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A Masters degree gives you the opportunity to either further your understanding of a particular question or take off in a completely different way using skills you have gained from your previous undergraduate degree.The field of performing arts is a blanket term for all forms of performance, including dance, theater and music. Studies include academic pursuits, such as histories and theories, as w… Read more

A Masters degree gives you the opportunity to either further your understanding of a particular question or take off in a completely different way using skills you have gained from your previous undergraduate degree.

The field of performing arts is a blanket term for all forms of performance, including dance, theater and music. Studies include academic pursuits, such as histories and theories, as well as technical training in a variety of performance styles.

Europe is the sixth largest continent and includes 47 countries and assorted dependencies, islands and territories. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Asia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the West.

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MA in Choral Conducting

Besides general music theory and music history classes, the training will introduce students to the technique of choral conducting as well as to theoretical and practical issu ... +

Music Management (M.A.)

Study a Master of Arts in Music Management. This Media and Communication Management M.A. programme is taught entirely in English at our Macromedia campus in Berlin, Germany.

Master’s Degree in Performance

There is an emphasis on developing high-level solo performance skills alongside ensemble and collaborative activities. As with the other MMus pathways, there are modules which ... +

Earn a scholarship worth up to $10,000

Ma arts and culture: music, theatre and performance studies.

This Master's programme offers two specializations: one in Popular Music, Sound and Media Cultures and another in Theatre, Culture and Media studies. Each specialization encom ... +

MusM in Music (Performance Studies)

The MusM Music (Performance) course will prepare you for a portfolio career in music performance in the rapidly diversifying post-pandemic music-making scene. You will develop ... +

MFA in Recording & Music Production

Our MFA in Recording & Music Production is aimed at international students who are fluent in English and hold a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in music or sound techniques, ... +

Master's Degree in Musical Heritage

Musical heritage is one of the aspects that receives the most support in cultural promotion promoted by public administrations. With the political decentralization that occurr ... +

MA in Music

This fascinating introduction to the methods and materials used for music research will suit professionals working in a wide range of music-related settings and is also applic ... +

Online Master degree M.Mus Music & Sound

In affiliation with the London College of Music and the University of West London, the AMSonline M.Mus Music & Sound has been developed to address the needs of contemporar ... +

Our MA in Music offers advanced training in either musicology or composition. The modular structure allows you to pursue a broad generalist programme or to specialise in a par ... +

Master in Performing Arts as Critical Practice

The programme brings together innovative performing arts practices with critical reflection, and promotes expertise in initiating and building new alliances and arenas both wi ... +

MA Directing

The MA Directing course equips students with a comprehensive skill set to work across all screen platforms – film, television, commercials, and online. During their studies, s ... +

Master in Chamber Music

Chamber Music is a new follow-up Master’s study program, offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music from the academic year 2021/22. The program is suitable for Bachelor’s-l ... +

Master of Arts in Musicology

Our Research Master’s in Musicology will train you in advanced research while giving you academic insight into the theoretical and artistic principles underpinning music acros ... +

MFA in Choreography

As an emerging or experienced choreographer, this MFA course will help you refine your artistic practice by advancing your creative, technical and performance skills. The prog ... +

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17 Best Film Schools in Europe

The vibrant creative scene of Europe is home to several film schools. Many award-winning artists graduated from here and would highly recommend studying film in a continent filled with people who appreciate the craft.

However, only a few of these schools have truly made a name for themselves. If you plan to attend one, here are some of the best film schools in Europe.

Top Film Schools in Europe

1. london film school.

LFS follows a conservatory model. Instead of having a curriculum like in traditional universities, conservatory students focus only on their specific field. At LFS, all your time will be spent working on films created by you and your peers. You will learn the intricacies of filmmaking by experience and finish school with an extensive portfolio on directing, writing, editing, and cinematography.

The school offers MA Filmmaking, MA Screenwriting, MA International Film Business, and Ph.D. Film by Practice. Fully equipped studios, editing suites, recording areas, and an extensive range of cameras are available for use by students. Through the school’s industry connections, students may also access Soho facilities from time to time.

2. University of Television and Film – Munich

This top film school in Europe is more popularly known by its German name, Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (HFF Munich). Established in 1966, it is a public film school that accepts only about 350 students every year.

3. Lodz Film School

The Leon Schiller National Film School, more popularly known as Lodz Film School, has been a mecca for aspiring filmmakers who are fluent in the Polish language. Some of their most notable alumni include Andrzej Wajda and Roman Polanski, both highly regarded for creating award-winning films about Polish history.

Since its establishment in 1948, Lodz has educated artists through intensive practical learning. More time is spent working with cameras, editing software, and other production equipment than doing lectures in the classroom. The school successfully finishes the production of 300 student documentaries and films every year.

Lodz is an excellent film school that offers 3-year Bachelor’s degrees in Film & TV Direction, Screenwriting, and Film & TV Production. It also offers a 2-year MA in Film & TV Production. All courses are taught in Polish and language classes are available for international students who want to improve their fluency.

4. International Institute for Image and Sound

3is offers BFA Filmmaking, BA Film, MFA in Cinematography, and MFA in Recording & Music Production. Bachelor’s degrees take three years to complete, including a six-month internship. Master’s degrees take two years. All courses are taught in English.

5. Paris Sciences et Lettres University – La Femis

Situated in the heart of Paris, La Femis is considered the most prestigious film school in the world. It is part of the Paris Sciences et Lettres University and aims to train students in all aspects of filmmaking. Only 50 students are admitted every year.

As one of Europe’s best film schools, La Femis only accepts students in higher education. It has a unique 4-year curriculum designed to provide in-classroom and practical training across various filmmaking disciplines. During the 2nd and 4th years, some students participate in foreign exchange programs. La Femis has established partnerships with international film schools for this, including HFF in Munich, CalArts in Los Angeles, and Columbia University in New York.

All courses at La Femis are offered only in French. Students who successfully finish the curriculum are awarded an institution-specific degree equivalent to a Master’s.

6. Tallinn University

Tallinn University is a public university formally founded in 2005. It is the result of a merger of several schools and institutions based in the capital of Estonia. The film program is offered by the Baltic Film, Media, and Arts School (BFA).

This top film school in Europe also offers Master’s degrees in Screen Media & Innovation, Documentary Film, and Communication Management.

7. National Film and Television School

The National Film and Television School (NFTS) runs the greatest number of courses in filmmaking in Europe. With over 30 MA and certificate courses, NFTS has the broadest range of behind-the-camera courses, including very niche disciplines such as production accounting and script supervision.

Industry professionals make up the faculty at NFTS. Masterclasses from big names in entertainment are also conducted once in a while.

8. VIA University College

VIA University College is a Danish institution established in 2008. The school has campuses in various cities across the country, with the main campus located in Horsens.

With its cutting-edge facilities and extensive curriculum, VIA University College is regarded as one of the top schools for film in Europe. It offers a Bachelor’s program in Multiplatform Storytelling and Production, three and a half-year program that covers various aspects of filmmaking. You’ll have the opportunity to work on both narrative and documentary films during your time at VIA University College.

9. University of the Arts – London

Located in High Holborn, London, the University of the Arts London is a large consortium of art schools in England. It was formed in 2004 and is made up of six colleges, all of which have a focus on arts and design.

The institution offers a Bachelor’s in Film Practice and a Bachelor’s in Film and Television. These two four-year programs cover various filmmaking aspects, from directing to cinematography to screenwriting.

10. Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University was established in 1992. The university has seven schools, one of which is the School of Film and Media. This school offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in filmmaking.

The three-year Bachelor’s program introduces students to all aspects of cinematography and filmmaking. Bournemouth University offers a wide range of electives, allowing students to specialize in their area of interest. During the two-year Master’s program, students can choose to specialize in either directing or producing.

11. Warsaw Film School

The Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya, better known as ESCAC, is a film school located in the Spanish city of Barcelona. It was founded in 1994 and is one of the top film schools in Europe. In addition to its filmmaking programs, ESCAC also offers courses in animation and video game design.

ESCAC is a highly selective school. This three-year Bachelor’s program introduces students to filmmaking by teaching them about directing, cinematography, and producing. As a student at ESCAC, you’ll have the opportunity to make your own short films. The Master’s program at ESCAC is a two-year course focusing on screenwriting and directing.

13. Aalto University

The Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture is located in Helsinki, Finland. It was established in 2010 and uses Finnish, Swedish, and English as its teaching languages. The school has various programs in design, architecture, media, and art.

The undergraduate course is made up of practical and theoretical training, while the Master’s program is research-oriented.

14. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Greece’s Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the country’s largest institution of higher education. It was established in 1925 and has since grown to become a leading research and teaching university. The university is best known for its programs in the arts and humanities but has a particularly strong reputation as one of the top European schools for film studies.

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has a Faculty of Fine Arts that has four schools. One of them, the School of Film was founded in 2004. The four-year Bachelor’s program in Film Studies helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of filmmaking through theoretical and practical training. The two-year Master’s program in Fine Arts allows students to specialize in either directing or producing.

15. Dun Laoghaire Institute Of Art Design + Technology

Dublin’s Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology is a leading institution for creative education and research. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various disciplines, including design, media, arts, and technology.

16. Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University is a public university in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. It was established in 1992 and has since become one of the best universities in Scotland. The university has a strong focus on business, creative industries, and life sciences.

It is also home to the Edinburgh School of Film, Television, and Media, which offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The three-year Bachelor’s program covers a broad range of topics, such as directing, cinematography, and producing. The Master’s program at Edinburgh Napier University is a two-year course focusing on screenwriting and directing.

17. FAMU – Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts

In 1946, the Czech Republic’s Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) was established in Prague as a branch of the Academy of Performing Arts. FAMU is the oldest and best film school in Eastern Europe and has educated some of the region’s most successful filmmakers, including Academy Award-winning director Miloš Forman.

The school offers three-year undergraduate programs and two-year graduate programs. The courses are focused on practical training and prepare students for careers in the film and television industry. FAMU has a studio complex with state-of-the-art equipment, making it one of the best-equipped film schools in Europe.


MFA Degree in Europe: What You Need to Know

Entry requirements:, master in conservation studies:, master program in painting and drawing:, master in printmaking:, master of arts in visual culture and contemporary art, master of fine arts in creative writing:, masters of visual arts and audiovisual arts programmes:, masters in art research collaboration:, masters in choreography:, studying in europe.

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The Top 11 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions For Business

Multi-factor authentication ensures only legitimate users can access accounts and applications. here’s our list of the top mfa solutions for business..

Blog Profile

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions improve business security by enforcing additional authentication measures, such as a text message, or a fingerprint, before users can access accounts that hold sensitive information or controls.

Essentially, with MFA in place businesses have an extra layer of security over their accounts. It helps to ensure that everyone who accesses company information is really who they say they are, helping to reduce the risk of account compromise. Multi-factor authentication tools should send users an email, text, or require a biometric check, such as a FaceID check or fingerprint scan, before users can login.

This isn’t designed to make life more difficult, but to stop attackers from getting into accounts in the case of a password compromise. It should still be easy and quick for legitimate users to get into accounts, which is why finding the right MFA solution is so important.  

To help you find the right solution, here’s our list of the top MFA solutions for businesses. In this list, we’ll cover what MFA functionality each vendor offers, what customers have to say about the solution, and what the extra benefits of each service are. Many of these solutions will fit into a wider identity management platform, so we’ll also cover any additional features each vendor provides. Let’s jump right into the list!

Jumpcloud Logo

JumpCloud Protect

JumpCloud is an Open Directory Platform™ that enables organizations to enforce and manage identity and access management tools—such as multi-factor authentication and single sign-on—and device management tools—mobile device management and patch management—via a single, central interface. JumpCloud makes it easy for IT admins to secure their users’ accounts and devices, implement and maintain Zero Trust policies, and  demonstrate compliance with data protection standards.

JumpCloud’s MFA solution enables admins to secure user accounts against credential related breaches such as brute force and phishing attacks. Via the JumpCloud Protect TM app, JumpCloud MFA supports a range of authentication methods that include push notification, universal second factor (UTF) keys, time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs), and in-device biometrics, enabling admins to choose the method best suited to their users to deliver a more secure and frictionless login experience.

JumpCloud administrators can set policies around logins—such as the user’s device and location—and, if the login is deemed out of policy, users are prompted to verify their identities via MFA. This helps to secure accounts against unauthorized access by attackers to access sensitive data through the use of stolen credentials. JumpCloud MFA also streamlines the administration process for IT administrators. Admins can enforce MFA easily from the same portal for all users; with the platform’s user-friendly enrollment feature, admins can establish flexible time frames for users to set up MFA remotely, with automated reminders to ensure that users comply.

JumpCloud MFA is entirely cloud-based, making it easily scalable, as well as quick to deploy and integrate with an organization’s existing IT environment. The JumpCloud Protect app is compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices and can be used as a second factor with macOS, Windows and Linux devices, VPN and wireless networks, and servers.

JumpCloud is used by over 180,000 organizations worldwide and is consistently ranked as a top solution by customers. Users praise JumpCloud for its simple, user-friendly interface and admins praise the ease with which they can implement MFA across their organizations. We recommend JumpCloud MFA as a smart choice for small, medium enterprises and mid-market organizations looking for easy-to-manage account security that they can roll out across a remote or hybrid workforce with minimum effort using their existing resources.


ESET Secure Authentication

ESET is a market-leading vendor in lightweight, user-friendly cybersecurity solutions. ESET Secure Authentication is their enterprise two-factor authentication (2FA) solution, designed to reduce the risks associated with stolen password by requiring users to verify their identity in two ways before being granted access to a system. Currently supporting over 100 million users worldwide, ESET’s solution supports a range of authentication methods, ensuring that it’s compatible for all users, no matter what device they’re using to authenticate. It supports not only on-premises applications, but also web and cloud services such as Office 365 and Dropbox via SAML protocol integration, ensuring compliance and data security across all business systems.

With ESET Secure Authentication, users can verify their identity via mobile authentication apps, hardware tokens, FIDO security keys or ESET’s own push notifications, which are compatible with iOS and Android systems. This ensures that all users can interact easily with the solution, no matter what device they’re working on. As well as on-premises and cloud applications, ESET Secure Authentication’s full-featured API supports access security for remote desktop protocols and most popular corporate VPNs, including Barracuda, Cisco, Citrix and Palo Alto.

ESET Secure Authentication is fully cloud-based. Admins can manage the solution via a single web-based console, where they can monitor authentication organization-wide, set authentication policies, and generate access reports for compliance purposes. According to ESET, the solution deploys in just ten minutes, no matter how many users are being onboarded. This makes it suitable for both smaller businesses without a dedicated IT resource, and large enterprises that need to onboard a lot of users quickly. We recommend ESET Secure Authentication as a strong, intuitive solution for organization that want to implement two-factor authentication across all of their business systems and applications, no matter where they’re hosted.

ManageEngine logo

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ManageEngine is an established software vendor that forms the IT management division of business software company Zoho Corporation. ADSelfService Plus is its powerful password management, multi-factor authentication, and single sign-on solution that offers Endpoint MFA to help organizations better secure access to machines (Windows, macOS, and LinuxOS), VPNs, applications, endpoints, and Outlook Web Access (OWA). In terms of pricing, ADSelfService Plus comes in three tiers (Free, Standard, and Professional), but we should note that Endpoint MFA capabilities are only available as part of the highest tier—Professional Edition—which starts at $1195 for 500 domain users annually.

ADSelfService Plus enables organizations to protect multiple points of access with its strong MFA capabilities. Users can also protect SSO logins with MFA, both reducing the need to remember multiple passwords while adding an extra layer of security. The solution works firstly by authenticating user identity via their Active Directory domain credentials. Users are then prompted to authenticate using a second factor of authentication—with the platform offering an impressive 18 modes of authenticating identity, including security questions, SMS and email codes, authenticator apps, hardware security tokens, and QR codes, fingerprint, and facial recognition, and more. From the admin console, admins can also configure conditional access policies to determine which authentication methods are enforced for which groups of users and in which contexts.

In terms of installation, the solution can be installed both on servers and machines. Admins can also choose whether to install the 64-bit version or the 32-bit version, depending on their requirements. Current users’ rate ADSelfService Plus highly for its simple set up and deployment and easy-to-use platform. As a trusted partner to nine in ten Fortune 100 companies, we recommend ManageEngine’s ADSelfService Plus for larger organizations—particularly in industries such as finance, IT, healthcare, and government—that are looking for strong MFA to secure all access points, alongside advanced self-service password management capabilities and SSO.

Thales Logo

Thales SafeNet Trusted Access

Thales is a cloud data security provider that offers solutions for a number of user cases, including human and machine identity verification, access authorization, data discovery and encryption. SafeNet Trusted Access is Thales’ access management and authentication solution that enables organizations to manage user access to corporate applications and cloud services via a single, unified platform. To help ensure account security and protect against credential-based attacks such as account takeover, SafeNet Trusted Access features multi-factor authentication, adaptive and contextual authentication, integrated single sign-on and scenario-based access policies.

SafeNet Trusted Access verifies user identities via risk-based or “adaptive” multi-factor authentication. It analyzes the context of each users’ login for anomalous behavior and increases authentication requirements only if the login is considered unusual or risky. This ensures security without impacting end users’ login experience unnecessarily. SafeNet Trusted Access supports a wide range of authentication methods, including traditional password- and token-based authentication, certificate-based smart cards and integrated Kerberos authentication as well as modern authentication technologies such as SAML and OIDC. As well as MFA, SafeNet Trusted Access offers in-built single sign-on, which enables users to access all of their cloud applications via one set of login credentials (and one authentication process where necessary). Admins can manage MFA, adaptive authentication and SSO policies via one central policy engine. All policies can be configured at a user, group or application level.

Delivered as-a-Service, SafeNet Trusted Access deploys quickly in the cloud and offers the flexibility to easily scale as your organization grows. The platform supports authentication across Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android operating systems, as well as VPNs and cloud services. End users praise Thales’ solution for its ease of use, while admins praise its consistency and customer support. We recommend Thales SafeNet Trusted Access as a strong MFA solution for organizations who want to secure user access to cloud and web-bsaed applications and VPN usage, and particularly those who want integrated SSO combined with strong authentication capabilities.

HID Logo

HID Identity and Access Management

HID is a market leading cybersecurity vendor that offers enterprise-grade, user-friendly identity verification solutions. HID’s Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication solution is a part of their Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite, sitting alongside identity and risk-based management products. The IAM suite enables IT teams to secure and manage access to both logical and physical assets, and HID currently secures over 85 million user identities globally with this offering. Advanced MFA enables secure access to corporate networks, VPNs and cloud applications such as Office 365. Additionally, the central management console features robust reporting capabilities, which administrators can use to gain insights into account usage and who is accessing which areas within the network.

HID’s Advanced MFA solution is centred around a zero-trust converged credential ecosystem. This system enables secure access to both physical corporate assets, like buildings, and logical assets such as networks. The system supports authentication via hardware tokens, PKI-based smart cards, digital certificates, mobile push notifications, and biometrics – which is particularly useful for organizations looking for a risk-based method. These methods support various digital protocols, including FIDO and OATH. Additionally, HID’s smart cards enable secure physical access to company sites. HID’s Advanced MFA supports single sign-on (SSO), so that users don’t have to remember multiple passwords. This saves IT resources from being spent dealing with password reset requests. HID IAM’s admin console also features powerful reporting and analytics tools, which leverage sophisticated AI to provide insights into who is accessing what parts of the network, as well as enable organizations to ensure security compliance.

Advanced MFA can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud. This makes it easy to set up, highly scalable and flexible. Because of this, Advanced MFA is a strong solution for organizations with plans for growth, those with remote or hybrid-remote environments, and those with multiple office sites. HID’s MFA solution is particularly popular among finance and government industries, due to its high level of security and its robust management features. We recommend HID Advanced MFA as a strong solution for any mid-sized organization or enterprise looking to secure and verify user access to corporate assets across multiple business levels.

Duo Logo

Cisco Secure Access by Duo

Duo Security, acquired by Cisco in 2018, provides an access management solution that secures employee access to corporate accounts, helping businesses to reduce credential-based security risks and meet regulatory compliance. Duo’s solution is available via five plans, from a compact version for smaller teams right through to a comprehensive enterprise-grade version for larger businesses. This enables Duo to help organizations of any size to secure and monitor their account access.

Duo Security’s zero-trust MFA enables users to verify their identities via the Duo mobile app, which allows users to easily hit “approve” or “deny” for login attempts. Duo also integrates with universal 2 nd  factor authentication tokens, FIDO-supported hardware tokens, mobile passcodes, U2F USB devices, and biometric controls built into the user’s device, such as FaceID. Duo’s integrated SSO means that users only have to verify their identity at the beginning of their session, ensuring a seamless login experience that causes the user little disruption.

From the management console, admins can configure adaptive authentication policies based on factors such as user location, device and role. Duo checks user login data against these policies for anomalous access attempts, to ensure that further verification is only required for logins which are considered to be high-risk, increasing login efficiency.

Duo is cloud-based and integrates natively with existing applications. This makes it easy to roll out across an organization and gives the solution the flexibility to scale up as your business grows. We recommend Cisco Secure Access by Duo as a strong MFA solution for organizations of all sizes looking for a user-friendly yet powerful MFA solution.

Azure Logo

Microsoft Azure AD

Microsoft’s offers a leading enterprise multi-factor authentication solution delivered as part of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), a cloud-based identity and access management solution that enables employees to access applications securely and easily, including Microsoft 365, Azure and thousands of integrated SaaS applications, as well as internal applications and custom cloud applications.     

Azure AD MFA works by enforcing an additional verification check when users sign into Microsoft’s services, or applications connected to Azure AD, helping to reduce the risk of account compromise. Microsoft supports a wide range of authentication methods, including Microsoft’s own Authenticator app, Windows Hello For Business, FIDO2 Security Keys, OATH hardware and software tokens, SMS codes and voice calls.   

End users can easily add and manage which of these authentication methods they wish to use, and admins can configure policies around the authentication process – for example enforcing number matching to reduce MFA bypass attacks, and implementing passwordless authentication, which removes the password from the authentication process and, replaces it with a secure MFA process.   

From the activity dashboard, admins can monitor which authentication methods are being used across the organization. Admins can also configure conditional access policies that govern when additional multi-factor authentication rules are applied, based on users and groups, IP location, device, application, risk signal detection and more.  

  We highly recommend all Microsoft 365 users enforce Azure AD multi-factor authentication across their accounts. It is straightforward to roll out, and massively improves account security for all users. Microsoft Azure AD is a feature-rich authentication solution for organizations using Microsoft 365 looking to secure accounts with trusted MFA.   

Okta Logo

Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

OKTA’s multi-factor authentication solution secures access for all your business accounts by authenticating all of your employees, partners and customers’ identities. OKTA’s service is designed to be secure, simple and intelligent. They’ve focussed on creating an easy to use admin portal that enforces MFA across the organization, with policies that enforces contextual based login in challenges.

What this in effect means is that users are prompted to verify their accounts based on contextual factors, so that user productivity is only impacted when it’s necessary for security reasons. For example, you may be prompted to authenticate your identity when you log in at a new location, on a new IP address, or on a new device. OKTA also support a range of different authentication methods, including security questions, one time passcodes sent via SMS, voice and email, a mobile app and biometrics.

Customers praise OKTA for it’s feature-rich offering, with an intuitive user interface. Customers report that it’s easy to sign in quickly, with different options for verification that means you can get into accounts even if you don’t have your phone to hand. OKTA is a good option for mid-market and larger enterprises, who need multiple authentication options and policies, without compromising user experience.

Ping Identity Logo

Ping Identity Multi-Factor Authentication

Ping Identity is an identity management suite that offers several different identity management features. This includes Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication and Directory. Ping is distributed via the cloud, providing an identity-as-a-service model as well as a software based solution. Ping has focussed on providing easy integrations for enterprise customers, allowing admins to use APIs, SDKs and integration kits to streamline implementation with existing infrastructure.

Ping uses contextual based adaptive authentication, that provides a better user experience and more effective security controls, without impacting on business productivity. This means that users can choose authentication methods, and admins can be sure a user is who they say they are, with factors checked like geolocation, IP Address and time since last authentication. With Ping, users can even choose to leave passwords behind entirely, with stronger authentication methods like mobile push authentication, QR codes, and other compliant authentication methods.

Customers praise how easy it is to build, secure and maintain application integration using Ping Identity. Customers also say Ping is a reliable and flexible authentication platform that meets compliance needs. End users also report that it’s easy to just log on and have access to all the applications that they need.  Ping is most suitable for larger organizations that need to be able to integrate MFA across all their applications, with flexibility in deployment and adaptive authentication policies.

RSA Logo


RSA is an enterprise-focussed multi-factor authentication and access management solution that allows admins to easily enforce risk-driven authentication policies across your organization. It provides a range of authentication methods, including push notifications, biometrics, one time passwords and SMS messages, as well as supporting hardware and software tokens to ensure maximum security for corporate accounts. However, RSA has focussed on convenience for end users.

While supporting legacy hardware and software tokens, RSA makes it easy for companies to move their users to new authentication options, such as mobile authentication options. This makes life easier for employees, meaning that they can easily use their cell phone to authenticate access to on-premise and cloud applications. RSA allows admins to enforce policy driven MFA and Single-Sign On across all of their custom and third party applications, as well as supporting more than 500 cloud and on-premise applications.

RSA is built for larger enterprise, with granular authentication features and policies. Customers praise the choice that users have between using token based authentication, or using the mobile app. Authentication using RSA is not as streamlined as some of the other authentication solutions on this list, but it provides a very high level of security, which customers argue gives them peace of mind, especially when dealing with very sensitive data. RSA is a strong authentication option for enterprises, especially those that need to meet compliance regulations because they deal with private data.

SecureAuth Logo

SecureAuth Arculix

SecureAuth is an identity and access management (IAM) provider that offers a range of IAM solutions to help businesses manage users’ credentials and secure access to user accounts, without compromising the end user’s login experience. Arculix is SecureAuth’s flagship access and authentication platform, which leverages AI-driven behavioral analytics, granular policy configurations, and integrated single sign-on to enable organizations to continuously authenticate their users and maintain a frictionless login process.

Arculix analyzes the context of each login attempt—considering factors such as device health, IP reputation, device location, and historical user behavior—and produces a risk score for the login based on this data. If the login is deemed high risk, Arculix requires that the user verify their identity via one or more further methods. Arculix supports over 30 authentication methods, including passwordless biometric authentication, OTPs and push notifications, to ensure that all users can verify their identities, regardless of what type of device they’re using. Admins can configure granular authentication policies from the management console, as well as generate reports into login activity and account usage for security monitoring and compliance.

Arculix offers on-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployment options and offers full API integrations with a wide range of cloud service providers, web applications, and VPNs for easier set up and configuration. The platform also offers self-service enrolment, password resets, and platform updates for end users, simplifying the onboarding process as well as minimizing help desk tickets log-term. Overall, we recommend SecureAuth Arculix as a robust solution for both SMBs and enterprises looking for flexible, adaptive MFA that’s straightforward to deploy and supports both traditional and passwordless authentication methods

What Are MFA Solutions?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a critical security process which adds an additional layer of protection to user authentication. Two-factor authentication is now a familiar process for many people today, as it has been increasingly incorporated into consumer processes and technologies. However, businesses adoption has been slower, despite a clear security need for the technology given its proven effectiveness in reducing account takeover attacks and data breaches.

Enterprise Multi-Factor Authentication solutions enable organizations to enforce the requirement for two or more factors of authentication to be applied to corporate accounts. This includes integrations with SaaS applications, custom applications, on-premises applications, and end-user endpoints.

Solutions featured enforce credential-based authentication via hardware and software. This may include asking an end user for a password, alongside the use of a credential keys facial recognition, or a one-time passcode delivered to a smart device.

Enterprise MFA solutions also enable network administrators to gain better visibility into users connected to their network and enforce protection across all users, with detailed reporting dashboards and policy controls. For this reason, MFA is seen as a fundamental step in achieving zero trust principles for organizations.

Enterprise Multi-Factor Authentication solutions are often delivered as part of a wider identity and access management platform, which can include wider authentication features such as single sign-on, privileged access management and directory management.

3 Key Questions To Ask MFA Providers?

1. What Integrations Do You Provide, And How Is The System Deployed?

Supported integrations and deployments are a critical question to ask multi-factor authentication providers. It’s important that the system you use can enforce authentication across all applications, devices, SaaS services and custom architecture needed, and that deployment is scalable and easy to manage.

As previously noted, we also highly recommend using a service that supports user-self enrolment, as this helps to streamline the process for admins, and is more convenient for end users who can choose the method of secure authentication that best fits their workflows.

2. How Can Users Authenticate If They Lose Access To Their Phone Or Credential Keys?

MFA solutions often leverage end user smartphones or hardware tokens to authenticate access. This is highly secure, as it’s unlikely cyber-criminals will have access to physical devices for most attacks, and very convenient for end users, who can gain access at the click of a button.

However, we’re all human and there will be times when users will lose their credential token. So, a key question to ask providers is how easy it is for admins to reset end-user access to make sure that people can securely and quickly get access to their systems and get back to work.

3. What Management Controls And Reporting Do You Offer?

Deploying MFA should enable much greater admin controls and oversight into end-user security. A key feature to consider is the usability and granularity of the admin dashboard. You should be able to see all connected users, the health of their devices, and any security risks that the system has identified. Look for services offering detailed reporting and granular policy configurations to ensure you can support and protect users.

Why Do You Need An MFA Solution?

The typical authentication process involves a single authentication factor: a password. This is something the user knows. Unfortunately, passwords on their own are not a secure enough method of authentication in the modern security landscape.

Users today have hundreds of passwords to remember, which often leads to weak passwords being used, which can be cracked by password-based attacks. Phishing attacks have also highlighted the weaknesses of passwords: if a user is successfully phished, they can give up their passwords without knowing they have been compromised.

Multi-factor alleviates these risks by adding at least one further factor of authentication. This can include something the user is, such as a biometric credential, commonly a fingerprint, facial or retina scan, or something the user has, such as a one-time-passcode delivered to a trusted device or authentication key.

This factor of authentication greatly improves the security of accounts. It reduces the likelihood of data breach by securing against phishing and account compromise. Microsoft claims that taking the step of implementing a second factor of authentication prevents 99.9% of attacks on your accounts. For this reason, we highly recommend all users implement an MFA solution as a fundamental pillar of their security strategy.

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Best MFA programs in Europe or US

best mfa europe

Hello, I want to get my MFA in Creative Writing. I’m doing my own googling of sorts but wanted to crowd source opinions on what you have heard as the best programs out there.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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You're best off asking r/AskLiteraryStudies or r/askliterature . You won't get any useful answer here. A couple things I do know, though, is that it's about the program more than the name.

For example, the most revered MFA program is the Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa. Michigan, Madision, Brown, and Cornell are also top contenders. Think about what specialties they offer and if they offer cross-genre options (for example, Northwestern's creative writing MFA expressly discourages taking classes in their Film, TV, and Radio department or their theater department, which is the dumbest fucking thing on the planet in my opinion).

Also think about your specialty. Fiction? Poetry? Screenwriting? Playwriting/theater? Nonfiction?

MFAs are a much more American thing. Cambridge offers an MSt in creative writing, but I don't know if they treat it like a terminal degree like they do here.

I'd say that UT-Austin with the Michener Center is also a good hub. Emerson in Boston has the affiliation with ploughshares and the actual chance to work at Redivider. Then there are different schools that specialize in certain stylistics, UNLV and UCSD are known for more avant-garde poetry, Denver for their interdisciplinary work and experimentation (phd, though), FSU for its poetry faculty...

Don't go based on the name of the institution. Go because you want to grow as a writer. Look up programs and really look into who their faculty are, what they're writing, and what they've published/ are publishing.

This is your opportunity to learn from industry professionals and build your network. A fancy name won't get you personal relationships.

I went to a pretty small program where I learned from very talented professors and writers. Landed my career within a year of graduating and started my own Press. Worth it 100%.

And a fancy name will likely come with an incredibly high price tag.

I don’t know about the current program, but the University of Missouri used to have a very strong journalism program. Not sure if that carries over to a strong MFA or not, though...and I’m too lazy to check. /s

I think you can contact with the University you like to do your MFA degree.

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best mfa europe

16 Best MFA Solutions (Multi-Factor Authentication Tools) 2023

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As technology evolves, so does security.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and MFA solutions must keep up with the needs of the market.

It wasn’t that long ago that a physical token was being carried around on a keychain for MFA.

And now in 2023, all kinds of new technologies are available.

Using MFA solutions , you can verify your identity more effectively, log in securely to any application on any device, and protect yourself from fraudsters when using your login credentials.

MFA companies are quickly scaling their MFA solutions technology to give you the best cybersecurity especially in a world where everything is remote.

Best MFA Solutions (Multi-Factor Authentication Tools)

#1. lastpass – best mfa solution for personal use and small business.

best mfa europe

LastPass is a password management software that helps users securely store and manage their passwords and other sensitive information, such as payment information and secure notes.

With LastPass, users only have to remember one master password, and the software will automatically fill in login credentials for websites and apps.

It also generates strong, unique passwords to increase security and protects sensitive information with encryption.

It is available for multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, making accessing passwords and secure information from anywhere easy.

Pricing: starts at $3 per month.

LastPass offers a range of pricing plans, including a free plan for individuals and a premium plan for $3/month with advanced features.

The family plan for $4/month allows up to 6 family members to use LastPass.

The business plan starts at $4/user/month for businesses, and the enterprise plan provides advanced security features for large organizations and is priced based on specific needs. Prices may vary based on the region.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of LastPass:

Disadvantages and Limitations of LastPass:

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#2. Duo Security – Best MFA Solution for Most Features

best mfa europe

Duo Security is a multi-factor authentication as well as a two-factor authentication app.

It offers access to various tools that will help you make your security better and more accessible.

Its unique user-friendly features provide strong authentication, secure access, and device monitoring and make security resilience easy for your company and organization.

The Duo ensures and verifies user trust and enforces adaptive policies.

In addition, it also provides your device trust and verifies device health. It offers every user secure access to any application with a single username and password.

Keeping in mind the exceptional reviews of Duo security customers, it earned TrustRadius Top Rated 2022, including all three of the Best of Authentication awards 2022.

Pricing: Offers free version, then starts at $3 per month per user.

The access to features varies in the form of user trust, device trust, adaptive authentication and policy enforcement, and risk-based authentication.

A Cisco-acquired company, Duo Security is a leader in MFA solutions.

Duo offers your company the ability to use a second source of validation, such as your phone or a token.

Duo has been known to have a very user-friendly interface and is easy to use and install.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Duo Security:

Disadvantages and Limitations of Duo Security:

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#3. Okta – Best MFA Solution for Security and User Access

best mfa europe

Okta is an American-based company that provides leading cloud software and helps organizations manage and secure their user authentications into applications.

Okta is highly extensible, reliable, easy to use, and works with your existing solutions. Okta deals with Customer Identity Cloud and Workforce Identity Cloud. 

Within Customer Identity Cloud, it tackles consumers and SaaS apps and helps them authenticate and authorize secure access for various things, including applications, devices, and users.

Workforce Identity Cloud facilitates organizations with securing their employees, contractors, and partners anytime and anywhere. It covers every aspect of the identity and control of its customers.

Pricing: Starts at $2-6 / month per user

Workforce Identity Cloud pricing starts at $2-$5 / User / Month for Single Sign-on. $3-$6 / User / Month for Multi-factor Authentication. Universal Directory and API Access Management charge you $2 / User / Month.

Identity Governance offers you three different packages with various flows.

Prebuilt with over 7,000 integrations, Okta works with major SaaS companies like Slack and Zendesk.

Not only do they specialize in MFA solutions, but every kind of log-in security function they have.

Their MFA solution offers OTP, email, SMS, voice, third-party, Apple TouchID, and more. Okta is one of the leading providers of MFA and security.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Okta:

Disadvantages and Limitations of Okta:

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#4. SecureAuth – Best MFA Solution for Scalability

best mfa europe

SecureAuth is a passwordless and continuous authentication app for every organization and company that can be accessed from everywhere.

SecureAuth has different capabilities, such as Adaptive authentication, Single sign-on, Passwordless authentication, Multi-factor authentication, and Mobile SDK.

It also deals with Customer Identity Cloud and Workforce Identity Cloud. 

Arculix is the leading next-generation access management and authentication developed by SecureAuth, enabling it to work in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments.

It manages and provides access to applications, systems, and data globally.

SecureAuth earned the Leader award in GigaOm Radar Report 2022 for MFA.

Pricing: Requires demo

Used by big corporations like Starbucks, Best Buy, and VMware, you can trust SecureAuth knows what they’re doing in the MFA space.

They specialize in global certifications for large companies with retail and remote employees.

With experience in multiple industries, including healthcare, technology, retail, live events, and automotive dealerships, they are the leading MFA solutions provider that IT professionals trust.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of SecureAuth:

Disadvantages and Limitations of SecureAuth:

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#5. LoginRadius – Best All-in-One MFA Solution

best mfa europe

LoginRadius is the most advanced no-code Custome IAM.

It is among the world’s highest-rated CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) technology.

CIAM platform offers CIAM specialists the fastest time to value, unmatched performance, and #1 CIAM technology.

It provides Identity Experience Workflow (Low-code) and Identity Infrastructure (No-code).

With a developer-friendly identity platform, LoginRadius provides various services to its users and organizations, such as authentication (passwordless login, social login, multi-factor authentication), Single sign-on, Directory service, Data Governance, Cloud integrations, and User management.

Forrester, LoginRadius ranked #1 technology in the CIAM space.

Pricing: Requires Demo. You also can schedule a live demo.

LoginRadius offers Multi-Factor Authentication through SMS, automated phone calls, email, security questions, and authenticator apps.

This allows you to customize the user experience for your customers and help them protect their accounts.

Depending on your business needs, you can also opt to turn on MFA across all customer accounts.

Alternatively, your customers can choose this option based on their preferences. LoginRadius also offers user registration, single sign-on (SSO), user management, and cloud integration services.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of LoginRadius:

Disadvantages and Limitations of LoginRadius:

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#6. OneLogin – Best MFA Solution for Enterprise Companies

best mfa europe

OneLogin is a cloud-based market-leading identity and access management provider.

It facilitates everything that can help you secure your organization, workforce, customers’ data, and partner data at your affordable budget.

It protects your users and customers’ data from any kind of harm.

With a developer-friendly identity platform, Onelogin provides various services to its users and organizations, such as authentication (passwordless login, social login, multi-factor authentication), single sign-on, directory service, data governance, cloud integrations, and user management.

Onelogin earned a Leader in Kupping Ercole’s 2022 Leadership Compass Access Management. OneLogin also rated with a high 4.5 on Gartner Peer Insights.

Pricing: Offers free trial, then starts at $4/ month per user

It offers two packages to its users in Workforce identity and Customer Identity (CIAM).

When you need to offer advanced security to your servers or accounts, OneLogin is an all-in-one solution to address your privacy controls.

They offer a free trial which includes a whole directory of offerings, including cloud directory, desktop + mobile SSO, advanced password reset, custom reports, security policies, and VPN integration.

Within their system, you’ll get access to policy execution that allows you to edit all permissions from one platform.

All the tools IT needs to execute their day-to-day activities make onboarding new employees and offboarding them from your system as easy as a touch of a button.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of OneLogin:

Disadvantages and Limitations of OneLogin:

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#7. SecurID – Best MFA Solution for IT Access

best mfa europe

RSA SecurID , formerly referred to as SecurID, was developed by RSA for two-factor authentication for its users.

SecurID provides you with everything you need to address today’s challenges on-premises.

It doesn’t compromise your customers’ security, ease, or convenience.

RSA SecurID provides you industry standard for authentication and ensures flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use.

It includes authentication in MFA, Tokens, Risk-based, OTP, and passwordless forms. 

With a developer-friendly identity platform, it provides various services to its users and organizations, such as authentication, Single sign-on, Directory service, Data Governance, Cloud integrations, and User management.

Pricing: It offers three ID Plus Plans for its customers.

You can also apply for ID Plus, one of the most secure products.

Their range of MFA features includes biometrics for the face, fingerprint, retinal scan, OTP, token, and SSO.

SecurID works with partners on a global scale. They have a token you can access on your mobile phone.

This makes authentication easy and accessible wherever you go. Physical tokens are no longer needed for logging into a system.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of RSA SecurID:

Disadvantages and Limitations of RSA SecurID:

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#8. Twilio Authy – Best MFA Solution for Consumers

best mfa europe

Twilo Authy is an API developed to solve problems you can’t handle.

With user-friendly features, it provides excellent care and protection to its users with API-powered tools.

It elevates your security with push notifications and adds versatility to your login experience. 

With a developer-friendly identity platform, Twilo Authy provides authentication via SMS/Voice one-time passcode (OTP), Email one-time passcode, API soft tokens, Google Authenticator soft tokens, and push authentications.

It also facilitates its users by providing multi-device synced authentication and backup that reduces support issues.

Pricing: Simple and flexible pricing options such as Pay-as-you-go, volume discounts, and committed-use discounts.

Combine all tokens and auth codes with Twilio Authy’s app across your devices.

Since your tokens are stored on the app, if you change devices, then the tokens won’t change.

Because Twilio is a customer engagement platform, their MFA solution “Authy” is paid for by their parent company.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Twilo Authy:

Disadvantages and Limitations of Twilo Authy:

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#9. Yubico – Best MFA Solution for Physical Key

best mfa europe

Yubico is a phishing-resistant, multi-factor authentication app.

The most acceptable Yubico’s award-winning security key is YubiKey. It is 100% designed to give your organization security and trust.

It offers different organizations, SMBs, Individuals, and developers the to deliver modern authentication and peace of mind.

YubiKey helps you to secure the identities of your customers, users, and employees by using its hardware authentication reimaging.

It reduces the costs of the support and experiences an extraordinary user experience.

It has an additional feature that protects against human error by eliminating MFA fatigue.

Pricing: Offers different physical ‘keys’ for different devices and access points; a quiz is provided on their website for choosing the right one.

You can get YubiEnterprise Subscription that flexibly delivers security with a lower entry cost. You can bring peace of mind and future-proofed investment for less than $4 per user per month.

Yubico operates on the philosophy that SMS, two-factor authentication, and mobile apps are vulnerable to hackers.

Their method of MFA is to provide a physical key to its user that you can insert into your computer or scan with your mobile device to authenticate.

Their microchip can be inserted into many server models and commercially manufactured for large corporations.

Pricing: Physical Keys from $50

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Yubico:

Disadvantages and Limitations of Yubico:

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#10. Ping Identity – Best MFA Solution for Security Experience

best mfa europe

Ping Identity is a cloud platform that seamlessly connects any user to anything and provides self-hosted IAM (identity access management) solutions, including single sign-on solutions.

Ping Identity helps you to protect its users, employees, and customers, making their experience exceptional.

Ping Identity provides solutions such as engaging customers of the organization, securing the workforce, and password-less authentication.

It has unique features, including Orchestration (no-code), fraud detection, and risk management.

Ping Identity provides easy cloud identity to anyone, anywhere.

Ping achieved a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022 for access management.

With its user-friendly features, its high net promoter score is 61+, representing experiences and support to the customers and users.

Pricing: It offers a trial and three annual-based packages.

Ping Identity offers AWS, Microsoft Active Directory, Google, Salesforce, and more integrations.

As one of the largest companies that offer MFA solutions to consumers, they’ve worked with virtually every type of business that requires high levels of security, including banks, healthcare companies, retailers, aerospace, and auto manufacturers.

With Terry Crews as their “Chief Identity Champion,” they’re leading the multi-factor security space.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Ping Identity:

Disadvantages and Limitations of Ping Identity:

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#11. Auth0 – Best MFA Solution for Customization

best mfa europe

Auth0 is very easy to implement and provides adaptable authentication and authorization services to your applications.

This way, it helps the organizations secure access for developers and online shoppers and save time, cost, and management issues.

Okta and Auth0 have joined forces and are working on the principle of CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management).

They improve customer experience by providing frictionless sign-on to make MFA as easy as possible.

Auth0 by Okta earned its reputation as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022 in access management.

It facilitates its users through B2B SaaS applications and consumer applications.

Pricing: It starts with the free plan, but you can subscribe to its basic two packages.

This platform offers the IT team to manage different roles and access its users.

You can customize the way an SSO interacts with different applications.

You can do that if you’d like to enable OTP on your phone but have it interact only with a specific program.

All management tools are protected in a platform designed to be as customized as possible.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Auth0:

Disadvantages and Limitations of Auth0:

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#12. Keycloak – Best MFA Solution for Free

best mfa europe

Keycloak is a software that helps its customers to allow single sign-on, identity brokering, and social login with identity and access management.

The benefit is that by using Keycloak, the users don’t need to use individual applications for authentication. 

An essential cloak is a software that provides its users with single-on and identity brokering and social login with identity and access management.

It also facilitates its users by providing a user federation, an admin console, an account management console, standard protocols, and authorization services.

Authorization services provided by Keycloak include single sign-on, Standard Protocols, LDAP and Active Directory, Centralized Management, Social Login, clustering, and themes.

It is easy to implement and adapt as it provides user guides, documentation, docs, and various downloadable applications and extensions.

Pricing: Free

Simply navigate to Keycloak’s website and down their application for free.

This company offers all the basic authentication features, such as SSO and multiple authentication protocols, and offers a simple and easy-to-use admin console.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Keycloak:

Disadvantages and Limitations of Keycloak:

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#13. Cyberark – Best MFA Solution for Password Management

best mfa europe

Cyberark is an identity security company that provides seamless and secure access for all identities.

It helps organizations improve security by giving intelligent privilege controls, flexible identity automation, and orchestration.

Cyberark fulfills and secures the needs of workforce users and third-party vendors by accessing their sensitive data.

CyberArk offers users end-to-end identity security that is the most complete and extensible.

It also provides continuous threat detection facilities to its customers.

Its features include workforce and customer access, endpoint privilege security, secrets management, and cloud privilege security.

Pricing: Offers free trial, then requires quote

Manage users and assets through their centralized control system to quickly add and modify permissions.

Easily reset passwords and monitor and modify SSO, MFA, and MDM from one centralized platform.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Cyberark:

Disadvantages and Limitations of Cyberark:

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#14. Silverfort – Best MFA Solution for Versatility

best mfa europe

Silverfort is a unified identity protection solution that provides emerging identity security and enforces MFA against unprotectable systems.

It extends MFA against ransomware attacks and also discovers and protects service accounts. The additional and most acceptable feature is Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR).

Silverfort features include privileged access management, lateral movement protection, Hybrid IAM Consolidation, Identity Zero Trust, Risk-based authentication, Agentless MFA, and secure service accounts of users and organizations.

Pricing: Requires a demo.

Extend MFA to any asset even if it couldn’t be protected with MFA prior.

Any legacy or homegrown applications can now be protected using Silverfort’s tool.

They also integrate with leading MFA providers such as Okta, Ping, and Yubico.

Even legacy and healthcare systems can be protected with Silverfort’s authentication solutions that provide access policies on all systems in your cloud on-premise and remotely.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Silverfort:

Disadvantages and Limitations of Silverfort:

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#15. QuickLaunch – Best MFA Solution for Fast Implementation

best mfa europe

Quicklaunch is an award-winning software with over 100M successful authentications.

It is a simplified identity management software that understands your vulnerabilities, protects end users’ identity and access management, and works accordingly.

It plans for your workforce identity as well as for MSP/MSSP.

Its features and products include Single sign-on, Smart password manager, Adaptive authentication, User self-registration, Automated Provisioning, and Passwordless.

It allows you to turn Windows 10 into a touch meeting room solution with remote and voice control.

Pricing: Free 30-day trial. It offers two packages to its customers/users.

QuickLaunch provides an easy-to-implement MFA tool with multiple authentication methods.

Some of the features they include are SMS, Google Authenticator, Mobile, and Biometrics.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Quicklaunch:

Disadvantages and Limitations of Quicklaunch:

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of multi-factor authentication modes are available.

When evaluating the best MFA tool, looking for software that provides multiple authentication modes is best. This can include email, browser push notifications, USB tokens, smartphones, security questions, mobile authentication, and Touch ID. Passcodes and phone callbacks are other methods companies are innovating to provide more security. Looking for the right MFA tool can depend on your end users’ preferred authentication mode.

Are Cloud-Based or Locally Hosted MFA Solutions better?

In terms of security, they will protect your business and any hackers or breaches. It will depend on what software and applications you want to protect. Most companies would prefer to implement MFA on all of their digital assets. Then, it becomes a matter of how accessible you’d like your MFA hub to be. If your IT members are managing your MFA backend, consulting them on what best suits your company’s needs would be best.

What if I haven’t implemented an MFA Solution yet?

You’re more open to attacks by phishing, password reuse, keyloggers, and more. As cybercriminals develop more advanced methods of corporate espionage, it’ll become crucial to protect your end-users. One of the easiest hacks a perpetrator can use is gaining an employee’s password. Once they do, the hacker is privy to the business’s sensitive information. Using a multi-factor authentication solution to enable more than one entry point reduces the odds of a hack taking place.

What other considerations should you account for when looking for an MFA Solution?

When evaluating the right software for you, consider the stakeholders in charge of the software. Whether your security officer or IT team, gather information on their needs and requirements. They might be able to offer some insight into what kind of software you’re looking for.

Also, consider what types of integrations you’ll need. If you’re using a CRM like SalesForce or HubSpot, you’ll want to inquire whether the MFA Solution you use can integrate with your vital platforms.

Lastly, consider the cost of the program. Some solutions offer the bare minimum of what you need for secure login. While other solutions can contain more functionality. Depending on what your company needs, the program’s cost should be thoroughly evaluated before purchase.

Harland Miller talks about his new Phaidon & Artspace edition

10 of the Most Influential MFA Programs in the World

By Artspace Editors

April 24, 2014

10 of the Most Influential MFA Programs in the World

With spring break already fading into a distant memory and graduation dates quickly approaching, we thought we would get an extra-long head start on back-to-school season by tallying up the top 10 Masters of Fine Arts programs in the world, according to U.S. News Rankings at the time of this article. While they may not be the cheapest avenues into the art world, these are, without a doubt, the top-ranked MFA programs for art students looking to add a gold star to the top of their CVs—and to build a ladder into the gallery sphere. Of course, there's no "silver bullet" for instant post-graduate success. But there are certain programs that tend to spark the interest of curators, critics, and collectors alike. 


LOCATION:  New Haven, Connecticut SPECIALTIES: Sculpture, painting and printmaking, graphic design TUITION: $33,500 TIME TO DEGREE: ≤ 3 years NOTABLE FACULTY: Rochelle Feinstein  (director of painting/printmaking dept.), Gregory Crewdson (director of photography dept.), Martin Kersels (director of sculpture dept.), Trevor Paglen, Shirin Neshat , Huma Bhabha , Carroll Dunham , Barbara London FAMOUS ALUMNI:  Robert Mangold , Eva Hesse, Wangechi Mutu , Matthew Barney , Chuck Close , Brice Marden BIGGEST SELLING POINT:  The potential for connection-building is high here—there are rumors of second-year students in the program being signed with galleries and invited to participate in international exhibitions before they've even graduated. It's reputed to have the best graphic-design and photography departments. Also, check out the Yale School of Art's snazzy, GIF-heavy website, and the fact that its visual arts facilities are housed in a series of recently-built, cutting-edge eco-friendly buildings to get a sense of the progressively-minded nature of the program.


LOCATION:  New York City SPECIALTIES:  The program is interdisciplinary, but applicants apply to either painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, or "new genres" TUITION:  $51,676 TIME TO DEGREE: 2 years NOTABLE FACULTY:  Gregory Amenoff , Sanford Biggers ,  Nicola Lopez ,  Rirkrit Tiravanija , Kara Walker FAMOUS ALUMNI:  Jon Kessler , Korakrit Arunanondchai , Georgia Sagri, Guy Ben-Ner , Lisi Raskin BIGGEST SELLING POINT:  As with many of the Ivies, in Columbia's case, self-perpetuating exclusivity plays a major part here: only two percent of applicants to Columbia's MFA in the visual arts are accepted. As of fall 2013, the highly selective program also offers a degree in Sound Art—so if that medium's your thing, this is the place for you. Also, if you're looking to enter the art profession, it doesn't hurt to spend your formative years of training in the artistic capital of the world.


LOCATION:  New Cross, London SPECIALTIES:  The school offers a tutorial system, allowing students to choose their focus, but its known for teaching conceptually weighted work TUITION: £3,330 ($5,600) for Brits; £8,650 ($14,500) for international students TIME TO DEGREE: 2 years NOTABLE FACULLTY:  Suhail Malik, Mark Leckey , Lindsay Seers FAMOUS ALUMNI:  Malcolm McLaren, Lucian Freud, Yinka Shonibare , Bridget Riley ,  Damien Hirst , Sarah Lucas , Liam Gillick BIGGEST SELLING POINT:  Goldsmiths offers a unique blend of studio practice, theoretical, and art-historical training that has made it the U.K.'s most notable and best-known graduate program. It's this vigorous atmosphere that birthed the artists associated with the Young British Artists in the 1990s, among many other notable alumns.


LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois SPECIALTIES:  Fiber and material studies, film/video/new media/animation, art and technology, sound, and performance TUITION: $44,010 TIME TO DEGREE: 2 years NOTABLE FACULTY:  Michelle Grabner , Gregg Bordowitz, Joseph Grigely, Josiah McElheny , Glenn Ligon FAMOUS ALUMNI : Tania Bruguera, Sanford Biggers , Claes Oldenburg , Jeff Koons , Leon Golub , Apichatpong Weerasethakul BIGGEST SELLING POINT:  For the true interdisciplinarian, SAIC has a unique program—its MA in Visual and Critical Studies—which, more than other interdisciplinary programs at comparable schools, embraces the crossover nature of contemporary artistic discourse. Based on the intersection of visual phenomena, critical studies, and creative production, the program combines aspects of a studio-based program and theoretical study, and can include art history, criticism, the general liberal arts, and studio practice.


LOCATION:  Boston, Massachusetts SPECIALTY:  Interdisciplinary TUITION: $39,020 TIME TO DEGREE: 2 years NOTABLE FACULTY:  Jim Dow, Chantal Zakari, Susan Jane Belton, Mark Cooper FAMOUS ALUMNI: Jim Dine , Joan Jonas , David Lynch , Larry Poons, Nan Goldin , Ellsworth Kelly BIGGEST SELLING POINT:  The major draw for aspiring artists to choose the SMFA, which was itself founded by a group of artists in 1876, is the opportunity to exhibit work at the MFA Boston, one of the city's most important cultural institutions. The school is also partnered with nearby Tufts University , where SMFA students can sit in on classes and take advantage of Tufts's hardy academic resources.


LOCATION: Providence, Rhode Island SPECIALTIES:  Literally everything from furniture design to landscape architecture to painting, with the most popular majors being illustration, industrial design, architecture, and graphic design TUITION: $42,622 TIME TO DEGREE: 1–3 years; most students finish in 2 NOTABLE FACULTY: Dike Blair , Naomi Fry, Dean Snyder, Patricia Treib, Henry Ferreira FAMOUS ALUMNI:  Roni Horn , Andrea Zittel , Janine Antoni, Jenny Holzer , Kara Walker BIGGEST SELLING POINT: While many MFA programs offer a post-studio mix of critical theory and interdisciplinary experimentation, RISD's curriculum is firmly planted in the mastery of technical craft, with a curriculum that emphasizes traditional skill sets over conceptualism—in other words, this program is for those who like to get their hands dirty. RISD also benefits from a close relationship with its equally prestigious neighbor Brown University .


LOCATION: Valencia, California SPECIALTIES:  Art, graphic design, photography and media, and art and technology. ANNUAL TUITION: $41,700 TIME TO DEGREE: 2 years NOTABLE FACULTY: Sam Durant, Charles Gaines FAMOUS ALUMNI : Ashley Bickerton , Mark Bradford , Mike Kelley , Jack Goldstein , Elad Lassry BIGGEST SELLING POINT:  CalArts was founded in 1960 by none other than Walt Disney himself. The media mogul merged Los Angeles's Conservatory of Music with its Chouinard Art Institute , with the assistance of the conservatory's chair,  Lulu May Von Hagen , to form the new school. (The school was envisioned as a "CalTech for the arts"—hence the name.) As a result, CalArts still retains strong ties to Hollywood and California's media industries. Under the direction of the late artist Michael Asher, the school also became famous for its durational "crits," nothing-is-off-the-table discussions of students' work that could go for 14-hour marathon stretches. 


LOCATION: Annandale-on-Hudson, New York SPECIALTIES:  Film/video, music/sound, painting, photography, sculpture, and writing TUITION: $55,000 TIME TO DEGREE: a total of 2 years, with three summer sessions and two independent-study sessions NOTABLE FACULTY: Amy Sillman , Ulrike Muller , Sadie Benning, Huma Babha , Thomas Eggerer, Zoe Leonard, Nick Mauss, R.H. Quaytman FAMOUS ALUMNI:  Amy Sillman , Paul Chan , Carolee Schneeman , David Horvitz, Herb Ritts , Rachel Harrison , R.H. Quaytman, Trisha Baga, Zak Kitnik, Lucy Raven BIGGEST SELLING POINT:  Bard spearheaded the low-residency MFA program, with students gathering for sessions that are clustered in eight-week summer 'residencies' and divide up long periods of independent work lasting from two to three years. This means the focus is on creating art, rather than credits, grades, or classes. The program's unique rhythm means that it has been able to secure a number of influential artists as visiting professors, as well—many of whom are alumni of the program themselves. The widespread influence of Bard's program on the contemporary art scene has led some to speak of the "Bard mafia."


LOCATION: New York, New York SPECIALTIES:  Computer art; visual narrative; photography, video, and related media; fine arts (painting, sculpture, printmaking) TUITION: $36,500 TIME TO DEGREE: 2 years NOTABLE FACULTY:  Mark Tribe, Marilyn Minter , Laurel Nakadate NOTABLE ALUMNI : Inka Essenhigh, Barnaby Furnas , Keith Haring , Andrea Fraser, Sarah Sze , Sol LeWitt BIGGEST SELLING POINT:  SVA is more than the snazzy ad campaign you may have seen plastered around New York's subway system. The school's program in 'visual narratives' combines writing and visual art, for those interested in illustration, graphic novels, and other forms of 'visual storytelling.' Lately, however, there has been been substantial turnover among the school's faculty.

Image 14

LOCATION:  Los Angeles, California SPECIALTIES:  Ceramics, interdisciplinary studio, new genres, painting and drawing, photography, sculpture TUITION:  $ 11,220 for California residents; $23,465 for everyone else TIME TO DEGREE: 2–3 years NOTABLE FACULTY:  James Welling , Greg Lynn, Catherine Opie , Barbara Kruger FAMOUS ALUMNI : Sharon Hayes , Matthew Brandt , Xavier Cha, Shana Lutker BIGGEST SELLING POINTS:  As a public university, UCLA is much cheaper than some of the Ivy league options out there while offering a totally comparable experience in terms of the quality of its programs. It also is renowend for its highly competitive "New Genres" program, which immerses students in installation, video, film, audio, performance, and digital work, plus "hybrid and emerging art forms."

The World's Most Influencial MFA Programs: Part 2

An Insider's Guide to the 7 Best MFA Painting Programs in the United States

11 Things to Know About Succeeding in Art School (Or Avoiding It Altogether)

Don't Want to Pay for Art School? Here's a Streamlined Syllabus for Getting Your Own MFA at Home


Related Works

by davidlynch - Untitled one

David Lynch


by wangechi_mutu - Eve

Wangechi Mutu

Print made with archival pigments on fine art rag paper

 discover the newest art

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Ross Craig – 'Taking the picture is almost an anticlimax'

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male view in a room figure

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Apps in Europe

Compare the top multi-factor authentication (mfa) apps in europe of 2023.

What are Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Apps in Europe?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) software is a security system which requires users to authenticate themselves through multiple credentials. This usually means providing something you know, like a password or PIN, and something you possess, such as a hardware token or biometric data. With this two-factor authentication process, user access can be more securely managed than with traditional single-factor authentication systems. Compare the best Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) apps in Europe currently available using the table below.

Beyond Identity

Beyond Identity


The OptimalCloud

Optimal IdM

Auth Armor

GateKeeper Proximity Enterprise

Untethered Labs, Inc.


Secret Double Octopus

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator

Leader badge

Duo Security


1Password Business

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator


Azure Active Directory





RSA Security

Keyless Authenticator

Keyless Authenticator

Keyless Technologies


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best mfa europe

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The best 25 college drama programs around the world.

The Hollywood Reporter surveys alums, academics and industry pros for its annual list of the top acting schools.

By Seth Abramovitch

Seth Abramovitch

Senior Writer

The Best 25 College Drama Programs Around the World

COVID-19 was the worst possible game-changer for college acting programs. When the pandemic hit, schools scrambled to adjust, canceling long-planned productions at the last minute while transferring whatever classes they could — movement, voice, dramaturgy — to remote teaching. For the 2020-21 school year, things are very much still in flux. Most schools are in session, but the highly physical lab work required remains unlikely. Nevertheless, life and education — just like the show — must go on, and so  The Hollywood Reporter  consulted once again with insiders, alumni and theater professionals for its annual ranking of the best institutions for a drama degree. (All programs are graduate level unless otherwise indicated.)

A seminar for on-camera acting taught by Bob Krakower (who's coached everyone from Keanu Reeves to Scarlett Johansson), plus an audition boot camp from casting director David Caparelliotis (who casts NBC's New Amsterdam ), are two recent additions to a curriculum that has seen unprecedented success in minting working actors — Judy 's Finn Wittrock and Russian Doll 's Charlie Barnett among them. Tuition for the four-year BFA and MFA programs is $50,000 annually, but the final year of grad school is free.

best mfa europe

The Ivy League school that trained The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 's Tony Shalhoub also was the incubator that developed 2019 grad Jeremy O. Harris' award-winning Slave Play . Tuition is $33,000, but $7 million in financial aid was dispersed last year.

NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Students can now immerse themselves in a seven-week training program that covers filmmaking, acting for the camera and film history. Tuition for the graduate program is a hefty $63,000 a year, but remissions of up to 68 percent are available to MFA students who demonstrate need.

best mfa europe

UC San Diego

Not many acting schools can boast a department chair who's also a working TV actor — but UCSD's Richard Robichaux now co-stars on David E. Kelley's Big Shot for Disney+. UCSD accepts just eight students a year, but they receive free tuition and a chance to work at the La Jolla Playhouse.

Sarah Frankcom joined the London Academy of Dramatic Art in November as director, coming from the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, where she served as artistic director for five years. Tuition is $26,000 a year, but that might be worth it to train where David Oyelowo and Benedict Cumberbatch once did.

University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Under new chancellor Brian Cole, the undergrad program that honed Last Black Man in San Francisco star Jonathan Majors offers practical training, with classes in motion-capture acting, voice-overs and video game performance. Tuition is $23,000 a year.

Carnegie Mellon

This undergraduate program remains a top choice for musical theater actors; the four-year program has trained such crossover Broadway stars as Megan Hilty and Leslie Odom Jr. Tuition is $54,000.

University of Tennessee

There are newly renovated classroom studios and lab space at this school, which offers some of the best financial support (a full ride for all accepted students, plus stipends of up to $18,000 a year) in addition to stage time at the affiliated Clarence Brown Theatre.

While it won't accept new master's acting students for the 2020-21 school year because of COVID-19 concerns (design, directing and playwriting departments are not affected), this remains L.A.'s best acting degree program, boasting Michael Stuhlbarg and Billy Porter as alums. Tuition is $30,000 annually for California residents, $42,000 for those from out of state.

Brown University

The only Ivy League school on this list to offer full-ride scholarships for all attendees makes Brown's program an enviable one. Its association with the first-rate Trinity Rep seals the deal, guaranteeing grads a union card and plenty of professional experience.

The Old Globe and University of San Diego

One year into Jesse Perez's tenure as director, this program, with its emphasis on the classics, remains one of the finest places to earn an MFA. Just seven students are chosen; tuition is waived and a living stipend is provided.

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Talk about lineage: Kenneth Branagh is the president — he took over from Richard Attenborough after Attenborough's death in 2014 — and Queen Elizabeth II is the school's patron. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Ben Whishaw and Allison Janney all trained there. Tuition runs $11,000 per year.

Guildhall School of Music & Drama

The addition last year of vice principal Orla O'Loughlin, a veteran director with deep ties to the theater world, has led to an influx of some of Britain's top talent as guest faculty, including Olivier Award winner Stef Smith, directors Ameera Conrad and Caroline Byrne and choreographer Vicki Igbokwe. Tuition is $24,000 a year.

American Conservatory Theater

This Bay Area conservatory, which trained Elizabeth Banks and Anika Noni Rose, offers classes on self-taping auditions — an industry must these days ­— while mounting new works from emerging playwrights. Tuition is $30,000 annually.

best mfa europe

USC School of Dramatic Arts

Ahmed Best — yes, the man who played Jar Jar Binks (and also a respected acting teacher) — joined the faculty last year to give a class on filmmaking for actors. Third-year students mount three plays that are performed in repertory, with one new work among them. Tuition is $46,000 a year, but financial aid can cover as much as 75 percent.

Proximity to Tinseltown has its perks for this program: David Hollander, showrunner of Ray Donovan , personally led a team of Hollywood casting directors in a workshop for all CalArts actors. Tuition is $53,000 a year.

Columbia University

The state-of-the-art Lenfest Theater and a push to diversify the faculty (Michele Shay and T. Oliver Reid are recent additions) have put this Ivy League program back on track. Class of 2019's Tamera Tomakili has already signed with CAA and landed a role in Adam McKay's upcoming Showtime . Tuition is $63,000.

Case Western Reserve University

Under new director Donald Carrier, this program has refocused its curriculum on developing skills to help grads make it as working actors — including a 15-week film-acting class. The MFA program is tuition-free and guarantees students an Equity card through its association with the famed Cleveland Playhouse.

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

Fiona Francombe, previously the director of one of the U.K.'s biggest film and TV studios, has reinvigorated this small school in the west of England as its new principal. Three stars of Netflix's The Crown — Olivia Colman (Queen Elizabeth), Josh O'Connor (Prince Charles) and Erin Doherty (Princess Anne) — are Old Vic grads. Annual tuition is $30,000.

University of Washington

A three-year program that has 40 years of theater training under its belt, it's where Joel McHale earned his acting MFA. Tuition is $30,000 annually, with limited scholarships available.

Northwestern University

The school's two-year, tuition-free MFA acting program launched in the 2019-20 school year, and the downtown performing-and-media-arts space being built to support it will be completed this summer. A $2 million gift from alum Greg Berlanti endowed a new dramatic writing professorship.

Florida State University

Another established school that waives tuition for its students, FSU offers annual stipends while allowing access to work at the affiliated Asolo Repertory Theatre. Moonlight star André Holland went here; it's where he met Barry Jenkins, director of the 2016 Oscar best picture winner.

Southern Methodist University

All students get a full-ride scholarship and an annual $12,500 stipend and graduate with a professional voiceover reel. Using in-person and online classes and workshops, students receive advice regarding résumés, monologues and scene work.

University of Missouri

This year, UMKC brought its theater, music and dance departments under one roof: the UMKC Conservatory. Ken Martin, the newly appointed chair of the theater division, calls the various divisions "simpatico," and the cross-pollination has already begun reaping dividends: Dance students were incorporated into a recent production of The Tempest . Tuition: $25,000 a year.

Savannah College of Art and Design

The school's "Live From Studio A" program unites a cast and crew of more than 100 students to create pro-level content. Recent grads include Kayli Carter ( Mrs. America ) and DeRon Horton ( Dear White People ). Tuition is $38,475 a year.

best mfa europe

This story first appeared in the June 3 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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Student Reviews & University Rankings: EDUopinions

The 5 Best Masters in Finance in Europe 2022

Masters in Finance provide a deep understanding of important financial concepts, models and theories that can be applied in a corporate environment in roles like Finance Manager or Portfolio Manager. In the next few paragraphs, EDUopinions is going to present the best masters in Finance in Europe.

best masters in finance

Requirements for Masters in Finance

Masters in Finance require a strong quantitative analysis and mathematical skills. It is an intensive course and typically requires two years to complete the course. Students of Masters in Finance should have an undergraduate degree in finance or a related field, like accounting, and should have a background in calculus, statistics, economics, and financial accounting. Other requirements may include satisfactory scores in the GRE or GMAT exams. It is also a plus if they have worked in finance or any business field. Every school has different pre-requisites for work experience, so you may want to check with the schools you want to apply in.

Best fields in Masters in Finance

Masters in Finance allow students to major in a lot of different fields according to their interests. Depending on the course curriculum, you may start out by studying a selection of core finance topics, such as accounting, corporate finance, financial valuation, behavioural finance, etc. Let us explore some popular courses:

The 5 best Masters in Finance in Europe:

Master’s in finance at nova school of business and economics.

Nova’s Masters in Finance programme enables students to develop a solid knowledge, analytical and problem-solving competencies in the financial area. Nova School of Business and Economics is located in Lisbon, Portugal. This institution prefers to receive applications from candidates with less than two years’ professional experience and below or equal 26 years of age. The working language of Nova SBE is English and it is one of the best masters in finance in the country.

MSc in Finance at Montpellier Business School

This specialization is an advanced programme built to sharpen your expertise in finance and business analytics. Via this course, you will learn to engage in financial analysis in areas such as forecasting, budgeting, cost reduction techniques, and operational performance. Montpellier Business School also has specialisation courses such as Finance Simulation and International Finance. This course is 18 months long and includes a 4-6 month internship. Tuition fees are 13,900€ for the entire programme.

Masters in Finance at EU Business School

This applied branch of economics explores the challenging technical theory and a wide range of topics, including asset pricing, portfolio management. The Master in Finance is a one-year, three-term, full-time degree. Students will complete twelve courses in key finance areas such as corporate investment, financial policy, cryptocurrency portfolios, and mock coin development. This master programme is available on EU Business School ‘s Barcelona, Geneva and Montreux campuses.

Masters in Finance at Alba Business School

For those interested in an international career in Greece and abroad, this programme is the best choice. Alba Graduate Business School offers specialization streams in investments,  Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Fintech. The programme is both affiliated by CFA and PRMIA, accredited by EPAS and NECHE and regularly reviewed by both academic and practitioner committees. This is a 14-month programme which includes 8 core modules and 2 workshops. Current student profile  at AGBS is around 29.5 years of age with 6-7 years of work experience.

Master IB Financial Management at Cologne Business School

This four-semester master’s degree programme at Cologne Business School with a focus on Finance at Cologne Business School qualifies you for higher management tasks in international corporations. In the first semester, you will begin with subjects like Global Finance and International Investment. In the second semester, you will be dealing with risk management and the many influencing factors in transnational business.

If a career in finance is your calling, then a masters in Finance will surely add to your resume. Choose from the best masters in finance programmes and see how your career can benefit from it!

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IU International University of Applied Sciences


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10 Best Universities for Online Studies

Online degrees are a great choice if you have a full-time job or other responsibilities and still want to boost your education level. However, where ...

Portuguese street with colourful houses

Which are the 5 Best Business Schools in Portugal? Despite being a small country, for years Portugal has been known for having excellent weather, ...

best mfa europe

You've come to the right place if you are looking to acquire information about studying at public universities in Europe. Today, we will cover the ...

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World University Rankings - Global MBA: Europe 2022

Discover the top full-time mba programmes in europe with the qs global mba rankings: europe 2022..

best mfa europe

Featuring over 280 business schools, this year’s full-time MBA rankings provides a comprehensive list of the best places to study an MBA. While studying a full-time MBA program continues to be a significant investment in this time of global uncertainty, the skills students gain and the potential return on investment makes the MBA as relevant now as it’s ever been.

Explore this year’s results in the global table linked below, or use the regional breakdowns to learn more about the top full-time MBA programs in a particular part of the world. This geographical specificity is extremely useful if you are thinking about studying internationally. If you have any questions about how our ranking is compiled, please consult our  methodology .

We have also released the latest edition of the  QS Business Masters Rankings , which now includes supply chain management as a subject, in addition to business analytics, finance, management, and marketing.

For more information about this year’s rankings, check out our sister site .

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Best Art Schools

Ranked in 2020

For artists, earning an M.F.A. demonstrates advanced abilities in an art specialty

For artists, earning an M.F.A. demonstrates advanced abilities in an art specialty field, such as graphic design, painting and drawing, or visual communications. These are the top graduate schools for fine arts. Each school's score reflects its average rating on a scale from 1 (marginal) to 5 (outstanding), based on a survey of academics at peer institutions. Read the methodology »

best mfa europe

Cineuropa - the best of european cinema

European Film Schools

This section presents some of the most prestigious cinema schools and universities in Europe. This interactive tool is intended to exchange information, learn the latest news, view students’ works and promote the institutions’ curricula.

If you represent a film school and want to be included in this section, please contact us here .

School profiles

Privacy Policy

Cineuropa is the first European portal dedicated to cinema and audiovisual in 4 languages. With daily news, interviews, data bases, in-depth investigations into the audiovisual industry, Cineuropa aims at promoting the European film industry throughout the world. Welcome to a platform where professionals can meet and exchange information and ideas.

Cineuropa - the best of european cinema

Contact us | Logos and Banners

Cineuropa - the best of european cinema

Mission |  Partners |  Team |  Participate |  Donations |  Terms and conditions

Creative Europe MEDIA

Art of Europe

Giovanni Paolo Pannini's painting, Picture Gallery with Views of Modern Rome

Giovanni Paolo Pannini, Picture Gallery with Views of Modern Rome (detail), 1757. Oil on canvas. Charles Potter Kling Fund.

The Art of Europe department encompasses the MFA’s rich holdings of European paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts. These include more than 21,000 artworks from the Middle Ages through the mid-20th century.

An early 14th-century gold-ground triptych by Duccio and his workshop is one of the highlights of the Museum’s early Italian collection, complemented by sculptural works such as Donatello’s relief Madonna of the Clouds .

The Museum possesses an outstanding collection of Netherlandish art , including Rembrandt’s Artist in his Studio , Gerrit Dou’s Dog at Rest , Rubens’s Mulay Ahmad , and seminal works by Frans Hals, Anthony van Dyck, and Rachel Ruysch. It also houses a strong collection of Dutch decorative arts, including ceramics, medals, silver, and an extravagant covered coconut cup . The MFA-based Center for Netherlandish Art (CNA) is a research institute that supports engagement with the collection.

The Museum’s excellent holdings of Spanish paintings include masterpieces by Diego Velázquez, Francisco de Zurbarán, and El Greco.

Specialized galleries and period rooms such as the Kunstkammer (“Cabinet of Curiosities”) , the Hamilton Palace Dining Room , and the Newland House Drawing Room emphasize the diverse collections of furniture, sculpture, and decorative objects from the 16th through 18th centuries.

The department’s collection of 19th-century French painting is world famous, with remarkable works by Barbizon, Impressionist, and Post-Impressionist artists, counting Renoir’s Dance at Bougival and Gauguin’s Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? among its highlights, in addition to iconic sculptures like Degas’s The Little Dancer . With 35 paintings by Claude Monet, the department boasts one the largest collections of his work outside of France.

Related Pages

Diana and stag automaton, marked by Joachim Fries

European Decorative Arts and Sculpture Highlights

Gothic sculpture of lamentation over body of Christ

Gothic Sculpture

Detail of JMW Turner's painting, Slave-ship

British Paintings

Detail of Sandro Botticelli's painting, Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist

Italian Paintings

Detail of painting, Antiquaries, by Mariano José Maria Bernardo Fortuny y Carbó

Spanish Paintings

Detail of Camille Pissarro's painting, Two Peasant Women in a Meadow (Le Pré)

The White Fund Paintings and Watercolors

Detail of Water Lillies painting by Claude Monet

Claude Monet

Detail of ceramic, Virgin and Child with Lilies, attributed to Luca della Robbia

Italian Renaissance Art

Detail of Vincent van Gogh's painting, Postman Joseph Roulin

Vincent van Gogh

Detail of Automedon with the Horses of Achilles, painting by Henri Regnault

European Paintings

Detail of carved base with Romulus and Remus

Romanesque Sculpture

Chafing dish, marked by Anthony Nelme

English Silver

Detail of Edgar Degas' painting, Racehorses at Longchamp

French Paintings

Detail of Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn's painting, Artist in his Studio

Northern European Paintings

Detail of Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn's painting, Portrait of Aeltje Uylenburgh

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Sculpture, Eternal Springtime, by Auguste (René) Rodin

European Sculpture

Detail from manuscript of St. Martin and the Beggar

European Manuscripts

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Noah Surf House on the coast of Portugal

20 of the best budget beach holidays in Europe

From camping by the Black Sea to a cool Portuguese surf house, these great places to stay across Europe start at just £50 a week in summer

All prices are the cheapest available (at the time of going to press) for July/August and calculated on maximum occupancy

Under £100 a week

Southern Montenegro MCM Camping is on a long, blue-flag beach in southern Montenegro with pitches under the pines for tents, campervans and caravans. There are also bungalows with garden or sea views and facilities include an outdoor pool, children’s playground and barbecue areas. There is a beach club vibe, with swing seats, cabana-style loungers and a restaurant on the sands that’s open until midnight every night and serves traditional Montenegrin dishes, plus seafood, pizza and cocktails. The campsite is four miles from pretty Ulcinj, which has several beaches and a walled old town, near the Albanian border. From £65pp for seven nights camping

Black Sea, Bulgaria

Kite surfers at the beach near Camping Krapec.

Camping Krapec is backed by woodland and four miles of wide sandy beach which is part of a nature reserve on Bulgaria’s northernmost Black Sea coast, north of the resort town of Varna, near the border with Romania. The site has 300 shady tent pitches beneath the trees, 80 places for campervans and caravans, and five types of bungalow (120 in total). Bar Sunrise is a party spot in the summer, with live music, an arts festival and cinema screenings. It serves fish specialities, homegrown fruit and veg, plus cold beers and homemade brandy. From £48pp for seven nights camping

Aran Islands, Ireland

Inisheer, Aran Islands

Three camping fields overlook white-sand Frenchman’s Beach on Inis Mór, the biggest of the three Aran Islands in Galway Bay. Aran Islands Camping and Glamping also has 24 glamping pods, based on ancient beehive-shaped stone huts that used to be occupied by religious recluses and are still scattered over the island. Buildings are made from sustainable materials – the reception block is made from stones that washed up on the beach during winter storms – and hot water and lighting is solar-powered. The site is a short walk from the island’s main town, Kilronan, which has shops, bars, restaurants and the ferry port. From £93pp for seven nights camping

Northern Greece

Areti bungalow

Tent pitches are set among olive, eucalyptus and pine trees next to two private white-sand beaches on family-owned land on the Sithonia peninsula in Halkidiki. Areti Camping & Bungalows also has 19 wooden cottages and eight stone bungalows to rent. Campers can swim to three small Aegean islands 300 metres from land; other activities include watersports, tennis, volleyball and hiking. The closest town is Neos Marmaras, seven miles away and it’s a day trip to the Unesco-listed rock formations and monasteries of Meteora. From €63pp for seven nights camping

Under £250 a week

Moon Bay.

Slovenia may only have 30 miles of coastline but Camping Adria makes the most of it, with six pitches right on the beach and many more close to it. There are 430 pitches in total, spread over 17 acres, some further back in the pine and cedar trees. There is an Olympic-size salt-water pool by the sea, a watersports centre, a sports area with beach volleyball, and a gym and spa. Restaurants and bars include a taverna with sea views and a beach cafe. The campsite is part of the Adria Ankaran resort, which includes a hotel in a former Benedictine monastery. The resort is 10 minutes from the medieval port town of Koper, halfway between Trieste in Italy and Piran in Slovenia. From £197pp for seven nights

Åboland, Finland

Brännskär island.

Brännskär, an island and old fishing homestead in Finland’s Åboland archipelago, is a now a nature lover’s adventure playground called Living Archipelago . There are beaches and a nature trail, plus paddleboards, kayaks, boats and fishing hire. Log cabins are available to rent, and from 1 June four furnished tents are being added, sleeping up to four each, with sea views. There are compost toilets, plus showers, barbecues and a swimming beach 300 metres away. Breakfast can be served at the tent or in the cafe or restaurant. A beachside wood-fired sauna, campfire and regular live music complete the experience. From £226pp for seven nights glamping

Costa Brava, Spain

Cala Llorell

Cala Llevado is a wooded, rocky campsite overlooking a large bay, reached by steep paths and steps. There is access to four beaches: a big sandy one, a pebbly one that is good for kayaking, one with a bar, and a rocky cove for nudists. The site also has a large pool with sea views and paddling pool. Pitches (tents, camper vans and caravans) are in the pine and cork oak forest, with those closest to the sea reserved for tents. There are also mobile homes and glamping pods, plus a bar-restaurant, shop and kids’ club. The site is two miles from Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava, between Barcelona and the French border. From €122.50pp for seven nights camping

Near Perpignan, France

Collioure, near Perpignan, is 10 miles south of Les Bulles de Mer.

A new waterfront aparthotel opens on 28 April in Saint-Cyprien, a village near the Mediterranean town of Perpignan. Les Bulles de Mer has bright one- to three-bedroom apartments with terraces, plus beach access, an outdoor pool with a bar and a restaurant serving food from the local market. Guests can hire paddleboards and bikes, do daily yoga and pilates, and destress in flotation tanks in the spa. A free shuttle runs from the beach to the centre of the village, which has Cayrou architecture, a Romanesque church, an excellent gallery (based on the painter François Desnoyer’s art collection) and Catalan festivals. From €240pp for seven nights

Under £350 a week

Istria, Croatia

Arena One 99 is backed by pines.

Croatia’s “first full glamping site”, Arena One 99 is in a pine forest in Pomer on the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula, near Medulin and Pula. Two hundred lodge tents, sleeping two to six, have proper beds and bathrooms, private decks and top tech (Bose sound systems, Illy espresso machines); bigger tents have kitchenettes and a second bedroom – some even have another storey. There is a windsurfing centre on pebbly Pomer beach, a yoga deck in the forest, a sauna and hot tubs, spa treatments and a beach-based kids’ club. Self-caterers have a grocery store on-site, and there is a cafe, two beach bars and a restaurant. From £276pp for seven nights

The Bay apartments overlook Pembroke Bay

Six simple apartments overlook big sandy Pembroke Bay, and 100 metres away The Bay ’s family-run apartments sleep two to six and share a swimming pool, tennis court and barbecue area. Two other beaches aren’t much further, and there are a couple of restaurants and the bus stop to St Peter Port, the island’s “capital”, right on the doorstep. Guests get discounts on trips to Herm island. From £267pp for seven nights

An iHouse at Halkidiki.

A trio of ultra-modern wood and glass cabins sit by the beach on the Kassandra peninsula, Halkidiki. The iHouses have huge sliding glass doors, sea-facing balconies, open-plan living spaces with sleek, custom-made wooden furniture, and shower rooms. They share an outdoor kitchen, a wooden terrace and a barbecue area – guests can buy fish from the nearby small port. Paliouri beach is a few steps away, where there is a beach bar and restaurant. Paliouri village is a 10-minute drive. From £326pp for seven nights

Northern France

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Hotel Les Tourelles is the former home of the perfumer Pierre Guerlain, who popularised the resort of Le Crotoy in the 19th century. Its long sandy beach is the only one in northern France that faces south, and inspired painters including Sisley, Toulouse-Lautrec and Seurat. Today, the 35-room hotel has the same panoramic views over the Somme Bay, but the decor is a more modern Nordic style. There is a seafood-heavy restaurant and a terrace facing the beach. A steam train chugs around the bay from Le Crotoy to St Valery. From £308pp for seven nights

Under £450 a week

Near Lisbon, Portugal

Noah Surf House

Noah’s Surf House in Santa Cruz has eight rooms and 13 bungalows facing the sea, plus a rooftop with a whirlpool bath and sunset deck; a pool, gym and skatepark; a restaurant and an organic vegetable garden. The cheapest rooms sleep up to eight in bunkbeds, hanging beds or mezzanines. The eye-catching building is made from concrete, glass, cork and wood; it uses solar panels, heat pumps and a rainwater system, and incorporates green roofs and lots of upcycled design features. Prices include breakfast and all group activities (skateboarding, trekking, yoga, fitness etc) except surf and paddleboard lessons. From £460pp for seven nights B&B and activities

Galicia, Spain

The Barrana beach guest house’s interior.

This four-bedroom beach house has a garden out front and the beach behind. The stone property, which was built in the 1950s and has been recently refurbished, is less than a mile from the town of Boiro. It has two double bedrooms and two singles, an open-plan lounge/kitchen with sea views, three bathrooms and a balcony. Barrana beach is a quiet two-mile stretch of sand with a promenade for walking or cycling (two bikes are included), while livelier Carragueiros beach is within walking distance. It is a 40-minute drive to Santiago de Compostela. £398pp for seven nights

Puglia, Italy

I Gelsi has recently been renovated.

A three-bedroom villa, 10 metres from a sandy beach, Beach House I Gelsi has been recently renovated by its interior design-trained owners. It has a garden with an allotment and grape vine, outdoor dining area with a barbecue, and a terrace. Torre Chianca is a quiet Puglian summer resort – there is a bar, but the nearest shops (baker, butcher, greengrocer) and restaurants (a cafe, pizzerias, fish restaurants) are a five-minute drive away in Frigole, while baroque Lecce is seven miles south. From £405pp for seven nights (£315pp first week of July) ,

A beach near Madeira’s capital, Funchal.

Cottage do Mar is a cosy fisherman’s place for two near Calheta, above what is essentially a private beach for a handful of properties. The cottage is open-plan, with doors that open the full width, giving sea views. Plenty of original features have been retained, such as the old bread oven. The bougainvillea-bedecked yard has a table, barbecue and sunbeds. The beach, 30 metres below, is reached by a stepped path, and has a beach hut (shared with two other cottages). Car hire is essential to reach the secluded property. From £455pp for seven nights

Under £550 a week

Famara beach, Lanzarote.

A former oceanfront restaurant in Charco del Palo has been converted into a villa. Eco Romantico Beach , which opens in April, has five en-suite bedrooms with kitchenettes (two yurt bedrooms will be added later), a living/dining area, roof terrace and solar-heated swimming pool. Guests can also swim in the sea pools below the villa. Charco del Palo is the island’s only naturist resort, so clothes are optional. The property is owned by Lanzarote Retreats, which has rentals across the island, from yurts and cottages to penthouse apartments. From £462pp for seven nights

Côte d’Azur, France

Menton, the ‘pearl of the riviera’.

Menton, despite being known as “the pearl of the French Riviera”, is much more affordable than its glitzy neighbours Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Monaco. The Napoleon hotel on the seafront, right across the road from one of the 11 beaches of the Bay of Garavan, is a budget but stylish option. The 44 contemporary rooms have a white and blue palette with artworks by Jean Cocteau and Graham Sutherland, who both had connections with Menton, and views of either the sea, the mountains or the hotel’s tropical gardens. There is a solar-powered pool, a gym and bar. From £510pp, room only

Agni Bay.

Agni Beach Cotttage is a converted cafe that has been in the Katsaros family since it was built in 1898, and is now a cosy beachfront bolthole. It is an end-terrace one-bedroom cottage with a kitchen, lounge and shady terrace with a hammock, barbecue and two sunbeds. The cottage is on Agni Bay, a white-pebble beach in Gimari, 17 miles north of Corfu town. There are jetties for swimming, snorkelling and boating, plus three tavernas and a bar/cafe. It is 20 minutes’ walk north to Kalami Bay, a beach resort where novelist Lawrence Durrell once lived. From £529.50pp for seven nights in July ( £710 for seven nights from 12 July onwards )

Güllük, Turkey

Bay of Güllük

Med-Inn is a laid-back, family-friendly beach hotel on the Bay of Güllük, 25 miles from Bodrum (and more than 500 miles from the earthquake zone of eastern Turkey). As well as a private beach, there is a jetty with sunloungers, a pool and gardens. All 26 rooms are suites with sea views and balconies (family suites have twin beds in the living room). There are two restaurants specialising in seafood and a top-floor dining room. The nearest village is Güllük, which has a handful of cafes and shops. Guests can also book a sailing trip on a gulet, take a boat trip to the ancient Greek city of Iasos, spend a day in Bodrum or beach hop along the Bodrum peninsula. A stay here will just break the budget, but you have to factor in the generous buffet breakfast that’s included. Seven nights from £565pp

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14 best all-inclusive hotels and resorts in Europe

Ben Smithson

All-inclusive hotels and resorts allow you to relax and unwind without having to make any decisions more taxing than which cocktail to order next. With your meals, drinks, entertainment and accommodation provided in one convenient location, all you need to do is check in and enjoy your stay. Everything is within easy reach.

Europe has a diverse spectrum of all-inclusive options in locations ranging from the sunny beaches of Spain’s Canary Islands to the snow-capped mountaintops of the Austrian Alps.

For budget travelers, cheap European all-inclusive resorts can be very cost-effective. There’s no need to pay for anything else once you arrive at your destination, so you will know exactly how much your vacation will cost when you book.

Luxury jet-setters looking to splurge are also in luck: There are high-end, all-inclusive options with gourmet degustation dinners, knowledgeable sommeliers, creative cocktail programs and 24-hour room service.

From the best adult-only options to family-friendly properties, here are the best all-inclusive hotels and resorts in Europe.

best mfa europe

Dreams Jardín Tropical Resort & Spa on Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s stunning Canary Islands, stands out as soon as it comes into view. Its mix of Mediterranean and North African design is eye-catching. The water features — including a swimming pool spread across several levels, with waterfalls cascading down toward the ocean — create a gorgeous setting for relaxation. Expect to spot a few jealous glances from the general public as they walk past the property.

Like other AMR Collection resorts, the culinary options are abundant at Dreams Jardín Tropical. Guests will find 10 food and beverage outlets serving everything from Spanish tapas to American steakhouse fare and contemporary Italian cuisine. There’s even a mammoth breakfast buffet that rivals those in Las Vegas, as it offers hundreds of different options to start your day.

Other amenities include two kids clubs, a spa with a sauna, a beach club and an open-air gym with sweeping ocean views. Travelers keen on exploring the island can also take advantage of the on-site bike facility, where rentals storage lockers and more are available.

The accommodations are varied, too. Each of the 419 guest rooms and suites — which feature blue-and-white color schemes and natural elements like wood and bamboo — measures at least 300 square feet and overlooks the property’s pools or the ocean. All come outfitted with flat-screen TVs, minibars and furnished balconies or terraces.

All-inclusive rates at Dreams Jardín Tropical Resort & Spa start at 313 euros ($330) per night, based on double occupancy.

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best mfa europe

Overlooking Corfu’s beautiful Ionian coast, the 411-room Ikos Dassia doesn’t feel like your typical megaresort thanks to its careful and respectful design. The property’s low-rise buildings blend into the surrounding landscape, giving guests the sense that they’re fully immersed in Corfu’s stunning scenery. If they actually want to leave the resort to go sightseeing, the hotel’s complimentary car service can help.

Rooms and suites feature minibars fully stocked with spirits that are replenished daily; they also have furnished balconies with land or sea views and flat-screen TVs with DVD players. Upgrade to a deluxe suite for even more amenities, including high-end Anne Semonin toiletries, a Nespresso machine and access to the exclusive Deluxe Collection Pool. Some deluxe accommodations also come with private pools or gardens.

No matter your accommodation type, you’ll have access to a nearly 2,000-foot stretch of sand lined with fragrant olive and pine trees. Additionally, you can cool off in several indoor and outdoor pools, including some designed specifically for families. Younger guests can hang out at the kids and teens clubs while parents enjoy a spa treatment, partake in a fitness class or sip a drink at one of several bars.

When you’re ready for a bite to eat, sit for a meal at one of eight on-site restaurants serving a range of cuisines, including Greek, Italian, Asian and French. Or, take advantage of the hotel’s Dine Out program, which lets guests eat at select dining venues around Corfu without paying out of pocket.

All-inclusive rates at Ikos Dassia start at 278 euros ($292) per night, based on double occupancy. Keep in mind that the hotel has a five-night minimum for all stays.

best mfa europe

The 220-room Iberostar Selection Lagos Algarve is home to 13 different accommodation types. Options range from 365-square-foot standard doubles with air conditioning and balconies or terraces, to 602-square-foot superior suites with sea views and private pools. This variety ensures that all travelers, especially families, will find a configuration that works for them. There’s more to this Iberostar property than its plentiful sleeping quarters, though.

Seafood lovers can tuck into local Portuguese delicacies like soberio bacalao (salted cod) prepared fresh to order at live cooking stations. Meanwhile, wellness enthusiasts can break a sweat in the 24-hour fitness center or enjoy a treatment at the property’s spa. There are four pools for travelers who’d prefer to spend their vacation lazing in the sun.

Best of all, visitors can rest easy knowing they’re staying at an environmentally conscious property. This beachfront hotel no longer distributes single-use plastics, serves as much sustainably sourced seafood at its restaurant as possible and plans to be carbon neutral by 2030.

All-inclusive rates at the Iberostar Selection Lagos Algarve start at 237 euros ($249) per night, based on double occupancy.

best mfa europe

The H10 Rubicón Palace on Lanzarote is certainly palatial, with almost 600 rooms and suites. All have air conditioning, minibars and flat-screen TVs tuned into international channels. As a bonus, the hotel is also dog-friendly.

During your stay, you’re unlikely to get bored with the food and beverage offerings thanks to 13 venues specializing in Italian, Asian and American, among other cuisines. Room service is also available 24 hours a day, and there is a poolside food truck for meals on the go.

Despite lacking direct beach access, the H10 Rubicón Palace provides many ways to enjoy the Canary Islands’ sublime weather year-round. Families can play miniature golf and splash in the three children’s pools (including one with a pirate ship structure with a waterslide) and little ones can enjoy the three kids clubs. Older guests can unwind at the five adults-only pools, pamper themselves at the spa, or try on-site activities like dance classes and water aerobics.

All-inclusive rates at the H10 Rubicón Palace start at 208 euros ($220) per night, based on double occupancy.

best mfa europe

Whether you’re indecisive or simply prefer having multiple options while on vacation, the Club Med La Palmyre Atlantique will appeal to travelers who want a bit of serendipity with their all-inclusive stay. Located in Les Mathes, France — a coastal community less than two hours northwest of Bordeaux — this Club Med outpost offers a mix of everything you could want while visiting France: phenomenal food, coastal charm and proximity to top-notch vineyards.

Resort dining options include The Atlantic restaurant which offers dishes such as local oysters and shellfish, as well as French delicacies like croissants and foie gras. A more casual seafood venue called La Belle Epoque is also available. You can even partake in wine-tasting workshops at La Belle Epoque’s wine cellar.

To work off all the gourmet fare and extra pours of vino, sign up for the resort’s beach boot camp or try sailing on nearby Bonne Anse Bay. If you’d rather stay on dry land, grab a bike and traverse 18 miles of mountain biking trails through the sprawling La Coubre forest. Or, challenge another guest to a tennis match. A kids club and a children’s pool are also available for those little vacationers.

When you’re ready to retire for the night, expect a serene room with thoughtful amenities. All 392 rooms and suites are mostly white with colorful pops of blue and green as an homage to the surrounding seascape and countryside. In addition to standard features like air conditioning and TVs, they also come with little luxuries like heated towel bars in the bathrooms and furnished terraces or balconies.

All-inclusive rates at the Club Med La Palmyre Atlantique start at 331 euros ($348) per night, based on double occupancy. Keep in mind that the resort has a seven-night minimum for all stays.

best mfa europe

This beachfront property overlooking the Mediterranean Sea draws inspiration from its location in the Turkish resort city of Antalya. All 183 rooms, suites and villas reside in buildings with traditional Seljuk architecture (think: towering stone structures with clean lines, grand archways and domed tops).

Accommodations are spacious, measuring at least 409 square feet. In-room amenities include minibars, desks and balconies with views of the hotel gardens, the sea or the two on-site 18-hole golf courses. Bathrooms are particularly well appointed, as they’re outfitted with heated floors and mirrors in addition to separate showers and bathtubs.

After a restful night’s sleep, guests can enjoy many activities without setting foot off the resort grounds. Besides teeing off at the championship courses, visitors can take a dip in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean or the outdoor pool, which has a swim-up bar. Later, you can sing tunes at the karaoke bar, savor fresh fish with international flavors at the Palm Lounge & Bar or grab a snack from the Dome Cafe, among other food and beverage outlets.

One facility you won’t want to miss is the hotel’s spa. It specializes in Ayurvedic treatments using coconut, almond or castor oils enhanced with holistic healing herbs such as turmeric, tulsi, brahmi and rosemary. The treatments benefit the central nervous system, eliminate symptoms of stress and help treat insomnia and headaches.

All-inclusive rates at Kempinski Hotel The Dome start at 225 euros ($236) per night, based on double occupancy. Keep in mind that the hotel has a two-night minimum for all stays.

best mfa europe

This adults-only property on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is ideal for travelers craving time away from kids. At Secrets Lanzarote Resort & Spa, all 335 guest rooms and suites have huge 65-inch smart televisions, plus minibars and balconies or terraces with garden, mountain or ocean views.

Guests can swim and sunbathe at one of four outdoor pools or visit the spa, where amenities include an indoor pool, a Turkish bath and a Scottish shower (where a hot shower is finished with a cold blast of water). Skin treatments are based on four principles: conscious beauty, holistic health, deep relaxation and skin rebirth.

When your stomach starts to rumble, head to one of seven eateries including an international buffet, two poolside grills and a sushi bar. None of the restaurants require advance reservations and all are covered by the all-inclusive package. You can relax knowing you’ll be able to dine at any venue, including formal spots like Italian-inspired Portofino and seafood-focused Oceana, without shelling out extra cash.

All-inclusive rates at Secrets Lanzarote Resort & Spa start at 327 euros ($345) per night, based on double occupancy.

best mfa europe

Open in both winter (mid-December to early April) and summer (mid-June to late September), Alpinresort Sport & Spa presides over a fantastic location. Because it’s in the heart of Saalbach, an Austrian alpine resort town known for its outdoor activities, the 90-room property is ideal for sports enthusiasts. In winter, you can shred powder on skis or snowboards. In the summer you can take advantage of countless hiking and mountain biking opportunities. As a bonus, summer guests receive eight free gondola lift rides per stay, making it even easier to get out and explore.

Once you’ve had your fill of outdoor activity, get some shut-eye in the cozy yet modern rooms and suites. Accommodations come outfitted with plush pillows, mood lighting, wall-mounted flat-screen TVs, and bathrooms with rain showers or bathtubs.

On days when you need a break from traversing the mountains, you can enjoy a soak in the heated indoor and outdoor pools; or, treat yourself to a service at the property’s spa, which also houses five saunas and a fitness center. When you’re hungry, you’ll have your pick of Austrian dishes and beverages throughout the day and night.

All-inclusive rates at Alpinresort Sport & Spa start at 310 euros ($325) per night, based on double occupancy.

best mfa europe

This upscale Grand Palladium property in Spain’s Balearic Islands is owned by the same hospitality group linked to the nearby Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel (which is known for its world-famous summer pool parties with resident DJs, including David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris and Eric Prydz). As such, you can expect a lively atmosphere when staying at the Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa.

Situated in bustling Playa d'en Bossa, the location is ideal for lovers of quality electronic music, unrivaled people watching and entertainment from sunrise to sunset (and through to sunrise again). The resort’s four swimming pools (one with an integrated Jacuzzi) are great places to recover from the night before. Massages are available poolside for an extra charge to help soothe sore dancing feet. There are 11 restaurants and bars available, should you prefer to fill up on gourmet fare or down a drink before a busy night out.

For some rest, retreat to one of the property’s 430 guest rooms and suites. All feature air conditioning, flat-screen TVs and either balconies or terraces that overlook the resort grounds or the Mediterranean Sea. Book a seafront-view suite to access a hydromassage hot tub.

All-inclusive rates at the Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa start at 783 euros ($827) per night, based on double occupancy.

best mfa europe

If you’re visiting northern Italy, consider a stay at Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort. All 65 rooms and suites here have king-size beds plus balconies or terraces, so you can take in sweeping views of the surrounding mountains even as you relax in bed.

A highlight of this Alpine resort is its wellness facilities. Within the property’s Sky Spa complex, you’ll find an outdoor infinity pool and an indoor pool (both of which are heated), several saunas, an inhalation grotto (with carefully heated air filled with finely-dissolved Himalayan salt to aid circulation) and an aromatic steam bath, among other amenities. Plus, you can indulge in several treatments ranging from massages and facials to manicures and pedicures.

Families will love taking advantage of the kids clubs — one of which has a cinema for watching age-appropriate movies. The all-inclusive package covers activities in these clubs, as well as archery lessons in summer and the use of sleds in winter.

Since guests are typically coming and going during their stays, food is offered buffet-style throughout the day. At night, the culinary offerings shift to gourmet four-course dinners with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and low-calorie options available.

All-inclusive rates at Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort start at 314 euros ($330) per night, based on double occupancy.

best mfa europe

With an impressive 560 rooms, this Turkish resort is more like a small town than a hotel. There are plenty of amenities to cater to the 1,000-plus guests who can stay there at a time. Some options include a family-friendly water park and a 104,000-square-foot main pool, as well as a private stretch of sand measuring nearly 108,000 square feet. The resort even offers VIP helicopter transfers with seating for up to six passengers if you're looking to splurge on a memorable sightseeing opportunity.

Unsurprisingly, dining options are abundant. Guests can choose from 14 different venues, such as restaurants specializing in Turkish, Greek, Indian, Italian and Asian fare. Grab-and-go spots with snacks like pastries, ice cream and fruit are also available.

As far as accommodations go, rooms and suites here look much like what you’d expect to find in a Turkish palace. Fabrics with ornate patterns and rich colors cover the beds and windows; gold light fixtures and other accessories add an extra touch of upscale elegance. Standard amenities include minibars, smart TVs, desks and furnished balconies overlooking the resort grounds, main pool or the Mediterranean Sea.

All-inclusive rates at Titanic Mardan Palace start at 211 euros ($222) per night, based on double occupancy. The resort has a three-night minimum for all stays.

best mfa europe

Located in the dreamy Balearic Islands, Zoëtry Mallorca is made for twosomes seeking a romantic getaway. Though it’s a bit removed from the island’s beautiful beaches, the former farmhouse wows with its traditional stone structures, which feature charming details like large arches and ivy-covered facades.

Inside the character-filled property, you’ll find 90 rooms and suites overlooking the Spanish countryside. The design of the accommodations matches the old-world exterior of the hotel, with each room type varying slightly in its appearance. For example, some rooms feature four-poster beds draped in white linens, while others have ornate chandeliers and decorative stone fireplaces original to the farmhouse. All come equipped with modern-day essentials like minibars, coffee makers and flat-screen TVs.

Dining options aren’t as abundant here as at other all-inclusive resorts, but the two on-site restaurants serve plenty of tasty dishes to keep you full throughout your stay. Rather than lining up at a stereotypical buffet, you can savor fresh Mediterranean-influenced dishes sourced from the hotel’s garden and local markets. A third venue with fusion fare is also on the way, should you crave a little more variety.

Other amenities include two outdoor pools, a private running track and a fitness center. Also, the on-site Pure Spa draws inspiration from the five senses and houses facilities like eucalyptus-scented Turkish baths and ice fountains.

All-inclusive rates at Zoëtry Mallorca start at 337 euros ($355) per night, based on double occupancy.

best mfa europe

There is an astonishing number of facilities at this megaresort on Crete. There are 16 different swimming pools, a private beach, a spa, one of the largest open-air movie theaters in Europe and outdoor sports courts (for everything from tennis to basketball to mini-golf) — all under the Mediterranean sun.

Food and beverage options are plentiful, too. You’ll have your pick of a dozen eateries, including Pithos Restaurant, which specializes in organic Cretan cuisine. Estia Restaurant, a Mediterranean-influenced buffet, also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. The resort is also introducing a couple of new establishments in 2023 that will serve seafood and Cretan barbecue. All these venues come in addition to 10 bars offering caffeinated beverages, frozen poolside concoctions and more.

Accommodations are abundant. The 681 rooms, suites and villas are decorated in white with pops of color in the throw pillows, artwork and other decorative items. Additionally, they are equipped with air conditioning, minibars that get restocked weekly, coffee makers and 50-inch Smart TVs.

All-inclusive rates at Creta Maris Resort start at 214 euros ($244) per night, based on double occupancy.

best mfa europe

Sitting almost 6,000 feet above sea level in southeastern France, the 433-room Club Med Les Arcs Panorama earns its name from the spectacular views it offers of the Les Arcs ski area. Bourg-Saint-Maurice’s mountain is ideal for people learning to ski, so many come to this Club Med outpost to try a new sport. The après-ski scene and hospitality of this true mountain town also attracts visitors.

The resort’s all-inclusive rates include all meals and drinks, kids club access (for guests between the ages of 4 and 17), lift passes, locker service and lessons. Additionally, yoga classes for adults and children are available, and there’s a heated indoor pool for year-round enjoyment.

After working up an appetite on the slopes, the main White Stone restaurant serves both local bites and dishes with international flavors; the restaurant has a large terrace and multiple dining rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, so you’ll have incredible views of the mountains no matter where you sit. A lounge with a wine cellar and bar is also available; the casual L’Arolla bar and an indoor-outdoor lounge only accessible to guests staying in Exclusive Collection Space accommodations.

Rooms and suites at the Club Med Les Arcs Panorama feature traditional mountain-style decor with a contemporary twist. For example, you’ll find pine wood accents and white walls (one of which has a faint silver tree mural) as well as bold pink or yellow pillows, throw blankets and curtains. Standard amenities include flat-screen TVs and desks. Upgraded Exclusive Collection Space suites come with extras like access to a private ski storage area and concierge services.

All-inclusive rates at the Club Med Les Arcs Panorama start at 469 euros ($491) per night, based on double occupancy. The resort has a seven-night minimum for all stays in summer.

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best mfa europe

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MORNING BID EUROPE-Hopeful market awaits Powell testimony

A look at the day ahead in European and global markets from Ankur Banerjee

Investors have found their appetite for risky assets at the start of a crucial week, shrugging off the disappointment of China setting a modest target for economic growth this year, with European stocks set to carry the momentum.

Coming off its best weekly performance since start of the year, the continent-wide STOXX might aim for another record high as traders await January retail sales data for the Eurozone later in the day.

Meanwhile, the market's focus is firmly on Fed Chair Powell's two-day testimony before the U.S. congress (on Tuesday and Wednesday) and the February jobs report (due on Friday) that will likely dictate the path of the U.S. central bank for the near future.

While investors have come to accept (sort of) that the Fed will likely keep interest rates higher for longer, there are fresh fears that strong economic data will lead the central bank to go back to jumbo hikes.

Hawkish rhetoric from Fed speakers continued over the weekend, with San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President Mary Daly the latest to sound a warning on the inflationary threat.

The market largely expects Powell to be hawkish this week but given his testimony comes before the jobs report is released, he will likely aim to keep all options open.

Over in China, the country's leadership set a 5% target for economic growth this year, which analysts called conservative and pragmatic, as they kicked off the annual session of the National People's Congress.

In the corporate world, Italian state lender CDP has bid for the fixed-line network of former phone monopoly Telecom Italia, rivalling an offering from U.S. firm KKR.

Key developments that could influence markets on Monday:

Economic events: Eurozone January retail sales, February S&P Global PMIs for Germany, France and Eurozone

Speakers: ECB Chief Economist Philip Lane

(Reporting by Ankur Banerjee; Editing by Edmund Klamann)

best mfa europe


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    Coming off its best weekly performance since start of the year, the continent-wide STOXX might aim for another record high as traders await January retail sales data for the Eurozone later in the day.