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  4. The artificial intelligence revolution: why now is the time to pursue a career in AI

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    History of Artificial Intelligence roots back to classical philosophers but the field of AI wasn't formally founded until 1956

  2. Artificial Intelligence Presentation

    Are human intelligence and machine intelligence the same? Is the human brain essentially a computer? Can a machine have a mind, mental states and consciousness

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    Prezis Artificial Intelligence Template Presentation is easy to edit. Choose from a great selection of business presentations and create irresistible visual

  4. Artificial Intelligence presentation by Sulaiman Alsheri

    AI means “artificial intelligence” and we use it to describe any time a computer does something that would require the intelligence of a human — or anything

  5. Artificial Intelligence

    1997: Deep Blue · -> advancements in machine learning · 'Watson' beats humans at quiz show · 2014: Google Driverless Car · 2016: experiment by Microsoft.

  6. Artificial Intelligence

    AI systems have already started replacing the human beings in few ... You have a killer idea, and now you need a killer tech presentation to go with it.

  7. Artificial Intelligence

    Reasons to study A.I. The role of Physics in. Artificial Intelligence. 1. For implementing and designing machines resembling human beings. (cognitive robotics).

  8. Artificial Intelligence

    leads to major productivity improvements. Growing technology. Introduction. History of AI. Intelligence is the “capacity for learning

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    Artificial Intelligence Presentation ... When AI is more optimized a lot of businesses would go for a AI system within ... AI in a Manufacturing Environment.

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    Definition. Artificial Intelligence is set apart from normal computers by its ability to solve problems that normally require human intelligence, meaning it is