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51 Best Presentation Slides for Engaging Presentations (2023)

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Written by: Chloe West

When you're creating a presentation, whether you're presenting live in front of an audience or embedding it on a webpage for visitors to access on their own time, you want it to be engaging. And unfortunately, too many presentation slides are boring and forgettable.

But with Visme, we've put together 51 of our top presentation slides to help you find the perfect template for your next presentation.

To make navigation easier, we've broken them down into six categories. Browse through each below to find your next presentation slides.

Here's a short selection of 8 easy-to-edit presentation templates you can edit, share and download with Visme. View more below:

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

51 Best Presentation Slides for Engaging Presentations

Business presentation slides, finance presentation slides.

Education Presentation Slides

Pitch deck presentation slides, nonprofit presentation slides.

There are so many reasons you might need to give a presentation in your business or career. And we’ve got just the right templates to get you started.

After all, you’re probably spending enough time creating the content and rehearsing your presentation deck. You don’t need to worry about your presentation slide design at the same time.

Here are a few presentation slides ideas based on topic material like the ones you’re regularly using.

1. Meeting Agenda Template

presentation slides - meeting agenda template visme

Customize this presentation template to make it your own! Edit and Download

Sick of seeing team members nod off or lose focus during your team meetings?

Put together your meeting agenda ahead of time using these presentation slides to help keep your team engaged and informed throughout.

This template comes with 15 premade presentation slides that cover everything from project management to charts showing performance and overall meeting objectives. Whatever you need to share in your meeting, you can find in this theme.

Plus, you can completely customize it to match your company colors directly in Visme!

2. Company Goals Template

presentation slides - company goals template visme

It’s important to ensure everyone on your team knows and understands the company’s goals. After all, everyone’s work should be geared towards achieving those goals.

You can use these nice slides to put together a background of your company and how far it’s come, as well as detail your upcoming goals, launches and more.

3. Company Overview Template

presentation slides - company overview template visme 2

If you’re speaking to a networking group about your company or pitching to investors, you likely need to give an overview of your company, its leadership team and its offerings.

These are the perfect presentation slides to help you put together a minimalistic design that draws focus towards your company and its mission.

Plus, all of the slides are perfectly set up to highlight your company’s most important assets.

And best of all, they’re completely customizable. Add in your own brand fonts and colors to create the perfect presentation for your business.

4. Project Status Report Template

presentation slides - project status template visme

When it comes to project management, you could always just send over a boring email or report update, but a better way would be to put together a presentation updating your team and/or your supervisors on the status of the project and the remaining timeline.

This presentation theme comes with 14 different slides to help you put together a status report that covers all aspects of your project: the various phases and how far along each one is, the timeline for your project, a project health card and more.

You can also gain even more inspiration for your project timeline slides from these timeline infographic ideas .

5. Business Annual Report Template

presentation slides - business annual report template visme

Want to show your boss how the company is doing? Or share how your team’s efforts have affected the bottom line? Put together a presentation that shows your business’s results over the year.

While this presentation template comes with a fun geometric accent pattern, you’re able to swap out any of these shapes for ones that more accurately represent your business or your message right in Visme’s design dashboard.

6. Business Plan Template

presentation slides - business plan template visme

Are you starting a new business? You might be looking for investors, or perhaps you want to pitch the idea to a potential cofounder.

You can use this theme to put together a polished business plan presentation that showcases your business idea, the market summary, the industry opportunities and more.

You can also use Visme’s color themes to find the perfect color scheme for your presentation and your upcoming business. After all, your brand colors can say a lot about your business.

7. Product Introduction Template

presentation slides - product introduction template visme

Put together a presentation that introduces a new product idea to your boss, your board of directors or your investors. Take advantage of the charts and graphs in Visme’s design dashboard to showcase various studies and statistics that prove why your idea will be profitable.

Or you can utilize this presentation theme to introduce a product to the public. If your company is in the process of developing a new product to release, a presentation introduction can be a great and engaging way to share it with your audience.

8. Product Presentation Template

presentation slides - product presentation template visme

Whether you’re launching a new product or sharing the features of an already existing one, you can show off your product through a presentation with nice slides.

You can share your presentation on social media, on your website or at a large company event to announce it to your audience. Include bright, high-quality photos of your product and a list of its best features to really highlight your new release.

9. Visual Brand Identity Template

presentation slides - visual brand identity template visme

There are many different ways to create a brand style guide for your business. One great way is with a presentation.

These presentation example slides allow you to seamlessly input your fonts, colors and other visual guidelines into a single presentation so that you can easily share your brand with the designers, marketers and other members of your team.

10. Simple Business Presentation Template

presentation slides - simple business presentation template visme

These presentation slides can help you easily put together a business introduction template for a conference or networking event.

Just click above to edit in Visme, switch out your background with one of the thousands of options in our photo library, add in your own key facts, vision and values and download!

11. Industry Trends Template

presentation slides - industry trends template visme

Put together a presentation to showcase upcoming trends in your industry. You can leave the patterns and colors the way they are in these existing presentation slides, or you can add in your own brand colors or product colors.

Understanding developing trends in your industry each year is important so that you know where your business should focus its efforts.

Sharing a presentation with your team is a great way to stay ahead of the curve.

12. Services Template

presentation slides - services template visme

Use these slide presentation examples to showcase your services and what you can offer your clients/customers. If you have a visual business, a presentation is an excellent way to highlight your work and show it off to prospective leads.

Swap out each photo in the example slides with photos of your work, update the fonts to match your brand voice (or upload your brand fonts) and add in the services you offer.

13. Slideshow Template

presentation slides - slideshow template visme

A slideshow presentation is a great way for you to showcase photos of your work alongside your service offerings. This template even includes social media icons on the last page so that viewers know how to find the business online.

Again, you’ll want to swap out all of the photos with your own work, but this presentation theme is a great way to get started.

14. How To Presentation Template

presentation slides - how to presentation template visme

Are you presenting a tutorial or step-by-step guide on how to do something? Using example slides to put together your content is a great idea.

It’s a disservice to your company and your customer to assume that everyone automatically knows how to use your product or service. Showing your audience exactly what to do is essential to your customer service strategy.

15. Survey Results Template

presentation slides - survey results template visme

Putting together a customer survey is a great idea to understand how your audience feels about your industry or even your company. Grab those results and insert them into these presentation slides to share with your team.

You can also put together a blog post or webpage with survey results and embed this presentation directly into it so your audience can understand the state of the industry as well.

Visme’s design dashboard allows you to add in various charts and graphs that adjust automatically based on the numbers you input. After all, ain’t nobody got time for manually adjusting the sizes of bar graphs and pie charts.

16. Company Overview Presentation Template

presentation slides - company overview template visme

Utilize these beautifully designed presentation slides to create a brief overview of your company and its offerings.

Having a readily available presentation overview of your company is a great idea for when you’re pitching investors, journalists for coverage and more. You don’t need to recreate a presentation each time. Instead, put together a visually appealing and informative one-size-fits-all overview.

You can add in your own photos or choose from Visme’s photo library to keep the same beautifully minimalistic appeal.

When sharing financial information, it’s always helpful to put together some kind of visual aid. This can be used to further emphasize your content, whether it’s about going over budget, showing off exciting revenue increases and more.

Check out these finance slide presentation examples to find the perfect template for your goals.

17. Financial Report Template

presentation slides - financial report template visme

Use this template to put together a presentation that goes over your company’s expenses, sales, profits and more.

The built-in data visualization options allow you to showcase your point with more than just numbers. Add in a table of contents to keep your report organized and cohesive, letting your team know exactly what information they’ll find inside.

18. Statistical Presentation Template

presentation slides - statistical presentation template visme

Need to report some financial statistics and data? These presentation slides are perfect for helping you insert cold, hard facts into your presentation.

Each slide includes a different type of chart or graph for you to choose from to fully represent your data and statistics. You can easily switch your color scheme by inputting your own brand colors or by choosing a preset color theme from Visme’s dashboard.

19. Map Presentation Template

presentation slides - map presentation template visme

It’s important to know where it makes the most sense to market your product geographically. Showcase sales and overall company growth and profitability by location.

Knowing your revenue based on geographic location is essential for a global company, and this presentation template is perfect for the job.

Create a stunning presentation in less time

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examples of simple powerpoint presentations

Sales and Marketing Presentation Slides

When it comes to sales and marketing for your company, there is a lot of data and information that can be represented visually. Creating sales and marketing presentations helps with keeping your team on the right track, but can also be a great way to make a pitch.

Learn more about creating essential sales and marketing presentations with these templates.

20. Visualization for Sales and Marketing Template

presentation slides - visualization for sales and marketing template visme

When you’re putting together a sales and marketing plan, you have to present it to your boss for approval, then to your team for implementation.

Use these presentation slides to help visualize your sales and marketing plan , including each of the upcoming tactics and strategies and the steps for putting them in place.

Having a presentation to refer back to allows your team to ensure they’re implementing the strategies properly.

21. Simple Marketing Presentation Template

presentation slides - simple marketing presentation template visme

Whether you’re introducing new marketing ideas to your team, pitching a new marketing strategy to your boss or to a new client, a presentation with nice slides is the perfect format.

Grab this presentation template that helps you to define your new ideas and share specific tactics for how they should be implemented for the business. Then get ready to rock your pitch and share your awesome new ideas.

22. Market Analysis Template

Market Analysis Report

Review market trends with your team so you know where to take your company’s marketing messaging. You can send out a customer survey or take a look at a few studies that have been done surrounding your industry to put together your market analysis report.

Input all of your findings into this presentation template so you can easily present it to your team or grab the link and send it in an email. Even if you’re not standing up to give a presentation, these presentation slides are still an engaging way to share necessary information.

23. Marketing Plan Template

presentation slides - marketing plan template visme

Building a new marketing plan for your business? Put together  great presentations for your marketing plan to share with your team.

Presenting your new marketing plan to the company is a great way to get everyone motivated and on board with new strategies and ideas.

You can add in your goals, objectives and even user personas with this ready-made marketing plan template.

24. Sales Report Template

presentation slides - sales report template visme

Your sales team should be regularly providing insight on how much revenue the company is generating. And a great way to do that is through a sales report presentation or slideshow.

It’s important to stay informed of sales growth throughout the year. Share graphs of sales quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year to see where the company/sales team needs to improve.

25. Press Release Template

presentation slides - press release template visme

Don’t just write a boring old press release to send out to journalists and media publications. Instead, create an interactive press release showcasing your launch.

A presentation press release will help your business stand out from the dry press releases most publications receive, offering even more incentive for them to highlight your business and its products/services.

Edit this template to add in your own brand touches, voice and launch information before grabbing the link and sending it off.

26. Social Media Report Template

presentation slides - social media report template visme

Sharing results of any marketing strategy is always essential. This is how you keep your team updated of any strategies that are working, and any strategies that need some adapting.

This presentation theme is a great way to share your current strategy and results. Input your platforms, your strategies and your metrics before presenting it to your team. Customize the presentation slides so that they cater perfectly to your company’s strategy.

27. Social Media Strategy Template

presentation slides - social media strategy template visme

Pitching a social media strategy to your boss can also be done well with a presentation. Showcase why social media is important to invest in, what your plan is and how it will affect the bottom line.

This presentation template already gets you started in perfectly pitching your own strategy. Simply adjust it to your brand colors and fonts and update the information with your own.

Presentations are huge in educational settings.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for an interactive way to share your lesson plan or a student trying to finish up a school project, we’ve got the presentation templates for you.

Take a look at our education presentation slide options to find one that works for you.

28. Training Plan Template

presentation slides - training plan template visme

When working one-on-one with a student or mentee, it can be a good idea to put a training or education plan into place. These presentation slides are the perfect start to your lesson and can help to visualize the content and learn in a different way.

Putting together educational content in a presentation helps offer different formats for learning. Students are often not provided with all of the tools they need to learn the material, and a presentation is a great place to start.

29. Book Report Template

presentation slides - book report template visme

Putting together a book report to present for your class? Get started with a presentation theme that you can fully customize for your specific book.

These presentation slides allow you to seamlessly enter in the information about your main characters, the theme of the book, its timeline and any other pertinent information you need to share with the class.

Don’t worry about presentation design in your next project. We’ve already got it all put together for you! Simply click edit, insert your book content and download your presentation.

30. Trivia Template

presentation slides - trivia template visme

Help your class remember fast facts before a text with this trivia template. It’s a great way to host a study session in your classroom, and the content is easily interchangeable.

Or if you’re a student, put together a presentation study guide to help you memorize the most important key facts and information from class. A trivia presentation format can make for a fun study sesh before the test.

31. Lesson Plan Template

presentation slides - lesson plan template visme

Don’t waste time putting together a dry Microsoft Word or PowerPoint lesson plan. Instead, create an interactive lesson plan that helps you stay on message during your class, and helps your students to know exactly what’s going to come next.

32. Group Project Template

presentation slides - group project template visme

Group presentations just got a little more exciting. Blow the rest of your class’s projects away by using these presentation slides to compile your overall project objectives and results.

You can easily adjust colors and fonts, add in your team members and insert copy relevant to your class and your group project.

Don’t forget to thank your classmates and your teacher for listening in the end.

A pitch deck is an essential presentation for all businesses and entrepreneurs to have. There are many times you might need to pitch your business, whether it’s to investors for funding, journalists for media coverage and more.

Using a presentation template to put together your pitch deck is a great idea so that you can focus on pitching your business without having to worry about the design.

Browse through the pitch deck presentation slides below to find one that works for your business and its goals.

33. Airbnb Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - airsns airbnb pitch deck template visme

Give this Airbnb-inspired pitch deck presentation theme a go when putting together a slideshow for your business. Include the solution that your business provides its customers, product/service information, and excerpts from press acknowledgements.

34. Front Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - upfront front pitch deck template visme

Showcase your business with this geometric pitch deck template inspired by Front. Add in the planned acquisition channels for your business, your leadership team and more.

Your pitch deck is meant to showcase your business to people who may want to work with you, so it’s important to share the most imperative information.

35. Buffer Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - buffer buffit pitch deck template visme

Showcase the state of the industry and your business’s role in it with this pitch presentation slides idea inspired by Buffer. The information these presentation slides include helps you to share the impact your company has had on your industry.

Since industries are ever-changing, you can easily update the information within your pitch deck in Visme and it will automatically sync to the webpage where you embed this presentation.

36. Comms Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - comms intercom pitch deck template visme

Use these presentation slides inspired by Intercom to give your audience an idea of what your product is going to look like and how it will work.

This is the perfect pitch deck template to take advantage of when launching a new SaaS product or app so that you can share what the technology will look like and how it will work.

Showcasing specific features and tutorials is a great way to get people talking about your product.

37. WeWork Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - iworkuwork wework pitch deck template visme

Is your company helping to fuel a movement? Share how your company is changing the industry with this pitch deck template inspired by WeWork.

It’s exciting when your business is doing more for your industry than simply adding another product or service. Focusing on a movement that really switches up the way your industry does things is an incredible feat.

Utilize a pitch deck template like the one above to showcase how your company is involved.

38. Buzzfeed Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - newbuzz buzzfeed pitch deck template visme

Does your business focus on content? Or perhaps you’re creating a new kind of media outlet?

Show off your content and analytics with this Buzzfeed-inspired pitch deck presentation template. Getting advertisers on board and other media outlets to talk about you is important for success.

This is why you need to be putting together a pitch deck that shares that kind of information. No one will want to work with you if you keep your analytics in the dark.

39. Investor Pitch Deck Template

presentation slides - investor pitch deck template visme

Starting a new venture that you need funding for? Use these presentation slides to put together a pitch for investors in your business.

From showcasing the problem in the industry to your business’s solution, along with your business plan and pricing table is a great way to get potential investors interested in what you’re selling.

40. LinkedIn Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - work biz linkedin pitch deck template visme

Compare and contrast what processes look like with and without your business with this pitch deck template inspired by LinkedIn.

It’s a great idea to take care of this in your pitch deck so that you make the job of any media outlet or writer covering your business even easier. After all, you’ve done the hard work for them.

They were going to share how your business helps. You’ve already visualized this in your pitch deck. This increases the chances that people will cover your business.

41. Mattermark Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - startup index mattermark pitch deck template visme

Use this pitch deck presentation theme inspired by Mattermark to put together key questions about the industry that showcase why your business is so essential.

Launching a startup is hard work, and that’s why a pitch deck is an essential marketing tool to have. Creating a pitch deck that already answers the why and how questions of your business is a great way to introduce who you are and what you’re doing to investors and reporters.

42. Foursquare Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - map your day foursquare pitch deck template visme

Put together an overview of how your product works with this pitch deck presentation template inspired by Foursquare.

With presentation slides already in place to showcase a step-by-step tutorial, all you have to do is input your content and publish your presentation.

43. Fyre Festival Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - l'ete events fyre festival pitch deck template visme

If your company has been doing some awesome stuff lately, you want your potential investors and those looking to work with your business to know about it.

Show off your company achievements with this pitch deck presentation template inspired by the famous Fyre Festival pitch deck.

44. Biogrify Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - journalvision biogrify pitch deck template visme

Use these presentation slides inspired by Biogrify to excite people about how they can use your product. If you have a unique product or service, you just need to drum up a little excitement and attention!

A pitch deck is the perfect way to do that. Add in your company’s logo, mission and unique selling proposition to get people looking forward to becoming customers/users.

45. Launchrock Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - rockingit launchrock pitch deck template visme

Influencer marketing is a huge marketing strategy that can generate some serious results. What better way to pitch influencers about your business than with this pitch deck inspired by Launchrock?

Don’t email off some boring PDF or Google Doc. Create enticing pitches to influencers with this pitch deck theme, and start watching the replies from influencers pour in.

Working with influencers to promote your product is a great way to increase your audience base and word of mouth about your company.

When you’re running a nonprofit, there is a lot of pitching your organization, talking to donors and working on events to increase donations. This is why you need a presentation.

Putting together a presentation for your nonprofit is a great way to showcase what your organization does and why people should donate to it.

Here are a few nonprofit presentation slides to choose from, where all you have to do is insert your information, change colors and fonts and present.

46. Nonprofit Report Template

presentation slides - nonprofit report template visme

Put together a report that covers what your nonprofit is working against as well as your nonprofit’s achievements each year.

47. Nonprofit Art Template

presentation slides - nonprofit art template visme

Use this presentation slides idea to provide an overview of your nonprofit and its main projects. To generate even more support and donations, it’s important to provide clear insight into your key products and objectives.

48. Nonprofit Environmental Template

presentation slides - nonprofit environmental template visme

This presentation theme is perfect for showcasing the key issues your nonprofit fights for and its process for doing so.

Being transparent about what your nonprofit works on is important so that your donors know exactly where their money is going. Being secretive can generate some bad press, so it’s better to be open with your supporters.

49. Nonprofit Animals Template

presentation slides - nonprofit animals template visme

These presentation slides use earthy colors to convey their nonprofit’s connection to animal rights. Use this to showcase your nonprofit. You can use the current colors or update it to match your nonprofit’s brand/industry.

50. Wildlife Conservation Template

presentation slides - wildlife conservation template visme

Use these presentation slides to cover why your nonprofit matters and why donors should consider contributing.

A nonprofit only exists when people donate, so putting together a compelling pitch deck showcasing why your nonprofit is so important to your main issue is important. These slides are perfect for sharing your goals and mission.

51. Pet Adoption Slideshow Template

presentation slides - pet adoption slideshow template visme

This pitch deck presentation template is perfect for SPCAs and other animal societies working on finding forever homes for their animals.

However, it can also be adapted to any other nonprofit or business need. The great thing about these presentation slides is how versatile they are. Each one is completely customizable to fit your specific needs.

Ready to Create Engaging Presentation Slides?

Ready to get started with creating your presentation? Choose from any of these 51 presentation slides, or browse Visme’s complete template library to find the perfect match for creating your own presentation.

Each one of these presentation themes can be adapted to match your business, school, nonprofit and other needs so that you can create something perfect for your goals and objectives. Create your free account to start customizing with our drag-and-drop presentation maker.

And once you’ve finished creating your presentation, check out our video to help you present like a pro and wow your audience.

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

Create beautiful presentations faster with Visme.

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

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examples of simple powerpoint presentations

About the Author

Chloe West is the content marketing manager at Visme. Her experience in digital marketing includes everything from social media, blogging, email marketing to graphic design, strategy creation and implementation, and more. During her spare time, she enjoys exploring her home city of Charleston with her son.

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

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Have you been looking for a template to create the perfect women's soccer match campaign? Look no further! This dark blue and orange template has everything that you need to promote women's soccer matches in the most creative way. With various soccer team pictures included, this template will help you...

Elegant Lines Pitch Deck presentation template

Elegant Lines Pitch Deck

Trying to convince some investors or partners to believe in your new project? With the elegance and sobriety of this new template, you won't have problems achieving that. The name says it all: the template contains lines, elegance and the ideal layouts for a presentation. The backgrounds are gray, a...

Social Studies Subject for High School: Persian Empire presentation template

Social Studies Subject for High School: Persian Empire

The Persian Empire was one of the largest and most powerful empires of antiquity. The original empire with Cyrus the Great stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to India and extended for almost two hundred years before its fall in the 4th century B.C. So, there is a lot to explain!...

Minimal Hepatitis Clinical Case presentation template

Minimal Hepatitis Clinical Case

Give your clinical case presentations a modern and elegant touch with this minimalist design with watercolor strokes. We have prepared lots of medical resources so that explaining complicated concepts is very easy for you, and even more easy for your audience to understand. In addition, this template is completely editable,...

Darkle Slideshow presentation template

Darkle Slideshow

Whenever formality and professionalism are both a necessity, you'll need a presentation like this one. Its dark colors allow the little light sparkles to be even more noticeable, giving an elegant appearance to your slides. Talk about your best products, those reserved for the most demanding customers, because this template...

World NGO Day presentation template

World NGO Day

World NGO Day is an international day of celebration and recognition for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world and the work they do. Featuring grayscale photos with colored transparent rectangles on top and WordArt text from Google Slides, this template embodies the spirit of collaboration and communication. Create an eye-catching...

Livine Meeting presentation template

Livine Meeting

Organize your monthly meeting and share the most important points of it with the rest of your team thanks to this presentation. It combines white with green and yellow! Review the agenda, product schedule, project timeline and status report employing these slides. Make use of tables, timelines and many other...

17 PowerPoint Presentation Examples That Show Style and Professionalism

By Iveta Pavlova

in Inspiration

5 years ago

Reading time: 2 min

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17 PowerPoint Presentation Examples That Show Style and Professionalism

There are way too many bad PowerPoint presentation examples that can bore you to death. Well, today’s post is not about them. We believe that it’s always important to show the good examples out there and follow their lead. We admit it, it was pretty hard to dig out the good PowerPoint presentation examples from the mass. We’ve added our opinion on each piece and why we believe it’s worthy of being included in this collection. Let’s begin!

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1. The Sketchnote Mini-Workshop by Mike Rohde

An eye-catchy PowerPoint presentation example whose content is fully hand-written. What we love about this design, is the high personalization level that is achieved via handwriting. It almost feels like the author is drawing and writing in front of the viewers’ eyes. A digital presentation that conveys a physical feeling.

2. 10 Ways to Spread The Love in The Office by Elodie A.

The following presentation is a real eye candy. We can’t help it, the cartoon style lives in our hearts. An incredibly appealing PowerPoint presentation that brings positive vibes and a good mood through vibrant cartoon illustrations. It gets bonus points for the usage of bullet points and little text.

3. The Great State of Design with CSS Grid Layout and Friends by Stacy Kvernmo

A presentation that tells a story is always a good example that everyone should follow. This PowerPoint presentation has a lot of slides that tell different mini-stories. The way they are depicted is really engaging – they almost look like a sequence of frames that make up a video. This technique really nails the viewers’ attention.

4. We live in a VUCA world by Little Dragon Films

A classy design of a PowerPoint presentation example – a dark theme and white font on top with just a single color accent – red. Such designs are really suitable for serious topics like this one. To soften the contrast between the black background and white font, the author has used a gradient on the background which gives the illusion of soft light in the middle of the design.

5. 2017 Marketing Predictions—Marketo by Marketo

A design that was made over a year ago but it’s still really trendy. In the following PowerPoint presentation example, we can see the combination of 3D shapes, beautiful hand-written fonts, negative space techniques, and more. The overall feeling is of futuristic design. Moreover, they used the color of 2018 – Ultra Violet for their color scheme. Maybe, they did predict the future after all.

6. 10 Ways Your Boss Kills Employee Motivation by Officevibe

Who doesn’t like to see a familiar face? We know your audience does! It’s proven that if you show a familiar face to your viewers, you nail their attention and boost their engagement level. This is the technique used in the following PowePoint presentation. Moreover, the inner slides of the presentation are also cartoons with big conceptual illustrations and little text. The formula for a really good presentation.

7. How to Successfully Run a Remote Team from Weekdone.com

We haven’t really seen many PowerPoint presentation examples with top-view illustrations. The following presentation really reminded us that when presenting to an audience, you should always think: How to make your design stand out from the rest? Well, this one really caught our eye. In addition, we love the bright colors, geometric shapes, and overall flat feeling, all of which are among the graphic design trends for 2022 .

8. SXSW 2018 – Top Trends by Matteo Sarzana

People love visuals and this is an undeniable fact. The whole PowerPoint presentation is built on high-quality photos, each including a little tagline in the middle. We love the consistency, we love the factor of surprise, and we love the high engagement level this presentation creates. Just make sure to back up such presentation type with a good speech!

9. How to study effectively? by sadraus

Semi-transparent overlays, geometric shapes, a video inside… Everything about this PowerPoint presentation screams “modern”. The grayscale coloring is accompanied by a fresh green color accent. The choice of images clearly suggests that the target audience is young people. The overall feeling that we get from this PowerPoint presentation – is youthful and modern.

10. Study: The Future of VR, AR, and Self-Driving Cars by LinkedIn

A presentation about the future should look futuristic, right? The following PowerPoint presentation example is proof that you should always connect the subject of your presentation to its design. Everything in this presentation speaks of futuristic: the choice of fonts, colors, effects, and even some elements look like holograms from the future.

11. 9 things I’ve learned about SaaS by Christoph Janz

A PowerPoint presentation example created in a consistent style by using a blue theme. Why did we include this presentation? We love the fact that the author has shown an alternation of text and visuals (from slides 7 to 22). This technique is proven to hold the attention of the viewer. Moreover, the way the graphics are presented (on a napkin) draws the interest even more.

12. How To Achieve Something Extraordinary In Life by Sultan Suleman Chaudhry

A PowerPoint presentation example that shows consistency and style by using a strict color scheme: orange, beige, and deep blue. Orange and blue are one of the most popular contrasting combinations widely used in all kinds of designs. If you are not sure what colors to go with, simply choose a tested color scheme.

13. New trends to look out for 2018 winter season by FemmeConnection

Geometric shapes and negative space techniques are among the  graphic design trends for 2018  which is why we see them often in PowerPoint presentation examples and other designs. In the following presentation, we can see a collection of women’s clothes presented in a very engaging way with the help of rounded geometric shapes, negative space technique, and the color pink.

14. Fear of Failure by Sultan Suleman Chaudhry

Speaking of the usage of geometric elements in the presentation’s design, let’s see another example. An elegant design decorated with circles, triangles, and more geometric details. What else we love about this presentation is that it only has one color accent – light yellow which looks classy and pleasant for the eye.

15. The Three Lies About Your Age by Sean Si

A great choice of fonts, beautiful semi-transparent geometric elements, and trendy futuristic colors. This is one of the PowerPoint presentation examples that we absolutely love. The story is engaging and the design is extremely appealing – a combination that keeps the viewers’ eyes on the screen from the beginning till the end.

16. Secrets to a Great Team by Elodie A.

Bright, fun, using lots of illustrations and cartoon characters – definitely our kind of PowerPoint presentation. Why do we love it so much? Well, cartoons are real ice-breakers between you and your audience. Moreover, cartoon characters are easier to relate to than a real human face. If you need to connect on a deeper level with your audience, this is your kind of presentation!

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17. How to Build a Dynamic Social Media Plan by Post Planner

A great presentation PowerPoint example with watercolor illustrations and backgrounds that look hand-drawn. We also see semi-transparent colorful overlays, high-quality conceptual photos, and great, useful content. What more would you want from a presentation, right?

We always love to hear your opinion about stuff. So, what do you think of these PowerPoint presentation examples? Do you think that you’ve created a presentation better than these? We’d love to see your own creations in the comments below if you want to share them with us.

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examples of simple powerpoint presentations

Iveta Pavlova

Iveta is a passionate writer at GraphicMama who has been writing for the brand ever since the blog was launched. She keeps her focus on inspiring people and giving insight on topics like graphic design, illustrations, education, business, marketing, and more.

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

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examples of simple powerpoint presentations

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

20 Really Good PowerPoint Examples to Inspire Your Next Presentation

By Sandra Boicheva

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PowerPoint's Design Ideas

You might have the most amazing idea that you wish to share with the world, but you might not get the results you want if the delivery isn’t good. Although as a tool, PowerPoint is pretty easy to use and intuitive, creating a good PowerPoint presentation is not a simple task. There is a lot of things to consider when designing your slides from the words you use, to the copy structure, data visualization, and overall design. This is why today we gathered 20 really good PowerPoint examples of presentations that flawlessly deliver their messages. These creative ideas will surely inspire you to make your next presentation your best one, as they all share good design and engaging storytelling.

“If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will.” – Harvey Diamond

1. Idea to Identify: The Design of Brand

This is a long one. Here we have a 242 slides presentation that exposes the myriad facets of design and how they impact the brand identity. The presentation has a lot of data to show and spreads it throughout more than 200 slides to make it easy to read and follow. In all, this is the best way to present a lot of information: instead of overwhelming the viewers with text walls, the presenter simply adds more slides.

2. Jeunesse Opportunity Presentation 2021

This is a great example of brand presentation with company profile, product system, plan, and reward. It gives a similar experience to browsing a website.

3. Accenture Tech Vision 2020

A short and sweet presentation about how companies prepare for data regulation and how this impacts the customer experience. 

4. APIs as Digital Factories’ New Machines

A comparison presentation of how companies capture most of the market value. It explains well how to view the economy from a different perspective and adopt customer-centric thinking. The presentation has a lot of value, it’s well structured and it’s a good read in only 28 slides.

5. 24 Books You’ve Never Heard Of – But Will Change Your Life

This is a great example of how repeating slides design for the same type of content isn’t a synonym for being unimaginative. It’s pretty straightforward: it promises 24 titles, an inspirational introduction, and a slide for each book that will change your life.

6. 10 Memorable David Bowie Quotes

Not always presentations must have a specific educational or conventional goal. Sometimes, it could be a cool personal project meant to inspire your audience. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love David Bowie? A presentation with 10 memorable quotes by him is worth watching. 

7. Creative Mornings San Diego 

8. Digital 2020 Global Digital Overview

A report heavy-data presentation about everything you need to know about mobile, internet, social media, and e-commerce use around the world in 2020. It’s a long read but comprehensive and well-illustrated with data visualization.

9. Blitzscaling: Book Trailer

One of the most well-made presentations about informative topics such as startup’s life-cycle and where the most value is created. It’s designed as a book, consistent, with lesser text as possible, and imitates animation by adding new content on copies of the same slide. 

10. Poor Self-Esteem: Just Beat It!

A very valuable presentation that takes on the reasons for low self-esteem and how to overcome it. The design is very simple and comprehensive and even suitable for social media carousel posts.

11. You Suck At PowerPoint!

This presentation is more than a decade old and still checks out. After all, you could expect great presentation design from someone who talks about design mistakes and how to overcome them.  61 slides of a fun experience and a great read.

12. Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling

Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling, originally tweeted by Emma Coats, in a 24-slides presentation with a custom design. 

13. A Complete Guide To The Best Times To Post On Social Media

A fun little presentation with great value. It takes on the most effective times to post on social media, send an email, or publish a blog.

14. Fix Your Really Bad PowerPoint

The next presentation honors Seth Godin and his wisdom. It uses his book’s insights to visualize all the tips in 45 engaging slides.

15. 10 Lessons from the World’s Most Captivating Presenters

This presentation is for presenters who wish to become better. And what better way than getting inspired by the world’s greatest presenters and accessing some of their secrets. 

16. Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge

For starters, this presentation has a very captivating title and opening. Winning the attention from the very start, it continues with consistent clean design and great content. It delivers exactly what it promised. 

17. Displaying Data

More insightful advice and tips from professional presenters that check out to this very day. It’s a great presentation about visualizing your data in the best way possible and it also delivers it with design.

18. 5 Storytelling Lessons From Superhero Stories

Custom-made presentation with illustrations made specifically for the occasion, and brilliant execution. It shows it’s definitely worth it to spend time making your presentation more personal and from scratch. 

19. 10 Things your Audience Hates About your Presentation

Another custom presentation with icons-style illustrations about how to avoid cringe when making presentations. 

20. The Designer’s Guide to Startup Weekend

You will work hard all weekend long but you will also find new friends, mentors, and the chance to promote yourself. A pretty wholesome presentation with a custom design where the presenter shares her own experience in the world of startups.

That’s It!

These 20 presentations prove that PowerPoint is never out of date and it’s a great tool to deliver your message across. We hope you got inspired for your next presentation and make your audience fall in love with your concepts.

In the meantime, why not take a look at the related articles to get some more inspiration or grab a couple of freebies:

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18+ Best PowerPoint SlideShare Presentation Examples (For 2022)

Laura Spencer

SlideShare is a great tool to promote your business. Also, you can reach your target market with your amazing PowerPoint presentations. Plus, your audience can review your information at their own leisure through the SlideShare platform.

PowerPoint to Slideshare

In this article, you'll learn all about SlideShare: 

If you're creating a presentation for SlideShare. Then consider using a ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">PowerPoint template from Envato Elements or ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">GraphicRiver .

Guide to Making Great Presentations (Free eBook Download)

Before you read on, grab our free eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations . It'll help you master the presentation process, from: initial idea, through to writing, design, and delivering with impact.

Making Great Presentations Free Guide Download

Now let's learn more about what SlideShare is, and dive into some great presentation examples with helpful tips:

What Is SlideShare?

If you're not familiar with SlideShare, you may wonder what it is and how it can help your business.

What is Slideshare?

SlideShare is a platform that lets users share slide presentations online. Presentations can be shared publicly, or the share can be limited to a private group. Since SlideShare presentations are viewed online, they can be considered a form of online content. As such, they've got some things in common with other types of online content.

SlideShare was founded in 2006. According to SlideShare's own About page , the website ranks within the top 100 most-visited sites and has over 80 million users. The popularity of SlideShare gives you a chance to reach a lot of potential clients when you use it to share your presentations.

What Makes a Great SlideShare Presentation?

As discussed earlier, SlideShare presentations can be considered a form of online content. As such, they've got much in common with other forms of online content. Perhaps the most notable common factor is that you've got seconds to attract a viewer's attention before they move on to other online content.

So, you may be wondering, what makes a SlideShare presentation great? Why do some SlideShare presentations attract thousands of views while others are skipped over and fail to become popular?

Let's look at some of the most popular SlideShare presentations of all time and see if you notice any patterns or similarities between them?

Most popular SlideShare presentations of all time

Of course, there's more than one factor that contributes to a good SlideShare presentation. But here are six of the most important factors that many great SlideShare presentations share:

For a more in-depth discussion of what makes a great SlideShare presentation, review Eugene Cheng's helpful slideshow, SlideShare Experts Presentation Design Secrets From 7 Experts .

Note: Cheng's slideshow is also a good example of an effective SlideShare.

The Best PowerPoint SlideShare Presentation Examples (+Killer Tips)

There's nothing like a good example to illustrate a point. Here are 14 recent examples of some of the best PowerPoint SlideShare presentations we've seen with this article. I'll include an image and a link to each SlideShare. After each presentation example, I'll briefly explain a few of the factors that make that SlideShare so effective.

In no particular order, let's look at some of the best SlideShare presentations out there, with easy to follow tips included:

1. Use an Engaging Cover Design

If a cover slide catches your attention, chances are good that you're going to explore the rest of the SlideShare. That's exactly what happens with this slideshow from Patrick Stahler of FluidMinds.

Look at the rocket on this presentation's cover slide. Not only does the rocket ship catch your eye, but there's a symbolic meaning there as well. The rocket could mean many things ranging from exploration to soaring success.

Notice also that the cover slide heading is both scannable and concise. The use of highly readable headings and text are consistent throughout the entire presentation.

2. Tell a Compelling Story

When you see the caped figure on the cover slide of this SlideShare presentation  from High Spark | Visual Storytelling Agency , your first reaction might be how does this superhero relate to storytelling? You'll want to click through to find the answer.

The SlideShare doesn't disappoint. It takes you through some popular superhero characters and explains why we find them so interesting. Here's an example of some of the storytelling in this presentation:

SlideShare Slide Tells a Story

The picture here tells the story of two humans having a friendly discussion. They're definitely NOT robots.

Note: The characters in the above presentation belong to DC Comics.

3. Use Questions to Draw People In

You may think that a cover slide has to have an image to be compelling. Think again.

This top SlideShare presentation  from Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media starts with the three-letter question, WTF? Those three letters against a stark black background are enough to engage the reader. Inquiring minds want to know ... WTF?

The presentation goes on to answer the question of the title slide with a series of predictions about the future. The mood of the presentation is set by the title slide's dark background and is carried throughout the entire slideshow.

4. Good Design Makes a Difference

A good design should enhance a presentation, not distract from it. That's exactly how design is used in this SlideShare presentation  from DesignMantic . While the design is attractive, it's not busy. Nor does it compete with the message.

One of my favorite slides in this presentation is this one, where the dots in the slide design are echoed by the round frame around the photo image:

SlideShare Slide with Good Design

The elegant design worked well. Of all the SlideShare presentations featured in this list, this one had the most views.

5. Add the Human Factor

It's been shown that people are drawn to photos of other people. Wrike makes good use of this principle with this great SlideShare . Nearly every slide in this presentation features a photo of one or more people, usually interacting in a work environment.

For example, who wouldn't want to be part of this fun workgroup?

SlideShare Slide with Human Factor

This looks more like a group of friends at a coffee shop than a business team hard at work. But that's exactly the point.

6. Cover an Interesting Topic

Nearly everyone wants to become more productive. No doubt the authors of this SlideShare on Productivity Secrets  from Officevibe knew this when they created this presentation about productivity secrets.

It's full of solutions to common productivity problems such as problems like email overload and time management . Since these are popular obstacles that many people must overcome, most people will click through to find the answers .

7. Icons Can Be Effective

Incorporating icons into your slideshow design can add interest. In this presentation from Yuan Wang of Studio Ninja, colored icons are used  to add interest and not overpower the design or the presentation.

This slide is just one example of the effective use of icons throughout this top SlideShare presentation:

SlideShare Slide with Effective Icon Usage

8. Reverse Psychology Works

The cover of this interesting  SlideShare presentation  from Stinson is compelling because it uses reverse psychology. Instead of talking about 10 things you need to do to create an effective presentation, it talks about "10 Things Your Audience Hates..."

Immediately, the reader is hooked. They wonder, "Am I doing any of these things?" If they're part of the target audience for this slideshow, they'll click through to find out.

9. Talk About a Common Problem

Who hasn't faced a difficult conversation in a work environment? The answer is ... probably no one.

Sooner or later most of us will find ourselves in a difficult conversation. But that's what makes this SlideShare topic on Mastering Difficult Conversations so interesting to a broad group of people.

The common problem addressed by Piktochart on  this interesting topic with this SlideShare.

10. Share Statistics Effectively

This  SlideShare presentation  from Rand Fishkin of MOZ is about Google. There are an awful lot of people interested in what Google does. That interest in Google alone is enough to attract a lot of viewers to this SlideShare.

But this SlideShare is also about statistics. Statistics can be hard to share effectively. Fortunately, the SlideShare author makes effective use of charts to illustrate the data visually. Look at the sample slide below:

SlideShare Slide with Good Chart

The slideshow could have buried these statistics in text paragraphs. But instead, we've got this attractive and very scannable chart.

11. Keep It Simple

Often the best slides in a presentation convey a single thought. That's certainly the case with this effective SlideShare from Loic Le Meur . 

Nearly every slide in this presentation represents a single idea—sometimes with a phrase and sometimes with a photo. 

But those ideas really pack a punch. A reader can see at glance the message that the author is trying to convey.

12. Don't Be Afraid of Color

It's risky, but the use of bright colors can make your presentation stand out from the rest. That's certainly the case with this colorful SlideShare presentation from Weekdone.com .

Look at the pink and purple in this slide about motivation:

SlideShare Slide with Effective Use of Color

It's colorful, but it works.

As a bonus, the entire SlideShare is only 14 slides long. The brevity means the audience is more likely to view the entire presentation.

13. Embrace Minimal Design

This SlideShare presentation  from Bonusly proves that less is more with its minimalist design. Each slide focuses on a single concept. It uses short sentences and paragraphs, often without an image. Yet, it works.

The next time you're tempted to overstuff a slideshow with graphics, photos, and text remember this simple presentation and don't do it.

14. Design Consistency Counts

This  SlideShare presentation by Barry Feldman starts with an elegant design that makes good use of graphic elements to add visual interest. The design shapes are echoed throughout the entire presentation in various colors.

In fact, the design element is so strong that no photos are needed. And, except for the cover slide, Barry doesn't use any.

This slide illustrates how effective a simple design can be:

SlideShare with a Simple Design

15. Always Add a CTA

Make the most out of your SlideShare by including a call to action on the last slide. Let the audience know what you want them to do, whether that’s visiting a related article on your blog, downloading a free report, or booking a call. Be sure that the call to action is directly related to the topic of the SlideShare itself to make it even more effective.

Consider how HubSpot incorporates a call to action on the last slide of their SlideShare about calls-to-action . If you’re currently trying to improve your call to actions and are viewing this SlideShare, chances are you'll be more than interested in downloading their book to learn more about effective CTAs.

16. Make It Clear

A lot of SlideShare presentations are uploaded as an afterthought once the webinar or oral presentation is done and in the past. But, by doing so, you leave out a lot of the context and wind up with a SlideShare that makes very little sense.

If you want your SlideShare to be as effective as possible, you need to make it clear. You want even people who haven't attended your presentation to still understand the topic and the context. Look at how Rand Fishkin makes it easy to understand the SlideShare about content marketing by making the entire presentation look like a comic book.

17. Tease the Content

Keep the users engaged with your SlideShare by teasing the content. This also encourages them to click through to the next slide and the next slide… all the way to the end.

Mark Schaefer , in his SlideShare about social media engagement , does an excellent job of giving you just enough content to pique your interest. Schaefer also teases what’s to come, which just begs you to keep on clicking through the slides.

18. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Images

Aside from icons, you can make your SlideShare more interesting and visually appealing by using quality images and photos. It’s a well-known fact that images help us tell a story, not to mention we absorb information better when it’s visual so use that to your advantage.

Donna Moritz uses eye-catching images to add extra visual appeal to her SlideShare about different ways to stand out on the platform .

19. Learn From SlideShare Itself

An example of what they've got to offer is the SlideShare about different ideas for what to upload on SlideShare  to get views on your presentation.

How to Quickly Make Your SlideShare Presentation

Feeling inspired by all those great SlideShare presentations?

Use SlideShare to share your own presentations to a wider audience. Here's what you'll need:

Once you're online, logged in, and have selected your presentation, you're ready to download it. To start, click the orange Upload button in the upper right corner of SlideShare:

Click the Upload button to open the Upload File screen.

The Upload File screen displays:

Upload File Screen

Upload your presentation, and you've done it! You've just created your first SlideShare.

Learn How to Make Your SlideShare PPT Presentation Design in PowerPoint

Do you need more help creating a SlideShare-worthy presentation in PowerPoint? No worries. We've got you covered with a comprehensive series of tutorials on the subject.

Jump into these helpful PowerPoint and SlideShare tutorials to get stared: 

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

You can also find more information about creating a presentation in our new eBook on making great presentations . Grab this PDF Download now for FREE with your subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter:

Making Great Presentations Free Guide Download

Or, look at this SlideShare case study from Board of Innovation , which is on “ How I got 2.5 Million views on SlideShare .” This SlideShare presentation has been viewed over 2.5 million times and author Nick Demey is telling how he did it.

Note : This SlideShare is also another example of an effective presentation.

There's one more step you can take to make your presentation great. Let's take a closer look at PowerPoint presentation template design.

Make Great SlideShares Quickly With PPT Presentation Templates

PPT presentation templates are an effective way to ensure that your SlideShare is well-designed. And, as we've discussed above, good design is one of the hallmarks of a great SlideShare PPT presentation.

Using a template gives you a proven design from a professional designer for making your slideshow project. Plus, it can save you from the headache of having to create your own presentation design from scratch if you're not a designer. 

Take a look at some of this year's ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent"> best PowerPoint designs from Envato Elements:

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

You'll find even more great presentation template designs at  ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">GraphicRiver or ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Envato Elements . Learn how to customize PPT templates quickly to fit your presentation design needs. Get started with using PowerPoint's toolset: 

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

The Best Source for PowerPoint SlideShare Presentation Templates (With Unlimited Use)

You've just learned how to make a good PowerPoint presentation SlideShare. Here's another tool you can use to make your SlideShare PowerPoints great.

Envato Elements is a ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">subscription service where you get access to unlimited digital elements. All you need to do is pay a low monthly fee to become a member.

Envato Elements has hundreds of PowerPoint template that professionals make to look stylish. This subscription service has more than PowerPoint templates. It includes:

ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Explore Envato Elements Now

Envato Elements Membership

Envato Elements is a great deal if you work with digital elements or need to make SlideShare presentations often. Since you've got unlimited downloads, you can download a template. And if it doesn’t suit your current project, you can download a new template. It’s that easy!

Free templates aren’t as stylish and are often less attractive than premium templates. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Premium templates still allow you to be creative while starting with an attractive template.

5 Top PowerPoint SlideShare from Envato Elements in 2022

Here are some of the top PowerPoint SlideShare templates from Envato Elements:

1. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Business Plan PowerPoint Template

The business Plan PowerPoint template can be used as a SlideShare presentation and is fully editable. This template comes with ten color scheme options and 700 slides. The Business Plan PowerPoint template comes with a picture placeholder, making it easier to add an image of your choice.

2. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Oriola: Business PowerPoint Template

Oriola Business PowerPoint Template

This SlideShare PPT comes with 100 unique and editable slides. Here are some key features of this template:

This template is an excellent option if you’re looking for a clean business PowerPoint template with a simple design.

3. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Business Consulting PowerPoint Template

Business Consulting PowerPoint Template

The Business Consulting PowerPoint Template can be used as a SlideShare presentation. This template has 1,200 total slides with 30 unique slides. Also, you can choose from five different color schemes. If you're looking for a business-themed template with infographics, this is a great choice.  

4. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">PowerPoint Business Presentation Template

PowerPoint Business Presentation Template

PowerPoint Business Presentation Template is a multi-purpose SlideShare PowerPoint template. Here are some highlights of this template:

This template is great if you’re looking for a professional business template with a pop of color.

5. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation

Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation

Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation is a modern and clean premium template. This SlideShare PowerPoint template comes with over 50 unique slides. Also included in the Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation is over 100 icons. Easily drag and drop an image of your choice into the picture placeholders.

Use PowerPoint + SlideShare & the Power of the Internet

Use SlideShare and the power of the Internet to reach a much larger audience for your presentation than you normally would. It's not difficult to learn to use SlideShare to showcase your best PowerPoint presentation and reach a wider audience if you know what to do.

The SlideShare presentation examples in this article may seem intimidating at first. But if you take a closer look at what each SlideShare author has done to make their slideshow effective, you'll see that an effective SlideShare isn't beyond your reach.

Turn to this article for inspiration in creating your own PowerPoint presentation for SlideShare. And don't forget to ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">use a template when creating your presentation to save time and for a ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">better design . 

Are you ready? Get started on your own SlideShare today.

Editorial Note: This post was originally published in August of 2017. It's been comprehensively revised to make current, accurate, and up to date—with special help from Brenda Barron and Sarah Joy . Brenda and Sarah are freelance instructors with Envato Tuts+.

Laura Spencer

How to Create a Simple PowerPoint Presentation

These steps let you add titles, text, designs, and images.

Christina Morillo / Pexels

You can make your next classroom or office presentation stand out by creating slides in PowerPoint, a simple process anyone can learn with a little practice.

Getting Started

Microsoft Corporation

When you first open PowerPoint, you'll see a blank “slide” with space for a title and a subtitle in different boxes. You can use this page to begin creating your presentation right away. Add a title and subtitle in the boxes if you want, but you can also delete the boxes and insert a photo, graph, or another object onto the slide.

Creating Slides

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

Here is an example of a title in the “title” box, but instead of a subtitle, there's a photo in the subtitle box.

To create a slide like this, click inside the “Title” box and type a title. The “subtitle” box is a container for inserting text, but if you don't want a subtitle there, you can remove this box by clicking on one edge to highlight it and then hitting “delete.” To insert a picture into this space, go to "Insert" on the menu bar and select "Picture." Choose a photo from your saved photo files in locations such as "My Pictures" or a flash drive .

The picture you select will be inserted onto the slide, but it may be so big that it covers the entire slide. You can select the picture and make it smaller by moving your cursor to the edge of the photo and dragging the corners inward.

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

Now that you have a title slide, you can create additional presentation pages. Go to the menu bar at the top of the page and select "Insert" and "New Slide." You’ll see a new blank slide that looks a little different. The makers of PowerPoint have tried to make this easy and have guessed that you’d like to have a title and some text on your second page. That's why you see “Click to add title” and “Click to add text.”

You can type a title and text in these boxes, or you can delete them and add any type of text, photo, or object that you like by using the "Insert" command.

Bullets or Paragraph Text

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

A title and text have been inserted in the boxes on this slide template. The page is set up to insert text in bullet format. You can use bullets, or you can delete the bullets and type a paragraph .

If you choose to stay with the bullet format, type your text and hit "return" to make the next bullet appear.

Adding a Design

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

Once you have created your first couple of slides, you might want to add a design to your presentation. Type the text for your next slide, then go to "Format" on the menu bar and select "Slide Background." Your design choices will show up on the right side of the page. Click on the different designs to see how your slide will look in each format. The design you select will be applied to all your slides automatically. You can experiment with the designs and change them at any time.

Watch Your Slide Show

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

You can preview your slideshow at any time. To see your new creation under way, go to "View" on the menu bar and select "Slide Show." Your presentation will appear. To move from one slide to another, use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard.

To go back to design mode, hit the “Escape” key. Now that you have some experience with PowerPoint, you're ready to experiment with some of the other features of the program.

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

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Sample PowerPoint Slides

These sample slides demonstrate how to incorporate the graphic-identity into PowerPoint presentations and can be used as templates.

The Dickinson College Seal

Dickinson College

P.O. Box 1773, Carlisle, PA 17013 | (800) 644-1773

Professional PowerPoint Examples To Upgrade Your Designs

Carla Albinagorta

PowerPoint is an amazing tool for businesses of all kinds. Whether it is to pitch a new project, introduce your company to a potential client, or update your team, PowerPoint can help you convey your messages more clearly and effectively. But as helpful as it is, PowerPoint can also be a double-edged sword. Your presentation will heavily influence the image your audience has of you and your business, and a professional PowerPoint design can make or break a presentation. Making it look clean and sharp may not be as easy as it may seem. These professional PowerPoint design examples are perfect to learn how to make an amazing presentation that conveys your business image accurately and impresses your audience.

outsourcing presentation design

Why Is It Important To Make Professional-Looking PowerPoint Presentations?

It’s pretty common to leave your PowerPoint presentation to the very last minute. After all, the content of the presentation is the main focus. Working on your research, ideas, and data is the main and foremost work you need to do, and probably what will take more time and effort. However, as important as the content is, the way all this information is presented can also play a vital role in how your message is received.

Despite what people may say, first impressions do matter ! Think about it this way: Imagine you’re conducting an interview for a new job position in your company. After picking the ones that fulfill the prerequisites, you ask them to make a presentation about them, their achievements, and why they are the best ones for the job. But the finalists all have great achievements and knowledge that would fit your company. So how do you pick one?

Chances are, you’ll probably pick the one who’s presentation reflects the better the achievements and characteristics that they are telling. One of them may say they’re really hardworking and rigorous. But with a default-blank, all-text presentation, it’s more likely to look as if it has been done last-minute. It might even look lazy, or just not interested enough in the opportunity.

Taking care of how your presentation looks reflects consciousness and care about how your audience views you and your message. It shows that you’re willing to put effort into it and that you’re organized, orderly, and trustworthy . While the facade can not replace the contents of a presentation, it can definitely enhance it, highlight it, and support it .

professional powerpoint examples

Death by PowerPoint

Over the last decades, PowerPoint has gained something of a bad reputation . It has been accused of making dumber, lazier audiences, and to hinder learning. “Death by PowerPoint” syndrome has become so common, I’m pretty sure we have all experienced it. Haven’t you ever sat through a 70-slide presentation just begging for it to be over?

The true value of PowerPoint presentations depends completely on how they’re being used. All those “Death by PowerPoint” presentations are probably examples of a PowerPoint replacing the entire presentation, instead of complementing its message. We usually think “PowerPoint presentations, what a bore!”. But what we’re really thinking about is of unprofessional PowerPoint examples.

A professional PowerPoint design means a presentation that enhances its message perfectly. As long as the content is alright, there is no “Death by PowerPoint” in a presentation with a professional design. A professional PowerPoint would not allow 70+ text-filled slides. It would not have an all-blank default design. Professional PowerPoint presentations would not have distracting color combinations and animations that get in the way.

bad PowerPoint presentation example

Check out this PowerPoint design example above. Even if it’s very simple, it doesn’t look very professional, does it? Many times we think of professional PowerPoint design as just being sober. But business-like doesn’t have to be boring. PowerPoint can be an excellent tool to convey your business image and vision along with your message.

PowerPoint colorful design

This slide is a much better example of a professional PowerPoint design. It’s straightforward without being boring. Icons help highlight each point. There’s enough text to convey the key ideas and let the speaker elaborate on them. The red and blue color palette is much more useful to catch the audience’s attention than a color block background. And the illustrations of people highlight the theme of social interaction.

Professional PowerPoint Examples

At the end of the day, what “professional PowerPoint design” really means is simply a sharp and clean design that complements your message perfectly . Professional PowerPoint design should provide a visual aid for your audience in a way that helps convey the content without getting in the way of the speaker. But it should also help you showcase your company’s image to your audience.

A good PowerPoint presentation will highlight the key elements of your content. But a professional PowerPoint design will reflect the time and effort you have invested in your product, and convey to your audience your reliability and expertise in the subject.

Even if your presentation is for internal company use only, cleanliness and professionalism still matter. You’re setting an example for your team on what is the quality expected, and how seriously the job must be taken. For example, think about making a project planning presentation. A last-minute, improvised-looking PowerPoint will probably give the impression that the project itself is to be figured out along the way. A professional PowerPoint design, on the other hand, will convey perfectly how serious the matter at hand is, and how much effort and work is expected on it.

professional powerpoint design example

What Makes a Professional PowerPoint Design?

So the real question is: What makes a presentation look professional? It’s not as easy as just saying “keep it simple”. As you can see in the slides higher up in this post, even a simple, one-color background can look pretty unprofessional. And a colorful, playful one, can look much better.

In one word, a professional PowerPoint design can be summarized as clean . All the professional PowerPoint examples you see on this list can seem very different from one another. But what they all have in common is that they have a very polished and sharp design.

Professional PowerPoint design is all about attention to detail. From the color palette to the background to the images and icons, all elements must look as if they have been thought through and through. Looking rushed and improvised is an easy way to look unpolished and unprofessional.

professional powerpoint design examples

Professional PowerPoint design is difficult to define. Since it depends on your presentation topic and the message you’re trying to convey, there is no one-size-fits-them-all. Our designers here at 24Slides work with 3 main styles: Corporate, Creative, and Playful. This way, they make sure that the design fits perfectly the client’s expectations.

You’ll notice that despite the fact that these presentations look very different from one another, they all look very professional and sharp. Hopefully, some of these professional PowerPoint examples will give you a better idea of what “professional presentation design” really means!

Professional PowerPoint Corporate Examples

If you’re looking for a presentation design that conveys how reliable and serious you are, then these professional PowerPoint Corporate examples are just for you. The Corporate style is very business-like and data-oriented.

professional powerpoint design services

Blue is a color that is usually associated with authority, strength, and dependability. That’s why it is perfect for this presentation’s design. The different tones of greys and blues prevent the slides from looking plain and boring. And at the same time, it helps divide the information into different sectors and topics without having to be explicit about it. If you want to see the complete transformation, here’s the professional PowerPoint example before-and-after Corporate makeover .

professional powerpoint makeover example

This one is another great professional PowerPoint design example of the Corporate Style. In the before-and-after comparison of Oracle’s presentation , you can see clearly how professional design can completely change the feel of a presentation. The corporate style is more minimalistic and clean, and in this case, it works wonders to make the slides look more polished and less confusing.

Professional PowerPoint Creative Examples

The Creative style is the most popular one when it comes to the requests 24Slides’ designers receive. And it’s no wonder why! As you can see in these professional PowerPoint design examples, Creative is the perfect middle ground between Corporate and Playful. It focuses on having a flexible layout that will make your information as eye catching as possible. In contrast with the Corporate style, the Creative Style is a little more daring with its color palettes. This can be great (as you can see in the following PowerPoint design examples) for representing your brand and giving your presentation more personality.

before-and-after professional Powerpoint makeover

Take this professional PowerPoint example. Since it is an Amazon presentation , the makeover focuses on using colors that represent the brand and the company. Data representation is vital in many business presentations. However, numbers alone are not good enough. The way you present it must also be eye-catching and easily understandable for it to make a real impact. This professional PowerPoint is the perfect example of this. The background design, color palette, and icons make for a much more memorable presentation than the original slide.

powerpoint design transformation

Professional presentation design can make a difference from the very start. Check out the title slide in this Adidas PowerPoint , for example. This company’s color palette can be difficult to work with, as it consists mainly of whites, greys, and black. However, a professional PowerPoint design can still completely transform a presentation and take it to the next level. Its layout incorporates the brand logo and colors, as well as the product. Elements complement perfectly each other, making it look much more interesting than just a title over a generic image. All while still being clear and easy to understand at first glance.

Professional PowerPoint Playful Examples

Despite what people might think, “professional” doesn’t have to mean boring! These Playful presentations are the perfect professional PowerPoint design examples of both polished and fun. As has been said before, it all depends on what kind of message you want to give. When your presentation is over, what image of your company do you want your audience to leave with? If you’re thinking about focusing on creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, or even one-on-one customized service, then the Playful style might be the perfect fit. These professional PowerPoint design examples are ideal to make the audience feel closer to the speaker and part of the presentation.

professional powerpoint design example

Take this McDonald’s Investors Plan presentation . Since the “Happy Meal” is such an important part of the brand’s identity, it makes sense that their presentations are happy and fun too! This whole professional PowerPoint example is filled with McDonald’s products as part of the presentation’s design. Even if the topic is business-oriented, explaining their situational and SWOT analysis in the form of hamburgers, sodas, and french fries makes for a much more unique and eye-catching presentation.

Playful PowerPoint design transformation

This professional PowerPoint design is another great example of how versatile the Playful style can be. Since Linkedin is all about connecting people, this design is an excellent option for showing it to their audience during the presentation too. The original slide is too serious and boring. On the other hand, this professional design is perfect for not only conveying the same points but also highlighting the feeling of building a team.

If you liked the Corporate, Creative, or Playful PowerPoint designs, here you’ll find more examples of each .

Tips To Make Your PowerPoint Look More like this Professional Examples!

There’s a reason why all these professional PowerPoint design examples look so good: they’re done by professionals! As much as we might all want all our presentations to look like that, chances are we do not have the same design skills that our amazing designers here at 24Slides have.

However, there still are some easy steps you can take in order to make your presentation look a little more like these professional PowerPoint examples. Take into consideration that, just like most things, there’s a learning curve in order to learn how to design amazing presentations.

What do you want your audience to perceive you like? This can be a good guide when thinking about how to design your presentation. Do you want to look reliable? Friendly and approachable? Business-oriented? Get inspiration from the professional PowerPoint examples above and what you feel each can convey.

Working with colors can be a little bit tricky if you’re just starting. Too many colors, especially if they don’t complement each other very well, can be very distracting. Or, on the other hand, too little can make your presentation dull and boring. If you’re struggling, working with a neutral color base (like white, grey, or black) is a great start. You can add details in brighter colors, or use your company’s color palette. Be smart when picking your presentation color scheme , as it can really make a difference! Tools like Color Calculator and Paletton can help you get ideas for complementary colors.

While being professional is not just about being simple, “unclogging” your slides from unnecessary elements can help you achieve a more polished look. Avoid adding too many images or animations that can easily turn into a distraction rather than an aid. A minimalistic design can be a great option for looking professional while still keeping fairly simple!

free PowerPoint background templates

Backgrounds can make a huge difference when designing your presentation. As you’ve probably seen in the professional PowerPoint examples above, a color-block background is an easy way to look lazy and over-simplistic. Check out these Background templates you can download for free, or use them as inspiration. You can also add transparent pictures as background for your slides. They’re more interesting than having it be just one color, and you can set the transparency so it doesn’t hinder your content.

PowerPoint offers an amazing array of design tools. From templates to the Design Ideas tool , there are many tools that can make a difference. It’s all about experimenting and learning what works for you. Here are some tips on how to work better with images in PowerPoint . Little details can go a long way in making your presentation look more professional.

Sometimes it is easier to look out for what not to do in order to achieve a better result. These bad PowerPoint examples will help you take note of all those things that you want to avoid at all costs.

Trust Professional PowerPoint Design

Designing a good PowerPoint presentation takes time and effort. A mentioned before, there’s a learning curve for making your presentations look just like you want them too. At the end of the day, the easiest, most efficient way to achieve a professional PowerPoint design as the examples above is to… Hire professionals!

Outsourcing PowerPoint design is a great option for all those looking for customized presentations. You can save tons of time and achieve better results by just hiring a designer to work on your presentation. Professional PowerPoint designers have all the skills and tricks to take your presentations to the next level. Instead of investing hours in trying to make it on your own, outsourcing presentation design gives you the best possible result.

And professional PowerPoint design can be way cheaper than you might think. Take into consideration all the time and effort taken from your actual work that you would spend on making an outstanding presentation. And chances are, that the results will not be quite what you were expecting, at least the first few times. At the end of the day, outsourcing presentation design is not only the most cost-efficient way to get professional-looking slides. All while still making sure that your presentation looks exactly as you want it to. Don’t believe it? Check this calculator to find out your hidden PowerPoint costs.

24Slides’ designers will be happy to help you upgrade your PowerPoint design and turn your presentations into exactly what you want them to be. You can just pick which style fits your message and company best, and forget about it! Our designers will make sure that you receive the best presentation possible in just 24 hours.

Create professional presentations online

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23 presentation examples that really work (plus templates!)

23 presentation examples that really work

To help you in your quest for presentation greatness, we’ve gathered 23 of the best business presentation examples out there. These hand-picked ideas range from business PowerPoint presentations, to recruitment presentations, and everything in between.

As a bonus, several of our examples include editable video presentation templates from  Biteable .

Biteable allows anyone to create great video presentations — no previous video-making skills required. The easy-to-use platform has hundreds of brandable templates and video scenes designed with a business audience in mind. A video made with Biteable is just what you need to add that wow factor and make an impact on your audience.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Video presentation examples

Video presentations are our specialty at Biteable. We love them because they’re the most visually appealing and memorable way to communicate.

1. Animated characters

Our first presentation example is a business explainer from Biteable that uses animated characters. The friendly and modern style makes this the perfect presentation for engaging your audience.

Bonus template:  Need a business video presentation that reflects the beautiful diversity of your customers or team? Use  Biteable’s workplace scenes . You can change the skin tone and hair color for any of the animated characters.

2. Conference video

Videos are also ideal solutions for events (e.g. trade shows) where they can be looped to play constantly while you attend to more important things like talking to people and handing out free cheese samples.

For this event presentation sample below, we used bright colours, stock footage, and messaging that reflects the brand and values of the company. All these elements work together to draw the attention of passers-by.

For a huge selection of video presentation templates, take a look at our  template gallery .

Business PowerPoint presentation examples

Striking fear into the hearts of the workplace since 1987, PowerPoint is synonymous with bland, boring presentations that feel more like an endurance test than a learning opportunity. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out these anything-but-boring business PowerPoint presentation examples.

3. Design pointers

This PowerPoint presentation takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how the speakers and users of PowerPoint are the problem, not the software itself.

Even at a hefty 61 slides, the vintage theme, appealing colors, and engaging content keep the viewer interested. It delivers useful and actionable tips on creating a better experience for your audience.

Pixar, as you’d expect, redefines the meaning of PowerPoint in their “22 Rules for Phenomenal Storytelling”. The character silhouettes are instantly recognizable and tie firmly to the Pixar brand. The bright colour palettes are carefully chosen to highlight the content of each slide.

This presentation is a good length, delivering one message per slide, making it easy for an audience to take notes and retain the information.

Google slides examples

If you’re in business, chances are you’ll have come across  slide decks . Much like a deck of cards, each slide plays a key part in the overall ‘deck’, creating a well-rounded presentation.

If you need to inform your team, present findings, or outline a new strategy, slides are one of the most effective ways to do this.

Google Slides is one of the best ways to create a slide deck right now. It’s easy to use and has built-in design tools that integrate with Adobe, Lucidchart, and more. The best part — it’s free!

5. Teacher education

Here’s a slide deck that was created to educate teachers on how to use Google Slides effectively in a classroom. At first glance it seems stuffy and businessy, but if you look closer it’s apparent the creator knows his audience well, throwing in some teacher-friendly content that’s bound to get a smile.

The slides give walkthrough screenshots and practical advice on the different ways teachers can use the software to make their lives that little bit easier and educate their students at the same time.

6. Charity awareness raiser

This next Google slide deck is designed to raise awareness for an animal shelter. It has simple, clear messaging, and makes use of the furry friends it rescues to tug on heartstrings and encourage donations and adoptions from its audience.

Pro tip:  Creating a presentation is exciting but also a little daunting. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed — especially if the success of your business or nonprofit depends on it.  Check out our tips  for advice on how to make a stand-out presentation.

Prezi presentation examples

If you haven’t come across  Prezi , it’s a great alternative to using static slides. Sitting somewhere between slides and a video presentation, it allows you to import other content and add motion to create a more engaging viewer experience.

7. Red Bull event recap

This Prezi was created to document the Red Bull stratosphere freefall stunt a few years ago. It neatly captures all the things that Prezi is capable of, including video inserts and the zoom effect, which gives an animated, almost 3D effect to what would otherwise be still images.  

Prezi has annual awards for the best examples of presentations over the year. This next example is one of the 2018 winners. It was made to highlight a new Logitech tool.

8. Logitech Spotlight launch

What stands out here are the juicy colors, bold imagery, and the way the designer has used Prezi to its full extent, including rotations, panning, fades, and a full zoom out to finish the presentation.

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

Sales presentation examples

If you’re stuck for ideas for your sales presentation, step right this way and check out this video template we made for you.

9. Sales enablement video presentation

In today’s fast-paced sales environment, you need a way to make your sales enablement presentations memorable and engaging for busy reps.  Sales enablement videos  are just the ticket. Use this video presentation template the next time you need to present on your metrics.

10. Zuroa sales deck

If you’re after a sales deck, you can’t go past this example from Zuora. What makes it great? It begins by introducing the worldwide shift in the way consumers are shopping. It’s a global phenomenon, and something we can all relate to.

It then weaves a compelling story about how the subscription model is changing the face of daily life for everyone. Metrics and testimonials from well-known CEOs and executives are included for some slamming social proof to boost the sales message.

Pitch presentation examples

Pitch decks are used to give an overview of business plans, and are usually presented during meetings with customers, investors, or potential partners.

11. Uber pitch deck

This is Uber’s original pitch deck, which (apart from looking a teensy bit dated) gives an excellent overview of their business model and clearly shows how they intended to disrupt a traditional industry and provide a better service to people. Right now, you’re probably very grateful that this pitch presentation was a winner.

You can make your own pitch deck with Biteable, or start with one of our  video templates  to make something a little more memorable.

12. Video pitch template

This video pitch presentation clearly speaks to the pains of everyone who needs to commute and find parking. It then provides the solution with its app that makes parking a breeze.

The video also introduces the key team members, their business strategy, and what they’re hoping to raise in funding. It’s a simple, clear pitch that positions the company as a key solution to a growing, worldwide problem. It’s compelling and convincing, as a good presentation should be.

13. Fyre Festival pitch deck

The most epic example of a recent pitch deck is this one for Fyre Festival – the greatest event that never happened. Marvel at its persuasion, gasp at the opportunity of being part of the cultural experience of the decade, cringe as everything goes from bad to worse.

Despite the very public outcome, this is a masterclass in how to create hype and get funding with your pitch deck using beautiful imagery, beautiful people, and beautiful promises of riches and fame.

Business presentation examples

Need to get the right message out to the right people? Business presentations can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Simply press play and let your video do the talking. No fumbling your words and sweating buckets in front of those potential clients, just you being cool as a cucumber while your presentation does the talking.

Check out two of our popular templates that you can use as a starting point for your own presentations. While they’re business-minded, they’re definitely not boring.

14. Business intro template

Modern graphics, animations, and upbeat soundtracks keep your prospects engaged as they learn about your business, your team, your values, and how you can help them.

15. Business explainer template

Research presentation examples.

When you’re giving a more technical presentation such as research findings, you need to strike the perfect balance between informing your audience and making sure they stay awake.

As a rule, slides are more effective for research presentations, as they are used to support the speaker’s knowledge rather can capture every small detail on screen.

With often dry, complex, and technical subject matter, there can be a temptation for presentations to follow suit. Use images instead of walls of text, and keep things as easy to follow as possible.

16. TrackMaven research deck

TrackMaven uses their endearing mascot to lighten up this data-heavy slide deck. The graphs help to bring life to their findings, and they ensure to only have one bite-size takeaway per slide so that viewers can easily take notes.

17. Wearable tech research report

Obviously, research can get very researchy and there’s not a lot to be done about it. This slide deck below lays out a ton of in-depth information but breaks it up well with quotes, diagrams, and interesting facts to keep viewers engaged while it delivers its findings on wearable technology.

Team presentation examples

Motivating your team can be a challenge at the best of times, especially when you need to gather them together for….another presentation!

18. Team update template

We created this presentation template as an example of how to engage your team. In this case, it’s for an internal product launch. Using colorful animation and engaging pacing, this video presentation is much better than a static PowerPoint, right?

19. Officevibe collaboration explainer

This short slide deck is a presentation designed to increase awareness of the problems of a disengaged team. Bright colors and relevant images combine with facts and figures that compel viewers to click through to a download to learn more about helping their teams succeed.

Recruitment presentation examples

Recruiting the right people can be a challenge. Presentations can help display your team and your business by painting a dynamic picture of what it’s like to work with you.

Videos and animated slides let you capture the essence of your brand and workplace so the right employees can find you.

20. Company culture explainer

If you’re a recruitment agency, your challenge is to stand out from the hundreds of other agencies in the marketplace.

21. Kaizen culture

Showcasing your agency using a slide deck can give employers and employees a feel for doing business with you. Kaizen clearly displays its credentials and highlights its brand values and personality here (and also its appreciation of the coffee bean).

Explainer presentation examples

Got some explaining to do? Using an explainer video is the ideal way to showcase products that are technical, digital, or otherwise too difficult to explain with still images and text.

Explainer videos help you present the features and values of your product in an engaging way that speaks to your ideal audience and promotes your brand at the same time.

22. Product explainer template

23. lucidchart explainer.

Lucidchart does a stellar job of using explainer videos for their software. Their series of explainers-within-explainers entertains the viewer with cute imagery and an endearing brand voice. At the same time, the video is educating its audience on how to use the actual product. We (almost) guarantee you’ll have more love for spiders after watching this one.

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Creating a winning presentation doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Modern slide decks and video software make it easy for you to give compelling presentations that sell, explain, and educate without sending your audience to snooze town.

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23 PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Creating Engaging and Interactive Presentations

23 PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Creating Engaging and Interactive Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are not usually known for being engaging or interactive. That’s often because most people treat their slides as if they are notes to read off  and not a tool to help empower their message.

Your presentation slides are there to help bring to life the story you are telling. They are there to provide visuals and empower your speech.

So how do you go about avoiding a presentation “snoozefest” and instead ensure you have an engaging and interactive presentation?  By making sure that you use your slides to help YOU tell your story, instead of using them as note cards to read off of.

The key thing to remember is that your presentation is there to compliment your speech, not be its focus.

In this article, we will be going over several tips and tricks on how you can become a storytelling powerhouse by building a powerful and engaging PowerPoint presentation.

Start with writing your speech outline, not with putting together slides

Use more images and less text, use high-quality images, keep the focus on you and your presentation, not the powerpoint, your presentation should be legible from anywhere in the room, use a consistent presentation design, one topic per slide, avoid information overwhelm by using the “rule of three”.

Avoid unnecessary animations

Do not use PowerPoint as a teleprompter

Re-focus the attention on you by fading into blackness

Change the tone of your voice when presenting, host an expert discussion panel, ask questions, embed videos, use live polling to get instant feedback and engage the audience.

He was known to practice, practice, and keep on practicing.

Summary – how to make your presentation engaging & interactive, fundamental rules to building powerful & engaging presentation slides.

Before we go into tips and tricks on how to add flair to your presentations, it’s essential to get the fundamentals of your presentation right.

Your PowerPoint presentation is there to compliment your message, and the story you are telling. Before you can even put together slides, you need to identify the goal of your speech, and the key takeaways you want your audience to remember.

YOU and your speech are the focus of this presentation, not the slides – use your PowerPoint to compliment your story.

Keep in mind that your slides are there to add to your speech, not distract from it.  Using too much text in your slides can be distracting and confusing to your audience. Instead, use a relevant picture with minimal text, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Use more images and less text

This slide is not unusual, but is not a visual aid, it is more like an “eye chart”.

Aim for something simpler, easy to remember and concise, like the slides bellow.

Keep in mind your audience when designing your presentation, their background and aesthetics sense. You will want to avoid the default clip art and cheesy graphics on your slides.

Use high-quality images for engaging presentations before and after

While presenting make sure to control the presentation and the room by walking around, drawing attention to you and what you are saying.  You should occasionally stand still when referencing a slide, but never turn your back to your audience to read your slide.

You and your speech are the presentations; the slides are just there to aid you.

Most season presenters don’t use anything less than twenty-eight point font size, and even Steve Jobs was known to use nothing smaller than forty point text fonts.

If you can’t comfortably fit all the text on your slide using 28 font size than you’re trying to say and cram too much into the slide, remember tip #1.4 – Use relevant images instead and accompany it with bullets.

Best Practice PowerPoint Presentation Tips

The job of your presentation is to help convey information as efficiently and clearly as possible. By keeping the theme and design consistent, you’re allowing the information and pictures to stand out.

However by varying the design from slide to slide, you will be causing confusion and distracting from the focus, which is you and the information to be conveyed on the slide.

Looking for beautiful PowerPoint Templates that provide you with a consistent design

Each slide should try and represent one topic or talking point. The goal is to keep the attention focused on your speech, and by using one slide per talking point, you make it easy for you to prepare, as well as easy for your audience to follow along with your speech.

Sometimes when creating our presentation, we can often get in our heads and try to over explain. A simple way to avoid this is to follow the “ Rule of Three ,” a concept coined by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

The idea is to stick to only 3 main ideas that will help deliver your point.  Each of the ideas can be further broken into 3 parts to explain further. The best modern example of this “Rule of Three” can be derived from the great Apple presentations given by Steve Jobs – they were always structured around the “Rule of Three.”

Rule of Three PowerPoint Presentation

Display one sentence at a time

If you are planning to include text in your slides, try to avoid bullet lists, and use one slide per sentence. Be short and concise. This best practice focuses on the idea that simple messages are easy to retain in memory. Also, each slide can follow your storytelling path, introducing the audience in each concept while you speak, instead of listing everything beforehand.

Presentation Blunders To Avoid

In reality, there is no need for animations or transitions in your slides.

It’s great to know how to turn your text into fires or how to create a transition with sparkle effects, but the reality is the focus should be on the message. Using basic or no transitions lets the content of your presentation stand out, rather than the graphics.

If you plan to use animations, make sure to use modern and professional animations that helps the audience follow the story you are telling, for example when explaining time series or changing events over time.

Only add engaging content that supports your main points

You might have a great chart, picture or even phrase you want to add, but when creating every slide, it’s crucial to ask yourself the following question.

“Does this slide help support my main point?”

If the answer is no, then remove it.  Remember, less is more.

A common crutch for rookie presenters is to use slides as their teleprompter.

First of all, you shouldn’t have that much text on your slides. If you have to read off something, prepare some index cards that fit in your hand but at all costs do not turn your back on your audience and read off of your PowerPoint.  The moment you do that, you make the presentation the focus, and lose the audience as the presenter.

Avoid To Give Out Copies of the Presentation

At least not before you deliver a killer presentation; providing copies of your presentation gives your audience a possible distraction where they can flip through the copy and ignore what you are saying.

It’s also easy for them to take your slides out of context without understanding the meaning behind each slide.  It’s OK to give a copy of the presentation, but generally it is better to give the copies AFTER you have delivered your speech. If you decide to share a copy of your presentation, the best way to do it is by  generating a QR code  for it and placing it at the end of your presentation. Those who want a copy can simply scan and download it onto their phones.

Avoid To Give Out Copies of the Presentation

Tips To Making Your Presentation More Engaging

The point of your presentation is to help deliver a message.

When expanding on a particularly important topic that requires a lengthy explanation it’s best to fade the slide into black.  This removes any distraction from the screen and re-focuses it on you, the present speaker. Some presentation devices have a built-in black screen button, but if they don’t, you can always prepare for this by adding a black side into your presentation at the right moment.

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

Part of making your presentation engaging is to use all the tools at your disposal to get your point across. Changing the inflection and tone of your voice as you present helps make the content and the points more memorable and engaging.

One easy and powerful way to make your presentation interactive is experts to discuss a particular topic during your presentation. This helps create a more engaging presentation and gives you the ability to facilitate and lead a discussion around your topic.

It’s best to prepare some questions for your panel but to also field questions from the audience in a question and answer format.

How To Make Your Presentation More Interactive

What happens if I ask you to think about a pink elephant?  You probably briefly think about a pink elephant, right?

Asking questions when presenting helps engage the audience, arouse interest and curiosity.  It also has the added benefit of making people pay closer attention, in case they get called on.

So don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if rhetorical; asking a question engages a different part of our brain. It causes us to reflect rather than merely taking in the information one way. So ask many them.

Asking questions can also be an excellent way to build suspense for the next slide.

Steve Jobs iPad launch presentation in Macworld 2008

(Steve Jobs was known to ask questions during his presentations, in this slide he built suspense by asking the audience “Is there space for a device between a cell phone and a laptop?” before revealing the iPad) Source: MacWorld SF 2018

Remember the point of your presentation is to get a message across and although you are the presenter, it is completely fine to use video in your PowerPoint to enhance your presentation.  A relevant video can give you some breathing time to prepare the next slides while equally informing the audience on a particular point.

CAUTION: Be sure to test the video beforehand, and that your audience can hear it in the room.

A trending engagement tool among presenters is to use a live polling tool to allow the audience to participate and collect immediate feedback.

Using a live polling tool is a fun and interactive way to engage your audience in real-time and allowing them to participate in part of your presentation.

Google Slides Poll with Audience Questions

Google Slides has a built-in Q&A feature that allows presenters to make the slide deck more interactive by providing answer to audience’s questions. By using the Q&A feature in Google Slides, presenters can start a live Q&A session and people can ask questions directly from their devices including mobile and smartphones.

Key Takeaways from one of the best presenters, Steve Jobs

He kept his slides uncluttered and always strove for simplicity.

In this slide, you can easily see he is talking about the battery life, and it uses a simple image and a few words. Learning from Jobs, you can also make a great presentation too. Focus on the core benefit of your product and incorporate great visuals.

Battery Steve Jobs Slides

Source: Macworld 2008

SlideModel.com can help to reproduce high-impact slides like these, keeping your audience engaging.

Engaging PowerPoint template with battery and minimalistic style

He was known to use large font size, the bigger, the better

A big font makes it hard to miss the message on the slide, and allows the audience to focus on the presenter while clearing the understanding what the point of the slide is.

He found made the complex sound simple

When explaining a list of features, he used a simple image and lines or simple tables to provide visual cues to his talking points.

Steve Jobs Presentation Styles

(This particular slide is referencing the iMac features)

What made Steve Jobs the master of presentation, was the ritual of practicing with his team, and this is simple yet often overlooked by many presenters.  It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking you don’t need to practice because you know the material so well.

While all these tips will help you create a truly powerful presentation , it can only achieve if applied correctly.

It’s important to remember when trying to deliver an amazing experience, you should be thoroughly prepared. This way, you can elevate your content presentation, convey your message effectively and captivate your audience.

This includes having your research cited, your presentation rehearsed.  Don’t just rehearse your slides, also take time to practice your delivery, and your tone.  The more you rehearse, the more relaxed you will be when delivering. The more confident you will feel.

While we can’t help you with the practicing of your next presentation, we can help you by making sure you look good, and that you have a great design and cohesiveness.

How to deliver your next presentation

You focus on the message and content; we’ll focus on making you look good.

Have a tip you would like to include?  Be sure to mention it in the comments!

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

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examples of simple powerpoint presentations

examples of simple powerpoint presentations

Create a presentation

Create a presentation in PowerPoint

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

Create presentations from scratch or start with a professionally designed, fully customizable template from Microsoft Create .

Open PowerPoint.

In the left pane, select New .

Select an option:

To create a presentation from scratch, select Blank Presentation .

To use a prepared design, select one of the templates.

To see tips for using PowerPoint, select Take a Tour , and then select Create , .

Create new PowerPoint

Add a slide

In the thumbnails on the left pane, select the slide you want your new slide to follow.

In the  Home tab, in the  Slides  section, select  New Slide .

In the Slides section, select Layout , and then select the layout you want from the menu.

PowerPoint slide layouts

Add and format text

Place the cursor inside a text box, and then type something.

Select the text, and then select one or more options from the Font section of the Home tab, such as  Font , Increase Font Size , Decrease Font Size ,  Bold , Italic , Underline , etc.

To create bulleted or numbered lists, select the text, and then select Bullets or Numbering .

PowerPoint format text

Add a picture, shape, and more

Go to the  Insert  tab.

To add a picture:

In the Images section, select Pictures .

In the Insert Picture From menu, select the source you want.

Browse for the picture you want, select it, and then select Insert .

To add illustrations:

In the Illustrations section, select Shapes , Icons , 3D Models ,  SmartArt , or Chart .

In the dialog box that opens when you click one of the illustration types, select the item you want and follow the prompts to insert it.

Insert Images in PowerPoint

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examples of simple powerpoint presentations

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How to Create the Best PowerPoint Presentations [Examples & Templates]

Discover what makes the best PowerPoint presentations with these examples to inspire you.



Download ten free PowerPoint templates for a better presentation.

how to create the best powerpoint presentations examples templates

Updated: 06/13/22

Published: 11/17/20

Some presentations are better than others. Some have gorgeous designs. Some have insanely actionable takeaways. Some just give down-to-earth advice. But the best presentations represent all three.

And if you're looking to get started making your own presentation, why not learn from the best of the best?

To help you kick your own presentations up a notch, we've curated 24 awesome PowerPoint and SlideShare decks below. 

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How to Create a Presentation

Best powerpoint presentations.

When you're clicking through the presentations below, notice how they weave an interesting story through the format, design their slides, and make their presentations interactive with features exclusive to the platform on which they were created. These are all crucial elements to making an awesome presentation — ones that you can certainly adapt and apply them to your own, with the right approach.

Even better — you may just learn something new about marketing while you're at it.

1. Less is more.

Here's the thing — SlideShare exists for a reason. It allows users to view information in a presentation format without having to go somewhere else to see it presented. When you, a human being, deliver a presentation, chances are that that's part of the reason why people are tuning in. They care about the topic, but they also are curious about the person speaking on it.

That's why it can be valuable to keep your slides simple when delivering a presentation to an audience in-person. You want the focus to be on the message, rather than just the slides themselves. Keep the slides on-topic, but simple enough that people can still pay attention to what you're saying, using the visual presentation to support your message.

2. Keep text to a minimum.

One way to accomplish the aforementioned simplicity is to reduce the amount of text in your presentation. People recall information better when images are paired with it (as opposed to text), so to help your message resonate with the audience, focus on visual content when you create your slides — we'll cover more on that in a bit.

3. Rethink visuals.

When you reduce the amount of text in your slides, you'll need compelling visuals to support the message you're delivering to your audience. But that doesn't mean you can just throw some nice-looking photos onto your deck and move on. Like any other content strategy, the visual elements of your presentation need to be strategic and relevant.


Download 10 PowerPoint Templates for Free

While PowerPoint templates have come a long way since the program was first unveiled to the world, chances are, they're still commonly used. To help make your presentation unique, choose a theme that your audience hasn't seen dozens of times before — one that matches your brand and complements the topic you're speaking about.

Sometimes, it pays to look beyond to other presentation platforms other than PowerPoint to find unique templates, like Prezi. There are also many visual content design sites that offer customizable templates that you can adapt for your own brand and topic, like Canva. In fact, in addition to templates, Canva also offers its very own platform for building presentations from scratch . 

Additionally, you can also take a look at Venngage's free presentation maker for more professionally designed templates, icons and high-quality stock photos that you can use right away.

Charts and Graphs

One of the best ways to support the message you're delivering in your presentation is by including data and statistics — and the good news is that they, too, can be represented visually, rather than bulleted out in text.

That's where charts and graphs come in: They provide a colorful and engaging way to present the details that support your point. That said, make sure they fit in with the rest of your presentation's visual theme -- otherwise, it'll distract the audience from what you're talking about, rather than enhancing it. 

Color Themes

There's been some research around the way color can influence our emotions , especially when used in marketing.

And while the goal of your presentation may not necessarily be to make a sale, you might be trying to invoke certain feelings or impressions, which a strategic use of color can help you do. Check out  Coschedule's  guide on the psychology of color in marketing, which highlights the ways different tones, shades, and combinations can influence purchasing decisions.

When you do include text, you want it to be readable enough for your audience to fully consume and interpret it easily enough to avoid becoming distracted from your message. If you include text that's too small or dense to easily read, they'll become too focused on trying to decipher it to pay attention to what you're saying.

That's why the designers at Visage  recommend choosing Sans Serif fonts that opt for "legibility over fun," noting that text should not only be big enough for people in the back of the room to read it, but also, presented in the right color to maintain visibility over your background.

Image quality

Incorporating this fabulous visual content into your presentation will go to waste if the images are low-quality. Make sure your photos and other visual assets are high-resolution enough to be crisp and clear when displayed on a huge presentation screen.

10 FREE PowerPoint Templates

Tell us a little about yourself below to gain access today., 4. incorporate multimedia..

There's a reason why we love examples. You can give out the best advice available, but sometimes, in order to believe it, people need to see it in practice.

Multimedia is one way to achieve that — in a manner that can also capture and maintain your audience's attention. A simple Google search for " music in presentations " yields enough soundtrack results to suggests that it's a unique way of engaging your audience, or at least create a welcoming atmosphere before and after you speak.

Within the presentation itself, video — as it is in so many other applications — serves as valuable visual content to keep your audience engaged. After all, 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers , often because it helps to illustrate and explain theories in practice in a way that the spoken word or photographs can't do alone.

1. How to Produce Better Content Ideas  Mark Johnstone

We all get writer's block sometimes. You'll stare at a screen, hoping for inspiration to strike — and for that idea to be amazing.

But that's not actually the best way to think of ideas. In the presentation below, Mark Johnstone outlines a better way to brainstorm ideas that will help build your business.

2. How Google Works by Eric Schmidt

Ever wonder what it's actually like to work at Google? The presentation below from Eric Schmidt (Alphabet, Inc.'s Executive Chairman and ex-CEO of Google) could clue you in — it outlines some of the top lessons he and his team have learned from running and hiring for one of the top companies in the world. Besides giving you a peek behind the scenes of a top company, it could inspire you to make changes to the way your business runs.

3. Fix Your Really Bad PowerPoint by Slide Comet

Okay, maybe your PowerPoint isn't that bad, but this presentation has some awesome takeaways we all could learn from. Even if you're following all the tips in this presentation (inspired by Seth Godin's e-book), you can sure be inspired by its expert copy and design.

4. Why Content Marketing Fails by Rand Fishkin

Sometimes, the most helpful pieces of content tell you what not to do. Rand Fishkin's presentation does just that. He takes an in-depth look at the most common reasons people fail at content marketing — and offers practical, original advice on fixing it.

5. The What If Technique by Motivate Design

Most marketers are looking to grow ... but sometimes they can get stuck making incremental improvements. While these improvements are growth, larger, bigger growth jumps are what most people want. To help you get unstuck from incrementalism, Motivate Design outlined a process in the presentation below.

6. Digital Strategy 101 by Bud Caddell

Even though this presentation is almost 100 slides long, its content is pure gold. Caddell answers some of the biggest FAQs about digital strategy in a very accessible way. The reason his slides are so straightforward is because of the way he's laid them out. He's really adept at making "animated" slides explain his story — something we all should learn how to do.

7. 10 Ways to Win the Internets by Upworthy

Even though Upworthy's got a bad rap for creating clickbait headlines, their lessons on going viral are incredibly interesting. Besides having great advice about going viral, Upworthy does a great job of making its presentation interactive using clickable links .

8. Crap: The Content Marketing Deluge by Velocity Partners

Even though this SlideShare is a few years old, it's one every content marketer should flip through. The reason we love it so much is because the message — and delivery of that message — is pretty much flawless. Definitely take a second to flip through the presentation, as you'll learn a great lesson while also soaking up a great piece of SlideShare content.

9. What Would Steve Do? 10 Lessons from the World's Most Captivating Presenters by HubSpot

Not to toot our own horn, but this presentation has been one of our most successful ones, so we wanted to share it with you. I personally love how actionable tips are provided in a visual way. For example, in slides 47 through 49, the author explains the difference between "showing" and "telling" by putting the word "circle" next to a picture of a circle. Although showing, not telling, is a key storytelling technique in writing, it's especially effective in presentations.

10. How I Got 2.5 Million Views on SlideShare by Nick Demey

Feeling inspired to create a SlideShare of your own? Make sure you flip through Nick Demey's presentation first. He shares some tried-and-true tips for creating awesome presentations that rack up tons of views.

11. 10 Powerful Body Language Tips for Your Next Presentation by Soap Presentations

This presentation is inspirational from a design perspective -- we especially love the color scheme. Using complementary colors (colors opposite each other on the color wheel) can be overwhelming at times, but because Soap Presentations uses them with lots of white space in the background, the colors draw your attention to the content of the slides.

12. What 33 Successful Entrepreneurs Learned From Failure by ReferralCandy

Learning from mistakes is a crucial part of growing in your professional and personal lives. But sometimes, it's better to learn from others' mistakes instead of making them yourself. This presentation outlines some core lessons successful entrepreneurs have learned by making mistakes. Read on so you don't have to make the same ones.

13. Displaying Data by Bipul Deb Nath

We admire presentation for its exceptional display of data — now this post will explain how to do the same in your own presentations. I also love how this presentation is very concise and minimal, as it helps communicate a fairly advanced topic in an easy-to-understand way.

14. Design Your Career 2017 by Slides That Rock

This advice of this presentation is applicable (and its design admirable) even a few years later. The whole black-and-white color scheme really makes the salmon accent color pop — and the SlideShare creatively combines these elements for different slide layouts. Definitely bookmark this presentation as an example of a great SlideShare design.

15. A-Z Culture Glossary 2017 by sparks & honey

The first time I heard the phrase "on fleek," I had no idea what it meant. (Apparently, it's a term that means "on point," in case you were wondering.)

If you're like me and feel like it's nearly impossible to keep up with the latest cultural trends, spend time with the presentation below. It'll outline the most popular trends you should know this year — most definitely worth a read.

16. The History of SEO by HubSpot

SEO’s changed a lot in the past two decades. Most of us are concerned with keeping up with the latest and greatest changes … but have you ever taken a minute to step back in time? The presentation below will walk you through SEO history from the very beginning — it's been a fascinating ride.

17. 5 Killer Ways to Design the Same Slide by Crispy Presentations

Once you start designing presentations, it’s easy to fall back on tried-and-true layouts, photos, fonts, and colors. While keeping everything consistent can be good for branding or for shipping a deck quickly, it can also prevent people from noticing the awesome new content you’ve put together. The quick presentation below shows you a few different ways you can design the same slide — all depending on what you want it to accomplish.

18. The Seven Deadly Social Media Sins by XPLAIN

Besides having some great takeaways for any inbound marketer, I love how this presentation successfully uses Creative Commons images in almost every slide. It's pretty inspirational -- even if you don't have budget for stock photos, you can have an engaging presentation.

19. The Minimum Lovable Product by Spook Studio

When they’re first getting started, many startups and agile teams talk about creating a minimal viable product — using the smallest amount of resources to produce something that’s good enough to begin testing. After all, why pour tons of resources into something that you don’t know will work?

This presentation challenges the MVP concept in favor for creating something that people love. Check it out — it has lessons even for those of us who aren’t building technology every day.

20. How to Teach Yourself HTML and CSS This Month by Ryan Bonhardt

Lots of people have “learn to code” on their to-do list ... but they never get to it. In marketing, knowing how to navigate code is becoming even more important to being successful. If you’ve been waiting to get started with coding, check out the presentation below.

21. How People Really Hold and Touch (Their Phones) by Steven Hoober

When you hear the phrase “design for mobile” what do you think? Probably that you need to create a responsive website, and that’s about it.

But that’s not all you need to worry about. When you’re creating mobile-optimized content, you need to know how people actually use their phones — and the presentation below will you a great overview of consumer behavior.

22. How to Really Get Into Marketing by Inbound.org

If you're graduating from school or making a career change and looking to get into marketing, it can feel tough to actually get started. It's one of those "you need experience to get the job, but you have no experience" conundrums.

Well, that's where this presentation comes in. Hull growth marketer Ed Fry — once employee #1 at Inbound.org — gives real, actionable tips to help you get your foot in the door at your next marketing gig.

23. Search for Meaning in B2B Marketing by Velocity Partners

Sometimes, it's easy to get bogged down and think you're doing "just marketing." You're not operating on people and saving lives, right?

From the creators of "Crap: The Content Marketing Deluge" comes the following presentation. If you're ever feeling down-in-the-dumps about marketing, I'd highly recommend reading it. It's thoughtful, funny, and a great presentation to keep in your back pocket for a rainy day.

Power Point Your Presentation in the Right Direction

The best PowerPoint presentations have gorgeous designs, give insanely actionable takeaways, and provide down-to-earth advice.

Learn from these best PowerPoint presentation examples to create your own that represents all three.

Want more? Read  14 PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Building More Creative Slideshows [+Templates] .

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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examples of simple powerpoint presentations

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Become a presentation pro with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint templates

Microsoft PowerPoint templates offer the widest range of design choices, which makes them perfect for modern and sophisticated presentations and pitches. PowerPoint themes allow for a variety of presentation topics, giving you the freedom to choose the best presentation template design for your project. Microsoft offers a wide variety of PowerPoint templates for free and premium PowerPoint templates for subscribers of Microsoft 365. Each of our templates for PowerPoint allow for stylised charts and graphs while still maintaining a professional tone. Host a healthcare seminar, teach a school course about dinosaurs, design a fashion magazine or bring back the 1980s with a retro pitch deck. Anything you choose will be supported by PowerPoint, even if we haven’t thought of it yet. While Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation templates are all professionally designed and require only the lightest touch when filling in your relevant data, they can also be heavily modified. If you prefer a more hands-on and involved approach with your presentations, each PowerPoint template is easily customisable and allows you to change anything and everything to suit your exact needs.


  1. Free PowerPoint Presentation Template

    examples of simple powerpoint presentations

  2. Creative multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation Template (150215)

    examples of simple powerpoint presentations

  3. Creative Clean Professional PowerPoint Template

    examples of simple powerpoint presentations

  4. Powerpoint Presentation Design FPQ27

    examples of simple powerpoint presentations

  5. How To Create Professional Presentations Using Free PowerPoint Templates?

    examples of simple powerpoint presentations

  6. Professional Presentation Templates OR Free PowerPoint Themes

    examples of simple powerpoint presentations


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  1. 20 Great Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design [+ Templates]

    To see some examples of the best PowerPoint presentation designs, check out the following decks. 1. "The Search for Meaning in B2B Marketing," Velocity Partners 1 of 90 We've said it once, and we'll say it again: We love this presentation from Velocity Partner's Co-Founder Doug Kessler.

  2. 30 Simple and Modern PPT Presentations for 2022

    4. Authoer Modern PPT Template. Modern simple PPT templates use bold, punchy fonts to make an impact. Authoer implements this with the incredible typography and simple background slides for PPT. One of the slickest simple PowerPoint background designs in this round-up, Authoer is sure to reach your audience.

  3. 51 Best Presentation Slides for Engaging Presentations (2023)

    Here's a short selection of 8 easy-to-edit presentation templates you can edit, share and download with Visme. View more below: 51 Best Presentation Slides for Engaging Presentations Business Presentation Slides Finance Presentation Slides Sales & Marketing Presentation Slides Education Presentation Slides Pitch Deck Presentation Slides

  4. Free Simple Google Slide themes and PowerPoint templates

    Simple Presentation templates A clean, Simple slide design can help you deliver your message straight to your audience without distractions. Make good use of these Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates and create engaging presentations. Ads Ads Ads Elegant Education Pack for Students

  5. 17 PowerPoint Presentation Examples That Show Style ...

    A PowerPoint presentation example that shows consistency and style by using a strict color scheme: orange, beige, and deep blue. Orange and blue are one of the most popular contrasting combinations widely used in all kinds of designs. If you are not sure what colors to go with, simply choose a tested color scheme. 13.

  6. 20 Really Good PowerPoint Examples to Inspire Your Next Presentation

    "If you don't know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will." - Harvey Diamond 1. Idea to Identify: The Design of Brand This is a long one. Here we have a 242 slides presentation that exposes the myriad facets of design and how they impact the brand identity.

  7. 18+ Best PowerPoint SlideShare Presentation Examples (For 2022)

    Here are 14 recent examples of some of the best PowerPoint SlideShare presentations we've seen with this article. I'll include an image and a link to each SlideShare. After each presentation example, I'll briefly explain a few of the factors that make that SlideShare so effective.

  8. PowerPoint 101: The Ultimate Tutorial for Beginners

    PowerPoint's main screen is divided into three big parts. The first one, and the bigger one, is the Slide Editor. Here it is where you'll make any changes to the slide you're currently working on. You can add text, images, graphics, videos, and so on. The second part is the one on the left side of the screen: the Slide Thumbnail View.

  9. How to Create a Simple PowerPoint Presentation

    Creating Slides Microsoft Corporation Here is an example of a title in the "title" box, but instead of a subtitle, there's a photo in the subtitle box. To create a slide like this, click inside the "Title" box and type a title.

  10. Sample PowerPoint Slides

    These sample slides demonstrate how to incorporate the graphic-identity into PowerPoint presentations and can be used as templates. Sample PowerPoint Slides. PowerPoint Template (Red Title Slide) PowerPoint Template (Black Title Slide) PowerPoint Template (White Title Slide) (PPTX) PowerPoint Template (Black and red design, Wide Format Slide ...

  11. Professional PowerPoint Examples To Upgrade Your Designs

    This professional PowerPoint is the perfect example of this. The background design, color palette, and icons make for a much more memorable presentation than the original slide. Professional presentation design can make a difference from the very start. Check out the title slide in this Adidas PowerPoint, for example.

  12. 23 presentation examples that really work (plus templates!)

    Our first presentation example is a business explainer from Biteable that uses animated characters. The friendly and modern style makes this the perfect presentation for engaging your audience. Character Explainer Ad Video Template (Editable) Watch on Edit this video template

  13. Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint presentation

    PowerPoint presentations work like slide shows. To convey a message or a story, you break it down into slides. Think of each slide as a blank canvas for the pictures and words that help you tell your story. Newer versions Office 2010 Choose a theme When you open PowerPoint, you'll see some built-in themes and templates.

  14. Business presentation templates

    Business digital blue tunnel presentation (widescreen) PowerPoint. Business technology circuit board design presentation (widescreen) PowerPoint. Triple circuit lines presentation (widescreen) PowerPoint. Watercolor presentation (widescreen) PowerPoint. Medical design presentation (widescreen)

  15. 23 PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Creating Engaging ...

    Best Practice PowerPoint Presentation Tips. Use A Consistent Presentation Design. One Topic Per Slide. Avoid information overwhelm by using the "Rule of Three". Display one bullet at a time. Presentation Blunders To Avoid. Avoid unnecessary animations. Only add content that supports your main points.

  16. Create a presentation in PowerPoint

    Open PowerPoint. In the left pane, select New. Select an option: To create a presentation from scratch, select Blank Presentation. To use a prepared design, select one of the templates. To see tips for using PowerPoint, select Take a Tour, and then select Create, . Add a slide

  17. How to Create the Best PowerPoint Presentations [Examples & Templates]

    Keep the slides on-topic, but simple enough that people can still pay attention to what you're saying, using the visual presentation to support your message. 2. Keep text to a minimum. One way to accomplish the aforementioned simplicity is to reduce the amount of text in your presentation.

  18. PowerPoint templates

    PowerPoint themes allow for a variety of presentation topics, giving you the freedom to choose the best presentation template design for your project. Microsoft offers a wide variety of PowerPoint templates for free and premium PowerPoint templates for subscribers of Microsoft 365. Each of our templates for PowerPoint allow for stylised charts ...

  19. 160 Best powerpoint presentation examples ideas

    Mar 8, 2020 - This board are beautiful PowerPoint templates and themes to make your presentations look stunning. Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software on the market. Everyone from school kids to CEOs uses it to create all kinds of presentations to share with others. A PowerPoint template is a design tool to help you jumpstart that process and create a presentation with ...