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30+ Hotel Review Examples to Copy & Paste

Hotel review Examples

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08 . I have stayed at dozen of hotels in ( L ). This was on the top of the list of best stays/experiences ever. Staff was very hospitable and there for every need of mine. Thank you so much.

airbnb guest reviews

101 Airbnb Guest Review Examples for Every Host (Good & Bad)

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When a guest checks out from a vacation rental on Airbnb, hosts are asked to write an Airbnb guest review describing their experience with the people who booked and visited their accommodation. Likewise, guests are encouraged to write a review detailing their experience of their stay and the owner.

Many hospitality businesses fall short of their competition simply because they don’t have enough reviews . As more travelers than ever are taking the time to research and read reviews of accommodations before booking, vacation rental owners can’t afford to miss out.

Both host reviews and guest reviews are very important – they can help make the difference between securing a booking and the customer looking elsewhere.

At times it can be a bit difficult to come up with a new guest review each time, especially if you rent regularly. That’s why we’ve put together these 101 Airbnb review templates to help you.

Don’t see the form to download our 101 Airbnb guest review examples? Click here .

In addition, this article will look at why Airbnb guest reviews are valuable, how to write them, and what to do if you manage your vacation rental remotely . We’ll also examine a few highlights from the 101 Airbnb guest reviews examples .

Why are Airbnb guest reviews important?

Since bookings on Airbnb depend strongly on reviews and ratings, it’s highly recommended to write a guest review. Remember that both guests and hosts need to write a review for either one to appear.

writing guest reviews on Airbnb

These reviews will not only help you and other landlords to better evaluate potential guests, but they also help to keep the Airbnb community safe and vigilant. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should spend time writing a review for a guest:

Increase bookings

You’ve got a fantastic vacation rental; apart from the photos and your listing description, what is the best way to showcase it and increase your bookings? Genuine experiences from guests who have stayed there!

Customers rely on other opinions to make the right decision for their trips. When potential guests are looking at your rental, they will always look at reviews written by people who have stayed there. They want to know if it’s worth booking and if the photos and listing description live up to the guest experience .

So by writing Airbnb guest reviews, you’ll get more reviews in return! Not only will writing guest reviews build up trust for future bookers, but it will give you more exposure. Your name and profile will appear more often on the site, so more potential customers will be able to find your property. Overall, it will increase your bookings and build up your profile and reputation as a host.

Give a good impression

Another key aspect is the impression you give to other users. A host that spends time and effort writing a review for each of their guests, especially if it’s personalized, will impress other potential guests.

It will show that you are trustworthy, and they’ll know they’re in safe hands when booking your vacation rental. An Airbnb host who commits to communicating with their guests, even after they have left, will certainly be attentive to the other details of the stay, such as cleaning, reception, and communication. These small details make a huge difference.

Help other hosts

Leaving guest reviews is crucial to helping the whole Airbnb host community. It enables you and other hosts to browse and evaluate potential problem guests . So as soon as a guest requests your rental on Airbnb, you can see how that guest behaved in other Airbnb rentals. For example, if you’ve seen a negative review written by the host of a previous stay, you’ll know not to accept that guest.

airbnb reviews for guests

If you’re an experienced Airbnb host, you likely know the value of relying on other hosts’ reviews to decide whether to accept a guest. By following suit and posting your own guest reviews, you support other hosts who may want to rely on your information before accepting a reservation.

Respond to negative reviews

Another advantage is that it allows hosts to do damage control if necessary. If a guest posts negative remarks in their review of your property, you now have a chance to give reasonable explanations to address the complaints publicly. Negative reviews also let you showcase your excellent customer service – not only to the unhappy guest but to potential guests reading through your reviews.

According to Christophe Salmon, co-Founder of Revyoos , one of the biggest mistakes vacation rental owners make is only publishing positive reviews. Research shows that customers are less likely to trust a vacation rental with a perfect 5-star rating than one with a number of negative reviews . The ideal rating for optimum conversion is 4.9!

How to write a review for a guest on Airbnb

A good guest review is vital for your business as it indicates to guests and other hosts that you are professional and attentive. Still, some hosts get a bit lost in the process. 

Think about the actual guest and their stay at your vacation rental and take the following into account:

1. Honesty is the best policy

As a host, you must ensure that you leave an honest and accurate review of those who stay with you and that they’re based on your experience with them and how they took care of your vacation rental. If you were satisfied with everything, let other hosts know they were a pleasure to accommodate.

If you had a negative experience with your guest, you should project this honestly in your review. After all, future hosts will see this and will want to avoid problematic guests . You wouldn’t want them to experience the same issues you had.

honest guest reviews

2. Would you host them again?

If the guests were to contact you in the future asking to stay in your rental, would you let them? If so, say that in your review, including whether or not you’d feel comfortable recommending them to other hosts.

If you’d prefer not to host them again, politely reference this in your review.

3. Was the place in good condition when they left it?

If they left it in bad condition, mention it! The same goes for house rules; did they break any? E.g., no smoking, no parties, no additional guests, etc.

Remember that accidents happen, so if something broke during their stay, it should only be mentioned if it was left unaddressed or was poorly handled. Stating the condition of the stay matters if it’s a reflection of the guest’s character and how careful or careless they were about looking after your vacation rental.

4. Did it go smoothly?

Your guest review should include your experience from the moment they booked to checking out. How was communicating with them before check-in? Did they check out at the exact time they were supposed to? Or were they late? Did any problems occur during their stay?

Host Airbnb reviews for guests sample

Answering these questions sets expectations for future hosts. If the guests are more hands-off or, worse yet, unresponsive, then it should be made clear in the Airbnb guest review.

5. Give them a star rating

Although you provide plenty of details about them, you can also give a star rating, which shows just how great (or not so great) they were when they stayed with you. Sometimes, it catches everyone’s attention faster than what you write in your review.

This also eliminates the issue of fluffing or sugarcoating any problems you might have had with the guest. If it was a two-star experience, say it!

6. What kind of guests were they?

You can also write about the type of guest they were. Were they simply on vacation, visiting family, or on business? If appropriate, you could mention how the reason for their trip affected your experience in hosting them.

Airbnb guest reviews guidelines

In order to make reviews extra meaningful and easy to write, Airbnb has a few guidelines that you must adhere to as a host. Here are some of the key points to consider when leaving a review.

How can I write a review if I manage the property long-distance?

If you are foreseeing a long-distance rental property, you should still write a guest review on Airbnb. If you have a property manager , ask them to give you feedback after your guests have departed. You can also ask them to use an inventory checklist to ensure everything was left in place and intact. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, ask them if the renters were noisy.

guest review templates

Your review doesn’t necessarily have to be lengthy; it could also just be a response to a visitor’s review and a way of saying “thank you” for choosing your rental. If you’re still not sure what to say about your guests, use our Airbnb reviews for guests sample below.

Why you should write personalized reviews

Although it’s quick and easy to copy reviews from Airbnb guest review templates, bear in mind that the tone, content, and reasons for leaving a review may differ from guest to guest.

Furthermore, guests will value the feedback they receive if it’s personalized, as it will help them when requesting future bookings. It will also make them feel that you appreciated their good behavior and care for your home.

10 positive Airbnb guest review samples

Here are 10 ideas included in the 101 Airbnb guest review examples that you can use and edit accordingly.

You can scroll down to the bottom of the page to download the full list of the 101 Airbnb guest review examples.

writing guest reviews

How to write a negative guest review on Airbnb

For every guest that you’ll have a gleaming review to share, you’ll have to be prepared for the negative ones too. Having solid vacation rental house rules will help ensure that your guests respect your home, but nothing is guaranteed. 

Not every stay is going to be the best, and it’s important that you share your honest opinion. With that in mind, honesty still needs to come with politeness – and professionalism!

Here are 10 examples of negative Airbnb guest reviews to build from. Ideally, you should customize them to directly mention the problem or issue. If you’re leaving a negative guest review on Airbnb, you need to be specific about why, so use these examples as an outline, but be sure to amend them as you see fit.

As you’ll note from these Airbnb review samples, it’s vital that you’re firm and to the point. However, it’s equally important to be respectful, professional, and calm. Don’t write it in the heat of the moment, because you may end up saying something that you regret that makes you look bad.

airbnb reviews of guests

Share your own creative Airbnb guest review examples

Airbnb guest reviews are important for you, your business, guests, and other hosts, so it’s important to take the time and effort to write thoughtful reviews. 

Feel free to use these Airbnb guest review samples to help you, but remember that the more information you include, the better. If you have any review templates or examples that have worked particularly well for you, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Build your online Airbnb host reputation and download the 101 Airbnb guest review examples below!

I would love to see what you might write for a problematic guest, or a tastefully “would not recommend” review. I see lots of “better suited for hotel” but I feel its become very generic and overused.

How do you write a review for a very demanding guest. One that demands a huge discount (on top of a special offer you already have on your price for a long stay) and once agreed on your price and booked your place, then starts to make demands for other things after checking in. I would like to warn other hosts of this, but in a very tasteful and discreet manner.

“101 examples of reviews” and the article has 10 examples. Stop wasting people’s time.

Hi Mike. The 101 examples are in the download, as we point out in the article. Let us know if you’re having trouble getting them.

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Stayed at the Sleep Inn Miami airport, our stay was horrible, water was freezing cold, shower was a handicap shower floor. Felt like it was sinking in and made noises, guest would slam hall door and stomped down the stairs loudly, room light switch didn't work, sleep in would not give me a refund. Only a 22.38 credit, what a slap in the face, doesn't not want to refund on their behalf since I book through them neither... The work hotel and the worst place to book through, I will never again use either place.. 0 stars. DO NOT USE EITHER PLACE.

profile pic of the author

I had a reservation at Motel 6 through, but it was the wrong motel 6. I canceled the first reservation. charged me for both reservations stating No Cancellation was allowed. Oops they gave $1.74 refund for $85.99 charge for a motel 6 I never stayed at! Do not trust Both will rob you and steal your money! Never use!!

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This company is not a ABTA member so you have no recourse should things go wrong like mine did, I was Just boarding my flight for a 6000 mile flight to Bangkok, when I got a msg saying my hotel was cancelled, refused to reimburse me like they said they would when I got in touch with them, I went through all the UK government agencies to complain, And the replies I got was, "We advise people not to book with this company as it's not a member of any travel governing body," In other words it's a scam company. So instead Im posting on every review site about this company to let people know. ;-)

We had booked a flight for party of 4 from Vancouver to Cabo Mexico for mid January 2023. The airline cancelled our flight on departure day due to technical issues. The airline returned our payment to within 2 days of our cancellation. We have been in contact with numerous times since they admittedly received our refund from airline. However, has not, to this date (March 02nd 2023), returned our payment! Every time I call; I get the same answer; "we have escalated your request and you have to wait!".'s customer service line refuses to transfer our call to supervisory department, or, to provide any reason as to why after over a month we have not received our refund even though they have our payment refunded to them by airline! We will never again use, or, recommend their service to anyone.

I booked a four-star room and it turned out to be a two-star room. The hotel was very nasty, dirty, roach infested. Horrible experience. Would never use booking again. They took no responsibility for falsely advertising this place.

booking reviews examples engages in a bait-and-switch scheme and defrauded me out of $2,354. In Sept '22 I booked a place to stay on the beach in Bali over Christmas break. I paid and received a confirmation. In late Nov they canceled my paid reservation and offered a low-rated away-from-the-beach "alternative" for just a partial number of days over my stay. They asked me to book a suitable property instead and promised reimbursement. Naturally booking 3 weeks in advance of the trip resulted in much higher prices. I ended up paying an extra $2354 and was refunded $26 as a goodwill gesture (what a joke). Fraudulent pricing strategies are not acceptable from a publicly traded company.

Took my payment twice and I cannot get anyone to issue a refund! Useless! They took my money twice and I cannot get a refund. I cannot express how utterly useless and negligent this company is. The customer service staff are all based in the Philippines and are polite but have no power to do anything to resolve issues. You'll be asked to email them, which will then be ignored. Please DO NOT USE BOOKING.COM. They do not care about you and will not help you. They have hundreds of £ of my money and I have spent 3 hours on the phone on several occasions, but nothing changes, nothing is done. If you insist on getting help or speaking with a supervisor, they suddenly cannot hear you and the line "develops a fault" - how very convenient..

The WORST support and honestly the most confusing and "buggy" website we have dealt with. We are developers and cringe having to work with bookings here. Other OTAS are much easier and their support is much better. We have had a support ticket open for 2 months now. No help. Opened other support tickets and get called from people who don't understand English too well and can never really help solve the problem. A booking was made and during the guests stay, the guest "changed" their booking to later dates and the price is going to change. We spent a total of 5,45 hours trying to call support, wait for call backs, trying to resolve this. support says it's impossible to change the dates during a booking but here we were.

I then declined the "change" and then get sent message from support AND and phone call to say that we will have to pay to relocate the guest as they can't stay at our place. THIS IS WHILE THE CUSTOMER HAS AND IS ALREADY STAYING AT THE PLACE?!?! It's utter madness. I have a seriously sore neck and headache and this was exclusively due to support. I have since found how to cancel our listing and will be continuing with AirBNB, Trip Advisor and anywhere else but this. It's been the most horrendous experience ever, Shame on you

Oceana 202 West

GPS Coordinates: N 027° 45.681, W 82° 45.990

· This trip was cancelled since our flights were cancelled due to hurricane ian hitting the same day we were suppose to check in.

Disliked · We couldn't get there in the middle of a hurricane, we paid $1645.00 for a trip we could not get to because of cancelled flights and a hurricane something that was beyond our control, and we cannot get reimbursed, this will be disputed with my credit card and, the resort never even communicated the fact the island was evacuated but yet they called the day after to ask if we were still coming and we told them we couldn't get another flight so we were reimbursed by the airlines, this resort literally refused to refund our money for a trip we could not take due to the hurricane, the people were extremely rude and could care less about the customers, keep your money in your pockets because this resort is just downright horrendous and have no empathy or compassion for people they just steal your money and provide zero service, just look at the fine print!

Because you can no longer call a hotel and book a reservation. I booked thru The KING size room I book and paid a KING size rate for was NOT available at Holiday Inn Express when I arrived. And BOOKING.COM when called just placed me on hold. These companies like do NOT care about customers. They do not have to face you. author review by ConsumerAffairs Research Team is an Amsterdam-based company founded in 1996. Unlike most travel companies, it focuses exclusively on helping travelers reserve rooms.

Free cancellations: offers free cancellation services for most rooms.

Daily deals: New deals are added to the website every day.

Verified reviews: has over 81 million reviews written by travelers who have used the website to make room reservations.

Apartment rentals: can reserve short-term apartment rentals as well as rooms at hotels and resorts.

Hostels: Travelers can use the site to find hostels in their destination cities.

booking reviews examples

The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services. Company Information


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How to Write the Best Replies to Reviews

How to Write the Best Replies to Reviews

Tobias Roelen-Blasberg

How to Write the Best Replies to Reviews

According to Statista , is the most visited travel and tourism website, with approximately 678 million unique page visits in August 2022 alone. With this number, it's safe to say your page on the website can make or break your business.

Apart from an updated page, engaging copies, and enticing photos of your hotel, your response to reviews can help boost your presence on the website.

This is how the top hotels do it.

How can I reply to a review on offers a wide array of accommodation choices which affects the hotel industry . Most of these alternative options offer flexible check-in time, self-check-in methods, and other features that attract DIY travelers.

Hotels, on the other hand, offer convenience, luxury, and great customer service. Leveraging these benefits is essential for hotels competing with other accommodations modes.

Hotel managers can make potential guests experience these advantages firsthand by responding to online reviews diligently. This way, they will know that booking your hotel will ensure that they will be attended to, even after their stay.

Luckily, has made it easy for hotel staff to respond to guest reviews with their user-friendly partner dashboard. Here's how to do it:

1. Sign in to your account


Enter your credentials on the login page . If you have multiple properties listed, you'll be headed to "Group Home," where you can easily filter your desired property. Click the property where you wish to respond to reviews.

2. Go to the Reviews tab

After choosing the property on "Group Home," go to the "Reviews" section. You'll be redirected to this page if you only have one property listed after logging in.


The "Reviews" tab will show you the Property Name, Date of Booking, Booking IDs, Review Score, and Comments. If you have a pre-noted review you wish to respond to; you can use the search box. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

3. Go to Guest Reviews and filter content

Hover your cursor over "Guest Reviews" A dropdown menu with the options "Guest Reviews" and "Guest Experience" will appear. Proceed to the "Guest Reviews."


A dashboard with your property overview will appear. Ensure that the overview's dropdown menu on the rightmost part is tagged on “All Reviews”.

4. Write your reply, send, and review

Scroll down to see the reviews. Click the "Reply" button and begin typing your reply. Hit send.


After sending your reply, you can check your approved response by clicking "View Your Approved Response." You can easily redo your approved response with the "Edit, Remove, and Cancel" below your approved answer.

Scroll on to reply to more reviews.

How to respond to a negative review on

Negative reviews scare people away–that's a fact. Responding to each negative review proves that you're running a legit business and shows potential guests that you're on top of every situation.

But it's easier said than done. To help you with this, here are some tips on how you can reply gracefully to bad reviews with the help of an AI Review Reply Generator .

1. Refrain from being too passive

Being too apologetic or passive affirms that the guests are correct in posting public complaints. It will also make your hotel look less professional, affecting your brand gravely. Instead tell future guests that this is not your standard and that show them dedication to your business.

2. Never be aggressive

Frustrated guests can be aggressive in reviewing your hotel. In times like this, appearing cool and collected will make you appear on top of everything.

3. Avoid making promises

Psychology researchers say that using the word "promise" only makes you appear insecure. It will also make it seem like you're just responding to the review without improving your services.

Instead of "promise," the best replies use more active words like ensure, strive, and working.

4. Take it offline and do not offer compensation

Publicly offering compensation for a complaint can set a precedent among your guests, creating a domino effect of bad reviews. It’s best to request the reviewer to message your team to resolve the issue. This will let the readers know that you don’t easily dismiss criticisms of your services. You can find more tips and tricks in our detailed guide on how to reply to every review .

Here’s an example response from a hotel reply generator:


How to respond to a positive review on

Positive reviews can be excellent marketing materials. Aside from boosting your presence on and other search engines, they can also be a great opportunity to increase customer retention and brand loyalty.

Here's how you can make the most out of your positive reviews:

1. Respond quickly

When you disregard positive reviews or respond a couple of months after, it will make it seem like you can't equate your guest's enthusiasm for your services. That could even make you lose a loyal guest.

2. Highlight areas of the review

Highlight your hotel's edge against competitors. It's the best way to emphasize your strengths, as you already have a testimonial to affirm them.

This review has perfectly enumerated the features of the hotel. An AI Assistant for Hotel Reviews elaborates in each area cited to entice more guests.


3. Include a Call to Action

Guests who leave positive reviews are the best assets for organic marketing. Invite them to share their experience with their friends or on their social media accounts.

4. Refrain from using a common template

A common “thank you” template is the easiest way to reply to positive reviews. However, it will make your readers feel like bots surround them. This will significantly affect your image since, first and foremost, the hotel industry sells personal and luxurious experiences.

This guest has concisely highlighted the features of your hotel. Below you can find a great answer proposed by the AI Response Writer that is casual and humble.


Sounds tricky? It doesn’t have to be.

We know that writing individual replies to all reviews could be challenging. We want to help you save time so you can use it for other activities to boost your business.

Our AI Review Reply Generator is specifically designed to help hotel staff and property managers like you write authentic and engaging replies to guest reviews. Now, you don’t have to write your replies from scratch or use generic templates that can cause more harm than good to your hotel.

Aside from, it can also boost your visibility on other top booking websites like Google , Tripadvisor , Agoda, and Trivago–all with a simple copy-paste process.

Make your guests feel more valued within seconds — register for free to try it out.

How to Remove a Bad Review from Expedia

How to Remove a Bad Review from Expedia

How to Respond to Hotel Reviews: The Complete Guide

How to Respond to Hotel Reviews: The Complete Guide

Optimizing Your Profile for Maximum Visibility

Optimizing Your Profile for Maximum Visibility

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Don't pay full amount

Well well well, didn't expect to see so bad rating otherwise would never use it myself. First didn't let me to pay with my bank card for deposit so I end up with full payment for studio. Unfortunaly my trip was cancelled and they not even tried to return my money. Woman from Lithuania was rude on the phone and send to customer service of Don't make my mistake don't pay full amount. Hope they will spend well MY MONEY

Date of experience : March 12, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Will never book with them again.

Will never book with them again. Booked a room for 10 nights with breakfast according to their website. When I received the confirmation it didn't include breakfast. There is a disconnect with and the hotel. They asked me for a screenshot of what I selected on their website. Did they really expect me to time travel? They stopped replying to me completely. Just pathetic really. Glad there are a lot of other options out there!

Date of experience : February 23, 2023

Car Hire scam

Sixt rental agency. Soooooo rude, told customer before me there was no car, then told me my booking was cancelled even though I booked for 3 days, they told me as I was late I lost the booking even though I paid in advance, this is a scam ! Booking .com wanted me to make another booking to get a partial refund, they must be smoking crack in the help centre, they will never see any bookings ever from me, avoid this company at all costs...head to AGODA...

Date of experience : March 14, 2023

Taking bookings for closed B&Bs! took a booking for a B&B that has been closed for some while. Despite this they proceeded with my booking and sent me a confirmation email. It was only because I contacted the B&B directly to ask a specific question that they told me they had retired and had closed the B&B a long time ago. If I had not made this call I would be none the wiser! I cancelled my booking and reported this to but no response. Appalling service, will not use again!

Date of experience : March 11, 2023

When a Booking portal CANCELS your booking at short notice

I have used many times previously without issue but today they CANCELLED a booking based on their claim that a credit card had been declined! The hotel concerned needed NO PREPAYMENT and took the payment on arrival WITH NO ISSUE. They notified me MID-FLIGHT a few hours before I arrived. Totally appalled. The hotel know me well having booked there 4 times last year alone so found me the room, otherwise my holiday would have been ruined! WILL NEVER USE AGAIN!!!

Be careful when booking more flights for 2 people

I booked a flight for 2 people. I did it in two different reservations as it was less expensive. I later received an email saying that one of the reservation got cancelled due to some technical error. So I had to rebook that reservation, but for a much higher price. No compensation was provided even after calling customer service. does not stand behind the “PARTNER OFFERS”

I used bookings com for years, but never again. I booked a motel room through “PARTNER OFFER” and was scammed out of $100. A confirmation was sent to me after I booked the room but when I checked in with the motel a few days later, they had not received the confirmation and said there was nothing they could do. The “PARTNER OFFER” was through Tuyi Business Travel Limited in Hong Kong. This is a scam and fraud and is allowing this to happen on their website.

Never use Booking to buy flight tickets!

I bought flight tickets by Booking and this is a schem. First you pay and then you have a message the booking is cancelled due to price changed! That's ridiculous! Price doesn't change in a matter of minutes! I tried twice and now I've lost more than 6,000 euros! I'll fight to have my money back!

It's been now 4 months since I had made…

It's been now 4 months since I had made a booking and the hotel cancelled on me last minute. I've called them so many times and their email address never works, still no refund after so many promises and email claiming that it was done. At this point im just glad I've deleted my account, because I've wasted so much energy, time and money on calling them over and over to get this right. Stay away from them. My only regret is that I did not come to check the reviews here before this experience, now I know to stick to airbnb

Date of experience : December 23, 2022

It created 2 credit card transactions…

It created 2 credit card transactions and bookings behind the scene upon my single flight booking. After placing the booking, I received Booking Failed/Refund notification in email and thought nothing was booked with I had to book the flight with the airline directly. It was too late and I'm sitting with duplicated flights when I'm aware that actually is still having another active confirmed booking despite the Booking Failed email received earlier. THey told me I am subject to airline penalty to cancel the booking.

Date of experience : March 10, 2023

The Worst company ever.

Just nightmare, can’t even describe how much I am angry on this stupid company. I was booking a flight through their website, they charged me £889 and after took the payment an apologetic message appeared saying the ticket is no longer available. It’s almost a week they still haven’t refunded me. Imagine that was the only money I had to purchase this ticket and now they are holding it since 9th of March. They put fake tickets on their website attracting customers for their business purposes but that ticket is not real and doesn’t exist. Avoid this scammers at any cost.

Date of experience : March 09, 2023

What’s going wrong at this company

What’s going wrong at this company. Last three times I’ve tried to book hotels, keeps coming up rejecting the credit card I have had registered to them for years. Customer service is a complete waste of time with language problems and an inability to help. Think it’s about time I moved on and used someone else which is a shame as I’ve used this company for years and always found them to be good.

Date of experience : March 13, 2023

Stolen hundreds of pounds from me

Have stolen hundreds of pounds from in random fees and deposits, they can't even telle which payment is for which hotel, I stayed in 5 hotels on my trip all booked via, I've nearly ended up paying double due to taking money and the hotels taking as well. No refunds for deposits, worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Never using again.

Date of experience : January 01, 2023

Useless. Made a car rental booking which kept glitching when I put in the drop off time. The booking requires the driver's details - my partner - but everything else (account details, bank card, etc) is all in my name. We then get an email (sent to my partner's email address, even though he is not the account holder) stating that there had been a technical error on their side and could we please call to amend the booking. I call - and they refuse point blank to speak to me because I am not the driver!!!!! Stupid, ridiculous, incompetent, unhelpful and the customer service agent I spoke to could barely speak English.

Date of experience : March 15, 2023

Pointless marketplace with fake customer support. Abusing personal data.

- customer care acts as per minimum requirements, mostly through template messages - I was not supported (let alone refund) after abad experience (water leakege and no heating in a b&B) - not possible to remove payments methods listed in personal account (function exist but does not workl) - not possible to delete data and cancel account, as per privacy policy (required 4 times, directly to customer care, per email, throught the function on the webiste)

Date of experience : March 01, 2023

So disappointed in booking's customer service

My reservation got cancelled by the Host in the very last minute because they had Covid. I was never reimbursed for this reservation, even tho I had to find a new, more expensive place instead. Their Customer Service has not been of any help so far for resolving the issue, and this happened a mounth ago. Also their e-mail is not a functioning one. I am really disappointed by the experience, I really thought I can count on Booking for finding accommodation.

Date of experience : February 06, 2023

I am in shock with the new “rule”

I am in shock.. People ( actually scammers, criminals) can write reviews, mess up people’s page without the stay!! How they can write about cleanness, internet etc without stay?? And doesn’t delete these mess!!? I decided to withdraw all our properties from Booking.. Bye-bye you died..

Quiet surprised to see the reviews here…

Quiet surprised to see the reviews here but tbh I never had any issues with I've booked so many hotels and recently travelled to an European country and booked an apartment through and everything went smooth.

Date of experience : October 09, 2022

Looking for a hotel in Paris and after…

Looking for a hotel in Paris and after much research it seemed like was $200 a room more expensive than actually booking on the hotel website. This makes no sense. Also, in many cases they let you to believe the hotel was already booked up. Again, completely wrong. Do not use this site.

They are not putting me up to genius…

They are not putting me up to genius level2 when I have completed the required stays and now over the requirement . Suppose to take few days to update now it’s been weeks Customer service did not help and are uncontactable and bounce back my emails.very disappointed in the company

' src=

Marija Todorovska

8 review response examples for positive reviews to copy & paste.

A guide on how to manage positive customer reviews and responses to positive reviews examples to copy and paste.

booking reviews examples

Hearing positive feedback about your business is always a good feeling. It’s even better when it’s in writing. 

You may find positive customer reviews anywhere – on your website, on Google reviews page , Yelp, and on many other review sites. And believe me, you want tons of them because they help your business in many ways – from boosting your online reputation as a local business to increasing SEO ranking.

Getting good customer reviews shows not only you but also to your potential customers the great customer experience you offer. New customers will feel more comfortable trusting your brand and making a purchase after seeing great reviews instead of negative experiences.

So, what you want to do is to put some effort into  review management  – take care of getting online reviews and responding to them.

FYI: You can embed Google reviews widget  automatically with  EmbedReviews platform.  Start a free trial  and display your Google reviews now. 

embed Google reviews

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But now let’s talk about how to nurture those happy customers and make them feel acknowledged by responding to their kind words.

What makes a good review?

Why respond to positive reviews, how to respond to positive reviews, review response templates by use case, 1. response templates for hotel reviews, 2. response templates for restaurant reviews, 3. response templates for mobile apps reviews, 4. response templates for ecommerce reviews, in action: how to respond to google reviews, gets you details about customer experience.

A good customer review is like a digital scrapbook with pictures and memories that your customers took of their experience. It tells you what made them happy – from the product’s benefits, pricing options, or detailed guidance from specific employees on how to use it correctly.

A lot can be learned from reading customer feedback left by people who have bought your product. You’ll uncover exactly why those satisfied customers came back time after time again without hesitation.

Gives specific and constructive feedback

positive review

You know how when you get a really high 5-star review, but there are some negative feedback things mentioned in the response? 

These are not bad reviews. That’s an opportunity for you not as a business owner, but as a brand to show what your business’s policies and procedures are when customers provide feedback. 

You should thank them for taking time out of their day (and yours) by letting you know about these concerns so that you can address them quickly. And besides that – for giving you a good star rating review. If nothing else, this will make future clients even happier knowing they’ll be receiving top-notch service right away.

The best customers lift you up with great reviews

The best reviews are exposing details of the real-life enjoyable experience your customers had with your business. The best reviews show that the experience was so good that decided to write a little more about it online or on social media.

It is important for a business to have positive reviews, especially those who are new. Having detailed and in-depth feedback from customers can help prospects understand what specifically sets you apart as opposed to other companies they may be looking at or considering working with.

You already know that feedback from happy and unhappy customers helps in business improvement. But it’s a good thing when customers share their positive experiences offline and online. And responding to them is an even better thing which can bring you some real benefits, such as:

No matter if you receive negative reviews or positive testimonials, responding to each of them should be a part of your reputation management strategy. 

You can check how to respond to bad reviews and check these  negative review response templates , but now we’ll stick to positive review responses.

Responding to positive reviews is an excellent way of showing gratitude and responsiveness towards your customers. After receiving a 5-star review, it’s important that you take time to respond and let your customers know that the review’s impact is real.

In each response make sure to include the essential elements.

Personalize it

personalized review response

When responding to reviews, it’s important that you keep them personal. You can do that by simply mentioning the reviewer’s name. 

Let your customer know that you aren’t just copy-pasting their response but are truly dedicated and interested in what feedback they have given. Everyone wants to feel acknowledged for their opinion on something.

Don’t take too long to respond

The quicker you respond, the better. 

Responding quickly and positively when someone gives feedback about your company is extremely important! Acknowledge customer reviews with care and don’t take too long for a response.

Vibe with the reviewer

Keep the same level of enthusiasm that your customer has.

The reviewer liked your product. Now you need to keep the same level of enthusiasm for it! Don’t just respond with “thank you,” because that won’t make the customer feel as though they had anything worth talking about or bringing up in their review. 

You want them to feel like this person got excited enough for enjoying your services and taking the time to provide social proof for it.

Yes, you should keep each response personal and dedicated to the specific customer experience. But it’s always a good help to have few templates of the most common reviews you can use over and over again with a little bit of customization and personalization.

Here are some templates you can use.


“I stayed at [Hotel Name] for three nights in November 2019. What an amazing hotel. I was greeted with such kindness and this continued throughout my stay. I booked the king room and my room was situated on the 14th floor. The room was fantastic. Clean, modern, and had a fantastic view over [City]. The rooms were big for [City] standards. I can’t complain about this hotel. The gym was great, the rooftop bar was fantastic, and all of the facilities were clean and modern. The restaurant located inside the hotel, [Restaurant Name], was delicious. I dined here for breakfast and dinner.”

Hi [Customer Name], Thank you for taking the time to review your stay at [Hotel Name]. I’m so glad to hear that our staff were able to make your experience with us a memorable one and that you enjoyed all of the amenities we offer. I will pass on your compliments about [Restaurant Name]’s restaurant – our Executive Chef is quite passionate about his work! We hope that in future visits you’ll have an opportunity to try more of what we have available in this culinary gem. If there are any specific areas where we can improve upon during your next visit, please do let us know as feedback is always welcome here at [Hotel Name]. Response template #1

“Wonderful place to stay. I don’t normally stay in hostels but this was perfect – the beds are comfortable, and the rooms are quiet despite the fact that if you want to, you can spend time outside with other travelers and the staff – who, by the way, were exceptional. [Employee Name] really went out of her way to make sure everyone got what they needed, whether it was directions, recommendations, or help with their transportation. I had a great time meeting everyone and socializing yet when I wanted to, I could get a quiet night’s sleep.”

Thank you [Customer Name] for your review, we’re so glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay and found our staff helpful. It’s always great when we can help guests make the most of their time with us – whether it be recommending a restaurant or showing them how to get around town! I’ll let [Employee Name] know that you appreciated her assistance and she will be thrilled. Response template #2

“Hands down the best chicken wings I have ever eaten. My partner and I were visiting some friends in the area and these heavenly wings (and a couple of sides of rice) were the only thing requested. The wings themselves had great flavor and AMAZING crunch. But really, I think the crispiness of the wings is what makes the wings so good (and addicting). The sauce was a balanced mix of sweet and spicy (very mild, if I had to rate it), which was also great over rice.”

Thank you for your review, [Customer Name]!  It sounds like you enjoyed our fried chicken wings. We are so happy to hear that the flavor and crunch were up to par with your expectations. We take pride in the quality of our food and hope that we can continue delivering great-tasting meals. If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know! Response template #3

“Amazing food. PERIOD. Service is always perfect, food is always on point, and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. Always looking forward to this place with my friends, the fried vanilla ice cream is exceptionally good! “

[Customer Name], thank you for your review! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed our food and service. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience at our restaurant, but it’s great to know that we are on the right track. Let me know if there is anything else we can do to make your next visit even better. Response template #4

“This app is super useful and helpful for users that lack advanced knowledge in photo editing. I liked how user-friendly the app is. I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way to crop and edit videos.  “

Thank you for sharing your experience with [Company Name], [Customer Name]! We’re so glad to hear that our app was easy and intuitive for you. We’ve been working hard on improving the user experience of the app and we hope this has been reflected in your experience. Our team is always trying to make sure users have a great time using our product, so we are happy to know that’s what happened for you!  Response template #5

Amazing app.  There are so many workouts to choose from.  It’s impossible to get bored. They eliminate any excuses because there are workouts for all levels, all time frames, no equipment options, small space options, and even options to have your kids join you. I truly love this app and have had several friends join as well.

[Customer Name], thank you so much for the review!  I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your experience with our app.  We are committed to providing a diverse selection of workouts and it’s great to know that we’re meeting this goal.   Thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback with us – it’s always appreciated. Response template #6

“ I absolutely love this espresso machine! It works so well. I love that it has the steamer as well. Just make sure to clean the steamer right after you use it so the milk doesn’t stick and clog it up. I’ve only had it for a month now but I’m super impressed with the quality for the price! And the delivery was real quick! “

Thank you so much for your review, [Customer Name]! I am so glad to hear that the machine is working well and that you are enjoying it. We take pride in our customer service, if there’s anything else we can do, please let us know. Response template #7

“ I can’t say enough about these headphones. They’re excellent for the gym! They don’t fall off and aren’t uncomfortable after a while. The sound is amazing and the controls are easy to use without needing your phone picked up. They don’t hold moisture or water and I just wipe them off after my workout. Very satisfied with this purchase, they come in a sturdy zip-up case and with their own charging cable. The charge lasts a decent amount of time obviously depending on your usage but is well worth the buy! And the color is absolutely adorable! “

Hi [Customer Name],  Thanks for your review! I’m so happy to hear the headphones are working well for you.  We love hearing from our customers and we’re always looking for ways to improve our products. I’ve passed your feedback about the sound quality and ease of use on to our product team – they’ll be thrilled that they were able to make a difference in your life! Response template #8

Let’s use these templates and respond to some of your Google Reviews.

In order to make the process more efficient, the reviews management software EmbedReviews has an integrated option that allows you to manage your online reviews and respond to them directly from the dashboard.

It has a direct integration with Google to generate your Google reviews and embed them on your website.

Additionally, you can pick each Google review you want to respond to, paste one of these templates (or write your own) and respond to it real quick – without having to log in to your GMB account.

To do this, follow these steps:

Your message will appear publicly right below the selected Google review on your Google My Business account.

Here is an example of the review response composer in EmbedReviews:

respond to a review

Your online reputation is shaped by your customer reviews and how you respond to them. So, make sure you keep coming to the positive ones and nurture your loyal and happy customers.

Satisfied customers lead to great reviews which offer you an exceptional online reputation.

Get more online reviews. Embed Google reviews on your website today! !

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