creative writing about a tsunami

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Creative Writing-Tsunami Worksheet

Creative Writing-Tsunami

For this creative writing worksheet, students use words in a word box to work with a group and write a short story about a tsunami.

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Gardiner Street Primary School

Caught in the Tsunami- Creative Writing

Our class love to watch the children’s news on RTE player. Recently, we saw a lot of images from the Tsunami in Japan. As a result of all the news footage on the tsunami, we decided to write our own stories called “Caught in the tsunami”. Penny Crowther, wrote an excellent story about being caught in a tsunami in Australia. I hope everyone enjoys reading her story as much as we did.


One hot Summer day, a girl called Amber and her best friend Sally, went to their boyfriend’s houses. Joe was Sally’s boyfriend and Andy was Amber’s boyfriend. “In one day it will be my birthday”, announced Joe happily. “Yay”, they all yelled. “We are going to a beach house in Australia”, exclaimed Joe. They all could not sleep that night. In the morning, they packed up all their stuff. Recently, there had been a tsunami alert but they forgot that the alert had come from the beach they were traveling to.

 When they got to Australia’s beach, they looked at the clean, twinkling ocean. “Let’s get dressed in our swimming gear”, they all shouted happily. They got dressed and went into the ocean. Joe went to climb a steep hill. Then he slipped. Little stones fell and trapped his foot. Andy went up to remove the stones. Just then, waves started going into the sea. Amber called out and said “Hurry up”. Andy removed the stones and stumbled down. Joe got up and slid down the hill. Just then, they saw something coming from the sea. Something big!! It was like a wave!!A HUGE WAVE!! Andy couldn’t run because he was stuck in the wet sand. Joe got stuck in a bunch of thorns.

 They struggled to get unstuck and as the wave rapidly approached, they became more frantic. The wave splashed them fiercely. Then, it became clearer to them, that it was a tsunami. Amber and Sally were so frightened that they forgot about Joe and Andy. They ran away. The wave grew huge. It was bigger than an office building. It grabbed everything in its way, including Andy and Joe. Cars smashed into them and skinned their bodies. It was horrific!!

 Fortunately, Amber and Sally got onto higher ground. They saw the tsunami below. They suddenly heard voices. It was Joe and Andy. They asked the crowd if they had a 40metre rope to reach them. Amber tossed it down. There was a sudden tug. It was Andy and on Andy’s leg was Joe. They hauled Andy and Joe up and from the high ground, they watched as Australia was destroyed.


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The tsunami wave crashed louder than the explosions in the quarry and the water washed in the town like it were no more substantial than an architect's scale model abandoned on the sands. It was the extinguishing of a dream, of a way of life, easier than wet fingers on a candle flame. It wasn't just the buildings that got taken out to sea, it was everything we were. In its wake we were like empty jars on a shelf, still holding our forms but without anything left inside.
When the wave retreated we walked down the mountainside in single file, the occasional cry from a child or a gull wheeling above was the only break in an otherwise oppressive silence. The land now smelled just like the beach, all that salt seeping into the farmland. All around were household items: teapots, kettles, toasters, chairs and computers. Every one of them oozed sea-water, saturated and broken. All these things we "needed" from the stores were now just hunks of metal and yet we had to be glad that our hearts beat in our chests and that our bones weren't as cold as those scattered appliances. The homes that still stood were beyond repair, the walls leaning and roofs gone.
When the water came over the land it wasn't with the gentleness of spring rain but the power of a nuclear-blast shockwave. It moved over the sleepy fishing town with more ease than a wave over the sand, reducing the homes of generations to kindling. The people had moved to higher ground, huddled in a barn and prayed. The devastation was total: no salvage, no livestock, no boats. That was the day that my brother was born, his cries echoing under the ferocity of the gale, as if to demand that life went on no matter how tough it got.
The ocean had always conjured comforting ideas into my head. Whenever I was frazzled in the head I would close my eyes and visit it, dive right in, feeling the cool caress of the brine. So on that fateful day I was at ease, there was nothing that calmed me more than the feel of damp sand between my toes and the early morning rays warming my red hair. Sometimes I would wonder if I had more freckles than the beach had shells, but that morning all such self-absorbed curiosities were erased. The water began to draw back, right back. I was such an idiot, I pulled out my phone to take a picture and sent it with a LOL to Greg. It pinged back in a second. "Run, tsunami." I've never felt the heat leave my body so fast as it did in that brief moment. Then an alarm rent the air, violent and crude. I knew I had to move before the roads got jammed. I'll never forget the aftermath, the flattened homes and tossed vehicles, some of them packed with fleeing families, kids and all.
“If you've ever tried to move a full bucket of water you know how much that small amount weighs, now imagine billions of buckets moving with the speed of an express locomotive twenty feet high. It's not something you want to mess with, son. So if you ever hear that siren or see the ocean tide go way out all of a sudden you get the hell out of dodge. And don't even think of looking for your Mom and me, we'll get ourselves out. You take that motorcycle of yours and get to the high ground. You will have to live without us someday anyhow, but we'd just die without you - whether our hearts were beating or not.”
I am told there were a group on the beach that never ran. They sat and prayed on bended knee. Personally I would have run until my lungs exploded. God is a spirit, he doesn't make or stop tsunamis, earthquakes or hurricanes. He'd love to rescue us all I'm sure, but he can't. He won't ever leave you, no matter what, but you need to help yourself. We haven't found the bodies yet and perhaps we won't; that mammoth wave pushed through the town like a mile wide freight train and went on into the forest behind. I hear there are laundry machines on top of mature trees and fragments of house spread like kitty litter.
The tsunami wave that hit was nothing like the waves that lapped the shore every minute of every day. It was a wall of water, cold and powerful. It raced at the shoreline as swift and unforgiving as an axe, felling anything and everyone in its path. It had no emotion, no thought, no hesitation. It just came, granting a few seconds to enjoy breathing the ocean air before it wrapped each victim in frigid foamy fingers to the ocean floor.

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Creative Writing

Creative Writing- The Tsunami

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                                Creative Writing- The Tsunami                                

The tides came crashing through, eliminating everything that came in their way. We were like little ants scurrying around looking for our home, a shelter, anything that would protect us from the savage tide that wanted to wipe us off of the face of the earth. It was too late for the people on the beach; they had already been taken prisoner, drowned forever in their tears of sorrow and fear.

It didn’t feel like it would be much longer before I was shackled and chained up as well. I felt like I had been running for hours, I wouldn’t have been able to keep it up for much longer. The tide just kept coming and there was nothing powerful enough to stop it. What about God? What about The Almighty One that I had been praying to for all these years? This would’ve been a great time for Him to make an entrance. I began to feel the water around my ankles. They were trying to clasp me… trying to imprison me for eternity. It felt like it was over for me, time to give up and hand myself in… but for what? I mean I hadn’t done anything wrong and I’ve still got my whole life ahead of me. I wasn’t about to give in just yet, and luckily God just made His entrance. I could hear the tide slowing down behind me, but it wasn’t over yet though. I could see a rising shadow going on for at least two hundred yards ahead of me, I turned around with apprehension and looked it in the eye. It looked back snarling, the blue, translucent wave crashed on top of me.

I woke up squinting; the light was penetrating my eye. I stood up and found myself naked in the middle of the Sri Lankan jungle. Was it Sri Lanka? Or was it heaven? Last thing I remember was me knocked out after something hit me. Was it a fist? Was it a bus? I hadn’t a clue. I guess this must be heaven. Wow, I would never have thought I’d die at the age of sixteen. Well at least I don’t have to go to school tomorrow!

I searched around the Garden of Eden; there was no shortage of sweet coconuts or juicy mangos, but where was everyone else? Could this be hell and not heaven? I mean hell doesn’t necessarily have to be a fiery cave where there’s a guy in a red cape prodding you with his trident. I heard about this sort of thing, my mum told me. She said hell is your worst nightmare, you may not even know what it is, but it is your worst nightmare. My heart began to beat faster, what if this is hell? What if I’m never going to see my parent’s again? I began to run. I don’t know where I was running to, but I just had to get out of this place. ‘Garden of Eden’! What was I thinking?

It began to get dark and I was still naked without a single cloth to cover my shame. I was cold and frightened so I used the large palm leaves to keep myself warm over the night.

I woke up, still distraught. ‘He’s over here! I found him! He’s over here!’ announced a dirty, scruffy man strapped with an AK-47. Confused and afraid I began to back off as he tried to come nearer. I drew further away as he drew nearer. Another man came up behind me and another two had me from the sides… I was surrounded.

They began to snarl and snigger, telling me I had nowhere to hide. One of them drew nearer not knowing that I was aware of him, he tried to pounce and that’s when I made a break for it. He came up from behind and tried to grab me into a headlock, I spun around leaving him head first in the dirt and just ran. The others, after tending to their partner, began to chase me. They had no chance of catching me. I was young, fit and scared out of my wits…I ran for my life.

Once establishing they had no chance of catching me they began to shoot. Four or five whizzed passed my shoulder until one hit me in the leg. It pierced my left leg ripped through my muscle and came out through the front. I hit the ground pretty hard and banged my head against a blunt rock that was ‘conveniently’ right where my head was.

I was knocked out again and woke up in a cell, this time I was dressed. One of the guys from earlier was rattling the cell bars to wake everyone up. Someone opened my cell door and began to walk towards me, I was still frightened and huddled myself in a corner. He violently grabbed me by my hair and threw me out of the cell. There were other prisoners there, some that I’m positive I recognised from before I got knocked out and ended up in the jungle. What on earth was going on? Was this really hell?

The guard who dragged me by the hair asked me what was wrong with me. I had a million things wrong with me, I didn’t know where to begin. Instead I just kept quiet and unwillingly got into the line.

 We marched to the showers outside. For some reason I was hesitant to get into the showers, I just felt like there was a danger or something when it came to water. The guards arrived soon and I was forced to take a shower. I wasn’t about to try and find out what would happen if I didn’t. After the shower, we were taken to some sort of boot camp. There was an assault course, rifle shooting, everything, as though we were some kind of trainee army. There were no women here it was just men. The ages ranged from about twelve to forty. We were being treated like dogs, we had to complete the assault course fifteen times within a time limit, or otherwise they would shoot us in the foot. I didn’t know what was going on, but I decided that I was just going to do as I was told.

I saw one of the younger kid’s he was about thirteen years old with short hair, he was struggling a lot with the course and began to lose his breath. He fell at the second to last hurdle and everyone began to over take him. I looked over to the guards… they noticed him. One of the guards came rushing over, swearing at the boy and lifted the boy by his ear. The boy began to whimper as the guard threw countless slaps across the boy’s face. The guard took the boy into the jungle… every one stopped when they began to hear the boy wailing and crying out for help. The boy came out whimpering, holding on to his falling trousers as he ran in to the toilets. The guard came out a few seconds after with a satisfied smirk on his face, tucking his shirt in to his trousers. Everyone glared at the guard with the most piercing of looks. The guard, tense and somewhat frightened, shot his rifle in the air and yelled at everyone to get back to what they were doing.

I was first to finish the assault course and I asked if I could go to the toilet. The guard said ‘be quick’. When I got to the toilet I heard whimpering, it was the young boy. I found him curled up inside one of the cubicles. He told me to go away when I asked him what happened in the jungle.

“I’m only here to help, I won’t tell anyone… what happened?”

“As if you don’t know”

He replied in a shuddering voice. I asked him his name, he replied ‘Bhavan’. I asked Bhavan how he got here. He gave me a weird look and replied ‘You know very well how I got here you bastard, leave me alone!’ I didn’t know what I had done to make him so angry with me.

“Look here’s the deal, I woke up yesterday in the middle of that jungle, and some men chased me then shot me. I woke up this morning in the cell without a clue where I am, what I’m doing here, who these people are, or how I’m going to get out of here! Now can you help me with any of these question’s or not?”

“You’re that boy aren’t you?”


“You’re that boy, the one that survived the tsunami”

“What tsu-…”

That’s when it hit me I began to remember everything. I was out with my family; my mum, my dad and my little sister. We were on our way to the beach, but mum forgot the sun tan lotion and

I had to go back home and get it. When I got home I went upstairs to check in mum and dad’s bedroom. I couldn’t find it so I came back downstairs and saw it in the living room on the coffee table. I went to retrieve it… when I heard screams, very loud screams.

I rushed out side to see what it was. I saw an army of people, including my parents and my little sister, running towards me screaming and yelling for help. Still I was unsure what they were running away from and suddenly out of nowhere a gargantuan tidal wave washed them clean away. Shocked and unbelieving I stood there for at least another minute rubbing my eyes in disbelief. I saw another wave heading my way. I ran and I ran but the wave got me too. But…I didn’t die. Someone…those guards they rescued me. They took my body before the water back flowed in to the ocean. Once I’d regained consciousness…. that guard… the one that took Bhavan into the jungle, I remember him whispering some thing in my ear as I woke up. He told me he’d be gentle. He said to be quiet. He said this was our little secret. I looked around and we were…we were naked? Confused and frightened I stood up shocked. He asked me to calm down and when I refused, we got into a bit of a fight, and then he injected me with something; a sleepy drug that knocks you out and erases your memory or something. Before the drug got to its full effect I managed to break free of his grasp and made a run for it to the jungle. Then those guards shot at me and I woke up here.

 When I told Bhavan all of this his face looked as though it had just seen a ghost. Bhavan told me that these ‘soldiers’ were the ‘Tamil Tigers’ a rebel gang that wanted to overtake the Sri Lankan government. They were recruiting young orphans and those who have nothing to lose to fight for them. The guard that raped Bhavan and I was General Gander, he ran this place. He was behind so many attacks on civilians in Sri Lanka. As Bhavan told me all this I became shocked and enraged, I was absolutely fuming, I needed to do something, I had to get back at General Gander for what he’d done.

That night I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about my family…well at least they were together. I started to reminisce all the good times I used to have with my family. All of the joyous moments we shared together, like that time when we went to India and that monkey was following us everywhere, he stole Suzie’s lunch.

I couldn’t take it any more! What was the use in me living!? I don’t believe in a single thing that these ‘rebels’ were fighting for. And that General Gander… I wanted to murder him!

The next morning I awoke sharp and alert, the perfect soldier, only spoke when spoken to, best at the rifle shooting, didn’t make eye contact with anyone… Then he arrived.

 That sadistic monster crawled out of his hole and came out to inspect the rifle shooting. Bhavan was shooting about ten yards away and there were four people between us. Bhavan began to shake and shiver, he couldn’t even hold his rifle upright when Gander arrived. Bhavan was next to be inspected and he started to whimper again. Gander waltzed up behind with a smirk. He grasped a hold of Bhavan’s buttocks and whispered something in his ear. Bhavan began to shiver and shake so much that his knees turned to jelly and he couldn’t even stand up. The poor boy wet his pants and was standing in a puddle of his own urine. A few of the guards and some of the other younger prisoners began to laugh at him. Gander didn’t have a clue what was going to happen when he got to me.

He was done with the guy beside me then he came over to me. This was it, this was my chance to kill him and no way was I about to hesitate. Gander didn’t recognise me I kept my face forward and he stood behind me. He wrote a few things on his clipboard then moved on.

I grabbed Gander from behind. I locked my right arm around his neck and held my rifle to his head. All the guards raised their AK-47’s and aimed them straight at me. They kept shouting at me to put the gun down. Why couldn’t I pull the trigger? I’d been planning this all day and night.          

   I failed… I couldn’t pull the trigger… I don’t know what happened. The need I had for Gander’s blood was lost and as I loosened my grip around Gander’s neck he was able to escape and shouted;

“Cuff up this Bastard!”

The soldiers beat me to my knees in front of everyone. They held me still and pulled my head back from my hair as Gander reached for his pistol.

“Let this be a lesson to all of you, if you think you can take me this is what happens!”         

As he was cocking his pistol he aimed it directly at my throat. It was the end for me, I had my chance and I blew it. Everyone stood anxious and nervous to see if he was really going to shoot.


I opened my eyes and I was still there. I had no wounds, no blood was pouring out of the back of my head. I was still alive. Gander collapsed to the ground a clean bullet hole went straight through his head. Behind him stood Bhavan still shivering and whimpering this time his hands clasped a smoking rifle that was aimed directly at Gander’s head.

The guards didn’t know what to do. They were shocked, still holding my hair. I stood up and pushed them aside. All the prisoners, armed with rifles. We stood side by side facing the weak and vulnerable guards. One of the guards reached for his weapon, and then we just started firing. We shot and shot at them until the end of our magazines.

We were free, no more Gander, no more guards. The prisoners began to dance and hoololate.

“We are free!”  

One man shouted. I still didn’t feel free… I thought the death of Gander would bring me joy and happiness. I ran to the jungle. Once I got there I just started to run and run some more, in no particular direction, just until the day comes that I may join my parents and my little sister.  

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CMIS102 Final Project Part 2(Worth 20% of your grade) Student Name: Class/Section: Professor Name: Assignment due date: 1. Problem definition: Design a program that will allow a user to Input a list of your family members along with their age and state where they reside. Determine and print the average age of your family and print the names of anyone who live in Texas. Note: Your problem analysis should have already been submitted as part 1 of the assignment. A. Program Design

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2013 2. Choose a play which explores one of the following: the nature of heroism‚ the impact of self-delusion‚ the burden of responsibility. Discuss how the dramatist explores this central concern through her or his presentation of one or more than one character. 3. Choose a play in which the action involves an element of disguise or subterfuge or concealment. Discuss how the dramatist’s use of this feature adds to your overall appreciation of the play. 7. Choose a novel or short story in

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    creative writing about a tsunami

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    creative writing about a tsunami


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    This Creative Writing-Tsunami Worksheet is suitable for 4th - 5th Grade. For this creative writing worksheet, students use words in a word box to work with a group and write a short story about a tsunami

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    Penny Crowther, wrote an excellent story about being caught in a tsunami in Australia. Recently, there had been a tsunami alert but they forgot that the alert had come from the beach they were traveling to

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    Descriptionari has thousands of original creative story ideas from new authors and amazing quotes to boost your creativity

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    Creative Writing- The Tsunami The tides came crashing through, eliminating everything that came in their way. Coursework, Essay & Homework assistance including assignments fully Marked by Teachers and Peers

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    Literature review on ozone layer depletion ocls live homework help. Order a custom-written paper of high quality. Writing Services - CONTINUE

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    The sex of the speaker and the A Creative Writing Essay On Tsunami language spoken are the only two things definitely Fall Of The House Of Usher Ending Analysis Essay recognized in back masked music