Mcdonald's Case Study Of Scientific Management

Starbucks apa paper final.

Starbucks started its growth in the early 1990s, with a game plan for Atmosphere, Quality Coffee, Customer Service, and Partner (employee) Satisfaction. Customers find the stores Welcoming and friendly for a great place to meet friends for a great cup of coffee or a local place for a great cup of coffee and a good book. Starbucks worked with coffee growers to offer a consistent brew and enforcing standards that have become the industry’s norms. Starbucks have put a lot into their training program to ensure properly trained employees to provide that consistent cup of coffee as well as improve employee retention. Starbucks believed in happy employees would promote a better experience for the customer. Since the 90s Starbucks have followed their 3 step plan. 1. Atmosphere: Every time you walk into a Starbucks, you know you will be greeted with a smile and a friendly attitude. 2. Continuity of Brand and Product: Every Starbucks has a similar feel, and your drink order will taste the same whether you are in New York or Spain. 3. Employee Satisfaction and Training: The training of the staff, in both how to be personable with customers and knowledge of the product offering

Why Scientific Management so Prevalent

Scientific management was first developed by an American, Frederick Winslow Taylor in the1880s ~1910s and has evolved a lot since then. It is a theory or school of thoughts about process improvement and management. It aims at maximizing efficiency, productivity, output with least cost and minimizing wastes. It was criticized as inhuman by many organizational theorists. However, it is widely applied in manufacturing industry and service industry in both developing and developed countries nowadays. This article is to investigate the reasons why scientific

Classical Method Of Mcdonalds

To begin, McDonalds uses the Classical method scientific management method, this method allows work to be compartmentalized. Fredrick Taylor, the one who worked on the scientific management wanted to improve productivity, therefore, his approach was used in the McDonalds enterprise as work is compartmentalized to make work efficient. For example, McDonalds labour force has specific tasks such as; some workers on the line making the meals, a worker making the fries, a worker working the cash register etc. The classical method works well in this aspect of working as it is easy and inexpensive to train workers and is easy for observation by supervisors and managing staff. McDonalds however does not motivate the workers well as they are paid minimum wage, since money is the only motivator, and compensation must be assessed to performance.

Ethical Ethics Of Starbucks

However, are there more benefits than disadvantages in reality? In reality, the company is wondering whether Starbuck would be able to retain the same quality of their human resources. Main challenge for Starbucks Coffee nowadays is to ensure that the rapid growth of the company would not change their financial and mental “health”, as its starting to get problematic for them to maintain the same generous policies and high human resources costs. Main reason for that is because is it difficult to check on each store, and ensure that the company there is working in high-standards.

Starbucks : Social Responsibility And Ethical Practices

Usually, companies mainly focus on their customers and investors, leaving out the employees who work hard for the company 's benefit. This is a crucial issue for companies, because keeping the employees happy should be their top priority, which is the case for Starbucks. Starbucks believes that its employees is a large part of what sets it apart. Most of the companies do not provide the basic benefits for their employees who are a large part of the company 's business, which was seen in the case of Schutz father who was not given any health benefits after his accident, which made it all the more difficult for him to work.

Starbucks Case Study

As is quoted in the book “Starbucks seems to have a handle on how to gain and maintain employee loyalty.” I also like the way Starbucks treats its customers, you feel there as you are in a friendly environment. Schultz believes that he “has created a third place between home and work where people can go to get their own personal time out or relax with friends.“ (Peter & Olson, pg. 32) I think that what Schultz believes is very true and we can see this by the numbers of how much this store has expanded and how much popularity it has all over the world. The only thing that I don’t like about Starbucks is the price of coffee; compared with other stores here in Greece it has higher prices. So, the information I received for Starbucks had a very strong influence on my affect for the coffee shops and especially for Starbucks.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Starbucks

Starbucks has set a new standard in what the world sees as far as retail industry for ubiquity. The have become so big so fast that the premium status has been lowered to that of a common franchise. Their primary competitors today seem to Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonalds. Coffee is a daily habit for many people no matter what social level, economic status, or gender you hold. Starbucks tries to create or sell a certain type of lifestyle. This lifestyle is appealing to college students who go to locations to work or study or to people who want to reconnect with friends and family over a cup of coffee. Starbucks offers their customers many benefits and perks for not only buying their products but for staying and creating a comfortable atmosphere. Most locations offer free internet access and wireless charging stations for your phones or device. Because this generation seems to be very tech savvy an app also allows customers to order and pay for their item on the phone so they are ready for them right when they arrive. Starbucks also offers a membership program at no cost. These memberships also come with perks such as free drinks on your birthday and exclusive discount on food or

Starbuck Strategic Human Resource Managment

Lastly, for the process issues, the company’s strategies and precesses need to be examined. In these issues, the employees of Starbucks will be affected most, as in Starbucks, nearly all of its employees (include part-timers) can buy its shares since the ‘Bean Stock Plan’ in 1999 and the company calls its employees as partners, therefore, any decisions to be made inside the company would affect all of its employees consequently. There are some constraints related to its resources like the cost of its materials, such as the coffee beans, the rent of its coffee shops when the company considered to open more shops and wages of its part time employees. When we look at Starbucks’ income statement, an evidence showed that there was a steady growth in the Starbucks’ revenue and net income from 2002 to 2004, meanwhile, the company has also received an increasing flow from the stock market, such the investors include both its employees who have brought the shares and the outsiders had made good profits from the company. During this period, the company is able to satisfy its employees and grow constantly which is due to its proper operation and management. When we look at the table of benefits to part-time workers and full-time works in US and compare

Howard Schultz : Marketing Team For Starbucks

The success of Starbucks in the early days of the company’s existence can be attributed to the goals, which Howard Schultz was able to achieve. His goal was to create a place, which people could gather as a “third place.” This place was to be in line with consumer schedules as the place of gathering and community. Home, Work, Starbucks was his idea. Everything he did was to be in line with this mantra. In addition to the atmosphere, which sets the brand apart, they produce a quality product. The brand started as a coffee bean distributer and it is this distinction, which allows

Operations Strategy Of Starbucks

This helps Starbucks in embracing the JIT (Just in Time) lean operations model which is ideal for companies that perform repetitive operations and have a pretty stable demand. This also helps in reducing lead time and increase productivity by cutting cost on inventory and waste. There is a distinct difference between a manufacturing firm and a service enterprise and Starbucks falls under the later. In a service enterprise, the product and the service is customized according to the customer preferences unlike a manufacturing firm where the consumer is just a recipient of a

Props Of Marketing : The Four Components Of Marketing

Starbucks employs the product, promotion, place and price method of marketing. They place great emphasis on their products and have established themselves

The Contingency Theory : The Importance Of Scientific Management

Scientific Management constitutes a significant part of McDonalds’ management philosophy in the way that all those involved in the restaurant know exactly what their specific roles are, what methods would allow them to carry out their tasks most effectively and how their performance is measured by profit which reflects the success of the outcomes produced. The best way to manage particular aspects of the organisation have been applied in instances such as using an assembly line for burger making and filling orders and the utilisation of scripts which direct an employee’s interaction with a customer. These tasks have been carefully analysed in order to determine the least amount of actions required to complete the job in order to increase efficiency, similar to how Frank Gilbreth was able to reduce the number of motions in laying an exterior brick from eighteen to five and an interior brick from eighteen to two (Gilbreth 1914). This standardisation of management demonstrates the applicability of Scientific Management in modern civilisation and explains why some may believe that it is the only one best way to manage due to its effectiveness and success in many organisations.

Mcdonald 's A Mechanistic Organization

McDonald’s is one of the biggest companies in the world with restaurants in 119 countries and it has accomplished this extraordinary global presence through its effective management practices. McDonald’s uses a combination of Fredrik Taylor’s scientific management, Max Weber’s hierarchical structure, and Henri Fayol’s administrative principles to run its restaurants. McDonald’s has become a mechanistic organization by making its restaurant environment predictable. McDonald’s has developed set management structure and a predetermined set of procedures for running its restaurants. As a result, McDonald’s has come to resemble a machine where employees are like components of the big McDonald’s machine.

Principles of Scientific Management

This use of Scientific Management has defined the key components of the McDonalds success story, high volume and short waits time for the product, consistency or predictability of the end product. The so called “McDonalization” has the following features that are evolution of the core principles of scientific management. Secondly by examining the areas where strategic management arises from scientific management and inference can be drawn about the opportunity cost of this difference. The assembly line techniques have enabled McDonalds to serve food at high volumes very

Scientific Management: The Four Principles Of Scientific Management

The year 1911 saw Frederick Winslow Taylor publish a book titled ‘The principles of scientific management’ in which he aimed to prove that the scientific method could be used in producing profits for an organization through the improvement of an employee’s efficiency. During that decade, management practice was focused on initiative and incentives which gave autonomy to the workman. He thus argued that one half of the problem was up to management, and both the worker and manager needed to cooperate in order to produce the greatest prosperity.

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The concept of scientific management case study

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Taylor’s 4 Principles of Scientific Management

Application of scientific management in case study, q4. using specific examples drawn from the case study discuss leadership styles and the potential behavioral responses., leadership styles, types of leadership, autocratic leadership, participative or democratic leadership, laissez-faire or free rein leadership, epidemiology of leadership in different conditions, affiliative leadership, authoritative leadership, charismatic leadership, coaching leadership style, coercive leaders, democratic leaders, pacesetting leaders, behavioral responses.

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Application to case study

Q6. critically review the concept ‘informal organization’ and illustrate how it may apply to the case study., concept of ‘informal organization’, the formal and informal organization structure, application of ‘informal organization’ to case study, cite this work.

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Scientific Management 101

Exploring frederick taylor's theory of scientific management and the contributions made by frank and lillian gilbreth..


While there was a great need for workers, there was certain work that had specific and important requirements. Some tasks required a person with good eyesight, while others required strength. In terms of the position for these tasks, the companies would need to hire someone with the right qualifications. For those who sought jobs that required good eyesight, tests such as eye exams might have been used to determine the quality of eyesight. Those who were applying for positions that required strength, they may have asked to lift weights in front of the employer to determine their abilities. In both cases, the hiring company would have to ensure that the applicant had the right qualifications for the job, so that the job was done in the way it was designed and in a way that did not compromise the quality of the product. This is exactly what Taylor’s third principle is about: choosing the best worker for the job. There may have been some companies whose workers didn’t have the exceptional eyesight, but for the jobs requiring good eyesight, the managers would most likely choose the workers with the best eyesight out of all. The third principle isn’t just about having the requirements, but also about being the best in comparison to others.


Women made great contributions during the Second World War through their service, especially in factories and plants producing weapons and machines for the soldiers fighting in the battles. While they did not have much, if any, of the skills needed to produce weapons when they came to the plants, they were still able to have a high production rate. This was made possible through the application of Frederick Taylor’s 5 Principles of Scientific Management.

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scientific management case study examples

Scientific Management Theory Case Study

Scientific Management Theory Scientific management theory looks to enhance an association's effectiveness by deliberately enhancing the proficiency of task consummation by using scientific, engineering, and mathematical analysis. The objective is to diminish waste, expand the methodology and strategies for creation, and make a simply circulation of merchandise. This objective serves the regular hobbies of businesses, representatives, and society. Scientific management theory is paramount on the grounds that its approach to management is found in just about every mechanical business operation over the world. Its impact is likewise felt by and large business practices such arranging, methodology outline, quality control, expense bookkeeping, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

ii. Administrative Management Theory The study of how to make a hierarchical structure that leads to high productivity and adequacy. Administrative management theory endeavors to discover a discerning approach to plan an association as an issue. The theory requires a formalized managerial structure, an acceptable division of work, and designation of force and power to overseers important to their ranges of responsibilities. Administrative management theory includes numerous paramount ideas; however these ideas can generally be put into the accompanying general classes: Formalized administrative structure - According to this theory, you ought to outline an association utilizing an extremely formalized structure with clear lines of power starting from the top. This is a progressive structure. Case in point, consider a large partnership. At the top is the top managerial staffs who offers bearings to the CEO, who thus gives headings the supervisors of every corporate division. The supervisors will then offer headings to their center administrators, who thusly offer bearings to managers down to individual …show more content…

Anybody included in the arranging, co-ordinating, running, or controlling parts of a business can be viewed as a regulatory chief. iii. Behavioral Management Theory The study of how directors ought to act to propel workers and urge them to perform at abnormal states and be focused on the accomplishment of organizational objectives. Concentrates on the way a manager/director should figure out how to persuade workers. The behavioral management hypothesis is regularly called the human relations development on the grounds that it addresses the human measurement of work. Behavioral scholars accepted that a superior understanding of human conduct at work, for example, inspiration, clash, desires, and gathering elements, enhanced gainfulness. The scholars who helped this school saw representatives as people, assets, and advantages for be produced and worked with — not as machines, as previously. A few people and tests helped this hypothesis. Behavioral management hypothesis depends on the thought that managers will better comprehend the human viewpoint to laborers and treat representatives as critical resources for attain objectives. Management taking an exceptional enthusiasm toward specialists makes them feel like some piece of an uncommon

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scientific management case study examples

Taylor's Scientific Management Case Study

Impact of urbanization in the 1920s.

Before the world war, America was still rooted in the ways of the nineteenth century. You will find that dramatic economic developments took place during the 1920’s, moving America towards a more modern society. With the movement towards vehicles, flexibility and accessibility was created and towns and suburbs were growing in size as they were no longer based around railway systems. This paved the way towards the birth of new industries such as petrol stations and hotels, contributing drastically towards urbanization. By 1920, 50% of the population was now living in urban areas, whereas before it was only 5%. Henry Ford also developed his model T Ford during this time and sold 15 million by 1927.

Impact Of Consumerism In The 1950s

As World War II came to an end, the United States entered the 50s. This decade became a major influential time that brought many cultural and societal changes. Categories such as the economy, where a boom in new products increased, the technology world which incorporated new medicines and computers, entertainment when the television became popular and the overall lifestyles that Americans adapted to. All of these topics reshaped and created several advancements throughout society during the 1950s.

What Made The Industrial Revolution Revolutionary

The Industrial Revolution was a period of time when machines changed the lifestyle of people, but was it a revolution which factors made it revolutionary? I believe that the three characteristics that made the industrial revolution revolutionary is, it reformed old structure with new ones, it is still used and influential till today, and it is caused by economic hardship.

Bureaucracy In Andrew Jackson's Spoils System

The development of Bureaucracy was due to increasing citizen demand for improved government services and for the government to develop their own goals for policy. Citizens sought more government involvement, such as, regulating corporate behavior and delivering more services. Andrew Jackson’s election in 1829 also influenced the development of bureaucracy. At the height of his election, Jackson introduced a spoils system where those involved in Jackson’s campaign were rewarded with positions in government. Detailed procedures were then developed to direct new employees who lacked experience. Benefits and goods were taken from other citizens as a result of the spoils system and caused major conflict. To resolve such issues, The Civil Service

1920s Car Industry Research Paper

Have you ever wondered how the 1920’s car industry started? Well it had a tremendous impactment in the 1920’s when the Model T started the future car industry. The progression of the model t started rivalry in the car industry. The model T impacted the 1920’s automobile industry and on the world in the advancement of modern day cars.

7-Series Project: The Root Cause Of BMW Quality Issues

There is a proposal to change the process and make prototypes inorder to better understand the issues that may arise during final production phase.

Overview Of Upton Sinclair's The Flivver King

Ford was the first man to flawlessly perfect the process of making cars. The transportation field did exist before Ford’s cars came out. His ideas were ones that had been tried before, they were based off of previous findings of others. The thing that separates Ford and his brand is the ability for him to maximize the product he receives for

Bureaucracy: The Pros And Cons Of A Bureaucratic Government

Bureaucracy, Almost everyone deals with bureaucracy every day in one way or another and even if you do not personally deal with a bureaucratic official today your activities are being monitored by a bureaucratic system somewhere, but despite the fact, most people still have very little knowledge of how it works and its significance. To understand bureaucracy more it is a collection or group of official who engage in administrative and policy making duties.It is a system of government or business that has many complicated rules and ways of doing things. Bureaucracy can be considered to be a particular case of rationalization, or rationalization applied to human organization. . It’s difficult for students to engage into this topic, because they are actually living inside a bureaucracy. They are in a generation where they accept the logic of organizational power in short being a conformist.

Max Weber's Theory: Types Of Leadership

" Leadership is the ability of a superior to influence the behavior of subordinates and persuade them to follow a particular course of action." - Chester Barnard

Ford Motor Company's Organizational Culture

Ford Motor Company's various leveled society affects the affiliation's drive toward higher execution to perform its vision of industry organization. An association's various leveled society describes the qualities, conventions and traditions that impact individual and group practices. Ford uses its progressive society to keep up a world class workforce. As the fifth most noteworthy player in the overall vehicles showcase, the association needs to keep up high productivity and convincing support for mechanical and technique headway (Khosrow-Pour, 2006). These necessities are met through a various leveled society that epitomizes Ford's vision and mission statements, with highlight on flawlessness and joint effort. Portage Motor Company succeeds

Difference Between Bureaucratic And Scientific Management

Theoretical models are used to identify the management of different organizations and how they are structured. The early classical school entailed the bureaucratic and scientific management models of management. Both of these models focuses on the improvement of the managerial effectiveness by providing tools and suggesting organizational structures. Bureaucratic management is mostly use in government associated organizations, while on the other hand scientific management is an aspect of manufacturing operations.

Compare And Contrast Scientific Management And Human Relation Approach

Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management is popularly known as the first theory in management history (Stoner, Edward, Gilbert, 2003). Scientific management (also known as TAYLORISM) is an approach that was created in order to increase the productivity of workers and to ensure that there was no hostility between the workers and the management. It included a set of principles that were drawn up as a conclusive result of systematic study of the work in industries.

Importance Of Max Weber Bureaucracy

The term bureaucracy refers to a particular type and technique of administrative organization. In the 1930s Max Weber, a German sociologist and political economist; he wanted to find out why people in organizations obeyed those in authority above them. He wrote a validation that described the bureaucratic form as being the ultimate way of organizing government agencies. Weber’s study of business was centered on understanding the need for stability and consistency in achieving competence. Max Weber embellished the scientific management theory with his bureaucratic management theory largely focused on dividing organizations into hierarchies, establishing strong lines of authority and control. Weber suggests that organizations develop standard

Compare And Contrast Taylor And Fayol

Frederick Winslow Taylor born in focused his theories heavily on the scientific method, finding the ‘one best way’ to manage a firm and its personnel, (Kanigel 1999). Taylor focused on the operative level, he believed that the application of scientific methods from the bottom of the industrial hierarchy upwards was the key to success. Taylor

Assignment On Technology Management

I/we have not impersonated or allowed myself/ourselves to be impersonated by any person for the purposes of this assessment.

More about Taylor's Scientific Management Case Study

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Scientific Management Case Study

scientific management case study examples

Show More Scientific Management The idea of Scientific Management was introduced by Frederick Taylor. Taylor’s proposal was that employees get paid by how well they work. This meant that the sooner you completed your daily tasks the better paid you get. He also stated that there should be respect between all levels of management and their employees. Bureaucracy Following on from Taylor’s introduction of a scientific management style, Max Weber introduced Bureaucracy in the 1930’s. Weber stated that there should be different levels of hierarchy within an organisation and this structure should be carefully followed to enable success. He also believed that only qualified workers should be employed and that nepotism led to failure. He felt that a successful …show more content… He believed that managers must plan ahead, develop strategies and set achievable future goals. This meant that managers needed to evaluate their plans and proposals and see how they may affect the organization . Creating a plan of action is the most difficult of the five tasks and requires the active participation of the entire workforce. Planning must be done throughout all levels of the organisation. Managers must also organize the workforce in an efficient manner and structure the organization so that all future goals set can be successfully achieved. The recruitment process is a key ingredient in the organising function as a well-educated, reliable and hardworking work force can provide an excellent platform for the organisation to succeed. Managers must supervise their employees. They must monitor them during their daily work and motivate them to achieve the goals and targets set out by the business. Motivating a workforce can be extremely difficult in some instances however if motivated correctly this can help optimise the return from all employees in the interest of the …show more content… He unlike others has a broader approach, studying everything managers do, how they do it and why they do it. His belief is that managers should not force systems on to employees more so they should allow an employee’s skillset to dictate which role best suits them. Mintzberg says that there are the ten roles that he believes make up the basis of a manager's job and he sub divided these ten roles into three categories: Interpersonal - Managers have many responsibilities. They are expected to be a source of information and a sign of authority at the same time. Leaders should provide leadership for employees and it's where the manager must monitor the performance and responsibilities of everyone within the organisation. Informational - Within this role a manager regularly seeks out information related to the organization and their particular industry, evaluating the company and discussing any relevant changes in the environment. A manager must all also monitor the entire workforce, in terms of productivity. In this area of a managers role communication with employees is a key role. Managers represent and speak for their organization. In this role a manager is responsible for informing the public and the employees about the organization and its

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The characteristics of samson's theory of management.

Samson states that management is setting an organization goal in an efficient and effective manner through planning, organizing, leading and controlling organizational resources. Like wise the employee who is hired to set organization goal by managing organization are called managers. Managers should have different types of skills and talent in order to maintain the standards level of an organization. Don marit states that person should master their work in order to become skilled manager. 21 st century is a platform of computation, so in order to get a role of manager in a company the skills to make a difference should be required.…

Behavioural Theories Of Leadership

The vision, mission and strategy of an organization are supported by the leadership role in many ways. The leader will collaborate with other team members to develop the each part of the vision, mission and strategy. The leader will ensure that each part is being followed throughout the organization and that all employees support the organizations vision and reach the goals. Being a leader is a hard thing, it comes with the good and bad. One of the most important things is motivating employees to want to do go and grow the production for the organization.…

Importance Of Recruitment To Human Resource Management

Buy the human resource management department to provide education as they need to work and what is a role for employees. HR can help a lot for everything to achieve goals. This is beneficial for workers because it helps them to take contour and objectives expected in much clearer terms and thus help implement the goals to make their best effort as they can. Performance appraisals so that they take on a regular basis, motivate employees. • Develop Public Relations- Responsibility to establish a nice public relations lies with the management of human resources to a great level.…

Real Life Assignment 1 Summary

Management should be constantly working on the system. The emphasis should be on training and education so all workers can improve job performance. A company should make sure its suppliers are also continually improving processes. 4. What methods are used to train the workers on the production and assembly lines?…

Managerial Qualities Of Effective Leadership

Leadership issues Human resource is all about interacting with employees and managing them effectively to gain maximum production from them so Human resource executives have to possess a leadership quality which they will need when company implement some new policy or some department has to be merged or in any situation where company is expanding or getting merged these are few situation when employees get panic and can not handle the changes so human resource executive will have to be effective leader and manage the changes and educate employees in effective manner. The top issues or challenges that leaders face very frequently are as below: 1. Effectively developing managerial qualities Human resource executive had to possess relevant…

Leadership And Goals

For leaders to be successful they must make certain an emphasis is placed on ensuring every employee, manager and supervisor recognizes what she or he should achieve in the present and in the future. When employees recognize what needs to be done, it is far easier for them to contribute. In addition, it is also extremely easier for managers and supervisors to do their jobs, to increase efficiency and productivity, and to supervise and manage proactively, instead of using their time to put out small fires after the…

A Case Study Of Lenovo's Human Resource Management

This is also important for a company’s human resources department. Training is a more effective to help employees get work related knowledge, skills and abilities, let employees can finish their work better. Training can enhance staff’s sense of belonging to the enterprise and sense of responsibility. For a company, to the full staff training, the employees more attractive, can play the human resources of high value-added, so as to create more benefit for the enterprise. At the same time, training can facilitate communication between the company and the employee, increase the company’s cohesion, shaping good company culture.…

Importance Of Communication In An Organization

Effective communication is essential for the daily operations of an organization. It is necessary to cut through barriers in order to reach the goals and objectives of the operation. Communication is an important part of organizational hierarchies as a way to implement authorities, procedures and rules across the organization at all levels – executive, mid and low-level. It is important to determine roles in the workplace and communication is vital in defining those roles - who leads, who follows and identifying job responsibilities. Communication helps that employee to understand their purpose in the organization and what is expected.…

How Does A Line And Manager Use Specific Metrics

Unit employees are the employees who are producing the products and the ones who are keeping the business running because without employees the business would not have a product to sell. Specific metrics related to unit employees should include specific job descriptions, accurate job performance reviews, and even how well the employee is meeting the company expectations and standards. All of these components would give the managers a thorough perspective on how well the employees are meeting the company’s expectations, but also it would provide beneficial insight into whether or not the company will meet the set company goals for the given time period. Also, when the management is utilizing specific metrics, areas of production, accuracy/ efficiency, and training will all impact how well each unit employee is performing. These components will help the manager assess how well the employee is utilizing his/ her time, quality of work, development time, and even total cost of employee based off production.…

Strategic Management As A Successful Player In The Financial Service Industry

Organisation needs to be transparent and clear about its objectives. It must involve the employees into the decision making process and make them feel that they are the part of the organisation. Gaining the trust of the employees determines their performance at workplace. If the managers treat the employees equally, honestly and fairly then the employees can engage themselves in the opportunistic behaviour thus, increasing the performance of the organisation (Brown et al., 2015). By giving responsibilities to the people brings in real commitment from the people as there is a constant drive among the people to perform well indirectly they want the company to perform well.…

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Scientific Management in Mcdonald’s Operation

This is an essay about scientific management in McDonald’s operation, I believe the largest fast food McDonald’s is the most successful model on scientific management. Scientific management is a branch of classical approach; Taylor said scientific management is standardisation which means people in organization should be uniformed by company rules or policy which are some written documents. Scientific management is a very important part in management area, since look at the history of management. People are living in different groups such as school, factory, hospital and company etc.

If there is no group to organize people’s life, then our society won’t be developed so far. But only organize people is not enough, we also need to manage those people to do their job more efficient. So scientific management is a system learns from previous experience. The reason we using McDonald’s example in this assignment, because it’s the largest fast food organization in the world and also it the most successful case for scientific management. McDonald’s management system is perfectly following scientific management system from producing to selling, even though McDonald’s brother never studied ‘scientific management’ (Eric, 2001, p. 9). McDonald’s is the largest franchising cooperation in the world, so it must deeply understand the concept ‘copy’ and ‘standardization’. In the rest of the essay I would like to write this topic with indentify four key scientific management concepts, and how they applied in McDonald’s case. Also I am going to discuss four critical arguments according to those four concepts. Treat people like a machine is one of the concepts in scientific management. By my own understanding, this concept means letting people to do the same job again and again to maximising organizational profit.

As Hawthorne said management system of treating people like a machine will improve the productivity efficiently. ( Campling, J. , Poole, D. , Wiesner, R. , Ang, E. S. , Chan, B. , Tan, W. , & Schermerhorn, J. R. , 2008, p 95). People working in McDonald’s must follow its instruction to do the job, normally one person in one position. People don’t have to move too much steps in their work place. McDonald’s has their own ‘Made for you’ system, which means they make fresh when you order.

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For example, when custom order a ‘big mac’ combo, people who making buns will toast the bun and pass it on to the person who making burgers, and wrapping it up ready for the custom. People who dose fries will put it into the box, finally people who in the front counter puts all these together for the customer. Everyone in McDonald’s just dose their job and pass it to the next. Each person repeatable does their own job for that shift. So working in McDonald’s doesn’t need too much skill, but a highly repeatable job, and this is the main point of scientific management.

Efficient achievement of clear organizational goals is another main concept of scientific management, as Taylor said ‘management should maximum benefits for both employers and employees’ (Campling, J. , Poole, D. , Wiesner, R. , Ang, E. S. , Chan, B. , Tan, W. , & Schermerhorn, J. R. , 2008, p 91 ). Therefore, employer’s benefit is getting maximum profit by minimum cost. Scientific ordering people to do the job is the essential element in scientific management, for example, two people equally to do one project may not do it efficiently.

However, if we order one person to do the main part, the other one as the supporter then the result would be more efficient. That is scientific distribution. In another word, the managers need to clearly understand organizational goals and efficiently achieve it no matter what method they use. (John, 1982, p 159). In McDonald’s case, their goal is making maximum burgers in certain time; therefore, scientific management instead of people management is the only way to reach this goal. In New Zealand, more and more 24hrs McDonald’s opened in last 5 years, I remember in 2002, McDonald’s in New Zealand normally open from 7am to 10pm.

From 2005, McDonald’s started using ‘Made for you’ system; this is a classical scientific system since employee must follow particular instruction making the food, therefore, this system save 80% waste compare with before. The big saving is also the profits for the organization. In other way, this improves the efficiency of the achievement. Every organization has its own policy and procedures; they are standardising and consisting the company by these policies and procedures. Policy and procedure are some written documents.

Organize a small group may use people management, since there is a certain size to limit; however, if only use people management to manage large company like McDonald’s won’t be that easy. Scientific management will be perfectly suit large organization; McDonald’s is the most successful case in the management world. McDonald’s regulate each product in certain cooking time, for example, 3 minutes for fries, chicken patty for 100 seconds, 9 pieces 10:1 patties each grill, and 6 for 4:1 patty. So every crew in McDonald’s learning all these procedures by doing their job.

Each of them follows the procedure and supervisor’s instruction to make sure keeping the same standard of McDonald’s all around the world. The result of the costing price dropped with a huge number since people clearly follows the procedure; so today custom can enjoy the same quality of service at any McDonald’s in the world. People like making decision by their feelings, however, intuitions are not always right. So compare with that, systematic analysis is more accurate and efficient in the organization. Systematic analysis is a main and key period of scientific management.

The main job is the communication between analyser and customers. Back to McDonald’s case, people who work in marketing department need a research of what’s hot and what’s not of their products, and then they need to get information from customers, frontline employees and some publics. So after analysis the report, they get a proper result much more accurate than just feel from the daily experience. Nothing is perfect, even though scientific management is a great management system it still having some disadvantages in some situations.

Treat people like a machine is the classic sign of scientific management, personally I worked as a part timer for McDonald’s for one year, I have to say this management system is great for efficient performance, at the mean time it makes me feel really like a machine not a human. By the way, they pay minimum wages but actually hard works. So I wasn’t enjoy working there at that time, that’s why fast food organization like McDonald’s always has high staff turnover rate; because they don’t treat people properly so young people like us only go there for money and some experience. Made for you” system give mistake rate a big drop, but old employees still missing the old system a lot. Before ‘MFY’ came into McDonald’s, we feel McDonald’s like a big family, we like to asking front counter people how many burger they need, and how many fries we need to prepare; but now it all controlled by computer, there is no communication, no decision making and no interaction at all. Sometimes I found I lost myself, I am just a burger making machine. One key concept of scientific management is copying; repeating work is the main responsibility of workers.

It is good on keeping low cost of mistake, but people stay in the same environment and copying same working from the past. This restricts innovation and creativity from both managers and workers. McDonald’s main menu hasn’t been changed for over 30 years; it’s hard for them to create new products. Also it will be a huge cost of getting a new line of new products because each product in McDonald’s has its own production line; such as special machine for buns, regulation on oven size, same size of patties and so on. (Kincheloe, 2002, p. 59).

Standardizing is an important element of creating global brand; managing big organization all around the world must keep them on same standard, and then people trust this brand. Customer keeps the company running is the basic concept for any business. Keep good standard is the most important guarantee for the company; however customer may get tired of eating same food in a long term period. Policy and procedure are two key things to keep the standard of the company, good policy and procedure will reduce cost and mistake, but also decrease employees’ skill development and regulate them to know more inside McDonald’s.

This could make people unsatisfied with their job. (Pica vet, 2009). Since McDonald’s opens everywhere in the world, each country has different culture and background, too much policy and procedure will restrict their development in certain countries. Systematic analysis is doing well in McDonald’s case; it’s a great idea in management. Things are always good and bad, systematic analysis gets information and after select useful information it makes result. From science point of view, that’s more accurate than experience management.

In contrast, people who become manager levels depend on their experience more than the ability of systematic analysis. Business is a real world, it is a real practise. So sometimes manages make decision from their past experience are more efficient. This essay is around scientific management concepts and how it applies in McDonald’s operation. Scientific management is a system using data analysis and build a scientific production line to get maximum profits for both employer and employee.

The essay introduced four main concepts of scientific management including: treat people like a hand rather than a people; Focus on efficient achievement on clear goal; standardising through policy and procedures and using scientific analysis rather than intuitions. The final part of the essay I discussed four arguments based on those four concepts, it shows both advantages and disadvantages in real life. Reference Campling, J. , Poole, D. , Wiesner, R. , Ang, E. S. , Chan, B. , Tan, W. , & Schermerhorn, J. R. (2008). Management (3rd Asia-Pacific Ed. ) Milton, Queensland: John Wiley & Sons. Eric, S. 2001). Fast food nation: the dark side of the all American meal. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. John, E. K. (1982). Scientific management, job redesign, and work performance. London; New York: Academic Press. Jonathan, R. t. ( 2005 ). Organization theory and public management. Belmont, Calif: Thomason/ Wadsworth. Kincheloe, J. L. (2002). The sign of the burger: McDonald’s and the culture of power. United State: Temple University Press. Picavet, E. (2009). Opportunities and pitfalls for ethical analysis in operations research and the management sciences. Omega; Dec 2009, Vol. 37 Issue 6, p 1121-1131, 11p.

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