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IT Cover Letter Examples (Any Information Technology Job)

IT Cover Letter Examples (Any Information Technology Job)

Excited about applying for that lucrative tech job? Before sending in your application, you need a cover letter. Here’s how to write the best IT cover letter the CTO has ever seen.

Christian Eilers, CPRW

As seen in:

You’re preparing an IT cover letter to attach to your tech job application.

Whether it’s the incredible perks, the unparalleled technology, or the cachet of the startup’s name, you’re excited, and rightfully so!


Writing an okay IT cover letter won’t cut it.

Rather, you need an awesome information technology cover letter that grabs the IT manager’s attention like they just announced an IPO and they’re all gazillionaires.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This IT cover letter guide will show you:

Want to write your cover letter fast? Use our cover letter builder. Choose from  20+ professional cover letter templates  that match your resume. See actionable examples and get expert tips along the way.

Create your cover letter now

it resume and cover letter set

IT Cover Letter for a Resume— See more cover letter examples here .

Need to make sure your IT resume is as up-to-date as your antivirus definitions? Check out our full IT resume sample and guide: IT Resume Example & Guide.

Interested in checking out other IT cover letter examples? Here they are:

Want to explore your options further? See our full selection of cover letter examples for every career:  Best Cover Letter Examples for Job.

Now, let’s begin.

First up, though, here’s a professional IT cover letter example:

General IT Cover Letter Sample

Lindsay Kalpaxis

20 Ludlow St.

New York, NY 10002

June 17, 2019

Joanne Fitzpatrick

Human Resources Manager

Cyber Science Technologies

508 W 26th St.

New York, NY 10001

Dear Joanne,

Having recently finished a 2-year contract in software development after completing my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, I am ready to start the next chapter in my life. So, I was thrilled when I came across your job post in search of IT candidates in software engineering. With both my educational and professional background in the entire software dev life cycle, I believe I have what it takes to be the perfect choice for Cyber Science Tech.

As an IT specialist focusing on delivering top results in systems and software development, I know I have what it takes to be an impressive performer at Cyber Science Tech. Skilled with both front-end and back-end development, my skill set is diverse and complementary. At my previous position, several of my wins include:

I live and breathe information technology, particularly software development, and my spare time is used to constantly enhance my IT skill set. If granted the opportunity to work for Cyber Science Tech, I will bring that same drive and motivation over to your IT team.

I look forward to the chance to chat about Cyber Science Tech’s near-term and long-term goals. On top of that, I’d love to share how my IT skills and tech achievements give me an excellent place from where to start. Can we pick a time to discuss how my work at XYZ Soft can translate to an enhanced quality for Cyber Science Tech’s clients?

P.S. I was thinking—could we perhaps meet for a coffee? I’d love to show you how I could hit the same results (15% increase in performance) over at Cyber Science Tech.

What’d you think?

Above was our take on the perfect sample cover letter for IT jobs.

Here’s how to write an IT cover letter that’ll give them a come-to-Jesus moment on your suitability for the job:

Pick the Best Format for an IT Cover Letter

Any IT employer wants good UX, not cornea gumbo.

That’s true on any application letter for IT, too—

Whether it’s an entry-level IT cover letter or an IT director cover letter, format it right before you begin writing.

Here’s the right IT application letter layout to follow to make them happy:

Information Technology Example Cover Letter—Format

If you want to learn more about the various cover letter sections in detail, see our complete guide: What to Include in a Cover Letter?

Start With an IT Cover Letter Introduction They’ll Love

In the US, computer and information technology jobs are projected to grow by 13% between 2016 and 2026.

That equates to adding 557,100 new jobs in the next few years, extra competition on top of the people who are already looking.

You have to knock their socks off right from the start.

And, it starts with their name:

IT Cover Letter Examples—Salutation

See the differences?

The salutation on a cover letter for IT jobs is the easiest part, but it’s also the easiest area to get wrong.

Why use a name?

According to brain scans and imaging science which your tech background will allow you to understand better than I ever could, people love hearing their own names.

That means—

Flex your tech muscle, and find their name. Search LinkedIn or crawl through the company’s about page to find the name of the hiring manager or CIO.

Can’t find their name after looking everywhere?

Don’t worry.

Something like Dear Hiring Manager is neutral and still way more effective than To whom it may concern .

Pro Tip : Top tech companies often hire IT recruiters to scout for talent such as yourself. In that case, you’ll address the IT recruiter, not someone at the company to which you’re applying.

Next up is the introductory statement .

It’s a crucial paragraph to get just right, as it introduces you and your aspirations for an IT career with them.

Like successful user retention, it hopefully earns their interest so they’ll read the entire thing.

Here’s how to start a cover letter in a way that makes a great first impression:

Example Cover Letter for IT Jobs—Opening Paragraphs

Aside from length, spot the differences?

No hirer, whether for IT jobs or otherwise, wants a generic cover letter . That first one is spam, and the company you’re applying to likely has IT staff just to filter stuff like that out.

The second one though is a top-notch introduction.

It gives them a brief mention of your IT background and tech skills while also enticing them to read further if they want to learn more.

On top of that, it’s tailored to this one specific job by mentioning the company name and the exact job position.

You immediately look to them like The Next Big Thing™.

Pro Tip : Are you writing a cover letter with no experience for the IT industry? Follow the same rules. In your entry-level cover letter for IT positions, give the most tech-related experience and skills to show the HR manager you have the talents they’re looking for.

This is a standard way of a great information technology cover letter opening statement. But there are more! For other ideas, see our complete guide: How to Write a Cover Letter

Write a Great Information Technology Cover Letter Body

So, we’ve </head>.

Next up, as per usual, is <body>.

You’ve intrigued them in your introduction paragraph (good job, by the way!).

Now it’s time to sell them on why you’re the best choice with an IT application letter body.

Like any app’s pricing page, this is where you detail your extensive tech skills, experience, background, and achievements.

Show them that hiring you is like getting the Ultimate Version at the Basic Version’s price.

Here’s what to write about in the next few paragraphs in the IT professional cover letter body:

Now, let’s put it all together.

Here’s a sample IT cover letter body statement:

Tech Cover Letter Examples for IT Jobs—Body Paragraphs

I live and breathe information technology, particularly software development, and my spare time is used to constantly enhance my IT skill set. If granted the opportunity to work for Cyber Science Tech, you can count on me bringing that same drive and motivation over to your IT team.

How’s that for an IT letter of application body section?

It accomplishes everything we set out to do, from talking up your impressive accomplishments using verifiable numbers to showing enthusiasm and tech passion.

Sure to get you whitelisted for the IT interview ASAP!

Pro Tip : How long should a cover letter be? Keep your IT application letter down to between a half-page and two-thirds of a page in length, which is around 200–300 words.

To really tinker with these central paragraphs until they’re optimized and ready for end users, see this guide: Top Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check . Start building a  professional resume template here for free .

Create the perfect resume

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

End Your IT Cover Letters Like a Pro

As with a freshly-built computer, it’s time to put those skills to the test to tweak and overclock your cover letter for IT professionals for max performance.

This is how to close a cover letter for information technology:

Sample IT Cover Letters—Closing Paragraph

No one likes a generic cover letter closing, especially one so dispassionate—

The IT recruiter will headdesk in frustration.


Write an IT job cover letter ending which sums it all up nicely, using enthusiasm and confidence.

Unlike ROM, this IT cover letter template surely won’t be read-only!

Next up, the closing sentiment, and it’s the same whether you’re writing an IT support cover letter or IT technician cover letter.

Here’s what it looks like:

Sample Information Technology Cover Letter—Valediction

Nothing to it.

Finally, we’ve reached the end of the cover letter.

While not required, adding a P.S. after your valediction and John Hancock is a neat cover letter hack for one last chance at catching their eye.

Here’s a great IT cover letter example postscript:

IT Cover Letter Examples—Postscript


Not hard, huh?

This P.S. statement is awesome because it transitions back out of the formality of the cover letter body, appealing to their humanity.

At the same time, it reminds them once more that you’re the best choice by slipping a numbered achievement in there once more.

That’s how it’s done, and now you’re done!

Pro Tip : Use the IT cover letter to sell yourself, and you can do so in many different ways. Have you earned an impressive tech industry award? Do you have a recognizable and prestigious IT award? Add those to your IT cover letter!

Just like there are many ways to impress the IT manager or recruiter, there’s no one way to close an IT cover letter. See this guide: How to End a Cover Letter

Key Takeaway

So there you have it—an information technology cover letter certainly ready for prime time.

Let’s sum it all up—

Here’s how to write the best application letter for information technology positions:

Now, get prepared for the interview !

Got any questions about writing a cover letter for IT jobs or our IT cover letter examples? Need help tweaking your IT cover letter introduction, body, or closing paragraph? Write to us below in the comments, and thanks for reading!

Christian Eilers, CPRW

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IT Technician Cover Letter Example

IT Technician Cover Letter Example

IT technicians appreciate the value of the smallest moving parts, so they should treat every word in an IT technician cover letter as an opportunity to influence the hiring manager. This is not a factual account of their competencies; it is their chance to explain why they are the perfect fit for the role — in their own words.

Creating a compelling cover letter story is like creating a piece of software. When all the right pieces are in place, the result is predictable.’s 180+ occupation-specific cover letter examples and writing guides offer broad insights into the writing process. 

In this guide, we’ll share our technical specifications for cover letter writing success. Peek into the source code of our IT technician writing guide and corresponding cover letter example:

Best format for an IT technician cover letter

The technical demands of your job mean that you understand the importance of following a set plan. While many things about the job search process are fluid, formatting the cover letter is not one of them. Ignoring the format norms is like ripping up the user manual for the latest piece of hardware and installing it your way. Follow this tried-and-tested formula:

While the format of an IT technician cover letter is rigid, the content is anything but. Leave the safety of listing your technical qualifications. Explore what it is like to work with you and why you make a difference to those around you. Think about the culture of your future employer and why exactly you would be a perfect fit.

Do some research to understand the sorts of challenges that you will be facing. The job description should give you a good idea, so tell the stories that demonstrate that you have what it takes. Don’t be lazy — the IT technician cover letter should be different for every job.

Our comprehensive cover letter guide shares more ideas about formatting with best practices around fonts styles, sizes and length. 

Our IT technician cover letter example below may also offer some ideas to incorporate into your writing. Steal them with our blessing! 

Dear Mr. Langstaff,

Working as an IT technician in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries is a particular challenge – when there are technical issues, patients’ lives could be at risk. The reason why I love the industry so much is that I can clearly see when my technical skills make a difference.

I have been responsible for upgrading, maintaining, and troubleshooting technical equipment and software across five company departments. Technical issues within pharmaceuticals are particularly business-critical and last year we achieved a record low of only 29 deviations due to technical failure (that is 258 percent lower than the industry average).

Due to the geographical spread of the business, I am used to working remotely with internal customers who need their tech to work as intended. I often deal with 100+ incidents every week, from cold chain failures to database breaches, and my 98 percent colleague satisfaction rating is a testament to my dedication. I hate not being able to help people.

My ICT education has continued after my computer science degree, and I am constantly on the search for new certifications and qualifications. I act as a subject matter expert alongside the procurement department and am always keen to push the boundaries of our capability. I played a role in a supplier optimization project which led to 4.5 percent cost savings.

I understand that you are in a process of changing your operating model which will require considerable investment in logistics and warehousing tech. I have taken part in many such projects over the past decade and will be glad to share my thoughts should we have the opportunity to meet for an interview.

Martin Cawthorn

Cover letter header

Any IT technician understands the need for everything to be in its rightful place. The cover letter header should be visually impactful, but the main thing is that it contains all the essential contact information for the candidate: full name, email, and phone number. This should be included both in the cover letter and the resume.

Most IT hiring managers won’t care if you include their company’s address in the letter (it isn’t standard practice these days), and for your own address, only include the city and state where you live. Only share your full address at the offer stage as there are data protection issues.

Goal of the cover letter header : Stand out visually from other IT technician job applications, with identifying information that’s eye-pleasing and easily found.

Cover letter greeting

While IT technicians often work for long periods on their own initiative, getting the formalities of the cover letter greeting right is important to create the perfect first impression. Use the IT director’s name in the greeting if possible. It may be listed at the end of the job description, or you might opt to call the company to find out to whom the role reports. Guessing from social media profiles is always a little hit and miss. Double check the spelling.

If you are not sure to whom the cover letter should be addressed, a friendly “Dear (Company name) IT team” will get you off on the right foot and not come across as too generic.

Goal of the cover letter greeting : Connect directly with the employer in a professional, friendly manner.professional

Cover letter introduction

Start your cover letter with an idea of how your IT technical skills will benefit your future employer. What will you be able to do for them that no other applicant will? Use only the most appropriate technical language and share the types of projects that you may be taking on in your new role. Tell them a story about how a rare skill made a breakthrough difference.

The introduction of an IT technician cover letter should touch on how you go about your work, not just about what you do from day to day. What is it like to work with you? How do you come up with solutions? Why do you come to work every day? It is these snippets of information that will pique a hiring manager’s curiosity to find out more.

Goal of the cover letter introduction : Intrigue the reader enough to learn more about your well-matched strengths as an IT technician. 

Here’s the greeting and introduction from our IT technician cover letter sample.

The introduction is very important

Cover letter middle part (body)

You will be bursting to share your technical IT achievements in more detail than one line on your resume, so the middle part of an IT technician’s cover letter is the place to go into detail about the most relevant of them. Don’t just copy the job description by detailing your responsibilities — talk about what you did and the nature of your personal impact. Describing your role as an individual is particularly important when you are often working in a broader project team — what difference did you make?

While technical skills, IT jargon and software knowhow will still dominate, make space for the softer people skills that help you to get things done within a wider team. Your boss doesn’t want someone to sit on their own and fiddle around with the tech — you have to be able to talk to people to get to the bottom of their issues.

Goal of the cover letter body : Elaborate on how this employer would benefit from your contributions as a proficient IT technician.

Our IT cover letter sample illustrates what you might include in the middle part:

Which projects should an IT technician include – most difficult or most successful? Ideally, a combination of the two! Projects with quantifiable results will be of most interest to the reader, so prioritize those. Since difficult projects might be hard to describe succinctly, focus on projects you can effectively describe in one or two sentences. Save the more involved projects for explanation during the interview.

How to close an IT technician cover letter (conclusion and sign-off)

An IT technician cover letter should close on a confident note. If hiring managers are under no doubt that you can do the role, their finger will be hovering over the "send" button for an interview invitation. Lastly, don’t forget to say that you are looking forward to the opportunity of meeting for an interview. A hopeful, but not overly presumptuous, tone can go a long way.

Goal of the cover letter closing : End on an optimistic, self-assured note with a call to action that carries an expectation of hearing from the employer.

Our IT technician cover letter sample below ends on an optimistic note.

Basic mistakes in an IT technician cover letter (and how to avoid them)

IT technicians should be adept at looking for last-minute omissions or errors, so this aspect of cover letter writing should not be difficult. But in the excitement of sending off your cover letter, these small details can sometimes be overlooked. Watch out for:

Key takeaways

These related IT cover letter examples may be of assistance:

Free professionally designed templates

IT cover letter

As an IT specialist, you’re in high demand, so make sure you put your best foot forward in the job search process if you want to land the most coveted positions. Your cover letter should demonstrate your skills and experience, as well as your passion for your work. To be considered for top IT jobs, it helps to have a well-crafted cover letter. For writing tips, view this sample cover letter for IT, or download the IT cover letter template in Word.

Because the tech industry doesn't show signs of slowing down, jobs for IT professionals are projected to grow by 13% (or 557,100 jobs) from 2016 through 2026, which is faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Want to know where your skills are most in demand? You'll find the highest level of employment for this job in the following states: California , Texas , New York , Virginia , and Florida ; and in the following metropolitan areas: New York City , Washington D.C. , Dallas , Los Angeles , and Chicago .

And when it comes to salaries, as an IT professional, you can expect to earn a median wage of $84,580 per year, according to the BLS.

Additionally, you can search for IT jobs on Monster and prepare for your job interview by reading through our sample IT interview questions and answers .

IT cover letter template

Maria Frankel Sometown, DE 55555 | (555) 555-5555 | [email protected]

July 27, 2017

Mr. Thomas Jones HR Manager ABC Corp 15 Elm Street Sometown, DE 55555

Re: IT Helpdesk Technician, Advertised on Monster

Dear Mr. Jones:

I am interested in joining your tier 1 helpdesk team. A longtime fan of ABC Corp’s commitment to customer service, I bring to the table a strong customer service mindset combined with technical skills honed throughout my 15 years of helpdesk experience .

Key strengths include:

Mr. Jones, if you are seeking an experienced, tech-savvy and customer service-oriented helpdesk technician with the proven ability to establish excellent relationships with customers, employees, vendors and manufacturers, we should speak.

I look forward to learning more about this position and can be reached at (555) 555-5555 or [email protected] Thank you for your time.

Maria Frankel Enclosure: Résumé

See all sample cover letters on Monster.

How's that resume looking?

Now that you know how to get your cover letter into shape, it's time to focus on the other document you need in order to get a job: your resume. Unlike your cover letter, your resume is less conversational and more formulaic (in tech parlance, resumes have their own "language"). Not sure your resume is in strong enough shape? Get a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service . You'll get detailed feedback in two business days, including a review of your resume's appearance and content, and a prediction of a recruiter's first impression. It's a quick and easy way to QA your job search.

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Nursing Cover Letter Example

By Martina Mascali, Monster Contributor

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example

By Jennifer Verta, Monster Contributor

Sample Sales Cover Letter

Administrative assistant cover letter sample, how to write a police officer cover letter - with example.


Want to use this letter?

Customize this Letter

City, State, Zip Code

Home : 000-000-0000 Cell: 000-000-0000

[email protected]

Dear Ms. Gardner,

I am responding to your advertisement for a Computer Technician at Kidz World. As a highly trained professional, I offer the kind of contemporary knowledge base and certifications that are required to maintain your networks efficiently.

In my current position, I assist in maintaining a large computer network and offering support to a large population of users. My ability to analyze and diagnose a problem quickly has helped the company to maintain a high level of efficiency and productivity. I use my broad technical knowledge and my ability to be a part of a successful team to keep users and managers working effectively.

My dedication to constantly upgrading my knowledge base and solving user issues makes me the best possible candidate for this position. During a recent software upgrade, I was part of a two-person team that was able to retrieve data that was feared lost due to complications during the upgrade. My attention to detail and swift ability to act will be the asset your company is looking for.

As you can see, my qualifications make me the ideal Computer Technician candidate. I look forward to discussing the details of a personal interview at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely Yours,

Maeve Guerra

There are plenty of opportunities to land a position, but it won’t just be handed to you. Crafting a cover letter that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition.

View All Cover Letter Samples

Ready to build a strong cover letter?

Create My Cover Letter

*As seen in :

application letter for it technician

IT Technician Cover Letter: 4 Templates

IT technician needs to maintain the software and hardware of a firm’s computer systems. If you are thinking of applying for such a role in an organization, then ensure that you mention information like where you found the job vacancy, your skills, educational qualifications, achievements, and any previous experience.

You can use this sample letter of mine as your reference point as using it; you will be able to write yours with perfection.

Letter Template: 1

IT Technician Cover Letter

[Mention the date]

[Mention the name of the Hiring manager]

[Mention the name of the company]

[Mention the address of the company]

Dear [Mr. /Mrs. /Ms.] [Mention the name of the manager]

This is concerning your job requirement on (mention the name of the portal or website) for the position of IT technician at your prestigious firm (mention the name of the company or organization) which is at (mention the location of the company or organization).

I truly believe that my skills, qualifications, and experiences will make me a perfect candidate for this particular job.

I have completed my (mention the name of the course or degrees) from the (mention the name of the college or university).

I have an experience of more than (mention the total period of experience), as I have worked with (mention the name of the previous company or organization of the sender) for (mention the total working period of the sender) as a (mention the post of the sender). 

I have highly experienced in setting up workstations with computers and necessary peripheral devices, such as routers, printers, and so on, checking computer hardware like the HDD, keyboard, mouse, and so on to ensure functionality, installing and configuring appropriate software and functions according to specifications, developing and maintaining local networks in ways that optimize performance. 

Also ensuring security and privacy of networks and computer systems, providing orientations and guidance to users on how to operate new software and computer equipment,

Organizing and scheduling upgrades and maintaining ace without deterring others from completing their work, performing troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve problems, maintaining records and logs of repairs and fixes and maintenance schedule, identifying computer or networks equipment shortages, and placing orders. 

Moreover, to be an IT technician at (mention the company’s name or organization), I have the requirements you need for this particular post.

I have been proven as an IT technician and have experience (mention the total period of experience), excellent diagnostic and problem-solving skills, and communication ability.

Outstanding organizational and time management skills, in-depth understanding of diverse computer systems and networks, and good knowledge of internet security and data principles. Also, I am certified with (mention the cause of certified). 

For more details, please feel free to contact me at (mention the email and contact number of the sender).

Thank you for your precious time.

[Mention the name of the sender]

[Mention the address of the sender]

Letter Template: 2

[Mention the name of the hiring manager]

[Mention the appropriate address of the company with all details]

Dear [Mr. /Mrs. /Ms.] [Name of the manager]

When I was going through the newspaper this morning, I came across your company’s advertisement and it was mentioned there that your company is in search of an IT technician l and as per the qualifications mentioned there I am very happy to inform you that I am eligible to apply for the post.

You see, working here is like everybody’s dream but only a few get the chance to work for your reputed company and I deeply want to get that chance. I have done my schooling from [mention the name of a school] and passed out college from [mention the name of a college] I have also done an extra [mention the name of a degree relatable to the job vacancy] degree from [name the name of any institute] and also got a certificate from there. 

I have a very strong technical computer knowledge. I would be very grateful to you if you give this letter a read and think about it. I have also worked for [name a company] for [mention the duration] and have gained experience through it and I would like to gain more experience from your company and sharpen my working skills.

As my colleagues used to say, I have a problem-solving nature. I am very self-motivated and I love to work with computers. 

At my age I would like to create a very well-defined career and working for your company will help me to do so. From my educational background, you can see that it is a perfect match for this job position and I hope I would be a suitable match for this position in your company. I will be waiting for your response, and I am in deep hope to work with this firm and I hope you will read this letter with the attached resume and reach back to me. Thank you in advance.

With regards,

[Mention the contact details of the sender]

Letter Template: 3

As per the job vacancy notice shared on the company’s website, I would like to apply for the IT technician job position. As it has always been my dream to work with your reputed company and seeing a job vacancy that too in my specialized field, I couldn’t stop myself from applying for the job.

As per the mentioned educational qualification, I am extremely happy to inform you that I am an eligible candidate to apply for this job position. As per my strong educational background, I have completed my schooling from [mention the name of a school] where I maintained my [mention good marks]CGPA all over my last year and I have completed my college from [mention the name of a college] with [mention a subject related to the post] as my major subject. I have also done an extra course for computer software and I have attached the completion certificate with this letter. 

I have worked with [mention the name of a company] for [mention a duration] as an IT technician which has helped me to gain experience and improve my working skills. There I was awarded as the motivated employee of the year. As per my educational background, I think I will be a perfect fit for this job post. If I get selected I promise you to never let you down and you will never regret hiring me.

I am so thankful to you for your patience and I am so pleased to write for this job position. I will be eagerly waiting for your response and I hope I’ll get a chance to prove my capability to you and this company. Please consider me as an eligible candidate for this position by of course, taking a look at my resume and I hope I will meet you soon. Hope you will have a great day. Thank you in advance.

Letter Template: 4

As per the job vacancy notice shared on the company’s website, I would like to apply for that job position. I strongly believe that my educational background will do justice to the post and I am confident that my resume will prove that right. The work environment there is so amazing and the company also cares about the employee and this is the thing that attracts me more.

As per the mentioned qualifications requirements, I am glad to inform you that I have matched all the criteria. I have done my schooling from [mention the name of a school] and passed out college from [mention the name of a college].

I have also done an extra [mention the name of a degree relatable to the job vacancy] degree from [name the name of any institute] and also got a certificate from there. I would be very grateful to you if you give this letter a read and think about it. 

I have also worked for [name a company] for [mention the duration] and have gained experience through it and I would like to gain more experience from your company and sharpen my working skills.

I am very self-motivated and I enjoy working with electronic gadgets. At present, I am working for [mention the name of a company] as an IT technician and I have already been awarded as the employee of the year for more than [mention a duration]. I have a very strong technical computer knowledge. I think if you hire me you will not regret your decision and I will never let you down. 

I promise to give my best in every perspective and to prove to you that I am worthy of this job position. I would be very grateful to you if you go through the letter and the resume and think about the post.

Letter Template: 5

The maintenance of computer hardware and end-user training are the responsibilities of IT technicians. Setting up workstations, installing and updating software, ensuring the security of computer networks, conducting maintenance procedures, preventing breakdowns, creating database backups, diagnosing technical problems, finding solutions to technical problems, identifying bugs, reducing inefficiencies, and ensuring prompt technical support are all tasks that an IT technician might be expected to perform.

James Brown

238 Broadway

United States

The HR Manager

XYZ Company

354 F 63rd Street

Subject- information technology technician cover letter

This letter is an application for the position of IT Technician with [mention the name] Technologies, Inc. in [mention the name], [mention the name], which is listed and advertised on [mention the name]. I think my background in the subject, knowledge of the industry, and refined skill set make me the best person to fill the position. Additionally, I’m sure it would be a terrific chance for me to advance my career.

I have more than [mention the number] years of experience working as an IT Technician with [mention the name] so I am completely capable of carrying out all duties related to the role. There, I was given the duty of assisting clients with their technical needs, locating and looking into network problems, and installing and configuring servers.

I also finished system backups, advertised fresh goods and services, and worked on creating and implementing fresh procedures to cut back on wasteful spending. I have repeatedly demonstrated over the years that I am a fantastic team member with superior analytical abilities and the capacity to perform well in hectic circumstances.

I also have a [mention the name] in [mention the name] from [mention the name] University and am a Google Certified IT Professional. I participated in a variety of extracurricular activities at the university, and I also once received the [mention the name] Award for my outstanding academic performance. Last but not least, I have knowledge of every piece of software included in the job posting. If you have any further inquiries about my credentials, don’t be afraid to get in touch with me. I appreciate your thought and time, and I hope to speak with you soon.

[Handwriting signature]

[Mention the contact details]

[Mention here, if there is any post note to be given]

Letter Template: 6

I currently manage all hardware or software or any network issues for a warehouse of roughly [mention the number] factory workers as an IT technician assistant. When I came across your advertisement for a new IT technician at yesterday, I immediately imagined myself working there.

My [mention the number] or more years of experience have mainly dealt with problems with instruments on the production floor (e.g., handheld computers, receiving tablets). But I also made sure the office’s managers and executives were maintaining hardware functionality and network connectivity. I’ve had the honor of achieving a number of noteworthy accomplishments, including

I took control of the new hires’ computer hardware and operation orientation classes and have since led [mention the number] of these large-group sessions.

led and pushed for a factory-wide [mention the name] upgrade from [mention the name] to [mention the name], which improved performance by [mention the number].

Replaced the reception team’s handheld computers in an appropriate manner, staying [mention the number] under budget while upgrading to equipment that will endure for at least [mention the number] years.

With these few examples, I hope you can see how dedicated and effective I am to the job. I would be really keen to offer this similar sense of pride in one’s job to [mention the name] as the upcoming IT professional.

If you would give me the chance, I’d love to talk further about how I might help your business best reach its forthcoming information technology goals.

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Rahul Panchal

Marketing | Branding | Blogging. These Three Words Describe Me in The Best Way. I Am a Self-Taught Marketer with 10 Years of Experience. Helping Startups/ It Companies/ and Small Businesses to Enhance Their Business Through Branding and Marketing Ideas. On A Mission to Help Small Businesses to Be a Brand.

Technician Cover Letter Examples

Technicians work in a variety of fields, usually under the direction of an engineer. The industries employing these workers are manufacturing, building maintenance, service centers, and automotive. Other technicians work in the healthcare field (dental, medical, pharmacy, veterinary, and psychiatric). Typical work activities of a Technician include: providing customer service, performing repairs, running tests, maintaining records, and completing tasks as assigned by supervisors.

Not exactly what you are looking for? Check our complete library of over 1000 cover letter examples .

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For help with your resume, check out our extensive Technician Resumes .

Don't send your resume without a cover letter. Find out how to create a professional cover letter in our guide.

Include These Technician Skills

Comparable Technician skills can be observed in the cover letter example displayed beneath.

Dear Ms. Fuller:

When I learned of your need for an experienced Technician to join your team, I was eager to send my resume for your review. As a highly skilled and dependable professional with more than eight years of experience in maintaining seamless building functions as well as performing various equipment repair needs, I am confident that I would make a significant contribution in this role.

For nearly nine years, I have excelled as the Maintenance Technician for Coral Springs Nursing Care, acquiring excellent experience providing general building maintenance and repairs in areas including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, and landscaping. I have provided thorough maintenance and repair assistance to ensure optimal functionality for both residents and guests, and I am committed to ensuring that facilities remain safe and in solid condition at all times.

Consider the following highlights of my qualifications:

Overseeing building upkeep, repair, mechanics, hydraulic and pneumatic components, pest control, and AC / heating while communicating effectively with cross-functional organizational staff.

Troubleshooting equipment and system issues and failures, diagnosing problems and performing hands-on repairs to quickly get back on track.

Safely handling various chemical and hazardous materials / substances.

Working collaboratively with peers and management while demonstrating superior communication, time management, and physical fitness skills.

Considering my previous experience in building maintenance and repair, along with my professionalism and reliability, I believe I could quickly exceed your expectations for this role. I look forward to discussing the position in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Robert B. Leblanc

A professional cover letter is the first step toward your new job!


The employees have spoken. See the Best Places to Work 2023!

Resume & Cover Letter

Writing a tech cover letter: tips and example.

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

Last Updated June 29, 2021

Guide Overview

Understanding tech cover letters.

A well-written tech cover letter can vastly improve your chances of getting an interview call. It is an opportunity to present yourself as an ideal candidate with the IT skills and technical expertise that the tech company requires. Learn how to write an effective cover letter for a tech company, get some writing tips, and review some tech cover letter examples.

What is a tech cover letter?

A technical cover letter is an introductory letter that you include with your resume when applying for a job with a technology company. It can help create a favorable first impression of you as a suitable candidate and may play a decisive role in getting you selected for a job interview.

A cover letter for a tech company should be brief and to-the-point. Along with referencing the employer’s requirements listed in the job advertisement, it should also highlight your technical credentials, skills, work experience, and accomplishments.

How to create a technical cover letter

Here are a few ideas to help you create a technical cover letter.

What to include in a tech cover letter?

Here are some of the things that you should include in a technical cover letter:

Tips for writing a tech cover letter

Here are some tips for writing a technical cover letter:

1. Find out if the company requires a cover letter

Read the company’s job application requirements and check if they prefer a cover letter included with resumes. Some companies may clearly state that they don’t need a cover letter, in which case you can omit it. Otherwise, it is good practice to include it.

2. Customize the cover letter for the tech company

Never send a generic cover letter as it will make a poor impression. Instead, research the company, reread their job advertisement, and tailor your cover letter to suit their requirements. A customized cover letter is more likely to catch the recruiter’s attention, and it may improve your chances of receiving a call for a job interview.

3. Make your first sentence count

Hiring managers are busy people and often have to look through hundreds of cover letters and resumes every day. To grab their attention, craft your cover letter carefully and address their specific pain point with  your very first sentence . That will set you apart from the other applicants, and the hiring manager will remember you when they shortlist candidates for the interview.

4. Focus on providing value

The cover letter should convey your passion for working in the tech industry and your ability to fulfill the employer’s needs. Mentioning your past career accomplishments will show that you are a top performer. It will indicate strongly to the employer that you will make valuable contributions to their company too.

5. Avoid exaggeration

Be honest about your credentials and accomplishments. Include only the technical skills that you are proficient in and have used professionally. Keep in mind that the employer may do a background check on you. They may also test your knowledge during the interview process before they hire you. If they find that you have included inaccuracies about your technical proficiency, you will lose the job opportunity.

6. Write concisely and with clarity

Be respectful of the hiring manager’s time and keep your cover letter is concise, clear, and focused on the main points. For better readability, use short paragraphs and bullet points. Summarize your technical credentials and accomplishments in the first two paragraphs and follow up with a technical skills list. Include relevant technical terms throughout the letter.

7. Avoid repeating your resume content

Hiring managers won’t appreciate having to read the same information twice. So, provide details that you didn’t or couldn’t include in the resume. These could be specific job-related insights, brief narratives of your past work experiences, or the benefits you gained from updating your technical skills.

8. End the letter on a positive and confident note

Take the opportunity to include a call to action at the end of the cover letter . After thanking the hiring manager for their time, inform them that you would like to discuss the job and the value you could bring to the company. Request an opportunity to meet over the phone or in-person at their convenience.

9. Proofread the cover letter

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your cover letter can negatively impact your chances of being hired. The hiring manager might think that you are not sufficiently attentive to detail. As that could be a serious shortcoming for a technical position, they might decide not to proceed with your job application. It is advisable to proofread your cover letter and send it only after you are sure that it is perfect.

Tech cover letter example

Subject: Alison Windmere – IT specialist application

Dear Mr. Parker,

This is regarding your advertisement on Digital Hub for an IT specialist with Franklin Cyber Tech. I’m familiar with your company and would be interested in working with you.

I am an IT specialist, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, frontend and backend development skills, and four years of professional experience in systems and software development. I have developed diverse software applications for various clients and many of these have high user ratings in online stores.

When I’m not working on software development, I continue to update my IT skills and improve my communication and time management skills.

At your convenience, I’d love to discuss how I can use my IT skills to add value to your company.

Alison Windmere

This is just one example of a tech cover letter. You can create a general template and tailor it every time you send off a job application, according the tech job you are applying for and the specific requirements detailed in the job advertisement. So, are you ready to start searching for a new job? Start here .

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IT Intern Cover Letter Example

Get invited for more job interviews and learn to write your own cover letter with this customizable IT Intern cover letter example. Make a copy of this cover letter example as it is or alter it with ease in our proven and tested cover letter maker.

Milan Šaržík — Certified Professional Résumé Writer

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How to build a great high school student resume

How to craft a job-winning humanities student resume

How to build an effective intern resume?

How to write a professional natural sciences student resume

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5 easy steps for writing a resume as a social sciences student

Write an eye-catching resume as a university student

IT Intern Cover Letter Example (Full Text Version)

Valtteri kanerva.

To whom it may concern,

Please accept my application for the Summer IT Intern job at Apro Corporation in Mission Viejo, CA. I was very excited when I found your job ad on as I have been following your company for many years and believe that your mission and job requirements align perfectly with what I offer as a professional. Moreover, I believe that this would be an opportunity of a "lifetime" for me to further develop my field expertise and gain valuable industry experience.

As stated in my enclosed resume, I am a third-year Computer Science student at Princeton University where, with a 3.98 GPA, I'm among the top 10% of best-achieving students. Besides academia, I also served as a First-Year Representative for one year and have pro-actively participated in multiple extracurricular activities, such as Engineering Society, Math Society, and Tennis Club. The engagement in these activities has not only helped me to develop an important ability to function well as a team member but also taught me how to take a lead and finish any assigned task or project. During my time at the university, I've had a great chance to learn about Computer Science from the best industry professionals in the world and what's more I have experienced what's it like to work in IT.

On top of that, I worked as an IT Intern at Saratech Corporation where I was mainly responsible for assisting in the development of new web pages and monitoring and resolution of technical support requests. Besides that, I:

I am a native Finnish speaker with proficiency in English and a basic knowledge of Spanish. In addition, I possess the ability to use multiple important software programs and coding languages, such as Notepad++, C++, TextWrangler, BBEdit, UltraEdit, and Python.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Kind regards,

Valtteri Kanerva

Edit this sample using our resume builder.

Don’t struggle with your cover letter. artificial intelligence can write it for you..

Don’t struggle with your cover letter. Artificial intelligence can write it for you.

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Home Cover Letter Examples Help Desk Cover Letter

Help Desk Cover Letter Sample

August 5, 2021 | By the Resume Genius Team | Reviewed by Samuel Johns, CPRW

Are you looking to put your troubleshooting skills to work as a help desk technician? Our help desk cover letter example will give you an idea of what you need to include in order to impress any hiring manager.

A help desk cover letter sample

Want a different design? Download another cover letter template from our collection.

Additional Templates & Samples Like a Help Desk Cover Letter

Computer Science Cover Letter

Network engineer cover letter, help desk cover letter template (text format).

Make sure you use proper cover letter format to ensure that your cover letter is readable and professional.

February 31, 2020

Hiring Manager’s Name 341 Company Address Palo Alto, California, 94301 (xxx)xxx-xxxx [email protected]

Dear [Mr./Mx./Ms.] [Hiring Manager’s Name]

I’m confident I’ll be an excellent fit as [Company Name]’s next Help Desk Technician. As a solution-driven Help Desk Specialist with 6+ years of experience in delivering fast and effective support to clients and end-users, I am excited to offer my analytical, technical, and problem-solving abilities in a new role.

With my hands-on knowledge of computer software and hardware systems, excellent diagnostic skills, and high-level communication abilities, I am well-versed in responding to queries, resolving computer hardware and software problems, and implementing effective solutions. Currently, as IT Help Desk Specialist for Discovery Benefits, I deliver well-rounded technical support to 2000+ users daily, including conducting troubleshooting and resolving IT-related and application issues to maintain optimal service efficiency. Please consider the following highlights of my key strengths and contributions:

It would be a pleasure to learn more about [Company Name]’s needs, and I welcome the chance to provide further insight into my technical abilities and personal attributes. Thank you for considering my candidacy for this position, and I hope to hear from you soon.

How to write a hiring desk cover letter

Learning how to put together a cover letter for the specific job(s) you want will help you land more interviews.

You’re great at providing technical assistance, but do you need guidance on how to convey your skills and experience in a cover letter? Show employers you have the passion and skills to provide comprehensive tech support to their clients with a great cover letter, and your job search will gain much more traction.

Use these three tips to write a help desk cover letter that inspires hiring managers to reach out:

1. Highlight your help desk skills

When hiring for a help desk role, employers seek a good mix of technical abilities and service-oriented skills. Assure them you can diagnose and resolve clients’ technical issues by showcasing both advanced computer skills and customer service skills in your cover letter.

To prove you have the right skill set for the job, highlight your technical background in your cover letter’s body when discussing your work history. Here are some help desk technical skills employers look for:

However, just meeting an employer’s basic job requirements isn’t enough to catch their attention. To show them you’re the right person for the job, you also need to emphasize key help desk soft skills throughout your cover letter. Here are some important help desk soft skills to complement your expertise:

Here’s an example of how to communicate some of these skills in the body of your cover letter:

With my hands-on knowledge of computer software and hardware systems, excellent diagnostic skills, and high-level communication abilities, I’m well-versed in responding to queries, resolving hardware and software problems, and implementing effective solutions.

Additionally, you may feature hard and soft skills in your cover letter with bullet points like this:

Please consider the following highlights of my contributions:

Maintained a closing average of 50 calls per day with an 80% first-call resolution ratio Repaired emergency networking issues with 24/7 remote support to avoid potential loss of revenue for franchises and corporations Technical proficiencies in Service Now, Remedy, Manage Engine, TCP/IP, and LAN/WAN technologies

2. Make sure your cover letter isn’t too long (or too short)

Because of the technical nature of help desk jobs, employers are mostly interested in hearing about how your skills and experience could enhance clients’ end-user experience. So you need to keep your cover letter short and direct to ensure it leaves a solid impression.

A great help desk cover letter should be neither too long nor too short. The best cover letters are 250–400 words in length. To achieve the ideal cover letter length , provide a snapshot of your qualifications without repeating your resume. Most importantly, align your talents to the job so employers can see you’re a perfect match.

Here are some ways to achieve the ideal help desk cover letter length:

End with a convincing closing statement

Knowing how to skillfully end your cover letter will motivate hiring managers to hear you out in person. In a few short sentences, restate your interest in the help desk opportunity, mention how your skills and experience will contribute to the company’s success, and invite the hiring manager to schedule an interview.

Unsure how to write a convincing help desk closing statement? Here’s how to end your cover letter effectively:

Want even more cover letter, resume, and CV examples related to a help desk cover letter?

Cover letters:.

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