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Canadian Romance Writers, the Unsung Heroes of Canada

romance writers of canada list

As you may have noticed, we here at Fangirlish LOVE romance novels. We love how they bring us joy and how there really is a romance out there for everyone. 

This time, we’d like to focus on Canadian romance novelists, aka novelists who write in Canada. The unsung heroes of Canadian literature. Sadly, Canadian media and big bookstores are missing out on an opportunity to promote these amazing writers – we will not .

So here are some books by Canadian authors you should absolutely check out:

Handymen Series by Rosanna Leo

romance writers of canada list

Rosanna Leo ’s AMAZING three-book Handymen series: A Good Man , An Irresistible Force and A Reluctant Attraction tell the story of the three handymen Zorn brothers. The brothers are the stars of their own renovation show, each bringing their own speciality and good looks. 

A Good Man tells the story of the eldest Zorn brother Michael and their client of the episode Emily Daniels. Leo’s characters are well-developed and truly interesting people. Michael has his own issues but the way he cares for Emily immediately is awe-inspiring. It is a joy to watch this story develop as they renovated Emily’s grandmother’s old house in Toronto’s Little Italy to make her soup business. This story like the others has a lot of heart. Michael and Emily are perfect together. This book is yum on every level!

The second book in the series An Irresistible Force is Eli Zorn’s book. This book is also set during a renovation but there is a twist – a woman has chained herself to the house. Let the fun begin! Eli is immediately drawn to Bernie Nolan. So is it really a hardship when he is voluntold she is his problem to solve? Eli knows there is more to Bernie’s protest than meets the eye and we get to learn right along with him that the episode’s project is not as expected. This book will make you laugh and cheer. 

The final book in the series A Reluctant Attraction comes out April 20, 2021, BUT I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy and it delivers!! We get the story of the baby brother Nick Zorn and widow Claire who runs a cat sanctuary. For their own reasons, these two characters needed each other. I really enjoyed both of their journeys and felt proud to know them by the end of the novel. Especially loved how Claire helped Nick get over his issues. You will have to read to find out!  It really was the perfect conclusion to the series. 

Roanna Leo lives in the Toronto area and this series was set there as well.

You can purchase the Handymen Series through Amazon and Kobo

Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

romance writers of canada list

This book will make you want bread. Like, you will need to eat bread, BADLY. So be prepared and READ THIS BOOK.

This is Farah Heron ’s follow up to her amazing book The Chai Factor and it did not disappoint. It tells the story of Reena and Nadim, the very hot man across the hall with a British accent. 

In this neighbour, turn friends, turn lovers with a Great Canadian Baking show competition in the mix you can watch the relationship rise – yep, I went there.

Reena is a woman who just wants to avoid her parents meddling in her life. Something, many can relate to. So when she meets the super hot guy across the hall it’s perfect, he can have no connection to her family, right?

This book made me laugh so hard I had to put the book down. Reena and Nadim are heartfelt and interesting, I love the quirks Heron gives her characters. Like Reena, we don’t know Nadim’s background and it was interesting to learn what led to him being the man across the hall.

The secondary characters in this book are great, loved her cousin Marley and friend Shayne in the building and the characters we met in The Chai Factor , Saira, Amira and Duncan.

Accidentally Engaged brings complex family issues, joy, romance, angst and bread – so much bread. It’s relatable and wonderful. 

Farah Heron lives in Toronto and this book was set in Toronto.

Accidentally Engaged is available through Amazon and Kobo

Sandcastle Beach by Jenny Holiday

romance writers of canada list

Sandcastle Beach is the conclusion of Jenny Holiday ’s Matchmaker Bay series. Mermaid Bay and Paradise Cove introduced us to the two main characters in this novel Law and Maya, these two characters have always been like oil and water but no one knows why.

This book gives us a deeper look at both, as business owners, they are forced to interact professionally, having mutual friends keeps them together personally. While they have always appeared to be enemies, it was never vicious. 

Getting the characters backstories and learning about all the things we wondered about makes this book worthwhile on its own. But watching how Law takes care of Maya without her knowing, is just the start of the icing. Going from quasi-enemies to friends to lovers was a delicate path to walk but Holiday delivers.  

The final book in a series always feels a bit like visiting old friends and it was nice to see the old friends in this book help Law and Maya find their way. It was like things coming full circle. 

Jenny Holiday lives in London, Ontario and this series is based in a fictional Ontario beach town.

Sandcastle Beach is available through Amazon and Kobo

The Knockout Rule by Kelly Siskind

romance writers of canada list

The Knockout Rule is the fourth book in Kelly Siskind’ s Showman Series. This the first book by Siskind we’ve read but it won’t be the last!

The book tells the story of the physiotherapist daughter of a former heavyweight boxing champ Isla and a current heavyweight boxer Brick/Eric. Full disclosure, not a huge boxing fan but that didn’t matter because OMG Brick/Eric is one of our favourite heroes of all time. 

Isla knows all too well what being a boxer means, she has seen first hand what it has done to her father. Isla steers clear of all things boxing for personal reasons until her father requests she join him in Vegas in a lead up to Brick’s fight. For reasons you will have read about, Isla agrees and this is when she meets Brick. 

Brick is his show name, Eric is so much more than he appears and his reasons for boxing are even more complex. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Eric. And you will, right along with Isla. 

While we can’t deny LOVING Eric. His sidekick Whit the dog. He really did steal the show. LOVED them both. 

This is a book you can’t put down and NEED to workout. Boxing fan or not, this is the book for you!

Kelly Siskind lives in Northern Ontario and this book was set primarily in Las Vegas.

The Knockrule is available through  Amazon and Kobo

Still MORE Canadian Writers

Rosanna Leo, Farah Heron, Jenny Holiday and Kelly Siskind are just four of the MANY Canadian romance writers out there. There are so many that we’ve yet to read, always on the lookout for more. Some other Canadian romance writers we can recommend include Jackie Lau , Jacquelyn Middleton , Kelly Bowen , Marie Landry , Molly O’Keefe and Mary Balogh .  

So when it comes to romance novelists, don’t forget Canadians!

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romance writers of canada list

Jacqueline Lee

'chicago fire' 9x10 pictures: "one crazy shift", 'grown-ish' season 4 to premiere this summer.

romance writers of canada list

Thanks so much to Jacqueline and Fangirlish for this fabulous article! I truly appreciate you sharing my Handymen series, and for the Canadian romance love!

romance writers of canada list

Much congrats to my fellow Canadian writers!

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12 Canadian books about love and romance to read in summer 2021

Social sharing.

If you're looking to heat up your summer reading, check out one of these great Canadian tales of love and romance.

Our Darkest Night  by Jennifer Robson

romance writers of canada list

Our Darkest Night  is a novel about a young Jewish woman who posed as a Christian farmer's wife during the Second World War in order to survive the Holocaust. Antonina leaves behind her family to live with Nico, a young man who was studying to become a priest but had to return home to run his family farm. But Antonina, who grew up in the city, struggles to adapt to farm life. When their neighbours become suspicious, they are not sure their lie will be enough to keep Antonina safe.

Jennifer Robson on the unsung heroes of WW I

Jennifer Robson is a historical fiction writer from Toronto. Her other books include  Goodnight From London ,  Moonlight Over Paris ,  After the War is Over ,  Somewhere in France,   Fall of Poppies  and  The Gown .

romance writers of canada list

Soulstar  by C. L. Polk

romance writers of canada list

Soulstar  is the third and final book in C.L. Polk's Kingston Cycle fantasy series, after   Witchmark  and  Stormsong . Robin Thorpe has led a quiet life in Riverside, keeping her magical powers a secret so she can stay safe. But when freed witches come to town, wanting to rejoin the kingdom, Robin knows it's time to use her powers again — but will she have to sacrifice her personal happiness in the process?

C.L. Polk's fantasy novel The Midnight Bargain explores love and magic

Polk is a fantasy writer from Calgary. Their other books include  Witchmark ,   Stormsong  and  The Midnight Bargain .  Witchmark , their debut novel, won the 2019 World Fantasy Award for best novel.  The Midnight Bargain   was championed by Olympian and broadcaster Rosey Edeh on   Canada Reads  2021.

romance writers of canada list

Ann Shin's documentary gives a voice to the refugee experience

Accidentally engaged  by farah heron.

romance writers of canada list

Accidentally Engaged   is the second romantic comedy from Farah Heron. In  Accidentally Engaged ,  Reena Manji refuses to be attracted to the man her parents have set her up with — the charming and attractive Nadim. But when Reena gets the opportunity to enter a cooking competition, she will do anything to win — even pretend to be engaged to Nadim.

Farah Heron on why conflict is key when writing a romantic comedy

Heron is a writer from Toronto. She is also the author of the romantic comedy  The Chai Factor . Her first YA novel,  Tahira in Bloom , will also be published in November 2021.

Satellite Love  by Genki Ferguson

romance writers of canada list

The novel  Satellite Love  is set in a city in Japan in 1999. Anna is a lonely teenager who turns to stargazing for comfort and escape. But when the Low Earth Orbit satellite (aka LEO) returns Anna's gaze and comes down to earth as Leo, what follows is an unconventional story about love, loneliness and human connection.

Genki Ferguson explores feelings of young love and isolation with debut novel  Satellite Love

Genki Ferguson is a writer from Calgary, and the son of acclaimed writer Will Ferguson.  Satellite Love  is his first book.

romance writers of canada list

The Last Exiles  by Ann Shin

romance writers of canada list

The Last Exiles   is a novel set in North Korea. It's about two young lovers, Jin and Suja. They meet in university, but their class differences become apparent when they return home — and may keep them apart. When Jin sees how much his family is struggling, he decides to escape. When Suja discovers this, she sets after him, and what unfolds is a dangerous and precarious journey for them both.

Ann Shin is a writer and filmmaker from Toronto. Her documentary films include  My Enemy, My Brother  and  The Defector: Escape from North Korea. My Enemy, My Brother  was nominated for an Academy Award in 2014. She has directed programs for several television networks, including CBC. She is also the author of three poetry collections.  The Last Exiles  is her first novel.

romance writers of canada list

Hana Khan Carries On  by Uzma Jalaluddin

romance writers of canada list

Hana Khan Carries On  is a romantic comedy from Uzma Jalaluddin. In  Hana Khan Carries On , Hana is an aspiring radio host who is working at her family's halal restaurant. When her aunt and a cousin come to town, and a rival restaurant opens in their neighbourhood, Hana's life is upended and family secrets are revealed. Fighting for her family is a big battle, one that will put all of Hana's skills to the test. It's a battle that gets more complicated by Hana's growing attraction to the rival restaurant's attractive owner, Aydin.

Uzma Jalaluddin's novel  Hana Khan Carries On  is a modern day meet-cute inspired by a love of rom-coms

Jalaluddin is a teacher, parenting columnist and author based in Ontario. She is also the author of the novel  Ayesha At Last .

Letters Across the Sea  by Genevieve Graham

romance writers of canada list

Letters Across the Sea  is the story of a Protestant girl and her Jewish neighbour in Toronto, against the backdrop of the Depression. Their lives are forever changed living through the rise of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and a wave of hate that would ignite the Second World War.

Read excerpt from  Letters Across the Sea  by Genevieve Graham

Genevieve Graham is a historical fiction writer from Nova Scotia. Her other books include  At the Mountain's Edge , Tides of Honour,  Come From Away   and   The Forgotten Home Child .

The Lover, the Lake  by Virginia Pésémapeo Bordeleau, translated by Susan Ouriou

romance writers of canada list

The Lover, the Lake  was a sensation when it was originally published in French. Now available in English,  The Lover, the Lake  is a celebration of Indigenous sexuality and sensuality. It is the story of a forbidden but fulfilling love affair between Wabougouni and Gabrie, set against the backdrop of Lake Abitibi.

Virginia Pésémapeo Bordeleau is a visual artist and published author of Cree origin. She has published three novels and four poetry collections, including  Blue Bear Woman .

Susan Ouriou is a writer, editor and literary translator from Calgary. She has won the Governor General's Literary Award for translation for her work.

Ties That Tether  by Jane Igharo

romance writers of canada list

Ties That Tether   is about a young woman who must decide between a promise she made her dying father and following her heart. Azere was 12 years old when she told her father she would marry a Nigerian man and honour her family's culture, even after moving to Canada. But when Azere has a one-night stand with a white man she meets in a bar, things surprisingly get serious. Can Azere make it work without betraying her family, or herself?

Jane Igharo came to Canada from Nigeria when she was 12 years old. She currently lives in Toronto.  Ties That Tether   is her first book.

Love after the End  edited by Joshua Whitehead

romance writers of canada list

Love after the End  is an anthology of speculative fiction that imagines a utopian future for LGBTQ and two-spirit people, curated and edited by poet and novelist  Joshua Whitehead .

Contributors include Nathan Adler, Darcie Little Badger, Gabriel Castilloux Calderon, Adam Garnet Jones, Mari Kurisato, Kai Minosh Pyle, David Alexander Robertson, jaye simpson and Nazbah Tom.

Joshua Whitehead and Darcie Little Badger talk about the power of Indigenous speculative fiction

Whitehead  is an Oji-nêhiyaw, two-spirit writer, poet and Indigiqueer scholar from Peguis First Nation. His book,  full-metal indigiqueer , is a collection of experimental poems that aim to provoke discussion and debate.  Jonny Appleseed , his debut novel, won Canada Reads 2021 when it was championed by actor Devery Jacobs.

romance writers of canada list

You are Eating an Orange. You are Naked.  by Sheung-King

romance writers of canada list

You are Eating an Orange. You are Naked.   is a surreal novel about a translator who travels the globe with his lover. Along the way, they tell each other stories, pose philosophical questions and share their ideas about the world. It's glamorous and stimulating, but the lover often disappears without explanation.

Sheung-King is a writer born in Vancouver, raised in Hong Kong and currently living in Toronto.  You are Eating an Orange. You are Naked.   is his first book.

The Forgotten Daughter  by Joanna Goodman

romance writers of canada list

The Forgotten Daughter   is about a surprising love affair set against the backdrop of the Quebec separatist movement of the early 1990s. Veronique is the daughter of a prominent separatist activist, who was convicted of kidnapping and murdering a politician in the 1970s. Veronique has passionately taken up her father's cause. James is a journalist who opposed separation, and whose sister, Elodie, was one of the Duplessis Orphans, and was wrongly declared mentally ill as a child and sent to an institution. As Veronique grows closer to James and Elodie, all three must reckon with Quebec's past and their own role in shaping its future.

Joanna Goodman explores love, passion and politics in novel The Forgotten Daughter

Joanna Goodman is a novelist originally from Montreal and now living in Toronto. She is also the author of  The Home for Unwanted Girls.

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romance writers of canada list

Goodreads Celebrates Women's History Month


Romance Novels Set in Canada

A book’s total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book.

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romance writers of canada list

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romance writers of canada list

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romance writers of canada list

romance writers of canada list

CanLit: Romance

For the love of Romancelandia, Canada

Index: Romance Authors of Canada

A.k.a. an index of canlit: romance authors.

Here’s an ongoing list of published (traditional, self or both) Romance authors who have made it known that they are Canadian and/or live in Canada. I tend to shorten this to CanLit Romance or Romancelandia Canada.

If I’m missing someone (or the link is wrong/broken, you notice a mistake or have information that I’m missing e.g. province), please contact me through Instagram (@CanLitRomance) or email [email protected]

I’d like to use this space to mention my unending thanks to my remarkable editor, Maria. Firstly, for your unwavering support in the existence of this blog. Secondly for formatting this list like it was your job (it was, but she acted as though she enjoyed the task). And lastly, but certainly not leastly, [sic] for the aforementioned remarks, (that she diligently crafts for all of my posts), which make me a better writer than I ever could have dreamed.

Note: This page is evolving as I update it to be reader-friendly, which means it may look incomplete. Please bear with me as I work my way through the list reformatting it to help you quickly find a specific author, or discover a new favourite.

Sorted alphabetically by last name, each author listing proceeds as: First name Last name (Alternative name if applicable) (General Canada connection/writerly location if indicated other than Canada at large)

If you love this index and can spare $2 to help me cover the costs of the website, please consider buying me a ko-fi by clicking the button below. – Love From, The True North

Buy Me a Coffee at

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romance writers of canada list

#WeTheNorth: Canadian Romance Authors You Need to Know

romance writers of canada list

As I write this, the Toronto Raptors have just won game 4 of the NBA Finals. It’s fair to say, the phrase “We the North” has been on the lips of many a Canadian for a while now. It’s been easy to feel extra patriotic lately. I know I haven’t been the only one cheering on the Raptors. People from all over the world have been doing the same, and it’s been really nice to show the world what Canada has to offer.

Canada has a lot to offer the world of romance as well. In fact, I’d be willing to bet some of your favourite (yep – we spell it with a “u” in Canada) romance authors are Canadian, and you might not even know it. It’s sort of like that gif that always makes me giggle: “The Canadians. They walk among us.”

When I started writing this article, I wanted to tell you about romance novels that have a Canadian feel to them. What do people think of when they think of Canada? Well, some may think of maple syrup, poutine and Celine Dion. Some people will mention how polite we are, that we can be self-deprecating and modest (okay, maybe not in Jurassic Park or Oracle Arena, but that’s all good.) Some will say we’re a tough, hardy people. Have you heard about our winters?  

But the fact is we’re so much more than that. It’s impossible to incapsulate what my country represents in a few short paragraphs, and there isn’t just one story that speaks to our collective experience. That’s what makes Canada so great. It’s comprised of many stories, and guess where you’ll find them. The romance genre.

Of course, that’s just my humble Canadian opinion.

Today, I hope to introduce you to some Canadian romance authors who are new to you, ones whose works will introduce you to a particular corner of Canada and the Canadian experience. By no means is this a complete list of Canuck authors. Quite frankly, if you scan the bestseller list on any given day, you’ll find some well-known Canadian names. But here, I’d like to share some that I think more of us need to know. My hope is that in reading these books, you’ll find some new faves, and also get a flavour for the wonderful country in which they are set.

The Chai Factor by Farah Heron

The Chai Factor by Farah Heron

Farah Heron’s The Chai Factor is an anticipated read this year. Set in Toronto, and featuring a dishy hero from the small town of Omemee, Ontario, it is certainly one of my favourite new books. Not only is it a sweet romance, it tackles the topic of racism with insight and heart.

Arctic Burn by Amy Ruttan

Phoenix Agency series by Amy Ruttan

Author Amy Ruttan has written some wonderful medical romances for Harlequin and her Phoenix Agency series is set in the Northwest Territories. Telekinetics and bush pilots in Yellowknife…yes, please!

blessed by maggie blackbird

Blessed by Maggie Blackbird

Maggie Blackbird writes contemporary and historical romance about Canada’s Indigenous People. I recently became aware of Maggie’s books and they are at the top of my to-be-read list.

carnal control by lilith darville

Carnal Control by Lilith Darville

Lilith Darville writes erotic romance that will leave a tingle in your fingertips as you flip the pages. Her sexy books have had a place on my Kindle for some time, and I hope they’ll find a home on yours.

up all night by j margot critch

Up All Night by J. Margot Critch

We don’t get to hear about too many romances set in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Luckily, we have J. Margot Critch to address this for us. Her romantic suspense series is set there, and looks like a lot of fun.

Masked Desire by Alana Delacroix

Masked Arcana series by Alana Delacroix

I’m a big fan of Alana Delacroix’s Masked Arcana paranormal series. Peopled by fey and vampires and unique shifters, it’ll grab you and it won’t let go.

As I mentioned, this is just a small sampling of what Canadian romances have to offer. There’s no way I could ever include them all, and I’ve tried to mention authors I haven’t included in my previous articles for Frolic. If you are interested in reading more Canadian romance, check out one of my recent Twitter threads. I put the call out to Romancelandia, and as always, Romancelandia responded with many recs. You’ll find numerous authors and books here:

Canada is a vibrant country, and I am so proud to live here. In fact, I’ve given some of my own romances Canadian settings. So check us out! And way to go, Raptors!

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Add to collection, enjoyed this post.

Frolic F Logo


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About The Author

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Rosanna Leo

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romance writers of canada list

Daily Frolic: Tituss Burgess on Titus Andromedon falling in love

romance writers of canada list

LGBTQ+ Book Releases to Look Out For This Summer!

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5 New Must-Read Romances by Canadian Authors!

romance writers of canada list

Happy Canada Day! If you are looking for Canadian romance authors to enjoy today or any day of the year, here are five you definitely need to add to your TBR list. No matter what type of romance you are into, there is a book on this list for you!


Temptation in Istanbul by Hana Sheik

Harlequin | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | Apple Books | Goodreads | More from Hana Sheik


Out of the Ashes by Jenn Burke

Harlequin | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | Apple Books | Goodreads | More from Jenn Burke


Cinderella for the Miami Playboy by Dani Collins

Harlequin | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | Apple Books | Goodreads | More from Dani Collins

Rachel Reid: THE LONG GAME

The Long Game by Rachel Reid


Surviving the Wilderness by Maggie K. Black

Harlequin | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | Apple Books | Goodreads | More from Maggie K. Black

Will you be reading any of these authors today? Let us know in the comments below with Canadian romance authors you love!

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romance writers of canada list

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romance writers of canada list

If You Like This 2023 Oscar-Nominated Movie, Read This Romance Book

romance writers of canada list

Reading Strong Women in Romance Saved My Life

5 Sexy Romance Books To Heat Up Your Bookshelf

5 Sexy Romance Books To Heat Up Your Bookshelf

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