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The Advanced Level exams include the Corporate Reporting exam, the Strategic Business Management exam and the Case Study. The Advanced Level exams can be taken in July and November each year and you can take your exams at an exam centre or via remote invigilation.

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How to Pass the ICAEW ACA Case Study Exam

Updated: Feb 22

This article offers advice on how to pass the ACA Case Study exam. Written by a multiple prize-winning ACA tutor who scored 92% in the Case Study exam and won the ICAEW prize for the highest score in the world, this is essential reading for any student preparing for their Case Study exam.

How to Ace the ACA Case Study Exam

The Case Study is unlike most other ACA exams as there is very little technical content to learn. Therefore, students who are used to memorising technical concepts and then ‘smashing out the question bank’ will be perplexed when they are presented with 40+ pages of advance information and a Case Study exam paper seemingly testing nothing they have learnt in their other 14 exams.

However, the Case Study is actually very similar to the other ACA exams in that the three exam requirements are always the same, as are the mark schemes. By appreciating the consistency in the exam requirements and the mark schemes, you can develop your exam technique to ensure that you tick all the 'boxes' on the mark scheme and complete your ACA qualification in style.

In light of this, we believe that there are 5 steps to Case Study success:

1. Understand how Case Study is marked

2. Understand what each of the three requirements involve

3. Understand what information is provided in the Advance Information (AI) and what is provided in the exam

4. Learn the Case Study exam technique which ensures that you hit all the boxes on the mark scheme

5. Practice mock exams to master your exam technique

Step 1: Understand how Case Study is marked

The Case Study marking process is objective: there is a set marking key for each requirement and if a student’s report includes a point which is on the mark scheme, they will get the mark. This is not like an academic essay where the examiner forms an overall opinion of the piece of work and then decides whether it is good enough to pass; the Case Study marking grid is rigid. Whilst it can be frustrating that making a valid point which is not on the mark scheme does not score a mark, it does mean that the marking process is very transparent and easy to navigate. Below is an example from a Case Study mark scheme to illustrate what I mean by points and boxes.

aca case study resources

Step 2: Understand what each of the three requirements involve

As explained above, the three requirements are broadly the same in each Case Study exam.

R1: Analyse the financial performance of the company

R2: Evaluate a financial proposal

R3: Evaluate an opportunity or issue

The mark scheme for each requirement is also the same. This makes the exam fairly predictable.

By having a look at recent past papers, you will soon start see the consistency in the requirements and build an understanding of what each requirement involves.

Step 3: Understand what information is provided in the AI and what is provided in the exam

In addition to the exam requirements and mark schemes being in the same format every time, the AI is also in the same format every time (albeit a different business with different issues).

By working through past Case Study exams, you will soon start to see that the AI always has the same exhibits with very similar types of information e.g. industry background, prior year accounts, key customers / suppliers, strategic goals and risks. Similarly, all the exams include the same exhibits with very similar types of information.

Having completed the exam, it is important to mark it and reflect on what information came from the AI and what came from the exam exhibits. You will soon start to see that the majority of mark scoring points come from the exam exhibits rather than the AI. You will also learn which types of information in the AI tend to be rewarded in the mark scheme and where in the mark scheme they are rewarded, i.e. which box.

Step 4: Learn the Case Study exam technique which ensures that you hit all the boxes on the mark scheme

Having understood what the exam requirements are and how they are marked, you need to develop an exam technique which ensures that your report includes the points which are included on the mark scheme. Fortunately for you, we have developed an exam technique which does this and it has resulted in two students winning the prize for the highest mark in the world (90% and 92%), another winning a prize for the highest mark in their region (88%) and another achieving the highest mark in their firm (81%)!

Given the practical nature of exam technique, it is not possible to explain this in text so you can watch a free class here which teaches you exactly how to ace Requirement 1 and get a prize-winning mark.

Step 5: Practice mock exams to master your exam technique

By this stage in your ACA journey, you will already know that question practice is key to success. Having learnt the prize-winning technique, you then need to practice mock exams on your case study business under exam conditions so that you master the technique and sign off your ACA in style!

Need Help Passing the ACA Case Study Exam?

Details of our live tuition, video tuition, mock exams and proforma reports can be found here .

About the Author

Kieran Doe is a Senior ACA Tutor at ACA Masters. Kieran won ICAEW prizes for his performance in Financial Accounting and Reporting, Tax, Financial Management, Audit, Business Strategy and Case Study. This is in addition to winning several prizes at university for various Accounting, Management, Business and Economics subjects.

Kieran’s tuition is based around the learning techniques and exam strategies which enabled him to win prizes for all the subjects he teaches. Under his guidance, several of his ACA students have also won ICAEW prizes.

aca case study resources

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Case study. what to do to pass..

"Unique" is one word for Case Study. We have heard less polite words used, but let's go with "unique". With zero technical content and a closed-form markscheme, Case Study is fundamentally different to all the other ACA papers. Which can be confusing after taking 14 broadly similar exams, and hence many students come unstuck when they arrive at Case Study. Don't worry, we know what to do to pass! It is just that you need to shift your paradigm when it comes to preparing for this unique exam. The most important point to know is that, in Case Study, there is no discretion at all for the marker. Nothing, nada, zip, niente. A Case Study marker is actually more of a "matcher" as he or she will simply work through your script and award marks if your ideas "match" the finalised ICAEW markscheme. So even if you have a very good business idea which happens not to be on the markscheme, you will get no credit. Actually, it's worse than that: you will have wasted precious examination time on writing an idea which is perfectly good in the real-world, but which gets you no credit in exam-world. Meaning that exam-world can be a whole world of hurt for the unprepared! However, one of the good things about Case Study is that you can prepare well by learning the Advance Information (a 40-50 page document which is released by ICAEW 6 weeks before exam day) ... the Advance Information provides financial statements, industry background information, media articles, business plans and Ethics hints on the business which will form the basis of your exam. No other ACA paper provides quite this much detail ahead of exam day, so at least we know, broadly, what the exam will cover! Making the most of this Advance Information, we will write a set of 5 full Mocks to ICAEW-standard to create our popular Mock Exam Pack, which is released ahead of each July and November sitting (obviously, entirely tailored to the July and November businesses, respectively). Our Mock Exam Pack includes full question papers, ICAEW-style marking grids to help you perform the marking/matching process yourself and full student-standard model answers so that you understand how to structure your responses. Please note: our model answers really are student-standard, meaning that they can be humanly achieved (unlike your typical ICAEW SBM model answer, for example!). If you would like to receive very detailed feedback on your attempts at our Mock Exam Pack, as well as further technique training and access to all our Case Study on-demand and PDF resources, our Live Online Course is the option for you. Because of the amount of feedback that we can provide, our Live Online course is supported by a full Pass Guarantee so there is no risk to your investment! We also offer a Case Study on-demand video course and our Technique Improvement Service (TIS), which provides personalised advice on your attempts at our Mock Exam Pack. Scroll down the page to learn more about our Case Study offering.

Personalised feedback.

Case Study is not a technically-demanding exam, but without the right advice on exam technique, you are relying on luck to pass the exam. As part of our Live Online Course intake, you will receive highly detailed, personalised advice on your attempts at 4 of the Mocks from our live July 2023 Mock Exam Pack. Past students have described this feedback as "gold dust" because it is only through receiving expert tutor guidance on how you yourself are writing your scripts that we can pick up issues such as wasting time through a waffly writing style, inclusion of points which are just never going to be on the markscheme, insufficient or excess time allocated to particular areas, incorrect labelling of Appendices, and so on. Our course is unique in the sense that we focus exclusively on the live set of Advance Information rather than past papers. This ensures that all of your precious study time focuses on relevant content. ‍ Click here to learn more.

Some stats on our Case Study Live Online Feedback Course.

Since 2013 when we launched our business, we have helped over 2,000 students pass Case Study through our live tuition courses.

Since 2013, the Big 4 pass rate for our live tuition courses has been 99.9% (with the only students who failed scoring 49 ... annoying!).

Zoning out-free zone.

To keep you engaged with our discussion of Case Study exam technique and the live set of Advance Information, our Case Study on-demand course includes interactive questions mixed into the videos. This ensures that you fully absorb the key learning points from each segment of the course. ‍ Click here to learn more and to purchase the course. [Link coming soon!]

Some stats on our Case Study on-demand course.

>20 hours.

Our Case Study Masterclass on-demand course includes over 20 hours of video content, combining general lectures on exam technique with content specifically tailored to the live set of Advance Information.

Students who used the 2021 editions of our Case Study on-demand course had a 100% pass rate! Not bad.

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Given the unique nature of the Case Study examination (and, in particular, the closed-form markscheme), it is absolutely vital that you receive detailed, personalised advice on writing style, time management and, most importantly of all, whether you are writing the correct types of point to have a chance of scoring. Our Case Study Technique Improvement Service (TIS) provides detailed, personalised reviews of your attempts at our live Case Study Mock Exam Pack.

Writing style

You will receive advice on how to shorten or lengthen your writing style to ensure that you are picking up the marks you deserve. We will also comment on whether you are writing the right style of points to have a chance of scoring on the closed-form Case Study markscheme.

Time management

You will receive advice on whether you are allocating your scarce answering time correctly through our expert knowledge of the markscheme and how marks are awarded in practice.

Technique Advice Report

To really drive home our advice, we will provide you with a 2-3 page Technique Advice Report on each paper submitted. This includes our popular "5 Top Tips to Improve".

Discover the most commonly asked questions about our Case Study courses and resources.

It is probably easier if we start with TIS, which is a distance-learning service only. This means that you need to purchase the live Mock Exam Pack, sit the papers in your own time and email them in to us for our review. We will then provide a detailed Technique Advice Report on each Mock. TIS is therefore a service where you largely work on your own, and react to our feedback. Other than our written feedback, we do not provide any "teaching" or video content as part of TIS. On the other hand, our Live Online Course is a full tuition course, so we provide various teaching sessions: 2 days of technical training, sessions on Mocks 1, 3 and 5 from our Mock Exam Pack, detailed reviews of your attempts at Mocks 1, 2, 3 and 4, additional supporting video content and further exclusive sets of PDF resources. Our Live Online Course involves a lot more direct engagement and tuition of students so it tends to have a higher pass rate than TIS, but both services have very high pass rates that significantly exceed the ICAEW global average of around 75-80%. Please note that we do not include any marking services within the cost of the Mock Exam Pack: TIS is an additional service which must be booked in advance, in addition to purchasing the Mock Exam Pack.

For administrative reasons, we obviously prefer for students to pay their course fee as a lump sum, but we appreciate that this is not always possible. We are therefore happy to reserve your course place for a non-refundable deposit payment of £200. The balance can then be paid in early May, shortly before the course starts (on Saturday 20 May). Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to take up this offer. ‍

We always phase the release of the 5 Mocks in our Mock Exam Pack so that we do not rush the process and so that we can have some time to work with our tuition course students to see what will be beneficial for students to be tested on. Mock 1 from our July 2023 Mock Exam Pack should be available by 23.59 UK time on Friday 9 June 2023. Mock 2 should then follow on 16 June 2023. Mock 3 is due for release on 23 June 2023, Mock 4 should be available on 30 June 2023 and Mock 5 should be out on 7 July 2023. Please note that all dates are indicative and are provided on a "best endeavours" basis: we have never previously failed to meet a deadline but as we do not know how complex the Advance Information might be, please note that the above dates cannot be absolutely guaranteed. You can always email us for an update if the precise dates of release are important to your studies (for example, if you are allocating time off work to take the Mocks). ‍

It takes a huge amount of tutor time to write, check and publish 5 full Mocks ... the total content in the Mock Exam Pack is the length of a medium-length novel and it all has to be put together within a few short weeks, meaning many late nights and weekend working to get the content produced to the very high standards that we demand of ourselves. Once the exam is over, the publication then becomes worthless as no one wants to do past paper Mocks! We do therefore have to recover our time and costs in preparing our materials. Don't forget that in addition to the Mock PDF files, we also provide video Tutor Debriefs, our Advance Information Overview document and video and hundreds of short-form questions based on the Advance Information.

What our students say.

Just to let you know I passed CR with score of 75 (was 48 with another provider) and Case Study with a score of 65. Thanks for all the help!

Your tutor was the best tutor that I have encountered in my ACA studies. He presented the information in a very clear, concise and calm manner and focused on what students forget to include in their answers. He is by far the best tutor when compared to my bland experience at a previous tuition provider and I went from 43 at my first  attempt to a mark of 77.

Your tutor went beyond the extra mile for the Case Study tuition course. From the outset it was clear that he had invested an incredible amount of time into preparing the tuition course and this showed because his understanding of the examination and its markscheme was unrivalled. His expert knowledge of the markscheme helped him instil confidence in myself and the other students: we just knew that if he followed his advice, we would pass. I am grateful for his expertise and support.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare the Mock Exam Pack and Cracking Case resources, I found them very useful.

Both  of the exam scenarios were in your Case Study Mock Exam Pack which was really helpful.

I just want to say a massive thank you!! I failed Case Study last December only scoring 34, even though I took a full course at a top provider, it was only when studying your course that I realised how little they focused on technique and the smaller details to help get the pass. I bought the Cracking Case book, Cracking Case on-demand course, TIS on two papers and the Exam Room Pack ... absolutely fabulous. I wish I had come to you guys sooner for some of my earlier papers to avoid all the frustration and fails.

Pass Guarantee Course

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aca case study resources

Jag's Journey

Sharing my life experiences including the Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) qualification

ICAEW Case Study Made Easy – How to Pass ACA Case Study

What was my first impression of the ICAEW Case Study? Weird. This exam is completely different to the 14 ACA exams prior which actually have new content to learn. The ICAEW Case Study was completely unknown to me until I came to study for this exam. It was not really an exam that was spoken about at all beforehand. For this reason, I have written this blog to give others an insight into the ICAEW Case Study exam with tips to pass . If you would like to know how much preparation is needed for the ICAEW Case Study, click here .

I will also share a few of my ‘ help sheets ‘ for free to those of you who have kindly joined my journey. These sheets can be tailored to your ICAEW case study, printed out and taken into your exam as it is open book. It isn’t too late – join now! You will receive these within three/four days of joining at 6pm (UK).

Check out my  YouTube video  if you would prefer watching to reading!

Table of Contents

Introduction to the icaew case study, icaew case study materials, icaew case study exam format, executive summary, requirement 1, requirement 2, requirement 3, different ways to fail the icaew case study exam, icaew case study marking key and timings, make it easy.

To reiterate, there is no new content that you need to learn to pass the ICAEW Case Study. Passing this exam is more skills based than anything. According to ICAEW , students need to demonstrate they “ can provide advice on complex business issues in the form of a written report “. In order to do so, you will have to analyse both financial and non-financial data as well as portray ethical awareness to form conclusions and recommendations.

In terms of difficulty , the calculations involved are quite basic such as percentage change and there is minimal technical knowledge required. You will even already know roughly 40% of the exam that is going to come up. The remaining 60% is somewhat predictable too based on the case study information you are given.

If you are reading about the ICAEW Case Study for the first time, you are probably thinking “ this is great! “. I know I was. However, hold your horses as you might start to smile slightly less as you continue to read on.

The way the ICAEW Case Study works is that prior to the exam (roughly a month before I think it was) you should get sent the Advanced information (AI) . This is 40-50 pages of information – it is everything we need to know about the client before the current financial year. Do not worry about researching the industry outside of the AI as there is plenty of information including prior year financial statements and a few news articles within this. My case study was during COVID-19 and there were not many extra marks available regarding this.

Using this AI, you can really get to know the fictional client. You should understand the history of the company, the products the client sells, the pricing, competitors, opportunities, etc. Furthermore, you can perform a SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis and all sorts.

The surprise aspect of the ICAEW Case Study comes in the exam where you will get 10-15 pages of new information. However, this information is unlikely to be a total surprise as the AI will point towards this. For example, my ICAEW Case Study was about a magazine company. The AI mentioned the possibilities of exploring different consumer markets, different prices for magazines, a different type of magazine, etc. In the exam, out of all of these options price changes was one of the questions which came up so I was somewhat prepared.

The way I see it is that the AI is historical and the exam information is like meeting with your client for a new financial year and they update you on how it went. You will get the latest financial statements, hear of actual potential strategies and opportunities as well as get provided some newer news articles.

Every ICAEW Case Study will have the same exam format as follows:

For more information regarding each of these key exam areas, see the tabs below. As this is a report, your ES and requirements will need to be numbered throughout. My ‘help sheet’ will assist with this.

This first thing to do before even reading the exam question is to start the executive summary. You will need to address the external report to the client from your accountancy firm as per the Case Study. Following this, you should also write a disclaimer regarding liability. Doing this will get you a tick in the overall assessment criteria and my ‘help sheet’ has this all set out.

The purpose of the ES is to provide a balanced summary of all the three requirements. If someone did not have the time to read your full report, they should be able to pull out all the key information from this executive summary. The ES is standard for any ICAEW Case Study exam and is part of the 40% where you know what will come up.

You cannot simply copy and paste the conclusions from your requirements otherwise you will not get any marks . This could also result in you failing, see below. The ES needs to be slightly more detailed than the conclusion.

The ES is on a separate tab in the ICAEW software to the requirements so there would be a fair bit of flicking back and forth between the tabs to do this properly. The way I went about doing this was copying each of my requirement answers into sticky notes/comments on the exam exhibits. I would then paste these into the ES, remove less important information and reword parts to ensure I gained marks.

Timing is key in this exam so I would recommend to avoid leaving the ES until the end. Write it up after each requirement when the points are fresh in your mind.

Requirement 1 is part of that 40% where you know what question will come up. There is a small part of this requirement that is unknown but using the case study you can form an educated guess for what might come up.

The first thing you will need to do for every requirement is to create an appendix . These will be fairly basic calculations using information from the exhibits. Requirement 1 is all around financial statement analysis , in particular financial performance.

You already have the financial statements for the year prior to the exam statements in the AI. This will be used for the YOY comparison which is essentially what this R1 appendix is. You will need to have a movement column (£) and a % change column.

The software can be a pain when it comes to this requirement. This is because once you have produced the appendix, you will need to discuss the movements in the year and explain why this has happened using information in the exhibits. Again, this is fairly predictable and you can for example prepare reasons for increase/decrease in revenue beforehand. However, given the software you would need to keep scrolling up and down to see the numbers.

This is why my ‘ help sheets ‘ are useful as one addresses this issue. See a preview below. I took this in with me printed out as part of my open book file. As I was populating the appendix in the software I was writing all the numbers out too. This prevents having to scroll constantly and if you practice, it will save you more time than it wastes.

The less obvious aspect of this requirement will relate to a proposed financial adjustment. For example, a stock write off, bad debt issue, to do with cash flow or more. Do not worry too much as the AI will hint towards the potential issues.

As stated in requirement 1, you will need to produce an appendix made of fairly straightforward calculations. This should be the calculations behind evaluating a potential strategy or opportunity. For me, this was the potential revenue for different magazine pricing strategies. This was somewhat predictable so I had practiced calculations beforehand.

The rest of requirement 2 tends to have the same structure :

Always state “any changes in the assumptions will affect the results of the model” for any ICAEW case study – it is an easy, guaranteed mark!

The shortest appendix will be needed for this requirement. It should be a few simple calculations to assess a potential strategy or opportunity. In all honesty, sometimes the lines can get slightly blurred between what could come up in requirement 2 or requirement 3.

As with 2, requirement 3 has roughly the same structure from ICAEW Case Study to Case Study:

The recommendations can be quite straightforward such as carrying out market research. If there is another company involved, carry out due diligence on them.

Within all requirements , wider business context points are required to be sprinkled in throughout. These can be gathered from the AI and prepared beforehand but then ensure to add them in where relevant.

This is probably the most horrible aspect of the ICAEW Case Study. Either this or the fact that it is 4 hours long. What surprised me is that you can still fail this exam even if you achieve the actual pass mark. Yes, you read that correctly. Even if you reach the 50% pass mark, you can be failed for any of the other reasons outlined below .

Essentially, the examiner wants to see that you can write a complete report properly. If you do not do as ICAEW say in this exam you will be punished and you will fail.

I could honestly spend a very long time talking through the marking key. However, I do not want to get too bogged down with this in this blog. You will go through this in a LOT of detail once studying for this exam. I will therefore cover this at a high level. If you want further details about the ACA ICAEW Case Study marking key, click here where I have delved into this much more.

The main thing to know is that there are skilled assessment boxes (total of 40): ES (6); each of the three requirement (11); and one final box for the overall assessment criteria. The mark per each box is 0-6 so the maximum mark is 240 for this exam (40 x 6). Each box will have six points/’diamonds’ that need to be made. For example, one point/’diamond’ is stating revenue increased by x amount/(y %) based on the case study numbers. This will make more sense once you start studying for ICAEW Case Study.

From the table above you can see you do not benefit for hitting six points/’diamonds’ rather than four. You waste time but then it is difficult to know whether a point you make is in the skills assessment box or not. Through these boxes you demonstrate that you can: assimilate and use information; structure problems and solutions; apply judgement and form conclusions and recommendations.

You may be slightly confused as the marking key is unlike any others. There are no predetermined correct answers . In fact, only after assessing the first 100 say papers are the skills assessment boxes points/’diamonds’ put together. You need to write what everyone else writes so state the obvious and work together when preparing beforehand!

To briefly touch on timings, the ICAEW Case Study is four hours as mentioned. Believe it or not but it is very time pressured . There are many different ways to plan your time. I will share how I did it on one of my ‘help sheets’.

This blog title is definitely not click bait. These ‘help sheets’ will definitely give you a good idea of how to approach the ICAEW Case Study.

In addition to this, people do say you cannot revise for this exam given there is no content. However, I do definitely think you can prepare and you will need to go through the AI beforehand. Like I said though, do not go overboard with this as the AI should have all the information you need. Find out exactly how much preparation is needed to pass here . You should also familiarise yourself with the ICAEW software beforehand.

Practice for this exam to master the technique and timing. You may be wondering how and you probably will not like the answer. I would recommend practicing mock exams , as in previous ICAEW Case Study exams. This is tough as sitting one four hour exam is bad enough. Additionally, you would have to read AI’s that are not relevant to your exam and it is a lot of work. It is worthwhile though to do a few!

Another way to practice is through ACA Simplified / Paradigm Shift . Once the AI is released, this company will use the AI to predict around 5 different exams for your case study. It is fairly expensive but if you do want to practice on your own case study it is worthwhile. You can take the mark schemes in with you too as it is open book so this can potentially help in the exam if a similar question comes up. I mentioned above that requirement 2 and 3 have simple calculations but these can actually sometimes be tricky depending on the case study. ACA Simplified can help with this.

And there you have it! This was a very lengthy blog so if you found this useful it would be great if you could leave a comment 🙂

I thought I would also throw in a video of my final ICAEW exam day (Case Study) in November 2020 – I am sure many of you can relate to these feelings!


It’s all just come screaming back to me, great summary! Excited to see what your helpsheet is like!

Thank you for reading Abs and I hope you like them!

A very informative blog for someone starting to prepare for Case Study! Now I know more about what I’m in for, lol. Thank you for the tips and helpsheets!

You are welcome Anne – I am glad to help!

Thank you for providing the information relating to Case!

I was wondering what made you use ACA Simplified/Paradigm Shift compared to ACA Masters to help with your analysis of the AI?

Hi Guv, you are welcome – others I knew who had sat Case previously used ACA Simplified/Paradigm Shift and highly recommended them. At the time of my studies I actually wasn’t that aware of ACA Masters. They also have great reviews though!

Loved this post. Very informative.

I was wondering what you think is the best way to use the ACA simplified mocks? Obviously sitting the other 2 advanced level exams, there isn’t a lot of time to practice all the mocks to time so I was wondering if you have any tips?

Also, is it possible for me to have your help sheets?

Thank you!!!

You are welcome and in terms of the mocks, I scanned through them and at the time was able to print them out and take in with me. I think this may have changed since I sat them so not sure if this is possible now. I would advise really running through the calculations and understanding them for requirement 2 and 3 – write these out in a way that is easy to understand and could be applicable to your real exam. Definitely is unmanageable trying to do them all but it is worth going through them and seeing if you would be on the right track if similar questions came up in the exam. I have mistakenly just emailed you the audit notes – in terms of the help sheets you will need to join my journey at and they will be with you in a few days. All the best!

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Alisha (November 2020) - First attempt

"I just wanted to let you know I passed Case today. Your resources and mocks were definitely the reason I passed - they were excellent. Thank you for your time marking my scripts and answering my questions and the sheer level of detail you went into in my feedback."

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M Usman "I must acknowledge the brilliant work put into his book [Steps To Pass In Case]. Strongly recommend [to] all case students.....the content of that book is magnificently written" Peter "Thanks PiT, I passed too" Hannah "I passed too! Thank you so much PiT for all your help. I will definitely be sharing your page with colleagues who will be doing the exams next year.


  1. ICAEW ACA Case Study

    aca case study resources

  2. How To Pass The ICAEW ACA Case Study Exam

    aca case study resources

  3. CASE STUDY 1. FROM DAAI to ACA. Transforming HMI into ACA (Applied Cultural Anthropology)

    aca case study resources

  4. New ICAEW Exam Software Testing Experience

    aca case study resources

  5. E-Conference Case Study: ACA 2021

    aca case study resources

  6. How To Pass The ICAEW ACA Case Study Exam

    aca case study resources



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  1. Case Study

    The Case Study exam will assess your understanding of providing advice on complex business issues in the form of a written report. The scenario may be based

  2. Advanced Level

    The Advanced Level exams include the Corporate Reporting exam, the Strategic Business Management exam and the Case Study. The Advanced Level exams can be

  3. How to Pass the ICAEW ACA Case Study Exam

    Step 1: Understand how Case Study is marked · Step 2: Understand what each of the three requirements involve · Step 3: Understand what information

  4. Case Study

    Our Mock Exam Pack includes full question papers, ICAEW-style marking grids to help you perform the marking/matching process yourself and full student-standard


    Hey! Here are my tips on how to pass the CASE STUDY ICAEW ACA exam.Check out the notes I used that helped me pass the ACA exams:

  6. ACA Case Study July 2022 Fab Fun Limited

    The other videos in the Case Study course and our July 2022 materials can be found at Learn how to ace

  7. ICAEW ACA Case Study Prize Winner Exam Tips

    Top tips on how to pass the #ICAEW #ACA Case Study exam. Our other Case Study videos and materials can be found at

  8. ICAEW Case Study Made Easy

    To reiterate, there is no new content that you need to learn to pass the ICAEW Case Study. Passing this exam is more skills based than anything.

  9. How To Pass The ICAEW ACA Case Study Exam

    The ACA Case Study exam is 4 hours long. This is the single longest exam within the ACA course with the other two advanced level exams (Corporate Reporting and

  10. Why Choose Us?

    Pass In Training is a professional training organisation specialising in the ICAEW Case Study examination. Online courses from £38.00, Mock Exams from