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List of the Best Minority Owned Creative Design Companies

Social driver.

(63 Reviews)

Social Driver is a digital agency founded in 2011 with a team of over 10 members. Based in Washington, DC, they offer web design, social media marketing, and digital strategy solutions for clients ranging from small firms to large businesses in the fields of health care and nonprofit, among others.

Notable Project

A housing equity fund hired Social Driver for web design and development. Social Driver also assisted the client with creating branding guidelines. Key technologies included Webflow and Figma.

“They were worth every penny we spent.”

Design In DC

(35 Reviews)

Founded in 2016, Design In DC is a digital design agency that works with small and mid-market businesses. A team of 25 employees with a wide-range of skills, their technical services include app development, web development and maintenance. Design In DC also offers creative services such as videography and photography to enhance client projects. 

Design In DC designed and developed an interactive WordPress website for a software development company from scratch, implementing the client’s content strategy and desired elements into their designs.

“They do a great job at breaking away from how traditional, template-based WordPress sites look.”

(12 Reviews)

neuelane is a Miami-based full-service advertising agency founded in 2017. The team of about five employees serves midmarket and small businesses in the real estate, hospitality and leisure, and retail industries. They offer advertising, social media marketing, and branding services.

A hospitality company hired neuelane to provide rebranding services. Their efforts also included logo positioning, logo palette development, photography, and video content, among other tasks.

''It was a pleasurable experience working with them on this project.''

Ragsdale Design Group (RDG)

(4 Reviews)

Advertising company Ragsdale Design Group (RDG) was founded in 2008. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, their small team offers advertising, branding, web design, and web development.

Ragsdale Design Group helped a nonprofit company complete their website. The team handled the entire design and implementation process. 

"They were able to give me more than I had anticipated."

Complex Creative

(16 Reviews)

Complex Creative (Formerly London Creative Designs) is a digital agency that was founded in 2013. Headquartered in London, their small team of 8 specializes in web development, branding, graphic design, and more. 

An e-commerce jigsaw puzzle retailer hired Complex Creative to develop a website for their business.

"Communication with Sabrina was seamless and she was always prompt in her responses."

(5 Reviews)

Sensis is an integrated cross-cultural marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles Washington, D.C., Austin, and Atlanta. Founded in 1998, the team of 90+ offers advertising, research, digital experience, PR, social media, and branding. They develop research-based campaigns that drive measurable ROI their clients.

Sensis overhauled a university extension’s marketing department with the goal of transferring all operations to the in-house team. They implemented best practices, wrote brand guidelines, and trained staff.

"They were very focused on establishing calmness in the unit and creating a clear direction to guide their work."

Freestyle Creative

(1 Reviews)

Freestyle Creative is a marketing and advertising company located in Moore, Okla. Founded in 2007, they have roughly 10 teammates who also provide digital marketing, PR, web design, media placement, video production, and branding services. They tailor services to small businesses and midmarket firms in education as well as the real estate and healthcare industries.

Freestyle Creative provided branding services for a software development company. The team also provided UI designs for the client's website.

"They make it easy for us to communicate and work together!"

Noble Digital

(7 Reviews)

Noble Digital is a creative growth agency that was founded in 2012. They have three employs working out of Santa Monica, Calif., where they provide brand strategy and planning, digital campaigning, video production, and UX/UI design. They work with small, midmarket and global companies, primarily in e-commerce, business services, consumer products, and finance.

Noble Digital provides marketing support, analyzing the competition and product lines. They also produce creative promotional content.

"They’re data-people… and they’re creative too. But, their creativity is based on data, which makes all the difference."

Citizen Group

(17 Reviews)

True to its name, Citizen Group is an advertising agency with a pro-social, citizen-based approach. Founded in 2006, Citizen Group is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and its small team of 15 employees offers social media marketing, design, and branding.

Citizen Group devised a brand and advertising program for a waste reduction program. The team created a tagline, logo, and marketing collateral. Traditional advertising services included print and radio. 

"They went beyond what we of asked them as part of their program."

JJR Marketing Inc.

JJR Marketing is a marketing and public relations agency based in the west suburbs of Chicago, IL. Founded in 2006, JJR Marketing focuses on generating buzz, leads, referrals, sales, and growth for clients. The team of about 10 employees offers PR, social media marketing, marketing strategy, advertising, branding, and web design services to mostly small and mid-market businesses.

JJR Marketing launched a website for a COVID product in record time. After that success, they handle PR and marketing for the office interior company, including creating content and generating media attention.

"It was amazing how well they worked."

Crea7ive Branding and Advertising Agency

(8 Reviews)

Crea7ive Interactive Advertising is a Miami based branding agency. The agency was founded in 2006 and now maintains a team of about 10. Crea7ive Interactive Advertising focuses on branding, digital strategy, UX/UI design, marketing strategy, advertising and logo design for mid-size and large companies.

Crea7ive Interactive Advertising redesigned a healthcare outsourcing firm’s website. After that success, they produced print, digital, and video marketing, plus web design projects for the firm’s clients.

“They’re very responsive. They always take care of anything we need. I always enjoy working with them.”

A+S Ideas Studio

Worked with A+S Ideas Studio?

Founded in 2010, A+S Ideas Studio is a web design company. The company offers web design, advertising, branding, ux/ui design, and more and has a small team.

Agency MABU

Worked with Agency MABU?

Agency MABU is a video production company established in 2009. The agency focuses on video production, advertising, branding, and graphic design and has a small team.

SRB Communications

Worked with SRB Communications?

SRB Communications is a small advertising company. The Washington, District of Columbia-based company was launched in 1990. Their team offers advertising, marketing strategy, branding, broadcast video, and more.

SGW Integrated Marketing Communications

Worked with SGW Integrated Marketing Communications?

SGW Integrated Marketing Communications is a broadcast video company based in Montville, New Jersey. The small team focuses on broadcast video, video production, advertising, branding, and more. The firm was established in 1979.

d exposito & Partners

Worked with d exposito & Partners?

Advertising company d exposito & Partners was launched in 2005. They are in New York, New York and have a small team. D exposito & Partners provides advertising, branding, digital strategy, social media marketing, and more.

Hero Collective

Worked with Hero Collective?

Tico Productions LLC

Worked with Tico Productions LLC?

VIVO360, Inc.

Worked with VIVO360, Inc.?

VIVO360, Inc. Is a small advertising company. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, the firm was founded in 2001. Their services include advertising, branding, marketing strategy, web design, and more.

My House of Design

Worked with My House of Design?

Worked with AD PRO?

AD PRO is an advertising company. Established in 1988, the small company is based in Huntington Beach, California. Their services include advertising, graphic design, marketing strategy, and print design.


Worked with APartnership?

Foston International

Worked with Foston International?

Foston International is a Houston, Texas-based advertising company. Launched in 1984, the small team offers advertising, marketing strategy, public relations, and video production.

eLittle Communications Group

Worked with eLittle Communications Group?

eLittle Communications Group, an advertising company, was established in 2007. The firm offers advertising, marketing strategy, public relations, branding, and more and has a small team. The firm is in St. Louis, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky and Memphis, Tennessee.

RDP Creative

Worked with RDP Creative?

RDP Creative is an advertising company established in 2000. The midsize Houston, Texas-based team offers advertising, branding, digital strategy, print design, and more.

Ikonic Public Relations, LLC.

Worked with Ikonic Public Relations, LLC.?

Worked with BLN24?

FJG Advertising

Worked with FJG Advertising?

Imagen Corp.

Worked with Imagen Corp.?

Puppet Master Marketing

Worked with Puppet Master Marketing?

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Additional Online Student Fees

Online students should budget for extra expenses, such as materials and books. Many schools charge technology fees to cover tech support and other resources. Online enrollees may also need to pay administrative fees for registration or graduation.

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Degree-seekers often choose a creative writing genre, such as fiction, poetry, or playwriting. Rather than completing an English thesis analyzing a work of literature, students may complete a creative work, such as a novel or poetry collection.

See below for three common classes in online creative writing programs. This list is a sample curriculum. Courses vary by program.

Introduction to Creative Writing

Writing workshop, introduction to literary theory, featured online liberal arts programs, career and salary outlook for creative writing.

Salaries for graduates with an online creative writing degree vary by job title, employer, and experience level. Many graduates work in writing and publishing. However, degree-holders can apply their creative writing skills in many fields, including communications, advertising, and business.

See below for three common careers for creative writing majors. Read on to learn about job duties, salary potential, and projected career growth.

Writers and Authors

Technical writers.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

#10. University of Illinois at Springfield – Springfield, IL

Bachelor of Arts in English

The University of Illinois at Springfield offers an Online Bachelor of Art in English. This online degree program prepares students for a wide variety of jobs within a vast expanse of job-sectors. Students can find well-established careers in education, law, business, and healthcare. The degree program is characterized by its multifaceted nature. Courses available to students in this curriculum include Rhetoric and Composition in Digital Media, Non-Fiction Writing, and Professional Writing. This degree program requires a minimum of 68 units for completion. Online students at UIS have the unique opportunity to present their work at the Students Arts and Research Symposium.  The English department faculty are a diverse group of professionals from all backgrounds, and its diversity resembles that of the student body. The faculty additionally offers their support every step of the way.

Net Price: $12,054

Score: 90.3, #9. missouri state university – springfield, mo.

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing

Missouri State University provides an Online Bachelor of Art in Professional Writing program. This program shows its value by combining superior writing abilities with computer skills. Some of the fields open to graduates of this degree program include government, technology, and health care. The major requirements for this program is a minimum of 36 units. Students admitted to the program must also maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.50. Those who pursue this degree use their blend of writing and computer proficiencies to analyze, understand, and understand the conventions of the English language. One of the more interesting aspects of the program is that students are required to take four courses outside of their major. Some of these focuses include The Natural World, Public Issues, and Cultural Competence.  

Net Price: $15,173

#8. university of colorado – denver, co.

Bachelor of Arts in English Writing

The University of Colorado offers an Online Bachelor of Art in English Writing program to all interested students. This undergraduate degree program exposes students to all aspects of English. The program houses students with different goals and interests while still giving great attention to all disciplines of English. The online courses are taught and pursued with the same fervor and intensity that those who attend in person experience. Although the program is flexible and designed with all types of lifestyles in mind, full-time students are still expected to graduate within four years. Some of the courses offered to students during their degree program include Technical Writing, Business Writing, and Fiction Workshop. CU is specifically appealing to technical writers, authors, and editors.

Net Price: $14,586

Score: 91.7, #7. university of massachusetts - amherst – shrewsbury, ma.

Bachelor of Arts in Writing Concentrations

The University of Massachusetts - Amherst offers an Online Bachelor of Arts in Writing Concentrations. UMass Amherst University Without Walls aims to assist all levels of writers in expanding their understanding of the theory and practice of professional writing. This comprehension of the language extends across all genres of modern and traditional writing. UMass Amherst allows for 105 units to be transferred into their all online program. The undergraduate degree is designed with those facing the challenges of family, community, and professional responsibilities in mind. Students considering this program must have a minimum of 12 units completed with a 2.0 GPA maintained. Those curious about attending must be clear that the program is open to all, but that it is also rigorous once enrollment is obtained.

Net Price: $21,281

Score: 91.8, #6. university of memphis – memphis, tn.

The University of Memphis provides the platform for an Online Bachelor of Art in English. This four-year program offers courses such as Forms of Poetry, Literary Programming, and Studies in Discourse Analysis. The University of Memphis has a Smart Start supplementary program for adults returning to take classes. The initiative assists with readiness and preparation for the pursuit of a degree.

Students are given the opportunity to hone their skills and ramp up for the technology-driven curriculum. Students interested in the degree program can assess their readiness by taking an online assessment. The two online degree concentrations include Professional Writing and African-American Literature. Students also need to complete a minimum of 120 units to achieve their degree. Those who are not already U of M students need to complete an online application.  

Net Price: $13,663

Score: 92.6, featured online education programs, #5. central washington university – ellensburg, wa.

Bachelor of Arts in English with Professional & Creative Writing

Central Washington University has an Online Bachelor of Art in English with Professional and Creative Writing to combine technical aspects of professional writing with the freedom to write creatively. Students are required to take a minimum of 74 credits to complete the degree. Available courses include Legal Writing Credits, Advanced Fiction Writing, and Women’s Literature. The English department also amplifies the voices of their students by announcing poems that are published and other literary successes by posting congratulatory messages on the CWU website. Because this degree is a specialization, students need to complete two upper-division courses prior to enrolling.

Net Price: $14,124

Score: 94.7, #4. old dominion university – norfolk, va.

Old Dominion University awards an Online Bachelor of Art in Professional Writing. This supplemental certificate program for the Bachelor of Art requires a minimum of 12 credits. The purpose of the certificate program is to strengthen and focus on writing abilities. Students develop clarity in their written communications. ODU’s online program also provides graduates with a unique tool. The Career Coach is an online system that allows students to explore their employability in various regions. There is a job board, a resume assistant, and an assessment center available for career building as well. The class conversations are live as if in a classroom. Students in this degree program may enroll in courses such as Digital Writing, Public Relations, and Management Writing.

Net Price: $15,213

Score: 95.7, #3. university of houston – houston, tx.

Bachelor of Arts in English with Creative Writing

The University of Houston offers an Online Bachelor of Art in English with Creative Writing. The career opportunities for students who complete this degree are as vast as they are endless. Students can find opportunities in both the public and private sector with positions in law, web design, and publishing. In pursuit of this degree, students enroll in courses such as Literature and Culture, Workplace Presentations, and Studies in Poetry. The Workplace Presentations course is particularly helpful in tying the classroom to the real world professional experience. Students learn to create and give presentations by clearly communicating information in multimedia mediums. Students graduate with the ability to critically analyze various texts and develop unique ideas grounded in evidence. This program is built to develop the critical skills needed for workplace success.

Net Price: $15,664

Score: 97.0, #2. university of central florida – orlando, fl.

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing or Professional Writing

The University of Central Florida in Orlando offers both a Bachelors in Creative Writing or Professional Writing Degrees Online. The idea behind each of these online degree programs emphasizes student engagement through the development of writing skills. These degree programs require a minimum of 120 units for completion. Students will combine theory, practice, and technique during their pursuit of this degree. UCF also features a student support center online. The intuitive system allows students to address issues, stay organized with checklists, and seek out tutoring. The online support system is robust, designed specifically for those who attend the degree programs virtually.  

Net Price: $15,341

Score: 98.4, #1. arizona state university-tempe – tempe, az.

Arizona State University-Tempe offers an Online Bachelor of Art in English degree program. This program is designed with the idea that students have full control over their curriculum. During that time, students develop written, oral, and analytic skills that create the foundation for exploration and problem-solving in the professional world. Students are expected to complete 120 credits to graduate while maintaining a 2.0 GPA. The online program also touts its enrollees as a community rather than merely classmates. The English department drives learning through collaboration by promoting conversation and discussion to enhance individual analysis.

Net Price: $12,947

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English and Creative Writing

teacher and students in classroom

Join a powerful community of creative writers and thinkers.   In Emory's English and Creative Writing program, you will study both art and craft  of writing , alongside some of the nation’s most talented students and acclaimed faculty in one of the nation's leading creative writing programs.

Build your skills from idea to draft to revision—as you explore areas including fiction, nonfiction, dramatic writing, and poetry.   

Graduates from the English and Creative Writing program g o on to highly competitive writing and PhD programs as well as to many other fields of study, including medicine, business, and law.   

Recent graduates are working at  Forbes Travel Guide, CNN Digital, Penguin Random House, Modern Luxury, Challenge Foundation , and  William Morris Endeavor .   

Notable alumni include:

Examples of Classes at Oxford

Introduction to creative writing.

This introductory workshop normally covers two genres, most often fiction and poetry.


A writing-intensive course in the construction of screenplays, which also broaches various aspects of pre-production planning.

American Crime Fiction

Study the history of crime fiction starting with Poe, Doyle, and the Golden Age of mystery fiction before focusing on its American development. 

Example of Major Classes

Introduction to poetry writing.

Experience the profound connection between reading poetry and writing it. Generate new work while helping one another through discussions examining the writer’s intentions, ideas, phrases, and images.  

Intermediate Playwriting

Experience the creative process first-hand from inspiration through character development to dramatic action and dialogue in this collaborative course co-taught by a playwright and a theater artist .  

Georgia Civil Rights Cold Case

A   historical and journalistic exploration of the Jim Crow South through the prism of unsolved or unpunished civil rights-era murders in Georgia.   This course was the foundation for WABE’s Peabody Award-winning podcast, “Buried Truths.”  Taught by Pulitzer and Peabody-award winner professor Dr. Hank Klibanoff.

Research in Creative Writing

Jiréh Breon Holder

Bringing characters to life through research  

Creative writing and theater studies students’ research supports Playwriting Fellow Jiréh Breon Holder’s professional stage production.   

Christell Victoria Roach

I know I was meant to be at Emory. Coming here, I felt I had access to words I hadn't been able to find before. It has been integral for me to see who I am as a writer by developing as a student and researcher first. Christell Victoria Roach 19C Creative Writing and African American Studies double major Christell's award-winning journey

Majors and Minors

At Emory, our list of academic programs is expansive and unexpected, challenging you to try something new or develop a burning interest. Either way, you have many opportunities to choose, combine, and pair majors to make your academic path your own.

Accounting BBA Primary Area

Accounting is the language of business. Fluency in financial reporting, the legal environment, and taxation should be part of your vocabulary. Our approach concentrates on major issues that impact accounting such as ethics, psychology, and international standards.

African American Studies BA Major, Minor

Learn about the histories, cultures, and political movements of black communities across the US and the global African diaspora. African American studies embraces academic excellence and social responsibility through pursuing knowledge across subject areas and engagement with local, national, and international communities of African descent.

African Studies BA Major, Minor

African studies focuses on the histories, societies, and cultures of the peoples of Africa. You'll be encouraged to participate in study or research abroad through an internship or one of Emory's summer, semester, or yearlong programs in Africa or London.

American Studies BA Major, Minor

American studies considers the patterns of American culture as they have changed over time. Explore the particular experiences of Americans from different regions, social classes, races, ethnicities, genders, and national backgrounds.

Analytic Consulting BBA Secondary Area

Analytic consulting equips you to evaluate business from multiple perspectives and prepares you to holistically address business problems and make meaningful recommendations. Courses will enhance your ability to identify relevant information and patterns, with an emphasis on analyzing, optimizing, monitoring, and controlling.

Ancient Mediterranean Studies BA Major, Minor

Ancient Mediterranean studies emphasizes the interconnections of the ancient cultures of the Near East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Courses highlight the exchange of artifacts and ideas throughout Mediterranean history. You'll have the option to spend time abroad participating in archaeological projects or in other Emory programs in Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Italy.

Anthropology BA Major, Minor

Anthropology is the holistic study of human beings as biological and cultural organisms in both the past and present. It is divided into four subdisciplines: biological, archaeology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology.

Anthropology and Human Biology BS Major

The program in anthropology and human biology promotes the interaction between biology and culture. If you're interested in a pre-med curriculum, we believe future physicians will benefit from exposure to several perspectives in anthropology.

Applied Mathematics BS Major, Minor

Applied mathematics deals with mathematical methods used in science, engineering, business, computer science, and industry. Our program will equip you for jobs in areas such as engineering, computer technology, or finance, or for further graduate study in applied math or the sciences and engineering.

Applied Mathematics and Statistics BS Major

Applied mathematics and statistics provides training in both statistical analysis and quantitative research. Our program prepares you to work in data-oriented fields; go to graduate school for statistics, applied math, actuarial science, or financial mathematics; or pursue graduate training in the social sciences, physical and natural sciences, or engineering.

Arabic BA Major, Minor

Our Arabic program produces fluent Arabic speakers for business, nongovernmental organizations, and the academic world. Arabic—the first language of more than 200 million people from Morocco to Iraq—is the sacred language of Islam. Focusing on language and culture, Emory provides opportunities to enhance your Arabic studies, such as a North African Studies summer program, an eight-week intensive Arabic summer course at a Moroccan university, and semester abroad programs.

Architectural Studies Minor

Architectural studies teaches you how to analyze, engage, and interpret information about current and historical buildings and spaces.

Art History BA Major, Minor

Art history teaches visual analysis skills to interpret the imagery that surrounds you and explore the works, meanings, and abstract foundations of the visual arts. Study performance, construction, and installation—as well as painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture through the perspectives of history and culture. Explore the wide variety of approaches to art and how that blends with studio art.

Arts Management BBA Concentration

With an arts management concentration, gain knowledge and experience for an administrative or management career in the performing arts. Courses span the history, politics, and practice of the arts field of your choice.

Astronomy Minor

Astronomy is the study of stars, planets, comets, and galaxies and other matter outside the Earth's atmosphere.

Biology BA or BS Major

Biology teaches the fundamental concepts of biological science and how to apply that to problem solving and exploring the biological world in both the lab and in the field. In addition to those who pursue biology as a major or minor, many students pursue biology as their preprofessional curriculum.

Biophysics BS Major

Biophysics bridges the subjects of biology and physics. Look for patterns in how living organisms survive, adapt, and grow and learn to analyze them with mathematics and physics. Courses combine experimental and theoretical methods of studying, ranging from molecules and cells to organisms and populations.

Business Administration BBA Primary Area

Business administration prepares you for a lot more than a career in business—it's training for life. Acquire the ability to think critically, analyze data, make recommendations, and communicate effectively. Gain the skills to apply knowledge and the courage to act based on what you know.

Business Administration and Quantitative Sciences BA Joint Major

This partnership couples the rigor of the BBA program with a second major in quantitative sciences. The purpose of this degree program is to enhance the quantitative and analytic preparation of students choosing to study business at Emory.

Business and Society BBA Secondary Area

Business and society explores the dual goals of improving economic performance while integrating social and corporate values. This program focuses on harnessing information, analyzing complex situations, and synthesizing data for ethical decision making.

Catholic Studies Minor

With Catholic studies, learn about the rich intellectual and cultural traditions of the Roman Catholic Church during the past two millennia, and study its impact on Western thought.

Chemistry BA or BS Major

Chemistry is sometimes known as the "central science," because it overlaps with the other sciences, including biology, physics, geology, and environmental science. At Emory, chemistry has been completely rethought to feature new curriculum, new teaching techniques, and new classroom environments. This forward-thinking, interdisciplinary approach prepares students for medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, and other professional schools, among many career fields.

Chinese Minor

The minor in Chinese combines extensive language training, with study abroad programs available to strengthen knowledge. In-country experience is an indispensable part of studies in Chinese.

Chinese Studies BA Major

The major in Chinese studies combines extensive language training with in-depth study of Chinese literature, culture, and society.

Classical Civilization BA Major, Minor

Classical civilization focuses on many different aspects of classical culture—including literature, art, archaeology, history, philosophy, and religion. With its emphasis on a broad knowledge of the classical world, we equip you for further studies in law, medicine, business, writing, and publishing.

Classics BA Major

The civilization and cultural achievements of ancient Greece and Rome continue to influence our values, the way we think, and the questions we ask today. Study the languages, literature, culture, and influence of the ancient world.

Classics and English BA Joint Major

Classics offers joint majors if you have strong interest in an area such as English. The civilization and cultural achievements of ancient Greece and Rome continue to influence our values, the way we think, and the questions we ask today. Study the languages, literature, culture, and influence of the ancient world.

Classics and History BA Joint Major

Classics offers joint majors if you have strong interest in an area such as history. The civilization and cultural achievements of ancient Greece and Rome continue to influence our values, the way we think, and the questions we ask today. Study the languages, literature, culture, and influence of the ancient world.

Classics and Philosophy BA Joint Major

Classics offers joint majors if you have strong interest in an area such as philosophy. The civilization and cultural achievements of ancient Greece and Rome continue to influence our values, the way we think, and the questions we ask today. Study the languages, literature, culture, and influence of the ancient world.

Community Building and Social Change Minor

Community building and social change introduces you to the challenges and opportunities for revitalizing and strengthening communities in contemporary urban America.

Comparative Literature BA Major, Minor

"Comp lit" invites you to engage with the world of literature in English and beyond. Explore important Western and non-Western works from many different lenses including philosophy, religion, and psychology.

Computer Informatics Minor

Computer informatics focuses on how people interact daily with information technology. It goes beyond pure computer science and provides a context for solving problems with technology.

Computer Science BA or BS Major, Minor

Computers and problem solving with algorithm analysis have drastically changed the way people live and work. Our program focuses on fundamental computing concepts and general programming principles.

Dance and Movement Studies BA Major, Minor

The study of dance involves the total exploration of the self: emotional, intellectual, and kinesthetic. Develop an awareness and appreciation of movement in all its diverse forms and enhance your ability to communicate through nonverbal expression.

Earth and Atmospheric Studies Minor

This program focuses on the challenges and complexities of Earth system processes that sustain the growing human population. Build a strong foundation in the physical science of Earth systems and the fundamental physical processes. Understanding these processes prepares you to address challenges that human populations face. Explore sustainable development of energy and natural resources, and assessment of adaptation and mitigation strategies for potential natural hazards, such as intense storms and flooding.

East Asian Studies BA Major, Minor

In East Asian studies, study an East Asian language (Chinese, Korean, or Japanese). A core component is to encourage and facilitate direct exchange between East Asia and the US. Students spend at least a semester in China, Korea, or Japan (alternate destinations are also encouraged), developing a deep understanding of the region and creating lasting ties to it.

Economics BA Major, Minor

Economics describes and analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Students studying economics at Emory gain a strong theoretical and empirical foundation in economics.

Economics and Mathematics BA Joint Major

Economics and mathematics prepares you for math-intensive doctoral economics programs or quantitatively oriented MBA programs. It features substantial mathematics and economics coursework.

Economics and Human Health BA Joint Major

Economics and human health is a joint major that prepares you for a wide variety of career paths. This program is geared towards students who are interested in economics along with pre-health (pre-med, pre-vet, etc.) fields.  

Engineering BS or BA + BSE Dual Degree with Georgia Tech

In cooperation with Georgia Tech, Emory University offers the Dual Degree Program in Engineering. Students earn two bachelors degrees in 5-6 years - a bachelor of arts degree or a bachelor of science degree from Emory and a bachelor of science in engineering from Georgia Tech.

Engineering Sciences BS Major

In engineering sciences, take courses in mathematics, chemistry, and physics to prepare for professions that interface with engineers, such as engineering management and patent law. Build a foundation for pursuing a graduate degree in engineering. Three tracks are available: engineering physics, materials science (which includes chemistry courses), and geosciences (which includes courses in environmental science).

English BA Major, Minor

English courses offer a broad range of study, from writing to literature in its many forms, including poetry, drama, myth, fiction, fantasy, science fiction, Shakespeare, and Southern literature. These classes are offered in an atmosphere designed to invite lively intellectual exchange.

English and Creative Writing BA Major

In English and creative writing, you will study both art and craft: the literary traditions in which you write and the elements of craft in poetry, fiction, playwriting, screenwriting, and creative nonfiction. The program fosters your development as a writer, through an emphasis on reading as a writer, generating material, and revision.

English and History BA Joint Major

In this joint major, explore the relationships of literature and history. Build a program unique to your interests in these fields, and participate in the vibrant intellectual life of each department.

Entrepreneurship BBA Secondary Area

The entrepreneurship area immerses students in the intricacies of launching a new venture. Supporting students who may already have a start-up idea and those curious about the field of study for future opportunities, explore the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate and launch a successful business.

Environment and Sustainability Management BBA Concentration

In environment and sustainability management, focus on the history, politics, and practice of the environmental fields. Gaining a foundation in business principles and practices—including management, marketing, finance, and strategy—will prepare you for career in environmental management.

Environmental Sciences BA or BS Major, Minor

The environmental sciences program challenges students to look at the ecological and social foundations of environmental issues and the complex interaction among them locally and globally. The interdisciplinary curriculum relies on classroom learning, field study, internships, research, and study abroad programs to help you develop skills in tackling real world issues.

Ethics Minor

Explore important ethical questions, from cheating on campus to war, from stem cell research to the nature of professionalism. This program embodies a community of students, scholars, and teachers committed to the study of ethics in all of its dimensions. This minor prepares you for graduate professional studies in numerous fields including law, medicine, and business.

Film and Media Management BBA Concentration

This is a study of film and media in their historical and contemporary context. Explore the infrastructure and market mechanisms that support the creation and distribution of media content.

Film and Media BA Major, Minor

Develop your media literacy, the ability to think critically about the ways in which images and sounds create ideas. Become a discerning viewer and thinker about the most influential cultural forms of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Finance BBA Primary Area

Get equipped with the analytical skills and practical expertise necessary to excel in finance careers. Course offerings emphasize a wide range of career tracks including real estate, private equity, hedge funds and new venture financing.

French BA Major, Minor

The French program combines a variety of courses in language and unique options for study abroad. The Summer in Paris six-week program immerses you in language study and cultural activities while you live with a French family. The semester or year-long program called EDUCO—one of the few programs of its kind—allows you to take classes in a variety of subjects at the University of Paris.

German Studies BA Major, Minor

The German Studies program covers cultural, literacy, language and historical topics relevant to the German-speaking world. Study abroad opportunities exist as well as internships and research opportunities as you prepare for an international career or graduate studies.

Global Development Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary program focuses on social justice, sustainable economic development, public health, global interconnection and public service, emphasizing a rights-based approach to development studies.

Global Health, Culture and Society Minor

Gain perspective to meet challenges and opportunities arising from a complex interplay of political, environmental, social, historical and cultural systems. From global needs in the field to clinical care, learn about confronting global health challenges as they happen. Explore how to power social change and contribute to building community partnerships that advance health.

Greek BA Major, Minor

Approximately 12 percent of English words originate from Greek. The Greek program introduces the core principles of classical Greek, a foundation the empowers you to read and understand literary works rapidly.

Health Innovation BBA Concentration

Gain an understanding of the cutting-edge science of health innovations in areas such as personalized medicine and health, applications and translations involved in global health, the science of nutrition and health policy. Build a foundation in the basics of management, marketing and operations and develop business practices that make us better stewards of financial, human and organizational resources.

Hebrew Minor

As on of the oldest living languages and the language of the Old Testament, Hebrew has a history that few other languages can match. The minor in Hebrew introduces students to the language, people, culture, and history of the modern Hebrew-speaking world.

Hindi Minor

Hindi-Urdu is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. The Hindi minor offers instruction from elementary to advanced levels, and regular and special topics in Hindi-Urdu language, literature and culture.

History BA Major, Minor

History is the study of the shared human experience over time. In a world transformed by the powerful tides of globalization, history provides an intellectual toolkit for dealing with complex international realities. Develop place-based knowledged and understanding of how unintended consequences shape our lives in an increasingly complex world.

History and Art History BA Joint Major

The program in history and art history is a joint major that combines a broad study of history with an emphasis on the ways that art objects—from Egyptian funerary items to modern sculpture —reflect the politics and customs of the times.

Human Health BA Major

Health is a universal human good and a major contemporary challenge to humanity. Learn about—and engage in —the complex scientific and social problems involved in health and well-being. Study health in an integrated model that prepares you for a broad range of opportunities, including professional or graduate schools, and careers in health policy, global health, health research, and pastoral care.

Information Systems and Operations Management BBA Primary Area

Explore the variety of approaches to structured and unstructured problem solving that are critical to today's businesses and the hallmarks of modern consulting best practices. Gain an appreciation of the dynamics of systems and process in preparation for analytical work.

Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture BA Major

If you have a particular intellectual topic that fascinates you, then the interdisciplinary studies or "IDS" major may be for you. Customize your coursework from multiple departments, pursue interships, and contribute a senior project under the mentorship of a faculty advisior. Coursework also includes a focus on writing and how to conduct independent research.

International Business BBA Secondary Area

International business prepares you to conduct business in an increasingly globalized world. Learn about formulating global strategies, understanding and reporting global transactions, dealing with the complexities of global trade and finance, and marketing across geographic boundaries. There is also an opportunity to study or work abroad to gain first-hand international business experience.

International Studies BA Major

International studies is designed for students interested primarily in the fields of international relations and comparative politics. It offers a focus on social sciences—areas that deal with human society and social relationship—with a political science foundation.

Italian Studies BA Major, Minor

Focus of the study of Italy from a multifaceted perspective: literary, cultural, historical, artistic, philosophical, and political. Italy has the cultures, landscapes, and histories to fill a lifetime of investigation. Knowing Italian places you in a position to explore Italy's past and present from the most fulfilling vantage point.

Japanese BA Major, Minor

Be empowered to achieve a high level of familiarity with the language and culture of Japan. The curriculum offers elementary through advanced language training, as well as a broad range of elective courses. Classes in the areas of Japanese literature, gender and sexuality, and cultural studies supplement the language classes and prepare you for a wide range of careers in the global economy of the 21st century.

Jewish Studies BA Major, Minor

Explore topics such as the study of Jews and Judaism from different disciplines—history, religious studies, language and linguistics, literature, theology, political science, anthropology. This program provides a foundation for students who would like to pursue Jewish studies in graduate school, enroll in a rabbinical program, or work in Jewish organizations and communities.

Korean Minor

Choosing a minor in Korean is a great way to increase your expertise in the language and culture, as well as your professional marketability. Careers in fields as diverse as business, law, education, or art are increasingly geared toward international interests and concerns, so a background in Korean is indispensable in today's global environment.

Latin BA Major, Minor

The Latin program will reveal to you the essential elements of classical Latin, enabling you to read and understand literary works better and more rapidly.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies BA Major, Minor

Latin America and the Caribbean, home to two-thirds of the population of the Americas, is a diverse and globalizing region deeply intertwined with the US. The Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) program provides courses on the past and present of this unique part of the world. Taught in English and Spanish, LACS courses combine approaches from history, the social sciences, politics, arts, and literature.

Linguistics BA Major, Minor

Expose yourself to a broad range of information in the study of language from the perspectives of physiology, cognition, meaning, society, and culture. Learn to think critically about language and linguistic research, describe and apply linguistic principles and methods, and communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Lusophone Studies Minor

Explore the Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) world with language and culture study in this minor. Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a Portuguese-speaking country.

Marketing BBA Primary Area

Marketing is concerned with creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Develop your skills to analyze customers and market opportunities, create marketing strategies, and implement marketing programs. Gain expertise in the latest methods of understanding customer behavior and assessing effective marketing plans. Besides students whose interest is a career in marketing, this program is popular for students interested in general management careers, as well as in the media and entertainment field or management consulting.

Mathematics BA or BS Major, Minor

Mathematics, the science of space and number, is a key discipline in the liberal arts, and many of the natural and social sciences depend upon it. The study of mathematics helps in the development of general analytical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

Mathematics and Computer Science BS Joint Major

Mathematics offers joint majors if you have strong interests in an area such as computer science. The study of mathematics helps in the development of general analytical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. These skills coordinate well with using algorithm analysis to solve problems with computers.

Mathematics and Political Science BA Joint Major

Mathematics offers joint majors if you have strong interests in an area such as political science. The study of mathematics helps in the development of general analytical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, and political science describes and analyzes political life.

Medical Imaging BMS Primary Area

Graduates of this specialized undergraduate bachelor of medical science (BMSc) program should advance more rapidly into management, educational positions, careers as application specialists for imaging equipment, or advanced clinical practice in CT and MRI.

Mediterranean Archaeology Minor

Mediterranean archaeology minor covers the material culture of peoples from the Mediterranean basin, ranging from the Ancient Near East to the classical world and from the earliest times to late antiquity. Students explore philological, historical, and cultural themes in the classical world, Egypt, and biblical archaeology. 

Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies BA Major

After completion of this program, you will have the knowledge, languages, and analytic tools to pursue employment relating to or advanced study of the Middle East and South Asia. Coursework includes language (Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, Tibetan) along with courses in history, the arts, and comparative culture. Study abroad opportunities also exist.

Music BA Major, Minor

Study music as an academic discipline in one of three tracks: Composition, Performance, or Research.  The program has over sixty faculty artists who <span>offer a range of creative opportunities in performance, composition, ethnomusicology, music history, and music theory. The curriculum embraces music majors and minors and welcomes the participation of students from every discipline across the university.

Neuroethics Minor

Neuroethics works at the intersection of neuroscience, ethics, and society. Gain understanding in responsible applications of neuroscience research, the clinic, and how that impacts culture. The minor is geared toward students seeking scholarly preparation in the ethical and social implications of neuroscientific progress.

Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology BS Major

Explore a unique synthesis of the fields of neuroscience and behavior. This program provides a breadth and focus not found in traditional biology, psychology, neuroscience, or anthropology programs, bringing together the expertise and enthusiasm of a diverse group of faculty from across majors. Coursework includes evolution and animal behavior, developmental biology, systems neuroscience, scientific communication, and ethics.

Nursing BSN/BA + BSN Dual Degree

Train to be a nurse and earn a BSN. Complete your liberal arts and nursing prerequisites in your first two years, and transfer seamlessly into the School of Nursing at the start of your junior year. Learn the practice of nursing in clinical and classroom settings and participate in domestic or international service learning opportunities, too.

Nutrition Science Minor

This curriculum highlights the science of human nutritional biology from the cellular basis to the whole body. Explore the psychological, cultural, and ecological influences on dietary choices. Investigate the biological processes underlying health, optimal wellness, and disease from prenatal life to old age. Enhance your knowledge of nutrition in preparation for further study in the field, as a background for careers in medicine, public health, and associated fields, and as a basis to optimize personal health and well-being.

Persian Language and Literature Minor

In addition to sequenced language instruction, students may take related courses in literature, culture and history. In addition, there are opportunities for extended learning through various study abroad programs.

Philosophy BA Major, Minor

The philosophy major exposes students to the rich history of philosophy and provides a broad education in areas like ethics, metaphysics, aesthetics, and epistemology. Philosophy is a core, liberal arts major that awakens students to the wonder of the world and the complexity of some of life's most probing questions.

Philosophy and Religion BA Joint Major

Philosophy courses challenge you to consider yourself and the world you live in with a critical eye, with a consideration of fundamental questions about issues of human existence. There are also possible joint majors in philosophy and other areas of study, such as religion.

Philosophy, Politics, Law BA Major

Designed to prepare a thoughtful and engaged citizenry, the Philosophy, Politics, Law major is excellent preparation for law school and careers in law and public policy. Students examine questions integral to politics and the rule of law, such as the nature of justice and political legitimacy as well as debates, current and historical, concerning the nature of democracy, freedom, rights, and representative government.

Physics BA or BS Major, Minor

Physics, the science dealing with energy, matter, and their interactions, is offered for students who wish to major in physics, mathemetics, computer science, or chemistry, and for students who seek a pre-engineering curriculum.

Physics and Astronomy BA or BS Major

Physics and Astronomy might be the path for you if you're interested in studying astronomy but may pursue another career such as medicine, law, or teaching. This program will also benefit you if you're planning to pursue graduate education and a career in astronomy.

Playwriting BA Joint Major

The playwriting major brings together the disciplines of theater studies and creative writing in an innovative synthesis designed to educate playwrights as writers and as theater professionals.  Established and emerging playwrights come to Emory to work on their plays with a diverse group of artistic collaborators including students, faculty and professional theater artists. Students are engaged in an endeavor that spans the full process, from conceiving an idea to opening night.

Political Science BA Major, Minor

The political science major involves students in the systematic study of government, politics, and political behavior. Students are encouraged to pursue an internship, whether with local, state, or federal government office, a non-profit organization, foreign consulate, or news organization. Study abroad opportunities also exist.

Predictive Health Minor

Predictive health brings together perspectives from medicine, public health, business, economics, the social sciences—areas that deal with human society and social relationship—and humanities. Explore a model of health care based on a personalized approach to health and well-being rather than the traditional disease-oriented model.

Preprofessional Opportunities

Psychology BA Major

Psychology examines and explains the behavior and mental processes of humans. The Psychology program offers a balanced curriculum in experimental, psychobiological, social/personality/clinical, and cognitive/developmental areas. A variety of hands-on research opportunities also exist on campus.

Psychology and Linguistics BA Joint Major

This joint major is for students interested in how people use language. It introduces students to fundamental aspects of the study of psychology and linguistics, particularly how these two perspectives  complement and inform one another in human language usage. This major is for students interested in pursuing a graduate career in cognitive psychology, linguistics, communication, cognitive science, or speech and hearing sciences.

Public Policy and Analysis BS Major

The program combines the study of public policy with the power of data analysis, empowering students to make decisions and leverage opportunities. The program prepares students for employment in many public policy, data-oriented fields, or for graduate study in political science, law, or public policy.

Quantitative Sciences BS Major

Quantitative science meets the increasing demand for research and analytical skills to interpret data, providing training that is quantitatively rigorous but with a focus on real-world applications. With this major, students take both quantitative classes (such as statistics, game theory, and experimental methods) and classes in an associated field of interest (such as political science, psychology, neuroscience and behavioral biology, history, or women's, gender, and sexuality studies).

Real Estate BBA Secondary Area

This major provides training in the nuances of the real estate industry, with emphasis on factors that make up the market and the intricacies of properties as an asset. In addition to fundamentals, students receive high-level training in development, REITS, and capital markets. Not only is Atlanta one of the largest real estate markets in the country, but it's also home to the regional offices of many real estate companies that operate throughout the US and beyond.

Religion BA Major, Minor

The academic study of religion is an intellectual endeavor first and foremost, but it also involves the consideration of questions about fundamental issues of human existence. Explore teachings and practices of the living religions of the world. Study aspects of religion comparatively and thematically across traditions and delve into religion in public life, religion and gender, or religion and culture.

Religion and Anthropology BA Joint Major

Religion offer joint majors with areas of your strong interest, such as anthropology.

Religion and Classical Civilization BA Joint Major

In this program, explore how religion has shaped the fundamental issues of human existence. Take into account the foundation of classical civilization and explore the many aspects of classical culture—including religion, literature, art, archaeology, history, and philosophy.

Religion and History BA Joint Major

The academic study of religion is an intellectual endeavor first and foremost, but it also involves the consideration of questions about fundamental issues of human existence. In this program, explore how religion has shaped the human experience from a historical perspective. The program follows a logical and focused path for exploring the role of religion in history.

Religion and Sociology BA Joint Major

Religion offers joint majors if you have a strong interests in an area such as sociology. Religion involves the consideration of questions about fundamental issues of human existence. Sociology is the study of human social behavior, the groups to which humans belong, and the interactions that occur within those groups.

Rhetoric, Writing, Information Design Minor

The RWID minor engages students in a rich body of rhetorical and persuasive writing, exploring this powerful communication form. Students study the history and theory of the art and also conduct research and writing in tandem with their major. 

Russian and East European Studies BA Major, Minor

The Russian and East European studies program combines intensive language acquisition coursework (in Russian or another related language) with coursework in geography, politics, history, and film. Broaden your knowledge about the former USSR and eastern Europe through inter-disciplinary programming on-campus or through study abroad.

Science, Culture, and Society Minor

Science, culture, and society expands your science literacy by introducing basic ideas in the physical and biological sciences. Engage in intense discussion and research in issues that can benefit from varied approaches—issues such as race, bioterrorism, and technology and human well-being health. Learn to approach science from nontraditional directions or through interdisciplinary connections such as science and literature, science writing, and science and the arts.

Sociology BA Major, Minor

Sociology is the study of human social behavior, the groups to which humans belong, and the interactions that occur within those groups. The aim is to help students recognize the relationship between their own experience and the broader social forces that shape the world.

Spanish BA Major, Minor

The Spanish major teaches students the languages, texts, and cultures of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds, including Spain, Latin America, and the US. It aims to engage students, other scholars, and members of local and other communities in the study of these worlds across disciplines. The courses help develop students' understanding of past and present texts—from literary texts to film and media texts to everyday talk. They also explore the social and cultural contexts that shape and are shaped by such texts.

Spanish and Linguistics BA Joint Major

The Spanish and Linguistics program combines Spanish language acquisition with linguistics, which is the theoretical investigation of how languages develop and signify meaning.

Spanish and Portuguese BA Major

The Spanish and Portuguese program combines study of these two related foreign languages, covering literature, linguistics, theater, music, and translation.

Strategy and Management Consulting BBA Primary Area

The study of organizations draws from many social science disciplines including economics, political science, psychology, and sociology. Organizational scholars use an array of quantitative and qualitative research methods to develop important insights about the antecedents and consequences of organizational behavior. Engage in the academic analysis of organizations to discover how and why organizations behave the way they do.

Sustainability Minor

Sustainability is the intersection of social, environmental, and economic issues. Involving far more than simply turning off lights or recycling bottles and paper, sustainability has implications for how we eat and drink. It impacts how we treat the land, sea, air, and atmosphere and informs how we assess the proper balance between profit, politics, and the common good. Coursework includes environmental science, economics, history, anthropology, philosophy, health, and political sciences classes.

Sustainability Sciences Minor

This curriculum explores the challenges of sustainability, bridging theory and practice in understanding what determines sustainability in world of humans and their environment. Investigate how human institutions, organizations, cultures, and technologies link and interact with their biophysical environments.

Theater Studies BA Major, Minor

Theater studies includes courses in acting, the history of the theater, and theater design.  Majors and minors are not limited by specializing in one area. They are exposed to all aspects of theater: performance, history, literature, criticism, design and technical theater, and theater administration. Atlanta is a vibrant arts city and provides the perfect backdrop to pursue these studies, land internships, and start a career.

Undecided BA Major, Minor

Integrated visual arts combines studio art practice with the history and theory of art. Students are encouraged to develop as arts professionals who excel at their craft, as well as in written expression and critical thinking. Foundational courses include art, art history, and structured studio courses. Study abroad and summer internships are also encouraged.

Integrated Visual Arts BA Integrated Co-Major

Women's, gender, and sexuality studies ba major, minor.

This program investigates the topics of women, gender, and sexuality from an inclusive perspective that takes into consideration factors such as socioeconomic status, race, and national identity. Students develop skills of critical thinking and analysis, writing and research, imagination and creative expression.


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