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How to Write a Performance Review

Employers and employees find value in performance reviews. The feedback can range from guidance to praise, thus allowing for both parties to engage in discussion regarding what’s working and what isn’t. It’s for that reason leaders need to learn how to write a performance review using these guidelines.

Regular Feedback is Critical

While a performance review typically has a bi-annual schedule, that doesn’t mean regular feedback in-between those dates shouldn’t be happening. Therefore, look up how to write a performance review sample, and use that as your springboard for regular feedback. In doing so, your employees are sure they won’t be hearing about their performance during their first review. When looking up how to write a sample performance review, you’ll find that they’re comprised of many fundamental components including communication, teamwork and collaboration skills, problem-solving, accuracy and quality of work, dependability, and attendance, and meeting deadlines.

Utilize the Employee’s Job Description

When you’re unsure where to begin, utilize the employee’s job description as a springboard for their performance evaluation sample. In doing so, you’ll can determine if they satisfied all the requirements and responsibilities of the job description’s listings. You’ll also be able to determine if there were aspects of the job description where they were lacking. Be sure the job description is up-to-date before working on the performance review. That way, you’re sure the position hasn’t undergone any changes since the job description was written.

Use Key Points

When writing the performance review, focus only on key points. For example, if the review is about whether or not the employee is achieving their goals, focus on those key points. Examples of performance goals samples include that the employee must complete a certain level of tasks before being considered for a promotion. Some sample resolutions if the employee is not achieving their goals would include that they would implement a strategy for meeting their goals and then set up another check-in with you to assess their progress.

Request Feedback from Colleagues

When writing the performance review, it’s essential to solicit feedback from colleagues who have worked closely with them. This action is often referred to as obtaining 360-feedback because you’re receiving feedback for the employee from his coworkers, boss, and any other relevant staff. Use of coworker feedback samples includes asking employees what they like or appreciate about their coworker, when they thought their coworker did a great job, or what they would like to see change about a situation.

Keep Track of Performance

When learning how to write performance reviews, keeping track of an employee’s performance is part of achieving that goal. You’ll be working with sample performance comments from other employees, as well as logging their attendance, following policies, how well their meeting deadlines, and if they’re achieving their goals. When working on these tasks, you may need a logbook sample that includes information about their daily job performance. For example, the ledger sheet sample could consist of information about if accidents occurred if it’s a factory or cash overages if you’re in the retail industry. It’s essential to keep policies on-hand, like a cash management policy sample or sample IT policies, for example, to ensure they’re up-to-date and ready to present during the performance review.


write a ups review

write a ups review

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Can’t bother doing their jobs

No reason to pay for express shipping when UPS is just gonna sit on your package for several days in the next town over but tell you you’re not allowed to come to the shipping center to pick it up until they’ve attempted delivery, whenever that is. Now I’m worried what the condition of my 300$ package is going to be, when they do feel like delivering it…

Date of experience : March 05, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Ups delivery fees are ridiculous..

UPS is usually good, but it is absurd they charge you $6 to hold your package at a UPS store. I could understand paying to hold it at a CVS or other store, but paying to hold it a UPS store is a perverted money grab by a subpar package company. They failed 2/3 attempts to deliver and did not even try to use the call box at the door to contact me. UPS drivers have no incentive to try harder because UPS works their employees hard and burns them out. Go to FedEx or DHL or somewhere else.

Date of experience : March 04, 2023

Slow shipping company

I shipped 2 different products on Mercari. UPS takes 3 days just to get your package out of your state. In this case, it's CA. My packages have been sitting in a L.A. hub since Friday. Not sure why? FedEx and the USPS get your package to it's destination much faster. From now on, I will use FedEx or the USPS.

Date of experience : March 03, 2023

Useless UPS Customer Service

Had a package to be delivered March 3rd. Spoke with seven Cs one even called me to confirm that my address is updated and the driver will deliver 0303. Only to find out at the end of the day my address was not updated. Spoke to 7 useless CS yesterday. To avoid speaking to 7 lunatics today I told the CS to just put a note I will pick my pack myself . The most useless bunch of CS. My tracking still say address needs to be updated.

Full of It Big Time

Why do they keep saying that they are "trying to get the security access our driver needs for this delivery." There is no security access needed, this gate is always open, and every time they can't make it they show the same message! UPS is full of it... I don't understand why companies keep using them! Sometimes when I will purchase online, and checking out I see that the carrier is UPS, I try to find the product somewhere else! Because this keeps happening often... they are so not reliable!

destroyed my parcel

destroyed my parcel, not even a phone call or a door tag. shipper sent it again, now it's stuck in transit saying "address needs updating" again not even a phone call. if they count their customers property as worthless then they should get out of the business altogether

Money-back guarantee is a lie

UPS does not respect its money-back guarantee. I sent a packet with the guarantee and it arrived too late. I should have get my money back. After exchanging emails for many months, they finally agreed to give money back but six months later I never receive anything. They have the worst customers support ever.

Date of experience : October 01, 2022

Absolutely shocking service.2 delivery…

Absolutely shocking service.2 delivery attempts in 2 days and nothing received.these drivers are scared to deliver in residential locations.they want a big industrial building that they can see in plain site to drop and run. UPS need to rethink their strategy Delivery updates are shocking,there’s no system to notify when a parcel is actually arriving.reassurance with a customer is zero

terrible customer service handling a…

terrible customer service handling a customs credit of 356.01 canadian dollars for a parcel that was lost by driver been waiting since jan 9th for a credit that takes 2 minutes to do multiple case numbers nobody can give answers very fast to take the money when needed but good luck trying to get your credit march 2nd and still waiting my email adress tracking number 1zw1933x6772594811

Date of experience : March 02, 2023

We received a package yesterday and on…

We received a package yesterday and on the tracking it said it was left at our front door which was incorrect the driver apparently pulled up to the end of my driveway got out stuffed it in a snowbank and drove away. UPS response when I called to complain was I will put a note in the file apparently that will solve everything would give zero stars if it was a possibility.

Date of experience : March 01, 2023

What can Brown ruin for you?

I wouldn't be leaving a review it I'd only had one or two incidents, but these guys mess up so often that I'm shocked when they actually get it right. Today they've lost an expensive drone that was on the way. Only after I waited around all day yesterday for them to deliver it. Now instead of focusing on fixing their business model, they're more interested in political activism. That's the reason I sold all my shares in them, and why I always, ALWAYS pay extra to have it shipped via FedEx.

UPS did not deliver my package

UPS did not deliver my package. They showed up a full day early and when I was not at home, said that I now have to pick it up at the auto parts store in town. However, when I went to the parts store, my package was not there. The parts store said I have to come back again tomorrow to check, but they could not give me a time. I am fully displeased.

UPS is just not what it used to be

UPS is just not what it used to be. Recently my order was lost. I have received items lately that have been broken in shipping. My orders frequently come in torn/ripped boxes. Yesterday I received my neighbor’s order. It is getting ridiculous. I am tired of having to reorder items that have been lost and damaged.

Date of experience : February 28, 2023

My experience is great ,I have a…

My experience is great ,I have a wonderful ups guy.I don't understand the low reviews on here,I get my stuff every month with care ,friendly service right to my door and even brings my dog satisfied.

In My openion,”The Worst customer…

In My openion,”The Worst customer service EVER.UPS picked up my parcels worth ‘$600 from my house and lost them both.It’s been a run around since then.They asked me about a dozen time to fill a claim and when you call,the next person has no idea what you are talking about.Finally did the claim on line.They sent a letter to fax or main.Decided to mail by Registered Mail.Yesterday received the mail back. WRONG ADDRESS!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE..

Not only the worst coustomer service…

Not only the worst coustomer service but the worst courier service I've ever shipped with. My girlfriend has send documents from Kenya to Germany. The documents are laying in Köln for more than two weeks now. I've called the coustomer service in Germany, my girlfriend called and visited them in Kenya. Nothing happens. The guy from coustomer service told me 3 days ago someone will call me the next day. Nothing. They have my email, my phone number but they don't do a sh.t. I have been traveling to Germany only for the purpose to recieve these documents and process them here. It is embarrassing like sh.t.

Package lost

Package lost. Customer service is lousy! Called several times, sent emails, file the claim, Facebook messenger, live chat, tried everything and nobody actually is taking ownership to help investigate the case.

Impossible to get to speak to someone

Impossible to get to speak to someone. All automated. Which is fine for those who couldn’t be bothered to lookup the information otherwise. But for someone like me who avoids speaking to reps and rather get the info online, it’s a shame UPS has built a system that makes it almost impossible.

1 star is to much for this absolute…

1 star is to much for this absolute disgracefull company, no notification of when the order is coming, then demamds money when the order comes to deliver! without any time to prepare, also the driver stunk of vodka ! absolute disgrace!

I am more then upset

I am more then upset . On 28th I get a call that a part of address is missing. I sent this information way before via email. Guess no one reads them. Driver wanted to deliver without notice. I was not at home but at working! I had to call 3 times to scheduled a New delivery but it never arrived till today and no notifications although I put it in the system! I need this very very important package 20kg, payed 200.-, still don’t have it, although it was said to be delivered on Thursday 2nd. Agents are nice but inefficient. They say yes we correct the address,( had to say this over and over again as well) , yes it will be delivered on scheduled day, NADA. Nothing is in the system again ! What the are they doing ? NEVER Use UPs AGAIN !

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UPS has a consumer rating of 1.27 stars from 1,850 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about UPS most frequently mention customer service, next day and tracking number problems.UPS ranks 240th among Shipping sites.

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“Went above and beyond”

We bought a last minute gift for a friend. The order was placed before we got hit with 2 feet of snow. I thought 100% that UPS would leave it at our local PO box. I was literally stunned to see the parcel was delivered to our door. We thank the driver and UPS for going way above and beyond. They always get us our packages in a timely manner but this was unexpected. Merry Christmas to all of you hard working people and wishing you a safe and happy New Year.

“Lots of Lost/Stolen Packages”

Workers are careless, irresponsible with packages, they keep losing/stealing the packages and saying it's on delay, it remained in a building, all type of stupid excuses. I was told to put in a claim, and no one gets back to you. The service is just horrible, a nightmare. I ordered a GG Marmont Shoulder Bag × 1 BLACK / OS and never got it, $2500 after. Paid $112.04 to ship a package, lost /stolen again, now UPS saying it remained in a building, and it considered lost. What a nightmare.

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Thumbnail of user jenniferw3059

Worst shipping company ever! I would give them a 0 star if I could! First, my package was delayed 3 times. Then, when it arrived only one out of the 2 packages came. We waited 5 more days and spoke to customer service multiple times. They were horrible! Finally we were done. We drove 40 minutes just to get the other half of our package. When we arrived the box looked like it had been ran over by the truck itself even though it said fragile. We opened it and one of the pieces was cracked! The bottom line is do not use ups!


Thumbnail of user mikes2596

Very poor handling of logistics with Fiji Agent (Express Freight Management) as worst contributors, hardly provide any response to follow up and takes weeks to get the shipment delivered. The three keywords to match the business acumen would be unprofessional, unreliable and poorest handler. The shipment left China on 12th December and a month later, still not reached its destination by Airfreight. It sat in Australia from 28th December to 09th January on the excuse of unavailable flights whereas Australia to Fiji is a regular destination..

Tip for consumers: Best to folk out some money and use better providers then save and dig your grave..

Products used: still not received the shipment


Once again UPS has screwed up a simple delivery. I watched my package go from MN to here in Dallas where it was preparing for delivery. (It should have went out for delivery) I check later in the day and it's in New Jersey! This is my wife's valentine! Funny thing is a month ago they lost my early valentine present. The company had already FedEx'ed a replacement by the time it finally arrived 2 weeks late. Moses was faster delivering the Israelites to the promise land. F**k UPS

Tip for consumers: Don't use UPS

Products used: Delivery of a desk

Thumbnail of user kr2165

I will never deal with this shipping service again! I was expecting 2 packages that were returned back to sender because of supposedly refused delivery, and I never spoke to anybody nor had any type of contact with any UPS mail carrier! When I called UPS customer service, all they could do was apologize & say it was a "mistake". They were not very knowledgeable in my opinion and kept giving me 'standard' answers just to pacify me.

Thumbnail of user ludmire

UPS has disappointed yet again, the most frustrating thing outside of having pushed out the delivery date 4 times now is the fact that they are unwilling to speak directly with the end customer and only allow you to speak to their $#*!ty $#*! virtual agent whom really doesn't solve any problems. NEVER using UPS again, $#*!ty service guaranteed.


Tracking is never updated, so your sitting home all day waiting. Sometimes they'll leave the package or take it back, now you have to wait another whole day. You can not speak to anyone till you give the tracking number, unfortunately the automated service does not understand English and hangs up. The actual ups place have horrible attitudes. Fedex should be the only delivery service.

Thumbnail of user timothyw963

Constant delays in delivery wayyy past the original delivery date. Constant updates of unclear weather in my area when it's completely clear out. No weather issues at all. Paid extra for express, only for them to change it to standard and keep the money without a word. No way would I ever say UPS does a good job.

Products used: Shoes

Q&A (7)

What do i do when ups delivers my package to the mail box area instead of my apartment inside my private enclosed yard. what do i do when ups delivers my package to the mail box area instead of my apartment inside my private enclosed yard..

Totally agree, UPS is a disgrace. Such a careless business who lies to their costumers!

Ups location in edison has a great team doing a great job. they definitely deserve to earn my business , ups store on old post road edison nj thanks Ups location in edison has a great team doing a great job. they definitely deserve to earn my business , ups store on old post road edison nj thanks

UPS is a disgrace. They are a disregardful and careless business who lies to their costumers. Absolutely will not support ever again!

Why does the terminal manager in midway arkansas tell drivers to throw package out in snow and rain and not deliver to a residence? Why does the terminal manager in midway arkansas tell drivers to throw package out in snow and rain and not deliver to a residence?

Because they don't care! For the life of me, I can't understand why anybody uses them as a delivery service.

Why ups doesn't control it's offices abroad? in ukraine ups is concidered the worst shipping service, and they even never answer the phone calls. Why ups doesn't control it's offices abroad? in ukraine ups is concidered the worst shipping service, and they even never answer the phone calls.

Because they are a very poorly run company. It doesn't even run its offices domestically well, as you can see by the overwhelmingly negative reviews on this site. Use any shipping service over UPS.

Why is ups store at 11703 huebner rd in san antonio texas allowed to employ racists who make death threats toward indian and middle eastern people? Why is ups store at 11703 huebner rd in san antonio texas allowed to employ racists who make death threats toward indian and middle eastern people?

Sadly, today the term racist is used to define almost anyone that we disagree with. I am not a happy customer of the ups store but if you are getting death threats you need to contact the police. It is illegal in America to make death threats against anyone no matter their race, creed or color. That is the beauty of living in United States of America. You do not need to wait for a company to file charges against another human being who is threatening your life. You just need to take the appropriate, legal action against that person, good luck!

Why does my next air package still say "order processed: ready for ups" at almost 12am and it still say its scheduled for tomorrow? Why does my next air package still say "order processed: ready for ups" at almost 12am and it still say its scheduled for tomorrow?

Because there is ZERO accountability at UPS and they dont care about customers or having business ethics. Answer my question if you can.(Click on my profile and see it)

How can i find my box? this is the infonotice #948742431922

Can’t see your question ask to get answers from the ups staff and other customers..

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United Parcel Service - UPS

United Parcel Service - UPS

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There are no words for what a horrific failure of a company UPS is. In my ten years at this location, they've seldom done their job correctly. "Attempted delivery" - no, there wasn't. "Business closed or nobody home" - the business is open 24/7 and somebody is always here. One trainwreck after another. Today is day 3 of "out for delivery" yet nobody came. I managed to speak with someone local yesterday and he assured me there would be no issue with delivering it today. Liar...and now the 1-800 number is refusing to have the local folks call me, unlike yesterday. I consider this to be theft.

I wish I could say this was a first-time event, but alas it is not, and because UPS has done this before I won't order from a company or person who uses them ever again. The issue is, I order a product online and put my home as the address to deliver to, and instead of delivering it to my requested address, they drop it off at one of their hubs instead and send me an address where I can go fetch it. The companies I order from never make you aware that this could happen, but when they check with UPS, their response is, it is up to the driver to make the decision of whether he can deliver - for instance, no access to a gated community, a vicious dog, roads blocked, etc. Laziness is not on the list but here we are.

I do not live in the country or in a locked building, have any stairs or even a gate. I had surgery and can not drive for 4 weeks and on the same day UPS chose not to deliver, Walmart delivered groceries and Uber delivered a meal and I saw Fed Ex deliver to my next-door neighbor, These are companies that take their job and the benefit to the community seriously. As I said, this was the 3rd time this has happened with no explanation. What is the purpose of saying you are a shipping and delivery company if you only deliver halfway and make the customer drive the rest? If you can't deliver to the door that day, why not try the next?

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I used to work as a Package Handler and as a Delivery Driver for UPS back in 2020. I had ordered an iPhone 14 ProMax damn near $1399 plus 90 dollars of tax along with the shipping fee. UPS created the label at 4am on 02/27/2023. When it gets to Minneapolis, MN on 03/01/2023 it says that it's out for delivery and says that it was delivered at 9:16 a.m. I get home and see no package. It required my signature and says that it was signed by someone named "Serge" along the update stating it was delivered to Arden Hills. I don't know anyone by that name nor do I live anywhere near Arden Hills.

I call UPS and they tell me that it was the correct address when clearly I know either they're lying or clearly can't pay attention to detail or more than likely both. They kept assuring me that it was correct but I refused to believe that due to the status on my tracker stating it was Delivered at 9:16am. About 7pm in the evening, UPS calls and tells me that it was left in their building, I knew then that they're lying because THE TRACKER STATED IT WAS DELIVERED IN ARDEN HILLS (which updates when the label is scanned by either the DIADs or the Scan Ring). UPS is a joke. They lost my package within their building as well and delivered it 3 days after it was supposed to be delivered a day prior. This is the 4th time through my history of orders thru UPS. Never using their services again

profile pic of the author

I created my label around 6 am 3/1/2023 for a package with high value (roughly $20k) for which the customer in the UK was paying roughly $560 for shipping to be received by 3/3/2023. I requested a pickup online and it said it would be picked up by noon latest. About an hour later I called in to check up on the pickup (because I seem to never have anything but bad experiences with UPS!). I was told that pickup would occur by 5 pm. I said that was not what I was told on the online form...the online form said by noon. I requested that it be modified to noon. I was assured by the person on the phone that it had been modified to noon. So, noon comes by and my package is still sitting outside of my house!!! THIS IS A PACKAGE VALUED AT ALMOST $20K WITH WHICH MY CUSTOMER IS PAYING UPS ALMOST $600 FOR DELIVERY!!!!

I call in and I am told that the pickup had been cancelled!!! At this point I am absolutely livid and seeing red. I am told I am to pay more money to schedule another pickup for the next day!!! Absolute incompetence. Absolutely unacceptable! I hung up, got in my car and started driving to town hoping to spot a UPS van along the way. I found a driver and handed the package off to him. Absolutely miserable UPS experience (another one!)

Absolutely unprofessional standards. This is now the 3rd time I have received a package of shoes that has the cardboard box ripped open and not resealed. The shoe box was also clearly opened to check if it was good enough for someone to steal and have me file a claim. I am not the only one who has experienced this problem either. Just search "UPS opening shoeboxes" and you will find countless videos of this continuously happening and customers receiving opened or even EMPTY packages supposed to be containing shoes. These people should all be fired, but unfortunately this will continue happening as UPS refuses to act.

write a ups review

I send a Rolex Watch overnight insured for a small amount 3K as their insurance is costly. The package arrived at the watchsmith empty. Clearly cut open and a new shipping label over the cut area. There was no need to relabel the box as it had a huge vinyl label on a 6x6x6“ box. The receiver filed a claim as he had sent us the label. UPS then offered 1200 to pay for the loss of the Rolex watch! It had 1 hr. Prior to shipping had a 575.00 dial installed for 150.00 labor. 725.00 in upgrade. They have thus far refused to pay the 3K it was insured for even though the watch is worth 5k. Don’t buy their crap insurance or believe their trash talk your covered. It all a big lie. I now have to file a tort claim to get 60% of my watch value back. Never to use them again ever!

I am currently in the process of selling my condo, which there are times I need to step out when I have a showing and I can't be there. UPS tried to deliver to my house at a time where I was having a showing and was not there, so I updated my delivery instructions to just leave it at my door next time because I can't predict when I will be home. Even after specifically instructing them to leave it at my door and it's okay to do so, they won't do it. Even after speaking with a UPS representative on the phone about it, in which they did not tell me they wouldn't be able to do that. Some people are at work during delivery hours or have other things going on, so how is anyone supposed to get their package if you won't follow their specific instructions? Ridiculous.

The UPS driver attempted delivery of a wine shipment that required an adult signature. We left a note at the door to have next door neighbor sign for the package. The driver left a note he could not do that. I rescheduled shipment for today, Saturday, 25 February. I waited the entire day and after 7:00 pm, received a message that there was an attempted delivery; false! No one came, no note was left and I have a security system to prove it! It’s a shame that not only are they incapable of timely delivery but are also dishonest.

My package was scheduled for delivery on 2/24/23. The UPS delivery man did not ring the bell instead put "Sorry we missed you” sticker on door. I have called customer service and they lied about the time and about the attempt by the driver. This is day 2. I am furious that they’re doing the same thing again and lying. I still have no package on 2/25/23, and several calls later the lie continues and the time for delivery has changed. I hate UPS lying service.

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On 11/19/22, I went to the UPS Store #5572 in Hawthorne. I asked the clerk if an envelope I was mailing within the same state would be delivered the next day. Clerk assured it would and I paid extra for next day delivery. The envelope was delivered on 11/22/22. I called the UPS store, clerk said you are entitled to a refund, and I needed to speak to the manager. Manager was suppose to put in a claim and a refund check would be sent back to the store. Two weeks later, I called and spoke to the manager again. Check wasn't at the store and he asked if I wanted it sent to my home address instead (they have all my info in their database).

Another two weeks go by, still nothing. I went back to store #5572 on a Saturday, manager wasn't there. I had a copy of my receipt & proof of delivery. Clerk told me to call back on Monday because the manager is there M-F. Called Monday, manager said check was mailed to my house - Not!!! Called customer service and was told the check was mailed to the store. Needless to say, it's now 02.22.23 and still nothing - just receiving the runaround. I've been to other locations and never had a problem. I won't be going back to that location.

UPS author review by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

UPS was founded in a Seattle basement by two teenagers in 1907 as a home delivery packaging service. Today, UPS is an international company that utilizes technology to make it easy for consumers and businesses to send and receive packages when and where they need them.

UPS store: Developed in 1980 as an alternative to the United States post office, the UPS store has more than 4,700 locations throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Along with shipping services, the stores offer services such as printing, copying and business services, making them a convenient one-stop-shop for businesses and consumers alike.

My UPS: Create a free My UPS account to keep track of deliveries, set preferences and receive notifications when a package is on its way. This feature is available for consumers and businesses.

Small business solutions: UPS offers several solutions for small businesses, including help with tracking and billing, returns solutions for retailers including e-commerce businesses and timesaving technologies.

UPS Internet shipping: Streamline the process of shipping for your business with UPS Internet shipping. This feature helps you automate paperwork, create a bill of lading for freight shipments using saved addresses and commodity information and take care of printing labels and paying for shipping online.

UPS World Ease: Ideal for businesses that frequently send shipments overseas, UPS World Ease simplifies the process of international shipping by allowing you to ship packages to multiple recipients within one country or within the European Union as one shipment that will clear customs as a single transaction. This can speed up the shipping process greatly and make it more efficient for you to continue shipping overseas.

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Posted by Artis

Ups always still my packages. I will never use ups again. I will be reporting this to the BBB.

Posted by Anonymous

Delivery was attempted and we never knew about it till we tracked the shipment. No driver called, no emails or texts. How are we supposed to know when the package is here when we live in an apartment? Track the package every minute not knowing exactly where it is and what time it would be delivered? UPS tried a second attempt, and this time its incomplete address. Seriously? You were able to find the apartment the first time and not the second? Called customer service atleast 10 times, they were of no much help. Not their fault! I dont expect someone sitting in a different country to know how Canadian delivery works! Worst service by the UPS team specially the delivery team.

The UPS driver attempted delivery of a wine shipment that required an adult signature. We left a note at the door to have next door neighbor sign for the package. The driver left a note he could not do that. I rescheduled shipment for today, Saturday, 25 February. I waited the entire day and after 7:00 pm, received a message that there was an attempted delivery; false! No one came, no note was left and I have a security system to prove it! It's a shame that not only are they incapable of timely delivery but are also dishonest.

Posted by JP Walter

UPS is the worst at delivering packages too the correct address. I will never do any business with them again.

I ordered a $20 item from Amazon and it was shipped via UPS. The package was not delivered on the designated day, the driver left a sticky note, but did not indicate why it couldn't be delivered. I'm assuming it's because I wasn't home? Idiotic. It's a $20 item. So, I call UPS and they reschedule the delivery for today. It's 9 p.m. and still no package, so I call UPS to find out why it hasn't been delivered. She tells me that it wasn't delivered due to insufficient address, but she can see in her computer that all the information is there, so she's going to escalate this. How is it that yesterday they attempted delivery and left me a note on my door and today they don't have the full address? UPS is THE WORST delivery service company ever. I don't know how they manage to stay in business or why anyone uses them. When given an option, I will NOT use UPS and I will tell everyone I know not to use them either.

2 days in a row, the lazy UPS driver states he tried to deliver my "sign for package", but he did not. Today I caught him parked in my back yard honking, but when I went outside to get my package he drove off. I even tried to flag him down and he sped off. Same lazy driver that always delivers packages in our small town, younger generation kid. WINSLOW ARIZONA

Absolutely the worst delivery service there is!

Posted by BG

If i could give them a negative 5 I would. First they lost my package then I call and get no answers. And was told that I would be contacted the next day which never happened. Them I call back and all I get is the computer. These sorry people don't have the decency to talk o a customer that they screwed over. All they do is use a computer to avoid you. My money may not mean much to them but it does to me and I won't spend it with them anymore. Any company I purchase with if the only option is these people I'll find what i need elsewhere. Don't use these people they aren't worth your money.

Posted by Terrible UPS

UPS is a TERRIBLE company as they have no customer service. Please choose other carrier options when available!!!

Posted by Jack hammer

Whatever you do do not use UPS you're the worst shipping company on the planet they suck real bad

Posted by Casey Jones

The WORST OF THE WORST AS LOW AS IT GETS ....just totally unreliable at all times... to try to get help absolutely forget it. If you do get through you're going to need an interpreter.... just the most horrible service you could ever imagine... just reeks of incompetency at all levels.... I doubt if they'll be around much longer operating the way they do

Posted by Jasmine

As a general manager of call center I wish to inform you that your IVR system is horrendous. Your in store customer depending on the location is terrible and employees are rude and dismissive. Do better

Posted by CaptRon64

Next day Air turns into Last day ground. Package that was sent next day air on 1/30/2023 and still has not been delivered. there was a weather problem on the evening of 01/31/2023 day the package arrived to DFW and was put in truck to go to Fort Worth that evening. It was put on truck to be delivered by end of day on 02/02/2023...I guess the priority is only for the cost....once they get the money it goes in with the UPS ground group. they canceled the delivers at 6 pm so i did not get package...called there contracted customer service (not in the USA) and the guy was nice and tried to help suggested that I have them cancel the delivery and I could pick it up in the morning....OK that will work because I really needed that package. so he entered the request into the system a little after 6PM and fort worth system logged it at 9:21 PM yesterday. of course i should have learned from my previous UPS experience...I get to the appointed address this morning thinking all would be fine. LOL the UPS person looks up my tracking info and ....What you cant find it????? might be on the truck? so I call customer service again and they look at my tracking info...try to call Fort Worth local office to see if they can find out what happen to one answers phones here..... Undependable Postal Services???

Posted by Katherine

Talk about the worst customer service have ever experienced in my life. First, the driver is too lazy and claims to drop off a package at destination. I did not pick that. I had to pay an extra eight dollars for that was complementary shipping as I go to the destination there is no package has been delivered and the driver has lied, saying there was a signature. So I call the customer service line not only were they no help but they were disrespectful and disconnected our call I never want to go through UPS again.

Posted by UPS not trusted

UPS has disappointed me one too many times. I got up very early in the morning so I can ship a very small box (size of a book), I was there when they opened at 8:30 AM in San Antonio TX and shipped the box... well these clowns waited until the end of the day at 6 PM to ship the box from the store. Then it went to Arlington TX, where it sat for another 3 days!!! All in all it is going to take almost an entire week to ship the small box to Vista California. I tried using their online chat help, well, its no help at all! So I called "customer service", and they told me that UPS Ground shipping should not be trusted because "it's NOT guaranteed"!!! So I wasted my money using their services its what it amounts to. That's FREAKIN' insane!!! UPS SUCKS!!! Using US Postal Services next time.

Posted by Rose

Worst customer service I've ever experience and I work with clients so I know how to treat a customer. Package was lost, I filled a claim and did everything correctly. Each day I called the package investigation department to check on the progress and every day I was promised something different. "You'll have news tomorrow" "no it'll be by Friday" "no it'll be by next week" Also if my package is lost, UPS sends the refunded money to the seller, not the receiver, and the seller is not communicating with me so I got my package and my money stolen. Zero stars if I could

Posted by Robert

UPS driver delivered a neighbor's package to me. At the same time my package has gone missing although listed as "delivered". UPS customer service just gives the typical run-around. My last package was lost for 3 months then finally delivered! Useless to me by that time.

Posted by Mentalmike1949

I have completely stopped using UPS and moved all my shipping to FedEx. 1. I had a $1000 insured item destroyed by UPS. Things happen... but UPS would not even deal with me....their last excuse was they tried multiple times to inspect the item and packaging at the recipients home. The recipient told me repeatedly that UPS never contacted them at any time. I contacted UPS Corporate and never had the courtesy of a response to my email to the CEO. 2. Today I had a valuable package arrive with instructions of "signature required". Note on door from UPS stated they would retry the delivery the next business day becaquse it was a "signature required" package. OH YEH...the driver left the box on the front porch setting below his note. Luckily I had a neighbor who saw an old truck setting in front of my house and he retrieved my package.

Posted by Ups

UPS is the worst service I've ever had in my life went to Auburn Nebraska to ship a package that was supposed to be paid by shipper because they gave me the wrong part they would not make a label for me and wanted me to drive an hour to get a label made to ship

Posted by Scott

Ordered something on Dec 31. UPS informed me they'd deliver on Thu, Jan 5. Instead, they arrived a day early, found a closed door, and dropped the parcel off at a local Pick-Up Point. Due to mobility issues and lack of transport, I asked them to schedule another delivery, which they said they would, but that it would take 'a few days.' Today is Jan 13, the request for a second delivery hasn't even been approved yet, and UPS recommend I go pick up the parcel myself. Total incompetence, apparently UPS argue 'The sender paid us, we got our money, and now we don't care.'

Posted by Ssg jimmy

Exact same issue. 2nd time in two months. Driver decided he cannot get up my road so says emergency weather event and doesn't deliver. Last time this happened I asked that I receive a phone call so I can drive my 2500 rear wheel drive high top sprinter van down and pick up the package at the main road. No phone call. No delivery on 2nd day air shipping. No recourse for their failure. Customer service is non existent. They use an AI (artificial ignorance) system to give you the run around and no meaningful answers. CEO is providing No leadership for this company. UPS is like a ship with no rudder just gliding along with the currents and useless for their main purpose of package delivery. Do not recommend and will not use.

Posted by Mandy

UPS has the worst customer service and their delivery service continues to be unreliable for me - which is sad since delivering things is their whole thing. I am considering avoiding any future purchases that use UPS. My packages keep showing up at my local carrier facility, staying past the expected delivery date, then continuing to never going out for delivery... and then there are no more status updates or any updated delivery date. And they will not allow me to speak to any customer service human!!! They need to have more transparency and advertise that they will not support customers and that lost packages are NOT rare occurrences. The automated answering machine literally just told me "I cannot connect you to a representative" and then disconnected the call!!

Posted by Uwe

To find any useful information on whatever question is more or less impossible. Communication during the whole delivery process is by far the worst of all forwarders I have ever experienced. Everything is just extremely complicated. Zero out of 10.

Posted by SM

Horrible experience, trying to talk to a human and it's impossible... Exhausting!! So yesterday my package supposingly was out for delivery, today it's back where it started from. Unbelievable!!!

package was damaged during shipping. ups took the item back denied the claim and sent it back to the shipper. now I'm out the item and the money I paid for the item.

Thank you again UPS for a job well done.. from forrest city, AR to Golden Valley, MN in perfect timing! Keep up the good work...stay safe.

I live in Jacksonville Nc and everyone love our driver, he's the best I wouldn't trade him for nothing, he's a keeper Please thank him for all he do

Posted by Sandra

Robert at 7322 Manatee Ave, is an efficient, excellent employee. He know hiw to jeep the libe moving. I will use this location while Robert is still there instead of 75th & Cortez which is closer for me.

Posted by Gunnut1972

I am normally very pleased with our local deliveries. But today with heavy rains the driver leaves my Amazon package in the driveway. It was so wet you could hardly pick up the box. FedEx usually puts it in a plastic bag at least, when it's raining. Thank goodness nothing was ruined.

Ups The Best Delivery Company In The Field. Employees - Equipment - Service... Need I Say More.

Posted by 199803

I was very nervous inside the store and employee #199803 and her supervisor were very helpful.

Posted by Mellomac60

FINALLY! I got my normal Area UPS, Driver back after Holiday's CHAOS! Andre is on my route Driver and he gets it RIGHT each time. Unfortunately, over the holidays (2021) UPS had temporary drivers for my area who delivered 4 of my packages to different addresses. I was only able to recoup one and get 1 refunded the other 2 are lost forever, which was a lot of money & Christmas presents. So thank God for Andre because he got my packages to me today lickety split! ANDRE is an AWESOME employee with UPS! He actually cares for the UPS customers and makes sure everyone gets the RIGHT packages. I hope he gets Accommodation for his EXEMPLARY commitment! Las Vegas, (Tropicana Ave & Reno), 89119

I just wanted to say the ups driver I has today on 12-3-21 made my day! She knocked on my door and got my attention before leaving my package outside! It was something for my kids and it was in its original box which showed what it was and everything! I feel She thought it would be stolen or my kids would see it! She got my attention and waited on me to grab my car keys to pop my trunk qnd put it in there for me! Right after all my kids came running outside asking me questions! Thanks to our awesome ups driver today my kids got to enjoy Christmas one more year and not heart broken about the reality of it!! I normally don't write reviews but I felt She needed praise for what she did for me and my family today! I didn't get her name but if she sees this I hope she knows how grateful I am for her extra effort delivering today!! Attalla Alabama is where she delivered to!! I hope she sees this and hope she has a merry Christmas and happy new years!

UPS in Belleville, IL was very good. Very professional, detailed and precise when I checked in my 4 packages to mail.

Posted by Mcclamrock14

Tony potter went above and beyond to help us tonight! He searched high and low for our packages. He was so helpful and was very persistent to get us what we needed

Posted by Randy

This has happened more than once. I get a message saying there was no safe place to leave a package or get a signature. We are home every time and no truck has been here. Drivers make up a story so they can go home.

I wanna give a special thanks & recommendation to Iris @ UPS Center in Bradenton, FL. 929 26th Ave. E 34208.

Posted by A resident of Ohio

I want to leave a comment about my UPS delivery man in my area. He is a most honorable employee of UPS. He is always cheerful caring and helpful. I recently had a problem getting around and he now helps me with my packages. I want to thank him with my most appreciation! Thank you UPS and thank you my delivery guy!

Posted by Mrs X

I live in Lisbon and as unfortunately most the postal services in Portugal are unreliable, I constantly experience frustrating sagas with my European or US deliveries. The majority of the shipping companies seldom deliver on the schedule day or assert they attempted a delivery but I wasn't home, while I was, some even claim my address doesn't exist! The only reliable company is UPS...deliveries or pick-ups are always on time and their local customer service is easy to contact, courteous & always ready to assist.

the employe at the boise id vista ave store elezbeth went above and beyond to help me with a century link pkg i turly apparated all her wonderful service

Posted by Blueskies 7

UPS just made World News Tonight! I'm so impressed. Someone was about to commit suicide on a freeway in Michigan and police dispatch truck drivers ups with one of the trucks. I understand all truck drivers and their trucks stood there for 4 hours to SAVE A LIFE! Thank you UPS and keep up the good work with morals, integrity and caring for others.

The UPS store in Winchester VA is excellent. All employees are knowledgeable and pleasant. I have shipped 20+ boxes over the past four months to a destination of over 2,300 miles. All shipments arrived on the estimated time given and were received intact. Thank you all and Merry Christmas.

Posted by Happy Camper

Wanted to thank UPS for going out of their way to get a package to our company when we missed the first try at delivery. The driver made the effort to swing back by our office before she left our area. We received the shipment in time to get to the to the job in was intended. KUDOS UPS !!

my name is david bryant of galion,oh.44833, i was just at a bank atm.when i was leaving a gentleman named mike bear hollered at me and told me i had left my card in the atm machine.he works for ups and i couldnt be more excited that there are still honest people around,and you employ 1 of would be nice if you remind him that he is appriciated.....thank you so much,david bryant.

Posted by H

I was served by a notary public Frances G. at Store 0348 - Back Bay. It was an excellent service. Frances is very professional.

Posted by Happy Customer

My UPS package went through a trying journey; starting with the "due to operating conditions" message. I emailed and Tiana T got back to me within the hour. She uncovered the problem that the reps on the phone could not figure out. She contacted every management team at the locations where my package was going and fought to have things made right. She was amazing and UPS is amazing to have her. Try the help email before calling UPS. That team will work to make things right

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge a UPS driver Lincoln Kilpatrick. He delivers to our Medical Office at 317 South 11th Ave in Yakima. This driver goes way beyond his assigned duties, our office had sent out the wrong cast to be fabricated for one of our patients, and it was a rush job. Lincoln had given us his cell # in the even that we ever had problems, I texted him as he had already picked up the package and he went out of his way to bring the package back and really not only saved us, but the patient was able to get their product on time. I can't tell you how much this meant as we were able to provide our patient with their product when promised, all because Lincoln was willing to come back and let us switch out the item. Lincoln is so consistent is his duties and is ALWAYS willing to help, which is one of the reasons we use UPS is for just that kind of service. Thank you so much! That kind of service in a business today, especially a large commercial business is rarely seen.

I Was At Store #0647, Addr.1173-a 2nd. Ave. Ny,ny 10065 The Employee Name Dino, Was Excellent!!! It's Good To Know There Are Employees, Who Know How To Treat Their Customers!!!!

Posted by Tricia C

I don't say enough about my UPS delivery gentleman, Chris. He works long hours, always has a smile on his face, efficient and puts packages between both doors. Whej i need something returned via UPS and told to leave it, it's picked up no problem. They would be crazy to ever lose such a great employee. Thank you Chris from Worcester Grafton hill :)

Posted by taylorca22

I have been very stressed out dealing with a package being shipped to the completely wrong part of the country because of a glitch in the sender's website and the customer service at UPS has definitely calmed my nerves. They have assured me that the destination is possible to changed even though the company sending it told me it wasn't and then became unreachable. Thank you for your help Jordin A! (and emails from Dana and Emily)

Will never ever work for this company again

Posted by x

I work in Overstock (ups Logistics) hebron, Ky and I can tell u that there is a lot of favoritism among the leads and management as well as poor management

Posted by Jay

I will just quote one thing from this delivery service provider: "UPS are not obliged to deliver the parcel to the correct address ... if we have an incomplete address on our system, we are not obliged to contact the sender or recipient ... we will just deliver to any address in that block" This seems totally improper and almost immoral to me! If most people ran a business like that, they would be closed down. This is a global service provider! I found this very difficult to believe.

Posted by Get real management

Today a UPS driver pulling a trailer had the trailer hitch bumper and all break off. Why does UPS pretend to push safety when their own managers (Trey) not walk he talk. Don't get me started on the other wrong doings (breaking the law) by changing employee time sheets this management team does. The Texas Labor board and OSHA departments would have a hay day at the Stafford Tx facility.

Posted by anonymous

I used to work for UPS. I loved my job and I was good at it. I worked almost 5 years for the freight division. I could perform any operations job there was. I never received a write up or reprimand. I was a good employee. It just so happened that when I was hired, there was a relative also employed with UPS freight at a different terminal. Shortly, after I was hired, it was noted that I was related to this other individual. I had forgot to put her name on the computer application. UPS had no rules against hiring relatives. I worked there for 2 1/2 years and this relative was promoted. Three regional vice presidents, ups freight, and UPS all were aware we were related. We had this low-life supervisor at the terminal who decided that his girlfriends mother should be promoted. The only reason she was hired was because he was boinking this woman's daughter. Phony interviews were set up and no matter who applied for the position, she already had the job. Mind you, she had absolutely no experience in freight. It was rumored she was to be fired for incompetency and I was going to be forced to take over the mini-hub duties. This low life weasel of a supervisor came in one night, looked in my employee file, and two weeks later, human resources was at the terminal. I was forced to resign because I did not put my relatives name on the application. At first they tried to fire me until I threatened legal action because once it became known almost 5 years ago, we were related, and it was an accepted known fact, there was no need to fix the application. The reason they made such a big deal about it is Helga the Sea Hag and this piece of trash supervisor telephoned the 1-800 ups helpline and complained two relatives were working out of the same terminal. Then they changed their tune and allowed me to resign. I should have sued the living daylights out of them. UPS was more concerned that I was related to someone else instead of why their 1-800 # was being used for retaliation. Since then the SEA HAG was made a supervisor and is still the height of total incompetence. The entire terminal hates her guts. Because she was promoted after only a year working there and with no freight experience. As a matter of fact, I know personally, that corporate executives told the terminal manager to get rid of her because she was an idiot. UPS does not care about anything or anyone that works for them. They would screw over their own grandmother for a buck. The two brothers that started the company are rolling over in their grave!!

Posted by Sally

I can tell you all that UPS MANAGEMENT is to blame for the behavior of their hourly employees. These poor drivers are lied to, pushed around, manipulated, and forced to do their jobs faster than time should allow which causes them to do things out of stress and frustration with their lives...UPS needs to be exposed..I even read somewhere where this company got awarded a most ethical company award,lol. Don't take my word for it, ask 3 or 4 drivers how they are treated. They are abused and it's a crying shame that ups can cover it up by flashing their profits. UPS destroys peoples lives daily! DONT USE UPS!

Posted by Ex-UPSer

I worked as a pre-loader for UPS for a full year before I lost patience for their mistreatment of employees and insane work environment.

I have worked at UPS for over 5 years. I started as a regular package handler and have been a supervisor for 3 years now. in that time i was going to college, ups was very flexible with my school schedule and provided me with a well paying job and profound benefits. not everyone is the ideal employee (management or hourly) but that's life not everyone is perfect. in my time i have learned a lot, have had some disappointments but at the end of the day i would not want to work any where else. when i go home i know i spent my day working to the bone. i know others may disagree but i wouldnt have it any other way. my advice to anyone who new working for ups is if you continue to work hard good things will fall your way and once they do it will be the most gratifying feeling imaginable.

I have worked at UPS for 17 years in Customer Service. I can tell you firsthand the importance our company places on customer concerns and our ability to make amends. UPS leads the shipping industry in reliability, on-time deliveries, logistics, customer satisfaction, and customer service. UPS is the largest donor to The United Way charity organization and is very involved in local communities around the world. I am proud to work for UPS and hope that you can give us the opportunity to provide the service everyone expects. To contact UPS Customer Service: 1-800-742-5877 or

Posted by rula4

im a female unloader who as been part time at ups in laurel, md for 5.5 years and i love my job. i think managment is great i know their is plenty of complaints buy employees but my opinion differs thgen others. money is not the best but it does teach us the true value of a dollar. so many people come and go you are not gonna last and experience the good if you dont stick around besides the best benefits MY MANAGMENT is great and they break their backs for us pt package handlers and try to meet OUR needs the best they can. its not an office setting we aRE in 53 footers unloading all night but thats the job. i tell many employees to take their pink panties off and mann-up, coming from a female wow!!! we get hired KNOWING UPS expectations and i feel as if many take advantage of UPS because of the union knowing they really wont get fired when they slack off. that really irritates me and feel bad for managment cause they cant do anything about it which sucks.. plenty of pt package handlers need to be fired i swear they are lazy and it shows... im at my day job now ready for my shift tonight (night hub)(unload4 baby)#1 in the region Laurel,MD

Posted by upspreloademployee

"I used to work there...until you have, you don't understand exactly how frustrating it is. Fragile packages come flying down the slides to the trucks anyway, and could very well be crushed under a heavy box before they ever get to the loaders. You don't always have time to take extra care to load certain packages, especially in the busy trucks. So take it from someone who, unfortunately, used to work there; disregard a few dents and dings, as many times the boxes come to the loaders ALREADY ripped and bent. It's a flawed, inefficient system, so be happy you get your packages at all. " ... 100% agreed - i still work there and customer service no longer exists at ups - its all about "get the packages out of the trailers onto the sort aisle & sorted to the proper belts and into the delivery cars (yes they call them "cars" not trucks lol!) asap at any and all costs" packages are shoved & stuffed out of trailers and pushed & thrown through the sorting process with no regard for package handling care at all - its all about down time meaning all management cares about is how quickly the morning operation gets over & done with. a few packages getting mangled & broken or smashed in the process is of the least of their concerns i promise you.

I used to work there...until you have, you don't understand exactly how frustrating it is. Fragile packages come flying down the slides to the trucks anyway, and could very well be crushed under a heavy box before they ever get to the loaders. You don't always have time to take extra care to load certain packages, especially in the busy trucks. So take it from someone who, unfortunately, used to work there; disregard a few dents and dings, as many times the boxes come to the loaders ALREADY ripped and bent. It's a flawed, inefficient system, so be happy you get your packages at all.

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