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Can You Buy A Car on eBay?

One of the last places you’ll probably look for a new or used car is on eBay. The truth is, though, you can often find a great deal on a car through this selling platform. The key is to be aware of scams and to do extensive research

Verify the Seller Is Legitimate

You have several ways to verify the legitimacy of a car seller on eBay, and it’s important to use as many of these ways as possible. First, you’ll want to look at the seller’s rating, which includes feedback from other buyers. If the seller has anything less than a 100 percent rating, you’ll need to investigate why. You can look under the rating reviews to see why negative feedback was provided.

Next, you’ll want to use a tool of your choice to run a report on the car. Services like CarFax are useful. However, keep in mind that any self repairs performed on the vehicle may not appear on the report. Some sellers will provide you with a free copy of the car’s history report, but it’s best to get one of your own to verify the report’s accuracy.

Tap Into Vehicle Purchase Protection

Always remember that when buying a vehicle on eBay, you are covered by Vehicle Purchase Protection. It is extremely important to read through the terms of the protection policy to fully understand what you can expect if you run into an issue with your purchase. Being familiar with the policy will also help expedite filing a claim if you have to make one.

Call the Seller

When buying a car on eBay, you have the option to reach out to the seller. Set up a phone call to discuss the history and condition of the car. If the seller isn’t willing to have a phone call, this is a strong sign that it’s a scam.

Use Common Sense

Anyone selling a car knows that it’s only reasonable for you to want to ask questions or see the car before you hit the Pay Now button on eBay. If you come across a seller who doesn’t want to answer questions or let you see the car before you purchase it, it’s usually best to not place a bid.

Have the Car Inspected

If you have the winning bid or buy the car through eBay’s Buy It Now option, always go pick up the car yourself. Don’t pay until you are absolutely sure you want the car. The only legitimate reason you have for not wanting the car is if you see something wrong with it that was not shown in the listing. You can’t simply say you don’t want the car because you all of a sudden don’t like its color. Going to pick up the car yourself also gives you the chance to have it inspected by a local mechanic. Once you’re satisfied, you can then hit the Pay Now option and get the title from the seller. Paperwork is another thing you’ll want to ask the seller about when picking up the car. If there is no paperwork, then don’t pay for the car.


write a review ebay

Leaving feedback for sellers

Leaving feedback is a great way to rate your buying experience with a seller on eBay. Your feedback is important because it can help other buyers decide whether to buy from the seller.

Are you a seller looking to leave feedback for a buyer? Read our article on leaving feedback for buyers

Every time you buy something on eBay, you can leave a positive, neutral, or negative feedback rating about your experience. You can also add a comment about your experience, or rate specific aspects of the transaction – including whether the item arrived on time, the accuracy of the item description, shipping costs, and the seller's communication.

Tip If you've had an issue with your order, we recommend contacting the seller before you leave negative feedback. Positive reviews and feedback help sellers do more business, so they're usually happy to work with you to resolve your issue.

You'll find everything you need to know about leaving feedback in our guides below, including how to view and change your feedback if you need to.

If the seller doesn't believe the feedback you left was fair, they may ask you to revise your feedback. Find out how to respond if this happens.

Find out how to view all the feedback you've left for sellers, as well as how to follow up, make changes, or add comments to feedback you've already left.

While feedback is intended as an open forum, we have guidelines and policies in place to ensure it's used constructively and fairly.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you make a purchase, we'll send you an email reminding you to leave feedback for your seller.

You can also leave feedback through your purchase history - opens in new window or tab . If you haven't already, you'll see the option to leave feedback.

You can then:

You can also view all the feedback you've left or received in your Feedback profile . From there you can also follow up and respond to feedback.

You can leave feedback for up to 60 days from the date you received your item or from the expected delivery date , whichever comes first. If no expected delivery date is provided, you have up to 90 days from when you completed your purchase to leave feedback for the seller.

You must have had your account for at least 5 days to be able to leave feedback.

By leaving feedback for a seller, you're telling them what you think and letting other buyers know about your experience. Your feedback combines with others' to build a rich base of knowledge to help to find the best sellers every time you shop.

When you look at a listing, you'll find the seller's positive feedback score listed as a percentage beneath their username. For example, if a seller has a score of 99.5%, it means that 99.5% of buyers that left feedback had a positive experience with that seller.

Find out more about Seller ratings .

After each transaction, members can leave a positive, negative, or neutral rating to describe their overall experience.

We use these ratings to determine feedback scores. In most cases, members receive:

You should leave feedback for each sale. As for your own feedback score, keep in mind that we calculate this differently depending on whether the sales occurred in the same week. For feedback purposes, we define a week as Monday through Sunday, Pacific Time.

If the sales occurred in different weeks, each rating can affect a feedback score by 1 point. A positive rating raises a feedback score by 1 point. A negative rating lowers a seller's feedback score by 1 point.

If the sales occurred in the same week we raise your feedback score by a total of 1 point, regardless of the number of positive ratings you received from the seller within the week.

Negative feedback becomes a permanent part of a seller's record, and can harm their reputation and their business. If possible, you should try to work with the seller to resolve any transaction issues before you leave negative feedback.

If you do decide to leave negative feedback, make sure it's fair and factual, and relates specifically to the transaction.

Sellers often respond to negative feedback and may get in touch with you to try to resolve the issue.

In some situations, we may remove or adjust feedback that has been left for sellers when they are not at fault. To learn more, visit our Seller performance and feedback policy .

Additionally, if we suspend a member, we'll remove any neutral or negative feedback they left for others. We'll also remove feedback from a buyer if they fail to pay for an item.

Only registered eBay members can leave feedback. If you bought an item as a guest, you won't be able to leave feedback about your experience.

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Product Reviews


How you benefit, what you need to do, what’s new, product reviews—a new ebay standard.

We have updated product reviews to make it simpler to read and contribute reviews.

Product reviews drive buyer trust and confidence by providing relevant information they need. Supplying this information at the point of purchase means shoppers are more likely to convert to buyers when viewing your item. Research shows they keep buyers on the site, resulting in an average 18% uplift in sales.*

* Source: "Ecommerce consumer reviews: why you need them and how to use them." Econsultancy, July 8, 2015

We have also enhanced product reviews to be more visually compelling, accessible and useful.

Reviews are associated with a specific product, ensuring a reliable and consistent user experience for buyers. Reviews written by eBay buyers have the added benefit of having the seller’s username associated with the review.

Better information drives conversion

Product reviews are a retail standard that buyers rely on to get a complete picture when shopping for items.

Product reviews are trusted by shoppers and promote engagement with eBay. Nearly 2 million product reviews have been posted since we updated our Product Reviews feature late last summer.

Product reviews are available now

As of May 6, users’ product reviews will be displayed on all eligible listings. A listing is reviewable if it is adopted to a product or is a multi-quantity listing. Not all multi-quantity listings are eligible. Sellers are not required to take any action. For more information please read eBay’s product review guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes has ebay made to product reviews expand.

We have improved product reviews for buyers and sellers, leveraging catalog and other data. We have also:

These changes will help drive conversion and keep buyers on eBay.

In addition, starting May 6, product reviews will be available for all eligible listings. eBay sellers who previously opted out of product reviews on My eBay will be opted back into product reviews. If you opted out and want to opt in to take advantage of the benefits of product reviews before May 6, you can do so on My eBay.

If a review is inaccurate, includes spam content or promotional information, or violates the Community content policy, what can I do? Expand

eBay will remove product reviews if they are inappropriate, inaccurate or misplaced/not related to products, including reviews of a seller in the product review. We are monitoring for violations and users may report violations of this policy by clicking the report link in the content in question and the review will be reviewed by eBay and a decision will be made.

What listings are eligible for reviews? Expand

Listings associated with a product in the eBay product catalog are eligible for product reviews. If no review has been written, a buyer will be given the opportunity to be the first to write a review and any buyers of reviewable items will receive an email encouraging them to write a review. All eligible products across all categories in general can be reviewed and show reviews.

Why are product reviews from another seller’s item listing also showing up on my items View Item page? Expand

Sellers that list the same product share the same reviews, providing a reliable and consistent user experience for buyers. Reviews are associated with products, not individual listings.

Why don't we have reviews for new items and reviews for used items? Expand

Research shows that users like to read reviews about both new and used items. We require reviewers to indicate the condition of items they are reviewing to ensure that the most relevant information is provided to buyers. We will continue to evaluate how buyers use the information and will make adjustments when appropriate.

Is there any action I need to take? Expand

No. Product reviews will automatically be included on all eligible items.

Can I opt-out of product reviews for my listings? Expand

No. Starting on May 6, product reviews will be available for those listings that are eligible. eBay sellers who previously opted out of product reviews on My eBay will will be opted back into product reviews. If you opted out and want to opt in to take advantage of the benefits of product reviews before May 6 you can do so on My eBay.

Are there any rules that reviewers must follow when writing reviews? Expand

For more information see eBay’s community content policy.

Can I ask for a review to be removed from my listing? Expand

Yes. Click on the report link in the review and choose the appropriate reason why you believe the review should be removed. eBay will review all requests and make a decision. A negative review, by itself, is not removable.

Who can leave reviews on my items? Expand

All users (buyers and sellers) may write product reviews. Reviews are associated with products and not listings.

Why does eBay identify who wrote the review? Expand

We identify the writer as either a verified purchaser or un-verified purchaser. This aligns with normal ecommerce practices to capture the user ID of the person who writes the review and provides for better authoring, and discourages bad behavior.

Can I leave a review of my own product? Expand

All users (buyers and sellers) may leave a review on any eligible products. However, only buyers who purchase the item on eBay will be identified as a verified purchaser.

Why doesn't my item show a review? Expand

A review may not show on your item for one of two reasons. First, your item may not be eligible for review. Second, a review may not have been provided by a buyer. eBay prompts buyers to be the first to write products reviews.

write a review ebay

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Ecommerce Platforms

71 eBay Feedback Examples For Buyers & Sellers


ebay feedback examples

Omar Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

Table of Contents

Feedback is a critical aspect of the eBay community, so knowing how to write feedback is necessary.

As a long-time eBay user, I know how challenging writing feedback can be, but I’m here to help.

I’ve listed 71 examples of eBay feedback examples for buyers and sellers you can use as inspiration when writing feedback.

Let’s begin.

Types of eBay Feedback

eBay feedback can be positive, negative, or neutral.

Remember that sellers have ways to protect their reputations .

Complete feedback includes a quick rating and a short comment.

ebay feedback examples

You can view your feedback ratings and comments in the Feedback Profile.

Below are examples of eBay feedback comments you can write as a buyer or seller.

eBay Feedback Examples as a Buyer

Ebay positive feedback examples.

If you had a good experience as a buyer, these are several examples of eBay feedback you can leave.

About the service

1 – “Stellar service. 5-star!”

2 – “10/10. Excellent service.”

3 – “Absolutely amazing service. Thank you!”

4 – “No complaints. Would order from again.”

5 – “Fantastic service. There were no problems at all.”

6 – “Very happy with the service. Would definitely buy from again.”

About the delivery

7 – “Remarkably swift dispatch. First-rate delivery!”

8 – “Thank you. The delivery was exceptionally speedy.”

9 – “Arrived faster than I expected. Truly fantastic delivery.”

10 – “Remarkably speedy delivery. Thank you!”

About the packaging

11 – “The quality of the wrapping was great. Nothing was damaged.”

12 – “Fab packaging. Everything arrived safe and sound.”

13 – “Sturdy, fine packaging. My items arrived in good condition.”

14 – “Wonderful packaging. It was even better than expected. Thank you! ”

About the delivery and packaging

15 – “Notably quick delivery. Exceptional packaging. Would buy from again!”

16 – “Splendid packaging. Notably swift delivery. Recommended.”

17 – “Incredibly wonderful packaging. Superior delivery.”

18 – “A+! Very quick dispatch. Items are well-packed.”

19 – “Great packaging and notably super delivery. Overall, 5-star.”

About the seller

20 – “Responsive seller. 5-star service.”

21 – “Seller was friendly and supportive. A+.”

22 – “Communication was easy. Will order from again.”

23 – “Great service. Excellent seller!”

When you leave feedback as a repeated buyer, you help the seller build a reliable reputation on the platform.

As a repeated buyer

24 – “Another outstanding delivery. Notably wonderful packaging. Thanks!”

25 – “Quick delivery and great packaging as always.”

26 – “Lovely packaging. Exceptionally speedy dispatch. You never disappoint!”

27 – “Gorgeous packaging. Sterling delivery. Perfect as usual.”

Negative Feedback Examples

If you had a poor experience with a seller, you could let the seller and other buyers know. Here is a list of ways to leave negative feedback on eBay.

About wrong or missing items

28 – “Seller shipped the wrong item. Refused return.”

29 – “Not what I ordered. Seller is unresponsive.”

30 – “Missing item(s). Seller ghosted.”

31 – “Wrong shipment. No refund; not even a sorry!”

About damaged or faulty items

32 – “Items are broken. Please respond to my messages!!!”

33 – “Some parts were damaged. So I cannot use the item.”

34 – “Items arrived broken. Seller refused return.”

35 – “Faulty item. Didn’t even get a partial refund.”

36 – “Missing parts. Unuseable.”

About not-as-described items

37 – “Item is not like the picture at all.”

38 – “Nothing like described. Do not buy from this seller.”

39 – “Sizing is not the same as the description. Seller wouldn’t respond.”

40 – “Nothing like advertised. Very disappointed.”

41 – “Very different from the description. Not happy.”

42 – “Disappointing purchase. Would not order from again.”

About poor packaging and delivery

43 – “Poor packaging. Items arrived damaged.”

44 – “Packaging was insufficient. Delivery was slow.”

45 – “Delayed shipping. Terrible packaging.”

About missing orders

46 – “A scam. Never got my purchase!”

47 – “Seller is a scammer. My purchase never came.”

48 – “Never received my purchase and no refund either!”

49 – “My purchase was marked delivered, but it never arrived.”

50 – “Seller didn’t ship my order but claimed it was delivered.”

51 – “Purchase never came. Seller won’t reply to messages.”

Neutral Feedback Examples

You can leave neutral feedback when your experience is neither positive nor negative. Leave neutral feedback if you’re not 100% satisfied but also not completely unhappy with a seller.

52 – “Material was different from the description. But still okay.”

53 – “Buyer sent the wrong item but accepted return.”

54 – “Incorrect sizing. Buyer okayed return.”

55 – “Items arrived damaged. Buyer refunded.”

56 – “Missing item. Buyer refunded.”

57 – “Not the best packaging. But everything arrived on time.”

58 – “Timely delivery, but the packaging could be better.”

59 – “Buyer sent the wrong size, refunded without return.”

60 – “None of the fragile items broke, but the packaging was not of good quality.”

61 – “Subpar packaging, but the item arrived safely.”

eBay Feedback Examples as Sellers

For buyers in general.

62 – “Excellent eBay buyer. Thank you!”

63 – “Immensely superb buyer. Very grateful.”

64 – “Remarkably exceptional buyer. Selling was a pleasure.”

65 – “First-class correspondence. First-rate buyer!”

For fast-payment buyers

66 – “Immensely swift payment. Many thanks!”

67 – “Payment was very quick. Thank you.”

68 – “Truly first-class buyer. Ever so speedy payment.”

69 – “Speedy payment. Much appreciated.”

70 – “Quick to pay. Very first-rate buyer.”

71 – “Exceptionally quick payment. Thank you.”

How to Make Feedback on eBay

You can give feedback for the seller through the following:

After making a purchase, you have up to 60 days to leave feedback.

word image 50601 3

You can view and follow up on your feedback by checking your Feedback Profile.

Here’s how to follow up on your feedback.

word image 50601 4

As a seller

Here’s how to leave eBay feedback for buyers:

word image 50601 5

As a seller, you can automate the process of leaving feedback for buyers by following these steps.

word image 50601 6

The system will use default feedback comments.

Go to Edit Stored Comments to edit default comments or add your own. Click Save when you finish making your desired changes.

Sellers can also follow up on feedback and respond to comments from buyers. However, you can only respond once and can’t edit or retract your comment.

Here’s how to respond to buyers’ feedback.

Things to Keep in Mind When Leaving eBay Feedback

You can ask buyers to revise feedback..

If a buyer left you negative feedback, but you were able to resolve the issue, you can ask the buyer to revise their feedback.

Keep these restrictions in mind when requesting buyers to revise their feedback.

When you request a feedback revision, remember that buyers can either accept and revise their feedback within ten days or decline your request.

Ensure you have communicated clearly with your buyer to determine whether they’re willing to complete your request. Otherwise, your request will expire in 10 days, wasting one of the five requests you have for the year.

Here is how you can request a feedback revision.

1 – Go to Account Settings .

2 – Select Feedback on the left-hand side, then click Request Feedback Revision . You can also go to the Feedback Forum and select Request Feedback Revision in the Feedback Tools column.

word image 50601 7

3 – Select the listing that you want the buyer to revise.

4 – Choose one of the options below Give the Buyer a Reason .

5 – Enter any extra information for the buyer in the text box. Note that the text box has a 500-character limit.

6 – Click Send to complete the request.

word image 50601 9

If you’re a buyer and want to change your neutral or negative feedback, you can ask the seller to send you a feedback revision request.

eBay Can Remove Negative Feedback.

eBay can remove negative feedback if it:

eBay calls unfair comments “defects” and will sometimes automatically remove them. As a seller, you can also ask eBay to look into removing a negative comment if the transaction is less than 90 days old.

To do this, you’ll have to report the buyer. Here’s how:

You can also read eBay’s feedback policies for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does feedback matter on ebay.

Feedback helps other eBay users make informed decisions regarding their transactions, whether they’re buyers or sellers.

You can establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy buyer or seller. Knowing the ins and outs of eBay’s feedback system allows you to have an easy experience on the platform.

What Should I Consider Before Leaving Feedback for a Seller?

Ask yourself these questions before rating a seller’s performance.

When Should I Leave Negative Feedback?

You should leave negative feedback if the seller:

The Bottom Line

I hope my list of eBay feedback for buyers and sellers has made it easier for you to write feedback.

Don’t hesitate to write feedback for your next transaction to help foster trust within the eBay community.

Visit my blog for more online shopping tips.

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How to leave feedback on eBay as a buyer or seller

Leaving feedback on eBay counts toward buyer and seller ratings . 

Buyers rate sellers on service, pricing, customer service, product description accuracy, and product quality. Sellers rate buyers on payment speed and overall transaction satisfaction. Accurate feedback allows users to decide which accounts they want to do business with. 

The eBay feedback feature allows users to leave feedback for multiple items at once or choose individual items one at a time. Some feedback ratings can be edited after submitting.

Here's how to leave feedback for buyers and sellers on eBay:

How to leave feedback on eBay for buyers

1. You can get to the buyer feedback from from My eBay or from the Sellers Hub . Navigate to one of these sections to begin.

2. Choose an item from recent orders and click "Leave Feedback." 

3. Select the appropriate rating and add comments about your transaction. Click "Leave Feedback " to save and submit your feedback. Feedback left for buyers cannot be changed once submitted.

How to leave feedback on eBay for sellers

1. Go to " Purchase history ."

2. Click the "Leave Feedback " button next to the item you would like to rate the service you received. 

3. Add your rating for the categories displayed and any comments you might have for the seller. Click "Leave Feedback" at the bottom of the form to save. Feedback can be changed or updated later if needed, though you'll need to contact the seller . 

Tips for eBay buyers and sellers

Buyers and sellers can dispute feedback ratings if they believe they have been given poor ratings unfairly.

Disputing a rating requires users to complete a dispute form to detail the reasons they believe the rating was unfair or inaccurate. eBay recommends buyers wait until items have been received before leaving feedback for a transaction. Sellers are encouraged to leave feedback as soon as they receive payment .

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How to send an invoice on ebay to remind your customers to pay you, how to cancel a 'best offer' on ebay if your reason meets the site's requirements, how to track an ebay order if the seller has provided tracking information, or contact the seller for updates, how to print a shipping label on ebay, to send out items you've sold by mail or another shipment service, now watch: a calligrapher buys and restores vintage fountain pens on ebay.

write a review ebay


53 eBay Feedback Examples (Both Positive and Negative)

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

If you are an eBay seller, the feedback you receive is the lifeblood of your eBay store. It’s something that might never occur to you while the getting is good, but as soon as you get some negative feedback you can expect it to become a big deal very fast.

When I first received negative feedback I was devastated. I spend a couple of hours scrolling through other people’s feedback to find examples of both positive and negative eBay feedback. I really just wanted to know how far out of the ordinary it was to get negative marks.

Long story short, it’s pretty common.

Now, if you’re just creating up your eBay auto-feedback settings, you might want some examples of eBay feedback so you can load up your feedback library and not be leaving the same few comments every time.

Because of that, I thought I’d give you some common examples of eBay feedback that falls on both sides of the fence. But first, let’s talk about how exactly you can leave feedback and make it trouble-free.

How To Leave Feedback on eBay

If you are a seller who is still leaving feedback by selecting each transaction and typing in your comment then you are wasting precious time. eBay has a system that allows you to leave feedback automatically (according to the rules you set).

You have to be subscribed to Selling Manager Pro (a store add-on) but you should be anyway. Simply head over here and subscribe so you can start leaving feedback without wasting more of your time!

For example, we load up with the eBay feedback examples from the list above and set rules…

eBay Positive Feedback Examples

Positive feedback for sellers.

Now, you are limited to 80 characters so you can’t be leaving people novels. Just hit the highlights for the service they provided you.

Positive Feedback Examples for Buyers

This doesn’t have to be significant. After all, they didn’t do much! I typically wait until a week or so after the item has been delivered to leave feedback. This lets me skip the awkward situation in which I leave glowing feedback upon the buyer’s payment and then they turn out to be psycho.

I typically leave one of the following comments as feedback:

Other notes about positive feedback:

When leaving feedback, there are a few things you should be aware of. Especially if you want your feedback to stick.

First of all, don’t be passive-aggressive (or negative). If the tone of your feedback is not congruent with the positive feedback the seller can call and either have the feedback entirely removed or have the feedback left but your comment removed.

Also, try to include or reference only things that the seller actually had control over. I’ve had several people leave me feedback (both good and bad) for things like a package getting lost, the carrier being late/rude, etc. Leave buyer feedback for things like packaging, handling time, communication, item condition, etc.

eBay Negative Feedback Examples

Negative feedback for sellers.

eBay negative feedback examples frowny face

If you are leaving negative feedback for a seller, examples should hardly be necessary. You should simply leave a comment which describes the negative situation.

I will say, please do not leave negative feedback for issues that are outside of the buyer’s control, issues that the buyer fixed, or without talking to the buyers first. They will often make it right.

If, however, negative feedback is necessary (and sometimes it is) here are some good examples that I’ve seen:

If you are leaving negative feedback, do your best to leave emotions out of it. It will ensure that the feedback will stand and will be far more informative to people looking to buy from the seller than simply “Arrrgghhh so bad :(“

Negative Feedback Examples for Buyers

Tricked ya…you can’t actually leave negative feedback for buyers. This used to be allowed but it led to people leaving “revenge feedback” or withholding feedback until you gave them positive marks (in other words, blackmail).

These days you can only leave positive feedback for buyers and, if they deserve negative feedback, report them.

Should you leave Neutral Feedback?

Probably. In most cases where you’re contemplating leaving negative feedback for an experience on eBay, neutral feedback will be a better option.

Neutral feedback is not nearly as harmful to a seller’s accounts and leaves some latitude for understanding and human error. Neutral feedback is especially useful in a situation that would have otherwise been negative but was rectified by the seller.

For example:

Responding To Feedback On eBay

Even though negative feedback can technically be removed on eBay, sometimes it’s simply not worth the hassle (and it an be a hassle, I promise…).

Instead, we’ll simply respond to the feedback so that, if anyone is reading through the feedback for our store, they’ll know more about our side of the story.

You can respond to feedback by simply going to your feedback

Check out how to reply and a recent response we gave to negative feedback that we received:

write a review ebay

Other Things To Know About eBay Feedback

As with positive feedback, there are a few hoops that you should be prepared to jump through as you leave (or receive) negative feedback.

I hope you both appreciate how important feedback is and now find it easy to know what to say! Having some examples of eBay feedback should get the wheels in your mind turning and help you come up with your own more easily.

So get out there, get buying (or selling), leave feedback, and be nice!

write a review ebay

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Is Burlington A Thrift Store? (Plus, Tips For Shopping There)

write a review ebay

Is Ross A Thrift Store? (Plus, Tips For Shopping There)

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Ebay don’t always delete negative feedback even when unfair!

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eBay feedback examples for buyers and sellers

99+ eBay Feedback Examples for Buyers and Sellers

write a review ebay

eBay has been a trusted ecommerce marketplace for many years, and that’s due in part to the platform’s reliance on buyer feedback. eBay’s feedback system enables buyers and sellers to rate their transactions on the platform, which in turn helps other users make informed decisions about who to do business with.

Leaving original and helpful feedback for a transaction you’ve had on eBay can sometimes be challenging, regardless of whether you’re a buyer or a seller. To help you leave the best feedback for your latest eBay transaction, we’ve put together a selection of various eBay feedback examples for you to use as a guide when leaving your own feedback.

eBay Feedback Examples

eBay Feedback Examples

Below, we’ve listed 99+ eBay feedback examples that will help you leave feedback for all kinds of transaction experiences. To make it easy to find the correct feedback for your needs, we’ve divided our eBay feedback examples into sections, including eBay positive feedback examples and eBay negative feedback examples.

eBay positive feedback examples

eBay positive feedback examples from buyers to sellers

As a buyer, leaving positive feedback for a seller you’ve had a good experience with can really help them grow their business. Other buyers will appreciate your feedback, too, and you’ll contribute to a better eBay community! Below are some examples of positive feedback you can leave for eBay sellers.  

Feedback for average eBay sellers:

Feedback for Top-Rated eBay sellers:

Feedback for Super eBay sellers:

eBay positive feedback examples from sellers to buyers

As a seller, leaving feedback for your buyers is a great way to boost buyer engagement and offer your buyers a better shopping experience. Unique and personal feedback is a tried and true way of creating trust, and a great way to ensure that buyers will be back for their next purchase! Below are some examples of feedback you can leave for a buyer with whom you’ve had a positive experience.

Feedback for a great eBay buyer:

Feedback for a fast payment eBay buyer:

Feedback for a buyer that left a positive feedback:

eBay negative feedback examples for sellers from buyers

eBay negative feedback examples for buyers from sellers

While sellers can’t leave buyers negative feedback, they do have other avenues of recourse for dealing with troublesome buyers. eBay enables sellers to block buyers , and has a system in place for reporting buyers who’ve violated eBay’s policies .

Automatic eBay feedback

How to leave feedback on eBay as a buyer

Buyers on eBay have a lot of choices for leaving feedback, and that’s because feedback is one of the most important factors which other buyers will take into account when choosing whether or not to purchase from a seller.

eBay will send buyers an email reminding you to leave feedback for your order, which will have a link that you can follow to leave your feedback. You can also leave feedback by logging into your eBay account, navigating to your purchase history , and locating the order. If you haven’t left feedback for a transaction, you’ll see the option to leave feedback here.

How to leave feedback on eBay as a seller

As a seller on eBay, your feedback options are much more limited: you can only leave your buyers positive feedback. This limitation was put in place by eBay many years ago, and has made it more challenging to utilize the feedback system as a seller on eBay. Regardless of the positive rating, you are free to write whatever you wish in your feedback (provided that it is in line with eBay’s feedback policies ).

To leave feedback for a buyer, you’ll need to locate the relevant transaction through the seller hub or find it through the sold section in My eBay. If you’ve not left feedback for the transaction yet, you’ll see the option to leave feedback here. Select the transaction for which you’d like to leave feedback, and click “leave feedback.” Then, select “positive,” input your comment, and click “leave feedback.”

How to automatically leave eBay feedback for buyers

Leaving feedback as a buyer usually isn’t too troublesome, depending on how many items you purchase, and most sellers will even send a reminder to leave feedback after a week or so. But staying on top of buyer feedback as a seller is much more challenging, especially if you sell hundreds or thousands of items a month.

Luckily, there are ways to make this process easier. One way is to automate the process in eBay’s selling preferences, but this approach has its limitations. You’ll only be able to leave automatic feedback for buyers after they’ve paid or after they themselves have left positive feedback for the transaction, and won’t have much in the way of personalization and customization.

Another way to automate the process is through the use of third-party tools like 3Dsellers, which enables you to automate feedback , as well as various other tasks associated with managing an eBay store. 3Dsellers offers multiple services with tiered pricing options that are designed to work for you, and adapt to your eBay business as it grows.

More things you should know about eBay feedback

One common misconception on eBay is that negative feedback is a permanent stain on your account. While there is some truth to that, there are several things you should know about how negative and neutral feedback work.

Feedback never goes away and you can actually scroll back and see all the feedback your account has ever received. Your entire feedback history does not factor into your account’s current rating, however. Instead, eBay only takes into account the last twelve months of feedback when calculating your eBay selling account’s health, so you always have the opportunity to improve your rating by maximizing positive feedback and minimizing negative feedback.

You also have the option of sending a feedback revision request to a buyer that has agreed to revise their feedback and rating. You should only use this option in cases where a buyer has agreed to revise their feedback, as you have a limited number of feedback revision requests at your disposal (5 feedback revision requests per calendar year). Alternatively, if a negative or neutral feedback is in violation of eBay’s feedback policy, you may be able to communicate with eBay directly to have it removed.

Another bit of good news is that even though you can’t always remove or revise negative feedback, you will always be able to reply to it. Replying to a feedback means leaving a public response, and gives you the chance to tell your side of the story in a few words. Keep in mind that your reply must also be compliant with eBay’s feedback policies.

In the end, it’s important to remember that receiving negative or neutral feedback is not the end of the world, and try to take every feedback as a learning experience. Remember that eBay only takes into account your most recent 12 months of feedback, and if you take the time to learn from each feedback experience, you’ll quickly be able to minimize the number of negative and neutral feedbacks you receive.

Pro Tip: Remind eBay buyers to leave feedback automatically

You can improve your eBay feedback score by following up with buyers after they receive their items. 

If they are satisfied, tell them that your business would appreciate their positive feedback. 

Additionally, you'll be checking in before a dissatisfied customer leaves negative feedback on eBay.

How to Encourage Feedback Automatically

With 3Dsellers' Feedback Reminder tool for eBay, you can send feedback reminder messages automatically  (get free feedback reminder message templates !). Thousands of eBay sellers around the world use this app for more than a decade.

write a review ebay

Feedback Reminder also allows you to block reminders automatically based on certain conditions. 

write a review ebay

In addition, you can send buyers automated, customized feedback and receive e-mail alerts if they leave positive, neutral, or negative feedback.

write a review ebay

You can also send messages to buyers based on the kind of feedback they've left using 3Dsellers' Auto Messages tool. By getting neutral and negative feedback quickly, you increase your chances of having the buyer change their feedback. 

write a review ebay


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Not accepting Bank of America…

I have been a seller for 30 years on EBAY. Since 2021 EBAY blocked all accounts from Bank of America originated in Georgia. Why? When this social/ political division will end? Why EBAY is not accepting Bank of America? They hold all my earnings and ask me to open completely new bank account. This is like robbing people from their earnings and pushing them to do follow THEIR_ BILIONAIRE RULES,

Date of experience : March 03, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

People you have to stop using ebay .

PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO STOP USING EBAY !!!! they no longer have a phone number to get ahold of ebay when you have a problem !! when u get through they tell u things then hang up on you so you can never get your problem fixed !!!! and the sellers are using cheaper and cheaper crap from china !!!!! STOP USING EBAY !!!

Ebay is a Scam

I do not recommend Ebay sincerely, it is a fraud since you buy something and they do not want to cancel anything, nor do you have communication with Ebay and my Bank informed me not to buy anything with the debit card because Ebay is a scam and deception so many Banks are not allowing transactions with ebay

Date of experience : March 02, 2023

Your item will arrive after 2 months. New system using free mail service

I would not recommend buying from ebay. They start cutting costs and thier global shipping program is using free mail services to deliver customers items no matter what they cost. I have to wait 2 months for my item to arrive. This affecting both sellers and buyrs.

Date of experience : March 05, 2023

Bought a bottle of fragrance and the package was never delivered. USPS tracking says it was "delivered to agent for final delivery". Well, the USPS cannot tell me who the "agent" is because it certainly wasn't me! the eBay tracking system is still showing that the package is "in transit" yet they sided with the seller and won't refund my money in spite of me being told by someone in customer service that I was eligible for eBay's "Buyer Protection" plan. What a pathetic joke eBay has become. There are plenty of other places to shop. Stay away from eBay, it's just not worth the headaches!

Date of experience : March 04, 2023

WORTHLESS TECH SUPPORT!!! I have been trying to post a listing…

I have been trying to post a listing for a customer and it shows up for me, but the customer can't access the listing! Ebay's tech support is a joke! Can't reach a person to address any tech support issue! Not worth selling on eBay anymore they are only getting worse! I have attempted to reach tech support for 2 days now; so frustrating! I will probably lose this sale because of eBay's lack of support!

Beware of the eBay seller's 99% SCAMER…

Beware of the eBay seller's 99% SCAMER I've bought product say good for man health, when I've drinking it I feels sick straight away and iwas trowing out my stomach was burnt even I have to take medication. Is not 🚫 approved by SFDA AND ALL FAKE PRODUCT. all advice each buyer to be careful anything came fro abroad , and eBay don't guarantee the money back 🔙.

Date of experience : January 20, 2023

Would give zero stars if I could

Would give zero stars if I could. They could care less about your time and money. THEY make sure they get paid upfront, then hold your funds while they play like they care about seller impropriety that doesn't affect their ill-gotten gains.

Ebay needs better competition

When I became a seller I was led to believe that my ebay ads would be placed fairly among rest of the ads, I know now that is a lie because ebay only cares about making ad revenue rather than giving people fair ad placement , meaning if you pay ebay for advertisements they will list your items so people will see them and you will generate more sales other than that then your ads are placed at the bottom and you generate no sales, just another way the poor has no allies on ebay. they should be fined and have to make restitution to its victims

I ordered wrong products I returned the…

I ordered wrong products I returned the items non damaged 3 housing backs I thought they were phones y'all emailed me saying no refund That's FRAUD IM FILING LAW SUE AGAINT EBAY TOOK MY MONEY AFTER I RETURNED THE ITEMS

A buyer from December claimed they…

A buyer from December claimed they hadn't recieved their item. They filed a claim and ebay took the money out of my bank account. I looked up the tracking info and it was delivered. We are in the beginning of March. How is this allowed?! After 3 different agents and being disconnected from a chat, all they could say is thank you for being a member. What purchase are you having a problem with? Just give me my money back. ZERO protection for sellers.

Spent the entire day trying to remember…

Spent the entire day trying to remember my log in details.Spoke to online advisor who sent me links that never resolved the issue. Ended off renewing my account only to be blocked for life. Was not told about the reasons so between their disgusting behaviour and all else it's a sham company at best.

I have ordered 5 items from ebay and…

I have ordered 5 items from ebay and they never showed up? After reading these reviews i will not by buying from ebay again. Like everyone else has stated their customer service is a joke.

Outrageous selling fees

Hadn't used Ebay in a while to sell anything, but had a few items to list so I put a few listings up. First one sold for $300, then I noticed the selling fees for that listing were $42. $42! Utterly ridiculous, so I cancelled that order and all other listings - catch me on Gumtree!

Worst shopping experience!!

Ordered a car part Nov 15, 2022. Due to it being the wrong part, I returned it November 25, 2022. Seller Iqiyitv, never refunded me the money. I tried to dispute it with eBay and they wouldn’t do anything about it. Went and disputed it with my bank and they had refunded me the money. 4 months later I get a letter from my bank stating that they are going to withdraw that money because eBay made the statement that it was never delivered. I have copies of my receipt, tacking number AND an email from USPS saying that the package was in fact delivered to the correct address. This was the first time I’ve ever shopped with eBay, and will be the last. Highly, HIGHLY disappointed.

I'm a seller on Ebay

I'm a seller on Ebay, and I have been for a very long time. I see that there are a lot of bad reviews for this company but if you really read them, people aren't doing their due dillegence. Look at the feedback for a seller. If their feedback isn't at close to 100% perhaps you should not buy from them. Ebay does charge a lot for sellers like me and I'm not that happy about it but it is what it is.

Date of experience : March 01, 2023

Ebay illegal profiteering

There is no import duty between UK and Ireland for goods under €150 but ebay enforce an illegal customs/import tax on all goods ! Who is profiteering here ? Taxman needs to investigate illegal ebay profiteering

Banned for life for nothing seems fair.

Had an account for about 6 months. So on the weekend i said i must try selling on ebay. So i set it up and then come to find out once you upload your bank info they will not let you remove it no matter what. So i deleted my account and made a new one then they banned me for life with in a hour of setting up the new account. I mean the prices they are charging i would not be banning to many if i was you ebay. I am not to upset over it you can not afford to buy on there any way.

Date of experience : February 28, 2023

My Account Got Suspended Without any EXPLANATION

That's my right to know why I get suspension. This is unfair. We are dedicating our time to add some value in society but we face with this kind of act. eBay please get in touch with me. Any eBay official can enlighten me for god sake?

A collection of dishonest people… period

The worst place to shop period. At one time eBay was great place to find deals. Now it is just a collection of scam artists. They have zero customer service….try to find a phone number and speak to a live person about an issue. It won’t happen. They don’t mind having you listen to recordings and wasting your time. What worse is that they know they are trafficking in counterfeit merchandise. If you want to get screwed over, shop eBay.


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