Free Online Slideshow Maker

7 different formats.

Only on Kizoa will you be able to make a slideshow in 7 different formats (16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1, 9:16, 2:3, 3:4) so you can adapt your creation to any screen or platform such as a TV, computer screen, smartphone, or tablet. Our intelligent cropping tool gives you the choice to have your photos best adapted to any format so as to fill the screen as much as possible without cutting out any parts of the photo.

Play on a TV or projector

We offer you all the tools you need to display your slideshow anywhere including on a TV, video projector, computer screen, or mobile device! Directly share your slideshow online, download in a variety of video formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG2, GIF) to save onto a USB flash drive, or burn onto a DVD for a lifetime keepsake.

Hundreds of special effects!

Choose from hundreds of different effects, text, and GIFs to add onto your photos and videos. You'll find everything you need for any occasion including slideshows for weddings, graduation, birthdays, holidays, and more!




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Slideshow Maker

Create a slideshow with music.

You don't need to install anything or read a long manual to understand how the tool works which greatly reduces the amount of spent time.

Works with Any Format

The Slideshow Video Maker is compatible with all the popular formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, MP4, AVI, DVD, GIF, MP3, and with more rare ones.

Completely Secure

We delete input files right after editing and output files after 24 hours. Only you have access to them the whole time.

Additional Features

You can crop the video and select duration for images. When you're done editing your new clip, you can select any output format you like.

Online Slideshow Maker

There is no need to download Clideo to your PC, Mac, or another device because it's completely online.

The tool is really intuitive and has simple interface, so you can edit your files without any help.

Use the photo slideshow maker easily

Add any amount of files (images, videos, gifs, audio) and change the order.

online slideshow maker for free

How to use the picture slideshow maker

Select the necessary photos and videos from your computer, Android, iPhone, Google Drive or Dropbox account. Each file can be up to 500 MB for free.

Make a slideshow

Now you can add more files if you want and change their order until you like it. Then add an audio track, trim it and click "Export". Read the complete guide on how to create a slideshow .

Download the result

Watch the preview and quickly go back to editing if you're not satisfied. Otherwise, you can just save the clip back to your device or cloud storage.

Have a lot of memorable moments captured in photos and videos? Combine them together in your own slideshow to play it for friends and family on an important event. Don't forget to complete it with a great song!

You don't need any special editing skills because Clideo is super simple-to-use. Just select the desirable files!

Upgrade your account

Get unlimited storage time and create projects without watermarks.

Free Slideshow Maker


Create Slideshows with Beautiful Templates

Wedding Album

200+ Cool Transitions

200+ preset transitions including Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Page Curl, and Colorful Overlays, can help blend your photos together smoothly.

200+ Cool Transitions

Wide Selection of Text Styles and Animations

A variety of text styles and animations are provided. You can customize text size, color, font, alignment, and motion of text to give it a perfect look.

Wide Selection of Text Styles and Animations

Flexible Music Customization

You can choose background music and music effects from the library or add your own audio. The audio editing tools help you easily tune the music to match the slideshow.

Flexible Music Customization

How to Make a Slideshow in 3 Steps?

Upload your photos from your computer.

Choose a Template

Apply a slideshow template, then add text and music if needed.

Export & Share

Download your slideshow and share it online with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended image formats.

Popular image formats such as PNG, JPG, WEBP, SVG are supported. Add your pictures to make a slideshow now.

How to add music to a slideshow?

With Flexclip's online slideshow maker, you can upload your local audio files or choose from stock music tracks, then add it to your slideshow.

How to add text to a slideshow?

Choose from basic text or built-in text animations, click or drag to add a text box to the slide and then double-click to insert the text.

Explore More Capabilities of FlexClip

Explore More Capabilities of FlexClip

Slideshow Maker

Make a slideshow with music. use your photos and videos. it's free.

Free online slideshow maker.

Make custom slideshows quickly and easily using your favorite photos.

Create your slideshow now

Make a photo presentation with our simple slideshow maker.

Create an engaging slideshow that your audience will love with the Adobe Express slideshow maker — it’s free, easy to use, and delivers elegant results. Anyone at any design skill level can get a head start with our free templates.

online slideshow maker for free

Adobe Express slideshow examples.


How to make a slideshow with music and pictures for free.

Create an unforgettable slideshow with adobe express..

The Adobe Express slideshow maker provides you with abundant customization options so you can create something unique and powerful. Handpick the content of your slideshow so you can feature all your favorite photos and video clips. Add your branding to make a slideshow for your business or organization. Choose a soundtrack that resonates with the theme of your slideshow. There are endless tools at your fingertips to make something that stands out.

Use the slideshow maker for any occasion.

Make slideshows for birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. Gather photos and videos from a vacation to create a recap video. Or, use the slideshow maker to promote your brand or business. Promote a product, make a how-to tutorial, create a slideshow advertisement, or make a video showcasing your portfolio. Whatever your need, Adobe Express has the tools to bring your vision to life.

More Adobe Express slideshow examples.


Frequently asked questions.

online slideshow maker for free

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Slideshow Maker

Make a photo or video slideshow in just a few clicks.

Slideshow Maker Screenshot

Edit your slideshow online

A photo and video slideshow can tell an informative, funny, or nostalgic story about an event, person, or topic, much more than can be communicated in a single image. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a slideshow is worth a million! With Kapwing's Video Slideshow Maker, creators can have full control over what their output video slideshow will look like. Adjust the size and timing of each photo clip to make the perfect slideshow in just a few clicks.

Slideshow Maker Screenshot

How to Make a Slideshow Online

Slideshow Maker

Gather all the images, videos, and GIFs that you want to combine into a slideshow. Then, upload the media files (MOV, MP4, PNG, JPG, GIF, etc) to Kapwing's Video Slideshow Maker. You can choose a photo file or even paste a link from YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok and more to import it directly!

Using the slideshow preview, rearrange the clips into the right order. Adjust the size of the slideshow so that it's square, landscape, or 9:16. Crop and set the duration of each clip. You can easily add music or a voice over to the slideshow to accompany your content! Insert text, stickers, and titles to make the video slideshow you desire.

Hit 'Export', and Kapwing will process your video slideshow. All of your photos will be combined into a new MP4 slideshow. Save the video montage and share it with your friends.

Make a video slideshow in moments

With Kapwing's Slideshow Maker, make montages to impress your friends, celebrate special events and occasions, and commemorate birthdays or anniversaries for free and no software installation. A video slideshow with music is a great gift to say "thank you," "I love you," or "congratulations." You can use just a few images and video clips or combine hundreds of photos together for a long slideshow.

Get started by organizing all of the photos you want to include. Import your best photos from Dropbox and Google Drive, or collect the files in your photo gallery. Then, upload all of the images to Kapwing.

Embellish and enhance the slideshow with text, stickers, images, title slides, custom background color, animations, and more visual elements using Kapwing's intuitive video editing tools. Then, import a song directly from YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram to match the tone of your slideshow. Click "Export" to create the video slideshow as one cohesive MP4! You can share the Kapwing link or the downloaded version.

You can create a slideshow with pictures and music in seconds using your phone, tablet or computer. Kapwing supports PNG, JPG, GIF, 3PG, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WAV, AVI, FLV, and many more file types. It's a website, so it works on Mac, PC, Windows, iPhones, iPads, Android, Chromebooks, and more.

We hope you enjoy making video slideshows with music, text, and designs with this online tool!

online slideshow maker for free

What's different about Kapwing?


Kapwing is free to use for teams of any size. We also offer paid plans with additional features, storage, and support.

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The easy slideshow maker

Join millions of people creating and sharing videos with our free slideshow video maker. No experience necessary.

The video slideshow maker for everyone

Slideshow videos let you share your experiences, cultivate a brand, build a following, or save and share your family memories. Animoto’s slideshow maker is easy to use and quick to learn. Simply drag and drop your photos and video clips into our online slideshow creator and add text and music to tell your story. Once your video is complete share it with friends, family, or followers.

Get inspired with slideshow video templates

Slideshow video template for a birthday card video

Pair photos and video clips with text and music to create birthday videos, holiday greetings, and more.

Slideshow video template for a welcome to the company video

Introduce your newest team member with a personalized video slideshow that includes your photos.

Slideshow video template for a product demo video

Introduce new products and services, build anticipation for your upcoming launches, and more with this template.

See how this company's slideshow video helped save hundred of dogs

Rescue Chocolate was looking to raise awareness about a ban on pitbulls in Montreal, Canada that would have euthanized many dogs in the area. The chocolate company got the word out with a 35-second slideshow video that encouraged people to sign a petition against the ban. With a $150 boost, Rescue Chocolate's video reached 1.1 million people, amassing more than 365,000 views! Most importantly, it helped galvanize people to fight the legislation and save a lot of dogs.


How to make a slideshow video with Animoto

Slideshow video maker FAQs

Make your first slideshow video today.

Create and share videos for free. Upgrade anytime for more customization.

We want to help you make amazing slideshows

As you begin creating videos, we're here to help along the way! Get started with Animoto and join others just like you in The Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook. Our team of video experts is ready to help you grow with tips, ideas, inspiration, and feedback on your videos.

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Free Online Video Slideshow Maker


Browse slideshow templates


Online Slideshow maker with music and effects

Turn photos to slideshows with music.


Video slideshow for business impact


Simple slideshow maker with professional designs


Use the full power of slideshow videos to grow your brand

Make your business communications more engaging, impress potential new clients, create more content, more consistently.


Features of photo slideshow maker

Professionally created slideshow templates.

photo slidehsow maker

8 million+ stock photos and videos

Powerful video editing features, record a voiceover for your video or convert text to speech, add your team and collaborate on your video.


The right plans, for the right price

How to make a photo slideshow with music, select a slideshow template, upload your media, customize your message, customize your slideshow, save and share, want to know more, make a cinematic slideshow video from your pictures.

Video Poster

Discover more:

More from invideo blogs.


Let’s create superb videos

Simply make the Best

Free online photo slideshow maker.

Just Make It!

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