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Top Rated Homework Helpers:

Chemistry problem solver online.

Every person who desires to study chemistry thoroughly and develop serious and useful knowledge of this subject from time to time requires access to helpful web resources. Resources that will help as a roadmap for their academic career. We will go through the list of them in this post and look through the advantages of these websites.

TOP 3 chemistry homework help sites where you can solve your problems right away:

If those strange equations a chemistry teacher writes on a chalkboard drive you crazy instead of driving you curious, there’s no need in torturing yourself. Thanks to the digital and technological progress, you can find a chemistry problem solver for any occasion. Here are some alternative sources you can use.

Top 10 Chemistry Homework Help Apps

[appstore id=”362459168″ style=”smallbox”] [appstore id=”506712977″ style=”smallbox”] [appstore id=”386263255″ style=”smallbox”] [appstore id=”962160097″ style=”smallbox”] [appstore id=”940680956″ style=”smallbox”] [appstore id=”422958981″ style=”smallbox”] [appstore id=”493558583″ style=”smallbox”] [appstore id=”1016291761″ style=”smallbox”] [appstore id=”390821660″ style=”smallbox”] [appstore id=”463093687″ style=”smallbox”]

Title Best For Price StudyBlue This is an app that can be used on both iOS and Android devices. It is a studying app that is very helpful for students because it is a student-created and student-run app. It helps students study with 100% original content that is written by students. It is a very interactive app that is easy to use.

Title Best For Price Quizlet This is a very interactive app that helps students study for their tests. It not only helps students study for their tests, but it also helps them study for their quizzes, tests, and exams because it is so interactive. It is a very well-rounded app because it helps students study for so many subjects.

Title Best For Price Khan Academy This app is very helpful for students that are working on their math. It helps students understand math and math problems that they may have trouble with. It has over 3,000 videos that students can watch and help them understand math. It has over 1,000 practice problems and exercises for students to do. It is very interactive and easy to use.

Title Best For Price FlashCards+ This app is very helpful for students because it helps them study for their exams in an interactive and fun way. It helps students study for their tests, quizzes, and exams in a fun and interactive way. It has over 1,000 flash card sets that are free to use. It has over 100,000 flash cards that students can use to study for their tests.

Title Best For Price eNotes This is an app that can be used on both iOS and Android devices. It is a study tool that helps students with their homework, and it is very helpful. It has a study guide that is based on the textbook, and it is very helpful for students. It has a dictionary that is very easy to use and navigate. It also has a glossary that is very helpful for students.

Chemistry Problem Solver for All Chemistry Students

When you need to calculate molar mass or to balance a chemical equation, you can count on the chemistry problem solver to help you out. This tool is quite comprehensive. It is useful for any student regardless of the type and level of the chemistry course which he or she is taking. If you find things difficult to understand, the problem solver will help you with the learning process. If you are experienced and skilled, it will allow you to save a massive amount of time while doing your homework. The tool is quite intuitive and very easy to use.

Chemistry Homework Help to Get Good Grades

Chemistry is a branch of science that teaches students how substances behave and react with each other. It is a very interesting subject that enhances knowledge of the students about elements and the principles governing these elements. But same chemistry proves tough for many students who cannot remember the formulae and equations that are necessary in understanding the subject. It is a fact that students are required to memorize lots of formulae and properties of substances and gases besides remembering how they react with other substances and gases. It is this knowledge that comes handy while finding answers to chemistry homework given by teachers at school. For such students who dread chemistry, specially the formulae of this subject, it becomes essential to arrange chemistry homework help to be able to complete their assignments.

chemistry problem solver

You really need help if you have not memorized symbols and values If you happen to be one of the thousands of students who fear chemistry because of the names, symbols, and formulae that you have to memorize to be able to solve problems, you are in luck. You can now receive chemistry homework help sitting at home and that too with just a few clicks of your computer. Yes, there are many portals providing chemistry homework answers to students who cannot do their assignments given to them by their teachers at school. Of course you pay a little amount of money for such service but imagine the comfort and convenience associated with such a service.

Stay away from free online resources

If you are interested in chemistry problem solver but find it hard to memorize the symbols, valencies, properties, and characteristics of various substances, the best course of action for you is to register yourself with a website or online tutor that can solve your problems at a short notice. Though there are also tutors and websites that provide chemistry homework help free, you are better off with websites that charge a small fee for their service. This is because you can find yourself stuck at a crucial time and do not receive a reply to the problem posted by you in the case of a free service. This can upset your calculations and bring your grades down at the final exam. To avoid all this and to receive fast and efficient help with chemistry homework, select online help wisely.

There are some websites that have hired the services of the best available talent in the subject of chemistry. These experts remain at the disposal of the website and answer the questions posted by registered students at a short notice. You need to make sure from the reviews of these websites about the efficiency of the chemistry homework solver. Many websites claim to have cracked questions from hundreds of textbooks in chemistry. You need to shortlist a company with the best feedback from the students. If you do some research before finalizing the online help, you will never have to worry ‘how to do my chemistry homework’ at home without assign for help from parents and siblings.

Organic chemistry is like hell on earth. I can’t make my brain work properly when I open the class book. Thank you all the people who’ve developed these tools and made my life easier.

It’s covered everything! The content and the structure are perfect! Great help with chemistry homework!

Pls solve this for me and give me the answer immediately Zinc reacts with HCL to form ZNCL balance the equation

What mass of zinc would be needed to give 100g of hydrogen (ZN=65,h=1)

the relative rate of diffusion of a gas as compared with oxygen is 2:1. calculate the relative molecular mass of the gas

10. Increasing the concentration of a reactant increases

(a) The number of collisions

(b) The rate of the reaction

(c) The fraction of collisions that are effective

(d) Both a and b are true

please send me the handouts of chemistry

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How to Solve a Chemistry Problem

Last Updated: July 14, 2020

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 9,857 times. Learn more...

Chemistry problems can vary in many different ways. Some questions are conceptual and others are quantitative. Each problem requires its own approach, and each has a different way to solve it correctly. What you can do is make a set of steps that can help us with any problems that you come across in the field of chemistry. Using these steps should help give you a guideline to working on any chemistry problem you encounter.

Starting the Problem

Image titled Study Organic Chemistry Effectively Step 2

Finishing the Problem

Image titled Convert Units Step 16

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Chemistry: 1001 Practice Problems For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Chemistry: 1001 practice problems for dummies (+ free online practice).

Book image

Sign up for the Dummies Beta Program to try Dummies' newest way to learn.

Solving chemistry problems is a great way to master the various laws and calculations you encounter in a typical chemistry class. This Cheat Sheet provides some basic formulas, techniques, and tips you can refer to regularly to make solving chemistry problems a breeze (well, maybe not a breeze, but definitely easier).

Keeping track of units in chemistry calculations

When completing a chemistry calculation, always write the number with the unit. Number, unit — it’s like having a first and last name.

Consistently writing down the units allows you to see what cancels and helps you spot an error when units don’t cancel. For example, look at the following conversion from miles to kilometers. The correct setup gives you an answer in kilometers. The incorrect setup gives you an answer in square miles per kilometer, which doesn’t make sense.


Balancing chemical equations

A chemical equation shows what happens in a chemical reaction. As in any equation, the elements on the left side of the equation (the reactants) must equal the elements on the right (the products). Here are just a few things to remember when balancing chemical equations:

Same elements in equal numbers: For an equation to be balanced, it must have the same number of each element on each side of the equation. The mass of the reactants has to equal the mass of the products — remember the law of conservation of mass?

Same charge: If there’s a net charge on one side of the equation, the other side of the equation must have the same charge.

Unchanged chemical formulas: Most importantly, never alter a chemical formula! Subscripts (and superscripts for that matter) do not magically change. Change only the coefficients.

Formulas for solving problems dealing with acids and bases

Acid-base reactions and their associated calculations play a primary role in many chemical, biological, and environmental systems. Whether you’re determining hydrogen ion concentration, [H + ]; hydroxide ion concentration, [OH ˗ ]; pH; or pOH, an equation and a calculator are important tools to have in your toolbox. Following are some handy formulas for solving acid/base problems.

Calculating hydrogen or hydroxide ion concentration

The following equation allows you to calculate the hydrogen ion concentration, [H + ], at 25°C if you know the hydroxide ion concentration, [OH – ]; you can also find [OH – ] if you know [H + ]. Just divide 1 × 10 – 14 by the concentration given, and you get the concentration that you need.


To use scientific notation on your calculator, use the EE or EXP key (followed by the exponent) rather than the × 10^ keys.

Calculating hydrogen or hydroxide ion concentration from the pH or pOH

Be familiar with how to solve for [H + ] or [OH – ] when given the pH or pOH (or vice versa). Use the following formulas:


Many scientific and graphing calculators differ in how they handle inputting values and taking logarithms, so know the proper keystroke order for your calculator. Be sure to review your calculator manual or look online.

Calculating pH when given the pOH

Calculating pH when you know the pOH (or vice versa) is probably the easiest of the acid-base calculations. Here’s the formula:

pH + pOH = 14

Simply subtract the given value from 14 (keeping significant digits in mind) to get the value that you need.

Doing titration calculations with a 1:1 acid-to-base ratio

When you’re given titration calculations where the acid and base are reacting in a 1:1 ratio according to the balanced equation, the following equation offers a quick and easy way to solve for either the concentration of one of the substances or the volume necessary to complete the titration:

M A V A = M B V B

If the acid and base aren’t reacting in a 1:1 ratio, use stoichiometry (or dimensional analysis) to solve for your unknown quantity. By the way, stoichiometry works for the 1:1 ratio questions, too; it just takes one or two more steps.

Keep track of your units! Cancel what you need to get rid of and make sure that you still have the units you need in your final answer.

Writing electron configurations

An electron configuration is a description of the relative locations of electrons in an atom or ion. Electron configurations are based primarily on three principles: the Aufbau principle, the Pauli exclusion principle, and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

The most important thing to remember is that electrons fill orbitals from lowest energy to highest energy. Think about a hotel with many floors and a broken elevator; getting to the highest floor takes energy — lots of energy. Electrons conserve energy so that the lowest-energy level orbitals fill first.

You can use the following diagram, which is sometimes referred to as the diagonal rule, as an aid when writing electron configurations. Notice that putting an electron in a 3d orbital takes more energy than putting one in a 4s orbital, because 3d orbitals are more complex.

There are other ways to remember the order in which orbitals fill — you can memorize the sequence or use a periodic table.


You may have to write an electron configuration for an ion instead of an atom. If you need to write a configuration for a cation (positive ion), remember to subtract the number of electrons equal to the charge from the total number of electrons before starting. Likewise, if you’re writing a configuration for an anion (negative ion), remember to add the number of electrons equal to the charge to the total number of electrons before starting.

Electron configurations only get more difficult as you choose elements with higher numbers of electrons. You can generally check your work by adding up all the superscripts to make sure that you have the right number of electrons. But note that some elements are exceptions to the diagonal rule.

Your instructor or book should mention these elements and let you know if you’re responsible for knowing how to write their configurations.

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About the book authors:

Heather Hattori has taught both high school and college level chemistry during her 30+ years in education.

Richard H. Langley, PhD, is on the faculty of Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches,Texas, where he teaches chemistry.

Richard H. Langley , PhD, is on the faculty of Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches,Texas, where he teaches chemistry.

This article can be found in the category:

Chemistry X10 — problem solver 4+

Chemical reactions & formulas, designed for ipad.



Chemistry X10 solves homework and tests. • Is suitable for 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 classes • Works without Internet connection • 800 000 downloads TASKS SOLUTIONS Enter: "Given" and "Find" Result: a solved task with explanation and its answer Types of solvable tasks: • by formulas • solutions • mixtures • reaction equation • lack and excess The app does not solve tasks of derivation of the substance formula CHEMICAL REACTIONS Finds reaction equations by entered part 8000 reactions are available without internet connection TRANSFORMATION CHAINS Solves open chains Enter: Cu = CuO = CuCl2 = Cu(OH) 2 Result: 1) Cu + H2SO4 = CuO + SO2 + H2O 2) 4CuO + 2NH4Cl = 3Cu + CuCl2 + N2 + 4H2O 3) 2NaOH + CuCl2 = 2NaCl + Cu(OH)2 COEFFICIENT ARRANGEMENT Arranges the coefficients by fitting or by method of electronic balance Enter: H2 + O2 = H2O Result: 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O MOLAR MASSES Counts molar masses of complex substances. Enter: Cu(OH)2 Result: 98 g / mol. Find in the periodic table all the elements that make up Cu (OH) 2. These are: Cu, O and H ... FORMULAS FOR TASKS Formulas are divided into values parts: mass, molar mass, etc. There are prepared formulas for each of them: mass: m = nM, m = ρV and other. THE PERIODIC TABLE You can find: period, group, atom mass, class, valence, type of crystal lattice, color, temperature of melting and boiling, electronic configuration, energetic levels, electronegativity. PROTECTION FROM TEACHER: Call From Mom and Clock John is cheating on his grand test. The Teacher notices that and tries to take his phone. “Excuse me, my mom is calling”, says John and shows the screen to the Teacher. There is a phone call from John’s mom. “Go to the hall and pick up the phone”, she suggests. In the hall John taps on the lest top corner of the screen – and there is a solved task as before! He remembers the solution and comes back to the classroom. His mom didn’t call him. John has turned on protection from the teacher. There are 2 types of protection in “Chemistry X10” – Call From Mom and Clock. Clock works by default, Call From Mom is available in Pro-version. ----- “Pro-version” is a service upon monthly subscription. It gives you infinite gems and access to features which are available only in “Pro-version”: protection from teacher “Call From Mom” and detailed solution of tasks. “Pro-version” costs 1.99 USD (equivalent in local currency) per week. Subscription will be updated automatically if you don't turn off auto-extension of subscription 24 hours before current subscription expiration. Payment will be proceeded from your iTunes account during 24 hours before current subscription expiration. User can manage the subscriptions. You can turn off auto-extension after purchase in account settings. Privacy Policy: appcrab.net/privacy-policy Terms of Use: appcrab.net/terms-of-use

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This is actually a terrible app do not use it

Better than expected

This app works fine and im not a freaking bot The best part is Teacher protection mode 😂
Helps with molar mass if your lazy like me.

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Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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Chemistry solver

How to select the best chemistry solver.

Don’t think you have enough time or desire to complete it on your own? Nowadays, it’s not a problem at all as you can easily deal with it once you find top quality assistance. One of the possible options is a reliable chemistry problem solver. However, there are quite a few of them on the market. Surely, you understand how important it is to choose a universal chemistry solver so that you can complete any type of chemistry assignment. Here are a few useful tips on how to find the best chemistry solver.

To begin with, make sure that you find as much information as possible about the chemistry word problem solver you want to use. You need this information to be absolutely certain that it is suitable for the assignments you require assistance with. Apart from that, familiarizing oneself with reviews regarding a chosen organic chemistry solver helps to make a more informed decision. When your goal is to find the best chemistry problem solver, it is vital to know what the experience of others with the tool in question was like.

Another significant aspect to mention is the feedback from your classmates or friends in case they used any chemistry word problem solver. If they did, try to learn more about the effectiveness of the chemistry equation solver they chose, as well as ask what their experience was like in general. This information will help you decide whether to consider using the same tools they used for dealing with your own assignment.

Yet, the most important factor to take into account when looking for an organic chemistry solver is how effective this tool is in regards to the task you are trying to complete. Therefore, the decision which chemistry equation solver to choose should be based on the variety of features a certain tool has. Keep in mind that you can easily find the moist suitable tool with the help of which you will complete chemistry tasks faster. However, analyzing all the possible options available online can be rather time-consuming. Therefore, it is always advisable to allocate enough time to study each of the variants in detail. You can make the right choice only when you have all the necessary information at your disposal. Once you have all the tools and resources you need, dealing with a complex chemistry assignment will no longer feel so problematic.

Get in touch

help solving chemistry problems

Analytical Chemistry


Molecular Chemistry

Physical Chemistry


Chemistry Homework Help

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help solving chemistry problems

d. Hydrogen is produced industrially from methane through the reaction CH4(g) + H20(g) + heat =Co(g) + 3H2(g). The following diagram represents this reaction. Use this information to answer the following questions. (14 points)

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Homework is tough when the subject is chemistry, but delayed submission won't do any good. That's why; when you seek chemistry help, we make sure that you can submit your homework on time.

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When it comes to chemistry, students often face countless struggles to get the concepts of reactions & calculations. They also find it difficult to do formulas, but these are absolutely necessary for your grades. If you are one of those who are facing the same issues, TutorBin chemistry help online is for you.  

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Aim For Academic Success Through Chemistry Homework Help

Chemistry is an interesting discipline for students. However, we have realized it late that the subject plays a pivotal role in real life around us. This field of study is a part of STEM and helps to understand how the real world works, whether in medicine, food, healthcare, environment, or others. Chemistry is everywhere, and its usage is undeniable. Therefore, pursuing chemistry in your advanced studies is a rewarding experience, though it needs a strong foundation. It is where TutorBin chemistry homework help comes to your rescue to make you master the subject. It enables you to achieve your target of achieving academic success and boost your knowledge base for your career.

With the help of online chemistry homework from TutorBin, students understand how the concepts work for solving problems. This organization dedicates its time, and tutors make full efforts to ensure that students gather knowledge and retain what they have learned in class. This step increases their performance and aids them in continuing their learning at their own pace. Our chemistry homework help online is not just a service; it's more than a study help that believes in offering quality education beyond the boundaries of countries, race, language, and financial status. This academic help is the pathway for creating your success story.

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STEM subjects are highly popular in foreign countries, including the Middle East and European countries. It's usual for TutorBin to serve advanced study pursuers from prestigious universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other continents. Considering our customers, TutorBin established its Tutor base with highly competitive individuals with extensive domain expertise. With our strict screening process, only the best subject matter experts stay with us. They are not only efficient experts but also trained to meet the standards followed by diverse foreign universities. Our expert chemistry helpers help students with every possible chemistry help they require to achieve academic success. TutorBin domain experts are not only tutors but also successful professionals in their areas. That's why students choose TutorBin chemistry help online as their first preference.

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TutorBin offers every possible help, whether for physical chemistry or organic chemistry homework help. When we talk about academic help for chemistry, our team makes sure that we keep experts in more than 250 subjects. You name it, from applied chemistry to biochemistry, we have tutors for all. The support for all sub-discipline is there whenever students opt for TutorBin. Experts make students understand their homework with step-by-step solutions and explanations. We also ensure that they complete their tasks well without facing stress. Now, students don't have to waste time finding peers who know the problem-solving approaches. You can independently solve all your chemistry problems and do the tasks without putting extra money into resources and other study materials like lab report writing help . We are into academic help, irrespective of your level of education.

Is It Legal to Ask, “Do My Chemistry Homework?”

The question of the legality of opting for chemistry homework help is not new in the EdTech industry. Some educational institutions labeled it bad for students, though there is no legal prohibition against this service. Some students get confused & often ask us whether it's legal or safe to ask, "do my chemistry homework." If the same question is bothering you, let us tell you that chemistry help online is not legally prohibited, just like the offline professional academic help you hire to get expert support. TutorBin follows all the legality and is a reputed organization that has already served 1.1M+ students so far. All our services are legal. Our team of chemistry helpers beholds high quality to ensure that students get all the benefits whenever they ask us, "do my chemistry homework."

How Chemistry Homework Helper Supports Students to Do Chemistry Homework

Talking about chemistry homework doesn't end with answers. It's much more than that. Whenever we discuss chemistry, we must not forget that it's mainly based on concepts. Whether it's formulas, reactions, or calculations, without clarity of understanding, solving chemistry problems is nothing but impossible. The very reason our chemistry homework helpers give their 100% effort in helping students to get clarity in subject knowledge & retain it effectively. See below to understand how our experts help support students in academics.

Offers step-wise solutions: Getting your answers is not enough for homework now. Most colleges & universities now demand step-wise solutions to see the required understanding of the topic. Our experts solve every question step-by-step to ensure that students comprehend how the problem is getting solved.

Give detailed Explanations: Another important aspect of our chemistry help is its detailed explanations of concepts. The subject matter experts follow this step to ensure that students know what type of problem-solving approach should be taken for which problem. It enables them to understand the concepts & they can use the knowledge to enhance their academic performance.

Improves analytical skills: When the subject is chemistry, rote memorization doesn't improve subject knowledge. Instead, it requires a deep understanding of topics. It improves your analytical skills to comprehend chemistry problems better and allows you to solve them without facing difficulties. Therefore, our chemistry homework helpers try their best to offer subject clarity.

Clarify subject doubt: Through concept clarity, students not only improve their analytical skills but also become able to clear their doubts. It helps them get in-depth knowledge of topics and supports them to do well in their academic activities whenever they request, to do my chemistry homework.

Finding Homework Help In Chemistry - Your Perfect Solution!

As an academic help platform, we have seen that students often face challenges finding homework help in chemistry. They invest their time but could not be able to understand which is the best option for them. It diverts their concentration and often leads them to make wrong decisions. The confusion can also become a major hindrance to students' academic success. Here, we have discussed the sources you should look for when finding homework help in chemistry. You also look at the checklist we have given here to ensure that you make the correct decision.

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Chemistry Help - Basic to Advanced Chemistry questions

TutorEye has the best place for chemistry help as we have the right resources for you to learn and grow your chemistry knowledge.

Top Questions

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Core Chemistry Topics:

Acids and bases :.

Acids are defined as the species which have a tendency to donate protons H+ in its aqueous solution or accept electrons.

Bases are the species which accept protons H+   in its aqueous solution or donate electrons.

For example,

HCl + NH3    → Cl- + NH4+ Here, HCl donates protons and acts as an acid and NH3 accepts protons and acts as a base.

Alkanes, Cycloalkanes and Functional Groups:

Alkane- The class of hydrocarbons which form a saturated (single bond) carbon system and has a chemical formula of CnH2n+2, where ‘n’ is the number of atoms.

For example –     C2H6, n = 2

Cycloalkanes - The class of hydrocarbons which has two hydrogen lesser than alkanes CnH2n ,  where n   and have a ring like structure.

For example - cyclobutane;  C4H8  

   Functional groups - The class of groups of atoms within molecules have their own specific properties and perform characteristic chemical reactions.

By today, there are a total 14 functional groups.

Each of it has arranged in order of their increasing priorities, for IUPAC Nomenclature.  

For example -  Some of list of functional groups.

list of functional groups

Atoms , Compounds and Ions:

Atoms – The smallest particle a chemical element is termed as atom. It was first Introduced by Dalton in 1803 AD.

The atoms are indivisible units of chemical elements that are identical for the same kind.

For example - 2 H atoms in hydrogen molecule H2

Compounds – These are the combinations of atoms of more than one element held together by chemical bonds.

For example -   H2O compound Composed of H and O atoms

Ions - These are species like atoms or molecules  carrying a net electrical charge (cation or anion).

Here, positively charged ions are called ‘cations’ and negatively charged ions as ‘anions’.

For example -      Na+   sodium atom loses an electron to give sodium ‘cation’.  

Buffers, Titrations and Solubility Equilibria:

Buffers – A solution of mixture of weak acid and its conjugate base or weak base and its conjugate acid is termed as buffer. The major role of it is to resist the change in pH.

For example- An acidic buffer of Acetic acid – sodium acetate  CH3COOH-CH3COONa

Titrations –  A quantitative analysis of determination of analyte concentration.

A standard solution of titrant (known concentration ) taken in burette , by using a suitable indicator  is added dropwise into the solution of  unknown concentration ( analyte )

For example - HCl as an analyte , is titrated against NaOH using an indicator.

Solubility equilibria -  It is a dynamic equilibrium between undissolved solids and its ionic species in solution.

The solubility is estimated by the solubility product that is Ksp.

For example - AgCl solid dissolved in aqueous medium

AgCl (s) --> Ag+ (aq) +  Cl- (aq)

Chemical Bonds:

It is the Intermolecular forces of attraction between atoms, ions or molecules that form the chemical compounds.

For example -

Formation of ionic bonds due to electrostatic forces between oppositely charged ions  ( NaCl ) whereas covalent bonds due to sharing of electrons (CH4)

Chemical Equilibrium:

It is a type of dynamic equilibrium that maintains concentration between reactants and products in which the rate of forward reaction equals the rate of backward reactions at certain times.  

Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Reactions and Compounds:

The type of reaction between one or more reactants to give products during which there is simultaneous breaking and forming of bonds of species or compounds.

Chemical reactions are of many types –

2Mg + O2  --> 2 MgO

Chemical-kinetics :

Chemical kinetics is the branch of chemistry, that mainly deals with the rate of chemical reaction.  The rate of chemical reaction indicate the change in the concentration of reactant and product with time.  Thus, the kinetics of a chemical reaction interpret the speed and rate of change during chemical process.


The branch of chemistry deals with the non spontaneous occurrence of chemical reactions due to electricity.

In this way, there is interconversion of electrical energy into chemical energy.   

For example – In electrolysis, chemical reaction takes place due to electrical energy whereas in a battery or cell the reverse process takes place.

Electronic Structure of Atom:

It is the arrangement of electrons on shells of a spherical atomic structure. Also the number of electrons is defined by the atomic number of an element. 

For example - lithium with atomic number = 3

Electronic Structure of Atom

Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions:

Exothermic reaction - The type of reaction which releases or produces an amount of energy in the form of heat or light. For example -

Exothermic Reactions

Endothermic reaction  – The type of energy which absorbs or requires a certain amount of energy in the form of heat or light.

Endothermic Reactions

Electronic Configuration:

It is the distribution of electrons within atomic orbitals in order of increasing energy of the levels, followed by some rules.

1s, 2s, 2p, 3s,3p,4s,3d, 4p,5s,4d,5p,6s,4f,5d,6p,7s,5f

For example-

Electronic Configuration

Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases:

It is simple theory and it explains thermodynamic behavior of gases. This theory of  gases explains  the macroscopic  properties of  gases  like  Volume , Pressure and temperature  and also transport  properties. According to  this theory  gases  are made up of  a  large number of molecules  and they are flying  in a random  direction  with particular speed. By knowing the speed of gases molecules easily we can figure out macroscopic properties. According to this theory Kinetic energy is directly proportional to temperature.

Kinetic Energy formula

Mass Spectrometry : 

It is analytical technique  and it is used to measure  mass to charge ratio of  ions and it  result  as a mass spectrum and this measurement used to calculate exact  molecular weight  and mass spectrometry  also used to identify   unknown  compounds  and also used to  determine  the structure  and chemical  properties  of molecule.

Mass spectrometry consists of three components such as

1. Ionization source 2. Mass analyser 3. Ion detection system.

Molecular Composition: 

It refers to the identity of molecule and relative number of the chemical elements that make any particular molecule.

Molecular Composition

2- Hydrogen atoms

4-Oxygen atoms

Nomenclature of Chemical Compounds:  

The chemical compounds can be named with the help of IUPAC rules. The IUPAC rules is a set of certain rules that provides a way to name any organic or inorganic chemical compounds. For example; name of CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 must be butane as there are 4 C atoms so the root word must be but- with -ane as suffix because all the C atoms are bonded single covalent bonds.

Net Ionic Equations:  

The net ionic equation is the representation of chemical equation in the form of ions. It represents the ionic form with the physical state of all the ions. The spectator ions are not part of the net ionic equation as they are placed at either side of the chemical equation. For example:

Net Ionic Equations

Nuclear Chemistry : 

It is a branch of chemistry  that deals with  the study   of nucleus  and nuclear reactions  in an atom .Nuclear  reactions are different  chemical reactions . In  chemical reactions   atoms combine without undergoing any change in nucleus  whereas nuclear reaction  is one  which proceeds  with a change  in the composition  of the nucleus  so  it will produce  atoms of a new element.

Nuclear Chemistry

Organic Chemistry : 

Organic chemistry  is the study  of the structure , properties , composition , preparation and reactions  of carbon containing  compounds and along with Carbon it includes Hydrogen , Nitrogen , Oxygen atoms also.

Oxidation Numbers :

It is defined as the charge of an atom  that appears  to have  on forming  ionic bonds  with other heteroatoms  and also  atom having high electronegativity even if it forms covalent bond.

Oxidation Numbers

Periodic Table and Periodic Properties:

The table of the chemical elements arranged in order of atomic number from lowest atomic number to highest atomic number, electronic configuration and recurring chemical properties usually arranged in rows and columns.

Periodic properties:  

The phenomenon of repetition of similar properties of elements at regular intervals in periodic tables is called periodicity and it is called periodic properties.

Periodic properties includes

1. Atomic radii 2.Ionisation potential 3. Electron affinity 4.Electronegativity 5. Oxidation number 6. Electro positivity 7.Valency

Redox Reactions: 

It is a type of chemical reaction that involves a transfer of electrons between two chemical species. One species undergoes oxidation   while another undergoes reduction. This oxidation and reduction reactions occur simultaneously. The substance which is getting reduced is known as Oxidizing agent and the substance which is getting oxidized is called reducing agent.

Redox Reactions

States of Matter and Intermolecular forces:

States of Matter: 

It is defined as one of the way to describe the behavior of atoms and molecules in a substance

There are six states of matter

1. Solid state 2. Liquid state 3.Gaseous state 4. Plasma state 5.Bose Einstein condensate state 6. Fermionic condensate state

Intermolecular forces: 

Intermolecular forces are the attraction forces or repulsion forces which act between neighboring particles such as in between atoms, molecules or ions. 


These are the isomeric molecules which have same molecular formula but only differ in spatial arrangement

Cis –but-2-ene Trans -But -2-ene


It is a branch of chemistry  that deals  with  the application of the  law of definite proportions  and of the conservation of mass and it is the study of  quantitative  relationship or ratios  between two or more substances  undergoing  physical change  or chemical change. Stoicheion  means element  and metron  is a measure  and it also deals  with the  mass  or volumes of products and reactants.

Solids and Liquids:

Solid is one of the fundamental states of matter and its molecules are closely packed together and this state of matter is having least kinetic energy. Solids are characterized by structural rigidity  and for moving solid objects   one definitely needs to apply force to the surface.

Liquids are substances which have an indefinite shape, size and definite volume and are incompressible, loosely packed and free flowing state of matter.


Solution is a homogeneous mixture and it consists of two or more components. Size of particles in solution is smaller than 1 nm. All the solutions contain two common components one is solute and other one is solvent.

Solute quantity in solution is very less and solvent quantity in solution is very high compared to solute.

Examples : Sugar in water, salt in water


Thermodynamics is the branch of physical chemistry and it deals with heat, work and temperature and it interrelates this parameter with chemical reactions or with physical changes of state.

Other Core Chemistry Homework Topics

O2 lewis structure, of2 lewis structure, formal charge formula, n2 lewis structure, density of mercury, c2h2 lewis structure, xef2 lewis structure, rotational symmetry, cs2 lewis structure, density of water, solubility rules, amino acid chart, enthalpy equation, uncompetitive inhibition, c2h4 lewis structure, henderson hasselbalch equation, rate of change, sample chemistry homework help – questions and answers.

1 . In the addition reaction between 1-butyne and hydrogen iodide, two different products can be formed. Identify the name of a major product.

Answer: (a)   

Explanation : 1-butyne is a terminal alkyne in which the triple bonded C atoms are placed at one of the terminal of the molecule.  The addition of HI follows the Markovnikov addition (electrophilic addition reaction) that leads to more stable product. Two products are 2-iodo-1-butene and 2,2-diiodobutane.

2 . When 3-methyl-3-chlorohexane is heated to boiling together with NaOH (aq), 3-methyl-3-hexanol is formed as the main organic product. Which type of mechanism is followed by the reaction? 

Answer: (c) 

Explanation : The reaction follows the nucleophilic substitution reaction. The mechanism proves the reaction of 3-methyl-3-chlorohexane with NaOH (aq) to form 3-methyl-3-hexanol as a nucleophilic substitution reaction. Here nucleophile OH- attacks on more stable tertiary carbocation formed during SN1 mechanism.

3 . What is the rational name of the major product formed when a solution of 2-methyl-1-butene is added hydrogen iodide, HI?  

Explanation : The 2-methyl-1-butene can form primary and secondary carbocation as intermediate. Due to hyper conjugation, secondary carbocation is more stable than primary carbocation. Therefor; secondary carbocation forms as major product and primary carbocation forms as minor product.

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1. where to get help with chemistry homework.

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2. Is organic chemistry really that hard?

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4. How do you do well in high school chemistry?

To study high school chemistry, you must first and foremost analyze whether you know the fundamentals of the subject. You can easily study and revise the basics by studying from our highly qualified Chemistry experts. Nonetheless, make sure you practice the equations and study the properties of the substances regularly.   With the help of diagrams and study notes provided by our professionals, you can invest time in understanding the step-by-step processes involved in a reaction. The key to doing well in high school is practice and regular revision of key principles. Here at TutorEye we can make this journey easier for you and help you get good grades in the subject.

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Getting Hot and Spicy on the Scoville Scale with Wolfram Language

Wolfram|alpha as the way to bring computational knowledge superpowers to chatgpt, active learning with wolfram|alpha notebook edition, chemistry step-by-step solutions: chemical reactions.

Chemistry Step-by-Step Solutions: Chemical Reactions

If you’re studying chemistry or are in a discipline requiring chemistry prerequisite courses, then you know how expensive the required textbooks can be. To combat this, the chemical education community has developed open educational resources to provide free chemistry textbooks. However, although free textbooks keep cash in your wallet, they don’t include solution guides for all the homework problems.

Luckily, the Step-by-Step Solutions feature of Wolfram|Alpha has got your back! Whether you’re studying remotely or collaborating via video conferencing, Wolfram|Alpha helps you learn and apply the problem-solving frameworks for chemical word problems. The step-by-step solutions provide stepwise solution guides that can be viewed one step at a time or all at once. The guides not only hone efficient problem solving, but also facilitate digging deeper into concepts that might still be murky.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring some of the popular topics that middle-school, high-school and college students encounter in their chemistry courses and final exams: chemical reactions, structure and bonding , chemical solutions , and finally, quantum chemistry . Read on for example problems in chemical reactions and their step-by-step solutions!

Balancing Chemical Equations

A fundamental aspect of chemistry is balancing chemical equations . If chemical equations are the language in which chemical processes are expressed, then balancing chemical equations is the corresponding grammar. The step-by-step solution walks you through a robust algebraic approach to identifying the stoichiometric coefficients.

Example Problem

Write the balanced equation for the reaction of copper with nitric acid to produce copper nitrate, nitrogen oxide and water.

Step-by-Step Solution

For this class of problem, just enter “ balance copper + nitric acid -> copper nitrate + nitrogen dioxide + water ”.

"balance copper + nitric acid -> copper nitrate + nitrogen dioxide + water"

After balancing the related chemical equations, the next step in planning a laboratory experiment is computing how much of each reactant must be measured out. To do this, one needs the molar mass for each reactant. Step-by-step solutions are available for the molecular mass and relative molecular mass in addition to the molar mass . In all cases, a general framework for solving these types of problems is provided via the Plan step. Details of which formula to use and how to gather the necessary information are provided.

Calculate the molar mass of silver sulfate, Ag 2 SO 4 .

In this case, just enter “ molar mass silver sulfate ”.

"molar mass silver sulfate"

Mass Composition

One way to analyze individual chemicals is to compute and compare the mass and atom percentages. The step-by-step solution provides a general framework for solving this class of problem in the Plan step. Details of the relevant equations, as well as how to compute the necessary intermediate values, are provided. Ways in which you can check your work during the calculations are also available via the “Show intermediate steps” buttons.

Antihemophilic factor is a coagulant with the formula C 11794 H 18314 N 3220 O 355 S 83 . What is its percent composition?

For the answer, just enter “ antihemophilic factor elemental composition ”.

"antihemophilic factor elemental composition"

Chemical Conversions

Chemical conversions crop up in nearly every chemistry homework or research problem. As such, step-by-step solutions are available for converting among moles , mass , volume , molecules and atoms . Unit conversions and dimensional analysis details are provided.

How many atoms are in five milliliters of a 1.5 mM magnesium hydroxide solution?

To solve this, just enter “ convert 5 mL of 1.5 mM magnesium hydroxide to atoms ”.

"convert 5 mL of 1.5 mM magnesium hydroxide to atoms"


After running a chemical reaction, one often wants to know how the reaction went by computing the reaction yields . Step-by-step solutions are available for computing the amount of reactants needed and the theoretical yield in addition to the percent yield . The use of stoichiometric factors to generate the desired values is explained in detail.

Upon reaction of 1.274 grams of copper sulfate with excess zinc metal, 0.392 grams of copper metal was obtained according to the following equation: CuSO 4 (aq)+Zn(s)⟶Cu(s)+ZnSO 4 (aq). What is the percent yield?

To find the percent yield, just append the mass values to the corresponding chemical species and ask for the stoichiometry, “ 1.274 g CuSO4 + Zn -> 0.392 g Cu + ZnSO4 stoichiometry ”.

"1.274 g CuSO4 + Zn -> 0.392 g Cu + ZnSO4 stoichiometry"

Challenge Problems

Test your chemical reaction problem-solving skills by using the Wolfram|Alpha tools described to solve these word problems. Answers will be provided in the next blog post in this series.

And More Chemistry to Come

Whether you’re studying for upcoming final exams, puzzling out homework or just looking for a refresher, chemical reactions are one of many chemistry topics covered by the Wolfram|Alpha knowledgebase. Next week we’ll cover step-by-step solutions for chemical solutions , followed by structure and bonding , and then quantum chemistry . If you have suggestions for other step-by-step content (in chemistry or other subjects), please let us know! You can reach us by leaving a comment below or sending in feedback at the bottom of any Wolfram|Alpha query page.

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Very helpful content!!

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  2. Solving Problems in Chemistry

    help solving chemistry problems

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    help solving chemistry problems

  4. Solving Problems in Chemistry

    help solving chemistry problems

  5. Chemistry Problems With Answers

    help solving chemistry problems

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    help solving chemistry problems


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  1. What Are the Six Steps of Problem Solving?

    The six steps of problem solving involve problem definition, problem analysis, developing possible solutions, selecting a solution, implementing the solution and evaluating the outcome. Problem solving models are used to address issues that...

  2. How Do You Solve a Problem When You Have Different Bases With the Same Exponents?

    When multiplying or dividing different bases with the same exponent, combine the bases, and keep the exponent the same. For example, X raised to the third power times Y raised to the third power becomes the product of X times Y raised to th...

  3. What Are the Four Steps for Solving an Equation?

    The four steps for solving an equation include the combination of like terms, the isolation of terms containing variables, the isolation of the variable and the substitution of the answer into the original equation to check the answer.

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    Read the problem completely. This is the most crucial step to beginning any problem. You must ensure that you completely understand what the

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    If the acid and base aren't reacting in a 1:1 ratio, use stoichiometry (or dimensional analysis) to solve for your unknown quantity. By the way

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    Helps with molar mass if your lazy like me.

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