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letter 147c request

What is a 147c Letter?

Overview of a 147c letter.

A 147c letter, also known as an EIN letter, is a form sent to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) so a company can request their Employee Identification Number (EIN) or so a third party can verify a company’s EIN with their permission. A 147c letter is not a request for the IRS to create an EIN; it only asks the IRS to tell you about an EIN that already exists.

How Do I Request a 147c Letter?

To request a 147c letter from the IRS, contact the IRS Business and Specialty Tax line at 1-800-829-4933. They are open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, taxpayer local time (Alaska and Hawaii follow Pacific Time). Be prepared to answer several security questions. After that, the IRS will mail or fax you your 147c letter.

What are the Alternatives to Requesting a 147c Letter?

Before calling the IRS to request a 147c letter, there are several places you may wish to look for your EIN number.

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letter 147c request

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letter 147c request

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Lost or Misplaced Your EIN?

More in file.

If you previously applied for and received an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your business, but have since misplaced it, try any or all of the following actions to locate the number:

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How to get copy of EIN Verification Letter 147C from the IRS

Matt Horwitz

By Matt Horwitz

Updated November 23, 2022

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Here is what an EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575) looks like:

Here is what an ein verification letter (147c) looks like:, how to get a 147c ein verification letter from the irs, 147c by mail, 147c by fax.

November 2022 update: We know that many of you are having a hard time getting through to the IRS. We spoke to the IRS about this: the phone lines are just very busy right now. Try calling multiple times per day, and multiple days per week. It’s best to call between 7am and 10am or between 3pm and 7pm. And don’t call on Monday (the busiest day).

An EIN Verification Letter 147C can only be requested by phone (for security reasons). You can’t request it by mail or fax. And there is no other number to call besides the one have listed below. Hopefully things get back to normal soon. We wish there was more we could do, but dealing with the IRS is sometimes like this. Keep trying! You’ll eventually get through.

When you first get an EIN Number , the IRS sends you an EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575).

Note: If you are a Third Party Designee, you cannot download the CP 575 if applying online. The CP 575 will be mailed to the EIN Responsible Party.

Some people lose the CP 575 EIN Confirmation Letter and need an official copy of their LLC’s EIN Number for things like opening an LLC bank account .

The IRS only issues the EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575) one time. You can’t get this letter again. In fact, “CP” means the letter was auto-generated by a computer. So even if you call the IRS, no one there can recreate the CP 575.

However, there is good news . You can still get an official “EIN Letter” from the IRS. It’s just not called an EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575).

Instead, it’s called an EIN Verification Letter (147C) .

Note: The full name of the 147C is actually EIN Verification Letter 147C, EIN Previously Assigned.

The CP 575 and 147C are technically different letters, however, they are both official letters from the IRS and can be used for all business matters.

EIN Confirmation Letter CP575 for LLC

The only way to get an EIN Verification Letter (147C) is to call the IRS at 1-800-829-4933.

For security reasons, the IRS will never send anything by email. Instead, the IRS will send you an EIN Verification Letter (147C) two ways:

If you choose mail, it can take 4-6 weeks before your EIN Verification Letter (147C) arrives.

The IRS will mail your 147C Letter to the mailing address they have on file for your LLC. You’ll be able to confirm this address when you’re on the phone with the IRS agent.

If you choose fax, the IRS will fax you the 147C Letter while you’re on the phone.

Tip: The IRS agent will ask, “Do you have a private and secure fax next to you?” If you are using a digital/online fax, say yes .

Here’s how to call the IRS and get a 147C Letter

Tip: Only an owner of your LLC can request a 147C Letter. No one else can call for you, unless they have a Power of Attorney on file with the IRS. If you have a Single-Member LLC, refer to yourself as the “owner” (instead of Member). If you have a Multi-Member LLC, refer to yourself as a “partner” (instead of a Member).

Congratulations! You have successfully requested a 147C, EIN Verification Letter for your LLC. We recommend making a few copies and keeping them with your business records.

81 comments on “EIN Verification Letter (147C) for an LLC”

Disclaimer: Nothing on this page shall be interpreted as legal or tax advice. Rules and regulations vary by location. They also change over time and are specific to your situation. Furthermore, this comment section is provided so people can share their thoughts and experience. Please consult a licensed professional if you have legal or tax questions.

Hi, many people are saying that you can get an EIN for your DBA, calling to IRS. Have you already heard anything about that? Or, is it just for LLC or INC? Because, i faxed an SS4 form to IRS 3 weeks ago, and then, I’ve called them this week and they are saying that they don’t have anything in the system about my DBA! I talked to 3 differents representatives and all of them were saying the same thing, i guess, they don’t know how to explain what’s going on. If you ask them something, they never know, actually. Thanks for your help!

Hi Emerson, let me back up a step first. A DBA is simply “nickname” for a business entity (like an LLC or Corporation) or a person(s). If you don’t have an LLC, then your DBA is for yourself (aka your Sole Proprietorship ). If you had a business partner, the DBA would be for your General Partnership .

So… no, you can’t get an EIN for a DBA. But you can get an EIN for a Sole Proprietorship (that has a DBA). Which is what I’m guessing you have. In that case, you should wait longer than 3 weeks and then call again. It’s likely not in the system yet. I wouldn’t apply again as that can cause issues. Hope that helps.

Thanks for helping. Yes, I’m gonna wait for sure. I already have my Sole Proprietorship registered with the County Clerk and the next step I’d like to get an EIN from the IRS. But, unfortunately, they are taking too long to issue that number. They say, “we are so busy, sorry but, you can’t solve it in person, you have to wait and that’s it”. It’s ridiculous to expect a basic EIN within a month or two. It should be easy and fast!

I know, it’s really frustrating. Many people are dealing with the same issue.

Do you know what questions, they ask you to get a new copy of the cover letter?

I forget exactly, but they are just confirming you are who you say you are, and that that matches their records.

Hi. I need help, i want to verify someone else’s EIN number. How can I do it? Other than calling or Visiting IRS. Are there any possibility to do it online?

There is no such service that we’re aware of.

Legal zoom did not include my suite #, and my original EIN cert letter reflects this. I can’t open a bank account until it is rectified.I’ve been trying since October. Is there any other way to get this done? Can I go to an office?

Hi Robert, sorry to hear that. You’ll need to keep trying. This is the only way to get a 147C EIN Verification Letter. There is no office to go to.

I am a foreign national, I created an LLC on 11/09/2022 and got my EIN approved, and received it in the Fax form IRS stating EIN on the Form SS-4. its been 6 weeks and i have been waiting on CP575. can you shed a light why is it taking so long from IRS to mail the document

The IRS has been really backed up. It will eventually arrive, but for many foreign nationals, it can take 2-4 months. Hope that helps!

I am a foreign national, I created an LLC on 11/22/2022 and got same day approval. Then I applied for EIN using SS-4 and followed the method you stated for foreigners. Today I got my EIN approved and I received a fax from IRS stating EIN on the form SS-4. The quality of the document is not good (EIN is visible but most of the form is unreadable) How can I get Letter 147C and CP575? Should I follow the process listed in this blog or should I wait a few days? By the way you are doing an extraordinary job of educating ordinary people like us. Thanks

Hi Waseem, you’re very welcome! The IRS should have mailed you a CP575, which should much more clear. Those faxes can sometimes be really hard to read lol!

Is it the same process when trying to get a verification letter for an estate?

Hi Nina, yes, it is.

We need a 147C from IRS. We’ve callled this number 1-800-829-4933 many, many times, and after choosing 1, 1 and 3 options, we always got a voice mail saying they are busy and call back at different time. After several weeks of not being able to contact IRS by phone, the only option left is to request it by mail, even if it takes 4 to 6 weeks. My questin is which department of IRS and which location of IRS should we send our request for 147C letter. The website does not have this info. Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Justin, I feel you on this. Thousands of people are dealing with the same issue. The IRS is extremely back up right now. Some readers are getting through by trying multiple times per day and multiple days per week (sounds like you’ve been doing the same though). As of right now, we only know about obtaining a 147C via phone, however, we’ll see if we can find anything out. If so, I’ll reply back here (and we’ll update this page). It may take us a couple weeks if we do find something. Thank you for your understanding. We’re hoping things return to normal soon.

Hi Justin, we just got through to the IRS (after trying for a few days). We added a new note at the top of this page. But in short, a 147C can only be requested by phone. It can’t be requested by mail or fax. And 1-800-829-4933 is the only number to request a 147C. So you’ll need to just keep trying. I know it’s super annoying. But check the note at the top of this page for some additional tips.

Cannot get thru to them by phone. Can I request via faxing to them? what #?

Hi James, not that we’re aware of. The IRS is extremely back up right now, however, readers are getting through by calling multiple times per day and multiple days per week. Hopefully things return to normal shortly.

Hi Whenever i call it hangs up because there arent any people to answer. ANy advice on how to go about it now?

Hi Mary, the IRS is still a bit backed up. We recommend calling shortly after they open in order to get through. Hope that helps!

No that doesn’t work either. I called at 7am and then again at 7:01 am and was hung up on. The instructions are accurate. Just no one is wanting to do their job or they refuse to take calls for 2 weeks now. I DID get to an agent on the “Forms” option. She told me to try between 5 and 5:30pm however that proven to be fruitless.

I am going on week 3 now. This is a government department that just got approved to hire over 85k workers and they cannot answer the bloody phone. America’s finest.

Oh my! That is really bad. I totally hear you. Thanks for the update and letting us know. I hope things get better in the coming months :)

Thank you so much for the easy to follow instruction on how to get 147C.

You’re very welcome Maribel :)

Thank you for sharing! This was very helpful!

You’re very welcome Rebecca :)

Thanks for your article. It is very helpful. I tried to obtain an EIN verification letter on behalf a client by calling in and faxing them a Form 2848. On line 3 of the form, I listed “EIN and EIN Verification Letter” “SS-4 and 147C” and “2021”. They rejected the form (after an hour and half hold to get to them and advised that line 3 needs to be totally blank when checking line 4 (specific use not recorded on CAF). Does this sound right? When I read the Instructions, I am even more confused. The person I spoke with was stuttering and referring to incorrect line numbers at first, so I worry that if I send blank line 3, I’m going to get rejected again.

Hi Jeff, we are not sure as we don’t deal with Form 2848 filings. However, anytime we get “unconfident” information from an IRS representative, we always call back a few more times and ask the exact same question to someone else. The phones are busy right now, so calling between 7am and 8am is best. Hope that helps.

Hey Matt AT LAST I GOT MY EIN. :) It was mailed CP575. But now I have few question that I want to clear it up.

1. The first SS4 form was sent on 5th of November. When I tried to talk to representative from IRS after 45 business days I still had no EIN assigned and they told me to resend SS4 form again. So than I found Third Party Designee. They faxed it for me few times. Now, can i find out from IRS which SS4 form did they use? Mine or my Third Party Designee?

2. It appress that the Name of my LLC is correct My business address is correct My first name is correct and written in full My Last Name is correct and written in full However, my middle name has only “One alphabet letter”. I can’t find an information if it is ok for middle name or not. When I faxed them I had everything written in full. I need help on this, please?

Hey Rocky, that is wonderful news :) You can call the IRS to check, or you can just do this: Use the current EIN you have. If you get another EIN in the future, just cancel/deactivate the EIN . If your name is Rocky John Smith and it’s entered as Rocky J Smith, that is totally okay. Hope that helps.

I’ve had my EIN for 20 years and just need a copy of the letter… it seems someone applying for a new EIN has the convenience of downloading theirs after the application but I have to call the IRS and then try to find one of these FAX machines to receive it. (we aren’t in the 90’s anymore so my oversized phone-printer isn’t here anymore). Why does acquiring a new letter need to be so difficult for those who already have an EIN?

Enter my EIN, something personal and download.. ??

Hi Herbert, we don’t disagree ;) However, this (or sending in a written request) is the only way to get a copy of your EIN.

Hi, Good Day, My EIN Number was received by phone on November 2nd but up to this moment, CP575 Letter not yet received in my USA LLC Mail address.

1- Do You know if clients in similar situations have already received their letter? 2- To get 147C by fax, is it required to send to IRS a consent letter asking IRS to send to You mentioned letter via fax? (is there a template for that?).

Tks and have a nice weekend. Ps. You have no idea how Your Videos and messages have already helped me in my journey!! Thanks a lot!! You rock!!

Hello After getting EIN what else we have to do for IRS like for taxes. Do you have any idea. thanks

Hi Giren, unfortunately, there isn’t a simple and short answer to this. Taxes depend on how the money is made, where the business makes money, where actives are, and what the tax status is of the LLC owner(s). We recommend working with an accountant .

Hi Daniel, thanks so much! You’re very welcome :) If you are the owner of the LLC, you can just call the IRS. You don’t need a consent form. Yes, the CP 575 can take a while to arrive due to the current situation. Sometimes it’s taking 3 months. You can call the IRS and request an EIN Confirmation Letter 147C in the meantime. Hope that helps.

I was issued my EIN on Dec. 15, 2020 by computer and as I opened it my system crashed. I managed to get the number before it went blue. My problem is I have been calling every single business day since then and get a recording that they are busy and to call back later or try again tomorrow. I cannot set the woocommerce portion of my ecommerce site up without verification and cannot get verification. I am running out of money while trying to get the one piece of paper I need from the IRS to allow me to open my business. I have customers waiting but they won’t wait forever…

Hi Stephen, I feel you man. Thousands and thousands of people are in the same situation. The IRS opens at 7am (local time; based off the incoming phone number’s area code). We recommend calling at 7am or 8am, or as early as you can. We’ve called the IRS ourselves about 5 times this week. We’ve had to wait each time, but we’ve gotten through each time. When calling, please follow the prompts/option number as mentioned above on this page to speak to a representative. Hope that helps :)

I got the EIN number only but my agent is saying that foreigners dont get CP 575 is that true? My question is after EIN approval do IRS send EIN verification letter or CP 575 letter to the respective mailing address or not(agent address)?

Hi Giren, if the SS-4 application was faxed, the first approval from the IRS is the SS-4 returned with the EIN written on it. Then the CP 575 arrives in the mail. Usually that is a few weeks after the EIN is issued, however, due to current delays, that can take a couple months. The CP 575 is sent to the mailing address that was listed on the SS-4. However, if you get an EIN Verification Letter (147C) it does the same thing and has the same power as the EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575).

Thank you for your reply

After the EIN approval through fax will IRS send EIN verification letter automatically to the mailing address or we have to inform IRS for the mail.

Hi Giren, the EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575) is automatically mailed after your EIN number is faxed back to you. You don’t have to contact the IRS to request it.

If I apply for an EIN online ( ), it provides me with the EIN instantly. Where do I then go to download my CP575 instantly?

Hi Emily, the CP 575 (EIN Confirmation Letter) is provided in the very last step of the EIN online application. It’s a PDF form that you can download. If you didn’t download it and closed out of the EIN online application, you can call the IRS to get an EIN Verification Letter (147C) in the meantime. The CP 575 will eventually arrive in the mail, but that can take a few weeks to a couple months due to the delays the IRS is currently facing. Hope that helps.

Is that Step 5. EIN Confirmation? I don’t see where to download. It says “Congratulations! The EIN has been successfully assigned.” Then, under the EIN, it says “The confirmation letter will be mailed to the applicant.” The only links/buttons from this page is a “Continue” button to get additional information about using the new EIN, and a Help Topic link “Can the EIN be used before the confirmation letter is received?”

Hi Emily, yes, that is Step 5. EIN Confirmation. There should be a link that says “CLICK HERE for Your EIN Confirmation Letter”. We’ve never heard of that link not being there. That’s very strange. While the EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575) will be mailed to you, we recommend calling the IRS for an EIN Verification Letter (147C) in the meantime. We recommend calling early in the morning for the shortest hold time.

You only have the option to print the CP 575 if you the responsible party. Third party registers obtaining an EIN on behalf of another entity do not have the option to print the CP 575 and it will be mailed to the client. You may want to update the article so everyone knows.

Hi Hugh, this is very helpful, thank you. We’ve updated the page.

I figured out why the link was not there. I usually put in that I am a Third Party applying for the EIN on behalf of the entity (as I am). To get the link to the letter, you have to click you are one of the owners, members, etc. of the entity. I was instructed to try it that way, and sure enough, the link comes up on Step 5. Thanks!!

Hi Emily, that makes sense. While that works, you don’t want to submit false information if you’re not an LLC Member or LLC Manager. The EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575) will be mailed to the EIN Responsible Party if you’re applying as a Third Party Designee.

Thanks a lot, Matt, super helpful. One question remains, I already got a CP 575 but my name on it wasn’t full when I registered and this causes me trouble while registering as an Amazon seller. Is it possible to amend, extend my name while asking for the (147C) ?

Thanks a lot Antoine

Hi Antoine, you can ask while you call (I’m not 100% sure). If it doesn’t work, you can change the EIN Responsible Party for an LLC via Form 8822-B

Matt, buenos días Conoce algún número para pedir el 147Co ver si se ha emitido mi EIN que atiendan en inglés? Dado que sólo el titular puede llamar, es dificil comunicarse cuando sólo dan la opción en inglés en el número que mencionas. Llevo 9 semanas desde que envié mi SS-4 por FAX Gracias

Hola Nata, puedes llamar al 1-800-829-4933 y presionar la opción 2 para español.

Gracias Matt. Te cuento que intenté eso en Diciembre pero al parecer ese tipo de información sólo la brindan en inglés y te piden que vuelvas a comunicarte con un intérprete. Sin embargo, hoy llamé y la contestadora dice que el IRS se encuentra cerrado. Tienes idea a qué se debe este cierre o cuánto podría durar? Llevo 9 semanas de enviado el SS-4 por fax, sin ningún tipo de novedades aún.

Gracias eternas por tu ayuda.

Hola Nata, el IRS está abierto de lunes a viernes. A qué día y a qué hora llamaste? Intente llamarlos nuevamente esta semana y avíseme.

Hi, Thanks for your very informative documents. I have already received 147C but I changed my business name in that period and Should I change EIN number? How I can change my EIN number for changed business name company?

Hi Ersin, you’re very welcome. No, you would not change the EIN number if you change your LLC name (it’s still the same LLC). Instead, you just update the IRS with the new LLC name. We have instructions here: How to change my LLC name with the IRS . Hope that helps.

Can I apply for a new EIN # if I misplaced the one that I applied for recently?

Hi Christina, yes, you can do that. If you go that route, you can cancel the first EIN (see how to cancel an EIN with the IRS ). Alternatively, you can call the IRS and request an EIN Verification Letter (147C) as mentioned above on this page.

Hi, I received my EIN number by phone, 1 month ago, but up to this moment, I have not received the confirmation letter… Do you know if due to Corona Virus, is it taking longer than 4 to 6 weeks?? Tks and have a wonderful week ahead!!

Hi Daniel, yes, it’s taking much longer than 4-6 weeks right now. Sometimes 2 months or a bit longer. The EIN Verification Letter (147C) can serve as the official EIN approval though, in place of the EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575)… or until it arrives by mail.

Thank you for this post. Exactly what I needed to know.

You’re welcome Lisa!

I received my EIN but I can’t find the letter I Know my number but I need the letter to open a bank account t what can I do? Please help me

Hi Efraín, the instructions on how to get your EIN Verification Letter (147C) are above on this page :) If you can’t find your EIN Confirmation Letter, the 147C is the only kind of “proof” you can get from the IRS. You can also call the bank and see if they’ll just take your word on the EIN, however, most banks want a copy of the EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575) or EIN Verification Letter (147C). Hope that helps.

They didn’t accept, they want a copy. Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate.🙏🏼🙏🏼

I figured that was the case ;) You’re welcome Efraín!

Do foreign application having EIN can request for CP 575. (Non US citizen nor resident)

Hi Giren, yes, non-US residents/foreigners can get an EIN for an LLC. We have instructions here: How non-US residents can get EIN for LLC .

Hi Matt, I have been trying to get through to the IRS using option 1-1-3. It keeps telling saying they are experiencing higher than normal call volume and to try back. This has gone on for weeks. Any suggestions?

Hi Jennifer, the IRS has been horrible with phone support recently. Many people are having a hard time getting through. We recommend calling early in the morning, and if that doesn’t work, try multiple times per day. Some readers have gotten through, but only after trying for multiple days. Apologies, I wish there was something we could do or another way to solve this, but all we’ve been told by the IRS when we inquired was “keep trying”. Hopefully this doesn’t last too long and things soon return to normal. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for the article! It helped me a lot!. Btw, I faxed my EIN application 2 months ago. Now I still has not received any EIN/response from IRS? What should I do now?

Hi Thanh, it’s best to wait. The IRS has been delayed due to covid. You can call the IRS though at the number on this page to see if your EIN has been issued.

Thanks for the article! How long after receiving my EIN can I call the IRS to request a verification letter by fax?

Hi Momen, you don’t have to wait at all. You can request an EIN Verification Letter right after your EIN is issued.

Hello Matt, just wanted to see if you knew how to get my EIN letter because SWYFT Fillings sent it to the wrong address on file? I have tried calling the number but it keeps saying the office is closed. I started my business last August 2022 and i cant even do payroll or open a business account or anything without this letter..

Hi William, we posted an update at the top of this page. You’ll need to keep trying until you get through. There’s no other way to get the 147C letter.

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letter 147c request

What is a 147C Letter and When Do You Request One?

A 147c letter is just the document you need if you’ve lost your employer identification number (ein). learn what it is exactly, when you need it, and how to request one from the irs..

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What is a 147c letter, why you need a 147c letter, banking and financing, filing tax forms.

Applying for business licenses and permits

Applying for medicare enrollment, partnering with other businesses, how to request a 147c letter.

Do foreign-owned businesses need EIN verification?

Legal Disclaimer:

The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.

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How can I get a copy of my EIN Verification Letter (147C) from the IRS?

If you have lost your federal employer identification number , you can contact the IRS to request a copy of the EIN confirmation letter.

To request a copy of the EIN Verification Letter (147C), complete the following steps:

Only an owner or a Power of Attorney (POA) can request a 147C Letter. If you would like a POA to request your EIN Verification Letter (147C), both you and your POA will need to complete the IRS Form 2848 and have it ready to send to the IRS via fax during the phone call with the IRS.

For more information on how to retrieve your EIN Verification Letter, visit this IRS resource .

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letter 147c request

Definition of 147c Letter

What Is a 147c Letter

A 147c letter is a document from the IRS verifying a company’s EIN. It is sometimes called an “EIN confirmation letter.”

What is a 147c letter?

A 147c letter is intrinsically tied to the Employer Identification Number (EIN). So, to understand the 147c letter, it’s essential to know about EINs.

If you’re running a business in the United States, chances are you have an EIN. Much like a Social Security number for an individual, an EIN — sometimes called a Federal Tax Identification Number or TIN — is a unique numeric identifier that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues to business entities to track their tax reporting.

If you have an EIN, you might eventually run into the 147c letter.

You can request a 147c letter from the IRS if you:

To receive a 147c letter, you must already have an EIN since the purpose of the 147c letter is to confirm your existing EIN.

Note: If you do not have an EIN, you can request one from the IRS by completing Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor, a single-member LLC, or a full-blown business with employees, chances are you’ll want to have an EIN. Even if you’re a sole proprietor, you can get an EIN , so you don’t have to put your Social Security number on tax documents (privacy measures are essential these days!).

The importance of a 147c letter to small businesses

Oftentimes, a company needs the 147c letter because a third party has requested documented proof of that business’ EIN. For example, you may need to provide proof of your EIN when applying for a business bank account or credit card.

In general, it’s imperative to have documentation of your EIN. This way, you will have the number handy when filling out essential business documents, such as IRS tax forms. You can also quickly supply the EIN when third parties ask for it.

Therefore, you should immediately request an IRS 147c letter if you don’t have documentation of your EIN. This is true even if you don’t immediately need the confirmation letter.

Things to know about the 147c letter

To help you better understand the EIN confirmation letter, this section will explain:

What information is included in a 147c letter?

A 147c letter generally includes the following verification details:

How do I get a 147c letter?

Currently, the only way to request an EIN confirmation letter is to contact IRS support by phone. This is for security reasons. You cannot make the request by:

To contact the IRS, call the agency’s Business and Specialty Tax line at 1-800-829-4933, which is generally available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time. Follow the prompts to speak with an IRS representative. (Long hold times are not uncommon!)

The IRS agent will ask you some security questions to confirm that you are authorized to receive the 147c letter.

The IRS can send you the letter via any of the following 2 methods:

If you choose the fax method, the IRS agent will fax the 147c letter immediately over to you. But if you opt for mail, it could take 4-6 weeks for you to receive it.

Remember, there are a few other ways to find your company’s EIN without having to tangle with the federal government. If you used your EIN to open a bank account or apply for a state-level license, you should be able to get the EIN from the bank or the local state agency.

If you need documented verification of your EIN, requesting an IRS 147c letter is the way to go.

Further, previously filed tax returns should have your company’s EIN on them, as would some other IRS documents, so check those if you can.

That said, if you need documented verification of your EIN, requesting an IRS 147c letter is the way to go.

Who can request a 147c letter?

The request can only be made by the company’s authorized agents. This can be the business owner or someone they have granted Power of Attorney.

People who typically have the authority to access a company’s EIN number include:

In order to permit a third party to obtain a 147c letter on your behalf, you’ll have to submit a completed Form 8821 or Form 2848 . You’ll also need to give the third party some basic information about your business, such as the year it started, your business address, etc. They’ll need this information to answer the security questions the IRS will ask them before giving them the 147c letter.

Once I get the letter, what do I need to do?

The first step is to file a copy of the replacement confirmation letter away in a safe place. This will save you the trouble of calling the IRS again to request another EIN confirmation letter. If you need the 147c letter to prove your EIN to a third party, forward it to them promptly.

The best thing about the 147c letter is that the only hassle is in getting it. You don’t need to do much once you’ve received one.

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Summary of 147c letter

If you happen to misplace, forget, or otherwise lose proof of your EIN (or tax ID), you can obtain a confirmation letter from the IRS. This IRS form is called a “147c letter,” and it provides verification of your EIN.

Ultimately, it is a way for the IRS to tell you (or an authorized third party) your existing EIN. The letter does not generate an EIN number for you — that’s an entirely different process! It simply verifies your existing EIN or federal taxpayer identification number.

You may need to request a 147c letter if a third party requires proof of your EIN, such as when applying for a business loan or proving you’re a legitimate business to be able to make wholesale purchases.

You can only get the letter by calling the IRS. The good news is that once you get an IRS agent on the phone, you can immediately obtain the letter if you choose to have it faxed to you. Otherwise, you will likely have to wait 4-6 weeks to get it in the mail.

Keep your 147c letter in a safe place, so you can reference it for business purposes as needed.

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147C Letter – IRS EIN Verification

What is a 147c letter.

A 147c letter, also known as an EIN verification letter, is a form sent to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by a company to request their Employee Identification Number (EIN number or tax id number) or by a third party to verify a company’s EIN with their permission.

How do I get a 147c letter from the IRS?

If you have lost your federal employer identification number, you can contact the IRS to request a copy of the EIN confirmation letter.

The only way to ask the IRS for a 147c verification letter is to call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line toll-free at 1-800-829-4933 between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm in your local time zone. There’s no option to receive your IRS 147c letter online.

When you call, the IRS offers the following options: 

Use this option if you speak English or Spanish and can call the IRS on your own.

Use this option if you do not speak English or Spanish.

Use this option if you are not able to speak to the IRS on the phone. Ask someone to represent you as your  Power of Attorney  (POA) and talk to the IRS on your behalf.

How long does it take to get a 147c letter?

In all three options listed above, the IRS agent will offer to fax the EIN verification 147c letter to you immediately. That is the fastest way to get the 147c confirmation letter. You can ask the IRS to send you the letter in the mail. The letter should arrive at your address in seven business days or so.

147c letter sample

147c letter

Who can request a 147c EIN verification letter?

Only an owner or a Power of Attorney (POA) can request a copy of the EIN confirmation letter. If you would like a POA to request your EIN Verification Letter (147c form), both you and your POA will need to complete the IRS Form 2848 and have it ready to send to the IRS via fax during the phone call with the IRS.

For more information on how to retrieve your EIN Verification Letter, visit this  IRS resource link . Rather have a professional help you, contact  H&S Accounting & Tax Services

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