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Romantic Writing Exercise

Everyone knows about the love triangle; but can you mix it up #writingplot #writingplotideas #writingromancetips #writingromancescene #writingromanceideas #writingcharacters #p...   more.


Everyone knows about the love triangle; but can you mix it up? #writingplot #writingplotideas #writingromancetips #writingromancescene #writingromanceideas #writingcharacters #protagonistwritingtips #writercharacterdesign #writercharacter #writercharacterinspiration #writerinspiration #writerprompts #writerpromptsromance #writingromanceprompts

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Romantic Writing Styles

Or what you can learn from other writers • by william cane.

I'm defining romantic writing as something that takes you into another world, often using love and mystery to help make the transition. J.D. Salinger always manages to take you into another world, almost like a fantasy writer. Holden Caulfield, for example, doesn't live in the same world that you and I live in. As Charles Booker points out in The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories , Holden is like a psychotic, he has no real relationships with anyone in the novel except his little sister, Phoebe. He lives in his own world.

Let's look more carefully at Salinger the writer. When The Catcher in the Rye was published, Salinger moved to a small town in New Hampshire and retreated from the world. After he got married, he built a small concrete bunker about a quarter mile from his house, and he would go there to write, often staying away from his wife and kids for days and even weeks at a time! According to biographer Paul Alexander this infuriated his wife and caused her to feel alienated from him.

The character of Holden was in many ways a mirror of the real Salinger, the man who retreated from the world. Just before writing The Catcher in the Rye , Salinger had been part of the D-Day invasion of France during the Second World War. He saw 75 percent of his buddies killed, and he went into shock from the experience. He married his German nurse and came back to America. He and the nurse divorced, and then he began writing The Catcher in the Rye . Clearly the book reflects his shaky mental state at the time, which is one of the reasons it appeals to young people who are in a similar state of mind.

Luckily, you don't have to experience the horrors of war to write in a romantic style. The key to using the technique Salinger uses in The Catcher in the Rye is to take people out of the ordinary, into another reality where things are radically different. This isn't only a fictional technique, either. Many nonfiction writers also take their readers into another world. For example at the beginning of The Antioxidant Miracle Lester Packer invites readers to enter a world of science and research where they will go down to the cellular and the below-cell level to find out what makes for good nutrition. The metaphor of the "miracle" in the title is carried throughout the book. Although it's science and nonfiction, it takes you away to another world and in so doing is romantic writing at its best.

How to Get Published

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How to Query a Literary Agent

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On page 220 of The Mosquito Coast Paul Theroux has his protagonist announce to his son, "They keep white slaves!" This propels the reader into a state of curiosity and suspense. Is it true? Can it be true? The height of craft!

7 Writing Styles

Other Authors

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A romantic weekend away

"un weekend en amoureux" french a2 writing exercise.

Aline and her boyfriend went away for a relaxing weekend.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to get lucky", "the airport", "to wait for", "to take [someone] somewhere", "huge", "the balcony", "to overlook", "to spend time [doing things]", "to sunbathe".

romantic writing exercises

I’ll give you some sentences to translate into French

Here's a preview of the text for the writing challenge, when you're ready click the start button above:

Our romantic weekend was perfect! We got lucky, the weather was beautiful the whole time! When we arrived at the airport, a taxi was waiting for us in order to take us to the hotel. The room was huge, and the balcony overlooked the swimming pool! We spent Saturday swimming and sunbathing, then in the evening we dined on the terrace. And on Sunday, we didn't leave our room... Perfect, I tell you!

romantic writing exercises

Cynthia Harrison

Ten Romantic Writing Ideas

romantic writing exercises

Darby Saxbe wrote  an article  called “10 Ways to Perk Up Your Relationship.” Reading, I realized my husband Al and I already do a lot of those things. (We have 25 years of practice.) After I got done patting myself on the back for having a groovy relationship, I realized I could adapt Saxbe’s 10 Things for the  hero and heroine of my novel.

1. Gratitude

Start a scene with one of the main characters thanking the other. I just typed the words “Thank you” and the scene wrote itself from there.

Insert playfulness into the story. I stuck it in the middle of my hero and heroine being really busy with work.

3. Celebrate Good News

When something wonderful happened to my heroine, I let the hero make a really big deal out of it.

4. Reflect Positive Traits

One of the things that initally attracted me to my husband was the way he was always calm, while I was often a nervous wreck. I wanted to learn how to be calm like him, and over the years, I have done that. So I did a little scene with my characters using this idea from my own marriage.

5. Think the Best

Why does your heroine love your hero? He can do no wrong in her eyes. She builds him up in her mind. She creates a perfect person. Reflect that in a scene. (Later it will be fun to shatter the illusion, but for now, for the falling in love and making it real, this is an essential step.)

6. Be Open to Surprises

Discovering the wonderfulness that is your future life partner is part of falling in love. Write a scene where one of them discovers something new about the other.

7. Love Notes

This is a no-brainer for a writer. Someone leaves a love note or sends a card.

8. Support Behind the Scenes

Allow one or both of your characters to lend each other support even though the other is unaware of it. Like a random act of kindness, the thoughtful action should be hidden, a subtle secret gesture.

9. Connect Physically

And make it NOT a prelude to a sex scene! Just something tender and comforting. The human touch is magic.

10.  Focus on Self

Even though it’s all about the romance, nobody can be a good partner to someone else without first being good to themselves. Write a scene in which the heroine takes care of herself. And then maybe let the hero take care of himself, too.

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Cindy, these gorgeous tips in this post could sell to a magazine. A woman’s magazine or a writing magazine. You might have to take it down from your blog (some editors won’t buy material that has appeared anywhere else, online or off) and try pitching to a women’s mag for Valentine’s Day. Genuis!

Well, I really took the idea from Psychology Today and adapted it for romance writing, so I’d feel like I was cheating:)

Awesome post, Cindy!! I have to admit, only having 12 years exp in the marriage dept, I was worried we were missing a step. But, check, check, check…. whew. We’re good. *grin*

These are great prompts for writing!

Like Liked by 1 person

I hear you Martha! I could not help but compare with real life AND my fictional couple of the moment:)

Great tips Cindy. Well done. Are you in Florida yet?

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    Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:"to get lucky", "the airport", "to wait for", "to take [someone] somewhere", "huge", "the balcony", "to overlook", "to spend time [doing things]"

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