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multiplication word problems calculator

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Word Problems Calculators: (41) lessons

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multiplication word problems calculator

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Word Problems

These word problem generators allow you to create many new word problems to practice with. Students can generate multiple word problems of each type for problem-solving practice. Teachers can use the word problem generators to create word problems for students. Once you answer a word problem the answer is shown in a proof. The equation is created and solved in detail and can be used to check your own work.

The best way for you to learn to solve word problems is to practice to translating the words into math problems.

Math Word Problem: Coins with Addition & Multiplication

Example: A piggy bank contains 7 quarters, 10 half dollars, and 9 dimes. What is the total amount of money in the piggy bank?

Math Word Problem: Landscaping with Division

Example: A landscaper is installing a lawn sprinkling system. She has a tube 25 feet long that she must cut into 5 equal pieces. How long will each piece be?

Algebra Word Problem 1 Using Coins

Example: A person has 8 coins consisting of dimes and half dollars. If the total amount of money is $1.60, how many of each coin are there?

Algebra Word Problem 2 Using Age

Example: Dana is 5 years younger than Alex and Alex is 3 years older than Chris. If the sum of their ages is 46, find each person's age.

Percentage Change Word Problems

Example: Total income was $9,546 in 2012 and $11,362 in 2013. What was the percentage change in income from 2012 to 2013?

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Math Problem Solver - Free

Below is a math problem solver that lets you input a wide variety of math problems and it will provide an answer for free or you can subscribe to see the step by step answer. This calculator can also help solve simplified math word problems. Math homework and studying just got a lot easier. Tap the answer to sign up and see the step by step solution!

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Problem Solver Subjects

This online math calculator can answer a number of problems in a wide range of subjects, not just strictly math. Below is a list of the available subjects to choose from. You can switch the calculator subject by clicking or tapping the menu in the upper left hand corner of the calculator.

Here are example math problems within each subject that can be input into the calculator and solved. This list is constanstly growing as functionality is added to the calculator.

Basic Math Solutions

Below are examples of basic math problems that can be solved.

Math Word Problem Solutions

Math word problems require interpreting what is being asked and simplifying that into a basic math equation. Once you have the equation you can then enter that into the problem solver as a basic math or algebra question to be correctly solved. Below are math word problem examples and their simplified forms.

Word Problem: Rachel has 17 apples. She gives some to Sarah. Sarah now has 8 apples. How many apples did Rachel give her?

Simplified Equation: 17 - x = 8

Word Problem: Rhonda has 12 marbles more than Douglas. Douglas has 6 marbles more than Bertha. Rhonda has twice as many marbles as Bertha has. How many marbles does Douglas have?

Variables: Rhonda's marbles is represented by (r), Douglas' marbles is represented by (d) and Bertha's marbles is represented by (b)

Simplified Equation: {r = d + 12, d = b + 6, r = 2 × b}

Word Problem: if there are 40 cookies all together and Angela takes 10 and Brett takes 5 how many are left?

Simplified: 40 - 10 - 5

Pre-Algebra Solutions

Below are examples of Pre-Algebra math problems that can be solved.

Algebra Solutions

Below are examples of Algebra math problems that can be solved.

Trigonometry Solutions

Below are examples of Trigonometry math problems that can be solved.

Precalculus Solutions

Below are examples of Precalculus math problems that can be solved.

Calculus Solutions

Below are examples of Calculus math problems that can be solved.

Statistics Solutions

Below are examples of Statistics problems that can be solved.

Finite Math Solutions

Below are examples of Finite Math problems that can be solved.

Linear Algebra Solutions

Below are examples of Linear Algebra math problems that can be solved.

Chemistry Solutions

Below are examples of Chemistry problems that can be solved.

Physics Solutions

Below are examples of Physics math problems that can be solved.

Geometry Graphing Solutions

Below are examples of Geometry and graphing math problems that can be solved.

Free math problem solver

Interesting topics

Guideline to follow while using the free math problem solver.

Here is a short list of math topics and math problems this free math problem solver can solve for you..

Free math problem solver

The free math problem solver has the following math topics:

And just to mention a few,

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Jan 26, 23 11:44 AM

Area Formula - List of Important Formulas

Jan 25, 23 05:54 AM

Frequently used area formulas

100 Tough Algebra Word Problems. If you can solve these problems with no help, you must be a genius!

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Work problems calculator

These calculators will solve three types of 'work' word problems . Also, it will provide a detailed explanation.

First worker can do the job in Days Hours Minutes and the second worker takes Days Hours Minutes . How long would it take the two workers together to finish the job?

If men can do a job in days, how many would it take to do the job in days?

A swimming pool has 2 inlet pipes. One fills the pool in hours, the other in hours. The outlet pipe empties the pool in hours. If the pool is at first empty and all three pipes are open, how many hours will it take to fill up the pool?

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multiplication word problems calculator

How To Turn Word Problems Into Equations – Calculator for Math Help

Word problems can be a real challenge for students, but with the help of a word problems into equations calculator , they can be a lot easier to solve. These handy type tools take word problems and turn them into equations that are easier to solve. With just a few clicks, students can get the help they need to understand and solve word problems with a solving word problems calculator. This is a great tool for students who struggle with math or for anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving skills.

Word problems can be a real challenge for students, but with the help of a word problems into equations calculator, they can be a lot easier to solve. These handy type tools take word problems and turn them into equations that are easier to solve. Check out how to use them and where to find them!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See our disclosure policy here .

Quick Navigation

How do I turn a word problem into an equation?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the process of translating a word problem into an equation will vary depending on the problem. However, there are some general tips that can help you get started:

With a little practice, you’ll be able to turn word problems into equations with ease! And if you ever get stuck, you can always use a math word problem solver calculator for help.

Using a solving word problems calculator to solve word problems

A word problem is a mathematical word puzzle that can be difficult to solve. You might need the help of a word problems into equations calculator if you are having trouble solving word problems on your own.

It will take any word problem and turn it into an equation that’s easier to work through and find the answer. You can also use this type of word problem calculator as a checker, in case you want to make sure your answer is correct when practicing.

Here’s how you would use a math word problem solver calculator

To use a solving word problems calculator , you first need to enter the information into the tool. You can do this by typing in the math problem into the area provided.

For example, you could type in: A train leaves a station at noon traveling north at a certain rate. One hour later, a second train leaves the same station traveling south at the same rate. When do the two trains meet?

Then click on a “Solve” button or a “Submit” button to solve the equation. The word problems into equations calculator will solve the equation and provide us with the answer. We can also use this tool to check our answers, in case we want to be sure they are correct.

This word problem calculator is a great tool for students who are struggling with math, or for anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving skills. With just a few clicks, they can get the help they need to understand and solve word problems.

Download Now! ​ Free Math Pack!

We never spam. Ever.

Solving Word Problems Calculator: How the calculation process works

The calculator will take the math problem and turn it into an equation. In this case, the equation will be: t+60 minutes = 0. The word problems into equations calculator will then solve the equation and provide us with the answer.

You can also use this tool to check your answers in case we want to be sure they are correct. To do this, simply type in the problem into the text box and click on a “Solve” button somewhere – most calculators have this button for you.

The math word problem solver calculator will solve the equation and provide you with the answer. If the answer is correct, the calculator will let you know. If the answer is incorrect, it’ll tell you this as well.

This calculator is a great word problem calculator for students who are struggling with math or for anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving skills. With just a few clicks, they can get the help they need to understand and solve word problems.

The word problems into equations calculator will take any word problem and turn it into an equation that’s easier to work through and find the answer. And, again, you can also use this type of tool as a checker in case you want to make sure your answer is correct when practicing.

Is there an app or website that can solve math word problems?

Yes! In fact, there are a handful of apps and online calculators that can solve math problems. Some of these are dedicated word problem solvers, while others are more general math calculators.

If you’re looking for an app to help you with your word problems, be sure to check out our list of the best math problem apps. The best experience you can have with an online calculator is by taking a system of equation and knowing the goal you want out of the calculator.

By goal, I mean the math problems of each type that you’re trying to solve with the system of equations with the word problems calculator. For example, some calculators are perfect for problem-solving practice and others can be word problem generators. Some help you with a step by step explanation as if showing your own work, and others will show you the simple calculations.

You will find that many of the calculators have a vast array of types of mathematical equations, like ratio word problems, whole number, help you find an unknown variable of a specific problem, linear equations, square root, percentage change, sum of money, total amount of money, and just different math skills to practice on to prepare your kids for the real world!


List of 9 Online Math Calculators

You’ll find almost instant, step-by-step solutions by using a math word problem solver calculator and most of them use systems of equations and key phrases, so pay close attention to the algebraic expressions with the online word problem calculator you use.

Are you ready to try out your problems into equations calculator? Here are a few different links to get you started, just pay attention to the important information of each one regarding terms of use or what exactly the calculator will solve:

Free Math Problem Solver – Basic Mathematics – This free math problem solver can help you instantly solve any math problems.

Word Problem Calculator – Symbolab – This calculator helps you solve word problems by phrase step by step and discover the unknown number, among other concepts this online algebra calculator can provide!

Word Problem Calculators – MathCelebrity – Tons of math calculators that helps solve different types of math problems, such as for product, percentage, area, coin word problems, age difference problems, just so much!

Word Problems – Calculator Soup – The equation is created and solved in detail so you can check your work.

Word Problems calculators – AtoZmath – Helps you solve different math word problems online.

Algebra Word Problem Solver – Owl Hat – This helps you solve algebraic equations and word problems.

Solve – Free math word problem solver – Algebrator – Take algebra word problems, quadratic equations, and prealgebra problems and solves them via their calculator.

Mathway | Algebra Problem Solver -The free math problem solver can answer your algebra questions with step-by-step explanations.

Math Is Fun – you will see that it provides like 20 or 30 different calculators you can use for different math concepts, such as a least common multiple calculator, area calculator, coprime calculator, compound interest calculator, and many more.

These calculators are designed to show the best ways to solve math questions for everyday life with concepts from algebra expressions to various basic math concepts. And some can spit out new word problems for your kiddo to solve by providing free practice! Some of these have a premium version, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

Now that you know about these great calculator tools, be sure to bookmark whichever ones – or all of them – that helps you with math practice. Or add it to your homescreen so you can have it handy when you need it! Even if you don’t need them right now, save them for a later time.

With a math word problem solver calculator, you can quickly and easily turn any math problem into an equation that’s easier to solve. Give it a try today and see how it works! It’s actually pretty fun! So maybe you and your kids will look forward to math every day and not dread it!

word problems into equations calculator, solving word problems calculator, math word problem solver calculator

Practice Algebra Problems Using A Calculator

Take these math problems and plug them into one of the calculators in the list I gave you up above. It’ll be a fun introduction!

1. A plumber charges $25 for a service call plus $50 per hour of service. Write an equation in for the cost, C, after h hours of work.

2. A boat can travel at a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour in still water. Write an equation for the boat’s speed, S, as a function of time, t, in hours.

3. The value of a car decreases by 5% each year. Write an equation for the value, V, of the car after n years.

All of these would be to solve an equation in slope-intercept form…which is an equation that looks like y=mx+b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

To find solutions using this type of equation, we need to find the slopes and y-intercepts for each problem. Once we have those values, we can plug them into the equation and solve for the variable we are looking for.

For the first problem, we are looking for the cost of the plumber’s services after h hours of work. The y-intercept in this case is 25, since that is the cost of the service call. The slope is 50, since that is the amount charged per hour of service. We can then write the equation as y=50x+25.

For the second problem, we are looking for the boat’s speed as a function of time. The y-intercept in this case is 12, since that is the maximum speed of the boat in still water. The slope is -12, since that is the change in speed each hour. We can then write the equation as S=-12t+12.

For the third problem, we are looking for the value of a car after n years. The y-intercept is 0, since that is the value of the car when it’s first purchased. The slope is -0.05, since that is the percentage by which the car’s value decreases each year. We can then write the equation as V=-0.05n+0.

These are just a few examples of math problems that can be turned into equations using the solving word problems calculator.

You can also use the calculators for simple math facts too, not high school level work but also middle schooler age work too!

Try it out with some math problems of your own and see how the calculator works!

Turn Word Problems Into Equations Calculator for Math Help

The math word problem solver calculator is a great tool for students who are struggling with math, or for anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving skills. With just a few clicks, they can get the help they need to understand and solve word problems.

These types of calculators will take any math expression and turn it into an equation that’s easier to work through and find the answer. You can also use this type of tool as a checker, in case you want to make sure your answer is correct when practicing.

Word problems can be frustrating, but a math word problem solver calculator is a superb tool to help with them. These calculators offer a great way for students who are struggling in math or anyone looking to improve their solving skills by giving them the opportunity to practice math problems on their own time! Try it out – you might have just found your ultimate secret weapon to checking word problems and practicing equations!

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multiplication word problems calculator

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I had 20 questions before the app was I dated and now they are not giveing me my 20 questions or money back. They will just tell you “we will look into it” and do absolutely nothing about it. They get questions wrong and if they are wrong you get no refund or your questions back. You have to keep buying and buying questions & use more and more of them. Especially if your problem has more than one step but the few steps are the problem. You will have to 3 different pictures meaning you will use up to 3 questions that you have purchased just for one problem to be solved step by step. They take over an hour to answer simple questions and do not do their job good at all until you go complain to them. If people have to complain for you to give them their money’s worth then you don’t need to be doing business. They are very slow, unprofessional and irresponsible. This is my opinion from trying to this app for a month. I do not recommend this kind of help to anyone. It’s robbery
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I’ve had SUCH a frustrating experience with this app. When it does work, the tutors are great and explain answers really well 8/10 times— however, if I don’t understand something and need further explanation, the app never lets me write them back about what I need help with. Every time it gives me the option to write a message to the tutor, it always glitches and kicks me out. I have never been able to receive further explanation on problems because of this. The glitching in this app is ridiculous. I’m also not able to get into the app at all right now because it keeps telling me that I need to “install an update” in order to use to app, and there is no update available, but it keeps sending me back to the App Store. I’ve spent money to get help and I am really disappointed in the quality and the fact that I can’t even get into it right now.

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  1. 3 Digit By 2 Digit Multiplication Word Problems Worksheets Pdf

    multiplication word problems calculator

  2. Multiplication Table Worksheet Word Problems Grade 3 Mathematics, PNG, 900x900px, Multiplication

    multiplication word problems calculator

  3. Multiplication Word Problems

    multiplication word problems calculator

  4. Multiplication Word Problems Worksheets Math Aids

    multiplication word problems calculator

  5. Multiplication Word Problem Area 2nd Grade

    multiplication word problems calculator

  6. MEDIAN Don Steward mathematics teaching: non-calculator multiplication practice

    multiplication word problems calculator


  1. Multiplication

  2. How to solve easily multiplication 💯

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  5. Actual Easy SAT math problem. Can you solve it (elegantly?)

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  1. What Are Some Examples of Ratio Word Problems?

    An example of a ratio word problem is: “In a bag of candy, there is a ratio of red to green candies of 3:4. If the bag contains 120 pieces of candy, how many red candies are there?” Another example of a ratio word problem is: “A recipe call...

  2. What Is the Answer to a Multiplication Problem Called?

    The solution to a multiplication problem is called the “product.” For example, the product of 2 and 3 is 6. When the word “product” appears in a mathematical word problem, it is a sign that multiplication is necessary.

  3. How Do You Make Many Words From One Word?

    Whenever you are asked to find smaller words contained within a larger one, you are looking for incomplete or subliminal anagrams. Although there are many online tools that can unscramble letters, you can find many words on your own using s...

  4. Word Problems Calculator

    Is there a calculator that can solve word problems? Symbolab is the best calculator for solving a wide range of word problems, including age problems, distance

  5. Word Problems Calculator

    Word Problems Calculators: (41) lessons. If you cannot find what you need, post your word problem in our calculator forum

  6. Word Problems calculators

    For arithemetic progression addition of 3 terms is 27 and their multiplication is 648, then that nos. 3. Find the sum of all natural nos between 100 to 200 and

  7. Word Problems

    Math and Algebra Word Problems using coins, ages and landscaping for examples. Math word problems. Algebra word problems.

  8. Math Problem Solver

    Math Word Problem Solutions · Rachel has 17 apples. She gives some to Sarah. Sarah now has 8 apples. · Rhonda has 12 marbles more than Douglas. Douglas has 6

  9. Free Math Problem Solver

    You cannot enter word problems since the calculator will not be able to understand it. Use plenty of math operators and keep it as simple as possible. If you

  10. Work word problems calculator

    Calculators to solve and explain 'work' word problems and pipe problem.

  11. How To Turn Word Problems Into Equations

    How do I turn a word problem into an equation? · Read the problem carefully and identify all the information that is given. · Identify the type of problem it is (

  12. Math Word Problem Solver 4+

    Stuck on a tough math homework problem or need help completing a math quiz?

  13. Examples of calculator usage: word problems (5th grade math)

    We look at two example math word problems where a calculator is useful. The first one has to do with average speed.

  14. Solve

    WHY DO WE CHANGE THE DIVISION SIGN TO MULTIPLICATION WHEN DIVIDING FRACTIONS? solve fractions for free. 6th grade free proportion worksheets. algebra calculator