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literature review on online banking project

Literature Review On Online Banking

Essay about 401k investment.

If you want to manage 401K investment very well, then, you have to do it actively. It is possible on your part to manage your investment daily through the help of internet. When you view the site, you see many investment options. You can just manage it in a few clicks of mouse. Just login every now and then and follow the EquiTrend system. You can even save a lot of

Personal Narrative: Moving In With A Child After Retirement

After reading about the Social Security, I learned that it is not as reliable as every person thoughts it would be. There are constantly adjusting the terms and conditions for the Social Security. So by the time I am retired, I might not be eligible or receive as much income as I should. The other two options are the private pension, which is not for every worker, and personal savings. Even though we do not make additional income from our personal savings, it should be more reliable than the first two choices if I carefully manage and planned out the budgets. Worse comes to worst; I would also rely on my children to help support me

Pension Plans: GASB Vs. FASB

Pensions are known as a retirement account that most employers maintain to give employees who have stayed with the company a payout upon retirement. Most employers give recipients of pension accounts a choice between a lump-sum payment or monthly annuity payments that are based upon the amount of time that the employee worked and their final salary prior to leaving the company. There are different types of pension plans and the use of each one is dependent on the employer. The Governmental Accounting Standards Board and Financial Accounting Standards Board both have to report pensions and have designated different ways to account for it. The GASB and FASB have always been separate entities but

Getting Coffee Is Hard To Do Analysis

In “Getting Coffee Is Hard to Do,” Stanley Fish writes about the difficulties in getting a cup of coffee. He states how something so easy has now become so difficult.

The Social Security Act (SNAP)

Government public assistance in America came about in 1935 with the passing of the Social Security Act (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); A Short History of SNAP, 2014). This act remains the most significant piece of social legislations ever enacted in the United States. It also paved the way for greater federal involvement in health and welfare (Ambrosino, Ambrosino, Heffernan, Shuttlesworth, 2016). There are three main aspects of the Social Security Act. These are Social Insurance, Public Assistance and Health and Welfare Services. Out of those three aspects, I will be further discussing Public Assistance or more commonly known as welfare. There are different benefit programs of public assistance. These are Supplemental Security

Is3350 Unit 6 Assignment 1

They require the account number with information, and they also will ONLY speak with the person authorized in the account.

Nt1310 Unit 3 Network Security

User ID and password are the mandatory login credentials to access your account. In addition to them, Transaction password is quite essential to transfer the money. Both the login password and transaction password are the confidential. Along with both these passwords you would receive a verification code (one time password) to the registered mobile number to ensure that you are the person who is accessing the account. All the three passwords are confidential to keep your account and money secured. When you are sending your username and password from your computer to bank server it should maintained confidentiality. No third party should be able to hack or share your information.

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool investment guide is a helpful guide to anyone who is interested in creating a healthy financial life. The Motley Fool guide provides the reader with different financial situations that can come up as well as how to handle them. The book can help prepare for financial independence because it offers information on how to manage your money, how to save, how to spend, and how to invest. The Motley Fool guide can offer help to teens who want to learn how to be financially independent by starting young and with as little as what they have.

Persuasive Essay On Saving Money Memberships

So, if you are looking to save an extraordinary amount of money each and every year your best bet is to look into a saving money membership! However, don 't get one without looking into it first and getting some information! Make sure that it has a high duration (preferably lifetime), do the math and make sure that you are going to be able to save more money then it took to get the membership in the first place, and finally be sure to look at the benefits so you can maximize your savings with a wide

Robert Peace Racism

This essay explores the book “The short and tragic life of Robert Peace”. It also briefly mentions racism, why there still is racism in todays society and what can be done to stop it.

Personal Narrative: Tax Return

I spent my tax return on furniture and set a part aside in my savings account for further expenses on my kids. They are involved in several sports that are expensive and they have other activities they want to be involved as going to universal studio in Orlando this summer and I have to save money to afford them.

Conservative Allocation: A Case Study

Emergency Fund: I would recommend that the emergency fund be invested in a conservative allocation. This will allow the funds to be more liquid and more accessible if an emergency arises. In order to reach your goal of having six months of total dedicated and discretionary expenses in a two-year time frame means that you would need to save $1,840.47 a month. The chart below illustrates the conservative allocation that I

Bank Of America Mobile Banking Case Study

This essay is based on the case “Bank of America: Mobile Banking” which is dated on May 2012. We will first present benefits mobile banking provide to consumers and highlight reasons why many consumers haven’t adopted mobile banking yet. Furthermore, we will look into Bank of America motivation to offer mobile banking to its customers and review associated costs and risks of mobile banking implementation. Then understand what lessons can the bank learn from its online banking operations and analyze costs and benefits of having customers migrate to online banking. Finally, we will review how mobile technology is likely to influence the banking industry in the future.

Reflection About Investment

If you aren’t comfortable buying individual stocks, low-cost index exchange-traded funds or mutual funds are fine, too. Whatever method you choose, you must be patient and let time do its work.

Saving Money Essay: How To Save Your Money

“How am I going to save my money if I can’t go a month without being short on cash?” Is this the question you ask yourself every now and then?

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Literature Review

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literature review on online banking project

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Literature Review of E-Banking

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What is internet banking..


Advantages of online banking., convenience, time saving and money., ease and efficiency, on time gain and update information, profitability, cost effective, some security rules were also given, rule 1: install security software including an up to date scanner., rule 2: protect sensitive data when sending it over open network., rule 3: be sure you know who you are dealing with..

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Rule 4: Be careful with sensitive data and access media

Rule 5: choose a secure password., rule 6: only use a programme from a trustworthy source, rule 7: use up-to-date programme version, rule 8: run security checks on your pc, rule 9: the security setting on your internet browser must be activated., rule 10: do not make your current account available for fraudulent financial transaction., some online banking scurities available, internet security:.

Insider threat detection sill a challenge

Customer’s attitude, financial institution ad manager’s attitude and approach, laws, directives, regulations and standards, the sarbanes-oxley act (sox), the computer fraud and abuse act.

Employee Privacy Issues

Payment card industry data security standard (pci dss), a secured network must be built and maintained..

Data of Cardholder must be protected.

Vulnerability Management Program must be maintained.

Access Control Measures must be strong in its implementation.

Monitoring and Testing of Networks must be carried out regularly

An Information Security Policy must be developed and maintained.

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