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Walmart Comprehensive Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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walmart case study answers

Walmart Comprehensive Analysis Case Solution


            Walmart had been founded by Sam Walton in the year 1962 and the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972. Some of the researchers consider Walmart to be the trendsetter of the retailing industry. As of May 2016, the company has clubs around 28 countries and 11,534 stores around the world. The company is operating in Canada and United States under the name of Walmart. Walmart is the largest company in the world in terms of its total revenue and the company has a total workforce of 2.2 million employees, which also makes the company the biggest employer in the world, as shown by the Fortune Global 500 list of 2014 (Hayes, 2014).

Walton family controls the business therefore; it is a family owned business. The target customers of the company are anyone who want to save their everyday money. These people can be from all walks of life and they know that they will receive great customer service, customer value at the most desirable price. The company has made it convenient for all the lower pay scale people to easily shop around on their stores for many items such as household cleaners, cloths, groceries etc.

The majority of the retail stores of the company are operated in United States, in more than 50 states. There are three specific segments that are operated by the company, which are Walmart retail, Walmart US and Sam’s Club. The company also has wholly owned operations in many international countries such as China, South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Puerto Rico, and Mexico (Tedlow, 2007). This company analysis report focuses on the most significant issue, which is currently being faced by Walmart and analyzes the company performance around this issue.

Problem Diagnosis

            The main problem which is currently being faced by Walmart is the inability of the company to follow its own motto that, ‘customers are always right’. This is not always true and customers cannot be always right, however, the company and its management should treat its customers with admiration and respect. The main problem, which is still there at Walmart, is the poor customer service of the company. The company is laying off scores of its employees to overcome this problem. However, this is not the solution to this problem, which has been existent at Walmart for a long time.

This problem is well known and it has not been addressed by the management yet. One of the commentators had stated the business model of the company emphasizes only on low prices and they do not care about their customers. This problem also occurred in the year 2013, when majority of the customers complained that they were not able to find their desired products at Walmart. Other customers complained about long check-out lines, poor selection, and bad customer service. Therefore, this is the main issue facing Walmart today, which could result in serious consequences for a retailer like Walmart.

Strategic Direction

Wal-Mart’s Mission, business and marketing strategy

Walmart Mission     

The mission of the company is to offer its customers the best quality merchandise at the lowest costs possible in all of their stores around the world. These products could range from top quality groceries, household items, and cloths to school supplies.

Walmart Business Strategies

The success of Walmart is greatly contributed by its strategic focus on the value chain activities of the company. The huge value of discount retailing, which has been supplied by the company to the entire world, has been created by the innovative use of the outbound and inbound logistics with mastery of the complex management process with focus on maximizing the economies of scale..................

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walmart case study answers

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walmart case study answers

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walmart case study answers

Wal-Mart Case Study Questions

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Question 1: What were the rights of Walmart, the employer, during these two organizing drives?


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Through continual research and readings Team Wal-Mart has gained a better understanding and perspective of America’s fascination with Wal-Mart. Despite the constant barrage of negative press relating to its handling of labor issues, employee benefits, vendor practices and customer service, the retailer is able to thrive. brings an enlightening perspective on Wal-Mart views and how they and the public perceive its pitfalls. First, we are going to examine the history of the company. Where did Sam Walton get the idea to come up with a retail store like Wal-Mart? Did he actually expect to be as large of the retailer as it is now? Our team wanted to better understand where Wal-Mart is with its corporate level strategy, business level strategy, strategic formulation and it own views on its implementation. W We will further explore some alternative solutions and make recommendations as to where the public views the company in regards to the topics of discussion, and where our team’s views, and its perceptions of where they are today in how well it is

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Management Planning at Walmart

Wal-Mart is certainly credited with changing the retail world as we know it with its low prices and big stores with huge selections but it has come at a price. They have struggled with issues that question the ethics as a company and legal issues that question how they manage people. These issues will continue to hurt their organization unless a complete change in management thinking and actions are changed. As a socially responsible organization, their management planning in this area is second to none. Lets hope they take the same effort in improving their image when it comes to ethics and legal issues.

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On the other hand, another control system the organization is their rewarding strategy; as they link their performance and abilities to meet goals and targets to pay raise and promotion.

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Ans:Wal-Mart,Inc runs a chain of large, discount department is the world’s largest public corporation by revenue. Walmart is the largest private employer and the largest grocery retailer in the United States. Walmart is one of the best known industries all over the world. Its concentration of a single business strategy is the basis of its success over the decades by this strategy without having to rely upon diversification to sustain its growth and competitive advantage. The leading marketing strategies of Wal-Mart are low prices, service and smile. However by adapting this strategy, it has risked itself by putting all of a company’s egg in one industry basket. While its global strategy worked elsewhere, the results were bad in Germany and Korea that Wal-Mart withdrew from those countries.

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Wal-Mart is arguably the most dynamic corporation in the last 50 years in the United States, if not the world. Arising from its beginnings in Bentonville, Arkansas, it has grown to over 4,400 discount stores, super centers and corner markets worldwide. Wal-Mart continues to expand despite public criticism of its labor practices as well as complaints about their treatment of competitors. The many strengths of Wal-Mart, like their low cost production and marketing practices, will aid Wal-Mart as it continues to grow in the retail

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) were introduced in 1980 with the purpose of saving energy. They initially were very expensive and consumers were aware of many flaws that made them hesitant to purchase the bulbs and bring them into their homes. The positive effects of switching from alternative bulbs to CFLs were overshadowed by media attention highlighting the issues that remained unresolved. Wal-Mart pushed promotional programs in 2007 that were very successful. They introduced a private label at a lower price, offered online ordering, posititioned the products well, installed interactive displays and engaged with new partners to promote energy efficiency. In 2009 the CFLs were redesigned and

Walmart case study answers

1. What is the ethical dilemma facing Wal-Mart in this case ? Do Wal-Mart’s associates also face an ethical dilemma? If so, what is it ?

walmart case study answers

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walmart case study answers

walmart case study answers

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walmart case study answers

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walmart case study answers

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walmart case study answers

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A Case Study of Wal-Mart.

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Wal-Mart is well-known American company that operating retail stores including grocery stores, discounts warehouse clubs and combination of general merchandise store. The "Every Day Low Price"

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