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How to Create Your Own Business Logo

Create your own business logo that’s memorable, enduring and appropriate to your company’s message by following the design advice below.

Getting Started

When you’re working on your company logo creation, it’s essential to create an eye-catching graphic that’s easy to understand without a lot of thought. A successful design balances originality and visual appeal with common sense and effective delivery of the message. Typography, web design and color theory are all important factors to consider when developing your business logo design. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with design software including Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. You should be skilled in Adobe Creative Suite to avoid frustration and to ensure that your finished product looks professional and usable in every placement your marketing plan requires.

Brainstorm for Success

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Observe your environment and keep track of what turns your head and makes you feel strong emotions. Read up on trends in the design world at creative sites like Dribble, Logo Gala or Deviant Art. Set up a dedicated meeting to get together with other people in your company and throw around concepts. If you’re working solo, schedule a specific time to focus on writing down clever ideas and doodling what moves you. When you’re ready to create your company logo, you can watch online tutorials that guide you through the steps you’ll need to follow.

Know Your Audience

Since the main objective of your business logo is to build your brand, it’s important to understand your audience. The logo is a required piece in your company’s visual identity and should be consistent across all channels; make sure you’re absolutely clear on the message you want to send because it will appear everywhere. It may be helpful to write a list of dos and don’ts to give yourself guidelines. An effective design should be versatile enough to apply to a range of placements, including logo labels, signs, website banners and brochures.

Create Your Company Logo

Critical thinking, methodical planning and creativity are all important parts of the creative process that contribute to creating a logo that will make your brand stand out in the market. Use a logo template found online for a basic outline that will give you an idea of proportion and structure. Or just start sketching ideas from your brainstorming session.

Find a Professional

If you’re short on time and think you’d like to buy logos instead, try a local or online professional. Some sites are global creative platforms that give access to find skilled designers who can help you with branding.


logo design cover letter for upwork

20 Upwork Cover Letter Sample For Graphic Designer

20 Upwork Cover Letter Sample For Graphic Designer if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[728,90],'unleashcash_com-box-3','ezslot_7',172,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-unleashcash_com-box-3-0');

Table of Contents

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 1

I’ve read your job posting carefully and I’m certain that I’m the right person for you.

Please enable JavaScript

My name is [name] and I’m a [your profession] with experience in [field]. My design experience includes working on logo designs, brochures, landing pages, email campaigns, Instagram posts, Facebook ads, and so on.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 2

I’m a graphic designer with over 20 years of experience. I’ve worked as a designer for [company name] and [company name], among others, where I was in charge of creating marketing materials and managing our social media presence.

Best regards,

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer3

I consider my strengths to be [strengths], and I hold myself to the highest standards. I would love to discuss this opportunity with you further.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 4

I’d love to work on your team because I’m passionate about creating products that people really love. I believe that good products are created when the user’s needs are at the core of the design process.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 5

I specialize in logo design, but I also do branding and graphic design for web and print work. I can make sure your company has a cohesive look across all platforms: online, through email marketing, in print advertising everywhere!

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 6

I would be a great fit for this job because I am skilled at working with clients to design marketing materials that stand out. I love working with customers and helping them bring their ideas to life, which is why I stayed in the graphic design field.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 7

I’ve worked with all kinds of businesses, from trendy startups to established international brands, so I know that every design solution is unique.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 8

Let me know what you think!

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 9

I am able to create logos and brand elements that translate seamlessly from print to digital. I also love working with clients on website design and feel well-equipped to do so because of my expertise in the areas of wireframing and user experience design.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 10

Looking forward to working with you!

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 11

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 12

Feel free to reach out via email or phone at any time.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 13

Upwork cover letter sample for a graphic designer 14, upwork cover letter sample for a graphic designer 15.

While I’ve been freelancing full-time for the last five years, I enjoy working with teams to help build brands and see their visions come to life. I’m reliable and efficient, and would love to be part of your team!

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 16

I am a graphic designer with over 7 years of experience working with clients from around the world. I have worked with [company name] for 3 years and have been a top performer for the past 2 years. In my current position, I create graphics for multiple clients, including creating logos, marketing materials, and social media assets.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 17

I have attached my resume and portfolio for your review, and would love to answer any questions you may have and discuss the opportunity further. I hope we can connect soon!

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 18

Upwork cover letter sample for a graphic designer 19.

Hi Kenneth,

I look forward to connecting with you further about your project! Thank you for reviewing my profile and considering my services.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample For A Graphic Designer 20

Final thought, frequently  asked questions, what skills should i include on my upwork graphic design cover letter.

You should mention your skills that are relevant to the job post, as well as any other skills you believe will benefit your potential client. Take a look at the job requirement section and make sure you have everything they’re looking for, but don’t be afraid to go beyond that! If you’re an expert in Adobe Photoshop or have a unique ability to create GIFs, say so. That’s why you’re sending a cover letter in the first place: to help the client get to know you better by showing off your best attributes.

Can I Include A Link To My Professional Portfolio?

Do i need to explain why i’m interested in this job, how can i get started with a graphic design project, what kind of projects should i post as a client looking for a freelance graphic designer.

-Logo design

-T-shirt designs for your business or event (try Upwork’s illustrators for more complex images)

Have You Worked With Clients On Projects With Tight Deadlines?

How would you approach a new design project, leave a comment cancel reply.

Jobs Son

Upwork Proposal Cover Letter for Graphics Designer

Most of the premium graphics designers cannot write a professional proposal in upwork for graphics design related job. Alomost 10K plus jobs are being posted in upwork related to Graphic Design, Logo Design, Banner Design, etc. Let’s see: Graphic Designer Profile Overview Sample .

There could be many reasons behind it but the basic problem is, they fail to write a unique and killer cover letter. But no worries, here we will provide you all the information’s about writing Upwork Cover Letters for Graphics Design / Logo/ Banner related job postings.

Let’s Download: All Cover Letter Samples

We will also provide a template of graphics designer cover letter sample for upwork. This will make things clear with live examples. But before all that, let’s have a quick discussion about what graphics design really is.

Don’t miss: Upwork Profile Overview Samples 2023

Graphics design is mainly about communicating designs through visual content. Designers use type, photos and other images as visual language to beautify a web site.  It’s all about how to develop visual concepts and create effective, exciting user experiences. In past five years, Graphic Design has become a broad discipline that includes 2D, 3D and even 4D imagery. A graphics designer can bring creativity to a user’s work in several innovative and rewarding ways. If you want to become a visual innovator or if you want to be able to create compelling designs that convey ideas using the latest in media and technology then you have to be creative and innovative.

Let’s see: Freelancer Proposal Sample 2023

For an example, if you have ever been to a shopping center, a concert or a movie recently, you probably have encountered interactive experience design. And for sure, you have noticed that these designs were more engaging than traditional ads. To be more precise, you have experienced design incorporated moving images or more likely, you have experienced high end media and the user’s environment for an interactive connection to the design.

Win Jobs on Upwork

Let’s see: Freelancer Profile Summary Sample 2023

So now that you know some basic things about graphics designing, let’s read the sample cover letter and sample job posting that we have provided for you.

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Graphics Designer

Hello I have recently studied all your details in the job posting about Graphics Design/Logo/ Banner which was posted on Upwork. After I finished studying the job description carefully, I feel like that I am the best applicant for this post. You would be delighted to know that I have completed my Diploma in Graphics Design and Text Illusion from (Your University Name or Training Company Name). In my past 05 years of Graphics Designing career, I have designed a lot of web contents, banners, logos, 3D graphics, cartoons , auto cad, etc. Will you please pay a visit in my work history and portfolio area? I believe you will be astonished to see my work. I request you to have a look at them and measure my quality. After studying all the details in job description area, I have come to understand that you in need of a unique design for your new/existing company. I understand your need that you want to give a unique branding to your organization. I have 100% confidence that I can fulfill your desire and make you satisfy in this project.

Yes, it’s true that you will find so many so-called designers in the web. But you may not know that they even do not know the color combination and structure. I really do not want you to be cheated by them. I understand that you are a person who only wants the best for his company.  Hopefully, if you hire me for this particular project of yours, I will provide you the best. I want you to know that am highly skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, InDesign, Corel Draw, Text Design Pro. I am also able to use all types of communication methods, and I am more than able to maintain your time schedule during the project is on. If you want to communicate with me, you will find me always available on Email and Skype. I am ready to work for 60 hours per week for this project of yours if you give me the permission.  Thank you for considering Regards Write down (Your Name here)

Upwork Proposal Cover Letter for Graphics Designer

Sample 01: Job Posting on Graphics Designer

Job Title: We need an expert Graphics Designer to create user interface design for Intranet System Job Description: We need an experienced and skillful graphics designer who would dedicate his time to create better design and user friendly interface for our intranet server. It will be around 15 – 20 functions.  And remember, we only want the best. So if you feel like you cannot provide us the best, do not apply for the job.

We will pay $100 per hour and we are expecting at lest 40 hours of work per week. Thank you.

Upwork Proposal Cover Letter for Graphics Designer

Sample 02: Job Posting on Graphics Designer

Upwork Proposal Cover Letter for Graphics Designer

Sample 03: Job Posting on Graphics Designer

Upwork Proposal Cover Letter for Graphics Designer

Sample 04: Job Posting on Graphics Designer

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Graphics Designer

Sample 05: Job Posting on Graphics Designer

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Graphics Designer

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Nice blog here! Also your website loads up very fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours.

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Hi, We’re wondering if you’ve considered taking the written content from and converting it into videos to promote on Youtube? It’s another method of generating traffic. Regards, Jamila

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logo design cover letter for upwork


Virtual Executive Assistant


Upwork (Cover Letter) for Graphics Design/Logo Design/Banner Design

Upwork (Cover Letter) for Graphics Design/Logo Design/Banner Design

Hello I am “Your Name”. I have completed “my Diploma in Graphics Design” and “Text Illusion” from “Any University Name” or “Training Company Name”. For the past few years I have designed many logos, banners, 3D textures, AutoCAD, Cartoons etc. Some samples have been posted in my portfolio area and my work history area. Please have a look to measure my quality. From your job description area, I have come to know that you need a unique design for your “new/existing” company. Actually, Graphics is the soul of a website and permanent branding of a company. I can strongly assure you that I will be able to provide you according to your desire. You will find so many so called designers in the web who even do not know the color combination and structure. I do not want you to be cheated by them. You are in a right place and person. Hopefully I will be hired in this project. I am highly experienced in Adobe Photoshop, 2. Adobe Illustrator, 3. Adobe Flash, 4. ln Design, 5. Text Design Pro I am waiting for your response. I am able to use all types of communication methods and able to maintain your time schedule during the project is on.

Regards: “Your Name”

Share this:

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Author: Asad

I’m a professional Graphics Designer with more than 3 years working experience in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I can do any Photoshop related work like as Background Remove, Multiple-Clipping Path, Image Manipulation, Image Masking, Image Retouching, Shadowing and many more. I can do Business Card/Visiting Card Design, Logo Design, Poster & Banner Design, Vectorization work etc. I also know freelance Article Rewriting & Android Operating System. I can do any kind of work smoothly and perfectly with client satisfaction. So, give me your order and see my talent. I can assure you that, you’ll get top quality work from me. Thanks Asad View all posts by Asad

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Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample for Upwork Proposal

This Upwork proposal sample graphic designer plays the role of a ticket to get the freelancer’s dream job. A perfect cover letter is a key to enter into your dream world of freelancing. When you are writing an Upwork graphic design cover letter, you must show your creativity through the style and words of your cover letter because you’re biding on a creative post. Let’s see: Graphic Designer Profile Overview Sample .

Let’s Download: Upwork All Cover Letter Sample

Let’s see the best Upwork cover letter sample for graphic designers to determine yourself for writing your own proposal on Upwork. The recruiter must get a clear concept of your skill and confidence via your proposal letter. So, be conscious about writing a killer cover letter of Graphic Designing.

Don’t miss: Upwork Profile Overview Sample 2022

Graphic design cover letter: hidden tips.

Are you interested in the hidden tips of writing a killer graphic design cover letter? Yes, that is; Write attractive answers to your Upwork proposal screening questions . These questions appear first at your clients’ end then the cover letter. If you cannot write satisfying answers, the recruiter will never move to your cover letter. We will provide you with all the strategies so that your client will be satisfied and call you for the interview. Follow our techniques that will distinguish the cover letter from the others.

Let’s see: Freelancer Cover Letter Sample 2022

Graphic design in depth.

Before learning the rules of writing a cover letter especially for Graphic Designer you must know at first what Graphic Design actually means to get an idea of what your recruiter wants from you.

Okay, Graphic Designing actually indicates conveying your message or ideas through graphic images using visual media. Every Graphic Designing work will tell you a story through images with the purpose of promoting products, activities, ideas, or communication. It also includes Using HTML coding for e-mail invitations and announcements, Experience producing brochures, advertisements, and newsletters, Strong creativity, and mastery of a variety of graphic design software .

Win Jobs on Upwork

Let’s see: Freelancer Profile Summary Sample 2022

So, when you are applying for such a task, your cover letter is the most important part of your interview process. That is why you may utilize your creativity as a designer here in writing a cover letter also. Design your cover letter in an attractive and smart way so that your recruiter gets pleased at first glance. Now, let’s see two samples of a good cover letter of a Graphic Designer.

01. Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Graphic Designer  

Dear Mr, Clare

I have learned through your circular that your graphics department currently needs a professional designer with demonstrated creativity and technical skills along with a strong desire to continually learn and to succeed. In response to it I am offering myself for the vacant post. I have a sharp proficiency with web design software and design program. I have satisfied most of my clients with my creativity. Graphics design is an art by which one can easily express so many meanings of it. It adds so many extra outlooks to an ordinary creation. I am ready to provide all types of graphics regarding logo, banner, animation, cartoon, 3D images, etc.

Please consider the following aptitudes of me as a candidate:

Besides, I have a number of graphics works online that I have done in these years. I have attached the link to these portfolios that will help you get a clear idea of my creativity. My educational and professional experiences prove the eligibility of my work. I firmly believe to be able be an asset to your project.

You may also review my resume attached here. Please feel free to contact me if you have anything to know about me. I am always available in my email and skype.

Freelancer Success

Thank you for your kind consideration. I’ll be waiting for your response for further process. Yours Faithfully Bardoon

Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample for Upwork Proposal

02. Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample for Organization

In this case, you must follow some traditional rules and format for your cover letter. Generally, a small, simple but effective cover letter is required in such a phase. So, you must make it brief and go with only the required information just as your client demand like the format below of an organizational jobs’ cover letter:

Your Name: Mailing Address: Your Email: Your Phone:

Employer’s Name: Employer’s Address:

Date: 01-01-2022

Dear [Client Name] 1st Para:  The job name you are applying for, job source, your interest, etc 2nd Para:  Your skills, work experiences, education, and success summary 3rd Para:  Your goal in this project, your guarantee, honesty, work process and time schedule 4th Para:  Thanks the client, communication Medias, ready to work Yours Sincerely [Your Name]

Graphic Design Cover Letter Sample for Upwork Proposal

How to Write the Best Graphic Design Cover Letter

Now let’s learn the tips how to write an outstanding and effective cover letter of Graphic Design.

01. Personalize your letter

Make your letter alive so that throughout the letter the recruiter may feel your presence. You must make a formal presentation of yourself through your letter. So. Outline your cover letter in a way that you are portraying yourself there.

02 Specific Address

It is always better to address your recruiter directly. You must find it out who is actually hiring yourself. Don’t address as “To whom it may concern” or something like that. After all, it’s common addressing. So, in order to make a distinguish cover letter avoid these common types of addresses. Make your research to know about your recruiter and address them specifically.

03. Consistent Writing

Be consistent with your writing from the very first line to the last. You cannot change your style according to your wish. It will greatly damage your letter. So, select your style wisely and represent yourself coherently showing all the best qualities you have for the job.

04. Highlight your skills

In your letter, you must highlight your skill, your working experience, and your academic qualification. Always try to make your reader believe how much you love your work and enjoy it. Express your passion for design.

05. Regarding Portfolio

Okay, to say about the portfolio, you need not add it directly with your cover letter. Rather you may highlight the portfolios that you have worked on reassuring your reader about your quality and experience. If you can have any online portfolio, attach the link with your cover letter. It will draw the attention of your recruiter.

06. Recheck

After finishing writing your cover letter, don’t forget to recheck your letter again and again. It will help you find out the errors and to improve your strength of words by editing. Really, it’s a good habit to revise your letter before pressing the send button.

07. Designing

To write a cover letter for Graphic Design, the design of your cover letter itself is very important. So, furnish your language and your letter in an attractive way so that your letter itself says that it’s a letter of design.

08. Give time

Never hurry to write a cover letter. You have to spend enough time to make your letter exclusive and admirable. Think deeply about what you should highlight, make an outline, write it carefully and revise it to edit and improve.

So, you see these all are good techniques to write a killer cover letter for Upwork Graphic Design . Follow these instructions carefully and surely you will be able to write an exclusive cover letter that will bring your fortune.

' src=

Please share ecovers or similar designs you’ve made in the past

' src=

Thank you, I am expecting to see a difference in my application’s responses. You did a awesome job!

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Cover letter For Logo Design

Upwork/Freelancer 10 Cover letter For Logo Design

We need a good cover letter for freelancing editing. A lot depends on the cover letter, so if you see a good cover letter, the chances of getting a job increase a lot. Can use

You can view another article :

Cover Letter-1

Hi, My name is ——? I saw your request to logo design job and I would love to work on this job. You can check my profile I have 4+ Years of experience in this field of logo design. I love flat clean and minimal style.

I will create your eye-catching logo in effective budget. So if you have any requirement and need a great Solution contact me.

Respectfully, —- ? Logo and graphic Designer Thank you.

Cover Letter-2

Thank you very much for the opportunity to cooperate with you. I read your project requirements for Logo .

I can complete that in professional way I have a experience of 1.5 years in designing and development , I believe in delivering quality work on time and I will personally make sure that we build the best LOGO for you.

Check Our Portfolio :-  http://yourlink

If you hire me, We will can complete your task with less time but high quality. – Multiple concepts and revisions for the selected version – Fluent English and perfect communication – 100% Satisfaction guaranteed – Final formats .ai .psd .eps .pdf .jpeg .png

Please kindly drop me a message for further discussion. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks&Regard

Cover Letter-3

I can design you a professional and eye-catching logo for your company. according to your requirements. I am an expert logo designer and have completed many design projects in the past.

Public Portfolio : http://yourlink

I have a strong command over Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, In Design, After Effects.

OFFER: 1) 3 Initial creative concepts within 24 hours. 2) Unlimited Revisions. 3) 100% original work. 4) Full copyrights. 5) Deliverable Format: AI, PNG, EPS, PDF, PSD, JPG

Cover Letter-4

Hi! I am —–?, a professional graphic designer. I have 2 years of experience in Graphic Designing, especially in branding logo designs. Undoubtedly, based on my experience, I will design an attractive custom logo for your company, as you mentioned. You can see my recently designed logo at the below link. Your link ?

***What I will offer*** — I will…. Give you 2-3 unique logo designs options/concepts in 24 hours — I will…. Give you Up to 5 revisions with your guaranteed satisfaction — I will…. Deliver all files format like JPEG, PSD, PDF, PNG (Transparent file) and Vector file — I will…. Provide you an editable source file where you can change color/text according to your need whenever you want. — I will…. Give you web/print-ready file and you will have copyrights at your design — I assure you to give 100% satisfaction with professional work

I will be looking forward to hearing from you and would love to work with you. Regards:

Cover Letter-5

Hi Sir/Mam I am 5+ year experienced Graphic Designer. I do your Logo design with responsibility and creative design and also submit final source file near about 30 min.

If you pleased my work please give me a 5 star rating because I am new in upwork. I completed 15 work with 5 star rating.

Would you provide any image / Vector ?

If you have any design sample please provide me

I am waiting for your reply 🙂

Few work I will attached Bellow!

Cover Letter-6

I’m a Graphic design Expert, I saw the requirements about the Graphic designer for Need Logo Design Expert. I believe i’m a good fit on this task! I have more than 5 years Experience!

I’m thinking what you looking exactly for, for long term you need right person and quality Images!

I have work Logo, Flyer, Banner, Brand identity, Brochure, Catalogue, Poster, Social Media Design, Business Card, Menu Card, Visiting Card and also Photo Editing, Image Resizing and Background work. I will ready to work lowest cost and ready to start the work immediately, deliver the best work. Kindly provide more details to show my effort. I will ensure to deliver the best work deliver to the client. I would like to work with client long term collaboration. Kindly provide the opportunity to prove my talent.

I believe i’m great fit in this task also i’ll make sure every designs to deliver high quality work.

Best Regards, –? Skyp:   –?

Cover Letter-7

Hello, Hope you are well and safe, Thank you for taking the time to review this bid! I am really eager to work on your project and confident as well that can deliver your desire logo.**

I am –? Most Hired and Top Rated freelancer on Upwork. With more than 10 years of experience and 1600+ completed projects, giving voice to Brands by designing unique logos & brand identities and telling their stories through video.

Process: – You fill out a simple questionnaire. – I review all your answers and ask questions if any. – I design different concepts and share them with you for feedback. – I revise the design as per your feedback and send you again for feedback if any – You approve the design

Cover Letter-8

Hello, I am a design undergraduate and have prior experience in Logo Designing. I have designed a few logos for clients and have also done some self-initiated projects. I am a young designer so I promise to provide you with a trendy logo. I have good knowledge of logo designing and Adobe Illustrator as well as photoshop. I can promise to deliver the best within the time duration.

Regards —?

ESTIMATED TIMELINE Day 1-3 – Studying about your company Day 4-6 – Working on rough ideas Day 7-8 – Working on software and providing you with your first options Day 9- 10 – Doing changes as per your requirements Day 11 – Providing you with the final logo

Cover Letter-9

Greetings, I have gone through your job description and you need a logo for your company. Surely, I can create a catchy and memorable logo. I have created many logos for different clients in the past and I will provide logos in AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, JPG, and PNG formats. Please share your details like: 1.what is your color or font you prefer. 2.Can you provide samples of logos your competitors have? 3.Do you prefer to have a tagline in your logo?

Now I am waiting for your best response and ready to answer any question about this project. Thanks

Cover Letter-10

I read your brief about logo for your company mk. I’m a logo expert. I can make unique , modern logo.

I hope you get best service from me

For your more satisfaction here is my portfolio. Please check my work on logo:

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Great Sample Resume

logo design cover letter for upwork

logo design cover letter for upwork

Logo Designer Cover Letter Example

When writing a Logo Designer cover letter remember to present your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for. Whether you're seeking an entry-level position or have been in your career for a few years, exposing your relevant achievements in your cover letter can allow you to stand out and get that job interview.

This cover letter example is a great representation of what a hiring manager is looking for in a Logo Designer cover letter resume. Feel free to use this example for reference as you create your own cover letter or use this easy cover letter builder that will guide you through every step of your building your cover letter in just a few minutes.

Here is the Logo Designer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Patti Ricci,

I would like to be considered for the position of Logo Designer at A-T Solutions, Inc.

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design while taking courses on graphic design history, drawing and a wide variety of other art based courses. I love photography which a huge part of being a graphic designer and have a professional portfolio that is available upon request. While I have extensive art knowledge, my passion lies in the creation of logos for companies which I find brings me many intrinsic rewards.

I have worked in this field for many years and even did a bit of freelancing while at college to help pay for my education. One of my best skills is the ability to take the client’s ideas and make them come to life on the computer. I have great communication skills which come in handy when dealing with those few clients that need extra encouragement to get to the heart of the design they want. I work well with a team and am just as effective working on my own without being distracted or losing site of the task at hand.

After considering starting my own freelance design company I choose to work for others instead as I love the fast paced atmosphere of a large corporation. Also, it is not a good choice to start a company with the economy in trouble and working for a corporation would offer the stability and security that I am seeking at this time.

If you would like to discuss my resume further, please feel free to contact me at (555)-555-5555.


Your Signature

Dylan Guerin

Enclosure: Resume

Most Popular Cover Letters

logo design cover letter for upwork

A professional cover letter is the first step toward your new job!

You are currently viewing Logo Design Proposal Upwork

Logo Design Proposal Upwork if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[468,60],'learntrainer_com-box-3','ezslot_17',130,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-learntrainer_com-box-3-0');

Logo design proposal upwork.

Please enable JavaScript

Proposal 1:

I am here to design your gaming logo for your gaming YouTube channel. I designed your logo in blue and red colors to make it professional and attractive. In addition, I add an attractive car.

I will provide you with JPEG, and PNG format

A graphic designer for more than 6 years, I also design business cards, flyers, letterhead etc. I satisfy my clients by providing quality work and fast response.

Here is my portfolio

Proposal 2:

Proposal 3:.

I have a professional concept in mind for your logo you need to discuss further.

Proposal 4:

It is a store that sells kid-friendly products, and I have a great deal of talent when it comes to creating these types of logos. Additionally, I work on kid-related projects. I will provide source files in AI, and PSD formats with fast response, high quality and client satisfaction.

Proposal 5:

I also designed a square business card with your newly designed logo. My services include adding bleeds, trim marks, and safe margins to print your card in high quality.

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Updated: January 4, 2022

4 Proven Upwork Cover Letters To Save You Time And Win More Jobs

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This article is about writing effective Upwork cover letters / proposals , so you can spend less time looking for clients and more time doing paid work.

Readers have gotten results like this:

“Not a week later I have now secured not one but TWO long term contracts due to these templates getting me through the door and my work being up to par! Many many thanks!”

Upwork is the largest freelance marketplace online, with thousands of jobs posted every day.

Getting started as a freelancer on Upwork can be tough, because you’re often competing with dozens of other freelancers for a single job, and many of them are well established on the platform, with lots of great ratings and reviews.

So, how can you compete?

Well, it helps to submit A LOT of proposals.

In the words of Wayne Gretzky…

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

And it follows that the more shots you do take, the more likely you are to score.

But you should also ensure that you’re submitting QUALITY proposals, proposals that will help you stand out from the crowd and give you a solid chance of winning the job.


That’s what you should be aiming for.

And that’s where the following list of Upwork sample cover letters can help. They will enable you to apply for more jobs without resorting to obvious copy-and-paste tactics.

Each sample below is derived from a real cover letter that won a real job on Upwork.

I’ve included screenshots of the original job postings and cover letters so you can see exactly what the job was and how it was won.

Below each sample you’ll find a corresponding template you can use to quickly craft your own proposal for ANY job on Upwork.

There are 4 templates in total:

The Short And Sweet

The screencast standout, the honest newbie, the quick lister.

Note that each sample you’re about to see was submitted by a member of our private Freedom Business Builder community. Two of them were responses to job invites, and two were cold pitches.

Before we dive in...

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Alright, here are the cover letter templates…

This first proposal sample comes from Justin, a freelance web designer and digital marketer.

The Job Description

The cover letter.

Justin was hired for the job at $50/hour.

The Template

Justin explains:

I typically use the same model for Upwork proposals: I ask about 3-4 relevant questions about the job in the first paragraph, and I qualify myself in the second paragraph.

So the template is as follows:

Hello [Client Name] , [If applicable: Thanks for the job invite.] It’s a pleasure to meet you. [Ask 3-4 short but relevant questions about the job here. This shows that you’ve read the description and know your stuff, and also invites the client to begin a conversation with you.] [Qualify yourself briefly here. 1-2 lines that communicate why you’d be a good fit for this job.] Best regards, [Your Name]

This next proposal sample comes from Natalia, a freelance copywriter.

Upwork Cover Letter: Natalia Job Description

See Natalia’s screencast here:

Natalia explained to me via email:

This was my very first proposal screencast. It saves time to make a screencast to review a client’s website rather than writing endlessly to explain what you mean. This proposal was an answer to an invite to apply, but he invited a few people so I wanted to stand out.

The client was impressed:

Upwork Cover Letter: Natalia Client Response

Natalia ended up getting paid $350 for this job, but that wasn’t the end of it:

I’m still working for this client, and he is constantly thinking up new jobs I can do for the campaign because he is always happy with my work.

Upwork Cover Letter: Natalia Result

First, a warning:

The template is as follows:

Hello [Client’s Name] , [If applicable: Thank you for your invitation.] [Share a link to your screencast and briefly explain what it contains. You want to give the client a compelling reason to click the link and watch. Tell them what benefit they will get from it and note that it will only take up a few minutes of their time.] [1 paragraph explaining why the job appeals to you. Bonus points if you can share why the goals of the client resonate with you personally.] [1 paragraph sharing an example of your work, ideally closely related to the job you’re applying for.] If you want to collaborate with me let’s discuss it in more detail over the chat. Kind regards, [Your Name]

This next proposal sample comes from Gray, a freelance graphic designer.

Gray was hired to do the job at a 10% discount, but that was only the beginning. As he explained to me via email:

This also led to ongoing work and was for the guys who I am pricing up that $8,000 job for. Its looking like it is going to be a bit more than that btw. Its for a complete game, and Im currently going through the spec with them bit by bit.

Gray explains:

I came at it with an honest approach and said basically ‘look, I have a lot of experience, but none on upwork, help me out and Ill do it for a 10% discount. Win win.’
Hello [Client’s Name], I’d really like to work with you on this one if possible! I do have a couple of questions, but first I’d like to make you an offer and some background so you can check my work out. [Short paragraph explaining your work experience relevant to the job.] However, I am new to Upwork and looking to get a few clients that I can build upon. If you take a look at my work and feel that I could help you, I’ll do it for a 10% discount. You’ll get all the expected stuff like a great professional service and a fast turn around, at a bit less, and I get a bit more exposure. [If applicable, include a link to your portfolio website here, or invite the client to check out the work samples you’ve attached to your proposal.] [Ask 1-2 short but relevant questions about the job here. This shows that you’ve read the description and know your stuff, and also invites the client to begin a conversation with you.] If the above offer sounds like something you would be interested in, I’d love to hear from you. Regards, [Your Name]

Note that the template above doesn’t contain the word TOKYO, which was included at the top of Gray’s cover letter. Gray added that as a response to the client’s request at the bottom of the job description. Many clients use this trick to quickly determine if you’ve actually read the job description.

So… make sure you actually read the job description!

This next proposal sample comes from Susan, a freelance editor and proofreader.

Upwork Cover Letter: Susan Job Description

Susan explained to me via email:

I bid $125, and it was accepted immediately. This job took me 90 minutes to complete and 30 minutes to double check. As this was a legal document, I was careful to edit in a way that did not change the meaning of any of the sentences. This Swiss lawyer had English that was near perfect. I delivered the files within 2 hours and the client added a $40 bonus to my payment and left me 5-star feedback. $165 for 2 hours is a pretty good rate.

Upwork Cover Letter: Susan Review

Hi [Client’s Name], I would be happy to work on your [document/job/whatever] immediately. [Numbered list covering the most important requirements mentioned in the job description, and how you plan to meet them. This shows that you fully understand what’s needed and have a plan for making it happen.] [1-2 paragraphs detailing your background/expertise, as relevant to the job at hand.] What you’ll receive: [Short list that paints a clear picture of what you will deliver (and by when) should the client hire you to do the job.] Send me a quick message and we can figure out if we are a good fit to work together! [Your Name]

What To Do Now

Five things:

Get more Upwork success tips

This article is part of an 8-part series:

We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn’t look right, please leave a comment below or contact us via this page .

Citation Information

About The Author

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39 thoughts on “4 Proven Upwork Cover Letters To Save You Time And Win More Jobs”

Confirm that this approach to proposal writing works well. I get about 50% of the answers. Thanks Niall!

Hey, Thank you so much! I read your blog post the previous night and sent a proposal according to your first 1. The short and sweet. I applied it and tomorrow morning I saw a reply from that client. Thank you so much. It is crazy. I am going to subscribe you to get more and more beneficial posts.

Hi Nail, I read this writeup and some other posts (the profile remodeling and scam flags) and I have to say, I was really pumped and I put them to work. A few days later, I got my first gig. I finished in record time and got an excellent review. It’s just that after that, I’ve got nothing else. After a lot of proposals using the techniques above, I get a few responses but nothing serious. Any advice? Thanks for the tips and the first job, tho’ and thanks in advance for any tips. David

It could be a number of things, hard to know just from what you’ve written. But ultimately pitching for jobs on Upwork is a numbers game. You have to keep pitching as much as you can and perhaps even lower your rate to get the first few jobs and reviews. Once you have more reviews it becomes easier to get jobs.

Thanks a lot Niall Doherty,

Your Cover letters really helped me to win more jobs on Upwork.

Thank you again!

Thanks for the helpful tips. I’ve already had some successful contracts on upWork, and do use some of the ideas (such as addressing by name.) I’d like to increase my percentage of contracts won, and hope to do so by following some of your other tips. I’ll report back next week, after I’ve tried a few. Cheers!

Thanks for an excellent resource. For once, Google’s #1 search result truly deserved to be #1

Hi Sir Niall, Good day! I just sent my proposal today and hopefully, I’ll get a response soon. Here’s the link to my cover letter and the job posted. Thank you, Joshie

i won my first client in just 5 minutes thanks a lot

I cannot thank you enough for sharing this information! I used a mix of a The Honest Newbie & The Quick Lister for my very first proposal on UpWork. I got a contract back later that day!

Glad to hear that, Sam. Well done!

Hi Niall, I have been trying to freelance on Upwork for the last few months, but am getting little interest from potential clients. I am an architectural designer with 13 years experience, but have no college degree. I write cover letters offering to help with the problem the clients listed about design or construction, list the services I can give them, attach samples of my previous work, and tell that I am ready to start if they are interested. So far nobody is. It is discouraging to keep submitting offers for work that are ignored, when I try to be friendly, professional, and interested. What am I doing wrong do you think?

It’s hard to know what the issue is based only on what you’ve shared here. But first thing I’d say is that if you’ve submitted less than 20 proposals, you should keep trying. You can keep tweaking and experimenting with your proposals, but ultimately Upwork is a numbers game. Even the best freelancers on there probably win no more than 30% of the jobs they pitch for. And starting out it’s probably more like 5-10%.

Secondly, it might be worth lowering your rate for a while, if you haven’t already. Do that in combination with the Honest Newbie template above and see how you get on.

Thank you Nial.

I combined your two templates No.4 + No. 3 in order to write my proposal yesterday. And I got the first job out of 5 proposals.

I really appreciated it!!!.

Great job, Olivia!

Woow! Niall, this is an amazing content and excellent guides to upwork. Thank you and keep it up.

Thanks, Nicholas 🙂

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Great work! I will definitely try in this process.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I was able to get my first job within my first round of sending out only 6 proposals because of these templates! As a student this was such a great feeling.

That’s great, Christine! Well done 🙂

Update, not a week later I have now secured not one but TWO long term contracts due to these templates getting me through the door and my work being up to par! Many many thanks!

You’re crushing it 🙂 Thanks for reporting back!

Hi Niall.. As i am new to I am so.much disturb due to not getting a perfect contract here on upwork. i quit my job as a teacher. But when i started sending proposals here it didn’t worked out. Will these templates of yours help me out in getting the desired job

You’ll do better with these templates than without them, Hussain. Give them a try!

wonderful, i have been much disturbed with this cover letter but now am ok.

Hi Niall Doherty. My name is Jay and Thank you for sharing your great experience Knowledge here. I has just start on upwork. and this will be big help for me. If i says honestly then i was completely tired because there is no activity acting on my profile. i have tried many things to get clients but i just got only one client in a month which is not good. and was looking for guidance and it’s my pleasure that i meet you here on your home(website). I have just read your most of articles and i would like to follow your steps. I am very exciting to leave a screenshot of my next success here on your site by following your words. do you like to give me any suggestions!! great regards, Jay R.

Thanks a lot! This information is so valuable. Hoping to get project soon.

This article really gave a boost to my aspirations. I believe you have just jump started my career on Upwork. Thank you.

Thanks for all the super helpful info!

This article is very helpful, thank you so much for this

Thank you very much!! Valuable info

So, Susan, in her linked interview, mentions a specific course she took with you, Niall (or perhaps it’s one you made?). She mentions that this course was what she believed helped her in her 30-day experiment with Upwork. I’ve clicked around and can find nothing but the Facebook group. What is the course she’s referring to, and are you still offering it?

Yes, I had a course (originally called “3 Months -> $1k” … later rebranded as “Freedom Business Builder”) that was available for almost 3 years but I closed it at the end of November 2018. The Facebook group for the course is still active and our Patreon supporters get access to it.

Are you looking to do similar work to Susan?

Thanks for replying, Niall! Yes I am looking to do the same line of work. I’ve landed a few jobs and would love some tips about how to really take off on Upwork.

Congrats on landing a few jobs already 🙂

The best resource I’ve come across for succeeding on Upwork is . Go through the free info on that site and you’ll be ahead of the pack.

Will do, thanks!

Really Good. I strongly recommend this article

Thanks really find this article useful,will try follow the tempelates with my own works,appreciate.

Thank you so much for this, i find very helpful. I will definitely make use of these templates especially the 1st and 4th ones. Thanks once again

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how to become a graphic designer (2023 Guide)

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Examples

BrainStation’s Graphic Designer career guide is intended to help you take the first steps toward a career in graphic design. Read on for a guide to writing graphic design cover letters that will help you land a job interview.

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What Are Graphic Designer Cover Letters?

Graphic Designer cover letters are an important part of the job application process for graphic design positions. They are one of the first ways you connect with a company. These brief documents are sent to potential employers along with your resume. The graphic design cover letter goes beyond your resume—it expands on your top design projects and successes. Your cover letter should outline your skills, experiences, and passion for design.

The goal of your cover letter is to convince employers that you have the knowledge, technical capability, and creativity needed to succeed in a specific design position.

Graphic Designer Cover Letters – a Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how to write a Graphic Designer cover letter:

To create a Graphic Designer cover letter that will make you stand out, follow these best practices.

Personalize your cover letter

Create a new cover letter for each graphic design job you apply to. Your cover letter is a first impression, so show the company you have taken the time to learn about their work and needs. Generic graphic design cover letters are easy to spot and indicate a lack of enthusiasm for the role.

Start with research

In order to tailor your cover letter, you will need to understand what the company does and what challenges they are facing. Take some time to research their work, values, and mission. Think about how you can help them achieve their goals.

Strike the right tone

During your research, pay attention to the company’s tone throughout their communication materials. Go through their website and social media to get a better sense of the language they use. Aim for a similar tone and style in your cover letter. Generally, your cover letter should be professional but friendly.

Keep it brief

Your cover letter should be around 200-400 words and no longer than one page. Focus on a few of your most relevant projects and skills. Avoid superfluous descriptions and clichés.

Consider your design

Your job application, which includes your cover letter and resume, is your first chance to impress employers with your design skills. Graphic Designers have to understand the importance of consistency, so it’s important to create a cohesive application package by using the same colors, fonts, and structure in both documents. Don’t go overboard—your design should not distract from your content—but show your design sensibility and skills.

Edit and proofread

Before submitting, review your cover letter several times for spelling/grammar errors, awkward phrasing, and typos.

Getting Started – What Is the Purpose of the Cover Letter?

The cover letter is a way of opening a conversation with a potential employer. It highlights the value you can bring as a Graphic Designer. While a resume is structured with bullet points and facts and figures, your cover letter can show a bit more personality. Your cover letter should tell your story. Explain why your passion, training, and experiences make you an excellent Graphic Designer. In your cover letter, you can also explain a switch in career goals or a gap in your resume. Overall, the cover letter is a tool to introduce yourself and explain why you would be an asset to the company.

How to Create an Outline for a Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Follow this outline to create a strong Graphic Designer cover letter.

What to Include in Your Graphic Designer Cover Letter?

Your Graphic Designer cover letter should include an overview of your relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications. Relate your past design accomplishments with what the company is seeking. Express your enthusiasm for the position and the company. In addition, you should include a header, personal greeting, engaging introduction, and polite closing.

List your name, email address, and phone number. You can also include a link to your portfolio/website and LinkedIn page. Your header should match the header of your resume.

Avoid generic openings like “To Whom It May Concern”. Look up the Hiring Manager’s name—this may involve a little digging, but check the job posting, company website, Google, LinkedIn, or call the company’s front office.


Open with an introduction that grabs the Hiring Manager’s attention right away. Express your passion for design, describe one of your top successes or share what excites you about the role.

Relevant skills

Mention a few of your most relevant design skills, including your experience with top graphic design tools like Adobe Creative Suite. You can refer back to the job posting to see exactly what Graphic Designer skills the company is looking for.

Design experience

Describe some of your most successful projects. Remember to frame the cover letter around what you can do for the company. Add in facts and figures where possible. Explain how the projects you worked on and the skills you gained are relevant for the company’s needs. If you are a Senior Graphic Designer, you will have to be selective about which projects or even job roles to include.

Reasons for applying

What excites you about the role? Why are you applying? Express your enthusiasm and passion. Mention specific projects or values to show the employer you have done your research.

Reiterate your interest and skills and thank the Hiring Manager for their time. End by inviting the Hiring Manager to review your resume and portfolio and to further engage with you.

Refer to these Graphic Designer cover letter examples to get you started.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example #1

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am passionate about creating visually stunning designs that help brands grow. With more than 3 years of experience designing memorable advertising campaigns, I think I could be a great addition to XYZ Company as a Graphic Designer.

I have experience as a freelance and in-house graphic designer, and I have worked on a range of print, interactive and digital design projects. Currently, I am the Graphic Designer at 123 Technology, where I design all communication materials and advertising campaigns. Our most recent campaign, which I worked with in conjunction with the marketing team, increased our sales by 20% since launch. The campaign was also shortlisted for a 2020 Design Award.

I have a BA in graphic design and expertise with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML and CSS. I’m looking forward to bringing my background and experience to help XYZ Company develop award-winning campaigns for your clients. I love collaborating with clients and colleagues, and I am excited to deliver designs that will help your clients engage and grow their target market.

I am eager to chat more about my qualifications and skills. Please feel free to visit my portfolio at [portfolio link] and review my attached Graphic Designer resume. Feel free to contact me for an interview at any time. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example #2

While earning my Graphic Design Certificate, I remember studying a lot of XYZ Company’s work. In fact, it inspired me to specialize in graphic art and animation. When I saw the opening for a Graphic Designer at XYZ Company, I knew I had to immediately apply.

As the Junior Graphic Designer at 123 Studio, I’ve worked on over 50 design projects for 20 clients across all industries. I am an expert in Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects, and I have designed everything from logos and brochures to presentations and animation videos. My ability to efficiently turn around creative and eye-catching digital designs has helped increase our clients’ sales and engagement rates.

I’ve been a fan of XYZ Company’s work for a long time. I admire that your designs push the envelope, which is something I try to do in all my work as well. If given this great opportunity, I can help XYZ Company design graphics and animations that will exceed your clients’ expectations.

I’m looking forward to bringing my creativity, teamwork, and branding skills to XYZ Company. I would love to chat more about the Graphic Designer position. Please feel free to call me anytime to set up an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Template

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

I was so excited to see the [job title] opening at [company]. With my experience in graphic design and expertise in [list skill] and [list skill], I’m confident I can help [company] achieve its goals.

In my role as the [current/past job] at [current/previous company], I gained experience in [list main responsibilities]. I was able to achieve [discuss major accomplishments and impact as a designer]. I have learned valued skills in [list relevant skills] that I can bring to [company].

I’m eager to join [company] because [reasons you are interested in the role/company]. I’m impressed by [discuss one of the company’s projects or values]. With my enthusiasm and skills in [list relevant skills], I think I would be a great fit for your team.

I have attached my resume for you to learn more about my qualifications. Please feel free to browse through my portfolio at [link to portfolio] and contact me at [contact information] to set up a time to chat. Thank you for your time and consideration.

get started

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Take advantage of our flexible plans and scholarships

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Recommended graphic design courses

The User Experience Design bootcamp is designed to introduce the skills and concepts required to become a UX Designer.

User Interface (UI) Design is the practice of transforming user goals and requirements into compelling designs.

The part-time User Experience (UX) Design course was developed for professionals with an interest in user experience design and user-focused web development.

The Design Thinking training course gives you the skills to solve complex business problems using design thinking methodologies.

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