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15+ Project Case Study Examples & Templates

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project case study template

free project case study template

1. Start Writing About Your Case Studies

2. organize and include captions in your images/thumbnails, 3. write in your voice, 4. write like you are writing a magazine feature, 5. proofread, more design, 9+ case brief examples - pdf examples, free 8+ real estate market analysis examples & templates ..., 50+ report examples - pdf, free 34+ financial analysis examples & samples in pdf google ..., 9+ business systems analysis examples - pdf examples, 11+ handover report examples - pdf, docs, word examples, 8+ case summary examples - doc, pdf examples, 13+ business analysis report examples - pdf, word examples, 7+ medical case study templates and examples examples, 8+ clinical case study templates and templates examples, 6+ quantitative analysis examples - pdf examples, 14+ concept notes examples - pdf examples, related articles.

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PM Solutions is a project management consulting firm that helps PMO, project, and business leaders apply project and portfolio management practices that drive performance and operational efficiency.

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Project management case studies, featured case studies, project management case studies & examples.

PM Solutions has a proven experience in providing solutions to a broad range of markets. Our project management case studies cover a wide variety of needs across a number of industries.

Bold EPMO Value Improvement for Insurance Company Preferred Mutual Comes from Process Agility and Innovation

“With agile & organizational change, we have reached out for professional assistance to improve.” — Michele Graham, SVP, Strategic Services

Improvements in Project and Portfolio Management Yield Immediate Returns

Dramatic increases in project execution capabilities and productivity resulted in $900,000 of operational cost avoidance during the current budget year.

We have a vested interest in demonstrating that the project management consulting services we provide actually improve our clients’ business performance in measurable ways. Here’s how.

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PM Solutions is a project management services firm helping organizations apply project management and PMO practices to improve business performance.

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PMtexts by Kathy Schwalbe

This site provides great, free information about project management. it includes links to many free resources, templates, videos, pmp information, articles, etc. it also provides information about kathy schwalbe's books (it project management, an introduction to project management, and healthcare project management)., example cases.

General case studies:

Agile/Team building/Prototyping activities and cases:

Also look at the simulation software options.

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MPMM Method123 Project Management Methodology

Project Management Examples

MPMM Project Management Methodology

Project Management Example Case Study

MPMM includes an entire suite of project management examples which give you practical, hands-on examples of managing successful projects.

Each example provides a project management case study describing how a project was managed, the challenges faced and the tips and tricks used to deliver the project successfully. By reading the extensive suite of examples included within MPMM, you will advance your project management knowledge and skill set.

Project Examples

The example case studies included in MPMM help you to perform:

More than 30 comprehensive project management example case studies describe how to undertake every activity within the Project Life Cycle. These examples will:

Initiation Examples

MPMM TM includes a suite of examples which help you to initiate projects, by defining the business case, undertaking a feasibility study, completing a project charter, recruiting the project team and setting up a Project Office. The following topics are described in depth, within the Project Initiation Example suite:

Planning Examples

After defining the project and appointing the project team, you're ready to enter the detailed Project Planning phase. This involves creating a suite of planning deliverables to help guide your team through project delivery. The following topics are described in depth, within the Project Planning Example suite:

Execution Examples

Execution is the phase within which the deliverables are physically built and presented to the customer for final acceptance. While each deliverable is being constructed, a suite of management processes are undertaken to monitor and control the deliverables being output by the project. These processes help you manage time, cost, quality, change, risks, issues, suppliers, customers and communication. The following project management examples will help you to execute projects efficiently:

Closure Examples

Project Closure involves releasing the final deliverables to the customer, handing over project documentation to the business, terminating supplier contracts, releasing project resources and communicating project closure to all project stakeholders. The last remaining step is to undertake a Post Implementation Review, to measure the level of project success and identify any lessons learned for future projects. The following project management examples will help you to complete these closure tasks quickly and efficiently:

MPMM Project Management Methodologies

Professional Edition

So if you want to view project management examples and case studies to see first hand how other projects have been completed, then click on the "Free Trial" button. Each example helps you boost your project management knowledge.

"I love your project management examples included in MPMM. They really give me a feel for what it's like at the coal face and how to implement projects properly."

Jeremy Hallinan, Project Consultant Wekacel Sytems


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