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Best Administrative Assistant Resume Examples 2023

Best Administrative Assistant Resume Examples 2023

Bart Turczynski

As seen in:

An administrative assistant is the office’s one-person special operations unit. “Make the boss run like clockwork. Take care of the Monday morning meeting. Make the world go round.” Typical to-do list.

The problem? Landing that job in the first place. Demand for secretaries and administrative assistants isn’t growing fast enough. You’ll need a perfect admin assistant resume to get hired. 

Good news is, you’re about 7 minutes away from writing an administrative assistant resume that is just that.

This guide will show you:

Here’s an example of a resume for an administrative assistant made using our resume builder.

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here .

Administrative Assistant resume templates

Sample resume made with our builder— See more resume samples here .

Here are more resume samples for office and administrative support occupations:

What’s the Best Format for an Administrative Assistant Resume?

The best format for an administrative assistant is elegant and personable like Pam Beesly. But it packs a punch like Peggy Olson—

It’s the reverse-chronological resume format .

You can’t go wrong with this format for a professional administrative assistant resume.

Remember how hard it was for you to write your first resume?

This time it’s different.

What’s a good administrative assistant resume template?

Professional. Clean. Simple. Easy to scan.

The core of administrative assistant job skills is organization . Prove your worth by using a professional resume template—

A modern resume-friendly font . White space to guide the hiring manager’s gaze. Headings that help navigate the contents.

Finally, save your perfect administrative assistant resume as a PDF. The PDF format keeps the layout in shape better than bubble wrap.

Have your resume saved in different formats depending on what’s required on the job advertisement , says Sarah Dowzell , COO at Natural HR.

Pro Tip: Check the job description for the administrative assistant position to make sure PDFs are OK. Some Applicant Tracking Systems can’t read PDF-formatted resumes. Then a Microsoft Word file may be preferred.

How many pages? Aim for a one-pager, but double-check if it’s your ideal resume length .

The reverse-chronological format is best for most admin assistant resumes. But there are better templates for career changers and admin assistants re-entering the workforce. This guide will show you what will work best for you: Resume Format: How to Format a Resume for a Dream Job

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary or Resume Objective

Whatever introduction you use, it should be catchy but chock-full of job-relevant skills and experience.

Who should use a resume objective for an administrative assistant resume?

Are you an experienced administrative assistant? Go for a  resume summary .

An administrative assistant resume objective is like an elevator pitch . It explains what skills you excel at and how you can prove yourself on the job:

Sample Resume Objective for Administrative Assistant (No Experience)

Here’s how entry-level administrative assistant resumes could begin:

But wait! The first example does mention experience!

Actually, both examples come from the same candidate. She was writing an admin assistant resume without experience in the industry .

In the right example, she included work experience relevant to the position. She got it through internships, freelancing, and in college. It's a success!

In the wrong example? Well, she simply called it quits and moved on.

Pro Tip: Writing a resume for an entry-level administrative assistant job? Brainstorm. Come up with relevant experience and skills from other jobs. If you have the time, do a quick internship or volunteer at a local not-for-profit. Get involved in on-campus activities.

An administrative assistant resume summary is a to-the-point highlight of your achievements and skills as an admin assistant.

A good summary will make the hiring manager think, “This is our savior!”

Examples of a Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Summary

Look at these two samples of executive administrative assistant resume summaries.

The right administrative assistant resume summary cuts to the chase. The hiring manager will want to call this skilled candidate ASAP.

This candidate has the experience. Delivered quantifiable results. No need to mention multitasking, it’s clear she’s a pro.

The wrong administrative assistant resume summary isn’t wrong wrong. It’s just like the mystery meat served at the canteen on your first job. It looks fine, but you’re clueless about specific ingredients ( How many years of experience? What’s their background? ). Some might like it, but only if they’re out of options.

Pro Tip: It’s easier to write a heading statement after you’ve finished the whole admin assistant resume. This way you’ll know exactly what to showcase in your summary or objective.

A heading statement works great on any administrative assistant resume template. With all the competition out there, you need to grab the employer’s attention ASAP. Pack that entry-level administrative assistant resume objective with relevant experience. Highlight your pedigree in your summary. These guides will show you how: How To Write A Resume Summary: 21 Best Examples You Will See and 20+ Resume Objective Examples - Use Them On Your Resume (Tips)

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check . Start building a  professional resume template here for free .

Create the perfect resume

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

How to Describe Administrative Experience on a Resume

Followed our advice on writing the best admin assistant resume summary/objective?

Great, the hiring manager will read on.

Time for the make or break part of your resume—the experience section.

Administrative Assistant Resume Samples—Experience

See the difference?

The right example of an administrative assistant’s resume will get any hiring manager’s seal of approval!

The wrong example of an administrative assistant’s resume?

It reads like a generic administrative assistant job description from Craigslist.

Listen, hiring managers know the responsibilities and duties of an administrative assistant. They wrote the job ad to hire new employees.

Curious how you can give your resume a boost like our candidate in the right example?

Here are the best tips for writing perfect administrative assistant job descriptions on a resume :

How to Write About Administrative Experience in a Resume

You really need to do this right.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that demand for secretaries and administrative assistants is not growing fast enough. But knowledge of office equipment is not enough. Fine-tune your experience section with help from this guide: How to List Work Experience on Your Resume [+20 Examples]

Having trouble making that administrative assistant entry-level resume shine? These guides will help you kick the employer’s doors wide open: Entry-Level Resume: Sample and Complete Guide [+20 Examples] and First Resume with No Work Experience Samples (A Step-by-Step Guide)

If you have worked on projects that required you to make use of your administrative skills, be sure to mention them. Internships matter. So does freelancing and volunteering . You can create an additional section that will surely change the status of your application from maybe to hell yes! : Resume Sections to Include on Your Resume: Guide (+20 Examples)

Action Words and Power Verbs for an Administrative Assistant Resume

Use these power words on your AA resume. See section 4. How to Put Skills on a Resume of this guide for more administrative assistant keywords.

Skills to  Put on an Administrative Resume

You’re well on your way to finishing the perfect administrative assistant resume.

Remember how jobs aren’t growing fast enough? That means competition.

Time to tip the scales in your favor and emphasize your administrative skills on the resume .

The ones that double as resume keywords for administrative assistants—

20+ Top Hard and Soft Skills for Administrative Assistant Resumes

A good admin assistant is like a Swiss Army knife—dependable and can do almost anything.

See the administrative assistant skills list above?

It combines soft skills , technical abilities, and problem-solving skills .

But don’t just copy and paste the whole thing into your resume. Pick your best abilities which mirror the requirements of the job ad. Match them to your previous jobs and mention them in bullet points describing your administrative duties.

Does the job listing require you to know something about accounting , managing communication , and be fluent in Spanish ?

For this candidate it’s check, check, and check. Look how she put these administrative skills on her resume:

Can’t quantify or prove your administrative skills through achievements?

Don’t worry, you can’t put a number on everything. List the remaining relevant skills in the skills section of your AA resume template.

Always highlight your command of foreign languages. Especially, if you’re a bilingual admin assistant.

Pro Tip: Want your admin assistant resume to start landing you interviews? Always write with the prospective employer’s needs in mind. Here’s a great guide to explain what we mean: 6 Tips on How to Tailor Your Resume to a Job Description (Examples)

Why do resume keywords matter? Your resume goes through an applicant tracking system—an app that puts non-relevant applicants on hold. Forever . Don’t let this happen to you. This guide will help you get straight to the recruiter: Resume Keywords To Use: Step-by-Step Guide [25+ Examples & Tips]

It’s not easy to come up with administrative skills on your own, so let us assist you: +30 Best Examples of What Skills to Put on a Resume (Proven Tips)

Is Your Education Section Underperforming? It Might Be

Just list the highest level of education and move on, right?

Not really.

Yes, a high school diploma works just fine on an entry-level administrative assistant resume.

For many executive administrative assistant resumes, you’ll need a bachelor of arts.

Either way, this is how to put education on an AA resume:

BA in Business Economics — 2012
State University of New York (SUNY)
Relevant coursework: Introduction to Managerial and Financial Accounting, Advanced English Composition.

It’s not just the degree, date, and the school’s name. Our candidate also listed coursework that matches the job requirements of the position.

Pro Tip: Whatever goes on the resume has to work in your favor. Use the education section to show off job-relevant knowledge and skills. If you’re a recent graduate with an almost perfect GPA, put it on your resume . In all other cases—don’t.

Still working on your degree? Just finished vocational training? Employers will appreciate this. Read our resume tips to find out how to put that education on your administrative assistant resume to wow them: How to Put Your Education on a Resume [Tips & Examples]

How About a Cover Letter for an Administrative Assistant?

You’ve got some serious communication skills , right?

Don’t do like the rest of your competition and just plonk communication skills in your administrative assistant skills list.

Prove them by writing a cover letter for the administrative assistant position.

For administrative assistant jobs, are cover letters necessary ?

Spoiler alert: Yes .

Approximately half of all recruiters expect to get a cover letter .

Don’t make them send you that thanks–but–no–thanks email the previous admin assistant wrote.

Write an administrative assistant cover letter that makes them think, “Wow! I need this candidate to write everything from now on!”

Aim for a short cover letter for your administrative assistant resume. Show you’ve got the skills, you know the company inside out, and provide them with an offer they can’t refuse.

Not sure what we mean? We’ve got you covered. Here’s our complete guide on how to write a cover letter that fits your perfect resume: Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample & Writing Guide

You can also see general cover letter writing tips here: How to Create a Cover Letter

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here.  Here's what it may look like:

matching set of resume and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

Want a sample to work from as you write your office assistant cover letter? See this guide:  Office Assistant Cover Letter: Sample & Full Writing Guide [20+ Tips]

Key Takeaway

So, to write a professional administrative assistant resume you need to follow these steps:

Resume writing can be a challenge. Do you have any questions on how to make an administrative resume shine? Want others to review your document? Give us a shout in the comments section!

Bart Turczynski

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administrative assistant resume template cascade

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Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Examples That Get Noticed

Use your skills and experience to create an administrative assistant cover letter that catches the attention of recruiters, hiring managers and employers.


Table of Contents

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

Administrative assistant cover letter sample, what is an administrative assistant cover letter, administrative assistant cover letter format, faq: administrative cover letter.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

Your contact information section should start with your own: your full name, address, phone number, email address, and relevant online professional portfolio links, such as LinkedIn. You should then follow it up with your hiring manager’s contact information, which should include similar items: their name, company name and address, and the company phone number. If you do not know the recruiter’s name, then you can omit this.

Since you are applying to a professional position, you want to keep your greeting professional as well. A simple “Dear Mr./Mrs.” will suffice. If you do not know your hiring manager’s name, try to research the person you will be speaking to.

The body of your cover letter should consist of three concise paragraphs. Your first paragraph should state your career purpose straight away, and make it clear why you want this job. Your first paragraph is key in grabbing your recruiter’s attention and where you sell your enthusiasm and passion for the position.

Much like your greeting, your sign-off should be short and sweet. “Sincerely” and “Thank you” are some great examples.

Q: What skills should I cover in my cover letter?

Q: How is a cover letter different from a resume?

Resumes give recruiters more of an overview of your previous experiences and other accomplishments. Cover letters are different in that they allow you to speak directly to your job recruiters and highlight the most essential experiences and skills that you have developed that will help you stand out from other competitors. In short, it is a way to pitch to your recruiters why you should be hired. ResumeHelp has loads of cover letter samples and cover letter tips to help you get started on your own.

Q: How long should my cover letter be?

Cover letters should never be more than a page long. This should include all of your contact information as well as your body paragraphs, so make sure that you keep your cover letter concise and to the point.


Move your cover letter to the top of the yes pile!

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Resume Example

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter | Examples & Tips

Average score for this template.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter (EN)-Budapest.pdf

However, the application can be quite daunting, and you will need to produce and submit an administrative assistant cover letter in order to surpass the other candidates.

If this all sounds like a lot of work to take on, don’t worry —we’re here to help. Throughout this guide, we will be outlining everything you need to know about writing an administrative assistant cover letter, providing you with examples, tips, and tricks to help you get started. Read on to find out more!

Administrative assistant cover letter example

Name: Jack Johson Email: [email protected] Contact Number: +1 234 567 89 Application: Administrative Assistant at Microsoft Ltd.

Dear Mr. Woods,

I am writing this cover letter in support of my application to the position of administrative assistant at Microsoft Ltd. Having read through the job description, I am excited to be applying for this position as my skills, experience, and educational history seem to be an excellent match for what you are seeking.

I am currently employed at Gibralta Computing, and have an excellent professional relationship with my workmates and CEO, acting as a leader and support pillar for the team. I have helped lead the team in migrating from an analog paperwork administrative system to a digital system, presenting solutions for office efficiency and planning primarily. My efforts have increased the efficiency of my office both in terms of time and finances, saving the company over $5,000 per year in expenses and many hours of repetitive work. To summarize my key responsibilities throughout this job, I have listed the following three bullet points:

While my resume provides more thorough detail into my career achievements and daily job responsibilities, the aforementioned bullet points may be representative of the requirements highlighted within the job role.

I am very interested in having an opportunity to join your team at Microsoft, and I am confident that I will be able to use my skills to help maintain an efficient and stress-free administration team for your senior workers. I look forward to speaking with you more about this opportunity.

Sincerely, Jack Johnson

How to write a cover letter for an administrative assistant

We hope that that assistant cover letter example helps give you an idea of what you should aim for in your document. As you can see, it’s actually pretty simple, but it is important to follow a structure.

The structure of your cover letter should consist of four key parts – contact Information, introduction, body paragraphs, and a closing statement. While this represents a pretty universal structure for writing cover letters, you will need to ensure that yours is personalized specifically toward an administrative assistant job.

This means:  you should bring up your current achievements  , administrative duties, scheduling responsibilities, business experience, and other relevant experiences. Now, let’s take a deep dive into each section of the cover letter, step by step.

Administrative assistant cover letter

Start your administrative assistant cover letter with the header

As you can see in the example above, you need to begin your administrative assistant cover letter with a header (also known as a heading). This is pretty simple to do —you will simply need to start by writing the date that you are applying for the job, your contact information (such as name, professional email address, and phone number)—. Lastly, the job position that you are applying for.

As simple as that, but let’s see how to do it correcty.

Name: Harry Smith Email: [email protected] Contact Number: +1 234 567 89 Application: Administrative Assistant at Dempack Ltd..

Name: Jennifer Harris Email: [email protected] Contact Number: +1 234 567 89 Application: Administrative Assistant at Snapchat Co.

Open your administrative assistant cover letter introducing yourself

Now that you’ve provided context to your prospective employer with a header, it’s now time to get started on the bulk of the document. This will begin as all great documents do – with an introductory paragraph.

This section should:

Correct example

I am writing this cover letter in support of my application to the position of administrative assistant at Yunbar Offices. I was very thrilled to come across this job opportunity, I come from an office-based administration environment and felt that my skills match the job description perfectly.

As you can see in this example, the applicant has approached the reader directly, outlined their intent to apply for the job, expressed enthusiasm for the job, and concisely explained why they believe they are fit for the job.

Incorrect example

While I am not particularly passionate about being an administrative assistant, I think that I should be able to work with the skills that you require.

Let’s see what’s wrong here

It should be pretty obvious as to why this is an incorrect example of an introductory paragraph:  it is informal, does not directly specify that it supports a job application, and most importantly is not concise  . It provides too much information early on regarding skills, while demonstrating a lack of enthusiasm for the job. Keep things simple, introduce yourself, and briefly outline why you want the job —save the rest for later sections.

Explain why you are the best administrative assistant for the job

Now that you have introduced yourself, you will want to explain to the hiring manager in more detail why you believe you are the best administrative assistant for the job.

Here you can discuss your current or past relevant experiences, outline major skills that are required for the job, and even dive into specific responsibilities that you have held and believe are transferable to the job. You shouldn’t be bragging or overselling yourself here – simply explain what you are sufficient at, the experience you currently have, and why this is applicable to the job.

This is not a very good example of explaining why the candidate is suitable for the job: it’s vague, informal, and does not provide enough detail in regards to the job. Other than a couple of general keywords, it is difficult to understand exactly what the candidate achieved at their current workplace and why it would be useful to the new job.

Finish your administrative assistant cover letter with a Call to Action (CTA)

Now that you have written both your introductory paragraph and explained why you are suitable for the job, it’s time to write what we call a ‘call to action’ (CTA). This is where you directly suggest to your potential employers that they follow up on your application, encouraging them to get in touch and give you a second look.

Correct examples

This is a particularly strong example as it demonstrates enthusiasm within the candidate to follow up on their claims. They are essentially inviting themselves to an interview in order to get to know the company better and demonstrate their professional abilities in detail.

How to boost your CTA

cover letter for administative assistant

The farewell: close your cover letter professionally

Now that you’ve left the employer with a strong CTA, it’s time to finish up your cover letter. It’s going to be essential that this final section is strong – it could leave a lasting impression on your employer and is thus equally as important as the introductory section.

How to finish your letter

There aren’t many ways of finishing your letter professionally – you are limited to just one or two options. Here are two simple yet effective examples of how you can professionally finish your cover letter:

David Jones

Yours Sincerely,

Jeniffer Altock

What you have to avoid

You should always avoid any informal or emotional language when finishing your cover letter. Some classic mistakes include using finishing statements such as:

You should also avoid following this finishing statement with a first name. Always use your full name when signing off a cover letter.

Tips to improve your administrative assistant cover letter

Now that we’ve covered every individual section for your administrative assistant cover letter, let’s take a look at some final tips to improve the document.

Keep it Concise and Snappy

Once you have completed your admin assistant cover letter, you should read over everything that you have written to ensure that it is high quality. You don’t just want to outline why you are fit for the job with waffly language, but you want to do it in a way that is punchy and makes a powerful statement. Read the entire document out loud to get some perspective into how your employer will read the document – it’s one of the best tips I’ve ever come across.

Proofread your Work

It goes without saying that you should always proofread your cover letter before submitting it – there’s nothing that says ‘red flag’ like some informal vocabulary, inappropriate punctuation or typos. Use proofreading software to ensure that everything is in check, or even pass the document on to a friend or family to get a second look – it can never hurt!

We’ve already mentioned this a few times, but we cannot emphasize it enough – be direct when you are writing your cover letter. Sure, being overly direct in life is not always a good thing, but trust us – when it comes to applying for jobs, it will make you stand out. Assert your confidence and do not shy away from the CTAs, they are going to make a big difference.

Reinforce your cover letter with an administrative assistant resume

While a cover letter for an administrative assistant position is essential, you will have no chance of getting the job if your resume isn’t strong too. Always make sure that you support your cover letter by going into greater detail on your resume. For example, if you briefly mention a particular responsibility that you had with a company on your cover letter, you should outline this in deeper detail on your resume.

Resumes are generally held up more by bullet points and information, whereas cover letters are where you can reference this information and use it to sell yourself as an employee.

So, to stand out in every hiring process, you should also prepare an outstanding administrative assistant resume.

This way, your application will be solid and the hiring manager will be anxious to invite you to an interview

Key points: writing an outstanding cover letter from zero

To finish things off, let’s summarise all of the points covered so far when it comes to writing your cover letter from scratch. Keep these to hand, and we’re sure that you will be writing fantastic supporting cover letters for administrative positions in no time!

Other Templates

Job-Winning Software Development Engineer Resume

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Stationary Engineer Resume Writing Guide With Examples, Templates & Tips

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Shoe Salesman Resume that Lands the Most Jobs (Tips+Examples)

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Privacy overview.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

An administrative assistant is a professional who provides support and assistance to managers, employees, and office visitors by managing and disbursing information within the office. He is in charge of sending and receiving correspondence, as well as greeting clients. He is required to be good at multitasking with good communication skills and an upbeat attitude.

Worried about drafting an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter ? Refer to our sample template to prepare a well-written cover letter. If you are in a hurry, use our automatic generator to create the perfect cover letter.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter example

What to Include in a Administrative Assistant Cover Letter?

Roles and responsibilities.

The primary responsibility of an Administrative Assistant includes providing administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the office. An Administrative Assistant makes sure that all the interactions between the organization and their counterparts are productive and positive. He handles office tasks and anticipates the needs of others to ensure a positive experience.

Education & Skills

In addition to meeting the required qualification(s), an Administrative Assistant cover letter should include the following skills :

Successful cover letters for an Administrative Assistant often mention the following qualification(s):

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

I write in response to the advertisement featured on your official website, seeking an Administrative Assistant. My expertise aligns perfectly with the qualifications required by your company. I believe that my 5 years of relevant experience and associated skillset match the requirements of the job profile.

[XXX Company] doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of the most prominent companies in the fintech market, catering to the financial needs of numerous startups by leveraging technology. I am amazed by the exponential growth of the company in the last few years, and it would be a great opportunity for me to be a part of your company.

I have been working as the Head Administrative Assistant in [XXX Company] for the past 4 years. I am tasked with the responsibility of handling inquiries related to public relations and fostering favorable media. connections. Some of the highlights of my career are:

I possess strong communication, interpersonal, and administrative skills. I am skilled at multitasking with the ability to improvise based on what the situation demands.

The opportunity in your company is an exciting prospect that would help me enhance my skills. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

The tone in which the Administrative Assistant Cover Letter is written should express an appealing attitude as it is one of the most sought-after qualities in an Administrative Assistant. Your cover letter and resume should help the recruiting manager understand why you are the best fit for the role. Use our Administrative Assistant Resume Sample to create the ideal resume.


Customize Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Get hired faster with our free cover letter template designed to land you the perfect position.

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Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant: Kick Start Your Career

cover letter administrative assistant

So, do you consider yourself a legendary admin? When applying for a position that is high in demand, you don’t want your administrative assistant cover letter to become a rejected one. Moreover, you have only between 10 and 30 seconds to impress the socks off a recruiter .

The competition-ridden market can cause you to push the envelope with your administrative assistant resume, and cover letter. Mastering the art of writing a stellar cover letter is essential if you want to win the attention of the recruiter.

How fast can yours catch the recruiter’s attention?

According to the Ladders, you have 6 seconds only to catch the attention of an employer with your resume.

What Administrative Assistants Do?

Administrative assistants are the lifeblood of nearly every industry. According to some studies, 60 percent of the managers claim that their company’s administrative professionals are valued more today than they were 10 years ago. And only 17 percent of company leaders are sure that their admin pros are less appreciated than they were a decade ago.

As with most front office jobs, administrative assistants spend a lot of time typing, filing, or photocopying. As a savvy professional, take care that your cover letter comprises the facts about your proactive approach. Prove that you are not easily distracted by things like Google jungles and it will help distinguish you from the pack.

If you need help with your cover letter, ask our cover letter writers to assist you with it.

To be successful in your job, the organization is the skill that can distinguish you from a sea of applicants. Well, nearly 40 percent of company leaders value time management as the key skill they want their assistants to have.

Apart from social and analytical skills, the ability to create a positive office culture becomes another critical element for admin pros. Let the cat out of the bag, and prove that namely your social and analytical skills are critical to the company’s success. At least show that you can think on your feet.

Demonstrate that you can adapt to changing situations and give a lift to the entire team by let’s say introducing new tools and processes that promote efficiency. So, if you’ve ever thought about applying for an administrative assistant position, your cover letter must prove that you are able to handle emergencies with finesse.

Yet, a job-winning cover letter for an administrative assistant can prove you are a professional that businesses can’t do without. Besides, once you can show that you are a wizard behind the company’s curtains, your salary can go up to $60,000 per year. That’s nice, right?

No secret that many businesses cut back on staff. As a result, the role of the administrative assistant becomes more challenging . When it comes to the average salary, things are not quite nice. Determined by the geographic location, education, industry & even gender, the male salary is around $40,245 while the average female salary is $34,521.

Skills to Include in Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant

For high school graduates, it‘s easy to apply for the job of an administrative assistant even with no experience in hand. Make sure your entry-level administrative assistant cover letter is right in front of you. Keep it perfect and entirely error-free.

According to Nace Job Outlook, 2017, 91% of employers claim that work experience matters, while 65% of them will give a chance to the candidates with relevant work experience. So, how long is your work experience?

When checking a myriad of cover letter examples for an administrative assistant, avoid mediocre ones. Try to ensure that yours is well-written and unique. Remember, there’s no silver bullet. You want your entry-level cover letter to stand out for all the right reasons. Make sure it doesn’t have that one-fits-all, generic feel.

Considering that administrative assistants need to interact with the public, good communication and social skills are crucial. Explain how the increased use of technology and automation helped you achieve better results. Connect the dots between your skills and your achievements. The more memorable your administrative assistant resume cover letter, the better the chance to land an interview.

Are you ready to meet each challenge directly? Let your administrative assistant’s cover letter shows this .

Before you begin formatting and creating your cover letter, do some research. Go beyond just reading the administrative assistant job description. Figure out the challenges the company is facing and where they see their growth sectors.

Do not simply show that you’re qualified, make the case that you’re more qualified than all the other administrative assistant applicants. Make clear what distinguishes you from the sea of applicants.

That’s a good rule of thumb to check administrative assistant cover letter examples before starting to write yours.

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Read administrative assistant job descriptions and cover letter samples and use them to your benefit. Find as much information about the company as you can. Once the research is done, you will have a solid sense of what skills the recruiter is searching for.

Make sure your administrative assistant cover letter sounds professional. The cover letters that prove you are the perfect fit, sound more personalized. Want the recruiter to read your resume? An ambitious cover letter for an administrative assistant is your safe bet.

According to the American Sociological Review, not using your professional skills can hurt your administrative assistant resume, and cover letter as much as one year of unemployment.

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What Should an Appeal Cover Letter Administrative Assistant Contain?

Want to have a much better chance of clinching your administrative assistant job interview against the competition? The better move is to let the cat out of the bag.

Right in the first sentence of your cover letter, state why you’re excited about the job and why you’re the right fit. Make your cover letter memorable and noticed above those that simply spam their cover letters at all and sundry.

A well-written cover letter will spark a recruiter’s interest and make his/her eyes glaze over. That’s why tailoring your cover letter for an administrative assistant job is your best shot at getting noticed. It can really make a difference.

Include what you’ve accomplished before. Show how it directly translates to meeting the company’s needs. And at the end of the day, it can give your leg up on the competition.

Pay especially close attention to the department you’d like to join. Including some notes of the areas that you know you can contribute to is key to success. Let the recruiter know how you’re going to provide a boost for the company.

Well, when you feel like you’ve tried everything, the thing you’ve likely missed is the story. Sure, your story is just what you need if you want to break down the barriers that stand between you and your goals.

No matter whether you need to write an executive administrative assistant cover letter or medical administrative assistant cover letter, your story matters in all types of cover letters. Telling the story of how you can find the problem and solve it for the company is your win-win strategy.

Where to Find Resume Cover Letter Sample for Administrative Assistant Position?

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Cover letter writing got you in a tizzy? Try to up your game with an outstanding sample cover letter for an administrative assistant. You can also call on an experienced letter writer online to help write a professional administrative assistant cover letter.

In general, the online market offers you an abundance of cover letter samples, both for experienced and non-experienced applicants. For first-time job seekers, checking administrative assistant cover letter samples is the fastest way to land more interviews.

Have a look at different administrative assistant cover letters with no experience before you begin your job. Consider some basic guidelines in mind when you have little or no prior experience. The reason is obvious, in fact. The aim of your administrative assistant cover letter with no experience is to persuade the recruiter to read your resume. So, ensure you make it memorable.

Get your hands on an administrative assistant cover letter sample. Feel free to use it as supporting material when creating yours.

Still, have questions? Go with this resume cover letter sample for an administrative assistant. Take time to get some ideas. Make the next step in your career kick-starting.

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