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Powering hybrid work and inclusive conversations.

Seamlessly engage audiences across hybrid workspaces through live online polling, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, word clouds, and more.

Slideware computer polling in a virtual meeting

Actionable team insights

Visualize employee feedback in real time with a variety of activities — then measure engagement, follow up on feedback, and uncover next steps.

Productivity at scale

Organize engaging content with a fully customizable Folders and navigation system built to fit your team's unique workflows.

Apps that work where you do

Download the Poll Everywhere app for PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides and add polls to your existing presentation decks in just a few clicks.

Engaging millions of teams worldwide

Over 75% of the Fortune 500 and 300,000+ educators have trusted Poll Everywhere to facilitate impactful discussions.

Enterprise-grade data protection

Over 4 million customers have trusted Poll Everywhere to keep their data safe. Our mission and reputation rest on our ability to provide users with industry-leading security across all features and activities. Poll Everywhere meets security needs through:

Learn about our commitment ⟶

Awards and Recognition

Powering the remote work revolution.

Learn more ⟶

Audience Response, Polling, & Surveys

Audience response software, poll everywhere and webex by cisco.

Enjoy all the things you love about Poll Everywhere, directly in Webex. Engage your audience, capture feedback, and present live results all in one place from wherever you work.

Discover the app ⟶

Free premium plans available to organizations doing anti-racism work

Belong to an organization that serves racially marginalized communities, provides anti-racist education, or actively works to fight racism in other ways? Let's talk. We want you to use Poll Everywhere to facilitate important conversations around racial equity.

Apply now ⟶

Remote work resources for your new routine

Working remotely for the first time? Looking for tips for using Poll Everywhere with your favorite virtual meeting platform? Visit the resource library for free tips and techniques to enhance the way you work from home.

Visit the library ⟶

Embedded video about using Poll Everywhere to hear from more people at your organization.

Hear every voice with Poll Everywhere

Gather live audience feedback wherever you work

Watch results fill the screen as participants respond in real time from their devices.

Embed activities directly into existing presentations

Weigh in on active discussions without switching tabs (beta), control activities remotely and respond with ease from your ios or android device, get started with poll everywhere.

Create your account today for better engagement during online meetings, classes, and events.

Audience response at any scale

Learn how Poll Everywhere helps turn ordinary presentations into compelling conversations.

Explore features exclusive to Enterprise.


See how teams drive results with Poll Everywhere.

Visit the blog for tips, ideas, and updates.

Live polling for PowerPoint

Insert live polls, quizzes or Q&A directly into your PowerPoint presentation with our free Slido integration.

Slido for PowerPoint.

What users said about Slido

The easiest way to run polls in your presentation, create your polls directly in powerpoint.

The polls will be automatically added as new slides in your presentation.

Choose from 5 poll types, quizzes and Q&A

Whether you want to collect feedback, do a quick pulse check or have fun with a quiz, we’ve got you covered.

Slido: use 5 poll types, quizzes and Q&A directly in PowerPoint.

No need to switch between applications

Start presenting and your polls will activate automatically once you get to them in your slideshow.

How it works

powerpoint polling tool

1. Install the integration

powerpoint polling tool

Download  and install the integration. Slido will then appear in the PowerPoint menu.

2. Create your polls

powerpoint polling tool

Insert polls, quizzes or Q&A directly into your slides.

3. Ask people to vote

powerpoint polling tool

Participants can join from their devices with a single code. No downloads or logins needed.

What our customers say

Norito Yonezawa, Corporate Strategy Planner

The biggest value of Slido for us is having more lively, interactive meetings . Without Slido, it would just be the executives talking one way.

Josh Litwin, Manager, Online Learning Experience Design

Slido’s PowerPoint extension made it incredibly easy for our facilitators to build in engaging activities without changing their workflow . It reduced anxiety about a new platform and led to high adoption and interaction .
Slido is considered by many to be the best polling platform for a reason.

Get more from Slido

Analytics and exports.

Export your data to Excel or Google Sheets and analyze them after your session.

Image polls

Make your presentations more attractive by adding images to your poll questions.

Branding and customization

Match Slido with your presentation by using your brand colors and uploading your logo.

Q&A moderation

Review all incoming questions before your participants can see them.

Team collaboration

Invite a colleague to help you moderate Q&A or manage polls during your presentation.

24/5 live support

Our fast and friendly support team is ready to help you 24/5 via live chat and emails.

Make your presentation more interactive with Slido.

Frequently asked questions.

Wow your audience with PowerPoint polling

The award winning PowerPoint voting system

feature image

Capture instant feedback and engage your audience

Vevox's PowerPoint polling can enable you to visualize audience feedback and understanding in the moment, making the data more meaningful and increasing audience interaction.  

Creating a live poll in PowerPoint is as easy as a click of a button. Just simply "add a poll slide", enter your poll text and click 'Add'. You're now ready to pose live polls to your audience to get the answers you need. 

How PowerPoint polling works


with an average score of 4.7 on multiple review platforms.

Vevox is a fantastic platform for increasing student engagement in lectures. Through Vevox, I can embed polls into my Powerpoint slides, and my students can pose me questions that I can address during the lecture. Having used Vevox for a couple of years now, I couldn't imagine going back to teaching without it! Dr Ruth Horry Senior Lecturer of Psychology - Swansea University


Ready to dive in?

Sign up for a free account and run live PowerPoint polls, anonymous Q&A, quizzes and surveys… in seconds.


How to use SlideLizard for remote meetings

Live Polling in PowerPoint

The powerpoint-plugin for interactive polls in your presentations meetings workshops & trainings, with over 1,500,000 interactions, slidelizard is one of the most used software applications for presentations.

European Space Agency

Direct integration in PowerPoint

Integrate polls seamlessly into your existing PowerPoint presentations. No annoying switching between your slides and an interaction tool.

powerpoint polling tool

Keep an eye on the results

See the results live as the votes come in and decide if you want to show them to the audience or not.

powerpoint polling tool

Show the results to your audience

Project the results of your polls directly over your slides, so everyone can see the outcome of the voting.

powerpoint polling tool

Single and multiple-choice questions

Let your participants choose either one or multiple answers in your votings.

powerpoint polling tool

Open ended text answers & Wordclouds

Ask open questions to let your attendees respond with text. Display the results as a beautiful wordcloud in your presentation.

powerpoint polling tool

Custom images and emojis

Visualize your answers with your own images or well-known emojis.

powerpoint polling tool

Custom branding

Make SlideLizard look like your own app. Customize colors, fonts and texts for your event or company.

Learn more →

powerpoint polling tool

Spontaneous live voting

Create spontaneous live polls during your presentations directly in PowerPoint.

powerpoint polling tool

Multilingual polls

Define questions & answers in different languages so that every participant completely understands the text.

powerpoint polling tool

Data export

Save results as raw data for processing in Microsoft Excel, or put them as graphics into Word or any other documentation software.

powerpoint polling tool

How it works

powerpoint polling tool

Install PowerPoint-Plugin

powerpoint polling tool

Attendees join via Smartphone (No App required)

powerpoint polling tool

Engage and interact

powerpoint polling tool

For Presentations

Engage your audience and collect the E-Mail addresses of your participants.

powerpoint polling tool

For Trainings & Workshops

Foster learning and knowledge transfer and easily collect feedback.

powerpoint polling tool

For Company Meetings

Make and document decisions and involve remote participants.

SlideLizard LIVE makes presentations interactive

Engage your audience, with live polls and q&a, get to know participants, with audience analytics, improve yourself, with audience feedback, boost knowledge transfer, with slides & file sharing, slidelizard connects presenters with their audience.

As presenter you use the SlideLizard PowerPoint-Plugin on your Laptop to share your presentation and interact with your audience. Attendees use their Smartphone to view your slides , vote in polls , ask questions , give feedback and access shared documents .

Advantages of SlideLizard

All-in-one package.

Seamless PowerPoint integration

Scientifically proven method

by an independent study at Keele University

powerpoint polling tool

Better learning experience

94% of study participants agreed that polling and quizzes significantly improved their learning experience - the number rose to even 100% in the second phase.

powerpoint polling tool

Higher success

Study participants who engaged in live polls and quizzes saw a 3.7% increase in exam grades while also reducing failure rates by 4.4% across the whole academic year compared to the previous period.

powerpoint polling tool

Participants love it

The results of the study clearly show that participants gained a lot of value from incorporating interactive elements . 96% say that they really want to continue using it in the future.

The more interaction, the better

In summary, it can be said that interactive surveys and quizzes have been shown to greatly increase learning success and memory during presentations and lessons. With SlideLizard you can easily implement this in your own lectures, trainings or lessons starting today!

Your Benefits

This is why presenters already love SlideLizard

Save time and money

Sending out slides, collecting feedback, all that usually costs a lot of time. With SlideLizard this is done within seconds!

Increase attention

Interactive polls keep your presentation interesting and your audience listening until the end!

Better communicate content

By automatically sharing your slides and additional content, your audience has all information in one place.

Make a lasting impression

Are you innovative? Then show it to your customers and impress them by using a modern tool like SlideLizard.

Audience feedback via SlideLizard helps you to enhance your presentation skills to become better over time.

Generate leads

Get to know your audience. See who joined your presentation, they may be your new customers!

Already used by

REHA Group

And thousands of independent speakers worldwide!

Stefan Kurz

Site Manager & Part Owner Driving School Zebra

SlideLizard has become indispensable for us. The quizzes make the theory courses much more exciting for the students while we teachers can identify areas in which further leassons are required. As a result, our students have much more theory knowledge at their fingertips during the driving lessons. We can only recommend SlideLizard!

Stefan Lindlbauer

Stefan Lindlbauer

Head of Marketing/Communications @ DB Schenker Austria

With the help of SlideLizard, we conducted our management conference completely online for the first time. The SlideLizard team advised us in advance and then also supported us professionally during the event. The participants were excited!

Helmut Raml

Helmut Raml

Managing Director @ Reichl und Partner (Ad Agency)

The direct interaction with the audience and the seamless integration of the PowerPoint presentation convinced us to use SlideLizard.

Eric Postler

Eric Postler

Managing Partner @ Substring

We used SlideLizard's live polls at our startup event. It allowed us to learn in real time which investors were interested in which startups and connect them afterwards. The event was a huge success!

Jan Weigert

SlideLizard is a very useful tool for teaching, and is well received by all participants!!!! Or as my students put it, SlideLizard makes teaching fun and never boring!

Astrid Reischl

Head of HR @ Felbermayr

I was looking for a live polling tool that was straightforward, quick to deploy and intuitive to use, and on the other hand, easy for our participants to understand. I found SlideLizard - the PowerPoint add-in is super easy to use and has taken our presentations to the next level. The support is fast, personal and professional - just great! I can recommend SlideLizard to everybody!

Michael Reiter

Michael Reiter

Speaker & Facebook Certified Professional

Live polls in my presentations are the perfect way to interact with my audience and to make real-time surveys or votings. Awesome!

Wolfgang Strasser

Wolfgang Strasser

Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

With large audiences I often saw people withholding their questions because they didn't want to speak out loud - since I use SlideLizard this is no problem anymore!

Hubert Preisinger

Hubert Preisinger

Business Consultant & University Lecturer

At the end of my lessons I use SlideLizard to make short quizzes to see how much my students remember. They really like it because it's entertaining and prepares them for the finals.

Margarete Durstberger

Margarete Durstberger

Hotel Manager

SlideLizard's slide share feature already saved me hours of tedious work!

Graham Jones (@grahamjones)

Graham Jones (@grahamjones)

Psychologist, professional speaker and author

About to speak at a conference where I will be using @SlideLizard. It is by far the best audience interaction tool I have used. pic.twitter.com/suD3f20L2E ( via Twitter )

Manfred Durstberger

Manfred Durstberger

Managing Director

I often recommend videos and books in my presentations. With SlideLizard this is as convenient as it gets for me, but also for the people watching!

Rebecca Hofbauer

Rebecca Hofbauer

Since I get regular feedback from my students on SlideLizard, I'm finally able to adjust my lessons to the better each week!

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Easter Quiz Questions and Answers

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Wedding Quiz Ideas

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Audience Polling for Powerpoint

Live anonymous multiple choices polls , up votes , word clouds and audience questions inside your existing PowerPoint slides.

Deliver impressive interactive presentations and discover what your audience really thinks.

Great for webinars , virtual meetings , conferences, classrooms, boardrooms, seminars, workshops. No apps or clickers required.

' title=


Upload your logo, change your voting address, background & buttons and choose your language (choose from English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Hebrew and Japanese)

' title=


Add as many audience polls & votes to your current or new presentations as you like! Keep using ParticiPoll with as many presentations and audiences as you like throughout your subscription.

' title=


View histograms & historic data from all your previous audience polls, saved right here in your ParticiPoll dashboard.

' title=


Access your audience’s comments in real-time. ParticiPoll will also save historic comment data for you.

' title=


Export all your data straight from ParticiPoll in CSV format, compatible with Excel, Open Office and almost everything else!

Our customers

ParticiPoll lets me interact with my students in a way that cuts through student-apprehensions about classroom participation. The platform worked seamlessly. It has quickly become my favourite teaching aid and structured some of the most enjoyable teaching occasions last year.

I was amazed at how simple it is to install and use. I did a presentation last week and it was an instant hit. It was great to be able to convert the audience’s smartphones into fun learning devices.


Audience members vote on their own phones, tablets or notebooks using their web browsers. No apps or clickers needed.


Install a simple PowerPoint add-in on PC or Mac and start polling. Versions available for users with restricted install rights.


Quickly add polls into your existing presentations. Simply pose a question and answers in your slide then insert a poll.

Downloading ParticiPoll

Your file is downloading. Select ‘Save As’ if prompted

Can't download? Try a zipped copy

Download ParticiPoll

Click the button below to download the add-in, then mount the Participoll.dmg and follow the step by step instructions.

Don't double click!

Click the button below to download the add-in, then save it somewhere safe where it won’t get moved or deleted, then follow the step by step instructions.

Quantity Required

Select the pack size you required

Welcome back to ParticiPoll

Sign in below and start polling today!

Create Your Account

(free trial and purchase options available)

Thanks for registering!

You will be redirected to the plans page in 5 seconds or you can click here .

The 6 Best Live Polling Tools to Engage your Audience

The 6 Best Live Polling Tools to Engage your Audience

The best way to engage your group in a live meeting or event (while not wasting valuable time) is to make it interactive — let your people participate. Live polling is one way to do this, and is proven to increase audience engagement: Experts agree that active participation increases the enjoyment of your audience and retention of your information.

"Incorporating the right type of online real-time polling ... has overriding benefits." Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning, "Real-time polling to help corral university-learners' wandering minds"

Here are the 6 best tools online to ask poll questions / run interactive polls, whether you're remote on a video call, or in person in a meeting or conference room.

1. Slides with Friends

SlidesWith is a great all-around presentation solution to get poll results live. There are dozens of templates ready for use with live polls, word clouds, quizzes, team building games, and live photo sharing. You can start your own deck from scratch or use lots of super-fun ready-to-play games .

powerpoint polling tool

Slides With Friends comes with pretty much everything you'd need to create live polls / run live polls, then collect instant feedback. Interactive slide options include:

Players join on their mobile device with a QR code scan or custom URL (so, no downloads needed), and easily send in answers, emoji, sounds, and more, during your event or meetings real time.

Biggest advantages: Accessibility, Thoughtful pre-made templates, Good design, Robust free account

This tool works wherever you can share your screen, so you can use it on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, or in a conference room.

It also comes with tons of free and ready-to-use game templates: think of them like Kahoot decks or Jackbox games that you can edit any way you like, and then play with your group. This takes away a lot of the work you’d have to do to create your own content from scratch. Just pick a template that meets your needs and play during your online meetings!

For instance, here's a "Poll the Audience" Template you can use (it's free with up to 10 players). You can edit the questions on each slide to ask your group exactly what you want.

powerpoint polling tool

Biggest Disadvantage: Downloadable CSV for event results only available on upgraded accounts

The ability to analyze complex data in relation to the polls taken during repeated training sessions or seminars can be enlightening and help you improve your presentation for future events.

Slides with Friends has an event recap you can access any time for free (so you can download images of your cool word clouds, see your event stats, and more), but if you want your full details in a manipulatable excel format, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account .

Sli.do is one of the more basic slideshow presentation platforms with polling for your audience. It allows for brainstorming with a word cloud or Q&A as well, but little else. This platform offers a very basic free option, as well as three other annually billed subscription levels to meet the needs of small to medium-large companies or non-profits. The Enterprise package is particularly impressive (but comes with a hefty price tag).

Biggest advantage: Comprehensive analytics tools

Sli.do is particularly helpful for larger organizations with frequent training and team building due to unparalleled comprehensive analytics tools. You can review Q&As, which participants led the group in responding, see all of your polls at a glance, and easily create infographics from multiple choice questions.

powerpoint polling tool

Biggest disadvantage: Limited interesting or connective uses

Sli.do can be a dry and survey-only forward tool. If you want to wow your audience, or seem like you put a ton of work (when you really didn’t) into an interactive presentation, this tool is a little lacking.

3. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an interactive application that can be implemented almost anywhere, anytime. For instance this is the only platform here that integrates with Slack on this list.

This service is designed to scale up as you grow your audience. It offers the most subscription options starting at low fees for small meetings and reaching up to a $12,000 per year Enterprise plan. The Teams and Enterprise options are on the expensive side, although they are feature rich.

powerpoint polling tool

The biggest advantage: Best free and start-up packages for live polls

The free version gives you more features than others listed, starting with a 25-attendee roster (compared to 7 to 10 participants with other apps). It also lets you add polls and unlimited real time questions.

If you have a single meeting or seminar, a cheaper one-time live polling and presentation plan rich with more poll features is available.

The biggest disadvantage: Free and “Present” live polling options very limited in features

None of the free live polling tools include analytics or moderation capabilities, but Poll Everywhere's lower-level paid version doesn't offer them either. You must pay for the more expensive “Engage” option for these features, regardless of the size of your business and the frequency of your events.

4. Aha Slides

Aha slides is one of the most affordable live polling services, and they offer a lot of perks that aren’t available with more expensive options.

The free version is the most limiting of the services listed here, but the features of the Essential and Plus plans are affordable options for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs running a small meeting. You can pay one-time, or you can subscribe for holding regular online or in-person events.

Even large companies can take advantage of this affordability when detailed analytics and sharing is not necessary, with the upper level service accepting up to 10,000 attendees.

The biggest advantage: Idea sharing and other interactive features

In addition to live polls and brainstorming word clouds, Aha also offers sliding scales, idea sharing, multiple choice, and even a spinner wheel for a variety of attendee participation that encompasses all types of learners.

powerpoint polling tool

The biggest disadvantage: Only basic analytics and presentation options

Aha Slides is one of the easier live polling platform to learn and use to create, but that simplicity means that you don’t have a lot of the same advanced features offered by other polling tools listed here.

5. Mentimeter

Mentimeter is simple, which means you don’t spend a lot of time choosing features and options as you build your presentation. In comparison to other solutions, the free version only excludes the data reporting and limits you to 7 attendees for small meetings.

The biggest advantage: Language accessibility for a global workplace

Mentimeter has a tool that allows for multiple translations within the same live presentation. This means that you can reach anyone in the world and still get the same audience participation that you receive in your hometown.

powerpoint polling tool

The biggest disadvantage: No automatically generated reports

While you can export data from your surveys, Q&As, and live polls, Mentimeter differs from other services in that you can export raw info, but the platform doesn’t generate reports for you. This makes the analytics information less helpful.

Vevox is one of the more expensive tools that includes live polling and other interactive features to keep your participants engaged. Unlike the other tools here, you can gather all types of anonymous feedback and surveys to help you improve future presentations.

Vevox is unique in that it doesn’t have different service levels. Although a free option is available to get you started, the paid version is the same for everyone. An individual plan is $50 per month, with the Enterprise plan giving you a $5 discount per user.

The biggest advantage: Most comprehensive free version

Vevox offers one of the best free versions, although it is only available for use with PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams. it allows an astounding 500 participants, and the only features excluded in the free subscription are analytics and reporting.

powerpoint polling tool

The biggest disadvantage: Works best with Microsoft products

While you can use Vevox’s polling applications in other environments, it was really designed for use with Microsoft products, including Windows, PowerPoint, and Ms Teams. Those integrations are seamless, but using the service with other platforms may be more complicated.

Why real time polling is useful

Regardless of what platform you choose, there is no doubt that live polling is a useful tool to keep an audience engaged. Like several of these options, your remote participants often do not need to download an app to see your screen on their phone or tablet, which makes this a very easy way to collect information.

Collecting data about particular attendees, including their responses to particular questions, is especially useful for training programs in which you need to measure performance and knowledge. At the same time, anonymous feedback is vital and not offered by all packages. Consider carefully how you will use the live poll tools to help you determine which is best for you.

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