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The Best Man Speech How can I help?

The Best Man Speech should be a pleasure and a privilege, but at the moment maybe it’s not feeling like that! It’s your one chance to stand up and celebrate the groom in a really entertaining way, at the same time letting the world know just what he means to you. Not an easy task.

Chances are you’re not used to writing creatively, aren’t sure where to find the humour, haven’t got much to go on, or don’t know where to begin. That’s where I come in…I write bespoke speeches for people all over the world, just like you, who simply want to make the most of this very special occasion. After all, it’s with you for life!

So, if you’d like to talk about the bespoke speech service I’d love to hear from you!

professional best man speech writer

My verified reviews

The bespoke speech service.

Every speech is completely unique and individual

There are  no internet jokes  and nothing you’ve heard before

Unlimited Editing and support  from the minute you commission me.

There is a  one off fee  depending on the level of service, and that can give you  unlimited ‘ me ‘  until you deliver the speech

It is a completely  DISCREET  service – nobody will ever know you’ve used me

Every speech is written to  sound like you  wrote it  – but on a really good day !

This is the only speech writing service that runs an independent  Google verified review system

Last Minute Deadlines  are no problem


I take a great deal of pride in writing the very best speeches, and I’m always happy to talk through your speech with you.

Things You Need To Know When Writing The Speech

A little is a good idea to steady the ship. Too much is the worst idea you’re ever going to have.

Use one! All wedding venues have dreadful acoustics. Don’t make life difficult for the guests, let them hear you.

Don’t try to memorise the speech or you will go insane. Keep reading it and then boil it down to prompt cards.

Never under five minutes, never over ten.

It’s not Saturday Night Live. Keep things daft but not edgy and you’ll have everyone laughing.

Don’t mention the bridesmaids, don’t thank anyone. It’s your job to be funny, nothing else. A toast to the happy couple at the end.

Shaky Hands

Even super confident guys wobble on the day. If you’re reading out from sheets, attach them to a clipboard to hide the shaky hands.


Now is not the time for a quick review of the groom’s love life.

What To Avoid

The Stag weekend  – you might still be buzzing from a weekend in Krakow, and have made some interesting new friends and gained life changing experiences, but it’s incredibly dull to listen to. Mentioning the stag weekend will make a handful of guys laugh and just come across as boorish and exclusive. The aim of the game is to make everyone laugh.

Fake Telegrams  – This one is the perennial favourite of the best man who has completely run out of things to say, and is about as funny as a punch to the head. Delivering a fake email message from the Ping Pong Strip Club in Bangkok is one of the oldest and most unfunny insert into any best man speech.

Bridesmaids  – some best men, buoyed up by a little alcohol and a disproportionate sense of bravado feel inclined to mention the bridesmaids in a lewd and disparaging way. We are now living in the modern world and offering to become their latest conquest is always route 1 to disaster.

Alcohol  – this isn’t to be avoided but used in extreme moderation. Drinking for self-confidence all too often results in catastrophic consequences. A couple of drinks in the run up is fine, but any more than that and your performance will be badly affected.

Swearing  – most weddings are family occasions for all ages, so swearing is absolutely not acceptable. It’s quite possible to be really funny and emphasise a point without resorting to the F word, and doing so will only ever make you look crass and inappropriate.

Sexual Innuendo  – this is another common howler of a mistake. Intimating any form of sexual performance, be it in the past, or indeed involving the bride later on, is a complete no-no.

Ice Breakers  –  these are the scripted gags from the internet that have been round the block a million times and are designed to warm up the crowd. The only thing is they’re never funny, and so delivering an age old joke that won’t get a laugh is possibly the most counterproductive way to start your speech.

Being The Best Man  – this speech is about the groom, not you, and so I couldn’t care less about how you felt when you were appointed or what you’ve had to put up with. It’s always just filler material for people low on content or imagination.

How They Met  – you have to bear in mind that you’re coming after the groom, who will have almost certainly covered this area. The last thing you want to experience as best man is seeing chunks of your speech covered by others.

Ex Girlfriends  – yes, it may seem obvious to many of you but this is by far and a way the most common error made in Best Man Speeches. The wedding day is really about one person: the bride. Mentioning former love interests, no matter how flippant you think it might be, will only seek to upset her. It never works in any way, shape or form. Don’t go there.

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professional best man speech writer

How To Deliver the Speech

You can have a great speech but it will all come to nothing if you can’t land it on the day. Here are my thoughts on the three main delivery methods.

1. Memorise the whole speech – this is not for the feint hearted and as best men are normally manically busy finding the time to devote to it proves tricky. Also you tend to focus on recalling the speech so much that genuine performance is affected. A mental block can prove catastrophic.

2. Cue Cards – this is probably the most popular way for most best man speeches and does work really well, but you have to know it inside out. Keep reading it every spare minute you have and it will cement itself in your mind. Remember the key words that make a joke sing.

3. Reading from a sheet – Contrary to what some may say, this can work really well. There are just a few things you need to bear in mind: speak as slowly and purposefully as possible, lots of pauses and LOADS of eye contact. Make sure you have something to rest the sheets on as they will be flapping around like crazy if you don’t. 

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professional best man speech writer


Your wedding speech doesn’t have to suck

We make your speech the toast of the night., be what wedding speech dreams are made of. let us help you prepare for your 15 minutes of wedding fame so you have a chance at becoming a wedding speech legend..


Client Testimonials

Literally a dozen people came up to me and said it was the best best man speech that they had ever heard. In fact, the only time the bride cried during the entire wedding was during my speech--thank you SO SO much!

The speech was a big hit, many compliments from wedding guests i had never even met before. the bride and groom were very appreciative as well., i've contracted patricia twice now for help on toasts. both resulted in the best toast at the wedding. every single person approached me to congratulate me and asked questions on things i spoke about. if you absolutely need your wedding speech to be perfect and want to enjoy the moment with confidence, just book with best man speech writer. you and the other people at the wedding will be grateful and never forget it., first off, thank you so much for all your help. it was truly a pleasure to work with you. most importantly, the speech was fantastic i received constant compliments on it all night. your services were incredibly helpful. it actually went so well that two of my other friends asked me at the wedding to speak at their weddings. so, i hope to work with you again in the future..

— Michael M.

This is so wonderful! Thank you so so much for all of your help--I will definitely be using you again in the future.

Best man speech writer took a draft of my father-of-the-bride speech and converted it into a speech that fully embraced my message and feelings about my daughter. to those that know me, the final product sounded and felt like it was truly me speaking, while hitting the right notes with bride and groom. many of my daughter's friends (and also people my age) came to me afterwards to tell me how they had sensed the love and bond between her and me. best man speech writer made my message sound professional and never sacrificed the content., you've done it again it's great i had my wife take a look as well and she loved it., i had to report back and tell you that i totally crushed the speech. i even forgot a line and so many people came up to me to tell me what amazing speech it was and how well i delivered it i really cannot thank you enough for your wonderful service and help with this project. i could not have done it without you. if i ever need to deliver any spoken remarks in the future or know anyone else who does, i will be getting in touch with you honestly among the best and smartest money i ever spent., i nailed it my now-wife and everyone else said it was the highlight of the night. i truly appreciate your help, especially being so last minute. you really helped me clean up the speech and love all the cues and delivery tips, being chosen as a best man is definitely a bittersweet moment, very proud before the realization of public speaking sets in. best man speech writer helped me through the "scary part" of the day. my speechwriter's experiene definitely made my day stress free. i received numerous congraulatory comments from guests and the reason being is that my speechwriter was able to write something personal and original that the audience had not heard of before., what is best man speech writer.

Short answer: We help folks prepare their wedding speech.

Long answer: We write speeches given at weddings and have worked with the wedding host, maid of honor, father of the bride, mother of the groom, and, of course, the best man. We handle the dirty work of writing our clients’ toast so they can focus on bigger, better responsibilities that come with their role.

Sarcastic answer: Dedicated to making sure your speech doesn’t suck is what we are.

How will my speech be "my" speech?

Every speech we write is tailored to our client and the stories they share with us.

I'm not the Best Man---can you help me?

Of course! If your speech will be given at a wedding, we can help you. Here’s a list of our services .

How far in advance should I book a service?

Sooner rather than later would be our suggestion and we have had clients book us as early as three years out but this is a personal decision.

I need my speech like yesterday---can you still help me?

We offer an expedited version of our services. Contact us to find out if we can work with your wedding date.

Can you write a speech in another language besides English?

We're embarrassingly monolingual so our services are available in English only.

What are your fees?

Our a la carte services are priced at a flat rate and range from $25 to $575. The services also range by level and type of help you want so choose the service that best suit your needs. Check out our list of services here .

Contact us.

We respond to all inquiries within 2 business days.

We observe all U.S. federal holidays and will be closing the studio during these dates:

January 1-15, 2023

September 1-30, 2023

December 15, 2023 to January 15, 2024

Thanks for reaching out, You’ll hear from us via email soon.

THGM Writing Services

Best writers & ghostwriters for hire in 2023

The perfect best man speech help

How do we write a great best man speech? We write it from scratch. We make it 100% personal. No template. No sample from another wedding. Our best man speech help is a custom service, just for you and the bride and groom.

We have writers who understand that a wedding is a special occasion, that all eyes will be on you. They know that your job is not to shine for yourself, but to shine by how you honor the bride and groom.

Best man speech help

Our best man speech writing service will help you deliver a smoother, better appreciated best man toast that guests will remember for all the right reasons.

A good best man speech is:

If you are unsure how to write the ideal speech for your role as best man or groomsman, we can help you. Just fill in the form on this page and let us know all about the approaching wedding and the best man speech help you need.

THGM President David Leonhardt received the “Distinguished Toastmaster” award – the highest recognition Toastmasters International bestows. Who better to be writing the perfect best man speech for you?

Praise for our speech writers

As you might imagine, our clients are never left speechless. Here are a few nice things they have to say our professional speech writers. ( Read more testimonials here. )

Aaron – satisfied best man from California

>Thanks for helping to organize my thoughts and put them on paper. … Thanks again for all your help. While I had an idea for what I wanted to express, your help in getting it structured was a big help.

Mike – satisfied best man from Illinois

This is great, David. I love the narrative and how you tied everything together. I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Mark – satisfied best man from Virginia

This sounds awesome! I really like the improvements you have made. I’m going to practice reading it a few times and see if anything needs to be tweaked.

Dan – satisfied best man from Arizona

This is an excellent draft. I think anything that I would like changed would have to come from me at this point in order to make the speech my own. I want to thank you again for your efforts and for helping me be more confident in the speech I will be giving.

You will have some fantastic words to say – both at your next speech, and when it’s over.

Why people hire a best man speech writing service

People who rarely give speeches often need help when they are asked to speak at a wedding. Here are some of the top reasons we have heard from our clients over the years.

Why hire a best man speech writing service? Because you don’t know where to start. Because you don’t want a canned speech. Because you are not comfortable with speaking. Because you are too close to the subject. Because you want to deliver the best speech possible.

You hire a best man speech ghostwriter because you don’t know where to start.

This might be the most common reason to hire a best man wedding speechwriter. You’ve never given a speech, and there is so much to talk about. But you can’t think of anything, or you just don’t know where to start.

That’s not a problem. Give us the information we need, and we’ll know where to start. We have questions for you, as you will see below. Answer the questions, and we’ll get started on a custom wedding speech that is personal, authentic and as humorous or emotional as you want it to be.

You hire a professional best man speechwriter because you don’t want a canned speech.

You could just deliver a canned speech from the Internet. But that’s no way to honor the bride or the groom. You want your moment in the spotlight to be a personal message to the people you love.

When you hire a best man wedding speech ghostwriter, your speech is written from scratch. It’s personal and authentic, a moment the happy couple will treasure forever.

You hire a good best man speech writer because you are not comfortable with speaking.

Most people, including groomsmen, are not all that comfortable speaking. It’s OK to be shy, but when you are asked to be the best man , you might not have a choice. And when you are the father of the groom or the father of the bride, it’s hard to decline a request to say a few words.

When people are shy to speak, they are often also uncomfortable drafting their speech. That’s when hiring a wedding speechwriter makes sense. A well-written best man speech or father of the bride speech gives you confidence to deliver the speech — to do the speaking.

You hire a best man speechwriter because you are too close to the subject.

Some people have a hard time talking about people they are close to, even themselves. Job interviews become challenging when the spotlight is on them. Best man speeches and father of the groom speeches are challenges for the same reason.

What do I say?

What do I leave out?

How do I know this is really a good best man speech?

Why is it so easy to talk with friends about sports or recipes or the movie you saw last night, but so hard to find the words to speak about a person you care for?

Hiring a wedding speech ghostwriter is a smart strategy to help find the right words, to choose what works well in a speech and what doesn’t.

You hire a best man speech writing service because you want to deliver the best speech possible.

Not everybody is shy or struggling to find the words. Some people could actually draft a fairly good best man speech themselves. But they want better. They want an expert to help polish the words or build on their thoughts.

That is the real value in seeking best man speech help from a writing service like ours. We are happy to help you reach a higher level.

How to find a great best man speech writer for hire

We can help. We love adding to the joy of a wedding. For a free quote on ghostwriting the perfect best man speech or any other wedding speech help, tap or click the red button to the right.

How to work with a best man speechwriter

Working with a best man wedding speech ghostwriter is pretty easy. You supply the information, they do all the work. You ask for revisions…and they do all the work again. Writing a good best man speech or a maid-of-honor speech couldn’t be easier.

Think about the qualities of the bride or groom.

This speech is about the bride or groom…or both. It’s about who they are so far and who they will be in the future. This is a major life moment. It calls for a true look into what makes them who they are.

That means values and personality.

Everything we do is based on our values and personality, fundamental qualities that transcend events and moments. A good best man speech will reflect those qualities.

Think about the best stories about the bride or groom.

What makes life interesting are those funny moments, or those moments of courage. These little stories cast a light on the bride or groom and help us know them better and relate to them better. The perfect best man speech is built on stories.

One of the keys to working with a best man speech writing service is to dig deep for those stories. Never mind about how you word it; your ghostwriter will find the words for you.

Decide how you want to handle humor.

Humor is a tricky thing. Not everybody can pull it off. And not everybody can pull off all kinds of humor. Before you find a best man speechwriter, decide how you want to handle humor.

Answer all our questions.

We have some questions for you. The more completely you answer them, the better. Most people are very good at answering the questions about the people. But they often skimp on the anecdotes. Five or six anecdotes are best. That way, there surely will be two or three that fit nicely into the speech. Sometimes we’ll use more.

Here are the questions we ask before writing a best man speech. If we are writing a maid-of-honor speech, some of the questions will change a bit. Same thing when writing father of the bride speeches or father of the groom speeches. And we ask slightly different questions if this is an LGBTQ wedding . But these questions will give you an idea:

What does a best man speech writer need to know from me? How do you know the groom? How well do you know the groom’s family? How well do you know the bride? Her family? Are there other people you really should mention in the speech? What personal anecdotes that you really want to mention? How is the groom’s life about to change? Are there any cultural or family sensitivities you should avoid? What personal advice do you wish to share with the couple? What is your comfort level with humor? What style of humor? Anything else your speechwriter should know?

The most important question for writing a good best man speech is question #5. That really is the meat of most wedding speeches.

How to find a best man speech ghostwriter for hire

For a free quote on ghostwriting your perfect best man speech, tap or click the red button to the right.

Great best man speech writers for hire

Best writers for the best man – we are eager to help you deliver a truly praiseworthy speech. If you are looking for help with your best man speech, let us know about the wedding and your initial thoughts by sending us the the form on this page .

FIVE QUESTIONS THIS PAGE IS MEANT TO ANSWER I have agreed to be the best man. Can you help me with my speech? (ANSWER: We have helped many others, and we can help you. Best man speech help on it’s way!) What do I need to do? (ANSWER: Just fill in the the form on this page . We will have a few questions for you.) How much does it cost to write a best man speech? (ANSWER: It depends on many factors. A five-minute speech usually costs about US$200. Please fill in the form on this page for a free quote.) Help! I waited to the last minute. Can you help? (ANSWER: Probably. When you send in the form on this page for best man speech help , please put “RUSH” right up front.) Do you write wedding speeches for parents, such as father of the groom speeches and mother of the groom speeches? (ANSWER: Indeed, and we have written father of the bride speeches and mother of the bride speeches, too. We can do any wedding speech you wish. We are a full-service best man speech writing service.)

Best Man Speech Help - 3 Secrets To A Top Best Man Speech

Get The Latest Top Tips And Tricks For Your Best Man Speech

Why Hiring A Best Man Speech Writer Is A Terrible Idea

It’s probably pretty weird or a little strange to see someone who runs a speech writing web site tell you that you don’t need a best man speech writer – but stay with me and I’ll explain.

Firstly, I’d like to point out that I do not offer speech writing services – I am about to explain the reasons why and also why hiring a best man speech writer could be a huge mistake.

Many people – in a panicked state, incredibly nervous and scared about not knowing what they are doing – decide to hire a speechwriter .

I am going to show you today that, firstly, this could actually make your speech worse and, secondly, it is not necessary at all – the right tools and techniques are out there to help you write a speech.  You just need to know where and how to find them.

And just so I am clear, even if you are terrible at English, can’t write to save yourself and are completely clueless as to how to write your speech – you should not hire a writer.

Ok now that I’ve got that out the way, let’s get started.    

How A Best Man Speech Writer Could Make Your Speech Worse

The simple fact of the matter is that getting someone else to write your speech could actually end up making it a complete disaster.  You might end up in the top 10 worst wedding speeches of all time if you’re not careful.

No offense to best man speech writers out there, but this is not the job where you want an independent third party writing your speech and words for you.

Most people don’t think about this because they are in such a panicked state and so desperate to get it written that they will gladly pay someone else to do it.

Here is why your speech could actually be worse if you use a best man speech writer:

The best way of putting it would be:  

You wouldn’t have someone else actually give the speech instead of you would you – so why would you have someone else write the speech?

  Reading someone else’s words of a sheet of paper is essentially the same thing as having them give the speech.

The above it an example of what your speech could end up like if you use an outside writer!    

If You Shouldn’t Hire A Writer, What Should You Do?

If you are thinking the above means that you are now completely stuck, then don’t worry.

I know for an absolute fact that anyone can produce a great best man speech without using a writer .

Really, anyone.

You just need the right guidance.

Here are some options for you:


Hiring a writer for your best man speech could be an absolutely massive mistake.  Standing up and saying words that you didn’t actually write at a wedding will – in most cases – be completely obvious and awkward.  It would be much worse than attempting to do it yourself and making a few mistakes (people expect you to make mistakes in a best man speech – this isn’t a professional show).

We advice that you learn how to write a best man speech yourself – through help from friends and family, your own research and information gathering or paid professional help (just don’t pay to have it written!).

Got any questions about this at all?  Leave us a message in the comment box below and we’ll get back to you!    

Our Speech Guidance – Help Without Hiring A Writer

We work on helping best men all across the UK with their best man wedding speech.

We have actually worked to help numerous best man write incredible best man speeches and stopped so many of them from total embarrassment.

Check out our complimentary best man wedding speech guide and learn the 3 secrets to a top best man wedding speech.

If you have any questions about how any of this works, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: [email protected]

Just note that we don’t offer best man speech writer services for all the reasons listed in this article.  


Site search.

For $429, this writer will make your maid of honor toast more than just bearable.

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Stock photo of a wedding toast.

As a rule, wedding speeches are either painfully awkward or hopelessly generic. It’s not easy to stand uncomfortably in front of the banquet table, doing your best to consolidate a lifetime’s worth of memories while editing out all the PG-13 bits.

Have you ever tried, and failed, to translate an arcane inside joke in front of all the in-laws you don’t know? Have you ever clenched your teeth as a maid of honor got a little too real? Have you ever watched a clueless father of the bride putz around with an endless Powerpoint presentation? Wedding speeches are easily the worst 10 minutes of what’s supposed to be the best night of a couple’s life, but thankfully, 52-year-old Den Pope has stepped in to disrupt the process.

Pope is sole proprietor of NailYourSpeech.com, a website he started in 2015 after decades in the marketing and corporate speechwriting industry. For a $429 fee, he will compose and deliver a wedding speech that’s perfectly tuned to your audience. Pope services all comers — maid of honors, fathers of the bride, best men — and he prides himself on personal service.

After making an order, Pope will spend an hour on the phone with his client, investigating the specifics of their relationship to the soon-to-be happy wife or happy husband. Afterward, he uses that conversation to ghostwrite the beats of an impressive, heartfelt, and above all else, professional-sounding speech. (For a few added fees, he’ll also coach you on delivery, enunciation, and stagefright strategy.)

Pope expects each speech to be a hit, with distant aunts and uncles telling you what a great job you did. If you aren’t surrounded by well-wishers, Pope considers that a failure. His website is built around a singular premise: Convincing everyone involved that wedding speeches don’t have to be bad.

Pope tells me that the wedding speech business now constitutes as much as 50 percent of his total income — especially during the summer months, when it can often feel like there’s a ceremony every weekend. He calls it the most fulfilling venture of his career; something he believes adds real value to the world. We talked about that, as well as what it’s like to spend so much creative energy on someone else’s matrimony, writing from a variety of different perspectives and cultures, and the clichés that anyone with a live mic ought to avoid.

How did the wedding speech business start?

Well, I have a master’s in journalism and my background is in marketing, and I spent many years doing the marketing thing.

I did corporate speeches, but I fell into the social speechwriting gig from clients here and there who would say, “Hey, I’ve got a father of the bride speech coming up, I’ve got a eulogy speech coming up.’

It was the first time I felt like I was adding some real value to the world. The world doesn’t need another ad campaign for an insurance product. So about four years ago, on a whim, I started a website to explore that a little bit more. And it took off, much to my surprise and delight.

How much is the wedding speech business a part of your overall portfolio?

Say May through September — I don’t know the percentages, but it’s a hustle. It’s probably half of my portfolio. But through the wedding speech business, I’m able to do other speeches and other things. I did a letter for a father of the bride that I worked with, where we wrote a letter to the donor family of a heart he received in a transplant.

I still do some marketing stuff as well, but I haven’t found anything as satisfying as the wedding speeches. I did the wedding speeches for a guy for each of his four daughters, and I developed a really strong relationship with these people over time. They come back again and again, and you feel like you’re part of the family in a way.

Do you have any insight for why it took off? Was it purely word-of-mouth?

A lot of people tell me, “Oh, I didn’t know people like you existed, and I’m so happy to have found you.” Because the problem with these speeches is that people have had years of fun and memories banging around their head about the bride or groom, but it’s all just a blur. They have everything inside of them to write a kickass speech, but it’s impossible for them to do it because they’re too close to it. A cardinal value of speechwriting is perspective; I’m just their guide, I help them make sense of it all and pull out the essentials.

Most of the people I work with are on a confidential basis. When they knock a speech I wrote for them out of the park, and they get a ton of compliments, I don’t want them to say that they didn’t write it. I want them to get full credit. I had a father of the bride tell me he got so many compliments that he felt guilty, and it’s like, it’s your words! I didn’t make any of it up. It’s all you.

How does that process work? What’s the information gathering process like before writing a wedding speech for someone?

I first send them a discussion guide that will have about 10 to 15 thought-provoking questions. Just to begin the process of narrowing down their thinking. I always stress to them not to overthink it, not to stress out, this is just the way to get to step two. Step two is where I spend about an hour on the phone with them, to go deeper. I want to get to know them a little better. Their values, their character. That’s all I need from them.

I’ll write the speech, and the secret to good writing is rewriting. I’ll write it, I’ll sleep on it, and it’ll go through six or seven rewrites before sending it off to them. I can hit the speech 90 to 95 percent out of the box, but what I’m really looking for is the little words and changes here and there. There are, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen” people, and, “Hi, everyone” people. So if there’s one word that’s hard for them to say, or is out of their vernacular, it can bring the whole speech down.

What are some of the more unique circumstances that you’ve been approached with when someone has wanted you to write a wedding speech for them?

I’ve been lucky to work with Hollywood agents, casino owners, people on the Forbes wealthiest list, as well as firefighters and UPS drivers. It doesn’t matter who they are, or where they are in life, they all have the same issues. I work with CEOs who have no issue presenting to shareholders, but their father of the bride speech is driving them crazy. It takes people out of their element. I’ve written everything from haikus into speeches, to fake tweets from Trump.

And every family has their issues too. There are sensitivities, someone doesn’t like the son-in-law, so you have to tiptoe through that. Each one is unique. A father will spend $10,000 on flowers for the bride. But then they’ll go online and use some speech template full of empty platitudes. “I love you so much, to the moon and back.” All that stuff. They don’t recognize that the real power of a well-written speech is a gamechanger. Monday morning is always my favorite time of the week, because I hear back from everybody.

Do clients ever stump you? Is it ever a difficult process for you? Or do you have it down to a science?

I wish that I did. I wish I could automate it. But every speech I do is challenging to me, and it takes me about the same amount of time. [Six to seven hours in total.] I have to capture the nuances that everyone has in their personalities. Occasionally I’ll do a best man speech where the groom is loud, and boisterous, and doesn’t really have the caring side. Those are slightly easier. But as humans we have so many different sides to our personalities, and I think those nuances are what really make these speeches authentic.

That’s gotta be what keeps you honest a little bit. That you force yourself to feel how big of a moment this is for the parties involved. I’d imagine that your need to really sweat over a wedding speech is what helps make it feel authentic.

Absolutely. I want every speaker I work for to hear 10, 20, 30, 50 times during the reception, “That’s the best best-man speech I’ve ever heard.” I’ll listen to the speech over and over and over and over. I want it to be as tight as a coil.

I tell people, when you stand up, most of the people in the audience are thinking, “Oh no, here we go again.” Because most wedding speeches are bad. But that’s right where you want them, because you’re about to deliver something that’s fun, warm, easy to follow, and real. No bullshit.

What’s the breakdown of clientele? Is it mostly fathers of the bride? Best men? What do you see the most?

It’s pretty even. It’s led by fathers of the bride, followed by best man, followed by maid of honor, followed by father or mother of the groom. I do a lot of sisters of the groom. I also do a wide variety of cultures; Indian weddings, Muslim weddings, Catholic weddings, Jewish weddings.

What do you find different, if you find anything different, about writing from a feminine voice versus a masculine voice?

I don’t write from a feminine or masculine voice. I write from the client’s voice. I’ve worked with best men who have, quote-unquote, more of a feminine voice. And recently, I worked with a maid of honor from New Jersey who was very boisterous and had what you’d traditionally think of as a lot of male characteristics. I just try to find the values of the client as close as I can, and draw that out to every word. I say, ‘Would they say this?” And then, “Would they say this in this manner?”

Do you have any sort of general tips for a good wedding speech? When it comes to length, or the right level of intimacy, what kind of overall strategies do you have for wedding speeches?

In terms of length, I try to hit around seven, eight, or nine minutes. A lot of times when I say that to someone, they say, “Oh my god!” But that’s because most of the wedding speeches we hear are awful and confusing, and two minutes feels like 20. But if you create something that’s tight, fun, and warm, the audience will follow you wherever you lead them.

Stay away from YouTube, stay away from anything you read online about templates — don’t put it in the speech. If it’s on the internet, it means everyone has heard it a million times. You’re not going to offend anyone, you’re not going to thrill anyone. It’s important to be honest with yourself, and then filter that through the story of your relationship with the person.

What is it like for you psychologically to be in such a matrimonial world all the time? It’s almost like you’re a wedding planner — like you’re surrounded by new love constantly. Does that environment get in your brain at all?

It does. Ironically, I probably know more about life and love because of this, but I also know less. I look at two 21-year-olds who are getting married. I think about how at 21, I was still looking for the bathroom. But these kids still had the wherewithal, and the love to get married. I was talking to this gentleman the other day, and his daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law, started dating their sophomore year of high school. Now they’re getting married at the age of 29. To come together as kids, especially in this era when everything is zip-bang-boom, I don’t quite understand how that happens, and yet I’m in awe of it.

So I do have a lot of thoughts, emotions, and feelings in my head every day from all these conversations. And often my wife will say that I’ll be writing a speech, and she’ll hear me laughing. Because often I’m as charmed by these stories between fathers and daughters as the audience is going to be. I think you have to be caught up in it to write a great speech.

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Professional Best Man Speech Writers

Are you getting jitters about your best man’s speech? Relax! We’ll write it for you.

With the wedding plans in full swing, your thoughts are inevitably turning to the all important-best man’s speech. Now all you need to do now is put together an absolute corker of a speech and your part in the big day will be remembered for years to come – for all the right reasons.

THERE’s just one problem. You don’t know where to start.

Writing a speech is hard.

We get it. Writing and delivering a best man’s speech is daunting. You’ve got to be funny and charming enough to win over the entire wedding party. And you need to be edgy enough to win a laugh or two, without taking it to too far. Then etiquette demands you say some nice things about the happy couple that ideally should sound heart-felt rather than clichéd.

Highly personalised speech

With all the people to please, writing the best man’s speech can feel like a bit of minefield. Which is why more and more best men are choosing to get professional help when it comes to writing their speech. That’s where we come in. Fill out a simple questionnaire and we’ll take that information and turn it into a flowing, highly-personalised speech – just for you (and the groom).


I’m the owner of iamthebestman and to date I’ve helped hundreds of anxious best men prepare for their big day. I’ve also been a best man three times myself so I know what you’re going through! Whether you want to be edgy, witty, heartfelt, or a bit of everything, I can help you with your perfect speech.

I’ve been a professional writer for more than 15 years – including speeches, for newspapers, internet sites, radio scripts and personal commissions. This means interviewing people, getting to know them and finding the relevant information is what I do for a living. Having twice been a best man, I know how important it is to get the speech just right and tailored perfectly to your pal the groom.


How it works.

professional best man speech writer

Complete an online questionnaire

professional best man speech writer

Receive a call from us regarding any further information requirements, talk you through our early thoughts on your speech structure and agree timings with you

professional best man speech writer

Receive your personalised, bespoke speech.


professional best man speech writer

A bespoke speech tailored to your requirements so it is highly personalised and relevant

professional best man speech writer

A tried and tested structure to make your words flow and cover all necessary wedding etiquette

professional best man speech writer

A speech written to suit your sense of humour so it seems natural and authentic

professional best man speech writer

Time! We do all the hard yards so you can concentrate on your other best man duties

professional best man speech writer

Our experience of knowing what works, what is original and what is now old hat

professional best man speech writer

A direct line to your Speechwriter who you can talk to!

professional best man speech writer


“I had a best man speech that needed to be written and the wedding was fast approaching.

I called Oliver, from the outset he explained the process and the costs involved, I was expecting a few weeks wait but he turned the speech around in 48 hours, he was also happy to make adjustments where needed and changed a couple of the jokes to make them more relevant to my audience.

I have shown the speech to friends and they agree it’s fantastic. Oliver is very thorough and professional, this is demonstrated in the fact he provides an online questionnaire before he begins to write the speech to really understand what you require.

I now have every confidence going into the wedding and can finally relax. Thank you so much, you have been a true life saver.“

Johnny Howard

“I contacted Oliver at I am the Best Man to take up the wedding speech writing service and was extremely satisfied with his professionalism, speed of response and friendliness.

From inception to conclusion the process took 48 hours. It was just what I wanted, a cross between part serious/part humour. All elements were included.

The process itself was simple and the information that Oliver rezquired came from a simple pre-populated questionnaire form which was easy to complete.

I would use his service again without hesitation and thoroughly recommend this to other somewhat apprehensive best men!“

Jack Samson

Ask us a question or chat with us

© I Am the Bestman | All rights reserved

Katelyn Peterson_Wedding Speech Writer.jpg

Wedding Speech Writer

Looking for a wedding speech writer to help ghostwrite your upcoming toast? Katelyn’s Wedding Words specializes in writing wedding speeches for everyone in the wedding party from the maid of honor to the mother of the bride. 

Ready to alleviate your stress and anxiety? Hiring a speech writer is your answer. Find out how we can work together to write a wow-worthy wedding speech that you’ll be proud to recite.

“ Lifesaver! I was dreading having to give a speech. It was a very collaborative process and Katelyn cared so much about getting it right and making sure I was happy with it. I felt so prepared and even surprised myself with how comfortable I was giving my speech on the actual day. Best of all, I got tons of compliments on my speech and moved the bride to tears! ”

What is a Wedding Speech Writer?

Think of me as your panic attack antidote this wedding season.

Celebrities hire ghostwriters to transcribe their memoirs. Politicians hire speech writers to articulate their public addresses. You can hire a wedding speech writer to create your wedding speech.

My process is completely custom. No fill-in-the-blank questionnaires. No templates. I meet with every client over a video call and learn the specifics of your unique story. I analyze our conversation to understand what will make the most impactful toast and I listen to your voice so the speech is infused with your personality.

As a wedding speech writer, my goal is to reduce your stress and increase your confidence when it comes to creating your wedding speech. Your speech will be one of the few things the couple will have as a keepsake from their wedding day, and they’re likely going to rewatch you reciting your speech for years to come.

Why not work with a professional to make sure your speech is something you can be proud of and have the words you say do justice to how you feel?

How does the wedding speech writing process work? 

We’ll meet over a video call where I’ll get to know details about the wedding, insights about your relationship, and an understanding of what will create the most impactful wedding speech. 

professional best man speech writer

After our call, I’ll write the first draft of your speech. You’ll review it and provide feedback. I’ll then revise the speech until you provide your approval. This typically only takes one to two rounds of revisions.

Lastly, I will provide you with custom public speaking tips that are specific to your speech so that you’ll feel confident when it’s your turn to grab the mic.

Wedding Speech Writing Services

At Katelyn’s Wedding Words, I offer wedding speech writing services for anyone who plans to give a wedding speech. 

What is your role in the wedding? Click through to learn more about these services: 

Maid of Honor

Mother of the Bride

Father of the Bride

Mother of the Groom

Father of the Groom

“ “I outsource everything in my business when I can’t get to it. It made sense to do the same with my wedding toast.” ”

Common Questions About Wedding Speeches

Who gives a wedding speech .

Typically the maid of honor and best man will give wedding speeches. Additionally, one or multiple parents of the bride or groom will also give a wedding speech. For more information on wedding speech etiquette, reference our wedding toast speaking guide .

Why should I hire a wedding speech writer?

You should hire a wedding speech writer if…

You’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed about your upcoming wedding speech.

You’re not a writer.

You have a public speaking fear.

You’ve waited until the last minute to write your wedding speech and now it’s crunch time!

You have so many ideas and memories but you’re too close to the story to write it.

You want the bride or groom to feel special, loved, and appreciated.

How long is the speech writing process?

The ideal lead time to write a wedding speech is four to eight weeks. However, I can accommodate shorter timelines. Reach out ASAP to learn about availability.

What is the length of a wedding speech?

Most wedding speeches are between three to six minutes in speaking length. You can always write a shorter speech but try to never go longer. Otherwise, you will risk losing the attention of guests and you might interfere with other reception events such as dinner and dancing.

Can I read reviews from past clients?

Yes! Read what past clients have said on our testimonials page , Wedding Wire , and The Knot .

What makes you qualified to write wedding speeches?

I have a B.A. in journalism which means I’m a good writer but I’m even better at asking questions. This is the key to writing someone else’s story. I have a genuine curiosity to understand and analyze someone’s unique story.

After writing wedding speeches for people all over the world (literally—I’ve worked with people in Japan, Australia, England, and Canada), I know how to deliver a wedding speech that will convey the most important elements, captivate guests, and make you feel confident.

Plus, I’m a lifelong student and am continuously studying the science of storytelling and public speaking.

“ I would definitely use this service again. The ease of having someone help to organize your thoughts and feelings in a speech can be intimidating, so why not let someone else do it for you? It is well worth the money just knowing you have someone who is proficient at proofreading and putting it together so it flows smoothly. ”

professional best man speech writer

Meet Katelyn, Your Wedding Speech Writer

I’m Katelyn, the creator of Katelyn’s Wedding Words and your personal wedding toast writer. 

I work with stressed-out wedding party members to calm their nerves and spark confidence by providing custom written wedding speeches. 

With a B.A. in journalism, I’ve always been obsessed with asking people the right questions to understand their unique story.

Now, I use that same passion to discover the details of your story and collaborate to put your heart into words. 

My work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, HuffPost, Insider, Brides, and Bustle. 

Love my vows Katelyn!!!! It’s such a relief to have this out of the way so I can focus on all the rest of the stuff I need to do!  You were my very favorite part of the process!! Your experience and confidence in the process took all the stress out of writing my vows!

— Natalie, Florida

I thought the process was outstanding. You did a great job communicating, and I thought the turnaround time for editing was perfect. I also thought the video interview was great in that it was personal and meaningful!

I am a storyteller, not a speechwriter. I was incredibly intimidated about writing one.

So thankful to find Katelyn to get my thoughts all in order. Very proud of how the speech came out. Looking forward to giving it!

— Jennifer Whitley, Texas

I had such a wonderful experience working with Katelyn. She truly helped mold perfect vows that I can’t wait to tell my fiancé on our wedding day!  Katelyn was friendly, sweet, and super easy to work with. I will definitely be calling her up if I have to give another speech in the near future.

— Jordanne, California

Katelyn was professional, easy to talk to, and made the interviewing process fun. She came well prepared with unexpected and thought-provoking questions to get a better understanding of our love story and who we are as a couple.

She was a pleasure to work with and made the vow writing process enjoyable.

— Kimi Kinsey, South Carolina

Working with Katelyn on my maid of honor toast was an incredible experience. She really took the time to understand my relationship with my best friend and used my responses to craft a toast that put my thoughts and feelings into words in a way that I never would have been able to do on my own.

Before working with Katelyn, I was nervous and stressed about giving (and writing) such a big, important speech. But now I’m so relieved that it’s done, and I honestly can’t wait to stand up and tell everyone exactly what my best friend means to me.

— Allyssa, New Jersey

I didn’t actually know this service existed until I discovered Katelyn! It was such a fun experience to video chat with her about my best friend who is getting married this summer.

I don’t have to stress about writing this a few weeks before my best friend’s wedding. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to read it at my best friend’s wedding!

CHARGEYOURGLASSES.com | Create the Perfect Wedding Speeches

Unlimited for 21 days

A brilliant wedding speech builder for men, register now only £9.99 for 21 days unlimited downloads, customer feedback.

Lenny Briggs

I wasn't sure how this would work but I took a punt on your site and people are still congratulating me!!

Sheffield | 28 Dec, 2017

David Busby

I'm the best man and my m8 is the groom and we did this together over a beer in the pub - now two happy punters with two speeches that work perfectly. Feels a bit too easy!!

Norwich | 26 Mar, 2018

Tom Walters

I nearly decided to use one of those sites with all the same jokes as all the others and then stumbled on yours. Amazin - don't know how u do it but thanks

Manchester | 17 Apr, 2017

Easy to use, great content, brilliant to print out and worth every penny. Thank you again and again.

Johanesburg, SA | 14 Sep, 2017

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