AT LAST I was reading Canadian romance. And while I love this kind of discovery, I want it to be easier for anyone looking specifically for Canadian Romance Authors to find them, have them at their events, and sell some books.

As for the blog part of this website, rather than craft traditional reviews, I write letters to the next reader. I want to amplify CanLit Romance. I don’t want to analyze the books cover-to-cover; I want to celebrate their existence. I want you to be excited about the book you’re about to read! Posts go live in the order of my whims to write; publication date or favouritism plays no role.

In 2017, I was stumped, but I’ve got a ton of recommendations now. Please read (and buy, and ask your library to buy) CanLit Romance. Share your rec’s with your reading circles, leave reviews on retailer websites, Let’s make sure it has as much of a voice as any genre, worldwide.

All my love from the true north, CanLit Romance a.k.a. Catherine (she/her)

P.S. If you enjoy my work and have a few dollars to spare, I’d love a ko-fi!

Buy Me a Coffee at

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Home » Canadian Romance Writers, the Unsung Heroes of Canada

Canadian Romance Writers, the Unsung Heroes of Canada

romance writers of canada website

As you may have noticed, we here at Fangirlish LOVE romance novels. We love how they bring us joy and how there really is a romance out there for everyone. 

This time, we’d like to focus on Canadian romance novelists, aka novelists who write in Canada. The unsung heroes of Canadian literature. Sadly, Canadian media and big bookstores are missing out on an opportunity to promote these amazing writers – we will not .

So here are some books by Canadian authors you should absolutely check out:

Handymen Series by Rosanna Leo

romance writers of canada website

Rosanna Leo ’s AMAZING three-book Handymen series: A Good Man , An Irresistible Force and A Reluctant Attraction tell the story of the three handymen Zorn brothers. The brothers are the stars of their own renovation show, each bringing their own speciality and good looks. 

A Good Man tells the story of the eldest Zorn brother Michael and their client of the episode Emily Daniels. Leo’s characters are well-developed and truly interesting people. Michael has his own issues but the way he cares for Emily immediately is awe-inspiring. It is a joy to watch this story develop as they renovated Emily’s grandmother’s old house in Toronto’s Little Italy to make her soup business. This story like the others has a lot of heart. Michael and Emily are perfect together. This book is yum on every level!

The second book in the series An Irresistible Force is Eli Zorn’s book. This book is also set during a renovation but there is a twist – a woman has chained herself to the house. Let the fun begin! Eli is immediately drawn to Bernie Nolan. So is it really a hardship when he is voluntold she is his problem to solve? Eli knows there is more to Bernie’s protest than meets the eye and we get to learn right along with him that the episode’s project is not as expected. This book will make you laugh and cheer. 

The final book in the series A Reluctant Attraction comes out April 20, 2021, BUT I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy and it delivers!! We get the story of the baby brother Nick Zorn and widow Claire who runs a cat sanctuary. For their own reasons, these two characters needed each other. I really enjoyed both of their journeys and felt proud to know them by the end of the novel. Especially loved how Claire helped Nick get over his issues. You will have to read to find out!  It really was the perfect conclusion to the series. 

Roanna Leo lives in the Toronto area and this series was set there as well.

You can purchase the Handymen Series through Amazon and Kobo

Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

romance writers of canada website

This book will make you want bread. Like, you will need to eat bread, BADLY. So be prepared and READ THIS BOOK.

This is Farah Heron ’s follow up to her amazing book The Chai Factor and it did not disappoint. It tells the story of Reena and Nadim, the very hot man across the hall with a British accent. 

In this neighbour, turn friends, turn lovers with a Great Canadian Baking show competition in the mix you can watch the relationship rise – yep, I went there.

Reena is a woman who just wants to avoid her parents meddling in her life. Something, many can relate to. So when she meets the super hot guy across the hall it’s perfect, he can have no connection to her family, right?

This book made me laugh so hard I had to put the book down. Reena and Nadim are heartfelt and interesting, I love the quirks Heron gives her characters. Like Reena, we don’t know Nadim’s background and it was interesting to learn what led to him being the man across the hall.

The secondary characters in this book are great, loved her cousin Marley and friend Shayne in the building and the characters we met in The Chai Factor , Saira, Amira and Duncan.

Accidentally Engaged brings complex family issues, joy, romance, angst and bread – so much bread. It’s relatable and wonderful. 

Farah Heron lives in Toronto and this book was set in Toronto.

Accidentally Engaged is available through Amazon and Kobo

Sandcastle Beach by Jenny Holiday

romance writers of canada website

Sandcastle Beach is the conclusion of Jenny Holiday ’s Matchmaker Bay series. Mermaid Bay and Paradise Cove introduced us to the two main characters in this novel Law and Maya, these two characters have always been like oil and water but no one knows why.

This book gives us a deeper look at both, as business owners, they are forced to interact professionally, having mutual friends keeps them together personally. While they have always appeared to be enemies, it was never vicious. 

Getting the characters backstories and learning about all the things we wondered about makes this book worthwhile on its own. But watching how Law takes care of Maya without her knowing, is just the start of the icing. Going from quasi-enemies to friends to lovers was a delicate path to walk but Holiday delivers.  

The final book in a series always feels a bit like visiting old friends and it was nice to see the old friends in this book help Law and Maya find their way. It was like things coming full circle. 

Jenny Holiday lives in London, Ontario and this series is based in a fictional Ontario beach town.

Sandcastle Beach is available through Amazon and Kobo

The Knockout Rule by Kelly Siskind

romance writers of canada website

The Knockout Rule is the fourth book in Kelly Siskind’ s Showman Series. This the first book by Siskind we’ve read but it won’t be the last!

The book tells the story of the physiotherapist daughter of a former heavyweight boxing champ Isla and a current heavyweight boxer Brick/Eric. Full disclosure, not a huge boxing fan but that didn’t matter because OMG Brick/Eric is one of our favourite heroes of all time. 

Isla knows all too well what being a boxer means, she has seen first hand what it has done to her father. Isla steers clear of all things boxing for personal reasons until her father requests she join him in Vegas in a lead up to Brick’s fight. For reasons you will have read about, Isla agrees and this is when she meets Brick. 

Brick is his show name, Eric is so much more than he appears and his reasons for boxing are even more complex. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Eric. And you will, right along with Isla. 

While we can’t deny LOVING Eric. His sidekick Whit the dog. He really did steal the show. LOVED them both. 

This is a book you can’t put down and NEED to workout. Boxing fan or not, this is the book for you!

Kelly Siskind lives in Northern Ontario and this book was set primarily in Las Vegas.

The Knockrule is available through  Amazon and Kobo

Still MORE Canadian Writers

Rosanna Leo, Farah Heron, Jenny Holiday and Kelly Siskind are just four of the MANY Canadian romance writers out there. There are so many that we’ve yet to read, always on the lookout for more. Some other Canadian romance writers we can recommend include Jackie Lau , Jacquelyn Middleton , Kelly Bowen , Marie Landry , Molly O’Keefe and Mary Balogh .  

So when it comes to romance novelists, don’t forget Canadians!

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romance writers of canada website

Jacqueline Lee

'chicago fire' 9x10 pictures: "one crazy shift", 'grown-ish' season 4 to premiere this summer.

romance writers of canada website

Thanks so much to Jacqueline and Fangirlish for this fabulous article! I truly appreciate you sharing my Handymen series, and for the Canadian romance love!

romance writers of canada website

Much congrats to my fellow Canadian writers!

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