How to Report Spam or Abusive Content on Facebook

If you see a post or profile on Facebook sharing spam or abusive content, here's what you need to know about reporting it...

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. And while much of the content on Facebook is safe, there may be a time when a Facebook connection steps over the line and posts spam or something inappropriate.

If you come across this type of content, here's all you need to know about how to report a post or profile...

Why Would Someone Report a Post on Facebook?

Facebook, like Twitter, prides itself on being an open platform for freedom of speech. However, there are still topics and content that are off-limits.

There are multiple violations of Facebook's Community Standards that can get a user in hot water.

These include:

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If you see a post violating any of these rules, it's wise to report it. You may assume that it has been reported already but it's possible that it hasn't. This way, the post is more likely to reach the attention of Facebook's moderators.

If you use Twitter and are curious about its rules of conduct and how to report a post or account, check out this article about how to report a post or account on Twitter .

How to Report a Facebook Post

If you see a post that violates Facebook's Community Standards, you can report it quickly and easily.

This would be an appropriate action if you see the post in a Facebook group or on a Page, or if the person who has shared the offending post usually follows the rules and the rest of their profile follows the Community Standards.

To report a Facebook post or picture:

This will submit a report to Facebook, whose moderation teams will evaluate the post.

How to Report a Facebook Profile

Reporting a Facebook profile for inappropriate content is the best course of action if you notice this person is not who they say they are or the account is constantly sharing spam or abusive content.

Before reporting the profile, make sure you analyze the situation to ensure that you're making the right decision.

To report a profile on Facebook:

After you report the profile, you will not receive an automatic response. The Facebook team could take several days to analyze the profile and send you a decision on your report.

What Happens When You Report Facebook Content?

If you report a post or profile on Facebook and the post is removed or the profile is suspended, your personal information will be kept confidential. The person who you reported to Facebook will not know it was you.

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When Facebook reviews your report, it will decide if the post or profile goes against its Community Standards. It will only take action if the person has broken a rule.

Keep in mind that you may see something you don't like on Facebook, but this doesn't mean that it has violated Facebook's rules.

Alternatives to Reporting a Facebook Profile

When you see something you don't like on Facebook, reporting the profile or post isn't your only option. Facebook has alternatives to reporting content such as unfollowing, muting, and even blocking a profile. This way you only have to see what—or who you want on Facebook.

page report facebook

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Facebook analytics: how to analyze your data

Written by by Celia Teves

Published on  April 21, 2022

Reading time  14 minutes

Facebook is a preferred social network by marketers, not only because of the sheer number of users represented but also because of its analytics capabilities. While Facebook discontinued Facebook Analytics on June 20, 2021, you can still get the marketing analytics you need using other tools.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a deep Facebook analysis now that native Facebook Analytics was sunset.

How to interpret your Facebook analytics data

4 facebook analytics tools you can still use, explore your brand’s facebook analytics data.

In this section, we’ll walk through a 6-step process you can use to analyze Facebook page data and competitors along with how to use those insights to improve channel performance.

1. Analyze Your Competitors

The Facebook Insights data attached to your Facebook Business Page will provide you with a wealth of information, but it’s a good idea to start your Facebook analysis by looking at your competitors .

Find Your Competitors

For this part of your Facebook analysis, there are three kinds of posts that you’ll want to scrutinize for insights: posts related to your industry, your competitors’ posts and your own posts. If you’re not sure who’s your competition, here are a few strategies to incorporate during your research:

Analyze What They’re Doing

Once you’ve identified your top competitors:

Manual competitor analysis is a tedious process. But with Sprout Social, users have access to our  Facebook Competitors Report . This report shares audience growth numbers, so you can track fan count by day and message volume to see how active the competition is on Facebook.

page report facebook

Perhaps the most useful aspect of the analysis is the message volume chart that includes overall posting volume, a breakdown of post types, total engagement and engagement per post. This data will help you to benchmark your efforts against competitors and may provide some motivation to renew your campaigns on the platform.

Few things are more motivating than the numbers of your competition staring you in the face.

Audience growth:

Using Sprout’s Facebook Competitors Report , you can see how your audience growth compares to that of your competitors. You can also view competitive averages for messages sent and received, and per-post engagements.

Post frequency and engagement:

See how often you’ve been publishing Facebook posts with Sprout’s Facebook Pages Report. This report also shows you what type of content you’ve published, your three top-performing posts and engagement for each post. You can view impressions—both paid and organic—and see reactions, comments and shares for each post.

2. Gather Your Data

Now that you have some benchmarks and an idea of what your competition is doing, it’s time for some self-reflection. In this step, you’re going to pull data on your brand through Facebook Insights or Sprout Social.

Accessing Facebook Insights is simple: just go to the Facebook Page Manager and click Insights. The default data range displayed on Facebook Insights is 28 days, but you can toggle this to fit your needs.

If you’d like to download the data to analyze or manipulate it off the Facebook platform, click on the Overview tab , then on Export Data . There will be a popup showing three kinds of data types you can export: page data, post data and video data.

Exporting Facebook Insights Data

What does each export include?

In Sprout, after you sign up and connect your Facebook account, you’re going to access the Facebook Pages Report.

sprout facebook pages report

Once you have all the data in front of you, it’s time to dive deep into your Facebook analysis.

3. Analyze Your Facebook Page Data

Once you’ve gathered all your data, it’s time to dive into the numbers. It’s best to divide this into two different parts. First, we’ll take a look at page-level metrics, then we’ll go over analyzing individual post-performance.

Before trying to make sense of all this data, it’s helpful to set some key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to your business. For example, if you’re using your Facebook Page to drive traffic to your website, one of your KPIs might relate to link clicks. However, if you’re focused on building a community, set a KPI for engagement stats .

If you’re using Sprout’s Facebook Pages Report, you’ll be able to surface your custom KPIs at the top of your report in a summary – that way, your attention stays focused on the most relevant metrics to your business.

facebook metrics on sprout social

While there are a ton of metrics you  can look at, we’ve trimmed the list down to some key metrics we feel indicate strong content and a successful social strategy.

Facebook Likes

This simply refers to the number of people who click the “Like” button on one of your posts. Facebook likes are a clear indicator that somebody is enjoying your social media content. This is a metric that you should always work on increasing, as it shows that people have some basic connection to the content that you’re posting.

The Lifetime Likes tab shows the overall likes for the page in the time period you’ve designated. You can use the data on this tab to identify specific days when likes spiked. Comparing this page data to post data, you’ll be able to identify specific posts that resulted in a good response from your audience, which may correlate to an increase in page likes.

Use the Daily New Likes vs. Daily New Unlikes tab to determine your net number of likes for the day, and to determine the days when you had the most unlikes. You can also cross-reference this with post data to identify which posts do not seem to be resonating with your audience.

Lastly, take a look at the  Where Your Page Likes Happen tab to get information regarding from where people ‘liked’ your page. More than likely, no pun intended, a majority of people liked your page directly, but a number of fans could’ve come from other sources such as a Facebook button on your site. Knowing this is useful for connecting your digital marketing efforts across channels.

In Sprout, use the Audience Growth widget in the Facebook Pages Report to see how your number of likes and unlikes trend over time. This can help you compare organic vs. paid likes, evaluate likes by profile and against total fans. You’ll be able to select the metrics you’d like to view and see the breakdowns or comparisons by day.

Facebook page reach

Reach refers to the number of people who saw and/or interacted with your posts, and it includes negative interactions, such as hiding posts or reporting posts for offensive content.

Facebook page engagement

Engaged users refer to the number of people who clicked anywhere in your post, without generating a story, plus the number of unique people who created a story about your Page post. This is a great metric to increase because it means people are creating their own unique stories about your posts.

Video Stats

The page data also includes statistics about your video content and how users interact with it.

To access this data, check out the tab for Total Video views (daily, weekly, 28 days), for paid and organic views. There is also a tab with data for the Daily Total Number of Times a Video Has Been Seen Again , which is the number of times a video has been played after the initial play. More than one play per person indicates that people have been coming back to your page to see the video.

Another tab to consider in your Facebook analysis is the Daily 30-second Total Views , which shows the number of times a user has viewed a video for at least 30 seconds, with additional data regarding how many people have viewed the end of a video. Both of these metrics are useful in understanding whether or not your content was interesting enough to warrant more than a cursory glance.

Your Sprout report has a dedicated section for video metrics and will give you additional video performance data, including video view times, paid vs. organic video view times, partial video view times, average video time watched and more.

video metrics dahboard

If you’re using chatbots to interact with Facebook users, you’ll need to track their performance. With Sprout’s Facebook Bots Report , you can see the number of messages exchanged between users and chatbots, the number of unique chatbot interactions, and the most common quick replies.

4. Analyze Your Facebook Posts

When looking at the performance of individual posts, we’re going to analyze both reach and engagement metrics. Here’s a breakdown of what each includes:

According to Facebook , “Post reach is the number of (unique) people who have seen your post. Your post counts as reaching someone when it’s shown in their News Feed.”

The number of impressions is similar to reach but instead refers to the total views of the post. Of course, both metrics are important to focus on increasing, as the more people you reach, the more potential customers there are seeing your posts.

The algorithm that Facebook uses to decide what to show in each user’s News Feed is known as “Edgerank”, and it’s made up of a handful of different factors. To keep things simple for this topic of Facebook analysis, assume that your posts will gain more reach with an increase in clicks, shares, comments and likes.

Look at the post reach and identify spikes and peaks in the Reach column. You can also see the type of posts contributing to these likes along with their permalinks (if you want to refer back to the published post).

You can use the Facebook Impressions widget in the Facebook Pages Report to see patterns in organic, paid, viral impressions and the number of people your content has reached. Break down the data to compare organic vs. paid content impressions and reach and measure the average by profile.

image of facebook impressions

Comments, Likes & Shares

There are three primary ways people engage with your posts:

Analyzing these metrics will help you determine which posts resonated best with your audience. Once you know which posts worked, take what you can from them to duplicate this success.

More so than liking or commenting, someone sharing one of your Facebook posts is a strong indicator that your post really resonated with them. After all, they wouldn’t pass it on with their stamp of approval to their friends and followers unless it really struck a chord. When it comes to sharing, users have the ability to:

No matter how fans share your content, this action fuels the Edgerank score for that piece of content and, in turn, increases that post’s reach.

Looking at the posts with the highest shares will help identify the posts people share the most. It also lets you continue crafting content that people will be compelled to share.

Comments allow you to get direct feedback on your content from your audience. Not all comments are good, and negative comments may be an indicator that you should stop and rethink the content you’re publishing.

Positive comments and engagement indicate that your content is resonating with your audience. Regardless of the connotation, more comments mean more fuel for the Edgerank algorithm. Just don’t be tempted to post content, especially if you know it’s a bit edgy, without carefully monitoring what happens next, and intervening if necessary to deal with negative sentiments.

Link and Post Clicks

As your content starts to draw engagement, it will naturally start to result in more reach. As long as your click-through rates remain constant, you’ll see an increase in the overall clicks on your posts or clicks to your website.

In the Lifetime Post Consumers by Type tab, you can see these stats that make up Facebook’s Consumption metric : Clicks to Play, Link Clicks, Other Clicks (likes, comments or shares that generate stories) and Photo Views. These are posts where people have shown willingness to take action.

For a quick view of which posts receive the most clicks, use the Facebook Top Posts widgets and select Post clicks from the metrics dropdown. You’ll see the top 3 posts by clicks, but you can also manipulate those metrics to see the top posts by engagement, reaction, shares or even video views. Define what makes a post successful for you and filter by that metric.

image of facebook top posts

5. Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Now that you have some insights as to how to properly interpret data, use these questions to help guide your Facebook analysis.

What Kind of Messaging Resonates?

A major reason to conduct a Facebook analysis is to find out which of your content performs the best. Then use that knowledge to guide your copywriting strategy.

top post performance

Just below the Facebook Top Posts widget, you’ll see a link to the Post Performance Report. This is a dedicated report that will help you understand how each individual post you’ve created has performed.

Choose from 90+ metrics to add to your report to make sure it’s personalized to your success indicators. You can get as granular as “non-viral impressions” or “wow reactions”. Then, click your key performance metric at the top to sort by the top performing pieces of content. Study these posts to see what they all have in common.

What Type of Posts Get Shared Most?

Facebook posts are typically broken down into four categories. Additionally, your engagement rate will vary depending on which type your audience prefers.

You can use the Publishing Behavior widget in the Facebook Pages Report to see a breakdown of the post types you’ve shared.

publishing behavior snapshot

Although it’s important for you to take advantage of each post type, you should also favor the style that your audience engages with.

Who Are Your Facebook Users?

Understanding the demographic breakdown of your Facebook audience is a powerful insight that could help inform which types of products or content you post about and how you position them.

Locate the Facebook Audience Demographics tab in your report and look at the age and gender breakdown.

facebook page fan demographic

Pro Tip: Couple your personal demographic information with all social network demographic information to see if there are more networks where you could benefit.

Where Are Your Facebook Users?

As companies and social media sites go global, the idea of geo-targeting has become very popular. Distributing different content to Facebook audience members in different locations is something that great Facebook marketers should always be considering.

In the same Demographics tab that you found your demographic information, scroll down to see where your audience is located and the average # of people reached in each country.

image of facebook page demographics

Figure out where your customers are located and target those locations with relevant content. You could also try to target the locations that you don’t see in order to build more brand awareness in areas that lack it.

When Should You Post to Facebook?

Most social media marketers are fascinated with finding the best day for them to post to Facebook. There are several studies and recommendations of the best time to post on Facebook . Our own research showed that afternoons tend to generate the most engagement. However, it’s very much dependent on your business and audience.

Best times to post on Facebook Global 2022

In order to figure this out definitively, analyze your Facebook Publishing Behavior report in Sprout. If you have a limited amount of content or don’t like posting every day of the week, use this information to pick and choose the best days to get your audience to share your posts.

6. What to Do After Checking Page & Post Data

Every social media presence is different, so what works for one company may not work for another. Besides, it would be very easy for potential customers to pick up on copycat behavior and get turned off by it.

Using the insights from your Facebook analysis, you can determine what types of content to publish and when. And with Sprout, you can schedule posts in advance, and get immediate analytics that show you how your posts are performing.

The demise of Facebook Analytics didn’t have a sweeping impact on marketing intelligence. That’s because other tools—both within and outside of Facebook—deliver many similar functions.

You can still gather important user metrics and manage your Facebook and Instagram profiles with the following platforms and analytics tools :

Meta Business Suite

meta business suite showing facebook analytics

Meta Business Suite (also known as Business Manager ) is a free tool companies can use to manage Facebook and Instagram profiles and ad accounts. Within a single platform, administrators can manage multiple Pages and ads, respond to messages, and define and track marketing goals.

Key features:

Creator Studio

chart showing facebook analysis

Creator Studio is a Facebook and Instagram video management platform that provides engagement data and viewer demographics. Businesses can also use this platform to monetize videos with in-stream ads and earn money from Meta when fans interact with live content.

Facebook Audience Insights

graphic of facebook audience insights feature

Facebook Audience Insights reveals current and potential customer trends, with data presented in an aggregated format to protect individual user privacy. You can view this information based on three groups: people connected to your Page or event, the general Facebook audience or people in your previously created custom audiences.

Sprout Social

image of facebook pages performance summary on sprout social dashboard

Sprout Social is a user-friendly platform that streamlines social media management for Facebook , Instagram and other social media channels. In addition to providing detailed analytics data, Sprout Social includes social listening tools for tracking brand mentions, consumer sentiment and competitor activity. It also reveals how fan growth correlates with content performance and includes historical engagement data that helps administrators optimize post-scheduling times.

Facebook provides you with a wealth of information that upon first glance can be a bit overwhelming to sort out. With one of the Facebook Analytics alternatives we mentioned in this article, you can find the most pertinent data for improving your Facebook presence and advancing specific business goals.

A focus on key statistics while benchmarking against your competitors (and even your own past efforts) will help you to find continued success on the platform.

If you want to dive deeper into Facebook analytics consider doing a Facebook audit that will take you less than 30 minutes to complete.

Resources for you

The creator economy: making dollars and sense out of social partnerships, [workbook] social listening step-by-step in 90 minutes, the sprout social index, edition xviii: us forecast, prepare to launch with a social media campaign brief: template, recommended for you.

26 Facebook statistics marketers should know in 2023

How to Advertise on Facebook + Strategies [Complete Guide]

How to schedule Facebook posts

How to build a facebook business page that attracts customers.

Build and grow stronger relationships on social

Sprout Social helps you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection.

Nerds Chalk

How to Report a Facebook Page and What Happens When You Do That

page report facebook

Facebook is one of the most prominent social media platforms of the modern age and is often considered a pioneer in its field. While the company has been facing a lot of backlash over its advertising and privacy policies, it offers its users the ability to report content that does not follow community guidelines.

This also applies to offensive pages that you might want to get removed from the platform. Facebook reviews every report and takes necessary actions promptly. Let’s take a look at how you can report pages on Facebook.

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For desktop users

For mobile users using a browser, for mobile users using the facebook app, what happens when you report a page on facebook, why you should report pages to facebook, how long before facebook takes action, how many reports needed for facebook to take action, how does facebook handle reports, how to report a facebook page.

Reporting a Facebook page is a pretty easy process no matter what device you are using. Use one of the guides below depending on your device to help you get started.

Open Facebook in your desktop browser and log in to your account. Now navigate to the page you wish to report.

Now under its cover photo, click on the ‘3-dot’ menu icon beside the share icon.

Select ‘Find Support or Report Page’.

Now choose the type of problem you want to report about the page. Depending on your choice, Facebook will request additional information and might even require you to submit a detailed report.

Once you have made your choices, click on ‘Next’ in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Note: You can also choose ‘Report Page’ after submitting your support request to add additional details about the Community guidelines being violated by the current page.

Your request will be now be submitted to Facebook and the moderators will take appropriate action based on the request upon reviewing your report.

Open Facebook in your mobile browser and navigate to the page you wish to report to Facebook.

Now tap on the ‘3-dot’ menu icon beside the ‘Messenger’ icon.

Choose the reason to report the page.

Tap on ‘Next’ at the bottom of your screen.

Your report will now be submitted to Facebook and the company will take the required action against the Page once your report has been reviewed by a moderator.

Open the Facebook app and navigate to the Page you wish to report.

Tap on the ‘3-dot’ menu icon below the cover photo.

Now select an appropriate reason that best fits your complaint.

Tap on ‘Next’ at the bottom of your screen once you are done.

Your report will now be submitted to Facebook.

Once you submit a report to Facebook a ticket is generated for your request and the report is put in a queue for review. Once your number comes, a moderator will review your report. During this report, several factors are taken into account which is not disclosed to the public. However keen-eyed users and former Facebook employees have revealed certain criteria that have a significant impact when reviewing community guidelines violation reports. Let’s take a look at them.

and more. The list goes on but these are some of the main factors used to decide the eligibility of a page on Facebook. Violation of multiple such policies will result in a ban for the page and associated account indefinitely.

There can be multiple reasons why you don’t want certain content on Facebook. Let’s take a look at some reasons that Facebook strictly adheres to.

There are many more valid reasons to report a page to Facebook. You can find a comprehensive list of them at this link .

Actions were taken quite promptly before COVID-19 and most reports could be responded to within 48 hours at maximum. Sadly, the onset of the pandemic has reduced the amount of moderation staff Facebook currently has at hand. And with more than half of the employees working from home, the delay times for taking action on submitted reports has increased significantly.

Facebook will notify you about this delay as soon as you submit a report to Facebook support. Once submitted, nowadays it can take anywhere from 48 hours to a week for Facebook to respond to your request.

You can however refer to your support inbox, where you can find a ticket number for your submitted report. This will also help you check the status of a particular report which can come in handy if you are looking to get personal information or photos removed from Facebook properties.

It usually takes around 10 reports for Facebook to take immediate action on for any Page. More than 10 reports will put the reported page in the priority queue for Facebook support. Though these minimum 10 reports will be individually reviewed by a moderator before the page is put in the priority queue.

Facebook handles most reports individually. These reports are prioritized based on the guidelines violated by the concerned page or the user. Facebook treats impersonation and fake identity reports with higher priority as this can help prevent legal repercussions in real life. Facebook also takes immediate action on reports of hate speech, harassment, and scams to prevent its users from getting harmed. Reports of ‘not liked’ content or ‘personal distrust’ are treated passively and checked for authenticity. Facebook will then corroborate such reports with previous reports to determine the necessary course of action in the future.

We hope this guide helped you learn everything you needed to know about reporting a Page to Facebook. If you face any more issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

page report facebook

Spectroscopic collection of human cells trying to pave a path via words.

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So my complaint is not with the site (You know you grew up in Saskatoon when you remember) but the administrator. Levi Flaman My main argument with Levi started Nov 29th with a copy right issue of a person posting adds from a newspaper that wasn’t my big problem but it was when he published books and then was asking for people to donate money so he could print more books, THIS was against the site rules, I liked his posting but you couldn’t use the site to sale anything, So Levi and I could mix a few words I told him he makes the rules.

It was from that date he wouldn’t and then would accept my posts, about three times he told me my post were too generic but yet I asked him about someone elses post eating at A&W how is that not generic.

You see because I reported someone he started giving me a hard time, Then on April 5th he blocked me and removed me from site when I asked him about one of my adds that I sent twice only because he was adding other peoples and not mine, He said he was wasn’t declining me but yet others were being added. I asked him how does one know if his post is okay if other get accepted. So LEVI blocked me from even viewing site and blocking me I fill I was being picked on.

10/19/20, 8:40 AM hello levi i post one about the Woolworths lunch counter on Octo 18th about 10pm is it okay.

10/19/20, 7:47 PM did you view the Woolworths post yet

Is that the one in Saskatoon?

Then something should be added to that effect. For all I know it could be anywhere and that would make it too generic to approve. I’ll let that one up for now

sorry then will it still be added

11/28/20, 7:52 PM AGIAN the house is in Clinkskill Saskatoon

11/28/20, 8:24 PM IS IT OKAY and who is the administrator

11/29/20, 9:33 AM Levi. Sorry to bother you but I have a problem with this new administrator 1 it states in rule 3 no promotion of your post 2 copy right is (Terry Holmes) not using star Phoenix adds as his property and Nov 13 he is using the website to sale his 50 and 60 books. myself and other I know on this set NOW see this as a one person site.

11/29/20, 2:48 PM

The intention behind the no promotions/spam is to prevent people from posting commercial ads; this isn’t a buy & sell group, there are already plenty of those elsewhere. I had to go back and find the post but it was for a Kickstarter project he ran and since the nature of the platform is for fundraising and not so much selling, people seemed to be genuinely interested in it, and its been up for 2 weeks and this is the first complaint I’ve gotten over it, I’ll let it slide. As far as the copyright thing, I’ve sent them a message asking if they have permission from Postmedia to republish old articles since they would be the copyright holders as the current owner of the newspaper. I’ll leave them up for a bit until I hear back.

12/1/20, 7:18 PM

So I had a chat with them and they won’t be posting any of the star phoenix articles in the group anymore. But I find it to be disingenuous that you’re complaining about them breaking the rule on copyright when you’re doing the exact same thing.

the part i was complaining about was that is was raising funds on the site for his books that are all star phoenix adds, not so much the the copyright but if this the way you fill myself and about 10 other will leave the site.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

you make the rules

Most of the rules are already rooted in Facebook’s policies. The ones that aren’t were in place before I started; I’m just doing more to enforce them than the previous administrator did. If people don’t like them, they’re free to leave.

12/1/20, 9:07 PM your rules should be reviewed. And why it took so long for people posting to be but on site

Because I’m busy studying for finals and this isn’t a top priority for me right now

It’s not like I get paid to do this; its volunteer. And I don’t have anyone to help me; I’m doing this myself. I tried letting people post without needing approval first and people were taking advantage of it; posting photos they took from the library site, or some realtor who kept posting his open house listings. Or things that had nothing to do with city history, or the city at all. So I shut that off and went back to post approval being needed. So when I get busy with life, things are going to take a while to show up.

If you and those ten other people want to leave, by all means don’t let me stop you.

12/2/20, 7:23 AM Levi not so much a matter of leaving but what we seen was a posting for profit as he was popping up posts maybe 20 at a time and then ask for funding to publish books

And yet in the last month, nobody has reported any of them. If people think a post doesn’t belong, report it. Otherwise I assume everyone has no problems with them. Like I said, I’m a busy guy and I can’t be sitting there watching 24 hours a day when its just me.

Okay I’m fine with the explanation I,d like to say on site thank you

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12/3/20, 8:18 AM So will the centennial auditorium posting good enough to stand

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12/4/20, 10:16 PM

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I deleted it because the picture used was from some craft store in the states

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12/14/20, 8:22 PM How about now

okay fine but i’m going to stop replying to messages like this. if a post is good, it will appear in the group. if it isn’t, it won’t. you don’t need to follow up every time.

Jan 15, 2021, 7:48 PM is editing okay

Jan 15, 2021, 8:29 PM

what’s wrong with the original?

okay then leave it

just has to be reposted

oh i see what happened, i thought i was declining just the edits but it just removed the entire thing

i approved the edited version but i won’t do that again, if you try and edit an already approved post, it will get removed instead

Apr 5, 2021, 9:17 AM So I guess I,m totally off the site now. No tin can or Hill approved.

Someone stands up against someone trying to sell a book of Star Phoenix add on the site and the person is banned. Thats not making trouble it following rules.

Levi replied to you So I guess I,m totally off the site now. No tin can or Hill approved. The tin can had nothing to do with Saskatoon. It was too generic and doesn’t belong. The hill thing I had no problem approving, until you submitted it three times. I specifically told you not to keep posting the same thing over and over but you kept doing it anyway.

But then you block me from the site and others get approved as I said I not making trouble. but now I’m block from site

Yes you are

with no explanation

The explanation is right there. Keep posting duplicate posts and I’ll remove you. You kept doing it, so I did.

Great way to Admin a site, As I noticed one other persons were approved last night, Maybe people are wondering why not not there posts

If people aren’t happy with the way I run things, they’re free to leave. I’m not keeping them there.

but u banned me

Apr 5, 2021, 10:24 AM So u can’t keep trying because there’s no explanation for decline just decline very interesting.

Nothing was declined. You submit something for approval and it sits in a review queue until I have time to look at it and either approve or decline it. You often had 3-4 of the exact same thing in the review queue and I asked you multiple times to stop that.

How is a person to know that if other peoples are being approved, I’m only assuming that mine aren’t being looked at. And so I send them again.

Don’t just assume they aren’t being looked at then. When I have time, I look at all of them. I just don’t give all of the ones I’ve declined a reason.

Fine Just giving my explanation

Apr 5, 2021, 11:45 AM So I can’t view the site

Apr 5, 2021, 2:25 PM

' src=

There is a page under Neighborhood Watch that the admin allows hate, bad language, no respect and when you complain to the admin she says she doesn’t care have at it and deletes and blocks the complainer. I would like this page investigated and will provide more in private conversation.

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How To Report Someone on Facebook

How to report a personal facebook account, how to report a facebook page or group, how to report a facebook post, comment, or photo, how to see your facebook reports, / was this article helpful to you, reporting someone for activity that violates facebook’s community guidelines is an easy (and important) process. learn how to protect the safety of everyone online..

Facebook allows us to connect with those we love and helps us make new friends, but it can also connect us to scammers, unfriendly individuals, fake accounts, and even potential cyber-bullies. To protect yourself from these online characters and their unpleasant deeds, you may need to report a Facebook account or its activity.

To report a personal Facebook account, complete the following steps:

1. Navigate to the person’s account.

2. Click on the three dots underneath the “Message” button.


Locate the three dots icon and select “Find support or report profile.”

3. In the drop-down menu that appears, click on “Find support or report profile.”

4. In the menu that appears, you will have many options for reporting the account. (See the list below for these options.) Select one of the reasons for reporting the account.


Select one of the reasons for reporting the account.

Options for reporting a personal account

Facebook provides a list of reasons to report an account that violates Facebook’s Community Guidelines . For a personal account, these reasons are as follows:

Pretending to be someone else (including yourself, another person, or a celebrity)

A fake account or fake name

Posting inappropriate content

Harassment or bullying

It also allows you to access these support functions:

Account access

Asking for help (for suicide, self-injury, harassment, or a hacked account)

Something else (blocking the account, hiding posts from this person, reporting an underage account, recovering this account)

When reporting an account, select one of these. Facebook will then ask you to provide more information. This information will differ depending on which violation you choose.


Follow the prompts based on which reason you select for reporting the account.

You can also report pages (which are typically for celebrities, businesses, and organizations) and groups (which can either be private or public). To report a Facebook page or group, do the following:

1. Navigate to the page or group account. You can do this by searching in the search bar for the page or group name.

2. Click on the three dots underneath the cover photo.

3. In the small box that appears, click on “Find support or report page.”


For a page, locate the three dots icon, and select “Find support or report Page.”


For a group, locate the three dots icon and select “Report group.”

4. In the box that appears, you will have many options for reporting the account.

5. Select one of the options for reporting the group or page.


Select your reason for reporting the page , and follow the instructions to provide the information needed to file a report.


Select your reason for reporting the group and follow the instructions to provide the information needed to file a report.

Options for reporting a page

Facebook provides a list of reasons to report accounts that violate Facebook’s Community Guidelines. For a page, these reasons are as follows:

Inaccurate information (for example, a restaurant that is permanently closed)

Hate speech

Nudity or sexual content

False information

Scams/fake pages

Unauthorized sales

Intellectual property

Options for reporting a group

For a group, potential violations are as follows:

Nudity or sexual activity

You can also choose to report an account’s specific activity (such as a specific inappropriate post or photo).

How to report a Facebook post

1. Click on the three dots on the top right of the post.


Click on the three dots next to the account that made the post to initiate a report.

2. In the box that appears, select “Find support or report post.”

3. In the “Report” box that appears, select the reason for reporting the post. Each option (for example, “nudity” or “spam”) prompts you to provide more details about why you reported this post.

How to report a Facebook comment

1. Click on the three dots on the top right of the comment.


Click on the three dots next to the comment to initiate a report.

2. In the box that appears, select “Give feedback or report this comment.”

3. In the “Report” box that appears, select the reason for reporting the comment.

How to report a Facebook photo

1. Click on the photo to view your options.

For desktop: Locate the name of the person who posted the photo. (This will be to the right of the photo, in the area where users can comment on and like the photo.) Click on the three dots on the top right of the name of the account that posted the photo.


Click on the three dots next to the account that posted the photo, in the menu to the left of the photo, to initiate a report.

For mobile: Tap the three dots at the top-right corner of the photo screen.


Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the photo.

2. In the pop-up window that appears, select “Find support or report photo.”

3. In the “Report” box that appears, select the reason for reporting the photo.

You can access your reports to Facebook in your Support Inbox. (This is also where you can access any reports another person made against your account or activity.)

How to see your Facebook reports on your desktop

To view your Facebook reports, follow these steps:

1. On the top of the menu, click on the arrow icon. This is to the far right of the menu.


Locate the “arrow” icon at the top of your Facebook account.

2. In the box that appears, click on “Help & Support.”


Click on the “Help & Support” tab.

3. In the box that appears, click on “Support Inbox.”


Click on “Support Inbox” in the “Help & Support” tab.

4. On the “Reports” page that appears, click on “Reports about Others.”


Click on “Reports About Others” to see your open and closed reports.

5. Click on any of the reports for more information about the status of the report.


Click on any of your reports to read details.

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How to Block Someone on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Snapchat)

How To Change a Facebook Password

How to see your Facebook reports (mobile)

1. Tap the three lines to the bottom right of the app.


Locate and tap your menu, indicated by three horizontal lines.

2. Scroll down to “Help & Support.”


Locate and tap “Help & Support.”

3. Tap on “Support Inbox.”


Locate and tap “Support Inbox.”

4. On the “Reports” page that appears, tap “Reports About Others.”


Tap “Reports About Others.”

5. Tap on any of the reports for more information about the status of the report.


Tap on any report to see additional details.

Note: There is a “See Options” button at the bottom of each report. This allows you to cancel a report that has not yet been reviewed by Facebook. If Facebook has already reviewed your report and made a decision, the “See Options” button will allow you to delete the message.

Reporting within your Facebook group

You do not always have to involve Facebook in content or account reports: If you are in a Facebook group, you also have the option to report a post, comment, or photo directly to the group administrator(s). This is the quickest way to have your issue resolved and keep your group’s content and communication positive and appropriate .

Protect your online identity

Reporting offensive online content does not just keep your Facebook experience positive: It protects you from hackers, scammers, and other online criminals. Further protect your account with tools such as identity management software and authentication software . With these types of software, your account remains safe from third-party logins, and so does your personal data.

About the Author s

Lauren Spiller profile picture

Lauren Spiller

Lauren Spiller is a Senior Content Writer at Capterra, covering customer management, customer service, and customer experience with a focus on customer acquisition through SEO. She has an MA in Rhetoric and Composition from Texas State University and has presented her work at the European Writing Centers Association, Canadian Writing Centres Association, and the International Writing Centers Association conferences. She is currently developing content for a workshop series on SEO writing. She loves to cook and spend time outdoors around Austin, Texas.

Capterra profile picture

At Capterra, we believe that software makes the world a better place. Why? Because software can help every organization become a more efficient, effective version of itself.

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6 Facebook Reporting Tools for In-Depth Analysis of Fan Pages

Kristi Hines

Reporting can be a great way to:

Of course, you probably don't have time to test out all the Facebook reporting tools out there.

So in this post, you'll find a breakdown of 6 powerful platforms you can choose from -- as well as the types of reports they can generate.

6 Facebook Reporting Tools for In-Depth Analysis

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1. Simply Measured

Simply Measured has a great platform for brands & digital agencies -- but it's a bit out of reach for individuals & small businesses, with plans starting at $500 per month.

Fortunately, they do have a section of free reports to choose from for the top social networks, including 4 specifically for Facebook.

Each of the free reports can be downloaded to Excel or exported to Powerpoint.

Free Facebook Competitive Analysis Report

First, you have the Free Facebook Competitive Analysis Report. This report will benchmark the last 2 weeks of activity on your Facebook page against your competitors or other brands on Facebook.

You can use it to compare up to 10 fan pages with up to 250,000 likes.

First, you will get an overview of all of the pages you have entered for comparison.

page report facebook

Next, you will find a series of charts showing how each of the brands compare in overall metrics.

page report facebook

Engagement on admin posts.

page report facebook

Community health details (mostly focused on customer service).

page report facebook

And finally, a detailed list of the top posts across all of the pages being compared along with:

page report facebook

Free Facebook Fan Page Report

Next is the Free Facebook Fan Page Report.

This report answers questions about the last 2 weeks of a fan page's performance & engagement for pages with up to 250,000 likes.

This report shows in-depth data about your fan page (or your competitor's), starting with an overview.

page report facebook

Admin post engagement.

page report facebook

Engagement on posts made by users upon the Facebook page.

page report facebook

Date & time analysis of the top posts.

page report facebook

Followed by in-depth analysis of individual post content.

page report facebook

Free Facebook Insights Report

The Free Facebook Insights Report performs an in-depth analysis of the last 2 weeks of your Insights data (for pages with up to 2 million fans).

It starts with an engagement megaphone highlighting all of the important engagement data for:

page report facebook

Next, you'll find your metrics overview.

page report facebook

With in-depth insight into your messaging, stories, and engagement.

page report facebook

Post type details & impressions breakdown.

page report facebook

Top post details (this may take a while to load -- and in the meantime, you'll be shown this).

page report facebook

Additional engagement & impressions analysis.

page report facebook

Page like details.

page report facebook

Fan statistics, traffic sources, and activity.

page report facebook

And demographics.

page report facebook

If you don't like looking at your Facebook Insights or need a better interpretation of them, this is the report to choose.

Free Facebook Content Analysis

The final free report for Facebook is the Content Analysis report.

It analyzes the last 2 weeks of your posts on Facebook to identify which types of posts are best in terms of engagement for your pages (or competitor's pages) with up to 250,000 likes.

It starts with a content summary & takeaway for the page you are analyzing.

page report facebook

Next, it begins to examine post type usage & engagement.

page report facebook

Followed by the top posts of each type.

page report facebook

And ending with common domains & keywords found in the top posts.

page report facebook

Overall, you really can't go wrong with this set of free reports.

While Simply Measured doesn't charge you for the reports, they do require you to post an update about the report you are running (not the details -- just a link to the reporting tool itself) to your Facebook account.

2. Social Bakers

Social Bakers is an analytics platform that allows you to monitor your Facebook, Twitter & YouTube profiles -- along with your competitors.

It allows you to create PDF reports based on their standard Executive Report template, or create a custom report of your own.

Reports can analyze your own Facebook page's activity alone or alongside your competitors.

Creating a report is easy. Just click on Executive Report in the left sidebar & choose from the pages you have set up in your account -- along with a timeframe to analyze.

page report facebook

The resulting PDF will show a full summary of your Facebook Page Insights compared to your competitors.

This data includes your fan growth & demographics.

page report facebook

A summary of your admin page posts, post types, and engagement.

page report facebook

Post engagement data including the times the most engaging posts were published, a breakdown of engagement types (likes, comments & shares), and additional details.

page report facebook

Average response rate for user questions , including the average number of questions per day & time the questions were responded too (great for businesses that deal with customer service on Facebook).

page report facebook

And a visual side-by-side comparison of the top five most engaging posts from the time period you selected -- each noted by its type, total interactions, likes, shares, comments, and overall engagement rate.

page report facebook

When sending this off to your CEO, your consulting customers, or people who might not be familiar with the jargon related to Facebook Insights, you can also attach a Metric Report Overview, which includes a glossary defining terms from Share to Relative Fan Growth.

Social Bakers offers very in-depth analysis of your Facebook activity along with your competitors. Their pricing plans are based on the number of Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, or YouTube channels you want to monitor.

A single page, profile, or channel is $50 per month -- and this increases to $100 per month if you want to monitor your business page with 2 of your competitor's business pages.

Standard package pricing goes up to 100 pages, profiles, or channels for $2,000 per month. Custom plans are also available upon request.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a popular social media management tool for businesses of all sizes.

One of the great features of their platforms is the ability to run reports on your individual accounts, including Facebook pages.

Reports can be exported as PDF or CSV for a period of 15 - 90 days or custom time period of up to 2 years.

First, you will see the growth of your audience including new likes & unlikes.

page report facebook

Next, you'll find your page impressions over time -- including a breakdown of types & by date.

page report facebook

Beneath that, you'll find the demographic breakdown of your impressions.

page report facebook

In the following section about sharing, you'll see the timeline of stories created about your page, share types, popular dates, and demographics.

page report facebook

Finally, you'll find a section devoted to showing engagement on your posts with a breakdown of engagement statistics per post.

If you select a date range of 2 years, you'll see data about all of your posts during that time period.

page report facebook

Sprout Social starts at $39 for the management of up to 10 profiles.

Pricing then moves up to $59 for management of up to 20 profiles, and $99 for management of up to 50 profiles. Enterprise level accounts also available.

4. Rival IQ

Another great competitor research tool that creates brilliant reports is Rival IQ .

You start by creating a landscape that includes your company and your competitors.

Then you'll find Facebook data you can use to compare your Facebook page with your competitors , starting with the basic metrics -- likes, posts, talking about, and engagement rates.

page report facebook

The unique data that they pull is the about descriptions from each Facebook page.

If you're not sure how to describe your business, you can get a quick summary of how your competitors are doing it.

page report facebook

Best of all, you can keep up with the changes your competitors make by looking under the social bio changes section.

page report facebook

With exception of the changes (which are emailed to you on a regular basis), the metrics & descriptions can be exported into PDF, PNG, or PowerPoint report format.

This makes it a powerful tool for businesses who want to keep up with the competition as well as consultants who want to give potential clients a reason why they need help with their online presence.

Aside from Facebook, you can also analyze & monitor competitor data from their website & other social networks.

Pricing for Rival IQ begins at $99 per month for monitoring of one landscape, or set of similar businesses (yours + your competitors).

Agencies who need to monitor more groups of clients can choose from the Pro Plus package at $199 per month, the Agency package at $399 per month, or have a custom plan created with volume pricing.

Do you like viewing your analytics in dashboard format? And do you need to generate reports from that data?

If so, Cyfe may be the reporting tool for you.

You can use it to create dashboards based on specific insights from your own pages.

page report facebook

Cut off at the bottom of this list are posts by likes, reach & shares.

Once completed, your dashboard will look something like this.

page report facebook

You can create reports based off of your dashboard data and have those reports sent at regular intervals in PNG, JPEG, PDF, or CSV format by using the export dashboard option.

page report facebook

Dashboards can be created & used for reporting in various ways.

In addition to sending regular reports, you can also give viewing access of individual dashboards to users so that they can monitor the Facebook statistics at any time.

Cyfe is very reasonably priced for individuals & small businesses at $19 per month for unlimited everything - dashboards, widgets, account connections, and user accounts.

This makes it a great tool for Facebook reporting.

As an added bonus, you can also create dashboards monitoring all of your other marketing platforms, networks, and tools including Google Analytics, the top social networks, mailing list service providers, and much more.

6. Google Analytics Custom Report

Google Analytics allows you to create custom reports that analyzes the traffic you receive from Facebook in a variety of ways.

For example, you can create a report that shows the country Facebook visitors are from in relation to the number of visits, bounce rate, and conversion rate on your top Google Analytics goals.

To set this up, you would go to the Customization tab on your Google Analytics profile and create a new report.

Then your report configuration would be set up as follows.

page report facebook

When you save the report, you would get an explorer view of the data.

page report facebook

To send the report one time or on a recurring basis, click on the Email button under the name of your report.

This will allow you to configure your report to be sent to the email addresses you specify in a specific format (CSV, TSV, Excel, or PDF), on a specific day at the frequency you choose for the duration you choose.

page report facebook

The document, depending on the format you choose, will look similar to the explorer view you saw after saving the report.

When it comes to Google Analytics Custom Reports, you will have the opportunity to customize the most important information to your business about your Facebook traffic and have it sent on a regular basis.

If you hate visiting Google Analytics on a regular basis, this is a great way to get the data you need without having to always log in. Best of all, it's always free!

Of course, these are just 6 of the many awesome tools out there. Others include:

I'd encourage you to test as many as you can to decide which one is right for you.

What are your favorite Facebook reporting tools? Please share in the comments!

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Trump asks judge to block Pence subpoena in DOJ probe: reports

Former President Trump is asking a federal judge to block a subpoena for his former vice president, Mike Pence, to testify before a grand jury that is investigating Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, according to multiple reports.

Trump’s lawyers cite executive privilege over Pence’s testimony in the motion to have the subpoena blocked that was first reported by CNN, which cited unidentified sources. The move by Trump’s team was expected, but showcases the motivation to keep those that were closest to the former president from testifying in criminal investigations into his actions.

Jack Smith, the special counsel that is overseeing the Department of Justice’s criminal probes of Trump, is looking into Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election and his handling of classified information. The grand jury is seeking documents and testimony from Pence regarding the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, but Smith has already faced difficulty getting Pence to cooperate with the subpoena, with the former vice president vowing to fight it last month. 

“I’m going to fight the Biden DOJ’s subpoena for me to appear before the grand jury because I believe it’s unconstitutional, and it’s unprecedented,” Pence told reporters after an event in Iowa. 

The resistance from Trump and Pence comes as the federal investigations into the former president, who has launched his campaign for the White House in 2024, show signs of ramping up. Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, were subpoenaed by the grand jury last month, The New York Times noted in its reporting. The Times also confirmed Trump’s attempt to block Pence’s testimony, citing a person briefed on the matter. 

The subpoenas of Pence, Ivanka Trump and Kushner outline the grand jury’s desire to draw information from those who were closest to Trump on the day of the Capitol riots: Pence, who faced enormous pressure from former President Trump to block the certification of the 2020 election; Ivanka Trump, who was in the Oval Office with her father that day; and Kushner, who was also at the White House.

More Campaign News

Frost on desantis targeting black, lgbtq transgender people: ‘it’s fascism’.

Pritzker says no ‘serious’ Democrats are expected to run against Biden

Video/, see all, see all video, rising: march 5, 2023, rising: march 4, 2023, fbi dir accuses china of obfuscating covid investigation, poll finds ron desantis top choice for 2024 gop nominee, top stories.

Biden chides GOP for ‘trying to hide the truth’ about Black history in marking Bloody Sunday

Most popular.

Watch live: White House monkeypox response team holds briefing

How to Report Someone on Facebook

Last Updated: September 28, 2020 Tested

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Jack Lloyd . Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 324,671 times. Learn more...

This wikiHow teaches you how to report a user's account on Facebook. You can perform this process on both the Facebook mobile app and the Facebook desktop site. If the user posted an offensive or distasteful item, you can instead report the post.

Image titled Report Someone on Facebook Step 1

Image titled Report Someone on Facebook Step 2

Image titled Report Someone on Facebook Step 3

Image titled Report Someone on Facebook Step 6

Image titled Report Someone on Facebook Step 7

Image titled Report Someone on Facebook Step 10

Image titled Report Someone on Facebook Step 11

Community Q&A


page report facebook

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About This Article

Jack Lloyd

1. Go to the Facebook profile you want to report. 2. Tap More . 3. Tap Give feedback or report this profile . 4. Select a report reason and any necessary follow-up information. 5. Tap Send , then tap Done when prompted. Did this summary help you? Yes No

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Dennard Wilson, Eagles agree to mutually part ways: report

By Tom Ignudo

March 5, 2023 / 8:01 PM / CBS Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Eagles and defensive passing game coordinator and defensive backs coach Dennard Wilson have mutually parted ways after hiring Sean Desai as the team's defensive coordinator , according to a report from NFL Network. 

Wilson was a finalist for the defensive coordinator job that went to Desai. 

Wilson was the favorite in-house option to replace Jonathan Gannon , who became the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals last month. 

After being a finalist for the #Eagles DC job that went to Sean Desai, Philly defensive pass game coordinator and DBs coach Dennard Wilson and the team are mutually parting ways, sources say. This is often the outcome when an in-house candidate is passed over for a promotion. — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 5, 2023

Wilson had plenty of support to become the team's defensive coordinator from several Eagles players, including Darius Slay, James Bradberry, C.J. Gardner-Johnson and Marcus Epps. 

No cap D-Will Damn Sure Deserve it !! He help me elevate my game most def 🫡 — C.J. Gardner-Johnson (@CGJXXIII) February 25, 2023

Wilson, 40, also reportedly interviewed for the Cleveland Browns' defensive coordinator opening before it went to Jim Schwartz, who won Super Bowl LII with the Eagles in the same role. 

Wilson joined the Eagles in 2021 when Nick Sirianni became the team's head coach as the defensive backs coach. Wilson added the title of defensive passing game coordinator during the 2022 offseason. 

With Wilson as the defensive passing game coordinator, the Eagles ranked No. 1 in the league in passing defense and Bradberry earned second-team All-Pro honors. 

It's unclear where Wilson will land, but he should have plenty of suitors around the league. Before joining the Eagles, Wilson was passing game coordinator and defensive backs coach with the New York Jets, the defensive backs coach with the Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams and a pro scout with the Chicago Bears. 

He was also a defensive quality control coach with the Rams, a graduate assistant with the University of Maryland and coached at DeMatha High School in Maryland. 

Along with Wilson and Gannon leaving, the Eagles also lost linebackers coach Nick Ralis, who went to Arizona to become the team's defensive coordinator. 

According to a report from the Boston Herald, longtime New England Patriots assistant and former Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia could land the linebackers coaching job with the Eagles.  

I’m hearing that Matt Patricia has a shot to land with the Philadelphia Eagles on the defensive staff, presumably as a linebackers coach. — Karen Guregian (@kguregian) March 5, 2023

Desai, who was the associate head coach and defensive assistant with the Seattle Seahawks, will be tasked with running an Eagles defense that will look a lot different than the one that went to the Super Bowl in the 2022 season. 

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Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington dies at age 71, band announces

ABC7 Bay Area 24/7 live stream

American rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington has died, the band announced on their official Facebook page Sunday evening.

"It is with our deepest sympathy and sadness that we have to advise, that we lost our brother, friend, family member, songwriter and guitarist, Gary Rossington, today," their statement said.

"Gary is now with his Skynyrd brothers and family in heaven and playing it pretty, like he always does. Please keep Dale, Mary, Annie and the entire Rossington family in your prayers and respect the family's privacy at this difficult time," the statement continued.

One of the group's founding members, Rossington survived a 1977 plane crash that killed band members Ronnie Van Zant and Steve Gaines, as well as a backup singer and road manager, just three days after the release of their fifth album, "Street Survivors," according to the band's website.

Rossington was among the Lynyrd Skynyrd band members inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.


& 2023 Cable News Network, Inc., a Warner Bros. Discovery Company. All rights reserved.

The video in the media player above is not related to the current story. The ABC7 News Bay Area 24/7 streaming channel allows you to see news throughout the day.

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5 killed over an 8-hour span across Philly this weekend

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AccuWeather: Mild Monday with chance for rain, snow showers

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3-foot caiman removed from Philadelphia park

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6abc's Complete Coverage of The 2023 Philadelphia Flower Show

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Nick's Roast Beef on Cottman Ave. closes for good. Here's why

Suspect in killing of Temple officer due in court this week

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All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view TONIGHT (Sun., Mar. 5, 2023) with Revolution . The show comes our way from the Chase Center in San Francisco at 8pm ET.

A pre-show, Zero Hour , will stream live and free starting at 7:00 p.m. Eastern / 4:00 p.m. Pacific on All Elite’s YouTube channel , Bleacher Report , and right here at Cageside Seats.

In the U.S. & Canada, the main card is available at Bleacher Report , and via cable & satellite providers for $49.99. Internationally, it’s $19.99 on .

We’ll have predictions from the staff for every match here , and a preview for the entire show here .

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Revolution below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



You bit the hand that fed you, ripped the fingers to the bone. You were scoring blood when times were lean, while I looked on and liveblogged this here pro wrestling show for these folks.

The preshow opens up with Renee Paquette welcoming us and tossing to her cohost, RJ City, who’s backstage at the red carpet.

They go back and forth previewing the show with interviews, as these things usually go.

Ari Daivari & Varsity Athletes (Josh Woods & Tony Nese) vs. Lucha Brothers (Penta el Zero M & Rey Fenix) & Mark Briscoe

Nese and Penta to start, Zero taunts him right into the ropes and we get all six men going face to face! Trading punches, Briscoe with a little Redneck Kung Fu on Daivari on the floor! Fenix with a springboard crossbody on Nese, Mark back in with a big boot, off hte ropes, stereo dropkicks!

Briscoe with a diving blockbuster off the apron, Penta with the Here It Is Driver... NESE KICKS OUT! “Smart” Mark Sterling runs interference on the apron, Penta slingshots him in and Daivari makes the save! Tag to Woods, and the Varsity Athletes begin working Penta over at some length.

Penta gets some separation, double DDT takes Ari and Tony out! Off the ropes, Sling Blade takes Josh off his feet! Tag to Fenix, solebutt, boot up, knucklelock and an overhand chop, double jump lucha arm drag! Woods comes in, Rey clobbers him with kicks, double jump tornillo is met with a knee!

Final Cut into the turnbuckles, Penta breaks it up with a double stomp! Nese and Fenix jockeying for position up top, Rey slips but still gets most of an avalanche Frankensteiner! Tag to Briscoe, Redneck Kung Fu for everybody! Pele kick takes Woods out, Mark’s fired up, whip into a boot clears Nese to the floor!

Duck a lariat, Sick Kick on Daivari, following it up with the Rude Awakening! Lucha Brothers with stereo planchas, Briscoe sets up a chair, off the ropes... POETRY IN MOTION TOPE CON GIRO! Back inside, Tower of Doom, Nese off the top with the 450 splash... PENTA BREAKS IT UP!

Fenix gets a shaky referee Mike Posey to his feet, Daivari wants the Pepsi Twist but Fenix breaks it up and we get an “everybody do something cool” segment! Jay Driller blocked, Woods cracks Briscoe over his head with some kind of foreign object! Double-teams, falling splash from Daivari... MARK BRISCOE WON’T STAY DOWN!

Ari with double underhooks, Lucha Brothers slide in with stereo superkicks! Nese passes Fenix into the ropes but eats a rebound crescent kick! Penta gets Nese up un a Gory Special, Fenix feeds Daivari into it... GORY NECKBREAKER / PILEDRIVER COMBO! Briscoe off the top...

Lucha Brothers & Mark Briscoe win by pinfall with Froggy Bow from Briscoe on Ari Daivari.

Post-match, Alex Abrahantes grabs Mark Sterling and throws him in the ring... PENTA SPIKES HIM WITH FEAR FACTOR!

The main show opens up with commentary welcoming us to the show and tossing to some Draft Kings hype.

Chris Jericho vs. “Absolute” Ricky Starks

Starks hot off the gates with punches and chops, taking Jericho corner to corner and beating the holy hell out of him until referee Aubrey Edwards physically pulls him away! Chris with chops of his own, whip reversed, shoulder block connects! Action to the floor, Ricky throwing him into the barricade and posing before throwing him back inside!

Y2J with a couple kicks, chops in the corner, trying to reassert himself, but he misses on a Lionsault! Starks tries to capitalize, Jericho hangs him over the ropes via the injured ribs and blasts him into the barricade! Chris grinding him down in the corner, stepping on him, keeping him off-balance, underhooks... BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER!

Pressing the attack, putting Ricky on the floor and hammering him with forearms, back inside with a Cobra Twist and elbows to the ribs! He gets awayducks a lariat, tornado DDT connects... NOPE! Up in the turnbuckles and jockeying for position, Rick knocks him down and dives but Jericho cuts him out of midair with a knee!

Fireman’s carry, Death Valley Driver from the Ocho... SO CLOSE! Powerbomb from Starks... STILL NOT ENOUGH! Off the ropes for a spear... JERICHO COUNTERS WITH A CODEBREAKER BUT STARKS WON’T STAY DOWN! On their knees, forehead-to-forehead, trading forearms, off the ropes and Jericho runs right into a single-leg dropkick!

Starks fired up, moonsault nobody home but he lands on his feet, heel trip and Chris has the Walls of Jericho locked in! Ricky counters and locks a half-crab on Y2J! Sammy Guevara comes to ringside in defiance of the order for the Jericho Appreciation Society to stay away but Action Andretti counters him!

Jericho gets passed Floyd while referee Aubrey Edwards is distracted and lands a cheap shot to the ribs! Starks to his feet... HE BLOCKS THE JUDAS EFFECT! Repeated punches to the head, clubbing blows, a knee lift, pulling Chris in... ROSHAMBO! IT’S OVER!

Ricky Starks wins by pinfall with Roshambo.

Christian Cage vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry (Final Burial Match)

We’re dressed for a street fight and Perry come in hot, mounted punches, and the action spills to the floor! Cage with body blows, throwing him back inside, Jack with a rebound dropkick and Christian runs away through the crowd! Jungle Boy follows after him and they end up brawling on the ramp.

Again Cage runs away, this time back to the ring, and Perry meets him with a stomp. Smashing him into the turnbuckles, big chops, Christian choking him in the ropes but Jack kicks him to the floor and dives on him! Throwing Cage into the steel steps, smashing his head into the diamond plate, standing on his hand to stomp it but Christian recovers and trips Perry into the steel skull-first!

Bleeding from the bridge of his nose, Cage pulls Jungle Boy’s belt off and whips him with it! Choking Jack with the belt, dragging him to the stage where the casket is and he pulls two chairs out of the casket! Jack wakes up and cuts him off, fireman’s carry, Cage blocks, jockeying for position and Christian slams him in the dirt!

Perry recovers and grabs a chair but Cage kicks him in the gentleman’s area when he hesitates! Smashing his face into the casket, Christian puts him in and goes to shut the lid but Jungle Boy blocks! Choking him, trying to close it again but Jack won’t give!

Punching away at Christian’s wound, Jungle Boy climbs out of the casket but gets met with a handful of dirt in the eyes! Cage picks him up... KILLSWITCH INTO THE DIRT! Christian wants the Con-Chair-To... JACK GETS AWAY! Perry swings a shovel at him to block the chairshots but Cage gets it and tries to choke him with it!

Jungle Boy turns him around and chokes him with it but Christian gouges his eyes to get away! Jack ducks a shovel swing and puts the Snare Trap on, adding the shovel in! He puts Cage on the chair and grabs its mate... CON-CHAIR-TO! Perry drags him over to the casket and lays him inside it, kissing his forehead!

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry wins by closing the casket with Christian Cage inside it.

House of Black (Brody King, Buddy Matthews, & Malakai Black) vs. the Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) (c) (AEW World Trios Championship)

Don Callis is on commentary for this one.

Matthews and Omega to start, trading wristlocks, top wristlock from Kenny, Buddy shoots him off, shoulder block. Black tags in, Omega with a wristlock, Malakai passes him over boot up in the corner, up and over, big arm drag countered into a keylock!

Kenny just barely ducks a roundhouse kick, One-Winged Angel denied, Black Mass barely misses... STALEMATE! The match breaks down, all six men brawling in the ring, Bucks working Matthews over, slingshot X-Factor from Nick and then he moonsaults off the apron into Black!

Matt up top, crossbody to the floor! King inside hammering at Omega, action to the floor where he throws him into the barricade! Freight train crossbody while Black hammers Matt’s face with kicks! Brody back inside, big chops to Nick, tag to Buddy and a pumphandle maneuver gets reversed into a victory roll pin for two!

King back in, corner body avalanche and a biel! Nick ducks a lariat and staggers the big man with a kick! Omega tags in, off hte top, diving crossbody and he fends off Brody’s teammates with axhandles! Brody shrugs one off, basement dropkick puts him to one knee, Kotaro Krusher... NOPE!

Fireman’s carry, Finlay Roll into the moonsault... THE KNEES ARE UP! Matthews shotgun dropkicks Kenny and knocks the Bucks off the apron! House of Black triple team denied with kicks, V-Trigger connects to the back of Brody’s head... NOT ENOUGH! Omega wants the Dragon suplex, but King breaks his grip and drops him with a huge lariat!

Matthews and Black with quick tags, hoisting Omega up but Nick makes the save! Malakai lays him out with a kick, rising knee for Omega, rolling into a figure four legscissor... MATT BREAKS IT UP WITH AN ELBOW DROP! Superkick Party takes Brody down, Buddy with Meteora, more superkicks, a standing Shiranui but Malakai blasts Matt Jackson with a knee!

Kenny and Malakai trading forearms in the middle of the ring, overhead elbow from Black gets a knee! Knee out of the corner gets a V-Trigger and both men are down and out! Julia Hart grabs Nick’s boot and King dangles him off the apron with a sleeper! Matt cuts him off with a superkick, another one, V-Trigger kncoks him down!

Black throwing kicks, Kenny gets the Dragon suplex! Another one, Julia Hart gets up on the apron to run interference, turns around into Black Mass but ducks it, Black slips out of One-Winged Angel and sidesteps... OMEGA BLASTS JULIA WITH THE V-TRIGGER! BLACK MASS CONNECTS BUT NICK JACKSON MAKES THE SAVE!

Brody and Buddy throw him out of the ring and hoist Kenny up for Dante’s Inferno... THIS TIME MATT MAKES THE SAVE! Matthews kicks him to the floor... BRODY DIVES ON BOTH BUCKS AND THROWS MATT INTO THE CROWD! Surrounding Kenny Omega, Malakai draws him up but the Bucks recover and pull his teammates out of the ring!

Superkick Party on Black, on Matthews, on King! Tag to Matt, BTE Trigger... BUDDY BREAKS IT UP! Nick cuts him off with a gamengiri, the Bucks call for the Meltzer Driver but Matthews cuts Nick out of midair with a knee! Black Mass sets him up, Dante’s Inferno...

House of Black win by pinfall with a lateral press from Malakai Black on Matt Jackson to become your new AEW World Trios Champions.

Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Ruby Soho vs. Saraya (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Hayter with a back elbow for Saraya and a lariat for Soho and Saraya goes around and trips her up from the floor! Throwing Jamie over the barricade, Ruby dives on her with a dropkick to the floor! Brawling out into the crowd, Soho holding court with chops until she gets double Hot Shotted into the barricade!

Saraya brings Hayter back to ringside and clubs at her, back inside, front kick and a headbutt, fighting to the apron. Jockeying for position, Hayter shoves her into the post and hits an STO into the apron! Ruby back into the match, reverse chinlock grounding the champion!

Jamie to her feet as Saraya comes back in and somehow Hayter ends up on top with charging elbows, stacking them up for a lariat and then a double suplex! Off the ropes, double lariat... NOPE! All three women down and out, Hayter clutching her knee while Dr. Britt Baker, DMD leads the crowd in a singalong for her.

All three women slugging it out from their knees to their feet, Saraya ends up in the middle eating all the forearms but kicks and slaps get her out of it briefly! Windmill punches send her to the apron, Ruby off the ropes with the headscissors driver... SO CLOSE!

Up in the turnbuckles, Saraya returns... TOWER OF DOOM FOR TWO! She gets the Scorpion Crosslock on Soho and Hayter breaks it up with a wicked lariat! Toni Storm runs interference, Hayter blasts her with a forearm and Saraya takes advantage to hit the cradle DDT!

Britt runs interference, Ruby in with Destination Unknown on Saraya... JAMIE BREAKS IT UP! Looking for No Future, Hayter blocks it, ripcord lariat on Saraya when she comes in, Ruby with a cradle for two! Duck a kick, Jamie with a schoolboy, only two! Trying again...

Jamie Hayter wins by pinfall with a crucifix pin on Ruby Soho, retaining the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Post-match, Toni Storm attacks Hayter and puts boots to her! Saraya joins her pal, Britt Baker runs in, Soho is down and out in the corner trying to figure out how she wants to play it and she dumps Saraya and Toni to the floor! She tells them they don’t run this place and this is their home!

Hayter raises Ruby’s hand... NO FUTURE! BRITT TAKES DESTINATION UNKNOWN! Ruby stands tall and Storm, furious, knocks a camera operator out and smashes the camera on the floor! Saraya gives Ruby the spray paint and she takes it, spraying Ls on Team DMD!

“Hangman” Adam Page vs Jon Moxley (Texas Death Match)

Hangman cuts Moxley off in his entrance beats him down in the crowd! To the ringside area, throwing Jon in, Page ducks a lariat and they get to trading forearms and chops! Mox lays him out long enough to provoke a count from referee Paul Turner and goes and gets a length of barbed wire.

He and Adam fight over the wire and Hangman grinds it into Moxley’s forehead! Wrapping it around his boot while Jon bleeds, wrists clutched... ADAM STOMPS THE BARBED WIRE INTO MOX’S CHEST BUT HE BLOCKS AND RAINS MOUNTED PUNCHES DOWN! Another coil of wire, Jon wrapping around his fist and punching Page with it!

Triangle choke applied, Moxley spikes Hangman again and again in the forehead with a fork! More fork action in the corner, tearing at the wound before going around ringside and grabbing a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire and wedging it into the turnbuckles!

Mox stops short of a whip and dodges a charge, sending Adam Page face-first into the wire! Jon gets a couple chairs and does a little hardcore feng shui, putting two chairs back to back and setting a coil of barbed wire on top! Page with a fireman’s carry, Moxley slips out, mounted punches in the corner and biting Hangman’s wound!

Adam slips under... POWERBOMB INTO THE BARBED WIRE CHAIRS! Hangman with a coil of wire, wrapping it around his torso... BARBED WIRE ORIHARA MOONSAULT CONNECTS! Page leans a barbed wire board against a chair in the ramp but when he returns to the ring Moxley takes him out with an Ace Crusher!

Mox to the floor and he grabs a couple bricks and a length of chain! Back inside, he sandwiches Hangman’s hand between the bricks and stomps them! Page clutching his hand, Jon gets the chain and piles it in the middle of the ring... PILEDRIVER INTO THE CHAIN!

Page beats the ten count, Mox deathlocks his legs and ties the chain around his feet before applying a deathlock STF! Hangman bites his hand and flips the bird before slapping Jon across the face! Jon rolls to the floor and sets up a pair of chairs and bridges them with a barbed wire board!

Again Adam beats the count and Moxley goes back in, stepping on the injured hand to stop him grabbing the barbed wire chair! Jon sets the barbed wire chair on the mat, Page goes for Deadeye but Jon reverses to a reverse chinlock! Backdrop Driver cuts him off and Hangman drops him with a lariat!

Trading strikes, Page scoops him up... FALLAWAY SLAM INTO THE BARBED WIRE CHAIR! DEADEYE INTO THE CHAIR IMMEDIATELY AFTER! Jon beats the count and goes to the floor and Hangman puts him into the barbed wire board at the base of the ramp with a plancha!

Cutting Page off in the turnbuckles, raking his back deep with jagged fingernails and Hangman returns the favor! Moxley grinds the wire into Page’s back and Adam returns the favor to the forehead! Jon with a desperate lunge... HANGMAN GOES OFF THE TOP AND INTO THE BARBED WIRE BOARD MOX HAD BRIDGED ACROSS TWO CHAIRS!

Turner makes his count and Page makes it to his feet at the absolute last split second! Jon drops him with a lariat when he returns to the ring but again he beats the count! Page lays him out with a lariat, to the apron, Buckshot reversed... DEATH RIDER! HE SETS THE BRICKS UP AND HITS BLACKOUT ONTO THE BRICKS! Page back on his feet and Jon puts a sleeper hold on him!

Falling back, body scissors, adjusting, Adam manages to get to his feet but succumbs to the choke and collapses! Referee counting again, Moxley winds the chain around his fist and lays in wait, Hangman has the other end of the chain and pulls him in for a lariat!

Jockeying for position over the bricks, Page chokes Jon with the chain but he slips away! HANGMAN PAGE CLOBBERS MOXLEY WITH ONE OF THE BRICKS TO THE FACE! Hangman to the apron, Jon flips him the bird... BUCKSHOT! A LARIAT SENDS MOX OVER THE ROPES WITH THE CHAIN WRAPPED AROUND HIS NECK!


“Hangman” Adam Page wins by submission by hanging Moxley over the ropes with the chain.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Wardlow (AEW TNT Championship)

Wardlow taking it to Joe with heavy hands on the floor, throwing him into the barricade and then back inside and Samoa cuts him off with the suicide dive! Throwing Mr. Mayhem into the post, back inside, jabs in the corner, whip across, Wardlow steps up into a senton atomico and follows it up with shoulder thrusts in the corner!

Hard whip into the corner, mounted punches from the challenger and a straight suplex follows. Crossface strikes and overhead elbows, big chop in the ropes! Joe gets back into it, throwing hands, punch for punch, a leg kick crumbles Wardlow and he follows it with a heel hook and Mr. Mayhem grabs the ropes for the break!

Jabs ahoy, Samoa off the ropes and Wardlow plants him with a spinebuster! Fireman’s carry, he hits the F-10 and goes up top and hits the senton atomico... ONLY TWO! Joe gets the Coquina Clutch, Wardlow flagging but not failing, he manages to crawl and get a foot on the ropes!

Wardlow gets him up but Joe escapes and lays him out with a lariat! Headbutt from Mr. Mayhem and he follows it with a bodyscissors sleeper! Referee doing the arm test on Samoa... HE’S OUT! IT’S OVER!

Wardlow wins by referee stoppage with a bodyscissors sleeper hold, becoming your new AEW TNT Champion.

Powerhouse Hobbs conducts the symphony from a skybox, staring Wardlow down ahead of their title match this week.

Ass Boys (Austin & Colten Gunn) (c) vs. Danhausen & Orange Cassidy vs. Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett) vs. the Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Jarrett and Cassidy to start, Jeff isn’t having the “hands in the pocket crap” but ducks under a collar and elbow and struts for the crowd! Orange returns the favor, ducking a lockup and doing a lazy strut before putting his hands in his pockets! Dropkick, back body drops as all the heels run in and he winds up a big punch the mere threat of which sends Jeff reeling!

Taghausen to Danhausen, stacking lariats up on Lethal, up for a slam but Jarrett cuts Danhausen off! Tijeras for Lethal, northern lights with the bridge... NOPE! Gunns tag in and try to work Danhausen over, he fends them off best he can and tags Cassidy back in!

Smashing both Ass Boys into the turnbuckles, off the top, diving crossbody, satellite DDT for Austin and a dive for Colten! Winding the Orange Punch up but Austin tags out to Jay Lethal! Lethal Combination, finger to the sky, Stundog Millionaire replaces a suplex and a tag to Caster!

Scissor Me Timbers denied when Jeff runs in, Sonjay Dutt saves him from the same fate and takes the Scissor Me Timbers instead! Acclaimed scissor and the Ass Boys run in and cut them off! Jay putting boots to Bowens, Jarrett with a cheap choke while referee Aubrey Edwards is occupied!

Side Russian legsweep, putting boots to Anthony and poking the eyes! Topknot Gunn tags in, double-teams on Bowens but no pin! Delayed vertical suplex, heels aligned and the heat segment rolls on. Anthony shoves Lethal into Jarrett and tags Caster in! Lariats aplenty, superkick takes Jeff out!

Whip reversed, Caster ducks a lariat, hits one of his own and kips up! Olympic Slam follows, cover... JARRETT BREAKS IT UP! Arm wringer, Stroke blcoked, Max with a fireman’s carry but Lethal cuts him off! The alliance ends when the Ass Boys attack Lethal and Jarrett and Satnam Singh hits the ring to throw them to the floor!

He turns around to see Danhausen pointing a finger and trying to curse him! Dutt comes in to deal with Danhausen, he breaks Sonjay’s pencil and boots him to the floor! Orange Punch, low blow, Daddy Ass slides in... FAMEASSER ON THE SEVEN FOOTER! THE ASS BOYS HIT THEIR OWN DAD IN THE GENTLEMAN’S AREA!

The Acclaimed send the Gunns flying, big back elbows and chops, superkick sets Colten up for a fireman’s carry slam and a running knee! Catching Austin, the Arrival connects, Max off the top... MIC DROP BUT COLTEN MAKES THE SAVE! The match breaks down, Bowens gets sent to the floor, Jarrett tags in.

Guitar in hand, Caster ducks the Kabong and picks the guitar up! Max lines him up but Aubrey takes the guitar away! JAY LETHAL BLASTS CASTER WITH PAUL WALTER HAUSER’S GOLDEN GLOBE! JARRETT HITS THE STROKE AND MAX CASTER KICKS OUT! Jeff argues with Edwards and shoves her!

She shoves back, she’s not taking his shit! The Ass Boys throw Jarrett to the floor, Danhausen goes for a pin, only two! Rebound German suplex out of the corner, the elbow pad comes off, cursing Colten but Austin slides in...

Ass Boys win by pinfall with 3:10 to Yuma on Danhausen, retaining the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, the Ass Boys are interviewed in the ring and Colten asks who’s an Ass Boy now. (Well, you two are.) Austin claims they’re the best tag team in the world...


They pick up the AEW World Tag Team Championship title belts and hold them high.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman (c) (AEW World Championship 60-Minute Iron Man Match)

Feeling out, Friedman decides to bail and comes back in with an arm drag. Hammerlock, Danielson reverses into an ankle lock, wrenching it in, pivoting into an Indian deathlock, bridging back before applying a deathlock bow-and-arrow and then a Haas of Pain!

MJF gets away and Bryan does jumping jacks to show off his conditioning! Front kick, Max with jumping jacks of his own, whip across, shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog, hip toss, upkick blocks. Danielson side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog, hip toss, upkick!

Scoop and a slam, Bryan rolls away from an elbow drop, drop toehold, miss the elbow drop, headlock takeovers and headscissors exchanges, kip-up into a stalemate! Friedman decides to walk and heads out into the crowd! He takes a drink from some lady and throws it on her kid!

Back at ringside and beating referee Bryce Remsburg’s count and immediately rolling back out. He jaws at the camera about the stalling costing him a star with Dave Meltzer and then slides back in to strut after Dragon slides out after him! Danielson back inside, jumping jacks, waistlock, standing switches, trading full nelsons, Bryan with a victory roll for two!

Full nelson, putting his weight on MJF’s back, rolling him through, looking for the Romero Special, Remsburg admonishes him for clawing Max’s nose and he has until five, referee! Stomping the knees, Friedman runs for the corner and pulls Bryce in with him! Danielson carefully separates them and lays kicks in on the champion in the corner until Remsburg pulls him aside!

Max grabs the trunks to pull Bryan into the turnbuckles and put boots to him! Drawing him up, whip across, big back body drop connects! Another back body drop, flipping the bird at the crowd, whip reversed and now Danielson hits a back body drop of his own! Whip across, another one and Dragon does the Jushin Liger flex!

Uppercuts in the ropes, Max yanks Bryan’s arm down over the ropes and whips him hard into the turnbuckles! MJF goes under the ring for a bottle of water and has a breather on the floor. Back inside, going after the arm, Danielson with body blows to fight back and Max grabs his hair to trip him!

To the floor, Max throws Bryan back inside and flips off some fans, only to get caught by a wrecking ball dropkick when he turns around! Danielson follows with a suicide dive but MJF manages to deflect the impact and sends him shoulder-first into the barricade!

Hammerlock front chancery sets up the DDT... NOT ENOUGH! Wristlock, wrenching it at full extension, Danielson throws forearms but Friedman throws him over and follows it with a hammerlock back suplex for two! Mounted punches in the turnbuckle, setting Dragon up top, wristlock in the turnbuckles.

Bryan throwing headbutts, perching... AVALANCHE SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Chops and kicks in the corner, turning the champion’s chest into ground meat, running corner dropkicks follow! Mounted punches of his own, setting MJF back up top... AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER CAN’T KEEP HIM DOWN!

In the corner, Max off the second and he hits a double stomp through Danielson’s arm! Armbar, shoot him off, duck a lariat, MJF counters a Frankensteiner into a powerbomb backbreaker on the knee... SO CLOSE! Looking for the LeBell Lock in the aftermath but Friedman catapults him!

Bryan wants to skin the cat but his arm gives out and MJF knocks him down with a superkick and flexes like Shawn Michaels as he crashes to the floor! Max happy to take the countout until Danielson gets on his feet, Asai Moonsault, MJF lands on his feet but tweaks his knee and Dragon lays him out with a suicide dive!

Back inside, Max counters and wants Salt of the Earth but Bryan has his hands clasped, tries to reverse... MJF HITS A PUMPHANDLE STORM CRADLE DRIVER DANGERRRROUS! Off the ropes, Danielson hits an Axe Bomber but struggles to capitalize on the injured shoulder! Small package for two, headlock takeover, reversed to a pin, back and forth, Bryce counting almost constantly but neither man gets a pin!

Inside cradle, back and forth and rolling around the ring... DANIELSON KICKS OUT! Sunset flip, again back and forth, jackknife pin, bridging up, backslide, iterating on a victory roll... STILL NO! Both men down and out in the aftermath, Remsburg issuing a standing ten count, Dragon kips up and lies in wait...

Bryan Danielson wins the first fall by pinfall with a Busaiku Knee, going 1-0.

Waiting for Max to get back to his feet, charging in again but the champion collapses! Drawing Friedman up, he hits a low blow right in front of Remsburg...

Bryan Danielson wins the second fall by disqualification, going 2-0.

But MJF capitalizes...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins the third fall by pinfall with a lateral press, going 1-2.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins the fourth fall by pinfall with a lateral press, going 2-2.

Friedman goes for the Heatseeker but Danielson avoids him and takes things to the floor, kicks against the barricade! MJF clobbers him with a lariat on the floor! Taking the knee pad down, Max charges in but Bryan cuts him off and hammers him with chest kicks in the barricade as we hit the thirty minute mark!

Breaking the count, back outside... CORNER DROPKICK ON THE FLOOR! Capitalizing on the injured knee, Bryan posts MJF’s knee repeatedly and punches him in the face! Back inside, dropping a knee on his knee, applying a toehold and then into a figure four leglock!

Max trying to roll over and reverse the pressure, but Danielson goes with it and keeps him rolling right back into the hold! He gets the ropes, Bryan has until five but breaks the hold! On the apron, Dragon wants a piledriver but his arm gives out, Max gets him up for one but Bryan hits his knee until it gives out!

They trade strikes to each other’s injuries and Danielson’s leg kicks win the day! Setting MJF up top, overhead elbows follow, Friedman hanging in there, jockeying for position... BRYAN FALLS TO THE FLOOR! Max grabs the turnbuckle camera and yanks it free of the ringpost!

He’s not going to use it though, stepping over the wire and throwing Bryan shoulder-first into the ringpost! Clearing the timekeeper’s table, he sets Danielson on top of it and goes up top, tearing a turnbuckle cover... ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPER’S TABLE!

MJF drags Remsburg back inside and demands a count while the ringside doctor checks on Danielson... THE AMERICAN DRAGON BEATS THE COUNT! Max takes the cloth off the timekeeper’s table and drags Bryan out to it... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE BUT HIS KNEE IS SCREAMING AGONY AND HE ROLLS AWAY CLUTCHING IT!

Commentary informing us this is now officially the longest match of MJF’s career, Danielson bleeding from the forehead, Max jams his thumb into Bryan’s forehead and takes him back inside...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins the fifth fall by pinfall with the Heatseeker, going 3-2.

Another breather on the floor for a drink of water, Max goes back inside and hammers Bryan with mounted punches, opening the wound further! Jawing at the American Dragon, stomping his face, telling him he “fucking sucks”, telling him to say hi to his kids while he hammers him with crossface strikes and claws at the wound!

Tearing at the KT tape on Bryan’s shoulder, he powers up but collapses when he goes to throw a punch and Max is cocky about it and blows a snot rocket on him! MJF offers him a free shot and Dragon takes it with a wicked palm strike! A headbutt from the champion knocks him down!

To the floor, Bryan throws Max into the post and begins rallying as we cross the forty-five minute line! DIVING KNEE OFF THE APRON! Arm hanging limp at his side, Danielson breaks the count and heads up top... OVER THE POST DIVING KNEE STRIKE PUTS FRIEDMAN ASS OVER TEAKETTLE!

Dragging MJF back inside, Bryan up top but Max rises to cut him off! Up top with him, jockeying for position, Dragon slips under and crotches him! Back up top, straddling the ropes, mounted punches, spider superplex! Sitting up, Danielson perches, he can only raise one arm for it... DIVING HEADBUTT!

Max now gushing from the forehead, crawling up the turnbuckles, Bryan off the ropes, Busaiku Knee but no cover! Deathlock... REGAL STRETCH! MAX TAPS!

Bryan Danielson wins the sixth fall by submission with a Regal Stretch, going 3-3.

Trying for the Regal Stretch again with ten minutes on the clock but Max reverses to Salt of the Earth! Danielson manages to post up and roll through and puts the omoplata on for the LeBell Lock! Adjusting his positioning, looking for the crossface, his hands slipping off of Friedman’s bloody face he rolls him around into the middle of the ring and gets it all the way on!

He reverses to a pin, only two, and right back to Salt of the Earth! Danielson almost gets the ropes but MJF pulls him back into the middle of the ring and grapevines the arm! Bryan crawling for the ropes, Max turns it around into a scissored armbar and grabs the leg too! One free leg and Danielson won’t give... HE GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES AND FORCES THE BREAK!

Forehead to forehead, score even, on their knees and trading punches! To their feet, Danielson staggers him with a vicious headbutt! Trading forearms, off the ropes, they both go for forearms at the same time and collapse to their knees with just about six minutes on the clock!

Dragon laughing as we get the five minute call and they both rise and trade punches with abandon! Danielson shrugs off a chop and throws a heavy one of his own to stagger Friedman! Trading chops, off the ropes, roundhouse kick gets a rolling elbow! Danielson with a vicious elbow out of the corner, lying in wait, mouth bloody but MJF isn’t getting up! Drawing him up, Max low-bridges him to the floor and wrenches his arm over the ropes!

Heatseeker piledriver... DANIELSON FINDS THE WILL TO KICK OUT! Max goes under the ring for more water, hobbling to the corner after hydrating himself, setting Danielson up top! Jockeying for position, overhead elbows from the American Dragon with less than three mintues to go!

MJF gets him over his shoulder... AVALANCHE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER BUT HIS KNEE IS ALL JACKED UP AND MAX CAN’T MAKE A COVER! Clock counting down, a minute and a half as Friedman tries to crawl into a cover... ONLY TWO! DRAGON WAKES UP AND WRENCHES A SINGLE-LEG CRAB IN!


The match goes to a time limit draw, three falls to three.

Medics check on both men, giving them oxygen as the crowd chants “bullshit.”

Tony Schiavone is talking to somebody on his headset and says he’ll be glad to go down there and heads to the ring while Danielson paces and leads the crowd in chants. Tony talks to Justin Roberts and Bryce Remsburg and tells them Tony Khan doesn’t want a draw.

Roberts announces it and says the match will go to one more fall under sudden death rules!

Friedman looks shocked and confused, Danielson is jubilant, Max shoves Bryce, he shoves back, Danielson with a schoolboy... SO CLOSE! Low blow from Friedman, handful of trunks... BRYAN KICKS OUT! Max grabs the title belt, Remsburg admonishes him and reminds him a DQ will lose him the title and invites him to do so!

Dynamite Diamond Ring on his fingers, Poison Frankensteiner connects, Yes! chants, Busaiku Knee connects... MAXWELL JACOB FRIEDMAN WILL NOT STAY DOWN! Danielson picks the leg, hamstring kicks and back to the half crab! BRYCE TAKES THE DYNAMITE DIAMOND RING AWAY!

Adding a heel hook to the half crab, MJF digging deep, trying to find whatever last reserve of willpower he has... HE GETS THE ROPES! Danielson thinks Max tapped but Bryce has to tell him he got the break! MJF grabs an oxygen tank the medics left at ringside and clocks Bryan with it!

He hides it under the ring, applies the LeBell Lock, Bryce does the hand test... DANIELSON ISN’T DONE YET! Bryan gets a foot under himself but he fades again...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins the seventh and final fall by submission with a LeBell Lock, going 4-3 and retaining the AEW World Championship.

Post-match it takes a long beat for Max to get up and reclaim the title belt and even then he can’t get to his feet, simply crawling into a corner and smiling through all the blood on his face.

That’s the show, folks.

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Bijan Robinson at 2023 NFL Combine: Measurements, Highlights and Reaction

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - MARCH 05: Bijan Robinson of Texas participates in the 40-yard dash during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 05, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Former Texas Longhorns running back Bijan Robinson is widely regarded as the best player at his position in the 2023 NFL draft class, and he solidified himself as such with an impressive performance in the NFL Scouting Combine on Sunday.

The 5'11", 215-pound speedster put on a strong display of his full skill set and will likely have teams salivating at the chance to add him to their backfield.

Robinson recorded an official time of 4.46 seconds in the 40-yard dash with a 10-yard split of 1.52. He registered a vertical jump of 37 inches and a 10'4" broad jump. He also impressed during the on-field drills with his quick feet and strong burst with the ball in his hands.

The 21-year-old was the talk of NFL Twitter on Sunday after his stellar showing:

Jordan Reid @ Jordan_Reid Bijan Robinson was as advertised. Effortless runner that's the total package. Special player. <br><br>Full Day 4 recap: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a>
NFL @ NFL 4.47u for Texas Longhorn RB Bijan Robinson!<a href="">@TexasFootball</a> | <a href="">@Bijan5Robinson</a><br><br>📺: <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#NFLCombine</a> on <a href="">@nflnetwork</a><br>📱: Stream on NFL+ <a href=""></a>

Bijan Robinson at 2023 NFL Combine: Measurements, Highlights and Reaction

Nick @ NotoriousFNTSY 4.47 for Bijan Robinson. Some team is going to take this man in the top half of the draft. <a href=""></a>
Andrew Perloff @ andrewperloff Bijan Robinson first 40 at 4.47 and he stumbled. He's a major challenge to the don't draft a RB crowd (which I'm in)
Jacob Infante @ jacobinfante24 Bijan Robinson running a 4.47 is a very good time for him, especially at his size.<br><br>He swerved a little bit, too, indicating he could run even faster with better technique. One of the best RB prospects I've scouted these last few years.
Cedric Golden @ CedGolden Bijan Robinson stumbled out of the blocks but still ran an unofficial 4.47. He will go lower.
Dave Kluge @ DaveKluge Bijan Robinson finishing this run harder than Bobby Boucher<a href=""></a>
Jon Helmkamp @ JonHelmkamp Bijan Robinson is just stoopid good. <a href=""></a>
Hook'em Headlines @ HookemHeadlines Bijan Robinson with one of the top 5 best broad jumps among RBs at the NFL Combine. <a href=""></a>
StaceyDales @ StaceyDales Bijan Robinson 37" vertical⬇️ <a href=""></a>
Cory Mose @ Cory_Mose Bijan Robinson just told NFL Network that he doesn't plan on working out during Texas' pro day on Thursday <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#HookEm</a>
Russell Brown @ RussNFLDraft Top-5 player Bijan Robinson looking incredibly fluid <a href=""></a>
MLFootball @ _MLFootball Draft expert Daniel Jeremiah mentioned <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Texas</a> superstar running back Bijan Robinson as a potential pick <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Patriots</a> at pick #14: <br><br>"When everybody's zigging, [Belichick] zags… plug him in with Mac Jones. You talk about a nice present for Bill O'Brien as he comes back into the… <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a>
Meghan Hall @ TheMeghanHall That's gotta be a 4.4 for Bijan Robinson. He even stumbled.
Russell Brown @ RussNFLDraft Texas RB Bijan Robinson with an unofficial 40 yard dash time of 4.47 seconds on his first run. His vertical jump was 37" and broad jump was 10' 4" (124"). <br><br>Here's a comparable RB when looking at times and measurements from the Scouting Combine: <a href=""></a>
Jordan Loupe @ CantALoupe_FF Bijan Robinson's floor is Barry Sanders and his ceiling is Jim Brown.

Robinson is coming off a junior season with Texas in which he racked up 1,580 yards and 18 touchdowns on 258 carries. He also added 19 catches for 314 yards and two more scores on his way to winning the Doak Walker Award and being named a unanimous All-American.

B/R's NFL scouting department has Robinson ranked as the fourth overall prospect in the most recent draft big board . He is described as "an ideal blend between efficiency and high-end athletic traits for the position."

It's clear that Robinson is a game-changing talent who can be a franchise cornerstone, and he solidified his status as such during his performance Sunday.

Texas Tech Coach Mark Adams Suspended Pending Investigation

Avatar photo

Texas Tech has suspended Mark Adams pending an investigation following an “inappropriate, unacceptable, and racially insensitive comment” made to a player last week.

Adams told Stadium that the comments he made were not racist, and that he was quoting a Bible verse when he told one of his players that there is “always a master and a servant.” “I was quoting the scripture,” Adams told Stadium. “It was a private conversation about coaching and when you have a job, and being coachable.”

“I said that in the Bible that Jesus talks about how we all have bosses, and we all are servants,” Adams added. “I was quoting the Bible about that.” Adams, 66, addressed the team the following day, but said it was to explain the situation. He said he did not apologize. “One of my coaches said it bothered the player,” Adams said. “I explained to them. I didn’t apologize.”  According to sources, Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt was notified of the incident by a staff member late last week, and reached out to the player’s family. In a statement, Texas Tech said that Hocutt immediately addressed the matter and issued a written reprimand. The school said it will conduct a “more thorough inquiry of Adams’ interactions with his players and staff.”  There was also a separate incident earlier in the season the school is also investigating in which Adams spit on the player. Adams told Stadium he had gone to the doctor, had a bad cough and slobbered on the player during the game. “I can spit on you whenever I want to,” one person close to the situation said Adams responded to the player. “I don’t remember ever saying that,” Adams said.  Adams is in his second season at the helm after being promoted from his spot as an assistant coach. Texas Tech was 27-10 last season and went to the Sweet 16, but the Red Raiders have struggled this season and are 16-15 overall and 5-13 in Big 12 play. Adams still has more than $7 million remaining on his contract.  Texas Tech plays West Virginia in the first round of the Big 12 tournament on Wednesday.

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Jill Biden dismisses Nikki Haley's proposal for mental competency tests

First lady calls proposal 'ridiculous'.

Greg Wehner

Haley 2024 bid: Promises mental competency tests and term limits for politicians

"Special Report" panelists weigh in on former President Donald Trump's reaction to Nikki Haley formally launching her 2024 presidential campaign and the debt limit standoff on Capitol Hill. 

First lady Jill Biden dismissed statements made by Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley who called for politicians over the age of 75 to undergo mental capacity tests, according to reports.

CNN reported that in an interview set to air on the network Monday night, the first lady called the proposal ridiculous, and when asked if the president would consider taking a mental capacity test if elected, she said, "We would never even discuss something like that."

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden (Jacob King / Pool Photo via AP / File)

Haley, 51, threw her name into the ring as a Republican presidential candidate last month and made headlines after calling for "mental competency tests" for politicians over the age of 75.


President Joe Biden turned 80 in November and former President Trump, also a candidate for president this go-round, is 76.

A Fox News Poll conducted in late February found that, overall, 77% of Americans favor requiring such tests, with 83% of millennials, 84% of GenXers and 66% of Baby Boomers supporting the idea.

Nikki Haley visits "Hannity" at Fox News Channel Studios on Jan. 20, 2023, in New York City.

Nikki Haley visits "Hannity" at Fox News Channel Studios on Jan. 20, 2023, in New York City. (Theo Wargo / Getty Images)

The study also found that 87% of Republicans, 74% of Independents and 67% of Democrats surveyed favor the mental capacity tests.


Still, the first lady rejected the idea of the tests when interviewed by CNN.

"How many 30-year-olds could travel to Poland, get on the train, go nine more hours, go to Ukraine, meet with President (Volodymyr) Zelenskyy?" she asked the news network. "So, look at the man. Look at what he’s doing. Look at what he continues to do each and every day."

The first lady is not the first to reject Haley’s proposal and likely will not be the last.

In fact, former Vice President Mike Pence disagreed with the presidential hopeful’s proposal in an interview with CBS last week.


"I come from southern Indiana where people think most politicians should have a competency test," Pence, 63, joked. "No, I think the American people can sort that out. I really do."

Haley targets Democrats, fellow Republicans over exploding national debt

Greg Wehner is a breaking news reporter for Fox News Digital.

Fox News First

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Dems looking beyond Biden could urge past superstars like Hillary Clinton, Al Gore for 2024 ticket

Dems looking beyond Biden could urge past superstars like Hillary Clinton, Al Gore for 2024 ticket

Biden makes unproven claim that he was a civil rights activist during Selma speech

Biden makes unproven claim that he was a civil rights activist during Selma speech

California Dem Senate candidates all back far-left climate proposals

California Dem Senate candidates all back far-left climate proposals

Jill Biden dismisses Nikki Haley's proposal for mental competency tests


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  14. Trump asks judge to block Pence subpoena in DOJ probe: reports

    Former President Trump is asking a federal judge to block a subpoena for his former vice president, Mike Pence, to testify before a grand jury that is investigating Trump's efforts to overturn ...

  15. 'Hangman' Adam Page Defeats Jon Moxley in Texas Death Match at AEW

    "Hangman" Adam Page and Jon Moxley settled the score Sunday night at AEW Revolution, with Page prevailing in a Texas Death Match. The issues between Page and Moxley date back to October when Mox ...

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  17. Dennard Wilson, Eagles agree to mutually part ways: report

    After being a finalist for the #Eagles DC job that went to Sean Desai, Philly defensive pass game coordinator and DBs coach Dennard Wilson and the team are mutually parting ways, sources say. This ...

  18. Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington dies at age 71, band announces

    ABC7 Bay Area 24/7 live stream. American rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington has died, the band announced on their official Facebook page Sunday evening. "It is with our deepest ...

  19. AEW Revolution 2023 results, live streaming match coverage

    A pre-show, Zero Hour, will stream live and free starting at 7:00 p.m. Eastern / 4:00 p.m. Pacific on All Elite's YouTube channel, Bleacher Report, and right here at Cageside Seats. In the U.S. & Canada, the main card is available at Bleacher Report, and via cable & satellite providers for $49.99. Internationally, it's $19.99 on

  20. Bijan Robinson at 2023 NFL Combine: Measurements, Highlights and

    Robinson is coming off a junior season with Texas in which he racked up 1,580 yards and 18 touchdowns on 258 carries. He also added 19 catches for 314 yards and two more scores on his way to ...

  21. Texas Tech Coach Mark Adams Suspended Pending Investigation

    Texas Tech has suspended Mark Adams pending an investigation following an "inappropriate, unacceptable, and racially insensitive comment" made to a player last week. Adams told Stadium that the comments he made were not racist, and that he was quoting a Bible verse when he told one of his players that there is "always a master and a ...

  22. Jill Biden dismisses Nikki Haley's proposal for mental competency tests

    Nikki Haley 2024 bid: Promises mental competency tests and term limits for politicians 'Special Report' panelists weigh in on former President Donald Trump's reaction to Nikki Haley formally ...