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medical literature search process

Saroj Suwal

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Literature search techniques

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medical literature search ppt

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Chapter 2 medical literature search process


medical literature search ppt

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medical literature search ppt

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medical literature search ppt

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Effective Medical Literature Searching

Published by Cleopatra Shelton Modified over 7 years ago

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Presentation on theme: "Effective Medical Literature Searching"— Presentation transcript:

Effective Medical Literature Searching

Chapter 7 Literature Searching

medical literature search ppt

An introduction to Medline (CMM2) Medical Subject Librarian Team.

medical literature search ppt

Database Searching: How to Find Journal Articles? START.

medical literature search ppt

Search Strategy and Information Retrieval By Rekha Gupta, NIC

medical literature search ppt

Develop a search statement for searching a database? First, you need to understand what a database is and how it is compiled. Then, you can learn how to.

medical literature search ppt

Introduction to Research Methods. Why do a literature search?  Establish what is already known in your area of interest Numbers of previous studies Findings:

medical literature search ppt

Revised January 2008 IUPUI University Library Randi L. Stocker, MLS developed for the Indiana University School of Nursing.

medical literature search ppt

Searching PubMed Anne Beschnett, MLIS Bio-Medical Library

medical literature search ppt

Searching PubMed. Search fields/accesses  Affiliation [AD]: Harvard Medical School[ad]  Author [AU]: Leon DA[au]  Issue [IP]:The number of the journal.

medical literature search ppt

PubMed and its search options Jan Emmerich, Sonja Jacobi, Kerstin Müller (5th Semester Library Management)

medical literature search ppt

© Literature searching A literature search identifies relevant information sources that are used to answer clinical questions.

medical literature search ppt

Advanced PubMed Searching for First-year PT Master Students Min-Lin E Fang, MLIS Education and Information Consultant for Nursing and Social and Behavioral.

medical literature search ppt

Searching for Medicines Information New Zealand College of Pharmacists.

medical literature search ppt


medical literature search ppt

Shelly Warwick, Ph.D – Permission is granted to reproduce and edit this work for non-commercial educational use as long as attribution is provided.

medical literature search ppt

Library Class for TCM Medline & AMED. Medline MEDLINE® is the U.S. National Library of Medicine's® (NLM) premier bibliographic database that contains.

medical literature search ppt

Introduction to Searching Bibliographic Databases Jennifer Lyon, M.S., M.L.I.S. Eskind Biomedical Library Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville,

medical literature search ppt

Conducting systematic reviews for development of clinical guidelines 8 August 2013 Professor Mike Clarke

medical literature search ppt

Systematic Reviews: Theory and Practice

medical literature search ppt

Search Strategy – Scopus Margaret Vugrin, MSLS, AHIP January 1, 2015.

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All About Searching the Medical Literature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

medical literature search ppt

All About Searching the Medical Literature

Systematic review = a summary of the medical literature that ... maps query to medical subject headings (mesh) and presents appropriate headings ... – powerpoint ppt presentation.

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medical literature search ppt

Literature searching

Literature searching. A literature search identifies relevant information sources that are used to answer clinical questions . The objective of literature searches. Primarily to find journal articles Other useful sources:


Presentation Transcript

Literature searching A literature search identifies relevant information sources that are used to answer clinical questions

The objective of literature searches • Primarily to find journal articles • Other useful sources: • Books, conference proceedings, book chapters, theses, government documents, and websites Evidence-based Chiropractic

Defined searches are a must • Because of the vastness of some databases, searching can be a daunting task • e.g., PubMed lists 4,800 biomedical journals • More than 15 million citations • Vague searches may produce an unmanageable number of articles • Searching PubMed for “headache”  37,147 Evidence-based Chiropractic

Search and retrieval systems • Databases can be searched quickly and easily when focused search strategies are utilized • The best results occur when the search is carefully planned in advance • Less likely to miss important articles • A great deal of time can be saved Evidence-based Chiropractic

Databases • A database is a collection of data that is organized in such a way that it is quick and easy to search for and retrieve specific information using a computer • Databases used in EBP contain bibliographic data from journal articles, books, reviews, etc. • Can be accessed from a remote source using an Internet connection Evidence-based Chiropractic

Databases are organized • Fields • Single bits of information • e.g., title, author, journal name etc. • Records • Collections of fields • e.g., the complete citation • Files • Groups of records Evidence-based Chiropractic

Example PubMed record Authors Title of article Lisi AJ, Cooperstein R, Morschhauser E. An exploratory study of provocation testing with padded wedges: can prone blocking demonstrate a directional preference? J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2004 Feb 27 (2) 103-8 Name of journal Year & month Volume Issue Pages Evidence-based Chiropractic

To search a database • Enter specific terms that correspond to any of the fields in a record • Author names • Words found in the title • The journal’s volume and issue numbers • Most databases also permit text word searches that look for terms used in the abstract or list of key words Evidence-based Chiropractic

Narrow down the search • Enter combinations field items • For instance • A PubMed search using the term “low-back” produces more than 12,500 citations • When “low-back” is combined with “treatment,” 7,869 citations result • When both terms are combined with “manipulation,” the search results are narrowed down to 508 citations Evidence-based Chiropractic

Databases essential to EBP • There are numerous databases to choose from • Each database has a specific emphasis • Consequently one must be familiar with several of them to perform a complete search • Especially pertaining to chiropractic • The following are of interest to chiropractic and CAM practitioners Evidence-based Chiropractic

PubMed • Includes over 15 million citations • Citations are from MEDLINE and additional life science journals • MEDLINE alone has nearly 13 million records from 1966 to the present. • Includes links to many full text articles and other related resources • http://PubMed.gov Evidence-based Chiropractic

Evidence-based Chiropractic

Index Medicus • The online counterpart of Index medicus is MEDLINE • Vol. 41, 2000 was the last printed edition of Index medicus • Is an extensive list of journals that is compiled by the National Library of Medicine (4,959 listed in 2006) • PubMed provides free Internet access to this vast collection of information Evidence-based Chiropractic

CAM on PubMed • Searches the PubMed database to locate CAM-related citations • Can be accessed from PubMed by choosing “Limits” and then “Complementary Medicine” from the “Subsets” menu • There are over 270,000 citations in the PubMed CAM subset • http://www.nlm.nih.gov/nccam/camonpubmed.html Evidence-based Chiropractic

To get to CAM on PubMed Select Select Evidence-based Chiropractic

Manual Alternative and Natural Therapy Index System (MANTIS) • Addresses all areas of alternative medical literature • References from more than 1,400 journals • The largest index of peer reviewed articles for several disciplines including • Chiropractic, osteopathy, homeopathy, and manual medicine • http://www.healthindex.com Evidence-based Chiropractic

Index to Chiropractic Literature (ICL) • Indexes all chiropractic peer-reviewed journals cover-to-cover, and others topically • ICL is indexed by the Chiropractic Library Consortium, which is a group of health science librarians from chiropractic colleges throughout the world • http://www.chiroindex.org Evidence-based Chiropractic

Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL) • Covers nursing and allied health literature from 1982 to the present • Includes citations from 2,593 journals • Also covers biomedicine, alternative and complementary medicine, consumer health and health sciences librarianship • http://www.cinahl.com Evidence-based Chiropractic

AMED • Includes resources in three subject areas • 1) Several professions allied to medicine • 2) Complementary medicine • 3) Palliative care • AMED covers articles from about 596 journals, many not indexed by other sources • http://www.bl.uk/collections/health/amed.html Evidence-based Chiropractic

The Cochrane Library • Consists of eight evidence-based databases that deal with the effects of health care interventions • Provides regularly updated information and evidence to support health care decisions • Cochrane systematic reviews are full text • http://www.thecochranelibrary.org Evidence-based Chiropractic

The Cochrane databases Evidence-based Chiropractic

Multiple database searches • It is usually necessary to search more than one database in order to cover an EBC topic adequately • PubMed has limited coverage of chiropractic journals • However, many relevant articles are found in journals that are not indexed in the chiropractic specific databases (i.e., MANTIS and ICL) Evidence-based Chiropractic

Obtaining copies of articles • Databases sometimes provide links to full-text articles • They typically only generate the article’s citation, including abstract • Copies of the full-text can be ordered directly from the publisher or obtained from a biomedical library Evidence-based Chiropractic

Loansome Doc • Available through PubMed • Articles can be ordered within the PubMed website • Articles are delivered through a nearby DOCLINE library • Must first establish with a relationship with a DOCLINE library • http://www.nlm.nih.gov/loansomedoc/loansome_home.html Evidence-based Chiropractic


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