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Digital Marketing Case Studies That Brought Amazing Results

Category: Digital Marketing

Date: February 9, 2023

Digital Marketing Case Studies That Brought Amazing Results

Reading effective digital marketing case studies is one of the best practices to gain inspiration from other businesses. It helps you learn more about how digital marketers actively reacted to get results for unique situations.

Case studies provide in-depth knowledge about the uncommon situations faced by digital marketers, steps they took to overcome, and the end-results obtained.

As you can learn more from the other marketer’s mistakes, going through case studies will never become vain. You can avoid mistakes in your digital marketing activities and also take similar approaches to the issues you are facing.

In this article, we have covered a wide range of case studies under different aspects of digital marketing , that includes content marketing , social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and much more.

Let’s take a look.

Best Digital Marketing Case Studies for You

Here, we have listed the best digital marketing case studies that reveal the works of expert digital marketers.

Content Marketing Case Studies

Here, we have curated the best content marketing case studies that really worked well and brought amazing results.

a. On-site Retargeting

iSpionage faced a problem in retargeting the readers from their referral blog website to their main website. To fix this, the site placed an on-site retargeting popup on their blog posts.

This made them increase their blog referral traffic by 58% and received up to 5.47% Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Moreover, 4,144+ popup impressions were generated, more than 227+ people were redirected to the main site. To learn more about the case study, click here .

Takeaway – By implementing an on-site retargeting technique, you can educate visitors about your services, create awareness regarding your offers, and drive traffic to your content.

b. Trending Topics

Lawrence of Morocco gained coverage from the Game of Thrones buzz by designing and promoting a map that listed all the filming locations found in the Game of Thrones series. Click here to learn more about the case study.

This brought over 11,300+ visits to the website and outlets in top-tier publications like Washington Post, Mashable, Business Insider, and many more.

Takeaway – By making the best use of trending topics that have gained a massive outreach across the world, you can easily achieve more traction for your brand.

c. Trifecta Content Marketing Strategy

College Raptor proved that it is possible to scale a startup from 0 organic traffic to 100,000 visitors per month within a year using the trifecta content marketing strategy . If you are curious to learn more about this case study, click here .

Takeaway – Content that falls under three categories that include evergreen, social viral, and link building will support you in dominating your SEO rankings. The number of backlinks and media outlets can be increased with the usage of public data and viral content.

d. User Acquisition Content

Fractl’s dating app Sapio leveraged user acquisition efforts that led to a 3,072% spike in weekly app installs in just 5 weeks. Click here , if you like to learn more about the case study.

Takeaway – Understanding your target audience and publishing personalized content at the right time through powerful influencers will add value to your content.

Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Below, we have lined up the best social media marketing case studies.

a. Usage of #Hashtags

Vogue India launched a social awareness initiative regarding the empowerment of women. They created a two-and-a-half-minute video with 99 high-profile women and hashtag #MyChoice. It went viral on the internet that attracted 2M+ views in two days. Click here to learn more about the case study.

Takeaway – Effective usage of catchy hashtags on your social media posts with popular influencers can boost your social media awareness.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

b. Social Media Walls

Tinkham Veale University Center has innovatively built social media walls with keyword-rich content and user-designated #hashtags. It encouraged a number of attendees from all over the world for participating in the events. If you like to learn more about the case study, click here .

Takeaway – Curating your conferences, workshops, etc with the venue details on powerful social media walls is a super promotional point for your events among the aspirants.

c. Social Media Campaigns

AstraZeneca has taken an initiative called #LVNGWith exclusively for connecting lung cancer attacked people with their loved ones. People were invited to leave their answers on Facebook and Instagram for this question – How will you spend your #GiftedDay? Click here to learn more about the case study.

#GiftedDay is such an amazing social media content series that earned half a million views in less than 24 hours, increased 500% of shares, doubled their number of followers and over 1,500+ people newly joined the LVNG With community and many more.

Takeaway – Successful social media campaigns are helpful in creating awareness among the audience and connecting people from all over the globe.

SEO Case Studies

Here, we have consolidated the best SEO case studies that established a stunning presence on the relevant search results.

a. 6-Step SEO Process

UAV Coach was striving to gain traction in the competitive organic search results.

Robbie Richard’s 6-step SEO process supported the UAV Coach to outrank global brands like Mashable, climb to better rankings on Google, generate over 152,732+ visits, drive 11,065% of recurring organic traffic in 6 months, and get many other perks. Curious to learn more about the case study, then click here .

Takeaway – Upgrading existing content with SEO strategies will generate long-term exposure, build authority in your industry, capture quality leads, and eventually convert them into valuable customers.

B2B Social Media Marketing Strategies

b. E-commerce Transactions

Search Logistics assisted a furniture-seller who had a website that was hit by Google penalty and lacked in keyword-optimization techniques. SearchLogistics redesigned the website, built the domain authority through link building, managed the site structure issues, and many more. Click here to learn about a detailed explanation of the case study.

Within 6 months, they were able to experience the positive impacts on the website like a 122.27% increase in organic traffic, a 336% in e-commerce transactions, a 369% in revenue, etc.

Takeaway – Redesign your business website , create quality content, and build effective links to enhance your visibility on the results page for relevant search queries.

c. SEO Achievements at Affordable Budget

Exposure Ninja supported an accountancy firm that followed a basic online marketing approach. It helped in redesigning the website , researching relevant keywords, optimizing the blog content, etc. To read the detailed case study, click here .

These effective SEO practices resulted in a 293% increase in leads, a 156% in site visitors, and a 31% in requesting for consultation.

Takeaway – With smart SEO tactics , it is easy to make a mark in the SEO search results at a shoe-string budget.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Case Studies

Below, we have broken down the best Pay-Per-Click (PPC) case studies that worked effectively.

a. Adwords’ Quality Score

A large number of well-established firms and ad creative regulations have reduced the quality score of InterTrader in AdWords. It negatively affected the average ad positions, impressions on search results, and Cost-Per-Click.

Seperia supported InterTrader in maintaining Adwords’ quality score. This resulted in improving the CTR by 0.81%, average position by 6.1%, and quality score average by 3.3%. Click here to learn more about this case study.

Takeaway – Smart implementation of excellent PPC strategies can bring optimal results like great exposure, numerous CTRs, high average position, low Cost-Per-Click (CPC), etc for your PPC advertising campaign .

b. Revenue Generator

Truprint/Snapfish wanted to improve the overall performance of its PPC advertising activities. Being a premier Google partner Click Consult could whitelist Truprint for a range of exclusive Google beta features.

It brought exceptional results in increasing the revenue by 355%. Also, there was a reduction in the disruption activities of the newly revamped website. To elaborately learn about the technologies used for running this successful PPC campaign, click here .

Takeaway – By focussing on Google Shopping Campaign, Bing Shopping, dynamic remarketing, and many other tactics, you can easily get returns on your PPC investment.

c. Quality Leads

One of the clients of Spinutech was mindful of driving quality leads and high revenue to its website through PPC advertising campaigns.

With the effective use of AdWords, Spinutech could bring amazing results to its client’s website at the end of four-months campaign optimization. It increased the total number of branded leads by 85.71% and decreased the overall Cost-Per-Click (CPC) by 45.02%. Click here to learn more about the study.

Takeaway – By making the best use of high-search volume keywords, it is possible to reduce the CPCs and target the right audience who are interested in your products and services.

Video Marketing Case Studies

Here, we have curated the best video marketing campaigns that really worked in impressing the right viewers.

a. Social Message

Canadian Tire’s advertisement video portrays a small Canadian boy seated in a wheelchair who was encouraged by another small kid to play basketball games. This advertisement about wheels turned out to be one of the viral marketing videos in 2017. To learn more about the case study, click here .

Takeaway – When your brand message is associated with a social cause, it turns out to be a psychological motivator that urges viewers to follow your brand. It evokes strong feelings in viewers at the same time conveys the brand message.

Everything You Need To Know about Rebranding

b. Impressive Content

Android’s Friends Furever video campaign depicts featuring clips of unlikely animals playing and enjoying together.

According to Unruly, a video ad tech company this impressive video was shared more than 6.4 million times and gained the specialization of the most-shared video in 2015. If you like to learn a detailed explanation of the case study, click here .

Takeaway – With eye-catchy video content, it is easy to promote memorable brand messages to the desired audience.

c. Power of Influencers created an excellent video marketing campaign that incorporated speeches of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg about the importance of learning coding languages.

This video marketing campaign bought more traction to the website. Click here to take a look at the detailed explanation of the case study.

Takeaway – With the help of popular influencers, you can spread your brand message in an even more steadfast manner.

Voice Search Case Studies

Below, we have lined up the best voice search case studies.

a. Mobile Voice Search

Typing search queries can be cumbersome, error-prone, and even dangerous in some usage scenarios. Users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices when doing web searches.

In November 2008 Google introduced Google Mobile App (GMA) for iPhone that included a search by voice feature. GMA search by voice extended the paradigm of multi-modal voice search from searching for businesses on maps to searching the entire World Wide Web (WWW). To learn more about the case study, click here .

Takeaway  – By integrating mobile voice search, you can effectively provide the best user experience to your target audience.

Guide To Live Stream Video In Your Website

b. Webpage Content Curation

Anglian Home Improvements had answers for three different FAQs curated on the same page at a single URL. This did not provide the best user experience and affected Google rankings too.

Epiphany Search supported Anglian Home Improvements by listing the FAQs on different pages with optimized content that best suits featured snippets.

As a result of this voice search strategy, the website marked significant visibility on voice search queries by driving 13 inquiries per month. Click here to learn more about the case study.

Takeaway  – Based on the high search volume keywords, you have to create quality content. This helps search engines to easily recognize your content and display it before your target audience.

Guide To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search

Digital Marketing Case Studies – FAQ

Why are Digital Marketing Case Studies Important?

Digital Marketing Case studies are more important to analyze the previous patterns of strategies that businesses adopted to get results. At times, we would also get a glimpse of what did not work in the first place.

How to write a Digital Marketing Case Study?

Writing a Digital Marketing Case Study is much different than any other normal case studies.

Over to You

Digital marketing case studies are useful for you in making the right marketing decisions. If you like to learn about the performance of a digital marketer, case studies will greatly help you!

Are you looking for a professional digital marketing service provider ? At ColorWhistle , our expert digital marketers can help you with tailor-based services that best match your business objectives.

Feel free to get in touch with us via message or call +1 (919) 234-5140 at any time. We are ready to extend our arm of support to you!

Did we miss any interesting digital marketing case studies? Comment your thoughts in the box below. We are glad to hear back from you.

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8 Real Digital Marketing Case Studies

December 24, 2021 ~

Last updated: October 16, 2022

digital marketing case studies

We’ve put out so many posts covering different marketing strategies and tutorials. 

In our Facebook ad examples post, we covered 7 of our clients’ top m ost profitable Facebook ads…

…and we broke the ads down to show what made them work.

You guys really seemed to find that post helpful.

digital marketing case studies

So in this post, we’re going to follow a similar format, but we’re not limiting the examples to Facebook. 

Today, we’re going to walk through some of our top digital marketing case studies using 8 real client examples.

Let’s get started!

8 Digital Marketing Case Studies From Our Clients

Case study #1: moto trax.

The first one on our list of digital marketing case studies is Moto Trax.

It is a snow bike company so he had specific products for a specific audience.

case studies of digital marketing

We performed SEO, social media marketing, PPC, and website needs for them. 

We got them 78 first-page Google rankings that resulted in over 77,000 new clicks to their website and $96,664.98 in revenue, in 5 months. 

digital marketing case studies

We know that’s a lot to unpack, so let’s start with the SEO process.

SEO is the process of making your website rank at the top of the organic Google search results page.

That is when somebody types in a keyword or search term that’s relevant to your business.

For example, if someone searches “atlanta social media management company” on Google/Bing/Yahoo (or any search engine)…

Let Us  Grow Your Revenue ... 

digital marketing case studies

…then the site that is search engine optimized the best for that keyword will be the first organic listing.

So we helped them appear on the first page of Google results for 78 keywords.

Now, SEO is usually a long-term approach, sometimes taking 12 months or more to see first page results. 

So the major key to achieving these results so fast was their site’s age and history.

Our client had already established some web authority over 5 years but was doing SEO wrong.

Our team was able to successfully come in to:

And while we did perform other services for them, which we’ll get into in a second…

…SEO was a big part of our strategy because of the nature of their business.

Because their products were so specific and niche, it made sense to put their business in front of people actively searching for those specific terms.

That’s what our SEO and PPC services did for them.

So just take a minute to think about your business. 

Is the problem your company solves or the solution that your product or service provides something that people Google often?

If you think so, you can confirm by using Google Keyword Planner (it’s free!) to see exactly how often any search term is searched a month. 

But for now, we just wanted to point out that even though SEO is usually a long-term approach…

…that shouldn’t deter your company from starting the process if your audience is on Google actively searching for what you offer.

Now as for the social media service we provided for Mototrax, it’s important to note that you can still target a specific cold audience on social media.

But, it’s not guaranteed that they’re actively searching for or in need of your product right then and there when you deliver the ad to them.

So on that note, let’s look at the social media marketing we did for them to see what worked. 

We drove over 49,000 Facebook page likes, over 205 thousand video views, and 1,718 leads at $2.00 per lead, from social ads.

digital marketing case studies

So how did we do this and what made it work? 

Well to answer the first question, we used specific objective-oriented ad campaigns to fuel their marketing funnel. 

We ran a page-like ad campaign…

digital marketing case studies

…that drove Facebook page likes at $0.19 per like – that’s less than a quarter per like!

digital marketing case studies

We ran a video views campaign…

digital marketing case studies

…that drove over 2-05K video views at $.001 per video view.

digital marketing case studies

We used the post engagement campaign to boost their posts…

digital marketing case studies

…and get over 300,000 engagements at $0.01 per engagement.

digital marketing case studies

And lastly, we ran a conversion campaign…

case studies of digital marketing

…to acquire over 1700 leads at $2 per lead.

digital marketing case studies

We’ve said this in other posts, but campaign objective selection is important because they’re optimized by goal. 

So a video views campaign is going to show your ad to people within your target audience who are most likely to watch your video. 

Whereas if you targeted the same audience with a page-like ad campaign…

…the ad is going to be delivered to people within that audience who are most likely to like your page. 

And this is all driven by Facebook’s AI and users’ behavior patterns on the platform. 

So that’s why we thought it’s important to show you all the different campaigns we used.

That’s because too often we see business owners who are new to advertising come in and start running engagement campaigns…

…when what they really want are website lead form completions. 

Now, the reason all of these campaigns worked is because:

Our client spent over $18,000 in those 5 months but was happy to do so given the returns. 

And if you’ve read any of our marketing funnel posts, you know there’s:

…that your audience usually has to go through in order to become a customer.

Our page likes and video views campaigns helped them garner brand awareness…

…that could later be retargeted to get further engagement out of their new followers and eventually, convert them into leads.

If you want to read more about these SEO results , you can head to our website after this.

And before we jump into case study #2…

…we also want to invite you to check out our new social media ads training course to fuel your knowledge in social media advertising.

Case Study #2: Royce Chocolate

The next one on our list of digital marketing case studies is for a famous brand of chocolate from Japan.

We helped Royce Chocolate generate a 225.25% return on investment using PPC.

We generated 287 conversions that resulted in $13,686.90 in revenue.

digital marketing case studies

So, a little background on the company, they were voted as the number one gift item in Japan’s gift-giving culture.

But after a few years, their products were eventually made available across 14 countries, including the U.S.

So, they hired us to help increase their brand awareness and online sales via Google Ads.

Similar to what we discussed regarding SEO in the last example…

…PPC is another way to put your website at the top of the search results for any given keyword that you feel is relevant. 

The main difference is that with PPC, you’re paying Google directly for that space, and this is reflected by users with the “Ad” symbol next to your website.

case studies of digital marketing

It’s a quicker route to get to the top of the search results…

…but the caveat is that it constantly takes money to fuel it. Soon as you stop paying for clicks, you stop appearing there. 

Having said that, it is often a great temporary option to start driving immediate sales and get some cash flow coming in…

…while you work on a more sustainable plan like SEO. 

For Royce’s Chocolates, they spent $4,208.14 and made $13,686.90 back! So let’s look at how we did it.

We broke their campaigns up:

…based on popular search terms we found in the keyword research we did prior.

Now some of the match types we used in their campaign are no longer available.

case studies of digital marketing

The match types available now are broad match, phrase match, and exact match.

keyword match types

So Google’s example here is for the keyword “lawn mowing service.” 3 words, 1 keyword. 

If you use “broad match” targeting, your ad will appear when related searches are made such as lawn aeration services.

This is probably the least popular type to use because it’s very loose targeting.

Phrase Match means your ad will only be shown if the search query includes the meaning of the keyword.

For instance, “lawn moving service near me” or “hire company to mow lawn.” 

This is the match type that replaced Broad Match Modifier which is what we used in Royce’s campaign.

And then lastly, we have the Exact Match, where your ads will only be shown on searches that have the same meaning as your keyword such as:

So that was our crash course in PPC match types for you.

And for this post, we wanted you to understand that we tested out multiple keywords…

…in addition to testing Broad Match Modifier and Exact Match to drive the results we did for Royce’s Chocolates. 

These were the top search ads we used that resulted in their 287 conversions…

case studies of digital marketing

…sending them right to the shop page for the collection of chocolates they were promoting.

case studies of digital marketing

Now let’s look at a PPC case study for a client from a totally different industry.

Case Study #3: Fox Cities Real Estate

Moving on to the next on our list of digital marketing case studies is Fox Cities Home Buyers is a company based in Wisconsin, USA.

They buy houses, pair up sellers with real estate experts, and help people with selling their properties.

They reached out to us for help with their Google advertising.

We scored 95 conversions for them at $16.05 per conversion…

digital marketing case studies

…which is nothing when compared to the revenue gained by any closed lead in real estate.

We followed a similar approach in that we tested a multitude of keywords and tested them with the BMM match type and exact match type.

digital marketing case studies

These were the top-performing ads. 

digital marketing case studies

All of them address pain points that are relevant to their target market including:

Using verbiage that is eye-catching for their target market, not only got them more clicks to their website, but it helped to acquire the right kind of lead.

People are who looking to buy a home are not going to click on those ads that all start out with “selling your home”, and that’s what our client wanted. 

Our ads resulted in almost a 40% increase in their conversion rate.

Now to learn more tips for your real estate marketing strategy , be sure to read this post next.

Case Study #4: Wingstop

Fourth on our list of digital marketing case studies is Wingstop.

It is a restaurant chain that specializes in chicken wings with has locations nationwide, as well as a few international locations. 

Wingstop came to LYFE Marketing with a goal to grow their social media.

Specifically, they wanted to increase their engagement on Instagram and Twitter so as to obtain new customers.

And we did just that. We grew their Instagram by over 1,300 and their Twitter by more than 1,200.

digital marketing case studies

Now, there’s a lot of ways to grow your followers organically, we’ve made a few posts about it that you can read. 

But the reason we specifically wanted to talk about this client as an example in this post is because:

We would look for people actively talking about wings or being hungry on Twitter.

We’d see if we could verify that they were in the local area, and if so, we’d engage with them from Wingstop’s account.

In this digital marketing case studies example, a local tweeted that they were hungry.

digital marketing case studies

We replied to them from the WingStop account and said, “It’s time to defeat that hunger!” with a mouth-watering picture of their wings and fries. 

The user tweeted back and said, “I’ll make a stop today! Omg. It looks so good!”

In a massively automated world, there’s still something to be said for personal, one-on-one engagement.

This is especially when you pair that with an enticing food photo that makes you hungry on the spot.

But for small businesses, and especially local businesses – restaurant or not – engagement methods like this can do a lot for your:

Case Study #5: Embroidery Store

The next company on our list of digital marketing case studies is The Embroidery Store which is a wholesaler for embroidery supplies.

They have a wide range of products and are known as the leading supplier of embroidery supplies to the commercial embroidery industry.

They came to us after failing to realize profitable sales via Google ads on their own.

Our ads produced 99 conversions which resulted in over $15,000 in revenue for them, so let’s look at how we did it.

digital marketing case studies

We ran ads for different keywords based on different products, again using different match types as well.

digital marketing case studies

These were the top-performing ads that sent people directly to their shop page. 

digital marketing case studies

One thing that’s important to note about PPC campaigns is that you’re putting them in front of people who you know ( are at least somewhat interested)…

…because they’re actively searching for a high-intent keyword that’s related to what you offer. 

That’s what we did with their ad group here to help them find their niche target audience. 

In the ad, you have a limited amount of character space to work with, and for search campaigns, in particular, there is no image.

So you usually want to get right to the point and that’s what our ads did here: “Embroidery Supplies. High quality, low prices.”

Our client spent $5,731.82 on these ads and made a 162.41% return on investment with $15,040.66 in revenue.

Case Study #6: Talijah Waajid

The next one on our list of real digital marketing studies belongs to Taliah Waajid.

This brand is a natural hair care specialist, a master cosmetologist, and a manufacturer…

…of the first complete line of natural and chemical-free hair care products. 

Her brand offers hair care products that are specifically created and formulated for naturally curly, coily, kinky, and wavy hair textures.

Taliah Waajid reached out to us to help them with their social media management.

We generated 54,874 fans for them, over 263,000 total engagements, and over 146,000 video views at $0.01 per view.

digital marketing case studies

 So let’s look at how we did it.

Similar to Mototrax’s social media campaign , we ran multiple ad campaigns for Taliah to accomplish these different objectives. 

We generated her Facebook fans (or page likes) at $0.16 per Facebook fan,

Her post-engagement at anywhere from 1 cent to $0.004 per engagement, which is very low, and her video views at 1 cent per view.

digital marketing case studies

But you can’t just throw some ads up on social media and expect these kinds of results. The magic ingredient was in our planning. 

We broke our strategy down into 5 phases.

The short version is that we found and targeted her ideal prospects, built a connection with them, and created engaging content…

…to keep them coming back to her page and brand for more.

Case Study #7: The Handkerchief Shop

Next on our list of digital marketing studies is the Handkerchief Shop.

They are a small business that produces custom handkerchiefs for weddings.

The shop has expanded its embroidery options over time so that customers can fully personalize their products.

They came to us to optimize and improve their search engine rankings.

They started with 185 first-page rankings, and we helped them get to 314 first-page rankings.

They even outranked Etsy here for the keyword “custom handkerchief”.

digital marketing case studies

So how did we do it? 

We performed thorough keyword research to see which search queries were being used most by their target audience.

Then, we helped them add hundreds of new Google keywords and rise to first page rankings for over 300 of their total keywords.

So again, you can see we’re working with a client that has a specific offering and target market, which is why utilizing SEO works so well here.

The key in this campaign was to be diligent in our keyword research and ensure we were going after industry-relevant keywords…

…while also following Google’s best practices.

If you don’t know, there are actually unethical ways to perform SEO. It’s called black hat SEO. 

Black hat SEO is a way to perform SEO in a way that violates the search engine’s policies.

And if the search engine catches you doing it, it is catastrophic for your campaign and business, to put it bluntly.

White hat SEO is what’s considered a search-engine-approved series of SEO tactics that you can follow.

We want to mention it because if you’re adding keywords to your website to rank higher, you don’t want to perform what’s called keyword stuffing.

This is where:

“keywords are loaded into a web page’s meta tags, visible content, or backlink anchor text in an attempt to gain an unfair rank advantage in search engines.” 

But we’re going to talk about this a little bit more in the next case study so let’s go ahead and move on to our last case study of the day,

Case Study #8: Egyptian Magic

Moving on to the last on our list of digital marketing case studies is Egyptian Magic.

This is a multi-purpose skin cream product made of all-natural ingredients.

Now if you read our top Facebook ad examples post, you’ve seen us talk about this client in that post as well. 

But we’re mentioning them here again because we did more than just Facebook ads for them.

We also performed SEO and organic social media management.

For SEO, we helped them achieve 53 first-page rankings.

digital marketing case studies

While for social media management, we helped them acquire 67,233 total new followers across all their platforms.

digital marketing case studies

And if you missed it in our other post, we helped them generate $10,062 in revenue from their social media ads.

digital marketing case studies

They began with 0 first-page rankings, so how did we get them to have 53?

Our main strategy was blog creation.

We wrote blogs for them, and in doing so, we added 1,500 new Google keywords to their content.

As a result, they saw greater visibility with these efforts and started continually yielding more organic traffic and sales.

So what we wanted to mention here from the last example about keyword stuffing is that…

…your content should be equally written for your audience as much as it’s written for Google. 

You don’t want to just stick keywords everywhere for the sake of sticking them there- that’s a quick way to be flagged by Google. 

What you do want to do is research to see which keywords are being commonly searched by your audience, and create blogs around those topics. 

Make sure that your blogs are just as helpful and valuable to your audience as they are optimized for Google. 

A lot of times, we see business owners making the mistake of only focusing on one or the other.

Now for their social media management strategy, we did a few things to engage their target market. 

Get Exclusive Marketing Tips!

We researched their audience and found that their consumers are influenced by and care about an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. 

So, we would send our client a mockup of what their Instagram feed would look like with our content for the month prior to publishing.

case studies of digital marketing

Now, we sent this to them in a Google doc because we were also planning out the copy, hashtags, stories, and more alongside the images.

But if you want a quick and easy way to plan your own Instagram feed, you can download free apps like Preview. 

We also reposted consumers’ posts of their Egyptian Magic photos…

case studies of digital marketing

…where they had tagged us to further encourage brand awareness and other customers to tag them in their posts.

And lastly, we boosted posts and ran giveaways to further drive post engagement and brand awareness.

digital marketing case studies

This paired with the social advertising strategy that we covered in our other post that helped them to continually find and convert new customers. 

And that about wraps up our 8 digital marketing case studies! We know it was a long post but we hope it was helpful to you. 

If you want results like these, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our digital marketing agency today. 17

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5 Unique Digital Marketing Case Studies that Every Marketing Enthusiast Should See

Published on: July 15, 2021

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In many ways, effective digital marketing is a process of trial and error. For this reason, a digital marketing case study can be a valuable source of guidance for today's marketing students and professionals, enabling them to learn from the results of others rather than having to start their own trial-and-error process from the beginning. As a marketing management degree student, understanding and evaluating real-world marketing tactics is key to developing a solid foundation for your marketing career. With that in mind, let's take a look at five unique digital marketing case studies that you can use to inspire new ideas and hone your own future digital advertising strategy.

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Case Study #1: Fanatics Boosts Traffic Through Content Marketing

When Fanatics—an e-commerce store focused on selling sports apparel and other sports-related products—decided that it needed to provide customers with more reasons to engage with the company website,  it turned to content marketing as a solution . Fanatics chose a three-pronged approach for their content marketing campaign, one that included timely sports articles meant to coincide with current sporting events, evergreen content related to various events throughout sports history, and articles that capitalize on new trends and developments in the world of sports as they happen.

This strategy of producing both evergreen and trending content enabled Fanatics to establish itself as a desirable news and entertainment resource for sports fans all over the country. Thanks almost entirely to their content marketing campaign, Fanatics saw a 1,100% increase in organic search engine traffic along with a 230% increase in the number of ranking keywords on their website. The company's content marketing efforts also enabled it to publish high-profile features on popular sites such as Yahoo Sports, The Score, and USA Today.

Case Study #2: Wholesaler Drives Visibility and Conversions with Social Media Marketing

Case study #3: amazon leverages crm to become e-commerce giant.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process of managing interactions with customers to facilitate beneficial outcomes. Much more than simple customer management, CRM uses data processing to divide customer lists into a wide range of segments and formulate various interactions designed to speak to the needs and desires of each specific segment. If you would like a case study of a company that has leveraged innovative CRM with outstanding results, you need not look any further than the e-commerce giant Amazon.

As one of the first companies to really leverage CRM to its full potential, Amazon developed a CRM strategy that takes into consideration every possible interaction that the company has with its customers—from the user interface of the Amazon website to customer service interactions to data mining used for targeted marketing emails. Through this emphasis on CRM, Amazon has managed to create one of the most customer-friendly experiences you will find in the e-commerce sphere—and the results of these efforts are obvious. In 2020 alone, Amazon was able to boast a staggering $386 billion in revenue.

Case Study #4: The American Egg Board Boosts Organic Traffic Through SEO

Case study #5: revecent increases conversion rate with holistic ppc campaign optimization.

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case studies of digital marketing

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Five successful digital marketing case studies that brought good results

Digital marketing is a vast platform that offers a wide range of opportunities to those who know how to make use of them. It makes it easier for the brands to connect with their audience and consumers and also helps their consumers understand their brands better by clicking with them emotionally. Emotions and feelings bind both of them in a relationship that is honest and adds loyalty to the brand value. 

Following are five of the successful digital marketing case studies that brought about good results and positive impact among the audience. We hope that you are able to learn more with the help of these digital marketing case studies.

1. Lays- #SmileDekeDekho  

Case Summary:

Lay’s is a potato chips initiative from the parent company PepsiCo that initiated the ‘Smile Deke Dekho campaign’ in October 2019. The unique selling proposal was that the brand promoted the message of how a simple smile can connect different individuals universally and simultaneously convey the emotions and the mood effortlessly through each flavour and packet of chips. The uniqueness of the initiative was engaging the influencers on various social platforms in advertising the brand for them. Not only that Lay’s customised more than 350 curated packs for the Influencers.

Resulting reverberation-

Burger King is legendary when it comes to establishing their digital footprints in the space of digital marketing. Their digital campaign in the US made a pure genius marketing strategy. The constant competition among the two brand rivals, Burger King and Mc Donald’s, often caused a ripple in the waters of digital marketing space. Most brands wish to incorporate the use of the latest technologies into their marketing strategies and make optimum use of the technology. Since these are usually novice and new, some mistakes follow. 

Burger King is one such brand that does love to play with the technologies to create a marketing experience that its consumers least expect it to. Such is a marketing strategy that is weaved with voice-enabled devices. This digital campaign stressed on featuring the catchphrase of google’s voice-activated tools, “Ok, Google, what is the Whopper burger?”. And as a result, any home device that is nearer and able to hear the prompt would enable itself and read up the famous whopper burger by Burger King.

Resulting Reverberation-

Zomato is yet another digital food giant that could not escape but master the world of digital marketing. The brand is known to be winning hearts on social media, all due credits to its mastery in digital marketing space. Its tweets, for example, have been consistently promoting customers to brand and vice versa engagement.

The brand Nikon launched a campaign ‘I am..’ intending to take the audiences 2

back on a nostalgic trip that is a fresh breath of air in itself. It encourages the

audience to indulge in joyful clicking than merely click pictures. Not only that, the commercial shows an array of instances like ‘I am The White Shark’ where a father captures the sight of his toddler playing with foam. The brand promotes capturing the little moments of life in a way, telling the audience to live, not merely exist.

Times of India is a daily newspaper brand that is known in every household in India. But sadly it has been seen as a struggling newspaper daily having more robust digital news platforms emerge. The new digital marketing campaign by the Times of India has been raking up emotions attached to the print newspapers in every household. 

The campaign that was run was named as #NewspaperMornings. It was narrated in the voice of famous lyricist Gulzar, to the audience in the form of a short film that also featured his poem. The film conveys the message that the brand wants to reinstate in the hearts of its consumers, “Some relationships never change”. The film weaves an emotional aspect of the presence of newspapers in our lives, with the morning cup of chai, the thirst for a piece of new and unknown information as well as to be a part of the intense debate.  

The lyrics like “ Bina akbhar ke, chai subah ki adhoori lagti hain…na din chadhta hain poora, na poori aankh khulti hain ”, set forth the ball of nostalgia moving. 

This brings us to the end of the blog on successful digital marketing case studies that brought good results. This is how you or your brand can leverage digital marketing to create waves in the market today. If you wish to learn more about how to build successful brand campaigns and learn the basics of digital marketing as well, join post-graduate certificate in digital marketing by Great Learning and upskill today!

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Table of contents

case studies of digital marketing

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Case Studies

9 Successful Digital Marketing Case Studies

case studies of digital marketing


Table of Contents

The truth is, agencies can help you get a return on your marketing budget at a fraction of the cost you’d have to spend to assemble an in-house team. But before you can run your own marketing campaigns, you have to make sure that you and your team have the following:

A good understanding of your customer’s behavior.

At its core, marketing is all about communicating with your customers in their own language on the platforms where they hang out. Before you can do that, you need to understand your audience. Not just surface level stuff like “they need help with SEO,” but a deeper understanding.

For example, what other solutions have they already tried in order to solve their problem? What do they think will work best for them and why? What do they think is unique about their situation? Remember, successful companies prioritize customer research. In fact, Buffer built an entire team to handle customer development alone.  

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Structured processes and documentation for each task.

When you’re starting a business, it’s all about hustling. You’re just trying to generate revenue however you can. But as you grow, you must develop more documentation and processes around your workflows. For example, you might need to have documentation for how to run a PR, social media, or paid advertising campaign.

The right tools.

Inbound marketing campaigns require a variety of tools from start to finish, such as Aweber or MailChimp  (which has a variety of features to help automate your emails) to run your email list, and Google Analytics or KISSmetrics for more sophisticated data. The more sophisticated your tools, the more time you’ll need to spend on training your employees to use them, and the more that will cost your business.

Digital Marketing Case Studies


The average time it takes to see consistent organic traffic to your site from SEO is around 5 to 6 months . That means you have to be consistent with your content creation for months at a time until you start seeing ROI. Some of the most successful content marketers have been consistently putting in effort over the course of many years.

It’s easy to write random blog posts, but can you write quality content that your specific target audience will find valuable ? That’s what separates decent blogs from truly great ones. At the end of the day, high rankings in Google come from creating and publishing remarkable content that your audience truly wants, not by trying to game the system.

You should make sure that you have experience designing and running some portion of marketing campaigns. The last thing you want is to spend months and months on content creation or thousands of dollars on paid traffic only to see no results and have no idea where you went wrong.

It takes time to satisfy all these criteria. It’s difficult to post high-quality content every single day when you have a bunch of other pressing business issues on your plate. It’s not easy to craft an airtight process to help new hires hit the ground running from day one.

It’s just a fact of life that there’s going to be some trial and error involved.

But if you hire a digital marketing agency, you can avoid the cost of trial and error of running your own campaigns, getting your team up to speed, spending time and company resources on maintaining your content consistency, and so forth. You can also avoid getting sidetracked from other important things you have to do, like closing deals or getting investors.

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What Results Can You Expect?

According to  Marketing Profs , 82% of marketing executives say that they expect campaigns to be measured. And yet only 18% can measure the ROI of public relations, 24% can measure the ROI of search engine optimization, and 26% can measure the ROI of social media.

Excerpt from Ifbyphone Survey - State of Marketing Measurement 2011

It’s helpful to have a few benchmarks to look at when gauging how much ROI you should expect from each channel. Here’s the average return on investment for the following marketing channels for every $1 spent:

Getting a high return depends on a variety of factors, which is why no specific result can be guaranteed for any individual company. For example, it could depend on:

Calculating ROI for an SEO Campaign

Anticipated ROI = (Anticipated Revenue from SEO efforts – Proposed Cost of SEO Project)/Proposed cost of the SEO project

Let’s say you run an e-commerce site. Your anticipated ROI can be calculated based on the average monthly visits to your site, average conversion rate of the site, and average order value.

For example, suppose your average monthly visits are 50,000, your conversion rate is 0.68%, and your average order value is $176. And your agency tells you that you might have to spend $20,000 for your SEO project.

From there, you can determine your “break even” point. This is the point at which you will generate a positive ROI from your agency and can be determined by p roposed cost of project / average order value . If your proposed cost of project is $20,000 and your average order value is $176, then your break even point is 114 sales.

You can also determine the additional traffic you need to break even by number of orders needed to break even / e-commerce conversion rate . So if you need 114 orders to break even, and your conversion rate is 0.68%, then you need 16,765 visits to your site to break even.

Of course, this is just a break even rate. To see significant ROI from the campaign, you’d probably want to see at least double those results as a client. So your ideal number of visits should be over 32,000.

Calculating ROI for an AdWords Campaign

Calculating your ROI for your AdWords Campaign isn’t as straightforward as it might seem .

If you have Google Analytics, you’ll notice that there’s a default tab that shows the ROI of AdWords.

However, according to Brian Clifton, there are a couple of issues with this:

Here’s an example of a Google AdWords ROI report:

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Source: Brian Clifton

ROI here is calculated as revenue – cost / cost .

In the example Brian gave , you’re making 500% ROI if your revenue is $600 from a $100 ad spend. There are a couple of things to be aware of here:


Your real ROI calculation should also factor in your profit margin. The formula for this would be revenue x margin – cost / cost . In the example Brian gave , if your profit margin is 0.4 and your revenue and cost are $600 and $100 respectively, then your ROI would be 140%.

Calculating ROI for Social Media

The first question to ask yourself when calculating social media ROI is: what are your end goals? What do you ultimately want to achieve through social? Maybe you want to maximize the amount of traffic that you drive to a specific page. Maybe you want people to fill out their contact information through Twitter cards .

Buffer has some good examples of the goals you could track:

The next step is to actually track your chosen goals. You can track website actions (i.e. sales, downloads, signups) in Google Analytics , or use more sophisticated tools like KISSmetrics to get more data on who exactly is visiting your site and completing a set of actions.

Next, you need to assign a monetary value to the actions completed. Here are a few options:

Here’s an example of a chart that shows the ROI of a variety of different channels:

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Source: Think Digital

One way to measure the ROI of your organic social media follower count, likes, etc., is by calculating how much it would take for you to get the same number via paid ads. For example, if you have to pay $0.25 per follower, and you have 1,000 followers, then that’s a return of $250.

You can subtract the cost of your time, the cost of the tools you use, and your ad spend from that number to see the real return on investment that goes to the bottom line.

According to Buffer , here are some benchmarks on how much each social media platform costs based on their results:

Calculating ROI for Content Marketing

There’s little dispute that content marketing works. In fact, there have been multi-million dollar businesses and thought leaders that have been built solely through content marketing.

Even so, it’s important to have the right metrics in place when measuring the effects of your content marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute , there are a few key things that you should be sure to measure:

Unique visits

Unique visits are meant to measure how many individual people viewed your content in a set period of time. This is a good, general baseline to measure your content marketing progress. It’s important to remember that not all unique visits are created equal. The quality of your visitors can be impacted by a variety of factors, such as your traffic sources, the pages your visitors are viewing, the quality of the content they’re viewing, and how it fits within their stage of the buyer’s journey .

It’s also important to understand where your readers are located. By being aware of this, you can get more targeted with your paid advertising and other campaigns that you’re running.

Mobile readership

You should also know if readers are actually reading your content or just landing on your page. It helps to know which mobile device they’re using, how they’re responding to design, and so on.

Bounce rates / time spent

High bounce rates indicate that the content on the page(s) that your audience is viewing doesn’t match what they were hoping to get out of it. If you’re getting high traffic along with high bounce rates, that could be a sign that your headline and body text have some sort of mismatch.

Heat maps can help you better determine engagement on your each of your articles. CrazyEgg allows you to create heat maps to see which sections of a page are getting the most views. You can also use SumoMe’s free heat map tool.

Page view is another simple marketing KPI that’s used frequently. Measuring your total number of page views against your unique page views shows you how engaged your audience is. For example, are they reading multiple articles on your site? Or do they bounce immediately? Do they return later to see if there’s any new content?

Comments are a great way to gauge feedback from your audience, and see how emotionally compelling your posts were.

The best form of marketing is word of mouth , and social sharing is essentially word of mouth on the web. A great way to get more people to read your content is by giving people the option to share.

Now that we have a good sense of which metrics to track and how to measure the ROI of a few different marketing strategies, let’s dig into some case studies.

Intuit Case Study

At  Single Grain , we worked with the tax preparation software company Intuit to boost visibility via several common keywords in the industry.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Source: Single Grain case studies

At the time, Intuit was adding on the Intuit Website Builder as part of their product portfolio. Based on their research, they found that their customers wanted simple tools for other aspects of their business as well, such as building their website.

The challenge for us was helping Intuit build visibility and become known for services outside of the main ones for which they are known. Plus there was some concern around their highly-specialized competitors like GoDaddy.

To solve that, we helped Intuit build visibility in organic search results. That meant building out content on the site to help position Intuit as a website-building solution.

Tactically, we used a mix of link-building techniques to help Intuit rank higher for relevant keywords in this space, and leveraged social media to connect with new users who had a high likelihood of being interested in Intuit’s new website building solution.

DisabledGo Case Study

Digital Marketing Case Studies

DisabledGo is an information provider for disabled people in the UK and Ireland. They provide information on 120,000+ places to go that are accessible (i.e. bars, parks, cafes, museums, etc).

Agency51 was tasked with helping DisabledGo execute an SEO migration strategy from an old platform to a new platform. The goal was to help DisabledGo acquire new customers while still retaining old ones.

They made sure that the move was as smooth as possible from an SEO point of view. For example, they implemented 301 redirects from old URLs to new ones across various forms of content. 301 redirects are ways to send readers and search engines to a different URL than the one that was requested by the server. This is a way to redirect users to a new page while still keeping 90-99% of the ranking power in search. They also transferred meta data (titles, descriptions, and tags) to the new site, set up Google webmaster tools, and set up a new sitemap.

The main goal of the project was to keep the site’s SEO alive throughout the migration, ensure that readers could still follow all the calls to action and navigate the site, and ultimately boost the number of new leads.

Agency51 helped DisabledGo boost their visitor numbers by 21% year over year. Because of the URL restructuring on the new platform, DisabledGo was able to rank higher than their competitors for keywords and phrases in their niche.

Harris Teeter Case Study

National grocery and pharmacy chain Harris Teeter  approached us to help them boost visibility in social media.

The challenge in this case was the fact that there wasn’t much room for error. Grocery businesses have razor-thin profit margins, which means that every dime they invest into marketing needs to have a strong likelihood of producing a return. There’s not much to waste.

In addition to that, most grocery stores customers are located within a short distance from the grocery store of choice and don’t tend to venture further. These customers are also quite price sensitive.

We started off by testing a variety of different ad creatives, targeting segments, and placements. This helped us find a few combinations that delivered the most visibility for Harris Teeter in terms of social media fan base. Once the fan base was established, we started growing the engagement rates of posts.

The strategy we used to get in front of new customers was behavioral targeting. We implemented geographic targeting of ads, Lookalike Audiences, and oCPM (Optimized Cost Per Mille) bidding to stretch ad dollars the furthest.

On social media, images become “stale” faster than they do on other channels because of the speed of content consumption on social platforms, so we rotated fresh images more frequently.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Now, let’s talk results.

We drove 15,000 people to Harris Teeter stores with a single campaign. We also doubled Facebook reach within six months and monetized new fans.

Just one coupon campaign drove more than 25,000 conversions during the holiday season. We also boosted post engagement by 400%.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Augean PLC Case Study

Augean PLC  is the UK’s leading waste management company. According to Agency51 , they’re unique in their approach to the disposal of specialist waste and have developed innovative processes and solutions to lead the modernization of the UK waste industry.

They turned to Agency51 for help with their digital marketing — specifically their email marketing and social media marketing training.

Agency51 found that social media marketing and email marketing could help Augean gather market research data and promote specific products and services more effectively than just text posts. They proposed training sessions to show how Augean could best leverage the opportunity, with the goal of creating an exclusive online community through which they could encourage brand loyalty and return customers.

It’s well known that repeat customers are easier to sell to, sometimes by a factor of 60-70% .

Agency51 showed Augean how to reach their target audience and which channels would be best. They conducted a workshop for Augean employees on how to leverage social media marketing to boost customer engagement, brand loyalty, and increase return customers. They helped put a content plan in place, allowed for content to be updated regularly, and encouraged engagement from current followers and potential new fans.

Augean PLC’s website now gets 10% more visitors year over year as a result of their improved social media and email marketing efforts.

Laser Hair Removal Clinics Case Study

We also worked with a group of clinics that specialize in laser hair-removal. They hired us to turn more visitors into paying customers, or boost their conversion rate.

The challenge specific to the laser hair removal industry was the fact that high-profit margins led to increased competition. Some players in the market offer huge discounts and deals to try and make some quick cash.

From the customer’s perspective, laser hair removal is a sensitive topic, which means that they don’t want too many others to know that they’re looking for such services. That also means that it’s tough to get honest opinions about what works and what doesn’t.

Our approach started with conducting on-site and email surveys to capture as much information as possible from customers anonymously.

From there, we called our client’s business and experienced the process of laser hair removal from beginning to end from the point of view of a customer. This was extremely useful in generating ideas for improvements to test, as well as getting in the heads of potential customers.

Next, we dug into months and months of call center data to identify issues and prioritize them in order of how much each one affected the bottom line.

Our client received an ROI of over 475%. By targeting both desktop and mobile traffic, we were able to boost conversion rates across both successful user segments and segments that were previously underperforming.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Health Republic Insurance Case Study

Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey (HRINJ) is New Jersey’s health insurance system that was born out of the Affordable Care Act.

According to Princeton Partners , HRINJ had poor market positioning early on in their business and low lead generation numbers. There’s strong competition in the insurance space, with players like Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield and AmeriHealth. And on top of that, HRINJ had to reach federally mandated targets to ensure sustainability. They had to grow fast, so they turned to Princeton Partners.

Princeton Partners highlighted HRINJ’s status as a member-driven CO-OP, and their goal was to improve coverage and reduce premiums. From this, they developed the tagline “Health to the People.”

The results were significant. After HRINJ was positioned as a values-driven health insurer, they were able to boost enrollment by 1,500%. In fact, this was the most successful lead gen campaign in the agency’s history.

At the start of the campaign, HRINJ had 4,950 members and by the end of the campaign they had over 60,000 members!

Hasbro Case Study

Hasbro is the brand behind a variety of children’s toys, such as Transformers, Star Wars, and The Avengers, and board games like Monopoly, Life, and Twister.

Amp Agency worked with Hasbro on managing both paid and organic search (SEO and SEM), creative online advertising, global analytics reporting, and analysis across all digital platforms (media, search, site, and social) for 25 Hasbro brands. They also figured out what was working and what wasn’t in their marketing spend to help improve ROI.

Their goals were the following:

As you can tell, there’s a lot that went into this. To come up with some actionable insights for Hasbro, Amp put together this 3-part plan:

Step 1: Path to purchase analysis

One of the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency is that they have specialized skills and team members that you may not have at your company. For example, Amp was able to put statisticians to work on Hasbro for more precise and high-level behavioral analyses.

Amp used third-party data to analyze browsing behavior of customers before they bought from the toy company. This way, they were able to better understand the factors that influence people to buy from a company like Hasbro.

By understanding the different aspects of the customer journey before transactions take place, Hasbro was able to get a much clearer picture as to where to put their marketing dollars.

Step 2: High-value behavior analysis

From there, Amp analyzed what customers did on Hasbro’s site. They analyzed the content that customers were engaging with, the content that preceded conversions, the content that reduced conversions, etc.

They used advanced predictive modeling techniques to analyze customer behavior across Hasbro sites to figure out exactly which types of content to create in order to guide customers through the purchase process more effectively.

This helped Hasbro understand what they needed to change about their content strategy, UX, and design to get the most conversions.

Step 3: Attribution analysis

Amp then used econometric modeling techniques to analyze media investment, which resulted in insights into the ROI of various marketing channels. This helped Hasbro see how all the marketing channels work together to help generate conversions on the site.

The results achieved by the agency here include better understanding for their client about the entire end-to-end customer journey. By knowing the behavioral patterns of customers before they interact with the Hasbro brand, the patterns of customer interactions with the site before making a purchase, and how all the marketing channels work together, Hasbro was able to optimize their marketing spend to get better ROI.

You don’t just have to hire an agency to handle SEO, paid advertising, or some specific marketing tactic. You could get massive benefits just by using an agency’s resources to analyze your business and find areas where you could boost your return on investment.

John Hancock Case Study

John Hancock provides financial services such as life insurance, 401(k) plans, and mutual funds.

The company sponsored a recent Boston Marathon, and worked with Amp to maximize the visibility of their sponsorship online.

Amp’s strategy, according to this case study , was to create a content hub to drive the conversation around the main themes behind the John Hancock sponsorship. Everyone who feels connected to the Boston Marathon has a unique story about it, so Amp created the hashtag “#WeRunTogether” as the underlying theme beneath these connections.

This was a cross-channel campaign supported by paid advertising on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The #WeRunTogether campaign encouraged those interested in the Boston Marathon to share reasons for participating in the form of video, photo, or text.

The content was aggregated to resemble a mosaic, which was meant to represent the connectedness of the Boston Marathon community. Here’s a YouTube video with some of the content:

case studies of digital marketing

By using paid social media advertising, they were able to target people who were more closely associated with the Boston Marathon, as well as those interested in financial services who were also running.

Here are some examples of ads run by Amp for John Hancock:

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Amp also worked with John Hancock to create e-cards featuring the #WeRunTogether campaign. This campaign was able to boost John Hancock’s sponsorship visibility by focusing on the emotion of feeling connected to one another.

By creating a conversation around the race, John Hancock was able to contribute to the Boston Marathon, and also promote their non-profit fundraising partnership with CrowdRise. According to Amp, they were able to raise over $28 million.

The #WeRunTogether hashtag was used over 42,000 times over the course of four weeks across all major social channels, and was a trending topic nationally on Twitter during the day of the race:

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Source: Amp

Scooter Manufacturer Case Study

At Single Grain, we worked with a client who manufacture scooters (who wishes to remain anonymous). Scooters started off as a simple skateboard with handlebars, but over time they have become small two-wheeled vehicles made for people to commute longer distances. It’s now a common method of commuting for both high school and college students.

The client approached us with a limited ad budget and a desire to start experimenting with some digital marketing tactics to capture a larger share of the younger demographic.

When ad budgets are tight, some entrepreneurs mistakenly conclude that organic traffic is their only option.

However, for those who understand how to utilize paid traffic, you can get significant reach and conversions in a very short amount of time which could benefit your business more than waiting months and months to rank in organic search.

For the scooter manufacturer, we launched campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo! Stream Ads, and Amazon Product Ads across all major devices. This way, we could be sure that the client had visibility on different devices and on different ad platforms.

The campaign consisted of display ads to drive brand awareness and product-listing ads that users would see when they searched for a competitor. From there, we monitored the ROI of each channel and killed all underperforming ads.

We drove nearly $1 million in revenue for the client in just a little over a year.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

You could use an agency to get a more in-depth understanding of your customer’s journey and what motivates them to buy, like Amp did for Hasbro.

You could use an agency if you have a physical store and want to boost the number of visits, like we did for Harris Teeter.

Or you might just want more visibility in Google search rankings or find ways to reach your audience through new channels .

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Check out some of our latest case studies

Worximity Case Study Graphic

Inbound and paid media strategy increased contacts by 68 percent from Q1 to Q2.

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FSCB Case Study Graphic

First State Community Bank

SEO and CRO increase blog views and leads for community bank.

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Marketing Case Studies

When the right strategy, creativity, technology, and talent align, digital marketing works in a big way..

Brand messaging helps a healthcare tech company better target customers.


Organic lead generation for a SaaS provider grew 225% within two years.

Brand architecture development for a North American transportation company.

Design and creative strategy boosts leads and streamline a company's website.

Ashling Partners

183 new MQLs as a result of engagement at the conference

Medical Device Consulting

Top-of-funnel ABM & web redesign increase a company's reach by 100%+

California Olive Ranch

Email & SMS Campaigns Generate 94%+ Revenue Increase


Using email marketing to increase AOV by 25% with Klaviyo

SEO and CRO Increase Blog Views and Leads for Community Bank

Move to full-on digital marketing strategy lifts web visits by 56%

Building a sales and lead-generation machine for a global IT solutions company

Phoenix Society

SmartBug partners with a nonprofit to help with SEO

LAVI Industries

Queuing management expert advances sales enablement strategy with HubSpot

Decon7 Systems

Inbound marketing yields 143% growth of new leads

True Office Learning

PR retainer follows inbound effort to expand reach and brand reputation

Clevens Face & Body

Inbound strategy boosts organic traffic by 500%

New marketing approach leads to 29% YoY increase in applications

1st United Credit Union

SmartBug solves a data challenge that seemed insurmountable

Emles Advisors

The HubSpot expert a financial startup needed

244% increase in organic traffic in 15 months

Content campaign nearly doubles MQL conversion rate

400% increase in monthly visitors in a year

61.31% year-over-year increase in form submissions

APP Manufacturing

408% year-over-year organic traffic growth from inbound marketing

6,800% year-over-year increase in traffic from targeted email marketing campaigns

Spotlight Cloud

159.25% year-over-year increase in revenue through automated workflows

Tech Data and GLM

New contacts grow 207% from new website and strategy

Contact generation surpasses financial service company’s goals by 130%

Lone Mountain Wagyu

Persona-driven email marketing helps family-owned company get acquired

Eagle's Flight Inbound

172% one-year increase in marketing attributed revenue

Shifting from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM to support an Intelligent Inbound® strategy

How we used PR to energize MarketStar’s inbound marketing and thought leadership

75% increase in website orders for manufacturing company through inbound

Black Swan Group

Going digital: understanding your ideal client and delivering content they want

Eagle's Flight Microsite

Microsite creates clarity and differentiation between sister brands

The Arbor Company

148% increase in move-ins from internet sources

140% increase in purchases from creating an inside look

Martech stack identifies high-performing pages and GDD opportunities

New website contributes to 900% increase in contacts

Landing page converts at 42% as a result of premium content and CRO

Cloud Velox

540% increase in leads with paid search, GDD and inbound marketing

Symphony Talent

How we helped a tech provider make a splash at a premier industry event

We took Allbound from zero to $2 million in one year with inbound marketing

Discovery Life Sciences

3,558% ROI from an inbound marketing campaign

Habitat for Humanity

25% increase in donations with HubSpot website redesign

Move Guides

Visit-to-lead conversion grows 100 percent through growth-driven design

Ingram Micro Advisor

Website design generates 154% traffic and 90% lead growth increases

Visible Equity

100% lead growth in four months with content strategy

Phase 5 Group

4,200% lead growth in three months with HubSpot and inbound marketing

367% organic lead growth with HubSpot and inbound marketing

Answer Dash

60% lead growth with HubSpot COS website design

1,047% ROI in the first 6 months with inbound marketing




case studies of digital marketing

case studies of digital marketing






Market your SaaS Tools and reach digital agencies & marketing professionals worldwide.

Explore the best digital marketing agency case studies in 2022!


ProperExpression revitalized the content marketing strategy, technical SEO and growth marketing of a Gen2 RPA company. About the Client The client’s Gen2 RPA technology built on Python empowers developers at companies of all sizes to quickly build, integrate, deploy, analyze …


Opticomm is one of the largest independent providers of fibre-based access networks in the country, offering a better way for Australians to connect. Their leading edge technology takes an innovative approach to ensure their solutions work today, tomorrow and for …


ProperExpression revitalized the growth marketing strategy, CRM, paid ads, and brand positioning of a healthcare tech company. About the Client The client’s technology provides solutions to help healthcare providers and pharmacists engage with their patients to achieve better health outcomes …


Anmako is a fashion brand that offers clothing items that reflect the dynamism and vibrancy of a modern Singaporean lifestyle. The brand’s concept, Singapore Chic, is inspired by Singapore’s blend of international cultures, tropical climate, and balance of work, play, …


A Leading AI-powered News Intelligence Platform Aylien’s key offering transforms the world’s news into real-time business insight, identifying and investigating risks and opportunities by harnessing media signals at scale. Kooba and Aylien are a perfect fit, and we relished transforming …

Croud x Skillshare digital marketing case study increasing conversions 135

Increasing conversions 135%: a lesson on scale and performance. The Challenge Having previously worked on a successful trial campaign of non-brand activity for Skillshare, the leading US online learning platform, Croud identified a huge opportunity to expand the use of …

Crowd Onboards Meraas And Launches Two Microsites For Luxury Real Estate In Dubai

After winning a recent competitive pitch to revamp the Meraas website in 2023, Crowd began their engagement with two immediate sub-projects to deploy two single-page UI designs that would showcase Meraas’s latest and most prestigious developments in the UAE. Bulgari …


The Challenge AAA, in partnership with SureSale, needed to launch a brand new Marketplace. The platform would allow customers to connect with dealerships participating in the AAA Inspected program powered by SureSale’s extensive database. Users needed more information about the …


Finding the right university for you can feel like an emotional roller coaster ride. With their supportive, caring and friendly student support services, York St John pride themselves on helping you get through this overwhelming process and into a university …


HUM Nutrition is the first beauty nutrition supplement company on the market providing clinically proven vitamins, supplements, and powders, designed around skin and body concerns to make you look great and feel even better. With HUM you can truly say …


Driving the Future of Plastic The new Repak Team Green campaign, “Re-Imagine”, aimed to visually and informatively motivate Ireland to recycle plastics more frequently and correctly. The campaign’s assets artfully reposition plastic from an unnecessary evil to a catalyst for …


Three Academies Under One Umbrella National Talent Academies is an initiative of Screen Ireland which provides courses, programmes and career opportunities for the Irish Film & TV, Animation, and Crew industries. National Talent Academies approached Kooba with the goal of …

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The Charles

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Digital Marketing Case Studies

In today's world, the internet and technology have greatly increased the sales of various companies, individuals, and entrepreneurs. What is there that you can not do through the internet? You can go from increasing your sales to buying more and more, just sitting at your place. These are some digital marketing case studies that you can take insights into and apply in your business.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

As digitalization has progressed, it is generally seen that fewer people prefer shopping in person in the markets, and an increasing number of people are doing so for themselves and their families. You can reach a larger audience in a shorter period of time. And a large amount of audience can be found online, therefore the best way to reach out to the customers is by advertising online.

Technological advances have resulted in considerable attrition of the customer base of traditional marketing agencies and departments.

People have moved on to tablets, phones, and computers, which are the areas where digital marketers have gained the most ground.

Let’s explore how people have aced their careers through Digital Marketing but before that let’s clarify the basics of Digital Marketing.

Table Of Contents:

What is Digital Marketing?

Advantages of digital marketing, check out this youtube video to go through a full course on digital marketing:.

All the marketing techniques done through the internet or devices having the Internet come under Digital Marketing .

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We already have talked about what Digital Marketing is and also that Digital Marketing has come a long way. Talking about the advantages of Digital Marketing, there are many.

Let’s discuss a few of them

A traditional market requires a huge setup and takes a huge cost for that setup.

But no huge setup is required when talking about Digital Marketing and the digital exchange of goods.

Not only locally but globally exchanging them too, Digital Marketing provides you with various cost-effective ways.

Global Coverage

Traditional markets are available only at the places they are made at. A shop or a showroom from a different city can not walk and come to you.

But Digital Marketing has made things from various cities available to you at your place.

Easy exchange of goods

The process of buying and selling becomes easier from both ends. The seller sends the goods through transportation to the customer and the customer gets them sitting at home.

He has to do no hustle to get his items. A delivery partner comes, rings the bell, and provides you with your products.

Intellipaat provides the best Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore for its learners.

Various companies, startups, and individuals earned success through different Digital Marketing strategies. They aced their careers and made it to great achievements.

Let’s explore and discuss their journey and steps to success.





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So, have you decided to pursue a career in Digital Marketing? For further information, please see our Digital Marketing Course .

Career Transition

case studies of digital marketing

With the use of Digital Marketing, numerous other individuals and businesses have had remarkable success. Some of them used Digital Marketing to help them start from scratch while others used it to assist those who were experiencing loss.

Hope, this blog helped you to know about various Digital Marketing strategies used by various people.

Join Intellipaat’s Digital Marketing Community for more queries.

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25 Awesome Digital Marketing Case Studies

digital marketing case studies

Obviously, there is something not quite right when a mere 38% of the 86% of B2B companies say that their content marketing strategy is actually effective. Even more unnerving is the fact that only 21% of those very companies have been able to track a proper ROI. Clearly, in the realm of digital marketing, things are not quite going the way they are supposed to.

It should really come as no surprise that the aspects of achieving better results and marketing benefits are a lot easier for B2C companies to achieve in comparison with B2B companies. After all, in the case of the latter, a lot more people happen to be involved in purchase decision on the whole, there is an extended buying cycle, plus sales are not made for emotional, but rather rational reasons.

For those companies that desperately need a boost of self-confidence, here are 25 case studies across the board that proves that you can  achieve the ROI  you desire. These case studies happen to cover a wide range of the different  aspects of digital marketing , such as social media, content marketing, LinkedIn marketing and webinars:-

1. Demandbase:

Being primarily an education campaign, its main purpose was to assist certain B2B marketers on creating the right content technology investment. This was done by the use of an infographic, webinar, slideshare, white paper as well as a live presentation in order to spotlight the specific tools that end up maximising the power of content. The campaign results were truly staggering with 125 webinar participants, 5,000 views on Slideshare, 1,700 leads as well as a million dollars being generated.


2. Crowe Horwath:

By using 48 different segments of content in 4 topic areas, this particular public accounting firm made sure that this campaign specifically ended up targeting C-level prospects in financial institutions.  Crowe Horwath  was with at least $1 billion or more with regard to assets across the buying cycle as a whole. Here are some of the content tactics:

All in all, with a good 70% open rate engagement, around 778 contacts were engaged as well. The entire enterprise was worth $250k in revenue.

3. Logicall:

Not only does this company employ the use of certain content assets like ebook and microsite, but they also managed to focus on the aspect of both inbound and outbound customer management solutions. With the development of a thought leadership effort supporting the sales team by basically enabling the aspect of custom messaging based on campaign interaction, the company managed to reach a target audience of about 2,000 people.

4. Fisher Tank:

Being a company that specializes in giant steel tanks,  Fisher Tank  has clients in the fuel as well as the pulp & paper industry. In comparison to other companies, their online  content marketing strategy  was relatively more straightforward. The main aspects of the strategy included integrating a blog, social sharing, sprucing up the website as well as the free download of valuable content. This lead to the increase of web traffic by 119%, lead conversions by 3900%, social media traffic by 4800%, quote requests by 500% as well as brand new sales opportunities by a good $3.4 million.

5. Opentext:

This company basically created a new customer on boarding site. This site also happened to offer a variety of assets such as checklists, white papers, ebooks, product pages and case studies as well as content. This was primarily done to welcome new clients as well as the provision of both cross-sell and upsell opportunities, plus this campaign also has a two phase nurturing program as well. At the end, a good 31 new opportunities worth $1.8 million were identified, along with 1,700 new contacts as well.

This refers to an extremely large social media strategy employed by the company in Latin America. The main aim of this strategy was to focus on the enabling of various cross cultural information to be shared, breaking the language barriers between Portuguese, Spanish and English. Hence, today, due to the success of the strategy, SAP has witnessed a 900% increase in their fan following as well as a 17% interaction rate across the region as a whole.

With regard to this particular case study, being a health services business, Optum created an extremely integrated content marketing campaign in support of the launch of a new solution. Some aspects of the campaign included display ads, campaign websites as well as advertorials. The results of this campaign were a successful 475% increase in website traffic, over 2,500 resource downloads plus $52 million in contract value with regard to new businesses.

8. RS Components:

Here, this particular electronic product distribution company managed to create a specific social hub that happened to have the dual purpose of collaboration and engagement. With the theme being Electronic Design Engineering, the hub spanned over four different languages. With one of the main aspects of the site being a free tool store, the tool store also included a free design tool that happens to have been downloaded more than 60,000 times.

Their “Get optimistic” Campaign was specifically targeted to connect with the top 30 accounts. They had even entered into a partnership with Forbes in the creation of a magazine that happened to offer relevant business trips. With a good 70% of the targeted companies interacting with the microsite, the aspect of readership itself increased 300% leading to the addition of 20,000 new contacts. The ultimate success was that they yielded a mind-boggling 1.3 Billion in pipeline revenue.

Being an established social media listening center, it happens to listen to more than 5,000 socials mentions on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms on a daily basis. And if that wasn’t enough,  Cisco  has also managed to avoid partner and customer interaction costs as well as identify new sales opportunities and increase overall team productivity. In a period of 5 months, it has managed to generate a 281% increase in ROI.

The launch of @DellCares, a program that directly addresses customers on various social media platforms and online communities, has been a turning point for the company. This way, DELL has omitted the need to work with an agent since most of the work is done online. Additionally, following the support experience, a good 85% of customers who were initially dissatisfied with the company have been reported to have changed their minds and formed a positive opinion.

12. Maersk:

With regard to this case study, the plan of the company was to gain a valuable insight into the workings of the market, raising brand awareness as well as finding ways to increase customer satisfaction. It did this by focusing on specific stories from the business itself and specific campaigns, one of which made them acquire about 150 leads. Today, thanks to the campaign, the company has a good 1.5 million Facebook fans as well as 12,000 Twitter followers.


13. Allina Health:

Some of the immediate benefits of the company’s digital marketing strategy were a reduced number of admissions as well as improved health in the aspects of strokes and depression. After two years, the company had managed to generate a 152% increase in ROI.

14. Shipserv:

Regarding this particular case study, this is one of the rare examples in which a big name in the maritime industry managed to employ the power of social media in a very effective manner. Being a predominantly customer engagement strategy, the results were a much higher level of brand awareness, lead opportunities as well as much more site traffic.

15. Tyroit:

Being the largest manufacturer of sawing and drilling tools in Europe as a whole, the company has managed to produce more than 70,000 unique products in 60 different countries. In the case of their digital marketing strategy, they focused on the integration of solutions and products in order to reduce the transaction costs. This led to an increase in bottom line costs by 25% as well as a 183% increase in ROI over the span of two years.

16. Get Satisfaction:

Being a leading online customer community platform focused on customers support as well as sales and marketing questions, their digital marketing strategy managed to lead to a 248% increase in ROI in the third month itself.

With the launch of a program called “intelligent listening”, the prime aim of the company was to figure out the current trends being discussed and the hot-button topics for various users. One of the most immediate results were 10 orders on the very first day.

18. AT&T:

Bent upon rebuilding business relationships, the company put together a new sales team that stressed upon taking a completely new approach that favoured the use of social media. This current strategy specifically focused on “persons of interest” in particular. Within 18 months, the company managed to generate a good $47 million.

19. Hubspot:

One of the first companies to figure out that the way to earn leads is to focus on solving the problems of customers using social media. In this regard, Hubspot was the first to release guidebooks that focused on providing the best possible advice. After hitting the scene in 2006, about four years later, this software managed to generate $52 million in sales.

20. Indium:

In the realm of manufacturing, one cannot say that social media is a commonly used aspect. Here, the engineers of the company have written blog articles sharing their level of expertise with the customers. With the use of videos as well, not only did this lead to the development of high-value conversations, but the increase of leads and the decrease of trade-show costs by 75%.

21. LinkedIn:

In this regard, once the company had introduced vital tools such as TeamLink and Sales Navigator, they began to get the results they wanted. The first sure-shot sign was a 50% increase in leads to meeting conversion rates.

In this particular case study, the company ended up using LinkedIn ads for the specific targeting of industries job functions and job titles. After testing over 30 ads with custom landing pages, not only did they achieve a 25% increase in conversion rate, but with the lowest cost per conversion.

23. Hewlett Packard:

Being one of the first companies that hit a 1,000,000 on its page, this case study was focused on the engagement of commercial clients and business professionals. This is with regard to the recommendation of HP products. The results were 2,000 recommendations in the span of 2 weeks as well as 20,000 new followers on the HP Company Page.

Hewlett Packard

24. Marketo:

Looking at this case study in particular, one can instantly tell that the company managed to recognise the importance of webinars in the realm of marketing, to promote thought leadership and generate leads. The end result was an increase in the rate of conversion of the people who attended from 26% to 48%.

25. Seagate:

Wishing to market their new products directly to users, Seagate employed the use of webinars in order to facilitate a B2C Product Launch. Additionally, they also made sure that they covered places that were out of reach. Soon enough, the company managed to exceed the initial sales unit goal by 300%.

Taking a good look at these particular examples should make you cast off the spell of gloom and hopelessness. Sure, the overall figures may not give a very good impression of digital marketing working out for most companies out there, but that does not mean that all hope is lost on that front. With a certain level of determination, perseverance as well as having a clear plan, thing are bound to work out for you sooner than you think.

While there is little doubt of the fact that most of these examples do end up being rather convincing on the whole, there is still one aspect to keep in mind. And that is finding that one case study that is the most relevant to your particular business as a whole. Once you find that out, it’s plain sailing from that point onwards.

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