My boyfriend and I are doing a silly PowerPoint presentation night. I’ve decided my subject is the 1975 since he doesn’t know much about the band. What are some fun/creative approaches to sharing information about the boys?

funny powerpoint for boyfriend

I was thinking about going through each era, or perhaps discussing the music in relation to common themes/motifs. However, that’s not as fun as, say, connecting the music to Matty’s various hairstyles. 😂

Help a girl out with a fun way/approach to share my favorite band with my favorite person?

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I love this! You could have Matty’s hairstyles matching songs or eras. You could have a “what the fuck is Matty talking about?” quotes round where you have to guess who/what he’s referring to. Guess the missing word in the song title? I’d love to do this!!

OMG I love these ideas 😂 I’m definitely going to use the “what the fuck is Matty talking about?” Idea as a funny quiz section! Thanks for your help! It will be a fun date night hahahaha

just find some funny quotes lol there are loads of them

I will not do anal with someone who has such a slender grasp on grammar

Love this idea. Just a bunch of random shit that they’ve said 😂

As a date night, we are going to put together a slideshow presentation on a topic of our choosing. It’s just a fun way to share something we care about!

Explain to him how they have 4 songs called the 1975 and one of the songs called The 1975 is on an album called the 1975 and it’s by the 1975.

Wait I love this 😂 I’ll include this in the presentation, no doubt.

lyrics with silly British slang tossed in.

Love this 😂🙌

well when i play songs sometimes with other people around i just start saying something about the song that i found interesting or something matty said regarding to the era or idk something like that...not sure if it helps at all

No that actually does help! Thank you for the idea!

Maybe something on his dancing or speeches at concerts.

This is a solid idea!!

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