21+ Cover Letter Examples in 2023 [For All Professions]

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No matter where you are in your career, or what job you’re applying for, submitting a cover letter with your resume is a must . 

Done right, a cover letter will effectively complement your resume and explain to the hiring manager in more detail why you’re the right person for the job.

Writing a cover letter, however, is easier said than done. 

You have to effectively demonstrate that you’ll be able to perform the responsibilities listed in the job description and that you’d be a better fit for the company compared to other candidates. 

And unless you’re a professional writer, this can be a very hard task.

Fortunately, we created these cover letter examples to inspire you and help you get started with your own cover letter!

Let’s dive in!

21 Cover Letter Examples 

#1. career change cover letter example .

cover letter example for career change

Here’s what this cover letter does right:

Want to learn how to write a career change resume that’s on par with your cover letter? Check out our guide!

#2. Recent Graduate Cover Letter Example 

cover letter example for a recent graduate

Have you just graduated from college? Make sure to check out our guide on writing an entry-level cover letter from start to finish! 

job search masterclasss novoresume

#3. Middle Management Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Middle Management

#4. Business Manager Cover Letter Example

cover letter example for business manager

Check out this article for a complete writing guide and an inspiring business manager resume sample. 

#5. Ph.D. Cover Letter Example

cover letter example for phd

Here’s what this cover letter does right: 

#6. Senior Executive Cover Letter Example

cover letter example for senior executive

#7. Architect Cover Letter Example 

Cover Letter Example

Struggling with your architect resume ? Check out our full guide!

#8. Business Analyst Cover Letter Example 

cover letter examples

Need a resume alongside your cover letter? Check out our guide on how to write a business analyst resume . 

#9. Consultant Cover Letter Example 

best cover letter example

For more advice on landing a job as a consultant, check out our guide to writing a consultant resume .

#10. Digital Marketing Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Digital Marketing

Want to take your digital marketing resume to the next level? Check out our guide!

#11. Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example 

Cover Letter Example for Graphic Designer

Read this guide to write a graphic designer resume that’s just as good as your cover letter!

#12. Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Administrative Assistant

Our article on how to write an administrative assistant resume can help you take your job application to the next level.

#13. Front Desk Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Front Desk

#14. Human Resources Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Human Resources

This HR resume guide can help you get your resume just right.

#15. Sales Agent Cover Letter Example 

Cover Letter Example  for Sales Agent

Check out this sales agent resume guide to create an attention-grabbing sales resume .

#16. Receptionist Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Receptionist

Take your receptionist resume to the next level with this receptionist resume guide .

#17. Information Technology Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Information Technology

Looking for tips to help you write a great IT resume ? Check out our guide!

#18. Real Estate Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Real Estate Agent

This real estate resume guide will help you take your resume from good to great.

#19. Teacher Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Teacher

Our guide on how to write a teacher resume has all the tips you need to land the job.

#20. Project Manager Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Project Manager

This guide on how to write a project manager resume can help you perfect your appication.

#21. Paralegal Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Paralegal

Check out this paralegal resume guide to perfect yours.

What is a Cover Letter? 

A cover letter is a one-page document that you submit as part of your job application, alongside your resume . 

Its purpose is to introduce you and briefly summarize your professional background. On average, your cover letter should be from 250 to 400 words long .

A good cover letter can give the hiring manager more insight into what makes you a good candidate and help them make up their mind about whether they should invite you for an interview. A bad cover letter, though, will get ignored (at best) and lose you the job (at worst).

So, to make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s essential to know how to write a convincing cover letter.

The first thing to remember is that a cover letter is a supplement to your resume, not a replacement. Meaning, you shouldn’t just repeat whatever is mentioned in your resume and call it a day. 

Optimally, you should use your cover letter to shed more light on your skills and qualifications, as well as explain anything you didn’t have space for in your resume (e.g. a career gap or why you’re changing careers).

If you’re writing a cover letter for the first time, though, putting all this together might seem pretty tough. 

Fortunately, you can follow our tried-and-tested format to make the experience much easier:

Here’s what this looks like in practice:

cover letter structure

9 Tips to Write a Cover Letter (the Right Way)

Now that we've covered the basics, let's talk about cover letter tips . Below, we'll give you all the knowledge you need to take your cover letter from "OK" to "great."

#1. Pick the right template

A good cover letter is all about leaving the right first impression.

And what’s a better way to leave a good impression than through a professional, well-formatted, and visual template?

You can simply pick one of our tried-and-tested cover letter templates and you’ll be all set!

cover letter examples templates

#2. Add your contact details on the header

The best way to start your cover letter is through a header. 

Here’s what you want to include there:

Optionally, you can also include the following:

#3. Greet the hiring manager the right way

Once you’ve listed all your relevant contact information, it’s time to address the hiring manager reading your cover letter. 

A good practice here is to find the hiring manager’s name and address them directly instead of using the traditional “dear sir or madam.” This shows that you’re really invested in the company and that you took your time to do some research about the job.

So, how can you find out the hiring manager’s name?

One way to do this is by looking up the head of the company’s relevant department on LinkedIn. Let’s say you’re applying for the position of Communication Specialist at Novoresume. The hiring manager is probably the Head of Communications or the Chief Communications Office.

Or let’s say you’re applying for the position of server at a restaurant. In that case, you’d be looking to find out who the restaurant manager is.

If this doesn’t work, you can also check out the “Team” page on the company website; there’s a good chance you’ll at least find the right person there.

If you still can’t find out the hiring manager’s name, here are several other greetings you can use:

#4. Create an attention-grabbing introduction

Recruiters get hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of applications. Chances are, they’re not going to be reading every single cover letter end-to-end.

So, it’s essential to catch their attention from the very first paragraph.

The problem with most cover letter opening paragraphs, though, is that they’re usually extremely generic, often looking something like this: 

Hey, my name is Jonathan and I’d like to work as a Sales Manager at XYZ Inc. I’ve worked as a sales manager at MadeUpCompany Inc. for 5+ years, so I believe that I’d be a good fit for the position.

As you can probably tell, this opening paragraph doesn’t tell the hiring manager anything other than that you’ve worked the job before - and that’s not really helpful in setting you apart from other candidates. 

What you want to do, instead, is start off with 2-3 of your top achievements to really grab the reader’s attention. Preferably, the achievements should be as relevant as possible to the position. 

For example:

My name’s Michael and I’d like to help XYZ Inc. hit and exceed its sales goals as a Sales Manager. I’ve worked with Company X, a fin-tech company, for 3+ years. As a Sales Representative, I generated an average of $30,000+ in sales per month (beating the KPIs by around 40%). I believe that my previous industry experience, as well as my excellence in sales, makes me the right candidate for the role of X at Company Y.

The second example shows how the candidate is a top performer. The first just shows that they’ve worked a sales job before.

Which one are YOU more likely to invite for an interview?

#5. Show you’re the perfect person for the job

One great thing about cover letters is that they allow you to expand more on the top achievements from your resume and really show the hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job. 

A good way to do that is to first read the job ad and really understand what skills/experiences are required, and then to ensure that your cover letter touches upon the said skills or experiences.

In my previous role as a Facebook Marketing Expert at XYZ Inc. I handled customer acquisition through ads, managing a monthly Facebook ad budget of $20,000+. As the sole digital marketer at the company, I managed the ad creation and management process end-to-end. This means I created the ad copy and images, as well as picked the targeting, ran optimization trials, and so on.

Other than Facebook advertising, I’ve also delved into other online PPC channels, including:

#6. Explain why you’re a great company fit

The HR manager doesn’t only look at whether you’ll be good at the job or not. They’re looking for someone that’s also a good fit for the company culture.

After all, employees that don’t fit in are bound to quit, sooner or later. This ends up costing the company a ton of money, up to 50% of the employee’s annual salary . 

To convince the hiring manager that you’re a great company fit, do some research on the company and find out what it is you like about them, or about working there. You want to know things like:

Then, turn your top reasons for liking to work there into text and add them to your cover letter! 

#7. Wrap up with a call to action

To make the end of your cover letter as memorable as possible, you want to:

#8. Write a formal closing

Once you’re done with the final paragraph, all you have to do is write down a formal “goodbye” and you’re good to go.

Feel free to use one of the most popular conclusions in a cover letter:

#9. Proofread your cover letter

Last but not least, make sure to always proofread each and every document that you’ll be including in your job application - cover letter included. 

The last thing you want is to be claiming you’re a great candidate for the job with a cover letter full of typos! 

For an even more comprehensive guide on how to write an impactful cover letter , check out our article ! 

Cover Letter Writing Checklist 

Cover Letter Writing Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some questions about cover letters? Check out the answers below:

1. How do I write a simple cover letter? 

To write a cover letter that’s simple but also professional, make sure to include a header with your personal information, a formal greeting to the hiring manager, an attention-grabbing opening paragraph, a second paragraph explaining why you’re a good candidate for the job, and a formal closing (preferably with a call to action). 

2. What are the 3 parts of a cover letter? 

The three parts of a cover letter are: 

3. What makes a great cover letter?

A great cover letter should be personalized for each job you’re applying for, instead of being overly generic. It’s also preferable to address the hiring manager by their name and not use the overly-used “Dear Sir/Madam.”

To make a great first impression, you should mention 1-2 of your top achievements in your opening paragraph - the more job-specific they are, the better. Also, don’t stop at showing the hiring manager why you’re a great candidate for the job. Make sure to also talk about how you’re a good culture fit for the company.

Last but not least, wrap up your closing paragraph with a call to action to give the hiring manager a little extra something to remember you by. 

4. When is a cover letter necessary?

Unless the job ad specifically states otherwise, you should always include a cover letter with your job application .

Even if the hiring manager doesn’t read it, you will look more professional simply by including one.

And that’s a wrap! We hope our cover letter examples and writing tips will inspire you to write a cover letter that will land you your next job.

If you’re looking for more invaluable career advice and articles, make sure to check out our career blog , or any of these related articles: 

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Earn Job Hunting

The new rules for cover letters in 2023.

Picture it: You’re applying for jobs on LinkedIn or another similar job board, and there’s a field to input a cover letter. But it’s optional. So, do you take the 30-minutes to 1-hour to craft a cover letter that will impress, or do you take the chance that the hiring manager might not even look at it, and skip? 

One thing’s for certain: Many companies have dropped their cover letter requirement in recent years. And that’s worthy of celebration for all who apply. But for the companies that still want to see a longer missive, what are the new rules for cover letters for 2023? 

Thankfully, the long cover letter templates of the 2000s have made their way to retirement. Dear sir or madam: You may rejoice. Yes, employers want to get to know your motivations, but no one wants to read more than a half page. Essentially, the new cover letter is a lot shorter, and should also be sweeter, meaning that it has to show more personality. Take, for example, the character length of a Facebook post versus a Tweet. One has an unlimited number of characters (63,206, to be exact), while the other has just 280 characters. But a Tweet’s limited character count inspires us to condense all the most important information, and make sure our words pack a punch. This is exactly how serious job seekers need to be thinking about a cover letter. Here’s how to craft the perfect cover letter for 2023. 

Brevity Is King

If you’re still working with a cover letter template from years past, it’s time for a trim. Somewhere between 200 to 400 words is the modern sweet spot for cover letters, which is about half a page long and 3 to 6 paragraphs, according to Zety, a resume site.  The main things you need to incorporate into your cover letter include: the motivations behind your application, your career objectives, and a spotlight on your career achievements. 63% of respondents in the Resume Lab survey said the most important thing to include is why you want to work for the company. So, focus on why you want to be there, what attracted you to the job, and why you would be a good fit. 

To Send Or Not To Send

If the job doesn’t require a cover letter, do you still need to send one? Around 75% of hiring decision-makers still expect to see a cover letter attached, in addition to a resume, according to a survey by Resume Lab. If the cover letter is listed as “optional,” then hiring managers want to see who will go the extra mile. Think of it this way: Even if they don’t review your cover letter with a fine-toothed comb, the effort you put into writing one does not go unnoticed. Also, if your resume isn’t exactly where you want it to be just yet, that cover letter could be your saving grace, especially if it’s clever and typo-free. In the same Resume Lab survey, 83% of hiring managers said that a great cover letter can actually guarantee you an interview even if your resume isn’t up to par. So, if you’re nervous about your resume, you’re not out of the running yet!

A few basic rules on cover letter presentation: if you’re interviewing in person, bring a few copies with you in case someone asks. It’s always better to be over-prepared, even in this digital age. And if you’re uploading files to a job site, make sure you have separate files for your resume and cover letter. Not only do most sites ask for them as separate documents, but having unique attachments will help make sure they stay organized (for you, and for your prospective employer.) 

No Double Dipping, Please

With any resume and cover letter combo, try to limit repetition. In other words, don’t put the same exact list of achievements on your resume and then rehash an almost identical version in your cover letter. You want them to compliment each other, not parrot, because double-dipping on your accomplishments can quickly get your entire application tossed in the trash. Instead, use your cover letter to highlight the skills you used or gained from each of the positions listed on your resume. This is where you can sell yourself without making it too much about you, and not enough about how your skills are a perfect fit for the position at hand.

Lastly, before sending out any piece of an application, triple check to make sure there are no grammatical errors. A cover letter is a 200 to 400-word professional love letter, and it needs to be grammatically flawless, as it’s the only first impression you’ll ever get to make… And while we’re on the topic, if you’re going on an application blitz, please please make sure you have the right company name and hiring manager name listed on all correspondence. There’s nothing worse than hitting “send” on the application for your dream job only to realize that you actually referred to the company as their biggest competitor. 

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The Best Cover Letter Examples of 2023 & Why They Stand Out

Eva Chan, CPRW

Wondering what makes a good cover letter? You’re in luck. We showcase our list of the best cover letter examples and explain why these cover letters deserve honourable mentions.

Best cover letter examples

Good cover letters come in many forms — and take skill and originality to write.

And although writing a cover letter isn’t an easy feat, writing a standout cover letter is worth it when you receive an interview or job offer for the role you want.

Below is our team’s list of the five best cover letters UK from a variety of industries and levels of experience.

We also explore the different reasons why each of these cover letter examples is unique so you’ll understand what employers are looking for in an excellent job application.

The 5 best cover letter examples of 2023

These five cover letter examples are effective for a number of reasons — and hopefully, they’ll inspire you with your own cover letter writing process.

1. The chummy candidate

Here’s a modern cover letter with a touch of playful humour:

A modern cover letter to represent one of the best cover letter examples

Why this is a good cover letter

By including an attention-grabbing headline underneath their name, this experienced candidate from the US makes it clear that one of their top strengths is analysing data — a useful skill for the account manager role they’re applying for.

And in each body paragraph, the candidate concisely explains why they’d be the perfect account manager using hard numbers , specific examples , and strategic bolding to supplement their previous achievements in marketing .

Finally, the candidate instantly sets a personalised tone for their cover letter introduction by addressing the contact person using a first-name basis and including a few tasteful jokes.

Just remember that while this friendly method works for newer industries like tech startups, corporate companies might require a more traditional cover letter.

2. The concise contender

The next candidate gets directly to the point with their short cover letter example :

A short cover letter to represent one of the best cover letter examples

First, this cover letter is short and succinct — which meets standard cover letter length requirements (by not exceeding 400 words).

And in only four sentences, the applicant confidently explains their years of experience , registration status , and specialisations to convey they know exactly what’s important for the role of a hospice nurse.

Preparing a brief but comprehensive cover letter also shows they respect the recruiter’s time.

Because recruiters have several applications to read at a time, this cover letter immediately stands out for its direct approach and ability to showcase the candidate as an experienced nursing professional .

3. The artistic applicant

This creative cover letter breaks all tradition by standing out visually with centred text and a friendly greeting:

A creative cover letter to represent one of the best cover letter examples

To start, this cover letter contains powerful CV adjectives that portray the candidate as a leader and visionary in their field.

And because employers use applicant tracking software (ATS) to select applications with matching keywords from their job advert, this candidate made sure to include relevant keywords and phrases strategically in each paragraph.

Additionally, while using a high-quality graphic and a casual salutation in a cover letter is unconventional for traditional fields, the candidate shows their innovation and talent for the art and advertising industry by adding these unique cover letter elements.

4. The practical professional

This applicant’s cover letter for a civil engineer position is simple yet effective:

A simple cover letter to represent one of the best cover letter examples

This simple cover letter uses an uncomplicated and easy-to-read cover letter format to outline the candidate’s experiences. And instead of focusing on the cover letter’s design, the cover letter focuses on the applicant’s region-specific bridge construction expertise and 10 years of experience as a civil engineer.

The candidate does a fine job of presenting his previous accomplishments using hard numbers and relating them back to the company.

They also highlight their relevant foreign language skills as being a future asset to the team — making it easy for the employer to envision how the candidate would fit into the role if they were to hire him in the Middle East.

5. The ambitious aspirant

Here’s an excellent cover letter example from a student from the US who applied for a Sales Management Trainee position:

A professional cover letter to represent one of the best cover letter examples

Even though younger applicants have less formal work experience than experienced candidates, our candidate uses their impressive soft skills to their advantage by creating a bulleted list dedicated to draw attention to them.

They also provide detailed examples for each soft skill to give context to the recruiter and reveal the positive comments that their classmates, professors, and customers have said about them.

Additionally, the candidate does an excellent job of researching the company thoroughly and sharing with the employer how their work values and career goals align.

Finally, each paragraph’s contents are error-free and correctly formatted, proving that this candidate knows how to write a professional cover letter .

Eva Chan, CPRW

Written by Eva Chan, CPRW

Eva Chan is a Digital Marketing Specialist & Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) at CV Genius and Resume Genius, with a background in the education management... more

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Cover Letter

Frequently Asked Questions

cover letters in 2023

Do I still need a cover letter in 2023? Are they still necessary?

Paul Drury

If you want to give yourself the best chance of not only being hired but also finding the best-fit role for you, a cover letter is essential in 2023.

With social media activity taking up increasingly more of a job seeker’s time and emotional energy, cover letters are no longer the only outlet for their personality to come through. However, as job seekers compete with each other for that dream role, the cover letter is the only permanent part of the job application process that allows them to share their “why.”

We consider the nuances of why a cover letter is still required in 2023. For example,

When is a cover letter required?

When not to include a cover letter

If you understand the reasons why a cover letter is still so important, you will hopefully dedicate enough time to writing one. We believe that it could make all the difference.

Why your cover letter is more important than ever in 2023

According to the World Economic Forum , developments such as technological advancement and green shifts mean that over 1 billion people’s livelihoods will drastically change by 2030. 

These changes are reflected in the skills employers are looking for. According to a Pearce study of labor market trends, communication is one of the top skills currently in demand. By 2026 this is projected to be overtaken by skills like cultural and social intelligence.

The format and length of a cover letter are optimal to showcase nuanced soft skills such as these. In short, a cover letter is a perfect place to remind an employer of the human touch you bring to a role.

Every job seeker should assume that a cover letter is required unless they are specifically told otherwise. It is comforting to think that you have a choice in this time-consuming job search task, but it is undeniable that a great cover letter will help you.

Your time to shine

Forbes predicts that more and more companies will move towards data-driven hiring in 2023. That means more structured job applications and less room for free expression.

So, if there is room to attach a cover letter, this is a rare opportunity to showcase your soft skills and personality. Don’t let it go to waste!

Is it unprofessional not to have a cover letter?

When you apply for a job, while a cover letter may not be explicitly required, it is often implicitly anticipated. Cover letters have not died; they play a specific role in the recruitment process, and, yes, it is unprofessional not to include one.

It is a reflection on your professionalism if you are not giving the hiring manager every possible bit of information about your candidature. Not sending a cover letter (unless it is specifically not required) is the equivalent of sending a half-hearted resume.

3 Reasons why you need a cover letter

Do employers look at the cover letter or resume first?

It is standard practice that an employer will read a resume first. Whether they are reading a bunch together and then deciding which cover letters to read in more detail, or whether they look at the merits of each individual application, your resume needs to do the job.

They will then read the respective cover letters. When they come across a particularly compelling cover letter, they will go back to the resume for another (deeper) read. That is the core role of a cover letter – to make a hiring manager dive deep into your application.

Is a cover letter required for an online application? 

There may not always be the opportunity to attach a cover letter with an online application, so do your best to cut and paste your best lines into the application itself. Include them in any video submittals and use a few of the arguments in any “extra” information about your candidature that you may be able to add at the end of an application process. 

Do you have to write a cover letter for every job?

You will still require a tailored cover letter for most job applications. It is up to you how much you tailor it - depending on how keen you are on the role - but the hiring manager will be able to spot a generic cover letter from a mile away.

Why do cover letters still exist?

“Are cover letters a waste of time?” That thought will be at the forefront of any busy job seeker’s mind. With increasingly time-consuming online applications, it is often a choice between sitting down for an hour to tailor a cover letter or applying for another job.

Cover letters exist because they help to make those extra connections between a candidate and a hiring manager before an interview. Simple as that.

Do companies even read cover letters?

Hiring decisions are informed by both data and emotions. Candidates need to make the hiring manager feel a certain way about how they are as well as what they can potentially achieve. Employers know that a well-written cover letter can share insights into a candidate that no resume can. 

If the employer is interested in a candidate because the experience in their resume is a decent fit for the role, you can be sure that they will read the cover letter. If a candidate is borderline, they may choose not to. Make your cover letter sing, just in case.

There are three occasions when it is best not to include a cover letter:

1. When you are specifically told not to submit one

Some companies may not believe in the benefits of a cover letter (or want their hiring managers spending the time reading all the bad ones), so sometimes job ads or descriptions specify that cover letters are not required. 

No matter how awesome your cover letter is, make sure that you follow instructions. In this case, maybe consider tweaking the text of your resume with content from your cover letter to make it more personal.

2. When the technology doesn’t allow cover letters

With online applications that are increasingly integrated with social media (in particular, LinkedIn), the antiquated “letter” is no longer required. Many application systems will allow a candidate to attach their resume and any other supporting documents, so if this is the case then you should attach a cover letter. Give your candidature the best possible chance.

One interesting approach is to integrate the contents of your cover letter into your LinkedIn profile. While the hiring manager or other people in the recruitment process may not read your cover letter attentively, they will definitely check you out on LinkedIn. Make the most of the LinkedIn space (especially the “about me” LinkedIn section ).

3. When the cover letter is poorly written

The third circumstance when you should not attach a cover letter is if it is poorly written. If your writing isn’t quite up to scratch, get a friend to help you, but do not send a cover letter if you are not confident that it will reflect well on you. 

It is better to wait for a day to edit and amend it than send off a piece of writing that is substandard. In this category come generic cover letters – each letter must be tailored for each role.

What should you avoid in a cover letter? 

It is important that your cover letter should not become too personal. For sure do your research on the role, but don’t start to talk about how you have so much in common with the hiring manager or tell them intimate details about your personal life. Your professional “why” can still be fascinating.

Cover letter example for 2023

Re: Prison and probation officer role

Dear Mr. Hitchington,

As an experienced prison and probation officer, I have both worked with inmates in the prison and been involved in the decisions of which inmates qualify for release. With this experience, I have a deep understanding of when offenders are ready to return to society. I have worked in correctional facilities with over 600 offenders and have handled over 150 probation cases since moving from prison warder four years ago.

Following these individuals through their time in the prison system has prepared me to then help offenders reintegrate back into society. In my previous role, I ran a service to help previous offenders find work and remained in touch to help solve any issues. Integration into the community was most effective when there was stable work, and this was the number one factor in the lack of reoffending. I know that your facility has strong links with many employers, and I would be keen to get involved.

I have been involved in sentencing recommendations throughout my ten-year career and have evolved my understanding of the penal code and where there is room for individual leeway. If an offender has done their penance and has been rehabilitated, they should be given a second chance – if they are mentally able and psychologically prepared. Only 5% of those that I personally oversaw have reoffended.

My work in the State of Nevada penal system has brought me six commendations and my last state appraisal mentioned me as one of the “young stars” of the correctional system. I hope that my new move to a bigger prison facility will allow me to increase my impact on improving offender actions and behaviors. 

I would welcome the opportunity of an interview to share my letters of recommendation and my thoughts on how I might work within your probation team.

Trevor Arnold

Two popular alternatives to a cover letter

As mentioned previously, there are more modern ways to share your personality as a candidate than a cover letter. These two alternatives should be considered as an addition to a cover letter rather than a replacement.

LinkedIn is your online cover letter

While LinkedIn used to be the equivalent of your online resume, the wealth of opportunity to tell your career story on the platform is making it more like a cover letter with every new feature. You can build an industry audience and talk about what matters to you with updates, posts, shares, articles, videos, and newsletters.

The ability to “feature” select pieces of content (that get good engagement) will bring them to the attention of any hiring manager viewing your profile. The multimedia options are compelling – every job seeker should take advantage.

Do you need a LinkedIn profile in 2023?

A LinkedIn survey asked top recruiting professionals to identify the most impactful technologies for the industry’s future. Coming out on top were tools to find and engage candidates as well as to analyze the talent market.

Combine these projections with the increasing number of employers checking their potential hires' social media accounts. Keeping a polished LinkedIn profile no longer seems like it’s merely optional.

Video applications

Many online application processes now include video as part of their appraisal process and many candidates are creating their own “career story” videos to share on socials and with hiring managers directly. 

This direct access to potential employers has transformed the hiring process – while a cover letter is hard to read online, a 45-second video will go down nicely. Make sure that you have something hyper-relevant to say – wasting their time early in the process is not a good idea.

Web statistics indicate that there has been a 57% uptake in the use of video during the recruitment process from 2019-2022. Pandemic aside, video is a time and cost-efficient way for hiring managers to assess applicants. Therefore, video cover letters could play a bigger role in this into 2023 and beyond.

Key takeaways

There is more to the question than whether a cover letter is necessary in 2023. Yes, they are still required, but candidates should also realize just why they are important. A well-written and targeted cover letter will help them to achieve the following:

The time that you invest in writing a bespoke cover letter is directly proportional to its impact on your job search. Let your cover letter story sell your career potential.

How to write a scholarship thank you letter

Complete Cover Letter Writing Guide for 2023 | Beginner-friendly

Only about 20% of resumes are submitted with a cover letter. So, just by writing one, you’ll give yourself a significant advantage! At Jobhero, our team of experts has prepared this complete guide to cover letters and writing tools for 2023.

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What Is a Cover Letter?

Why is a cover letter important, when to use a cover letter, cover letter writing advice, top 10 cover letter samples, should you use templates to write your cover letter, professional resources, application letter:, referral letter:, letter of interest:.

Cover letters are important because they’re a determining factor in whether you land the job or interview. When pairing it with a resume, they become a powerful combination of selling points that show you meet the key requirements of the job description.

Here are the top three reasons why a cover letter is an important part of your job application:

A strong cover letter directs the employer to your unique experience and top accomplishments and paints a fuller, clearer picture of who you are as an employee.

Some companies may or may not require you to send a cover letter with your resume. However, you should always include a cover letter unless the job ad specifies against it.

Include a cover letter with your resume:

However, there are some exceptions where a cover letter shouldn't be used. Do not use a cover letter if the employer specifically directs not to do so.

For instance, their job application software may not allow additional document attachments. If this is the case, follow the employer's instructions.

Lastly, if you are in a rush to apply because the job post is about to expire or you don't have time to write a convincing cover letter, it's better to go without it.

That's the only time a cover letter will ever hurt you. Although, a poorly written or generic cover letter may hinder your chances of getting hired as well, so make sure to put in the effort to make it unique if you’re including one.

1 Personalize the greeting.

2 target your cover letter., 3 highlight your excitement., 4 tell a story about yourself..

The main two steps to personalize your greeting and target your cover letter require research!

If you research the company and know who you are writing to, it will make it easier and more effective to know what to say.

In your cover letter, you need to explain why you're excited about the role and why it's well suited to someone with your skills and experience.

So, begin the body of your letter by mentioning the role that you're applying to by name and citing some specific reasons why you're excited and why you would be an excellent fit .

Then, tell a story that illustrates to your prospective employer a bit of your career growth or work background that shows why you're a qualified job candidate.

JobHero has an entire library that features a vast selection of cover letter examples . You can use them to see what works and how you might want to discuss your own experience.

Here are our 10 most popular cover letter examples for your inspiration:

Research Assistant cover letter sample

Research Assistant

Data Entry Clerk cover letter sample

Data Entry Clerk

Executive Assistant cover letter sample

Executive Assistant

Administrative Officer cover letter sample

Administrative Officer

Cleaner cover letter sample

Front Desk Officer

Business Development Manager cover letter

Business Development Manager

Human Resources Assistant cover letter example

HR Assistant

Personal Assistant cover letter

Personal Assistant

Procurement Officer cover letter

Procurement Officer

The answer is yes! Templates save you time and effort.

JobHero’s cover letter templates are a tool that provides you with the correct document structure and formatting. That way, you can cut right to the chase and write!

Plus, since recruiters and industry professionals approve the designs, our cover letter templates will help maximize your chances of getting the job of your dreams.

Learn More About How to Format a Cover Letter

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Cover Letter Templates

Click on a cover letter template, fill it online, and download in seconds. Build a professional cover letter in a few clicks . Just pick one of 18+ cover letter templates below, add ready-made content, and get the job.

Professional cover letter Template Cascade

Professional cover letter template with a column for contact information

Professional cover letter Template Concept

Modern cover letter template with delicate icons for contact information.

Professional cover letter Template Crisp

Creative cover letter template with graphic elements and two columns

Professional cover letter Template Cubic

Perfect cover letter template with a dash of color and a structured layout

Professional cover letter Template Vibes

Sleek cover letter template with a light feel and color accents

Professional cover letter Template Diamond

Classic cover letter template in a one column layout

Professional cover letter Template Enfold

Two column cover letter template with contact information highlighted on the right

Professional cover letter Template Iconic

Clean cover letter template with plenty of whitespace and a layout that feels complete

Professional cover letter Template Influx

Elegant cover letter template with a single column classic feel

Professional cover letter Template Initials

Unique cover letter template with your initials on top and icons on the left

Professional cover letter Template Minimo

Elegant cover letter template with great readability

Professional cover letter Template Muse

Two column cover letter template with a neat structure

Professional cover letter Template Modern

Modern cover letter template with a clean-cut layout and two columns

Professional cover letter Template Nanica

Elegant cover letter template with a top-bottom structure and clean sections.

Professional cover letter Template Newcast

Elegant cover letter template with appealing typography and flow

Professional cover letter Template Primo

Creative cover letter template with initials as the logo and delicate graphic accents

Professional cover letter Template Simple

Simple cover letter template that draws attention to your title and personal story

Professional cover letter Template Valera

Traditional cover letter template with minimal design, but a finished feel

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Need text samples of cover letter templates, free cover letter template to copy and use.

Your Name Your Address Your City, State Zip Code Your Phone Number Your Email Date Hiring Manager’s/Recruiter’s Name Hiring Manager’s/Recruiter’s Title Organization/Company Name Address City, State Zip Code Dear Mr./Ms. [Hiring Manager’s/Recruiter’s Last Name]

When I found the opening for the [Position] with [Organization/Company Name] I felt as if it was addressed to me. In my current position as [Position] at [Organization/Company Name], I’ve improved [achievement] by [%] in [months/years] which resulted in [Number + Result]. I’m sure I can use my expertise to bring similar results for [Organization/Company Name].

In my current position as a [Position] with [Current Organization/Company Name], my key challenge has been [Main Responsibility]. Here are some of my recent results:

I know that [Organization/Company Name]’s current plans involve [Company’s Plans]. It would be an exciting opportunity for me to use [Your Skill] developing [Company’s Project].

Can we schedule a meeting [Date] to discuss my solutions for boosting [Organization/Company Name]’s [Revenue/Traffic/Customer Satisfaction] by [%] in the next quarter?

Sincerely/Best regards, Your Full Name Your Phone Number Your Email Address Your LinkedIn Account

Best cover letter templates for any situation

A cover letter for a resume or application is a brief presentation of your experience and skills in narrative form. The purpose of a cover letter is to highlight the most important information from your resume and add extra reasons why you should be hired. It’s about looks and contents. And Zety will help with both—

Best cover letter templates for any situation

Professional design

These resume cover letter templates match Zety’s resume templates and give your documents a polished look. Highlight key achievements in bullet points, use color and style to draw attention to what matters to employers. Writing a cover letter feels like doing homework assignments, but not with Zety—

Professional design

Ease of use

Fill in any of these professional cover letter format templates with help from our app. Simply tell the wizard a few things about yourself, and get a ready cover letter sample in a few clicks. Stop worrying about every single word you use and focus on what matters: your future job.

Ease of use

These user-friendly cover letter templates will save you hours of painful work. Remember the last cover letter sample you downloaded and got stuck filling out? This won't happen again. Choose between different sample cover letter layouts, click a few buttons, and you're done. Download your cover letter template in pdf or Word format.

Build a resume that gets you hired

Confidence boost

Don’t ignore your cover letter. About 20-50% recruiters expect you to write one even if they don’t read it . Writing a cover letter from scratch feels like a chore, but it doesn’t have to. You can create a cover letter for a job of your dreams in minutes. Employers will recognize you for who you are: the ideal candidate.

Confidence boost

Proven effectiveness

A Zety resume and a cover letter is your one-two punch that will help you beat the competition. Only 20% of all applications contain cover letters and with Zety you’ll stand out as the best candidate. Creating a cover letter can be simple, fast, and is proven to get jobs. It’s surprising how little effort you need.

Proven effectiveness

Frequently Asked Questions about Cover Letter Templates

What is a cover letter for a resume.

A cover letter for a resume is a document attached to your job application that will support your resume, by explaining your motivation and providing more details about the past jobs and skills that are listed on your resume. It is strongly advised to use a cover letter template matching your resume template for an optimal application. Get a professional resume template here , to go with your cover letter. Note that a cover letter for a resume can also work for a CV – here's a selection of professional CV templates (and here's the difference between a resume and a CV ).

What is the best cover letter template in 2023?

All our covering letter templates are equally adapted to modern HR trends and will appeal to recruiters. The best cover letter template is one that will allow you to write your personal details and list your strongest skills, while looking professional and simple . To pick the best cover letter template, focus on what will look perfect based on your industry, experience level, and preferences. Here's more on what a cover letter should look like in 2023.

How to format a cover letter?

While formatting a cover letter is not as complicated as finding the best resume format , you still need to follow the expected cover letter etiquette . Typically, cover letters are formatted with a lot of empty space on the page (double spaces between paragraphs), left-aligned text, and sufficient margins. For more tips, read our guide on how to format a cover letter the right way .

Do I really need a cover letter for a job in 2023?

Although resumes can be sent without a covering letter, every recruiter prefers receiving one, to have more options and details . Cover letters are not always necessary and read , but they are a serious advantage in case other candidates didn't send one.Besides, a professional cover letter shows your motivation, and allows you to say more about your projects and abilities.By sending a cover letter with your resume in 2023, you gain the lead over your competitors.

What to include in my cover letter?

A cover letter is made of several parts . The main ones are the cover letter header and the body . In the cover letter header, list the following information:

In the cover letter body, here's what should be available:

Those lists are not exhaustive; you can add more information for a better chance of success, such as your title or a post-scriptum. Read more about all the important things to include in a cover letter here .

How long should a cover letter be?

A cover letter should be one-page long , on a single-page cover letter template, and composed of around 4 paragraphs, along with contact information in the header. 400 words is a good limit, as more could mean no recruiter will read your document, and not enough will not make it seem worth the attempt. Depending on your experience, industry, and circumstances, the amount of information to write can vary. We encourage you to read our post on the ideal cover letter length in 2023 .

Do I need a unique cover letter for every job?

While writing a different cover letter for each job may sound tedious, it is a necessary step to increase your chances of being hired . A cover letter is impactful only when it is not generic, and when it surprises the recruiters with important and interesting details about you and your reasons to apply. Each cover letter must therefore be unique . However, you can save precious time by using our online cover letter builder , which allows you to duplicate, modify, save, and download your cover letters with just a few clicks. Besides, it offers pre-written content that you can use to write different application letters in no time.

Should I use a PDF or a Word cover letter template?

Just like your resume should be sent in PDF format , it is best to download your cover letter in PDF, too. The PDF format allows your cover letter layout to remain unchanged, whatever the device used by recruiters. Our cover letter templates all match our resume templates, and can be exported in Docx (Word), for you to modify them later, or in PDF for you to send them immediately.

Can I email my cover letter instead of sending a cover letter template?

For job offers that don't request a cover letter, and when you don't have time to write one, you can write a short cover letter directly in your email's body .Before choosing that option, we'd like to point out that our online cover letter application can generate a cover letter template with pre-written content for you, making the process faster and easier. If you still prefer to send a letter in text form rather than a cover letter template, here are all our tips on how to email a cover letter successfully.

Do you have cover letter examples for my template?

Our cover letter templates can be filled online using pre-written content. You'll only have to input your job title and generate content quickly and conveniently.Adapt what matters, and copy the rest to save time and speed up your job hunt.To help you adapt your cover letter and make it perfectly targeted, we have written hundreds of cover letter examples that you can find here .

How to make a cover letter with no experience?

A cover letter template can seem hard to fill with useful information when your resume itself is quite light on job experience and hard skills . But it is in those cases that your cover letter is even more important. Entry-level candidates can't rely on experience, and must therefore make the most of their soft skills , projects and original ideas. To start with, we encourage you to make a resume with no experience , and then write an entry-level cover letter that will complement it.

Are Zety cover letter templates free?

All our cover letter templates are free-to-use, and entirely customizable online. You don't have to pay to create as many cover letters as you want, until you are satisfied with the result.Zety follows the 'try before you buy' rule, and will never ask you for payment until you are 100% certain your cover letter template is pixel-perfect and ready to be sent to employers.

Try Zety's professional cover letter builder now

Banner Image

The majority of recruiters agree that to land the job you want, you’ll need to have both a standout resume and cover letter. A cover letter, also called an application letter, is a standard, one-page business letter.

Cover letter formatting isn’t as complicated as most job seekers think. Most applicants will never deviate from the basic cover letter formats, which have long-standing and clear guidelines. However, to create a proper cover letter format, you have to know how to do it right! Here, we show you how.

This formatting guide covers:

Cover letter formatting basics

If you need to apply for a job immediately, our Cover Letter Builder will do the formatting for you, generating a document in as little as 15 minutes.

Need a resume, too? Let us help you figure out the best resume format for your job search.

Structure of a cover letter

Before we get into formatting specifics, all professional cover letter formats should look like this cover letter format example:

Formatting your cover letter correctly will help you appear professional and well-organized. Keep the following points in mind as you structure the page. Whether you are looking for information on an internship cover letter format or a professional cover letter format, these basic rules will apply.

Fonts, spacing and margins

A great cover letter is defined by proper use of margins, white space, and font style and size.

Not all fonts are equal. Some, like Times New Roman, are easy to read, while others, like Comic Sans, are not. To be safe, choose one of the standard business-style fonts like Arial, Calibri, Verdana or Times New Roman and use only that font. We recommend using only 11- or 12-point fonts because those sizes are easiest for most people to read.

Cover letters should have one space between lines of text and between words, two spaces between paragraphs and two spaces between each section. Consistent use of spacing keeps a cover letter well balanced.

Margins and alignment

The standard rule of thumb for cover letters is that margins should be 1 inch, and text should be aligned to the left of a document. Some cover letter designs allow headers to be centered or right-aligned but always align the salutation, body and closing to the left.

Bullet points

A bulleted list is a clean way to break up the paragraphs and call out top achievements in the body of your cover letter. Use simple bullets — nothing fancy — and make sure they match the style you used in your resume.

T-format cover letter variation

A few job seekers may benefit from the variation known as T-format. This format puts the job requirements side by side with a candidate’s qualifications, making it very easy to compare the skills to the company’s needs. Best for those with at least 20 years of experience or work in a highly specialized field, like small-aircraft technicians.

The 6 types of cover letters [+ formatting tips]

Before you start formatting your cover letter, you should know what you plan to write. The type of cover letter you write will depend on the context of your application. Your goal is to land the job, but how do you get there? Do you have a professional reference? Are you seeking help from your network? Are you sending the cover letter over email?

Your answers to these questions will help you choose from the six key types of cover letters, which are:

5 tips for formatting a cover letter properly

File format matters. If you are sending your cover letter digitally, you need to know which file format to use when saving it. Without specific instructions, a PDF file is your safest bet.

The PDF file format is best because:

It is compatible with most systems, browsers and applications.

It is easy for applicant tracking systems (ATS) — software companies use to scan cover letters and resumes for the best matches to job descriptions — to read.

They can’t be altered, so your formatting and content are preserved

Here’s how to write the email subject line:

Read the instructions in the job description. Employers often specify what they want applicants to write in an email subject line.

Be clear. Specify why you are writing along with your name and the job you are applying for; something like: “Construction Job Inquiry — Joe Smith.”

Keep it short. The Nielsen Norman Group recommends limiting your subject line to 40 characters

Proofread it. Even one typo could cost you the interview.

More cover letter format resources

Need more support? We’ve got you covered with guides on how to write cover letters effectively using our library of examples and an appropriate template.

Cover letter examples

These cover letter examples demonstrate how a cover letter should be formatted and what information about you it should include. Pay attention to fonts, space and margins and paragraph treatments within each letter.

Cover letter templates

Formatting comes in different styles depending on your cover letter template. Check out a few of our most popular templates suited for different types of professionals, and select a matching resume template for a cohesive look. Keep an eye on how the format differs based on the template, from the header down to the bullet points.

What is a cover letter for a resume?

When you apply for jobs, you should submit a cover letter with your resume. Cover letters give you an opportunity to share your goals, list your most relevant skills and qualifications, and explain why you are interested in the company. Since some job seekers neglect to write a cover letter, submitting one can also make you a more desirable candidate.

Do I need a cover letter?

Yes, you need a custom, professional cover letter for each job you apply to. You should submit one with your resume even when it isn’t required because cover letters are one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Considering that 85% of hiring professionals read cover letters, you can show a company you are professional and committed by including one and making the strongest possible case for your candidacy.

What is the best cover letter format for a job application?

For most applicants, the best cover letter format for a resume would be the standard one-page business letter. Some job seekers with more than 20 years of experience and highly specialized jobs could opt for the T-format cover letter because it clearly displays how their qualifications match the job description on one page.

Which is the best date format for a cover letter?

The best cover letter date format is month, day and year, written in long form. For example: May 14, 2021.

How do I start a cover letter?

The best cover letter begins with a salutation like “Dear John Smith” or “To Jane Doe.” If you don’t know the recipient’s name, you can use a title such as “Head of Marketing.” Never use the generic “To whom it may concern” if you want to be taken seriously.

Which are the appropriate closings for an email cover letter format?

Always be professional when writing a cover letter closing. An email cover letter should close with a tasteful line, like “Kind regards,” “Sincerely” or “Thank you for your consideration,” and not informal phrases like “Later” or “Thx.”

How personal should I make my cover letter?

That depends on what you mean by “personal.” You should personalize every cover letter to each job. This means including the relevant skills from the job advertisement and explaining why your career achievements make you a good fit for the role. On the other hand, adding irrelevant personal details to your application letter can turn off the employer and make you seem unprofessional. Personal details, such as life history, should only be invoked as it pertains to work.

What is the best cover letter writing online tool?

We offer the best cover letter writing tool available online. You can select from many cover letter templates and easily tailor them. Our Cover Letter Builder abides by cover-letter-writing best practices and helps job seekers create application letters that bypass applicant tracking systems (ATS), which parse resumes and cover letters for relevance. To top it off, our builder helps you proofread your job application letter for formatting, spelling and grammar errors and make edits before downloading it.

Create a cover letter in minutes!

Get noticed.

Choose from more than a dozen eye-catching professional design templates that will help you create a unique resume employers will notice.

Find the right words

Writing your resume is a snap — just use our pre-written text bullet points to showcase your skills and accomplishments.

Get step-by-step advice

We’re there for you, every step of the way. Our professional resume tips and guidance will save you time and help your resume stand out from the competiion!

Format your finished resume

Our simple editing tools make it easy to get exactly the resume you want. Download in your choice of formats, then print and send as many copies as you need.

Was this information helpful? Let us know!

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Resume Genius

The World's Smartest Resume Builder

Home Cover Letter Help Cover Letter Statistics for 2023

Cover Letter Statistics for 2023

Rebecca Tay, Ph.D.

Key Survey Takeaways

We surveyed 625 hiring managers from a range of small businesses (less than 100 employees) to large companies (1000+ employees) across the US about their thoughts on cover letters. Adding to data from other studies , we’ve aggregated the most comprehensive range of cover letter statistics online, and our certified HR experts provide thoughts regarding the importance of cover letters in 2023.

Are cover letters important? (19 statistics)

You’re about to submit a job application when you see “Cover letter optional” in the job posting. Is it optional — or will it actually be a strike against you if you don’t submit one? And when it’s required, you wonder if hiring managers even really read them. We asked hiring managers if job seekers actually need a cover letter.

Percentage of hiring managers who rated cover letters as varying levels of important in their decisions to interview applicants

Do companies require cover letters?

Do hiring managers actually like cover letters?

Percentage of hiring managers surveyed by how often they read cover letters

Expert takeaway: cover letters are still important today

Cover letters are required at more than half of the companies we surveyed. And if you’re applying to a medium to large company, chances are even higher you’ll need a cover letter. With more applicants per position , larger companies likely use cover letters to help differentiate between similarly qualified applicants.

Simply put, hiring managers read cover letters (83% read 50-100% of the cover letters they receive). Even hiring managers from companies who don’t require cover letters reported reading the cover letters sent in by applicants. As a result, you can benefit from submitting a cover letter even when it’s not required.

Additionally, the vast majority of hiring managers (95%+) consider cover letters at least slightly important when deciding who to interview. And hiring managers from medium and large companies find cover letters are especially important, with 34% each of medium and large companies reporting cover letters as very important in their interview-granting decisions.

Hiring managers do more than just skim your cover letter too, with 63% spending greater than 30 seconds reading a cover letter. Plus 45% of hiring managers actually read a cover letter before a resume , suggesting the cover letter is not a forgotten or after-thought part of your application.

How do hiring managers use cover letters? (19 statistics)

By understanding what hiring managers are looking for from your cover letter, you can write a relevant and effective letter.

What is the purpose of a cover letter?

The top 5 purposes of a cover letter according to a Resume Genius survey of hiring managers

The Resume Genius survey results

The ResumeLab survey results

In 2019, ResumeLab asked 200 hiring managers about the purposes of a cover letter.

GetCoverLetter’s survey results

In 2020, GetCoverLetter surveyed 2,000 recruiters. Of the recruiters who prefer that applicants submit cover letters,

How important is a cover letter for an internal position?

Hiring managers separated by how important they view cover letters when hiring for an internal position

Expert takeaway: cover letters can be a tipping factor for your application

Company size, overall hiring needs, the exact nature of the open position, and personal biases are just a few factors that can influence how a hiring manager perceives your cover letter.

But generally, hiring managers agree that a persuasive cover letter can increase a weak applicant’s chances of getting an interview. Also, our survey data indicated that hiring managers overall view cover letters as important when hiring for internal positions. As a result, career changers, first-time job seekers, and internal applicants should submit a cover letter even if it’s not required.

Hiring managers voted ‘giving context as to why the person is applying’ as the main purpose of a cover letter. But hiring managers ranked the other purposes of a cover letter very closely, suggesting that a good cover letter can — and should — achieve multiple goals, including describing your fit with the company, showing your personality, and demonstrating your communication skills.

Our survey data suggested that different-sized companies have different motivations for reading cover letters. For example, small companies were more focused on using a cover letter to determine an applicant’s fit, which on a small team is essential when a single person may have to take on several roles and teamwork is crucial.

How to write a cover letter hiring managers approve of (17 statistics)

Now that you know how important it is to write a great cover letter, these 16 statistics will help you avoid common mistakes regarding cover letter customization, formatting, length, and more.

Do I need to customize each cover letter to the job?

Hiring managers separated by how important they consider customizing a cover letter to be when applying for a job

How should I address and submit my cover letter?

The top cover letter salutations to use when you don't know the hiring manager's name according to a Resume Genius survey of hiring managers

Rankings of different ways to submit a cover letter according to a Resume Genius survey of hiring managers

How long should my cover letter be?

What is the most important part of my cover letter?

Hiring managers separated by the section of a cover letter they feel leaves the biggest impression according to a Resume Genius survey

Expert takeaway: an effective cover letter is customized, concise, and starts strong

According to hiring managers, applicants should customize their cover letter to the position and company they’re applying for, including matching the skills in the job posting, mentioning the company’s goals, using the company’s name, and addressing the hiring manager by name if possible.

No single cover letter section was dramatically more important to customize than another, suggesting that applicants should aim to tailor all sections of their cover letter to the job opening. Overall, male hiring managers were more likely than female hiring managers to consider customizing your cover letter as very important.

Lastly, a successful cover letter is short, starts with an engaging introduction to hook the reader, and is submitted as a PDF (if the file format is not specified in the job posting or application portal). Approximately 400 words is long enough to detail your qualifications while short enough to read for busy hiring managers.


625 hiring managers (either as their main role or as one of their job duties) were surveyed using Pollfish. Survey respondents were 55% male and 45% female. Percentages from our survey have been rounded to the nearest percentage point for ease of reference. All analysis was performed using R . For access to data, please contact [email protected] .

Rebecca Tay, Ph.D.

Written by Rebecca Tay, Ph.D.

Rebecca Tay is a Professional Researcher with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University who directs research projects, survey analyses, and industry reports at Resume Genius.... more

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Learn about the importance of a cover letter, discover three CV cover letter examples for jobs including management and middle management, as well as for students, graduates, and beginners.

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A well-structured cover letter, when combined with your CV, is key to finding the position you desire. A cover letter illustrates your expertise and qualifications for the job you seek. A cover letter offers the chance to describe specific situations, highlight important talents, and share professional goals that may not be addressed on your CV. 

Before you start drafting your CV cover letter, review some sample cover letters to discover effective techniques and important tips for creating a personal statement for your job application. This article explores three cover letter examples organised by genre and industry sectors to inspire you. 

Management cover letter example

[Receiver’s Address]


I am a seasoned corporate executive with a strong reputation for accelerating corporate growth and reorganising global businesses. In the role of senior manager, I shall contribute my drive and will to succeed to your company. I have primary areas of experience that I will contribute to your company, which are as follows:

I have a deep dedication to [the respective industry/sector] , having served in many roles and competencies.

My effective [the respective industry/sector] knowledge as well as the capacity to develop, comprehend, and resolve [the respective industry/sector] processes is bound to boost business market share gains, ultimately leading to financial prosperity.

I have an independent spirit, agility, and expertise that will help you build important connections to succeed in business. 

My experience of over three decades of smart, critical thinking activities has delivered productivity and profitability.

My [name of degrees] and community outreach management responsibilities with several non-profit organisations have further enhanced my abilities and flexibility to satisfy the work criteria. Since I have done this over the years, I'd like to share with you the high-quality service and value I can offer to your organisation.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this. I can be contacted on [contact details]

With warm regards,

[Closing Signature]

Middle management cover letter example

I'm writing to express my interest in the position of [position name] at [company name] . I'm certain that my level of knowledge fits well with the obligations described in your job description since I have over six years of experience operating the [specified niche] .

I've proven myself to be quite an efficient manager and a good leader in my work as [name of previous job position and the company name] . As I single-handedly taught and trained the whole [team name] staff in prep work for [name a commendable task carried out by you] , my worth became clear to the proprietors. Throughout the following years, my team regularly exceeded monthly [specified niche] targets.

Your company, I feel, would greatly benefit my expertise in the key segments:

High level of customer service criteria 

A passion for quality

A high level of dedication as well as leadership abilities

Delivering results under pressure

I believe my skills will contribute to [business name] ongoing growth. My experience in this field has equipped me for this opportunity, and I genuinely hope that I will be able to contribute to your team.

It would be an honour to speak with you about the [job position] in further depth. I'd be delighted to visit whenever it is most suited for you. 

I appreciate the time, and eagerly await your response.

CV cover letter sample for beginners, students, and graduates

I'm writing this letter to express my interest in [company name] ’s internship programme. I learnt about your organisation via my institution's student placement centre, and after browsing your website, I've become interested in your outstanding work in [ industry name] .

I'm now majoring in [subject area] and minoring in [subject area] at [institution name] , where I'll graduate [graduation date] . In addition to my  [subject area] and [subject area] experience, I specialise in [interest/subject area] . The opportunity to do my internship with [business name] will expand my knowledge and experience to progress in my profession while applying everything I've studied to support your business objectives.

I aim to work with an organisation like [business name] after college to get hands-on experience, [professional goal] , and eventually [professional goal] . With the correct opportunity and professional experience with well-known clients, I believe I can achieve my goals. I previously interned at [business name], where I worked on important projects for their major customers. I had the chance to study [name of technical skills/tools learned] during the same internship. I also learnt [example of initiative and outcome] . Given that you are seeking to expand your [team name] , I feel my understanding of [subject area] may be of value to you.

If you have any questions that you would like me to address, please contact me on [contact details].

Looking forward to hearing from you,

3 tips for writing a great cover letter

The cover letter templates above go beyond the information in a CV, assisting the recruiting supervisor and potential employers in quickly recognising the applicant’s value as an employee. Let’s explore the key ways this is achieved.

Be straightforward and succinct. They express most about what a cover letter ought to state in the first paragraphs, such as their expertise level and status, as well as how they got the position.

Be specific about experience and impact. The applicant outlines key expectations from the position description and shows their relevant skills and previous experience with similar tasks. They also share an example about just how they have driven impact in their present job. Your cover letter should include applicable situations that illustrate your potential to accomplish the responsibilities mentioned in the job description whether you are a fresh graduate asking for an apprenticeship or early in your career looking for your next role.

Include a clear call to action. In each example, the applicant signed off by reiterating their interest in the company and role, sharing their availability and willingness to connect, and providing their contact details such as a phone number or email address.

Get started writing your cover letter

Your cover letter is an opportunity to distinguish yourself. Consider a period when you delivered impact with a major project or implemented a new strategy to spur innovation. Since you will have more quantifiable achievements to rely on as you gain more expertise, your cover letter is the perfect spot to bring out these details. Make the most of this desirable opportunity to show off your skills, expertise, and abilities. 

Learn more about effective cover letters in the online course Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters from the University of Maryland. For more career planning assistance, consider courses like Successful Interviewing or Career Planning: A Path to Employment .


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by Forrest Brown | Mar 1, 2023 | Career

An animated illustration of a robot sitting at a writing desk with pen in hand.

The cat’s out of the bag, folks. Generative AI is here, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Regardless of what you may think about ChatGPT and the slew of other generative AI chatbot announcements it’s spurred, one thing is certain: generative AI is already hugely disruptive. Now it’s up to us to figure out how to best use it.

Early adopters of the technology have enlisted it to write essays, emails, advertisements, lines of code, and more. Computerworld recently reported that job applicants are using ChatGPT to write resumes and cover letters —and getting good results.

These use cases seem like no-brainers, but what’s the best way to go about using generative AI for these purposes? To learn more about how to properly use ChatGPT for writing resumes and cover letters, NerdRabbit spoke with Nicole Leffer , a senior marketing executive and expert on how professionals can incorporate AI into their work.

Should you use generative AI to write your resume or cover letter?

“My thinking on this is, it depends on the industry you’re in, and it also depends on whether or not you’re trying to be deceptive about it,” says Nicole.

First, industry. Nicole recommends making the judgment call on whether or not to use generative AI for job applications on a case-by-case basis. If the company you’re applying to values candidates with generative AI skills, go for it.

> Where to Find Freelance Tech Jobs

Using a tool like ChatGPT to help write your resume and cover letter signals that you have those skills, which can work in your favor when trying to land an interview. If you want to work somewhere that leverages AI and is interested in pioneering good uses of it, how a company responds to use of generative AI in the hiring process might also signal to you whether or not it’s a place you’d want to work.

In terms of deception, transparency is key.

“As a best practice, I recommend saying as a PS, ‘This cover letter was generated in collaboration with AI,’ or something along those lines,” Nicole says. “That way it’s not like you’re hiding it in any way, shape, or form.”

Every time you use an AI tool to help write a resume or cover letter, include a prominent disclaimer letting the recruiter or hiring manager know AI was involved in its creation. You don’t have to put a warning in red, 36-point font across the top of the page, but don’t hide it, either. The chances of the person on the other end of the application assuming bad intent increases if they sense dishonesty.

Think of ChatGPT as a co-writer, not a ghost writer

“It is important that if you’re going to use [ChatGPT], you have to demonstrate that you can edit it and make sure it’s accurate and on point,” Nicole says. “It’s very easy to write a bad prompt, or even with a good prompt generate an inaccurate cover letter, or to not notice that ChatGPT is copying and pasting wording verbatim from the job description you’ve shared.”

Editing and revision are crucial steps of the writing process, and that’s especially true for anything written by a generative AI tool. In truth, ChatGPT is a better writer than most people (it doesn’t hurt that it was trained on well-written material), but even the best generative AI tools out there are prone to hallucinations .

“[ChatGPT] shouldn’t be straight-up writing your entire cover letter without you touching it,” Nicole says. “It should be an aid to help you write your cover letter. And there’s a huge difference in those two things.”

Because ChatGPT does write good prose, hallucinations can be easy to miss. Don’t mistake good prose for quality writing. The output might sound great, but it’s not helpful if it contains falsehoods or inaccurate information.

Learning how to write good prompts is a must

Generative AI tools work by taking a prompt to produce an output. It’s important to edit and revise outputs, but it’s just as important to write a good prompt.

This starts with training ChatGPT on writing in your voice. To do this, Nicole says you should prompt ChatGPT to write a paragraph describing your writing voice. Include several old cover letters written by you (not an AI) in the prompt, and save the output in a place where you can easily refer back to it.

> Work From Home Scams Are on the Rise—Here’s What to Know

When you’re ready to write a new cover letter, copy and paste the description of your voice ChatGPT previously generated into the new prompt. Feel free to make adjustments to this description so that it fits into the new prompt naturally. For a detailed description of this process with examples, refer to Nicole’s post on LinkedIn below. (If the post doesn’t appear, try disabling your ad blocker.)

When it comes to writing the prompt for the new cover letter, be as specific as possible. Don’t just say, “Write a short cover letter for an AWS solutions architect role that will make me stand out from the crowd.” Write it as though you’re a teacher giving an essay prompt to a class, making sure to include details about:

Once you get the output, Nicole says you can copy and paste it into a new prompt and tell the chatbot to make revisions according to your editing notes before you do the final revision yourself.

She also notes that sometimes you’ll need to restart ChatGPT if you’re not satisfied with the results. Your prompt may be good, but sometimes the tool can get stuck in a “bad loop” that produces poor outputs. Remember that you’re collaborating with the tool, not having it do your work for you.

Are there any downsides to using ChatGPT to write your resume and cover letter?

“I think there is a risk that you could frame a much better argument for yourself, yourself, because you know you,” Nicole says. “You can tell a story that is written into a cover letter that really tells the story in a way that ChatGPT never will.”

As with any new technology, overreliance on the tool is always a risk. Before you automatically start to write your cover letter with generative AI, ask yourself if you could write a better cover letter yourself in the same amount of time it takes to fire up ChatGPT, train it on your voice, write a good prompt, and revise the output.

Even if it takes a little bit longer, there’s a lot to be said for submitting a cover letter that only you can write. You can still use a generative AI tool to polish up what you’ve written, but cover letters with a personal touch—especially ones incorporating a story or personal anecdote—are powerful.

As the saying goes, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Generative AI is a sophisticated and valuable addition to your toolbelt, but it’s not meant to replace all the other trusty tools you’ve acquired over the years.

Use the right tool for the right job. Tools like ChatGPT will be a good idea in many cases, but don’t discount your own abilities when the situation calls for them.

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Is a Cover Letter Necessary in 2023? Do I Need a Cover Letter?

Are cover letters still  necessary in today’s job search , how important is a cover letter, is a cover letter always required, should you send a cover letter if it’s optional, why is a cover letter so important, do you need a cover letter, do employers and recruiters read cover letters, do candidates send cover letters, in what form should you send a cover letter, cover letter or resume—what gets read first, methodology and limitations, was it interesting here are similar articles.

What to Include in a Cover Letter: Examples of Things to Put

What to Include in a Cover Letter: Examples of Things to Put

How to Format a Cover Letter: Examples & Tips for 2023

How to Format a Cover Letter: Examples & Tips for 2023

33+ Cover Letter Tips and Advice to Stand Out in 2023

33+ Cover Letter Tips and Advice to Stand Out in 2023

How to Write Your Cover Letter Using ChatGPT

Are you struggling to write a cover letter? Let ChatGPT guide you through the process and help you create a standout letter.

Artificial intelligence seems to be the latest buzzword, and ChatGPT has been in the news as increasing numbers of people are learning about the platform and exploring its benefits. If you struggle to put your thoughts together, the idea of having a platform to create a cohesive document sounds like a godsend.

If you’re a skeptic, you may wonder how well the platform works and if there are any drawbacks to using artificial intelligence to help you with your job search. The platform may save you time, but you may want to add your touch to any documents generated to stand out.

1. Create Your ChatGPT Account

If you don’t already have an account, starting your ChatGPT account is simple. Go to the site chat.openai.com , and you’ll see a prompt to open your account or sign up. You can create a new account with any email or connect it to an existing Gmail account.

You’ll need to have your mobile phone close, since you’ll receive a six-digit code sent to your phone via text to confirm your registration. Once you’ve confirmed your registration, you’re ready to get started.

2. Introduce Yourself to ChatGPT

Before ChatGPT can write a cover letter for you, you need to introduce yourself to the platform, so it knows who it’s writing for. You should cultivate your introduction as if introducing yourself in a job interview.

The only difference in this introduction is that the platform hasn’t seen your resume, so you’ll need to share information about your education and work experience. Your introduction will help the AI get to know you, your past work experiences, and your area of expertise.

Share the school you graduated from and the degree you earned. Include your various jobs and work experience. If you have any specific accomplishments or certifications that you’ve achieved, you can add those too. The more information you can provide on your work experience, skills, and achievements, the better the AI can create an impressive cover letter.

Once you submit your introduction, ChatGPT will comment on your introduction and offer you some words of encouragement. If the platform is still new to you, you may ask yourself what is ChatGPT and what can you do with generative AI?

Here’s an Example Introduction:

Here’s chatgpt’s response:, 3. submit a job description.

Once you’ve completed your introduction and ChatGPT knows more about you, you can ask the platform to write a cover letter based on your submitted job description. Providing the platform with the requirements, duties, and responsibilities will help the AI understand what it needs to include in the cover letter.

Remember, the key to an effective cover letter is customizing it to the job you’re applying for. If you’re applying for several jobs, you can submit the job descriptions for each job you’re applying for.

The platform is free, so there’s no need to limit yourself when applying for jobs. If you’re a writer worried about what this new platform means for the future of your career, you may be interested in learning some of the reasons why ChatGPT won’t take your writing job .

4. Prompt ChatGPT to Write Your Cover Letter

Once you’ve submitted the job description, the next step is to ask for a cover letter. You may notice that the platform embellishes your qualifications to help increase your chances of getting the job. For example, the cover letter to be a writer for WorldAtlas talks about a bachelor’s degree in Geography, which wasn’t mentioned in the introduction:

You can ask the platform to create different cover letter versions to focus on other skills or experiences. For example, here’s one focusing on writing skills:

And here’s another cover letter focusing on soft skills. Notice that there’s no mention of a degree in this cover letter:

You can ask the AI to create cover letters with various focuses and see which one will work as a better foundation for the letter you send. You may want to focus on something particular based on your knowledge of the company culture or the position.

If you don’t like the first version of your cover letter, you can always ask the AI to regenerate your response. You can also prompt the AI to create a cover letter with whatever emphasis you want.

You may want to try different versions and see which suits you best. If you want to learn more about the platform’s capabilities and how to generate the right prompts, you may be interested in learning ways to learn how to write effective ChatGPT prompts for the best AI answers .

5. Proofread & Review the Generated Cover Letter

Once the AI generates your cover letters, you’ll want to review them to check for misrepresentations (Geography degree) or mistakes. You’ll want to proofread the letters before sending anything out.

ChatGPT warns you on its homepage that it may generate incorrect information, so you must do your due diligence before submitting a cover letter developed on this platform. This is important because the platform admits to sometimes producing harmful or biased content.

It would be best to treat the cover letters the AI generates as the basis of the cover letter you’ll send. You can add anything the AI missed or emphasize areas you think the employer should notice. ChatGPT pulls out some of the most critical elements of the job posting and tries to understand the intention behind the post. The platform can create cover letters that skillfully highlight the company culture described in the job posting.

The cover letter created by ChatGPT can help you focus on what’s essential to the company hiring to fill the position. It’s important to remember that AI can give you an excellent start to your cover letter; however, it will still be generic.

You’ll need to put in some personal information about yourself and what makes you stand out from other applicants before you submit your application. If you enjoy using the platform, you may be interested in learning about the amazing ChatGPT Chrome extensions for better AI prompts and answers in browsers .

Work Smarter, Not Harder

ChatGPT is a platform that allows you to work smarter, not harder. You can generate documents using AI and have them as the foundation for projects you need to complete.

Whether you’re writing a cover letter or a resume, AI can help you create them more efficiently. The documents won’t be perfect, but you can make changes and corrections as necessary and be confident that the platform has touched on the critical elements the employer wants to see, since AI can help you focus on addressing the points in the job description.

cover letters in 2023

Free Job-Winning Cover Letter Templates, Build Yours In 10 Minutes Or Less .

Choose a cover letter template below to get started:.

cover letters in 2023




While cover letters aren't much fun to write, they're still a critical part of a successful job search.

A recent study found that 56% of employers prefer candidates who submit a cover letter. Another study from CareerBuilder found that 49% of hiring managers believe that covering letters the second best thing to give your application a boost.

The right cover letter template can help you beat out the competition and score more interviews and job offers.

But there are two problems:

That's where CoverBuild.io comes in.

CoverBuild.io's cover letter templates were built using thousands of data points from real recruiters and hiring managers at the world's best companies.

But we didn't stop there. We've tested these templates with thousands of job seekers from different backgrounds, geographies, and levels of experience. Our templates have helped those people land jobs at some of the world's leading companies:

Select A Template, Fill In The Blanks, & Build A Unique Cover Letter In Less Than 10 Minutes

Additionally, CoverBuild.io's cover letter templates allow you to build a killer cover letter in minutes.

Our job search experts have written samples for each section of your cover letter.

All you need to do is select the sample that makes the most sense for your target role and then fill in the blanks!

Each sample can be inserted with a single click, but you have full flexibility to edit, tweak, and adjust however you'd like.

The result?

A unique, job-winning cover letter that you built in less than 10 minutes.

Why Use Cultivated Culture's Cover Letter Templates?

8 proven cover letter templates.

Created Using feedback from recruiters and thousands of data points from real job seekers.

All Your Cover Letters In One Place

Create, edit, and save as many cover letters as you'd like. Access them any time, on any device.

Full Customization

Choose the colors, fonts, sections, and spacing that matter to you and your professional brand.

Fill-In-The-Blank Samples From Career Experts

Insert and edit cover letter sections that have been pre-written by job search experts.

Download to PDF, Google Docs, & Word

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Cohesive Branding

Match your resume and cover letter template for a polished, professional look.


Then the copy could be something like:

We wanted to make it as fast as possible to write a job-winning cover letter, so we partnered with expert cover letter writers to give you a head start!

You can choose from X pre-written templates for each section of your cover letter. Here's how it works:

It's never been faster or easier to add unique, high quality content to your cover letter.

Edit, Customize, & Download All Of Your Cover Letters In One Place

Our Cover Letter Builder was designed to be an all-in-one solution to make your job search a breeze.

CoverBuild.io lets you edit, customize, and build every aspect of your cover letter.

It also comes with unlimited storage so you can save every version of cover letter in one place. You can even duplicate your existing cover letters so you can personalize them for new jobs in minutes!

Here's a sneak peek:


This cover letter builder gives you complete control over:

Download Your Cover Letter With Adobe PDF, Google Docs, & TXT For Microsoft Word

Our cover letter builder gives you the flexibility to choose how you download and store your cover letter.

Easily Match Your Cover Letter Template & Resume

Perception is reality and having a polished, professional, and cohesive brand for your job applications can help set you apart.

We designed our cover letter templates to match the resume templates from ResyBuild.io, our free resume builder.

Both tools seamlessly integrate so you can create, edit, and download matching documents in just a few minutes:


Modern Cover Letter Templates

All of our cover letter templates have a modern design that's tailored for today's market. Modern cover letter templates show that you're savvy & up to date. They also help you convey your message in a simple, clean format.

Professional Cover Letter Templates

A professional first impression is absolutely critical in today's job market. Our cover letter templates give you flexibility & control over the design, while remaining highly professional for traditional companies and roles.

Simple Cover Letter Templates

When it comes to conveying your experience and value, simple is best. Our templates are designed with simplicity in mind to help you craft a crystal clear message that jumps off the page and helps you land more interviews.

Creative Cover Letter Templates

Our cover letter builder gives you complete creative freedom and flexibility over your cover letter template. Change colors, fonts, sizing, and layout to match your personal aesthetic and stand out from the crowd.

Why are these the best cover letter Templates The Internet Has To Offer?

A lot of sites claim that they have the best cover letter templates - why should you trust me? Here are a few reasons:

1. Our Cover Letter Templates Were Designed With The Help of Real Recruiters

When designing these cover letter templates, I consulted real recruiters with a single goal: to incorporate best practices that would allow you to boost your chances of landing a job offer.

Together, these recruiters have over a century of experience and they come from the world's best companies. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Barclays, Deloitte, etc.

2. Our Cover Letter Templates Have Been Tested & Proven To Get Results For Thousands Of Job Seekers (Like You!)

I started Cultivated Culture back in 2015. Since then, I've had over 125,000 people come through the doors of our community -- all hoping to land a dream job.

That gave me the opportunity to test out these strategies at scale. To see what works, what doesn't, and to identify strategies that no one else is using.

The learnings and strategies that stemmed from these experiments have helped thousands of people take their resumes from blah to brilliant and win job offers at the world's best companies.

Now I've baked the very best, most effective practices into the cover letter templates on this page. If you scroll up to the top of the page, you can see the logos of the company's where I've helped people get jobs.

3. I Have Been Where You Want To Go

The best piece of advice I ever received was this:

"Only take advice from people who already have what you want."

If you want a resume that wins you a job at a place like Microsoft or Google, you should make sure the person you're taking advice from has gone through that process and received the offer.

Before I started Cultivated Culture, I was deep into my own job search. I started out as a graduate with a 2.5 GPA, a biology degree, and a job in healthcare. Two years later, I ended up with job offers from Microsoft, Google, and Twitter.

The reason these cover letter templates and the advice you'll find in this cover letter builder is so effective, is because it's coming from someone who has achieved what you're trying to do.

4. Build A Unique Cover Letter In 10 Minutes Or Less

Leverage cover letter sections pre-written by job search experts to automatically populate your cover letter.Then use our editor to edit, tweak, and adjust every aspect of the copy to make it your own. No need to write from scratch!

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Miranda Devine

New emails show dr. anthony fauci commissioned scientific paper in feb. 2020 to disprove wuhan lab leak theory, social links for miranda devine.

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New emails uncovered by House Republicans probing the COVID-19 pandemic reveal the deceptive nature of Dr. Anthony Fauci.  

They show he “prompted” or commissioned — and had final approval on — a scientific paper written specifically in February 2020 to disprove the theory that the virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. 

Eight weeks later,  Fauci stood at a White House press conference  alongside President Donald Trump and cited that paper as evidence that the lab leak theory was implausible while pretending it had nothing to do with him and he did not know the authors.

“There was a study recently,” he told reporters on April 17, 2020, when asked if the virus could have come from a Chinese lab, “where a group of highly qualified evolutionary virologists looked at the sequences … in bats as they evolve and the mutations that it took to get to the point where it is now is totally consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human. 

“So, the paper will be available. I don’t have the authors right now, but we can make it available to you.”

A picture of Dr. Fauci.

That paper, titled “The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2,” was sent to Fauci for editing in draft form and again for final approval before it was published in Nature Medicine on Feb. 17, 2020. 

It was written four days after Fauci, and his NIH boss Dr. Francis Collins, held a call with the four authors to discuss reports that COVID-19 may have leaked from the Wuhan lab and “may have been intentionally genetically manipulated.” 

The House Oversight subcommittee published emails Sunday in which the paper’s co-author Dr. Kristian Andersen admits Fauci “prompted” him to write the paper with the goal to “disprove” the lab leak theory.

Anthony Fauci

On Feb. 12, 2020, Andersen submitted the paper to Nature Medicine with a cover email: “There has been a lot of speculation, fear-mongering, and conspiracies put forward in this space. [This paper was] Prompted by Jeremy Farrah [sic], Tony Fauci, and Francis Collins.”

Farrar, then head of British nonprofit  the Wellcome Trust , which has historic ties to the pharmaceutical industry and the Gates Foundation, was rewarded with the plum role of chief scientist at the World Health Organization last December.

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On the day the “Proximal Origin” paper was published, emails show Farrar pushing through a crucial change: “Sorry to micromanage/micro edit! But would you be willing to change one sentence?”

Farrar’s change was to replace the word “unlikely” with “improbable” in a statement about the lab leak origin, so it would read: “It is  improbable  that SARS-CoV-2 emerged through laboratory manipulation of an existing SARS-related coronavirus.”

Improbable means having a probability too low to inspire belief; unbelievable, even ridiculous.

That’s what Fauci and friends wanted us to think of the lab leak theory that looked probable from the get-go, as one dissenting scientist said at the time, and looks more probable by the day.

The question of why Fauci went to such an effort to obscure the origins of COVID-19 is a major focus of the GOP-led committee. 

China's Wuhan lab

While they’re at it, they should quiz the Biden administration’s new “ US negotiator for the pandemic accord ” at the WHO, Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto, a former campaign bundler and Hawaii schoolmate of Barack Obama. 

Last month  she sided with China  to keep deliberations around this  new international pandemic treaty  secret. 

What are they trying to hide?

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