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How to make a great PowerPoint presentation for college (plus 12 free templates)

How to make a great PowerPoint presentation for college

During your college career, you’ll sit through your fair share of PowerPoint presentations . And you’ll probably find yourself presenting a few of your own too.

A presentation is a great way to demonstrate what you’ve learned — hours of study condensed into a few short minutes. But great presentations aren’t just about great content. They’re also about design.

Let’s start with a quick disclaimer — good presentation design won’t fix bad content. However, bad design can ruin an otherwise exemplary presentation .

So what should you do? You’ve checked the box for pitch perfect content. But your design is lacking and your deadline is looming. It’s time to read through our tips for great class presentation design.

Without any prior presentation design experience, you can create a presentation that looks as good as it sounds (and hopefully helps you bag those top grades too!). What’s more, these presentation skills will serve you well throughout your college years and your professional life to come.

Here’s how to ace your presentation design…

8 presentation tips for creating a stand-out PowerPoint for college

Tip 1: consistency — but not monotony.

We’ve all been there. Sitting in front of a PowerPoint presentation with slide after slide in exactly the same layout.

What happens? You drift off. You sneak a look at your mobile. You stop engaging with the content of the presentation.

So how can you stop your presentation from suffering a similar fate? You engage your audience with varied but consistent design. Here’s what that means:

Vary your slide layout and how you present your content. One slide may have just bullet points, another only images, and another with a mixture of text and pictures.

Keep it consistent

Variety is a good thing. But not if it ends up making your presentation look muddled and unprofessional. So stick to the same font and color scheme. And make sure the same design features run through the whole of your presentation to create a cohesive look and feel. 

Presentation slides with different layouts vs monotonous slides

Get the right mix of variety and consistency in your presentation design and you’ll find it easier to catch and maintain the attention of your audience.

Tip 2: Avoid too much text

Text-heavy presentation slides are a big no-no. You end up reading from the slides rather than presenting. And your audience ends up either overwhelmed or just plain bored.  

While it’s tempting to showcase all your hard-earned research and knowledge, your class presentation slides shouldn’t include everything you want to communicate.

Instead, treat your slides as a support for what you plan to say; a visual aid that helps to bring a little extra clarity to your verbal points.

That means using your slides to highlight just the main points. You can do this by:

Getting rid of bullet points

Wordy bullet points defy the point of bullet pointing. So break up your bullets by presenting one per page. Use icons instead of bullets to bring life to your text. Or try splitting your text into columns to prevent bullet point overload.

You can read more about how you can banish bullet points from your presentation .

What can I use instead of bullet points in a presentation

Maintaining white space

When we talk about white space, we mean the parts of a slide that don’t feature any text, photos, or illustrations. Maintaining a good proportion of white space on your slides helps your audience to understand the content (and it looks better too!).

Get some tips on white space .

Slide with white space vs slide overcrowded with text

Tip 3: Highlight important keywords

Within your text, you should draw attention to keywords. This will make it even easier for your audience to understand and absorb the key points of your presentation.

Bold fonts, contrast colors, highlight text with a background color — these are all really easy ways you can make your keywords stand out. Just avoid using all capital letters as this comes across as YELLING!

Slide with highlighted keywords vs slide with monotonous text

Tip 4: Make use of charts and graphs

We all love a good stat. Charts and graphs are a great way to present quantitative evidence and confirm the legitimacy of your claims . They make your presentation more visually appealing and make your data more memorable too.

But don’t delve too deep into the details. Providing an overview of key data insights is the best approach if you’re planning to hold an audience’s attention.

Your chart will only be up on the screen for minutes, if not seconds. So adopt a less is more approach. You can do this by customizing your chart and highlighting the stuff that matters most . Color, arrows, bold text — these are all ways you can draw attention to important data.

Customized chart with highlighted data vs default chart

As well as making your presentation more engaging, customizing charts to fit with your overall design has the added benefit of making your presentation look more professional.

Tip 5: Use visual communication strategies

Speech and text aren’t the only ways we can communicate an idea. Your presentation visuals can do a lot of the talking for you. By visuals, we mean images, graphs, videos, infographics and even the fonts you use.

Content with visual elements is easier to process and more accessible too. It’s also really good at creating emotion in your audience. It’s the backbone of great presentation design.

Slide with visual elements (photograph) vs a text-only slide

Interested in giving your presentation a visual communication edge? Start by taking a look at these visual communication tips .

Tip 6: Adapt to your environment

Think about where you’ll be delivering your presentation. How big is the room? What shape is it? What is the lighting like? Practical considerations like these should always be taken into account when coming up with a class presentation design.

If your presentation space is very well-lit, creating a strong contrast between your presentation text and background will make the text more legible.

If your classroom is huge, increasing the size of your font and any graphic elements will ensure your presentation can be seen even by those sitting right at the back.

Design Tips for Non-Designers To Use In Your Next Presentation - Use contrast

Take some time to consider your surroundings and then design your presentation accordingly.

Tip 7: End strong

Go out with a bang! The conclusion of your presentation should be a call to action. Use direct language and make impactful summary points.

And if your content ends on a strong note, so too should your presentation slide. Create a slide design that carries as much weight as your words by including big text, big images, and/or a boldly colored background.

Slide with huge text and icon vs slide with normal sized text

Tip 8: Speed up the design process with a presentation template (but not a default one)

We’re guessing that you want to create a great class presentation. But you most likely don’t want to spend days slaving over its design. If this sounds about right, a template can really speed things up.

But there are some pitfalls to avoid. Opt for a default template available through PowerPoint and chances are your audience will have seen it many ( many ) times before. Outdated and overused templates are definitely not the way to make a good impression.

Template with custom illustrated design vs default PowerPoint template

Picking a template with a contemporary, relevant slide design can make all the difference. A fresh template is more than just a set of colors and font choices. It will come loaded with ideas for slide design and visual content , giving you a huge head start.

Once you have your template of choice, you can drop your own content into the placeholders, skipping the hard work of creating a new presentation completely from scratch.

Our top 12 class presentation template designs for students

At SlidesCarnival , we have tons of professional presentation template options to choose from. The best part? They’re completely free! Here are twelve of our favorite template designs, sure to give your class presentation real impact.

Free simple Powerpoint template and Google Slides theme in blue and yellow with frame

Subtle Bevel Presentation Template

Free inspiring Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme with photo backgrounds

Big Photo Backgrounds Presentation Template

Free technology Powerpoint template and Google Slides theme with transparent conceptual illustrations

Tech Illustrated Presentation Template

Free cool Powerpoint template Google Slides theme with diverse people

Diverse People Presentation Template

Free professional and corporate blue presentation - Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Blue Professional Presentation Template

Free geometric Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Business Geometric Presentation Template

Free Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme with stats and data background

Stats & Graphs Presentation Template

Free medical Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Blue Medical Presentation Template

Free nature inspired Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Inspiring Nature Presentation Template

Free professional and clean Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme for slidedocs

Clean Business Presentation Template

Free professional corporate Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme

Blue Corporate Presentation Template

Free Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme with connections design

Blue Connections Presentation Template

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Professional designs for your presentations

SlidesCarnival templates have all the elements you need to effectively communicate your message and impress your audience.

Suitable for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Download your presentation as a PowerPoint template or use it online as a Google Slides theme. 100% free, no registration or download limits.

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presentation of college in ppt

Actual PowerPoint Presentations Topics for Students

02 Aug 2021

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Presentation Topics on:

Presentations are a useful tool for any college student. During your college studies, you may have to give a presentation. This could be as part of a coursework assignment, or even as part of an end-of-term examination. Most students absolutely dread this, and it is understandable – not everyone is confident in public speaking, even if it is in front of their friends and classmates. Here you have some of the best PowerPoint presentation topics for students.

Microsoft PowerPoint is usually the program of choice to create presentations. It is a well-established program with a heap of useful features. You can easily create a standout presentation with animation, sound, and slide transitions.

Finding ideas for the presentation can be difficult. Regardless of how good the program is, you still have to think of PowerPoint topics. The subject has to be intriguing and interesting. It also has to have enough potential content to turn into a decent-length slide. In the paragraphs below, we look at topics for PowerPoint presentations for your benefit.

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Presentation Topic Ideas on Law

Here we have some of the best and the most appealing PowerPoint presentation ideas that are all law based. Keep in mind that these PowerPoint presentation ideas are common these days, so you will probably have to make a few presentations during your education. All of these are unique topics for presentation, and each one is special. If possible, always choose the one you like the most.

These interesting topics for presentation will make the whole process much better and much easier. This is precisely what you need when looking at the list of PowerPoint topics and checking out topics for presentations. Below we have the main topics. But, there are countless variations, and you can see that new laws make all of that even harder to recommend.

Presentation Ideas in the Field of Information Technology (IT)

Here are different PowerPoint presentation ideas for your college. These are all based on IT, and they are becoming more and more popular. Hence, you will probably have to complete a couple of these in your lifetime. All of these topics for presentations are common and appealing. Some of them are simple as well. The ppt presentation topics for college students are something we have worked on and something we can help you with if there is a need. Anyway, PPT elements here are important and versatile. You have 10 topics for presentations, so you can choose the one you like the most and make your PPT task easier and simple. PPT work can be complicated and time-consuming. One secret to make this easier is to choose a topic you really like. You can touch elements of digital marketing and online education that are commonly used and appealing these days. We must add that these ideas will get obsolete soon, so you may want to pick one as soon as possible. IT world is changing faster than anything else. Hence, you need to stay in touch. Let’s see these PowerPoint presentation ideas and pick the ones you want.

Stuck with finding the right title?

Get plenty of fresh and catchy topic ideas and pick the perfect one with PapersOwl Title Generator.

Presentation Topic Ideas for Healthcare and Medical Field

These PPT ideas are more than just popular now, and they come with huge importance, but even with a huge responsibility. Try to keep things simple and easy. All we know is that these presentation topic ideas for students are mandatory these days and most of them come with a huge level of popularity in essays and PPT presentations.

To make an effective PowerPoint presentation, you can use all PowerPoint presentation templates you like and customize this presentation, so it suits your needs. PPT is a powerful tool, and it allows you to do anything you like. All you have to do is to choose a good topic and include statistical data alongside the main elements your teacher will require from you. Here, you need to provide the latest and the most accurate data you can find. Keep in mind that using poor sources can get you into trouble and cause all sorts of issues you don't want to encounter.

Interesting Powerpoint Presentation Topics For College Students

A PowerPoint presentation must be interesting. No one wants to read about a boring subject or something mundane. They want to listen to an exhibition that is packed full of interesting facts and figures. To make a good PowerPoint presentation , you must have an interesting subject. It should be something that evokes emotions and causes people to think. It should probe their mind and ask an interesting question, or create a polarizing opinion that could invite discussions.

In the text below, we have listed 10 interesting PowerPoint presentation subjects. These cover a broad range of subjects, but they all have one thing in common – they invite discussion and look at something of significance:

PPT Topics On Business and Management For Students

The modern world revolves around business. Business is ever-present, and understanding this subject can help students improve their career prospects. There are many different aspects of a business that could be used as presentation subjects – business management, entrepreneurial ventures, the Internet, and e-commerce to name a few examples.

When choosing presentation subjects for business, you have so much that you can draw from. You can also buy PowerPoint presentations online on business and management too. Think about offices, staffing, accounts, finance, and investment – these are all topics you could incorporate into your presentation titles. The following are 10 fantastic presentation ideas specifically for business and management:

Build your thesis statement

This is AI-powered online tool that lets you create a thesis statement about any topic you need.

Topics For Small And Persuasive Powerpoint Presentations

Not all PowerPoint presentations have to be lengthy. Sometimes you may simply have to give short presentations that only last 5-10 minutes. Choosing a subject for this form of presentation can prove just as tricky. Trying to fit a whole presentation into a short time period can be difficult – you want to pack as much information as possible, and keep your audience interested. You can always get the best help with PowerPoint presentation and focus your attention on something else, something you like more.

Furthermore, small and persuasive PowerPoint presentations have to be concise. There is no point discussing something such as the whole history of World War I – there would simply be too much information to include. Instead, you have to look at specific subjects – for example, you may look at a specific battle in World War I, or a shorter time period. The following are 10 topics for small and persuasive PowerPoint presentations:

As you can see, there are a plethora of good topics for PowerPoint presentations. You just have to use your imagination and think of common subjects that other students will understand. Additionally, you have to use a subject that has enough information to build a full presentation. We hope you can make use of the above ideas and put them to good use during your college studies.

Don’t forget that PapersOwl can actually help with our PowerPoint presentation writers . We can take away your stress and help you deliver a fantastic and memorable presentation to your teacher and class. All you have to do is say " help with powerpoint presentation ". We understand you have a myriad of different tasks to balance such as schoolwork, revision, and exams – presentations could be the proverbial nail in the coffin. Moreover, some students may excel at speaking and giving a presentation, but lack the ability to create a superb PowerPoint – let us step in and help through our Presentation service.

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I am a proficient writer from the United States with over five years of experience in academic writing. I comfortably complete given assignments within stipulated deadlines and at the same time deliver high-quality work, which follows the guidelines provided.

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presentation of college in ppt

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Free template

College PowerPoint PPT Presentations

Preparing Students to Transition from High School to Community College Toni Jenkins, Collin County Community College District Bobby James, University of AR: Community College at Hope Michelle Overstreet, College Board 2006 College Board National Forum PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lindsey's Culminating Project PowerPoint

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presentation of college in ppt

Download to read offline

This is one of the final ppt\'s I put together prior to graduation from George Fox University.


presentation of college in ppt

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Slideshows for you (19).

presentation of college in ppt

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presentation of college in ppt

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Sample PowerPoint Slides

These sample slides demonstrate how to incorporate the graphic-identity into PowerPoint presentations and can be used as templates.

The Dickinson College Seal

Dickinson College

P.O. Box 1773, Carlisle, PA 17013 | (800) 644-1773

15 Creative College PowerPoint Presentation Topics

Stefani Holloway photo

Table of contents

Creating PowerPoint presentations is a common assignment for high school and college students. They have become an important part of evaluating students for their final grades, much like coursework or research papers.

But unlike the two, you don’t have to present information in MS Word or another word processing software, but as PowerPoint slides. The power of PowerPoint lies in the ability to incorporate oral, visual, and written elements of communication.

9 Tips to Create a College PowerPoint Presentation

As a result, there are important tips to keep in mind as a student writing and designing college PowerPoint presentations. Below are nine of the most important tips.

1. Start with an outline

To put forward well-written and well-designed presentations, outline what you want to be included in your PowerPoint slides.

Make a rough note of what will go in the introduction section, body, and conclusion. By defining the order of how things will flow, you will easily get your message across with the right words, layout, graphics, and colors.

2. Choose a good template

The good thing about PowerPoint is that there is a whale of (free and paid) templates you can use to create your college PowerPoint presentation. However, the trick is to choose one template throughout your presentation and not use different templates at the same time.

Note that it should also blend well with the font and colors you will be using. It should not be outdated or have a basic design.

Choosing a good template saves you time when creating your presentation, as it will be easy to modify and also present information conveniently. But most importantly, it makes your presentation look professional, and this easily captures the examiner’s or viewer’s attention and keeps them focused on your presentation.

3. Choose a reasonable number of slides

There is no limit to the number of slides you can use for your presentation, especially in the corporate world. However, since this is a college assignment, it would be more prudent to keep your presentation at a reasonable length.

Too many slides, and you risk killing the attention of the viewer/examiner. Too few slides will make your presentation look cheap. So to maintain your presentation at a reasonable length, ensure the information you put in your slides is relevant and helpful to the reader.

4. Make it easy to read

The easiest way to kill your college PowerPoint presentation is to clutter it with chunky blocks of text. It will overwhelm your readers. As a result, make your PowerPoint presentation easy to read by avoiding text-heavy slides and including paragraph breaks.

Besides, use simple language and sentences. As for writing essays and research papers, always avoid jargon, filler words, or words that only you understand. Every word you put on a slide should support your topic.

An excellent writing tip that will help you along the way is to edit thoroughly, to remove any redundancy or extra information in the text, leaving only what is useful to the audience.

Where you have used words that your reader might not understand, provide their definition in the reference section so readers don’t have to leave your slide to look for its meaning.

Moreover, make your presentation concise. Too much information and graphics lead to cognitive overload.

Apart from that, it makes your presentation less interactive and attractive. So limit the amount of evidence, argument, banners, headers, footers, page numbers, and messages you put on your slide.

Here are a few more tips to make your slides and presentation easy to read

These are the ways to ensure your reader gets the key message you are trying to pass across, remember more in a few words, and avoid getting distracted or quickly win them back if they do as they aid in the retention of the information.

5. Use images and rich media to communicate

Images and rich media also help to communicate your message better and remember what you are saying since they are visual memory triggers. As a result, they need to be engaging.

When you incorporate charts, graphs, drawings, and diagrams in your presentation, don’t just use any image, but high-quality ones, and if possible, ensure their backgrounds are consistent with the color scheme and template you are using.

The same applies to rich media and animation. Videos, songs, and animation are very useful in capturing your reader’s attention and keeping them focused on the text. But don’t overuse them, as you will distract the reader. The rich media and images you use need to enhance your presentation and not cause distraction.

6. Highlight keywords

Keywords guide your reader along with the text or slides as they convey a message clearly. They are also useful when creating the flow of your presentation. Your primary keyword needs to be derived from the topic of your presentation. Other sets of keywords can be got from the structure of your presentation.

Note that you need to highlight your keywords using boldface or contrasting color so the reader can quickly and easily take crucial information.

7. Transition changes

As we have mentioned before, it is recommended to be consistent with your slides. Besides, the slides should also blend well with the fonts and colors. However, when your slides, colors, and fonts look similar, the user/examiner may not recognize change when transitioning between slides.

Since most humans suffer from change blindness , it may be hard for them to see the change, unless you establish a clear transition between the slides.

As a result, include a transition between the slides or important elements in the slides that will signal transition. Are you talking about the recent flooding in European countries? Use water transition. If you are talking about gun violence, use gun transition.

The work of transition is to reduce change blindness and improve memory retention of the information.

8. Consistent formatting and citation

Consistency in formatting and structure is one of the most important elements your examiner will look at when going through your PowerPoint presentation. As a result, try sticking to one font and color scheme to score more points.

The recommended font types are Ariel, Tahoma, or Veranda. Standardize it throughout the presentation. Your font size also needs to be large or readable. For example, if you are using the font type Veranda, the font size of your title needs to be 40 points, subtitles, and bullets at 32 points, and content 24 points. Leave smaller fonts for the footer.

Another important factor to consider is that each slide should have the same background. Using multiple backgrounds or changing styling is distracting. Besides, don’t overload your text/slides with colors. This will make the examiner shun your presentation, as it is distracting.

Instead, pick 2-3 color schemes to use throughout your slides, for example, white on black background. Avoid color combinations like green on blue, purple on pink, or red on green. The color combination you use should be clearer and sharper to help the reader easily read the information.

Lastly, in-text and image citations need to be the same. That is, if you are using MLA or APA style guide, stick to that throughout the presentation. But always counter-check with your instructor or assignment requirements for the right style guide to use.

9. Create a mock presentation for practice

To ensure that you have incorporated all that we have discussed above, make sure you create a mock presentation that you can go through to single out sections that may need reworking.

Once you have seen that all your ideas come through and everything is in order, rewrite the presentation considering your audience, purpose, and occasion (in our case, it is a classroom presentation).

15 Creative Topics for College PowerPoint Presentations

1. Coping strategies for parents with autistic children.

2. Epidemiological analysis of Influenza (or any other disease).

3. Impact on learning through technology.

4. Effects of Global industrialization warming and climate change.

5. Advantages of telemarketing.

6. Influence of the French revolution in 1798 on Egypt.

7. Impact of technology on relationships.

8. Role of technology in crime prevention.

9. Hourly rounding to prevent patient falls.

10. Migration in the Later Roman Empire.

11. Sex Education in Schools.

12. Social Media, Internet Addiction, and Depression.

13. Stronger gun control debate.

14. Effect of Patient and Caregiver Engagement and Fostered Coordination in Adults Living with Multiple Chronic Conditions.

15. Describe a CSR issue, explaining how the problem affects a local or global community as well as your organization and describes possible sustainable solutions that the organization can support.

The good thing about doing college PowerPoint presentations is that you acquire skills and knowledge that will help you in your professional life. It is not merely for amassing good grades.

So every time you are tasked with creating PowerPoint presentations, remember to plan carefully, make it easy to read, add useful graphics, choose the right template, and polish your writing and layout with a mock presentation before submitting a final piece. With these, you will score more points than other students or presenters.

The good news is that at Writers Per Hour, we have writing experts who can help you draft your slides and create a lasting impact. All you have to do is send us your brief and we will take care of research, outlining, writing and revising .

The next time you’re met with a PowerPoint presentation for college, write to us, and we’ll get it sorted.

Last edit at Dec 25 2022

Stefani Holloway

Stefani is a professional writer and blogger at Writers Per Hour . She primarily contributes articles about careers, leadership, business, and writing. Her educational background in family science and journalism has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. She especially enjoys preparing resumes for individuals who are changing careers.

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An powerpoint presentation examples on college is a prosaic composition of a small volume and free composition, expressing individual impressions and thoughts on a specific occasion or issue and obviously not claiming a definitive or exhaustive interpretation of the subject.

Some signs of college powerpoint presentation:

The goal of an powerpoint presentation in college is to develop such skills as independent creative thinking and writing out your own thoughts.

Writing an powerpoint presentation is extremely useful, because it allows the author to learn to clearly and correctly formulate thoughts, structure information, use basic concepts, highlight causal relationships, illustrate experience with relevant examples, and substantiate his conclusions.

Examples List on College PowerPoint Presentation

presentation of college in ppt

Create a presentation

Create a presentation in PowerPoint

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

Create presentations from scratch or start with a professionally designed, fully customizable template from Microsoft Create .

Open PowerPoint.

In the left pane, select New .

Select an option:

To create a presentation from scratch, select Blank Presentation .

To use a prepared design, select one of the templates.

To see tips for using PowerPoint, select Take a Tour , and then select Create , .

Create new PowerPoint

Add a slide

In the thumbnails on the left pane, select the slide you want your new slide to follow.

In the  Home tab, in the  Slides  section, select  New Slide .

In the Slides section, select Layout , and then select the layout you want from the menu.

PowerPoint slide layouts

Add and format text

Place the cursor inside a text box, and then type something.

Select the text, and then select one or more options from the Font section of the Home tab, such as  Font , Increase Font Size , Decrease Font Size ,  Bold , Italic , Underline , etc.

To create bulleted or numbered lists, select the text, and then select Bullets or Numbering .

PowerPoint format text

Add a picture, shape, and more

Go to the  Insert  tab.

To add a picture:

In the Images section, select Pictures .

In the Insert Picture From menu, select the source you want.

Browse for the picture you want, select it, and then select Insert .

To add illustrations:

In the Illustrations section, select Shapes , Icons , 3D Models ,  SmartArt , or Chart .

In the dialog box that opens when you click one of the illustration types, select the item you want and follow the prompts to insert it.

Insert Images in PowerPoint

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presentation of college in ppt

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presentation of college in ppt

Microsoft 365 training

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Microsoft security

presentation of college in ppt

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Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

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presentation of college in ppt

How To Cope With Powerpoint Presentation For College?


Today PowerPoint presentation is the easiest way to express your personality, but also to structure all the information and present the material in the best possible way. Except for college students, such methods are widely used in schools and universities.

What To Start From When Working On The Best Powerpoint Presentation?

To begin with, as any type of assignment, this one is also evaluated according to several criteria. This means you’d better spend some time and do this project at the highest possible level. As an educational method, it needs some basic technical knowledge and several skills, including critical thinking and academic writing.

Usually, any kind of student assignment is associated with challenges and only hard work. However, this activity is considered to be the easiest and the most exciting method that is used in the educational process. Here you won’t need to write 40 pages and proofread everything a couple of times.

 As we’ve already mentioned, this kind of task is considered to be the easiest one, and every student can cope with it. However, if you are reading this paragraph, you probably want to know the process of creating the best project, not an average one. Just by following these simple recommendations and instructions, you can make the most interesting presentation that will impress everybody.

Remember the following facts:

Here were mentioned only a couple of recommendations for a great PowerPoint presentation for college students; we will deeply discuss this topic later on. Just go on reading!  

Several Important Rules About The Creation Of A Great Presentation

Of course, every project may need some special recommendations, but there are some general rules which we have gathered for you here. So, if you want to impress everybody with your work, just follow these simple recommendations:

How To Complete The Presentation Faster?

Maybe you are reviewing not the first article with helpful recommendations about the PowerPoint presentation for college and still hesitate a lot. You think that all these pieces of advice are useless, then here is one more cool option for you – professional assistance.

Our service is mainly specializing in working with PowerPoint presentations, and we have been doing this for lots of years already. The team of experts that are working with us has proven its professionalism, and lots of students are grateful for their work.

The benefits of ordering your project via our service are:

Now, you have two options to think about – whether you are going to waste lots of time and efforts for the creation of the most exclusive presentation, or you can delegate this assignment to the team of experts. It is up to you what variant to choose and what seems more appropriate at this particular situation. Just remember that time is such a precious thing, and we’d better spend it on something meaningful than preparing a PowerPoint presentation for college.

To conclude, the whole ordering process on our website will take only a couple of seconds, and your presentation will be completed on time. Just several clicks, and you can start working on something more important while professionals are fully responsible for the quality of your PowerPoint presentation. So, don’t waste your time anymore and contact our support team. They will quickly explain to you everything you want to know and will immediately start working on your unique project with a peculiar style. 

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60 Effective PowerPoint Presentation Tips & Tricks (To Improve Your Skills)

Brad Smith

The best PowerPoint presentations shouldn’t be remembered. Instead, they should fall into the background to support you and the message you’re trying to get across. The PowerPoint presentation tips we share below will help you make a good presentation.

Young Entrepreneurs Presenting Startup Project

Unlike good PowerPoint presentations , bad PowerPoint presentation are a distraction. You may remember them, but not in a good way.

You've seen them before. They might have millions of lines of text. Or a disjointed flow to the slides. Even worse, some slides feature ugly photos and poor design that detracts from the message you’re trying to get across. That can even hurt your credibility as a professional or speaker.

This article will take you from finding your initial topic to learning how to make an effective PowerPoint presentation. Our guide covers everything in between so that you never wonder how to give a good presentation PPT, at any step. You'll learn how to present a PowerPoint like a pro.

These Microsoft PowerPoint presentation tips and guidelines are organized into sections. So, cut straight to the advice you need and come back when you’re ready for the next steps. You're about to see the best PowerPoint tips and tricks. (And be sure to check out our new advanced tips.)

Guide to Making Great Presentations (Free eBook Download)

Guide to Making Great Presentations Free eBook Download

Also, download our Free eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations . It's the deepest resource for learning effective presentation skills for a PPT. It covers the complete presentation process. It takes the PowerPoint tips and tricks you learn in this article further. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully. It's another great source for presentation design tips.

What Makes a PowerPoint Presentation Effective?

Knowing how to use PowerPoint and work within it quickly is helpful. But more important is making a good presentation that hits all your presentation goals. A great PowerPoint presentation is:

Consider this your all-inclusive guide of how to make a good presentation PPT. We’ll look at preparing your presentation, how to design it in PowerPoint. Plus, we'll explore how to practice and nail your delivery successfully come presentation time. 

We’ll also address what not to do in these tips for PowerPoint presentations—so you can sidestep any big mistakes. Effective presentation skills PPT tips are all you need to become a great presenter.

presentation of college in ppt

Where Can You Find the Best PowerPoint PPT Templates for 2022?

Want to make a good PowerPoint presentation? This article has so many PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks that you're sure to succeed. Before we dive into our massive list of presentation tips, we want to share our favorite resource. They show you how to do a good PowerPoint presentation with less work.

On Envato Elements, you'll find thousands of designs that show you how to present a PowerPoint . That's because they're built with the best designs that already have the work done for you. They're sure to show you how to use PowerPoint effectively.

Templates Elements presentation tips

If you're a rookie presenter learning effective presentation skills for PPT, a template is the best resource. They give you ideas for how to present your content with pre-built designs. Build a good PowerPoint presentation with less work than ever before.

Best of all, Envato Elements gives you more resources for good PowerPoint presentations with stock photos, graphics, and more. These help you use our top PowerPoint tricks at no extra cost. Effective presentation skills PPT designs help you race up the learning curve. Learn how to create with Envato Elements .

Note: We've also got a few of our high-quality  PowerPoint Presentation Templates   from GraphicRiver and Envato Elements featured in this post as well, such as the popular  Volt Template  (shown below):

Volt Template

If you're struggling with making a well-designed presentation, then a  ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">great PPT theme  can help you achieve the creative and  professional results you're looking for . 

Now let's dig into these tips for effective PowerPoint presentations.

Killer Presentation Preparation Tips - To Get Started Right

Before even opening PowerPoint, start by addressing these things. These Microsoft PowerPoint tips and tricks will ensure that you're fully prepared for your presentation:

1. Know Your Stuff

Your presentation isn’t about your slides alone. It’s about the message you want to get across. Before filling in stats, facts and figures, think about the narrative that'll be discussed, why and in what order. It's a must as you learn how to give a good presentation PPT.

2. Write It Out

Start on a Word or Google doc. Storyboard or script the entire presentation to give you an idea of how the information presented will flow, and how viewers will see it in sequence. Learn the complete writing process: 

presentation of college in ppt

3. Highlight What’s Most Important

A presentation covers the most crucial pieces only. Whatever you’ve been working on that lead to this—a paper, a work project, a new product design—doesn’t need to be shared in its entirety. Pick key points and put the rest in an “Appendix” to refer to during the Q&A session at the end.

4. Know Your Audience

How you talk to a room full of medical professionals should be different from the way you address a room full of young entrepreneurs. Everything, in fact, is different. Your topic selection, the language you use, the examples you give to illustrate points. The little bits of humor included should be tailored specifically with your target audience in mind. 

Knowing your audience well—their fears, wants, and desires—is the first step towards making a PowerPoint presentation that persuades them: 

presentation of college in ppt

5. Rehearse! (Yes, Already)

It’s never too early to get used to the rhythm of your presentation and take note of points you want to emphasize. While saying it out loud, you’ll start to develop a “feel” for the material. You'll notice that some things work well, while others don’t and might need to be worked around.

6. Rewrite After You Rehearse

As you're rehearsing your presentation, you're bound to stumble over sections that don't quite flow naturally. Instead of reworking your delivery, it might be time to consider the content and rewriting the areas that served as stumbling blocks.

"Editing is hard. 'It's good enough,' is a phrase wannabes use. Leaders take editing seriously." - Anthony Trendl

The most important part of creating a great presentation is the writing stage. The second most important stage is  rewriting.

7. Share With a Friend

If the stakes are high for your presentation, it's never too early to get feedback from those that you trust.

Here's an article that helps you collaborate as a team on a PowerPoint presentation. Get PowerPoint design tips from those that you trust when you collaborate.

presentation of college in ppt

Simple Tips to Design Your PowerPoint Presentation Better

Second only to you (the information you bring and how you present it) is your PowerPoint slides. If not designed well, a PowerPoint can be disengaging or distracting (regardless of the content quality). Here are some presentation design tips to make sure this doesn’t happen to you:

8.  Keep Your Slides Simple

This is one of the most important PowerPoint presentation tips to follow when designing your slides. Keep in mind that less is more (effective.) A cluttered slide is distracting. It causes confusion for an audience: Which part of the slide should I focus on? Should I read the slide or pay attention to the presenter? 

But, a simple, visually appealing slide will engage your audience, keeping them on track with your main points. Here's an example of a simple slide that serves its purpose perfectly:

Nook Minimal Slide

9. Limit Words on Your Slides

Piggybacking on the last point—less is more effective. If possible, avoid bullets altogether. Otherwise cut them to just a few simple words. The audience should be listening, not reading.

10. Use High-Quality Photos and Graphics

One of the more important tips for quality PowerPoint presentations is to use high-quality photos and graphics.

Earlier in this tutorial, you saw Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service with PPT tips inside of templates. Those pre-built designs are a beginner's best friend. They're even better when paired with Elements' unlimited library of stock photos .

Elements photo section PPT tips

People are more likely to take you seriously if your presentation is visually appealing. Users view attractive design as more usable. Similarly, they'll view a more attractive PowerPoint as more effective. 

11. Use Accurate and Relevant Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs can also be distracting if they’re not used right. Make sure your information design is simple and clean so that the audience doesn’t spend the entire time trying to decipher what your X axis says. Learn more about PPT data presentation in the following article:

presentation of college in ppt

12. Use High-Quality, Fresh Templates

Have you seen the old PowerPoint template that looks like worn paper and uses ink splashes? Yeah, so has your audience. Templates can be distracting if they're too basic or if the design feels dated. You need one with great design options. 

Costs are always a concern. But when you use Envato Elements, you've got everything you need to create a great PowerPoint presentation . That's thanks to the incredible all-you-can-download subscription package.

Envato Elements PowerPoint template library

On Envato Elements, there are thousands of PowerPoint design templates that are ready to use. Instead of designing a presentation from scratch, start with a template! Just add your specifics to the placeholders.

Galaxi PowerPoint template

The best PowerPoint design tips save you time. And there's no tip more powerful than this one: use a pre-built template . It helps you master how to present a PowerPoint without spending all your time in the app.

Learn how to make a good PowerPoint presentation with the help of the best templates below. You'll see PowerPoint tips packaged inside of templates by talented designers.

presentation of college in ppt

Another option is GraphicRiver, a pay-as-you-go option for   ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent"> PowerPoint Presentation Templates  to help you out if you’re not a designer yourself. If you’re looking for a multipurpose PPT theme, then you can’t go wrong with either ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent"> Motagua or ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent"> Ever . There are also specific ones for ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent"> Business Plans or ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent"> Finance Reports .

13. Choose Appropriate Fonts

Fonts are an important part of engaging your audience. Fonts and typography choices have a subconscious effect on viewers. They cause them to characterize your company's presentation and brand either positively or negatively. Make sure that you're choosing fonts that are professional and modern!

14. Choose Color Well

Like font choice, colors cause specific subconscious reactions from viewers. Choosing an outdated color combination for your presentation will render it ineffective. 

Below is an example of the Popsicle PowerPoint template , which has a modern presentation color choice:

Popsicle Powerpoint Slide

15. Clean + Simple Formatting Makes All the Difference!

We've got a full tutorial on formatting your PPT slides properly . Give it a read through and review the accompanying video. Just remember less is more. The focus is you and  your message , not your slides.

16. Make Sure All Objects Are Aligned

A simple way to create a well-designed presentation is to make sure all items on a slide are intentionally aligned. To do this hold down Shift + select all the objects you want to include. Then choose Arrange in the options bar and apply  Alignment Type .

17. Limit Punctuation

This isn't the place for exclamation points. Emphasize your points (while speaking). Don’t enlist punctuation to do this for you. (Leave these at home!!!)

18. Avoid Over-Formatting Your Points

This PowerPoint presentation tip is simple. There’s no need to have every word of every bullet point capitalized, or to have all your bullet points in title case. If possible, drop bullets altogether. Again, the simpler the better!

Overformatting presentation tips

19. Combine Information With Graphics in PowerPoint

One of the most powerful presentation skills for PPT is using infographics. With the right type of visuals, slides come to life and reduce the text in favor of graphics.

Infographics  help combine information with graphics. It's easier to explain complex ideas when you use visual formats that are intuitive. Learn how with the help of 30 templates in the article below:

presentation of college in ppt

Practice Presentation Tips: Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!

Delivery is probably more important than the actual content. Here's how to become more aware of your own unique ticks, and how to present like a polished pro:

20. I’ll Say It Again - Rehearse

Just do it. Again and again. Experiment with pauses, gestures, and body language. Practice around one hour for every minute of your speech.

21. Practice With a Timer

Consistency is key to an effective PowerPoint presentation. Timing should be similar (ideally the same) each time you rehearse. This one will especially pay off when it’s time to present in front of your audience!

Envato Elements photo timer

22. Slow It Down

Many of the best speakers today intentionally speak slowly. You’ll have the chance to emphasize, appear more thoughtful, and make your information easier to digest.

23. Pause More Often

Like the prior tip. Pausing more often, allows main points to be emphasized and for information to sink in. You need to let key points breathe a little before rushing into the next section.

24. Record Yourself

Use your phone’s voice recorder. Assess and critique yourself. Consider: 

Recording Self PowerPoint tips

It’s always weird to hear your own voice recorded; don’t stress it. Use this as a time to adjust.

25. Choose Three Focal Points in the Room

If you stare at the same spot (or even creepier, the same person) the entire time, your presentation will be ineffective (and awkward.) People will be distracted by you, wondering what you're staring at. 

Try this: pick three points in the room (typically: left, center, right). Take time to direct your delivery toward each physical focal point in the room. Also, focus on the center when making your primary points.

26. Vary Your Sentence Length

This makes you sound more interesting and it's easier for your audience to follow. Think short and punchy. Or go long and complex for dramatic effect.

27. Modulate!

Don't speak in monotone for your whole presentation. Be conscious to raise and lower your voice tone. Otherwise, people will tune you out, and you'll come across like the teacher in Charlie Brown.

28. Practice in Front of a Mirror

What you look like is as important as how you sound. Pretend as though you're having a normal conversation and allow your hands to move with your speech—emphasizing your points. Just don’t get carried away! (I’m thinking Brene Brown or President Obama , not your Aunt Jamie after a few gin and tonics.)

29. Use “Present Mode” When Rehearsing

When you finally are ready to hit the Present button in PowerPoint, make sure you use the Present Mode option. This allows for you (and only you) to view extra notes about each slide—just in case you forget something!

30. Practice With New Audiences!

If possible, try doing a few real live test runs as a webinar or even at a local Toastmasters organization to get some feedback from a live audience.

Summit 2 PowerPoint presentation template

31. Engage the Audience by Asking Questions

There's no reason that a presentation should be one-sided. Why not invert the format and ask your audience a question?

To learn how to create a slide that kicks off a Q&A, use our article below. These PowerPoint design tips help you create an engaging and exciting discussion.

presentation of college in ppt

Helpful Tips to Step Up and Deliver Come Presentation Time

When the actual day arrives, there are only a few last PowerPoint presentation tips and guidelines to keep in mind:

32. Take a Deep Breath

Deep breathing is  proven to relieve stress. (Source: the NHS Website) It’s simple and it'll help you remain calm, and in the moment, as well. Even up to the last minute before starting.

33. Lighten Up Your Mood

Tell yourself a joke or watch a funny video clip. Do this before the presentation, of course. Recent research concludes that happy people were more productive. (Source: Fast Company) More productive is more focused and able to perform better.

Tip for humor in presentation

34. Remind Yourself to Take It Slow

When we're stressed or nervous (or both), we tend to speak faster. Consciously, take yet another deep breath and remind yourself to take it slow!

35. Read the Room

Every presentation room has a temperature. It's your job as a speaker to gauge it and tailor your presentation to it.

Here's a great example. Layoffs are coming at a company, and you're asked to speak to an audience. Even if the audience isn't personally impacted by the actions, you've got to consider the morale of the workforce.

Presentation room energy

The  last  thing that group will want to hear is how strong the economy is and why the company is the best place to work. That doesn't mean that you've got to align to their uncertainty, but don't go too far against the grain while presenting.

Robert Kennedy III is a master of bringing energy and aligning a speech to the audience. Here's his advice for adjusting:

"It can be hard to wake up a "dead" crowd but go for it. Most of all, don't take their energy personally. Focus on serving them with every bit of your fiber then leave empty."

36. Fake It ‘Til You Make It!

Go forward with confidence. If you act confident, you'll start to feel more confident. Move slowly with grace, speak clearly, smile, wear something nice. You’ll appear confident to all attendees (no matter how you feel internally). 

Learn more about how to overcome your fears, reduce your anxiety, and become a more confident speaker in these Envato Tuts+ tutorials: 

presentation of college in ppt

PowerPoint Presentation Tips and Tricks to Help Avoid Mistakes (What Not to Do)

Most importantly, focus on what you can do to make your presentation better. There are a few important things not to do that we've got to address. Here are a handful of PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks to help you avoid missteps.

37. Stop With the Sound Effects

Sound effects—like that swoosh that used to happen when your college professor brought up a new bullet point in PowerPoint—are distracting and outdated. In most cases avoid it.

Tips for PPT presentation no sound

Add audio or music into your presentation to inject interest or highlight an important point, but it's something to take extra care with. If you insert audio, then make sure your use really connects with your audience and has a fresh approach. Otherwise, it's best to leave it out.

38. Don’t Use Flashy Slide Transitions

Again, this is distracting and outdated. Use transitions and subtle animations in your PowerPoint presentation. But you need to take care and do it right: 

presentation of college in ppt

39. Beware of Clip Art

This PowerPoint presentation tip shouldn’t even have to be said. But please, please don't use clip art. Use professional graphics instead.

40. Don't Be Afraid to Be Afraid

The fear of public speaking is a real one. Many beginners think that if they're feeling nervous that a presentation won't go well or succeed. That might lead them to cancel the presentation.

Many of the best PowerPoint tricks don't use the app at all! Here's a tip from expert Sandra Zimmer who leads The Self-Expression Center on conquering your fears before you take stage:

"Get out of your head and into your body. I do this through a grounding exercise that really works to calm nerves and bring you present in the moment."

Presentation tricks speaker

If you think that public speaking fears aren't normal, you might never give your award-winning presentation. So, don't be afraid to be afraid and acknowledge it's part of the process!

41. Read Directly During Your PowerPoint Presentation

If you spend your entire presentation looking at the screen or your note cards, you're sure to lose your audience's attention. They'll disengage from what you're saying, and your presentation will fall flat.

Reading from your paper or screen also makes it look like you’re not prepared. Many people do it, but no one should. As a general rule, only present something you know well and have, at least mostly, memorized the main points of.

42. Don't Miss Out on PowerPoint Customizations

There's a major mistake that rookie presenters miss when they start working with PowerPoint designs like those from Envato Elements.

The best way to see how to make a good presentation PPT is to start with designs from others. That means using a template, but that doesn't mean you can't customize them!

Template presentation design tips new

Don't skip PowerPoint templates as you learn how to use PowerPoint effectively. Think of those templates as guides with built-in presentation design tips.

Be careful with the visuals you insert, or with adding flashy effects. Here are some great uses of creative ideas that you can pack your PowerPoint presentation with to be more effective: 

presentation of college in ppt

To see more presentation tips that show you what  not  to do, make sure to check out our guide below.

presentation of college in ppt

Work in PowerPoint More Effectively (Tips & Tricks to Level-Up Your PPT Skills)

These PowerPoint tips will take you directly inside of PowerPoint. They'll help you level up your next PowerPoint presentation. Knowing these Microsoft PowerPoint presentation tips can build your confidence in your next presentation and help you deliver a great showcase to your audience. Let's dive in.

43. Use the Visual Guides

When you're designing your next PowerPoint presentation, it helps to create a sense of visual rhythm. Slides that have objects appropriately aligned and centered are naturally more likely to resonate with an audience.

presentation of college in ppt

44. Use a Few Animations (Tastefully)

Animations in effective PowerPoint presentations are a slippery slope. We've all sat through presentations where there were so many objects in motion that it was easy to lose focus on the key ideas in the presentation.

But that's why animations get an unfairly bad reputation. Use animations to create motion and hold an audience's attention. Use them sparingly and on key elements on your slide and you'll capture that attention properly. 

presentation of college in ppt

45. Stage Key Content With Animations

You just learned that animations should avoid being distracting. But there's an important principle to using animations properly. It's called staging content.

Staging content means that the content appears step-by-step. There's nothing worse than overwhelming an audience with all your content at once. But when you stage content, bring it on step-by-step.

Take it from presentation pro Suzannah Baum :

"If you’re sharing a slide with lots of different points on it, using the animation to reveal those points one at a time is a way to keep the presenter’s content flowing smoothly."

For more animation presentation tips and tricks, follow our guide:

presentation of college in ppt

46. Add a Video to Your PowerPoint

When you're sharing a big idea in your presentation, it helps to share your perspective from a few different angles. Adding a video to supplement your content can do just that. Luckily, it's easy to add and embed a YouTube video in your next PowerPoint presentation.

Learn how to add a video to your presentation in the quick tutorial below:

presentation of college in ppt

47. Add Charts & Graphs

Charts and graphs can help you tell stories with data. It's easy for an audience to zone out when you throw a big data table or set of statistics at them. 

instead, convert those to charts and graphs. Try out the tutorial below to learn how to edit those graphs.

presentation of college in ppt

48. Build Your Own Infographics With SmartArt

Earlier in this tutorial, we gave you one of my favorite PowerPoint design tips: use infographic templates.

Here's another. One of my favorite PowerPoint features is SmartArt, which allows you to build infographics right inside the app.

You don't have to use another graphic design app like Photoshop or Illustrator to add visuals. Instead, try out SmartArt to help you build graphics that are easy to update. 

presentation of college in ppt

49. Use Presenter View

Remember that when you use the PowerPoint,  you' re the presentation. The slides are just there to reinforce what you've got to say and support your speaking points.

That's why I always recommend using Presenter view. More often than not, you're going to have several displays. Use Presenter view to show the information that's relevant to you on your private screen, with your presentation showing on the extra display.

presentation of college in ppt

50. Track Your PowerPoint Changes

One of my favorite PowerPoint design tips is to collaborate. Those who know you best will suggest compelling changes that are sure to help you succeed.

As you start collaborating on your presentation, it helps to keep track of proposed and included PowerPoint changes. Use the article to track changes made by others with the help of this tutorial:

presentation of college in ppt

10 More Advanced PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

Really need to wow an audience with a good PowerPoint presentation? Give these tips a try to make an unforgettable impression:

51. Engage With an Interactive Quiz

A good PowerPoint presentation gets your audience involved. One of the best PowerPoint tricks is to do that with a quiz. By engaging audiences, a quiz makes your slides memorable.

Quiz midtest presentation tips

By adding trivia, you'll see how to present a PowerPoint in a way that people will love. Channel your inner game-show host today.

52. Illustrate With Custom Image Masks

One of the top PowerPoint tips is to illustrate your slides. But you can go beyond simple, rectangular images on each slide.

Masts burte PowerPoint tips

Image masks shape photos into unique works of art. And thanks to premium templates, you can style photos just like this. Masks overlay your photos onto geometric shapes, instantly elevating your style.

53. Print Handouts With Extra Notes

Wonder how to give a good presentation PPT that audiences will remember? Give them a piece of it to take home.

PowerPoint makes it easy to print handouts with room for notes on the page. This way, audiences can keep copies of your slides, along with their own notes. This is the perfect way to ensure everyone engages with and retains your content.

presentation of college in ppt

54. Make Bulk Edits With Master Slides

When you think about how to present a PowerPoint, consider your branding. That means keeping your logo front and center in the eyes of an audience. But if you’re working with a lengthy slide deck, this could seem daunting.

That’s where master slides come in. They’re common in premium layouts, and they’re a leading example of presentation skills for PPT. Master slides let you make bulk edits fast. You can make a change to a master slide, and see it reflected throughout your slide deck. Learn how with our full tutorial:

presentation of college in ppt

55. Shrink File Sizes for Sharing

Many of the top presentation tips involve making your slides more accessible. Often, that involves sharing them with audiences online. 

You’ll often find that email clients and cloud services limit the size of files that you share. This can be a problem with large PPT slide decks. But there are a few quick steps you can take to reduce PPT file size. Cut graphics, scale down photos, and more.

presentation of college in ppt

56. Map Processes With Flowcharts

As you consider how to do a good PowerPoint presentation, think of ease of understanding. After all, you’re trying to explain something to your audience.

Infographics presentation skills PPT

A flowchart maps out a process in a visual way. Instead of resorting to endless narration, try a quick illustration like this. It saves you time and effort, and your audience is sure to thank you.

presentation of college in ppt

57. Use Brand-Specific Colors

Using presentation skills PPT helps form an association between your message and branding. There’s no better way to do that than with your brand colors.

Presentation tips for branding

PowerPoint makes it easy to change color themes, adding your brand colors and logo to each slide. This is one of the top PowerPoint tricks for marketing presentations.

58. Build Social Media Posts in PPT

A good PowerPoint presentation doesn’t have to be shared through a projector. Use the app and templates to build amazing illustrations to use anywhere.

Soffee how to present a PowerPoint

Try using PowerPoint to create social media posts. It helps you engage with your audience, with no need to design custom layouts from scratch.

59. Be Industry-Specific

One of the top presentation tips in 2022 is to be industry-specific. That means avoiding generic layouts and choosing something more customized.

Conference room PowerPoint tips

This offers two key advantages. First, you save time by having layouts built for you. Second, you gain design inspiration for your specific topic. Themed templates are truly the best of both worlds.

Medical and health PowerPoint tricks

60. Design for Online (Virtual) Sharing

Last but not least in our list of PowerPoint tips comes virtual presenting. More and more often, slides will be shared with online audiences around the globe.

Why not design your slides for that very purpose? And then learn how to share flawlessly with a global team? It’s one of the top presentation tips for 2022. Embrace it today.

presentation of college in ppt

More Great PowerPoint Tutorial Resources

We've built a resource for Microsoft PowerPoint that you're sure to want to try. It includes countless PowerPoint tips and tricks. It's called  How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide)   and has all the PowerPoint design tips you need.

These tutorials will help you get started quickly. Start mastering PowerPoint's powerful presentation design tools today: 

presentation of college in ppt

You can also find more PowerPoint tips in this video lesson:

presentation of college in ppt

Discover More Top PowerPoint Template Designs From Envato Elements for 2022

You've just seen our favorite PowerPoint presentation tips and guidelines to help you improve your speaking. We've also mentioned Envato Elements, an incredible all-you-can-download source for top PowerPoint designs .

Here are five of the best PowerPoint templates that you can use to create your best presentation yet:

1. Galaxi PowerPoint Template

Galaxi PowerPoint Design template

Blast off to success with the help of this PowerPoint template! Think of the pre-built slide designs as pro PowerPoint design tips. They're built by professional graphic designers. All the popular and modern slide styles that are perfect for your next presentation. Use Galaxi's five styles and 30 designs to create a great presentation.

2. Masmax PowerPoint Template

Masmax PowerPoint Template

While choosing templates for this article, we featured options that aligned with the PowerPoint tips and tricks shared throughout. Masmax fits the bill perfectly across its 234 unique slide designs. These slide designs are sure to align with the latest in design expectations.

3.   STYLE - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template V50

Style Multipurpose PowerPoint template

Style is subjective, but we can all agree that this template is stunning! The light and airy slide designs are built with fashion-focused designs in mind. But that doesn't mean that it's not perfect for most presentations. Remember: as you're learning how to present a PowerPoint presentation, don't forget that templates are customizable to your purpose .

4.  Peachme Creative PowerPoint Template

Peachme Creative PowerPoint Template

Peachme has image-focused slides with splashy designs. The slides are colorful and perfect for a modern presentation. Don't worry about remembering all the PowerPoint design tips because they're included in the pre-built slides. Use Peachme's designs for your presentation today.

5. Buizi - Office Building Rent PowerPoint Template

Buizi Office Building PowerPoint template

Buizi markets itself as a real estate focused template. It's ideal for that purpose because of the minimal, image-focused slide designs. But that also makes it a perfect choice for presentations in many fields.

We've just scratched the surface of PowerPoint design tips with these five options. Here are many more, bundled inside of the best roundups on Envato Tuts+: 

presentation of college in ppt

How to Build a Good PowerPoint Presentation Quickly (In 2022)

You’ve already seen effective presentation skills PPT techniques. But you may be wondering exactly how to do a good PowerPoint presentation. It only takes a few clicks. Let’s learn how in just five steps.

For this mini-tutorial, we’ll use the Enjoy PowerPoint Template from Envato Elements. You'll see that it's a beautiful template that helps you learn how to present a PowerPoint by giving you every object and layout you need.

Enjoy presentation skills PPT

1. Choose Your Slides

As you can see, a template like Enjoy has dozens of unique slides inside. The key to how to give a good presentation PPT is to choose only the slides that you need.

Choose slides effective presentation skills PPT

In PowerPoint, scroll through the sidebar on the left to view different slide layouts. Right-click and choose Delete to remove unwanted designs. Plus, you can click and drag slide thumbnails to reorder them in the deck.

2. Add Text

Consider how to do a good PowerPoint presentation without investing a ton of time. That’s where premium templates come in.

Enjoy how to do a good PowerPoint presentation

To add custom text, simply click and select the contents of any text box on your slide. Then, type in your own words. Repeat as needed throughout your slide deck.

3. Customize Fonts

With text selected, it’s easy to customize fonts on each slide. Find the Font section on PowerPoint’s Home tab. From there, you've got a variety of dropdown options.

Custom fonts how to give a good presentation

Click to change the font, font size, and more. You can also use the buttons on the left to add bolds, italics, and more.

Need more custom font styles? As an Envato Elements subscriber, you've got instant access to thousands of custom fonts . Use them in your presentation with ease.

4. Insert Images

Slides like this one contain an image placeholder. That’s another advantage found only with premium templates. These make adding images a breeze.

Images presentation tips

To get started, find an image file stored on your computer. Then, drag and drop it over the placeholder. PowerPoint will import it, sized and scaled for a perfect fit.

5. Change Colors

One of the top effective presentation skills PPT ideas is changing shape colors. This helps you control the look and feel of each slide.

Change color PowerPoint tips

With a shape selected, find the Shape Format tab on PowerPoint’s ribbon. Then, click on the Shape Fill dropdown. You’ll see a color chooser menu appear. Click on any thumbnail to apply it to the shape or browse through the Gradient and Texture options.

Learn How to Make Great Presentations (Download This Free eBook)

Take the PowerPoint tips you learned in this article further with our eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations ( grab it now for FREE ) . 

It'll help walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully.

Grab the Free Make Great Presentations eBook

Start Putting These PowerPoint Presentation Tips & Tricks Into Use Today!

Learning to write, design, and present a PowerPoint presentation is an invaluable skill, no matter where you use it. If you’re a good communicator of important messages, you’ll never go hungry.

Luckily, improving PowerPoint presentations isn't as hard as it seems. Follow these tips for PowerPoint presentations to design and deliver with greater confidence.

Remember: Less is more (effective) . Use  ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">PowerPoint Presentation Templates  for better design and more effective visual impact. And you can customize a PPT template quickly , with the right workflow. 

Here's a showcase of simple, modern PowerPoint templates to start with:

presentation of college in ppt

Be sure to share your PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks in the comments below. How do you prepare a presentation quickly and then deliver it effectively?

Again, one of the most important tips for using PowerPoint is to focus your time on the content.   To do that, you'll want to outsource the work of designing your PowerPoint slides to the talented designers at Envato Elements. Go check out  top templates from Envato Elements  to explore options.

Editorial Note:  This post was originally published in December of 2015. It's been comprehensively revised to make it current, accurate, and up to date by our staff-- with special help from Andrew Childress .

Brad Smith

Home Blog Business Case Study: How to Write and Present It

Case Study: How to Write and Present It

Case Study: How to Write and Present It

Marketers, consultants, salespeople, and all other types of business managers often use case study analysis to highlight a success story, showing how an exciting problem can be or was addressed. But how do you create a compelling case study and then turn it into a memorable presentation? Get a lowdown from this post! 

What is a Case Study? 

Let’s start with this great case study definition by the University of South Caroline:

In the social sciences, the term case study refers to both a method of analysis and a specific research design for examining a problem, both of which can generalize findings across populations.

In simpler terms — a case study is an investigative research into a problem aimed at presenting or highlighting solution(s) to the analyzed issues.

A standard business case study provides insights into:

Case studies (also called case reports) are also used in clinical settings to analyze patient outcomes outside of the business realm. 

But this is a topic for another time. In this post, we’ll focus on teaching you how to write and present a business case, plus share several case study PowerPoint templates and design tips! 

Case Study Woman Doing Research PPT Template

Why Case Studies are a Popular Marketing Technique 

Besides presenting a solution to an internal issue, case studies are often used as a content marketing technique . According to a 2020 Content Marketing Institute report, 69% of B2B marketers use case studies as part of their marketing mix.

A case study informs the reader about a possible solution and soft-sells the results, which can be achieved with your help (e.g., by using your software or by partnering with your specialist). 

For the above purpose, case studies work like a charm. Per the same report: 

Moreover, case studies also help improve your brand’s credibility, especially in the current fake news landscape and dubious claims made without proper credits. 

Ultimately, case studies naturally help build up more compelling, relatable stories and showcase your product benefits through the prism of extra social proof, courtesy of the case study subject. 

Case Study Computer PPT Template

Popular Case Study Format Types

Most case studies come either as a slide deck or as a downloadable PDF document. 

Typically, you have several options to distribute your case study for maximum reach:

Case Study Example Google PPT Template

How to Write a Case Study: a 4-Step Framework

Once you decide on your case study format, the next step is collecting data and then translating it into a storyline. There are different case study methods and research approaches you can use to procure data. 

But let’s say you already have all your facts straight and need to organize them in a clean copy for your presentation deck. Here’s how you should do it. 

Business Case Study Example PPT Template

1. Identify the Problem 

Every compelling case study research starts with a problem statement definition. While in business settings, there’s no need to explain your methodology in-depth; you should still open your presentation with a quick problem recap slide.

Be sure to mention: 

The above information should nicely fit in several paragraphs or 2-3 case study template slides

2. Explain the Solution 

The bulk of your case study copy and presentation slides should focus on the provided solution(s). This is the time to speak at lengths about how the subject went from before to the glorious after. 

Here are some writing prompts to help you articulate this better:

This part may take the longest to write. Don’t rush it and reiterate several times. Sprinkle in some powerful words and catchphrases to make your copy more compelling.

3. Collect Testimonials 

Persuasive case studies feature the voice of customer (VoC) data — first-party testimonials and assessments of how well the solution work. These provide extra social proof and credibility to all the claims you are making. 

So plan and schedule interviews with your subjects to collect their input and testimonials. Also, design your case study interview questions in a way that lets you obtain the quantifiable result.

4. Package The Information in a Slide Deck

Once you have a rough first draft, try different business case templates and designs to see how these help structure all the available information. 

As a rule of thumb, try to keep one big idea per slide. If you are talking about a solution, first present the general bullet points. Then give each solution a separate slide where you’ll provide more context and perhaps share some quantifiable results.

For example, if you look at case study presentation examples from AWS like this one about Stripe , you’ll notice that the slide deck has few texts and really focuses on the big picture, while the speaker provides extra context.

Need some extra case study presentation design help? Download our Business Case Study PowerPoint template with 100% editable slides. 

Case Study Man With Giant Clipboard PPT Template

How to Do a Case Study Presentation: 3 Proven Tips

Your spoken presentation (and public speaking skills ) are equally if not more important than the case study copy and slide deck. To make a strong business case, follow these quick techniques. 

Focus on Telling a Great Story

A case study is a story of overcoming a challenge, achieving something grand. Your delivery should reflect that. Step away from the standard “features => benefits” sales formula. Instead, make your customer the hero of the study. Describe the road they went through and how you’ve helped them succeed. 

The premises of your story can be as simple as:

Based on the above, create a clear story arc. Show where your hero started. Then explain what type of a journey they went through. Inject some emotions in the mix to make your narrative more relatable and memorable. 

Experiment with Copywriting Formulas 

Copywriting is the art and science of organizing words into compelling and persuasive combinations which help readers retain the right ideas. 

To ensure that the audience retains the right takeaways from your case study presentation, you can try using some of the classic copywriting formulas to structure your delivery. These include:

Take an Emotion-Inducing Perspectives

The key to building a strong rapport with an audience is showing that you are one of them and fully understand what they are going through. 

One of the ways to build this connection is speaking from an emotion-inducing perspective. This is best illustrated with an example: 

In the second case, the wording prompts listeners to paint a mental picture from the perspective of the bank employees — a role you’d like them to relate to. By placing your audience in the right visual perspective, you can make them more receptive to your pitches. 

Case Study Medical Example PPT Template

Final Tip: Use Compelling Presentation Visuals

Our brain is wired to process images much faster than text. So when you are presenting a case study, always look for an opportunity to tie in some illustrations such as: 

Use icons to minimize the volume of texts. Also, opt for readable fonts which can look good in a smaller size too.

Finally, practice your case study presentation several times — solo and together with your team — to collect feedback and make last-moment refinements! 

1. Business Case Study PowerPoint Template

presentation of college in ppt

To efficiently create a Business Case Study it’s important to ask all the right questions and document everything necessary, therefore this PowerPoint Template will provide all the sections you need. 

Use This Template

2. Medical Case Study PowerPoint Template

presentation of college in ppt

3. Medical Infographics PowerPoint Templates

presentation of college in ppt

4. Success Story PowerPoint Template

presentation of college in ppt

5. Detective Research PowerPoint Template

presentation of college in ppt

6. Animated Clinical Study PowerPoint Templates

presentation of college in ppt

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As for your more immediate problem, does the professor absolutely require that you use PowerPoint for everything (and how would they know if you did or didn't?), or do they simply require that the presentation be submitted as a PowerPoint file? If the latter, Google Slides provides an easy way to export as a PowerPoint file (just go to File->Download->PowerPoint File).

For this presentation, he expressively states we are required to use PowerPoint for this presentation. I'm working in the field of environmental science. He teaches zoo stuff. So it is far less regulated. I use to have powerpoint downloaded on my old (as in literally a week ago before my computer became a brick). I just need to do the annoying thing of downloading powerpoint from my school's webpage. It usually wouldn't frusterate me this much, but I just had one of the worst week in my life, and it just a busy midterm.

Edit: the signage one was a project for a different class of his to make zoo signs for exhibits... he wouldn't of accepted them to be made in like idk adobe photoshop like a normal person

You can run Powerpoint on a Mac, it's available in the Mac App Store. It's free.

yeah, I got it downloaded from my school's webpage instead. I'm just irrationally irritated rn.

To answer your question mine. You kinda are throwing your companies internal data to the wolves relying on Google slides.

That is understandable for any business presentations requiring business shit. But this presentation is on a species. Like an animal species. So it's FAR less relevant in this case. But I can see it's helpful elsewhere. i just had the worst experience with microsoft, so I been avoiding it currently.

The way people are downvoting you makes me know how reactive Redditor’s are especially when you explained that you are are already having a bad week hence why you are frustrated

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I have never worked anywhere where PowerPoint was not used and the de facto standard.

This is not a big deal. computers on campus will have PowerPoint. a five minute presentation will only have two or three slides max .

Also this: you are not the only student in the class. do you think it's ok to force the grader to have N different presentation tools to accommodate you all?

I am ranting on a college rant subreddit. People rant about stupid petty shit on here all the time. I have mention how it no big deal in my post. And I NEVER suggested that I wanted to force him to change it.

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    9. Education Academic PowerPoint Template. This education PPT template for students comes with 130 unique content slides, many layouts options, animations, and more. All vector and smart objects are fully editable and animated. This is a must-have option with 20 PowerPoint files, 20 premade colors and over 500 icons.

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    Create a presentation. Open PowerPoint. In the left pane, select New. To create a presentation from scratch, select Blank Presentation. To use a prepared design, select one of the templates. To see tips for using PowerPoint, select Take a Tour, and then select Create, .

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    It may relate to the context of visualization, but your personality and character must be noticed via this work. Choose the proper theme. As a rule, students who are working on PowerPoint presentation for college pick the easiest pass - they choose a template. Nevertheless, most of the people who will be in the audience have probably created ...

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    Here's another one of our top PPT tips: tap into Envato Elements' unlimited stock photo library. People are more likely to take you seriously if your presentation is visually appealing. Users view attractive design as more usable. Similarly, they'll view a more attractive PowerPoint as more effective. 11.

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    Insert them and go to Picture Format > Picture Layout. If you hover over each design, you will see a preview of the collage. Once you have decided which one better fits your slide, click on it. Inserting the images in your PowerPoint slides Now it's time for you to resize it and adapt it.

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    We know it goes without saying, but tundras have a very cold ecosystem! These treeless regions are located in the Arctic and their biome (set of ecosystems of a given area) is very interesting to study. This presentation template is inspired by this region and this biome for its design - if you notice, all the colors used are cold tones! In ...

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    The above information should nicely fit in several paragraphs or 2-3 case study template slides. 2. Explain the Solution. The bulk of your case study copy and presentation slides should focus on the provided solution (s). This is the time to speak at lengths about how the subject went from before to the glorious after.

  28. Professors ONLY allowing microsoft powerpoint for presentation

    Well now I am REQUIRED specifically to ONLY use microsoft powerpoint to make a 5 minute presentation. Maybe it's not the biggest of deals, but god damn it! I now have another hop to run though instead of just using the safer google slides (im really mad about microsoft bricking my computer). It just so fucking annoying!