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Top 5 Best Free Essay Websites Review: Find a Great Sample on Your Topic

If you’re a student, you would probably love to find websites that’ll write papers for you for free. Does free cheese ever come cheaply? No, but with this best free essay websites review, you’ll see that exception happen. Our team checked numerous writing platforms and settled on five top options. Read about our insights and draw your conclusions.

Updated: 21.02.2023

All ratings, opinions, and reviews you see on this site do not necessarily reflect the official position of any other company, educational establishment, or employer. These reviews are always subject to revision and change. Please do not hold us to them — visit actual websites to make any decision.

To decide what score each company deserves, we compare our team’s grades, academics’ ratings, and individual reviews. Opinions of LetsGradeIt.com team is worth 30% of the total grade. Academics’ ratings comprise 35%, and individual grades account for 35%. In cases when there are no individual reviews posted about a firm, academics have a say by 60%, while our team gets 40%.

Top 5 Free Essays Websites

It is one of the best choices for essay and research writing work, according to our reviews. This company provides good grammar quality and follows all formatting and grading rubric rules. Timely delivery and free revisions work as advertised. Their selection of free samples seems to be curated by the company’s specialists since they are mostly good. What makes them even better is their customer support service, which is available immediately and provides custom help with order placement, payment procedure, and revisions. If you want to choose something that is affordable and customized to your needs, this service is the safest bet.

This company has been offering free essays online starting with 2013, and many students use its services when completing their studies. There is a big number of samples on its website: they are situated in alphabetic order, and you could also type your keywords in a welcoming search space to locate something specific. If you’d like to read an essay, you could do it for free and without making an account. But in case you want to use any of these papers for your own writing, you’ll have to give your email address and the company will send your chosen sample to you. These free essays are good: website’s owners pick only the best options. If you like any of them, try paid writing services at this firm, too. Its prices are affordable and its writers could produce great essays based on your instructions. Refunds and revisions are present. But note that if you need urgent order, you’ll have to clarify how possible it is for TopEssayWriting to handle it. Its experts aren’t fond of rushed work in most cases.

Paraphrasing tool, conclusion generator

This WritingUniverse review was born after we got numerous requests to investigate it. Our team quickly did preliminary research, and we realized why students showed interest in it. WritingUniverse is mysterious in several ways at once: we have no idea when it was established and reviews on its website don’t have any dates mentioned. It’s very in tune with its logo of an alien with a UFO. The company offers writing-related services; it asks for adequate prices and works with the shortest deadlines. Even a 3-hour timeframe is accepted. Few reviews from customers we saw are mostly positive, but they aren’t informative enough to draw conclusions. So, we launched our own investigation.

This is an impressive platform with an interesting design that offers a choice between 100K different essays on any topic. They are all divided into specific categories like art, business, literature, healthcare, etc., so every student will be able to find something that meets their demands. Of course, these sample papers won’t follow your unique instructions 100%, but you can still get enough material for completing your own essay. The ones we checked were plagiarism-free, and while they weren’t always ideal, the level of writing in them was pretty high. They also relied on good sources and followed academic citation rules. Students won’t have to create an account or pay anything to use them, but if they want to download them, they’d have to share their email. This is a minor flaw our review team noted. WritingUniverse showed extra care in making all its papers and articles useful for students. This makes its paid services more trustworthy: these writers don’t ask for much, but they are efficient and produce their works on time. Revision helps protect you from any accidents or mistakes on the writer’s side. Considering all these facts, we give WritingUniverse the second place on our list.

This company offers a plethora of popular writing services and those types of academic writing help that are not so common like resume writing and business report assistance. They have a good pricing scheme that instantly shows you the price. Additionally, you may request drafts, plagiarism reports, proofreading by an editor, and urgent writer’s selection. They offer excellent quality, a good collection of free essay samples, a good blog that will help many students learn about writing styles and find inspiration, and the majority of payment methods. They are a reliable service that is safe to consider for most tasks. Just remember that things may get a bit pricey, yet it is always paid off as our review experts have found out.

This is one of the best free essay sites that has been providing assistance to students since 2013. It has a simple but pleasant design where everything is comprehensive, so you won’t have issues with figuring out how to use it. There are many best samples here, and what we liked is that they point out what format they have, how many sources writers used, etc. Some of them aren’t perfect, but you need to remember that they were written by fellow students who studied different subjects in different educational establishments. For instance, someone from college could perform great research, but for university students, it could seem overly basic. So try several options before choosing something; after making sure they are great, consider hiring your own writers from GrabMyEssay. Prices here are higher than they are at two previous companies, hence its third place on this list, but with a discount, it might not matter much. Writing experts have professional backgrounds and do a great job following clients’ instructions. Most reviews about GrabMyEssay are positive, and we liked it, too: these guys produced our essay right by our deadline. They don’t enjoy hot orders, though, so keep this in mind. Apart from this, we found its policies friendly and its work impressive.

CleverrUp is a relatively new company that provides many-layered homework services in a variety of spheres. It could solve your Math problems, write an essay, find an answer to a particularly complex question, give you a tutor, and so on. Its prices are affordable and its quality is of acceptable level. It follows deadlines properly, but there are next to no Cleverr Up reviews online because a firm hasn’t been working long.

Design of this free essay online provider is outdated and might be unclear at first, but its work is still impressive. There is a solid database with samples on various topics. For downloading any of them, you should create an account or log in if you already have one, which is a complication. In comparison with other papers, we found these free essays a little more flawed, but all in all, they had a satisfying level of quality. As for paid writing services, they cost too much. Writers are going to follow your instructions, but they don’t always upload their work on time, so this is something to look out for. Still, CleverrUp has customer-friendly policies — you can count on getting what you want sooner or later, depending on deadline and complexity. If something is wrong, refunds are present, so one way or another, you won’t be disappointed.

It is a new company that has left a good impression as we cooperated with them for our essay order. Still, very few online reviews make it difficult to shape one’s opinion. Some plagiarism issues have been encountered, yet they offer timely delivery and their prices are quite competitive. If some grammar issues and formatting could be polished along with more information regarding their writers, this company could be listed among those that are safe to use. They also provide basic information regarding free revisions and refunds, yet it is always a matter of luck as they have their own QA department that rules out their final decision.

StudentShare creates free online essays for students by generating papers from volunteers who want to share their works. Quality varies: some are great, others not so much. You’ll need to pay close attention to each essay you’re reading — don’t automatically assume they are perfect. This platform has a convenient system where you can type in relevant keywords, indicate document type, pages, number of views, etc. for finding papers that fit your needs best. Premium writing service is available as well, but it is really expensive even with discounts. One page costs more than $20, so not everyone, especially with the request “write my essay for free,” is going to be able to afford it. Writers are very welcoming, but their attitude to work varies. Some will do everything perfectly while others could be late. In many ways, it is like a lottery: you can get the best service here, but it could take several tries.

Reasons Why You Need Free College Essays

Why do many students look for free essay examples? Here’s your answer.

Review Process

Selection of companies for investigation. The essay writing niche grows rapidly. We keep our fingers on the pulse and review all new and double-check old companies.

Background check. It is important to know how much information about every company is available online, how easy it is to access it and understand if it is true. We study the website, online presence, and client reviews.

Investigation of quality. We cannot assess the service if we do not use it. So, we pick a few random essay samples from the site and check them. Also, we order an essay with our own requirements and analyze every step our order goes through – placing, delivery, communication with writer and support, revision, and in some cases refund.

Evaluation of policies. We pay close attention to guarantees and policies: money-back guarantee, revision guarantee, terms and conditions, and other features offered.

Why Is Reading Reviews Vital?

Before paying, you need to learn if website that writes essays for you is trustworthy. But unless one of your friends tried it, how would you know? Through reviews. They help you see the experience of other people and read objective thoughts of professionals.

Are Free Essays Online for Students Unique?

Not really. There are many samples online, and you cannot tell how many students used which of them. There is every chance that someone else has already downloaded an example and submitted it to their professor, so don’t do it, too. It’s not worth the risk. If you need substantial help, order an original paper.

Criteria That Best Websites with Free Samples Must Meet

When it comes to free college papers online or free essay writer services, quality matters. There is no point in offering samples if they are terrible and students will only get into trouble with them. Here are the criteria each best essay writing service must follow.

How Could I Benefit From Them?

Essays for free are great as long as you know how to use them. Don’t send them to the professor and pretend they are yours — this could get you in trouble. Instead, look at how they are written. Take practical tips about structure; use some ideas and make your own on their basis.

Are All Online Reviews Real?

Not all of them are real, Never trust the testimonials on the site, as every company publishes them and can add and alter them to make them sound positive. We collect only real reviews from clients who really paid for essay services and can provide proof. Our own investigation also helps to be unbiased and true. We stand behind every word.

Why Trust Our Recommendations

Tips for finding real reviews.

Let’s discuss how to find reliable reviews. If you know what to look for, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Specific Ways to Find the Best Writing Companies

Now let’s discuss on what specific platforms you stand higher chances of finding real reviews. Most of them don’t concern the aspect of writing essay online free, but they are helpful for those who need professional help and are ready to pay for it.

Could I Look for a Company without Reading Reviews?

In case your friend recommends something or you already have a reliable provider, you won’t need reviews. Maybe some agency looks particularly great and you loved chatting with its operators, but reviews about it are negative. Rely on your own gut. Online comments give you ideas — what you do with them is up to you.

Choose the Best Company and Enjoy Free Time

If you want to find websites that write essays for you free or pay experts for creating original papers, check 5 options we recommended. They are the best, and you’re guaranteed to find good websites that do your homework there. In case this isn’t enough, start a chat with operators and place an order. If you’re interested in more specific subjects or prices, check our other reviews. Let us know what you think — we want you to be happy with your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Websites with Free Essays

Yes and no. There are free essay writing websites where you could read hundreds of free samples, choosing one that you enjoyed and that matched your topic best. But the actual writing process from scratch isn’t free. If you want a unique essay that follows your specific instructions, you’ll have to pay for it.

Our choice in 2021 is WritingUniverse. It has excellent free essay papers, English speakers who specialize in various subjects and could write a fantastic paper, and low prices made even lower with good discounts.

Yes, of course, but not everywhere. In our experience, only the best companies that really care about students and their needs offer free samples. Even fewer offer good ones.

No, unfortunately, this isn’t something you should expect. Apart from you, many other students are searching for samples, and they might like the exact same one you picked. This creates repeated plagiarism if you use it instead of writing something yourself.

Was this review helpful?

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Check  Terms of Use  and  Privacy Policy for more information.

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10 best free websites on how to write an essay

how to write an essay

Figuring out how to write an essay in English can be hard if it’s not your first language . Fortunately, there are great tools and resources online that teach you how to write an essay. The best part? Most of them are free.

Whether you need to identify the different types of essays or to check your grammar, our top 10 picks below will help.

Do note these tools are meant to assist you in writing better essays. It will be unethical to enlist the help of an online provider in writing your assignment. Not only does this defeat the purpose of completing your assignment, but could get you suspended or even thrown out of university.

how to write an essay

Understanding the nuances of writing an essay will help you deliver better work. With the Internet, you’ll have an easier time writing your essays. Source: Hoang Dinh Nam/AFP

1. International Student

Learn how to write different types of essays  through a handful of detailed, actionable articles at their Student Essay Writing Centre.

Here, you’ll find tips for writing general essays, scholarship essays, and admission essays. They also provide samples for you to refer to if you need extra guidance on writing a specific topic.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly needs no introduction. This website uses artificial intelligence to  review your spelling, grammar and punctuation . If you’re afraid of missing grammatical errors and wonky phrases in your assignment, this tool can help to capture these mistakes.

Once you’ve uploaded your assignment on Grammarly, get a friend to check through your work, as you never know what the website might have missed. 

3. Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor App  highlights common errors and suggests ways to create simple, concise, and engaging content with its unique user interface known as the “Write” and “Edit” mode. Amendments to sentences created by the writer are colour coded.

4. The Purdue Online Writing Lab

Like the International Student, this website contains detailed articles using  specific reference styles, subject-specific writing, and teaching resources . 

Remember to bookmark this website as they constantly update it to inform readers of changes to popular citation styles, like the Modern Language Association, Chicago, American Psychological Association, and so forth.

5. Grammar Girl

Mignon Fogarty, also known as the Grammar Girl, is the founder of the blog and website “Quick and Dirty Tips.” Articles address grammatical errors, homophones, and awkward phrasing . 

Got a question about how to use a word or apply a grammar rule? There’s a good chance that Fogarty may have already covered it on the website. You can also browse through her content to learn the history of some words and plenty of writing-related advice. 

how to write an essay

You use an active voice to express yourself in a clear manner. For example, “I am happy.” Source: James Gilbert/Getty Images North America/Getty Images/AFP

6. Aztekera Passive voice checker

Did you know it’s better to write your essays in an active voice? That is because this tone is more concise and straightforward. 

If you need help eliminating passive voice (the opposite of active voice) in your essays, consider using Aztekera to  look out for “To be” verbs  that make up a passive voice phrase. 

7. Thesaurus

Building on your vocabulary is part of becoming a better English writer — and Thesaurus fills that gap. The website provides alternative words and phrases for users to express themselves perfectly in written English by leveraging its collection of synonyms and antonyms.

Thesaurus also has a collection of the most overused words you should avoid in your essays.

8. Project Gutenburg

Reading great writing samples can help you make out what makes a good essay. Project Gutenburg is an open-source (legally allowed to be shared for free) library with over 60,000 titles ! Note that most of the titles here are old since many books are no longer protected by copyright.

To fully use this resource, read actively and closely. Write notes in your journal to get a better feel for the language. Take note of new phrases, unfamiliar grammar structures, and anything else that stands out to you.

9. Edit Central

You’ve written your essay but are unsure if it flows well. Don’t worry — use Edit Central’s readability calculators. This tool calculates the  readability scores of a written text based on the most used readability indicators . A high score indicates that your copy flows well with your readers.

10. Grammar Monster

Don’t let the name fool you. Like Grammar Girl, Grammar Monster features many articles addressing punctuation, apostrophes, commas, prepositions, adverbs, and adjectives, among others.

The great thing about this website is that you can master the English language through bite-size easy-to-learn components , making this one of the best sources to teach how to write an essay.

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Free Essays Online: Get Your Best Paper

Looking for free essays online? We have a massive database of free essay examples just for you. Browse our collection of countless essays at any time of the day to find the one that aligns with your objectives. You can set various filters when checking our free essays database, including topic, and discipline. To make things even easier, we allow you to search our free examples by alphabet.

Can I download the free essays? Yes. We avail downloadable samples in Word and PDF format. Downloading these free papers online ensures that you always have an access to inspirational material. If there’s no internet or the connection is disrupted, you can still work with the essay samples on your PC.

Our samples are ever available to guarantee that you can access them right when you need them.

Thanks to compelling content, originality and depth, our free essays are used by thousands of students every day. Our free writings will help if you want to learn about structure, development of thought, and other elaborate essay issues.

100% Free Essays Database That’s Updated Every Hour

Are you looking for free essay websites with updated material? You’re in the right place. We understand the importance of providing students with up-to-date resources all the time. To that end, we go out of our way to add new essays to the collection hourly. This way, our free papers always prove useful, especially to students, writing compositions on current affairs.

All papers are free, regardless of the complexity of the issues explored, recency, or educational level. By providing these materials for free, we ensure that all students can access them without straining financially. If you browse our available section and fail to find an essay that appeals to you, reach out to us. We’ve got tons of other compositions, and we are sure to find one to match your specifications at no fee.

Free to Download Work from Top-Rated Academics

Checking out compositions on our platform is absolutely free. But that’s not the only incredible news. Students can go ahead to download our quality resources to their PCs for free as well. If you identify an essay that impresses you and you’d like to save it as a learning resource, go ahead with it. You’ll not need a cent to download an essay on this site.

Remember, though you can order a sample from us, you do not pay a dime. If you want to make a composition order, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Free Essays to Copy: Get The Most Popular Ideas

Whether you download our quality materials or use them from our platform, you’re free to do as you please. All papers are original works created by our professional assistants, making them excellent resources to use for reference. You can copy ideas, the flow of thought, headings, structure, and more from any essay here. Nonetheless, refrain from copying everything, word for word.

It is advisable to make various changes to your work to make it indeed custom writing. With unique writing, you avoid plagiarism and the ramifications that come with it. When working with an online free essay, leverage your creativity to make it as much your own as possible.

Studentshare - Free Essay Website You Can Trust

Are the samples of free essays reliable? Any free essay you view or download from this site is genuine and top-notch. Every paper is checked for plagiarism using powerful software such as Turnitin and Copyscape. Besides, our editors check every paper, regardless of the caliber of the writer, ensuring that it has zero-mistakes.

Moreover, you can trust any online essay paper here because it fulfills your academic requirements. We demand that every freelance writer understands the specifications for essay writing before they can submit their work. Besides, we ensure that the paper is right for a specific educational level before making it available online to students.

Importantly, our service has catered to tons of happy students over the years with no complaints. If you want a quality free essay that guarantees no issues, you can trust us. Just like the many content students who’ve used and continue to download and utilize our free essay papers.

Why Should You Use Our Free Essay Samples?

Why should you get free essay samples? You’re probably silently asking why it’s necessary to download a free essay/ writing. You do not have to be among such students; download a free essay/ writing online and use it as a learning resource.

Here are six reasons why students download a free essay/ writing.

Access a Free Full Essay on Any Topic

Are you interested in a full composition on a specific topic? Get it on our service. A composition sample is not always short as there are topics that call for lengthy texts. If you have to tackle such a task, get yourself a sample from here no matter the time of day. Our works will help you manage any lengthy piece completely.

Access Our Huge Database 24/7

Reading our materials is possible all day and night. Why? Our platform runs 24/7, through weekends and on holidays. If you want to sample from a specific freelance writer, you can request them to write it for you whenever it’s convenient. Better yet, you can make inquiries about the order of activities when creating good writing whenever you want.

Read Free Essays Without Registration: Easy and Quick Access

Need free essays fast and without hassle? Do you lack time for the demanding onboarding? Long sign-up processes can be a drag, especially when you require a guide immediately. Luckily, our essay papers are just right for you or any other student trying to beat a deadline.

We’ll avail what you need without asking for a commitment on your part. What do we mean by no obligation? Our examples are available to all students who land on our essay database, regardless of who they are or where they’re from. We don’t ask you to identify yourself or give a purpose for utilizing the works.

Reading and saving copies of our essays is completely non-committal. With no registration comes quick access to all the writing you need, and as a result, time is saved. You can explore various essay templates that are available instantly by just clicking on them- no hassle.

Enjoy Free Essay Download in Three Easy Steps Right Here

Searching for a place that offers free essay download? There’re several essay templates to pick from online and all at no fee. Each writeup you’ll find here is of incredible quality, even though we don’t charge you for them. Also, our platform is user-friendly and easy to understand. But in case you’re not sure of the approach of getting an example, we’ve described the steps below. Our essay download process doesn’t take much time and is as straightforward as:

FAQ- What Do You Want to Know About Our Essay Templates?

Do you have questions about our essay offerings? What would you like us to answer before you proceed? We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked questions by students below:

What Is a Free Essay?

A free essay can mean a lot of things, depending on where you are online. Here, a free essay means three things. First, it doesn’t come at any cost, which means you won’t be required to remit a cent to access them. Secondly, our pieces are free to read online.

You can open as many free writings as you like and read them online. Lastly, our papers are free to download. Once you have explored our offerings and discovered that you want some, you can download them for further reading/ referencing. Our quality samples are meant to enable you to write compelling essays, and that’s why we provide them for free.

Can I Download Essay Without Paying?

Yes, you can get any piece that you like from our database without pay. We’re all about free papers online. We don’t charge scholars for exploring, reviewing, or even saving any of our expertly written samples. You also don’t need to provide your contact or financial information as there’s no registration required.

All of our papers are researched, developed, and posted by our essay writing professionals. That means that even though they are no-cost, they are of excellent quality. Plus, you won’t find them on any other platform as our experts uniquely write them. We are always updating our database, and you can always find something new whenever you visit our platform.

What Are the Free Examples of Essay?

Our essay examples are pieces crafted by professional writers working for our firm. Since the samples’ purpose is to guide clients in essay crafting, they’re prepared with academic guidelines in mind. We select an essay heading in a particular field, and a writer embarks on the paper crafting endeavor. That means that we gather facts on a specific heading first to find relevant literature on the subject.

Then, we write a unique paper, from the first word, using the information acquired. Lastly, we scrutinize and assess the originality. All our college essay templates also include the relevant citations and references in proper academic styles. Customers can use our sample to get not just the approach right but also the formatting and references.

How to Download Free Essays?

Accessing an essay for whatever purpose is super-simple on our website. Our service freely posts sample pieces for any learner who passes by. These free templates can be used on-the-go as well as offline (by downloading). If you would like to download one or more papers, we’ve placed a download button below every sample.

There is no ordering process that you need to follow to get yourself a paper. Simply go through what is available in your subject to identify what you like. Click on compositions that you’d like to save on your computer, and you’ll find an access button on the webpage.

Just Find & Download Any Essay for Free!

best free essay sites

Become a Writer Today

What Are the Best Sources of Free Essays: The Top Platforms You Need To Explore

Are you looking for the best sources of free essays? Take a look at how a free essay writing service can help you write your next paper.

Growing up, a lot of people have to write a research paper or two. Regardless of whether your academic paper needs to follow APA format, MLA format, or some other type of academic format, you need to form the basics of writing in high school.

Academic writing can be a challenge, and when you are given an essay topic, you might not know exactly how to proceed. There are plenty of free essay writing samples that you can use to get a feel for how to write a high-quality essay. Even though you certainly should not plagiarize a free paper, there are plenty of professional writers who seek writing help during the process.

If you are looking for a database that can provide you with plenty of writing tools to help you write term papers, take a look at some of the websites where you can find the best essays, and learn more about the different types of essays below.

The Different Types of Essays You Might Write

1. wowessays.com, 2. paperhelp.org, 3. evolutionwriters.com, what about paid databases, the final word on free essays, faqs about free essays.

Best Sources of Free Essays

Before you start taking a look at free databases that contain a variety of essays, you need to understand what type of essay you are looking for. Some of the types of essays you might be asked to write include:

Once you know what type of essay you are looking for, you can review a few options that could provide you with a free essay. 

Free essays sources: WOWessays.com

One of the first websites you may want to visit is called WowEssays.com . This is one of the largest collections of free essays on the internet. It has nearly 100,000 entries, and there are numerous papers being added every day. Because this is such a large database, it must be organized cleanly. That is exactly what you should expect when you visit WowEssays. You can take a look at the essays by type, you can organize them alphabetically, or you can check out the papers in order of popularity.

There are plenty of types of papers you might find on this website. You might find a case study, a review, a book report, a research proposal, or even a business plan. There are also numerous essays you might find, including compare and contrast essays , admission essays, analytical essays, and evaluation essays.

The website comes with a search engine you can use to find the right type of paper to meet your needs. All you need to do is use a set of keywords or phrases, and you should be presented with research papers that are relevant to your topic. Each paper has a list of tags, and you can use it to select the right paper for your purposes. There is even a citation tool that can help you create MLA citations, APA citations, Chicago citations, and more. 

Finally, the database also provides you with numerous writing tools that can help you improve your grammar, readability, spelling, and numerous other writing aspects. This can help catch mistakes and improve your style.

Some of the benefits of using this database include:

The downside is that the samples are not available for download. If you are looking for a large database, consider checking out this website.

Free essays sources: PaperHelp.org

If you are looking for free essays from a professional writing service, you may want to explore PaperHelp.org . This is a website that offers a full-fledged custom-writing service. Therefore, this is also a place you can go if you want to ask a professional to craft an academic paper for you. Of course, this is not something they will do for free, but they do have a directory of free essays you can use as writing examples.

Given that PaperHelp.org usually focuses on providing paid essays, they do not have a very large database of free essays; however, there are still several hundred examples of essays available. What they lack in quantity they make up for in quantity. All of their papers are crafted by experts in the field, and the people who write the free essays also provide original papers for customers.

On this website, you can find article reviews, speeches, critical thinking papers, and even Capstone projects. You will also find a variety of essays, including personal essays , persuasive essays, and cause and effect essays.

Keep in mind that these free writing samples are part of the marketing strategy to convince you to rely on them to purchase custom papers. Therefore, there is a limited selection and there is no search engine available; however, if you take a look at the free essays, you will quickly realize that they are exceptional. They are a great example of how a high-level paper should be structured.

Some of the benefits of using this website include:

Unfortunately, the database is relatively small, and there is no search engine available. If you need essays that look like they were written by a professional, consider using this database. 

Free essays sources: Evolutionwriters.com

You may also want to take a closer look at EvolutionWriters.com . This is a fantastic example of an academic writing service that can provide you with custom papers. Again, this service costs money, but there is a database of free samples that have also been written by their professional authors. Even though the database is relatively small, all of them look like they have been written by a professional.

Again, the free essays serve as a marketing tool to convince you to pay them to write a custom paper for you. There are numerous papers you will find in the database. Examples include speeches, research papers, book reports, and reviews.

You can also find narrative, argumentative, analytical, and persuasive essays. Even though this website may not provide the largest databases, all of the essays you can find here have been written by professionals. If you need an essay that can serve as a source of inspiration, you may want to check out some of the essays on this website.

Some of the benefits of using this platform include:

The database is relatively small, and there is no search engine available, but this is a great platform to use if you are looking for essays that have been written by experts.

These are a few of the best places you should look if you are interested in free essay options. At the same time, there are some paid choices available as well. These are websites that make money by selling subscriptions for recurring services or by selling by the essay. All of the essays need to adhere to strict academic standards, so you should feel confident that you are getting a solid essay. 

If you circle back to Wow Essays, you will find Wow Essays Premium. This is a platform that has more than 1 million samples in the paid database. Of course, you will need to pay a fee if you want to access these essays, but the per month price drops if you pay for more months upfront. With any subscription, you get access to an unlimited number of downloads and 24/7 live chat support. You can sort the essays by type, and you can find the one you need. 

You may also want to check out Magic Learning.com. This is a giant essay database that is arranged by type and topic. It contains more than one million samples, and you can purchase a subscription plan that varies from one week to six months. There is a search option that allows you to find the right essays to meet your needs.

This platform is significantly less expensive than Wow Essays, but you need to think about which platform provides the right quality to meet your needs. If you are willing to spend a few dollars, consider taking a closer look at both of these options.

If you are looking for essays that can serve as a source of inspiration, consider checking out a few of the platforms above. Keep in mind that you should never simply download one of these essays and submit them. Plagiarism is forbidden in the writing world, so you should only use these essays as a source of inspiration. Remember that essays come in many shapes and forms, so you need to make sure you find the right type of essay to meet your needs.

If you need professional help writing an essay, some of these platforms offer expert writers who can point you in the right direction. Some of these platforms also have writing tools you can use to improve your essays. You might even want to take a closer look at some of the paid options that can help you find the right paper.

Am I allowed to take a free essay and turn it in as a writing assignment?

No, you should never submit something that is not your own work. These free essay databases are designed to provide you with examples of papers you can use as a source of inspiration. If you submit the same paper as somebody else, you can get in trouble for plagiarism.

How do I know if I am reading a good essay?

A good essay should have plenty of evidence to support the claims it makes. It should also be logically laid out, making it easy for you to follow it from point to point. A good essay should also correctly cite its sources. This is particularly important if you are writing an academic paper.

What do I need to do if I want to improve my writing?

The best way to improve your writing is to practice. Even though it can be difficult to write a good paper, it is something you can get better at as long as you practice regularly. Many of these platforms have professional writers that can give you advice. You may also want to take advantage of some advanced writing tools that can identify issues with your writing that you can improve. If you use every resource at your disposal, you should be able to write a better paper and improve your writing skills.

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by Dipali Chaudhari

Best Free Essay Websites: How to Find Them?

There are many free essay websites on the internet that can help students with their studies. However, not all of these websites are created equal. Some of them are more reliable and trustworthy than others.

You may also want to check this Custom writings review done by Thevillafp.org.

How to Find the Best Websites for Essays?

Here are some tips on how to find the best websites for essays in English that are free.

If you have no time for research and just want to buy a quality essay, you can turn to Thevillafp.org.

3 Things to Keep in Mind While Looking for the Best Sites for Essay Free

There are a few things to keep in mind while looking for the best site for essays. The first is to make sure that the site has good reviews on Trustpilot. There are dozens of sites that claim to be the best but are actually scams. It is important to do some research on the site before trusting them with your essay.

The site should have a money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the essay you receive, you can get your money back. This is a very important feature to look for because it shows that the site is legit and confident in its ability to provide a good essay.

The best essay writing service like Thevillafp.org should be able to cover a variety of essay topics.

The website should have quality and rapid customer support. If you have any questions or concerns, you will be able to get in touch with someone who can help you.

Customwritings Review: Is It a Legit Service?

Is this a top rated essay writing service? Can it cope with your custom paper, assignment, or dissertation in a professional way? Are the prices cheap? Do they offer the cheapest pro help for students of all levels? Do they have free features? That’s a lot of questions, right?

You can find answers to all of them if you read these Studybay reviews on Trustpilot.

They use a plagiarism checker and a typer to produce unique and expert papers. You pay for your order online and a pro writer will be always there to assist you. This is an easy way to hire essay help services.

Test your knowledge and practice online quiz for FREE!

Practice Now »

Dipali Chaudhari

I have completed master in Electrical Power System. I work and write technical tutorials on the PLC, MATLAB programming, and Electrical on DipsLab.com portal.

Sharing my knowledge on this blog makes me happy.  And sometimes I delve in Python programming.

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eCheat is your source for free essays, free term papers, and free book reports. Our free essays are used by students globally. We’re positive that you'll find an essay when using our website whether you are writing an essay for a high school project, an admissions essay to enter college or a compare and contrast essay for a college class.

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Nt1310 unit 6 study guide: healthcare terminology.

1. Duty to treat: healthcare professionals must follow the policy to give treatment to the patient no matter the patient is in time of crisis or could not afford to...

APUSH DBQ 3: Politics and Religion in Colonial America

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After the Civil War the Reconstruction Era occurred in the southern United States. The Reconstruction Era deeply impacted the south in a negative way for minority. African American were unjustly...

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Get a Free Essay Online

Apart from the unique papers tailored to your requirements, you can just get free samples of papers from our free essay selection and have yourself an example of what your own essay might look like. There are hundreds of samples you can look at for some inspiration or generate some ideas using our essay examples. Of course, you should not copy and paste from there because your tutors would detect plagiarism right away. You should read through those papers and get some clever ideas for your own work – that is how you do it.

Get a Plagiarism-Free Paper

If you do not have time to work on your paper yourself, you can easily delegate that to one of our professional writers. We partner with writers who have proven academic credentials and can put together any paper and deliver a great final product. Coming up with an essay topic might not be easy for a student, but with years of experience in academic assistance, our professionals can generate a bunch of paper ideas on the go without even scratching their heads. Our writers are more than capable of putting together great essays, so you can trust them to help you finish your paper on time regardless of your paper’s size, so you can get your 10-page essay really fast.

We carefully select the best essays written by professional writers to give you an idea of what real professional writing looks like. That way, you can learn and try to mimic their style to improve your own writing.

How to Write an Application Essay?

Access Essay Examples Fast and Easy

We offer comfortable and intuitive website navigation, so you can have a really comfortable customer experience. You can go to the essay examples selection or break it down by academic disciplines and go from there. You can chat with the support using the built-in chatbox, so you can ask questions and get specific information you might need. This is a really convenient way to find out more about the service we offer. You can also select a writer who’ll help you with your assignment. The best thing here is that it is a completely anonymous service, so you would not compromise your identity or risk exposure for using the service.

The Work Process We Offer

If you need a unique custom-made paper that would suit your needs precisely, it is quite easy to get one. There are four stages in which you can get your free essay online and get a great finished paper:

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EXCLUSIVE: British Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott talks driving licences, the 90-day rule and embassy help

TOP 10 Websites for Free Essay Help Online Every Student Must Know

By EWN • 29 November 2021 • 10:37

best free essay sites

Depending on circumstances, academic writing may go well and easily, give you some hard time, or become a real pain in the neck. Sometimes this pain is so unbearable that some students descend to buying custom-written papers online. This is a quick fix that comes at a quite significant price, puts your academic reputation at risk, and, most importantly, doesn’t resolve the problem with improving your own writing – and the issue will occur over again. What’s the alternative? After all, no one will put together an original paper at no cost or provide absolutely free essay writing help…

Well, the alternative is almost always the same and has much in common with the “swim or sink” situation: learn and practice. Yes, it’s harder and time-consuming, but only in the beginning. If you stay true to your determination, not only will you drastically improve your writing skills but also gain confidence to guide you through virtually any academic storm. Fortunately, there are more than enough resources to help you navigate through any writing challenge absolutely for free!

With this thought in mind, we’ve collected 10 websites and tools students can use to get academic paper and essay help free to deal with the majority of issues college writing and/or editing may throw at you.

’Help Me Write My Essay for Free!’ – Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Basically, any free writing assistance can be attributed to four main classes – how-to guides, samples, tools to edit and proofread previously written texts, and specialized means (like dictionaries, glossaries, vocabularies, etc.). Some resources may combine utilities from various classes, providing comprehensive homework and essay help.

One may also mention tutoring. However, free tutoring is, for starters, not always available on the point of your interest. Then, it’s usually not as flexible as other tools. And finally, it’s much more prone to technical issues.

As a result, this article focuses on more reliable and 100% free resources. So, the next time you think, “I need help writing an essay for free,” you would have a precise idea of what exactly is required and where to look for it.

Instructional Free Essay Writing Help Online

This section is devoted to online resources where you can get free help with essay in the form of how-to guides and step-by-step instructions. Professionally written and designed materials often make you feel like you’re attending a tutoring session by a free essay writing helper.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Chances are extremely high that the majority of students have visited this comprehensive resource at least once. No wonder, as it has loads of neatly categorized information on the writing process for all academic levels. Guidelines and how-to’s cover general writing and particular styles, grammar and text structure, avoiding plagiarism, and, of course, citation styles. The latter is rightfully considered to be Purdue OWL’s forte. The website scrupulously breaks down APA, MLA, Chicago, IEEE, AMA, and ASA styles and offers helpful citation generators for each of them.

All-in-all, this website is a one-stop-shop to get information on virtually any aspect of academic, subject-specific, graduate, business, job-search, and personal writing. On the other hand, because of the writing lab’s size and unconventional classification, it might take you a while to find specific information on writing, say, a research paper. Anyway, Purdue OWL is definitely worth bookmarking and visiting when you’re stuck with some writing issue.


Actually, PaperHelp is a custom paper writing service (one of the oldest ones in the market) that can deliver entirely original academic works disguised as writing models within the pre-set deadline – for money, that is. However, since we focus on free services, you should turn your attention to the PaperHelp blog, especially to its How-to Guides and Topics & Tips sections. There, you would find:

While PaperHelp.org is not actually a full-scale writing guides database, their blog posts’ distinctive feature is that they clearly articulate exactly what most of the students literally need when looking for writing assistance right here, right now. Additionally, nice illustrations with a humorous undertone make the reading process less boring and stress out the main points.


CollegeEssayGuy.com is a website by Ethan Sawyer, the author of the College Essay Essentials book. The resource focuses on promoting Sawyer’s online paid courses, workshops, and one-on-one consultations. Although he is mostly focused on admissions, application, and supplemental essays, the website’s ’The Free Stuff’ section and blog contain loads of helpful how-to guides, tips, webinars, podcasts, and downloadable materials. They all are written professionally and on-point. We’re sure that if you manage to cut off all the marketing stuff and skip selling traps set along the way, you will take away lots of useful information and actionable insights, some really eye-opening, into college essay writing done right. We only wish the website had a more consistent structure and a sharper built-in search engine to cut browsing time.

Learn by Example from a Pro Essay Helper Free

If someone in your social circle can be an effective free essay helper – lucky you! Many students stress out that their friends and parents in most cases just cannot provide competent assistance with writing or show how it’s done. In that case, the solution is using essay databases. Some of them are paid, but the majority provide essay help online free in the form of example papers students can use as writing models to follow.


The most essential criteria for a good online sample database are the size and quality of the presented papers. Arguably, the best website based on the combination of the above-mentioned features is WowEssays.com. The website’s free sample directory includes almost 100.000 items of all types and academic levels. You can either browse the database by topics or paper types or use a handy on-site search by keywords. There are several practical uses of this tool apart from just reading papers and getting a better idea of what a decent academic piece should look like, for example:

Additionally, on WowEssays.com you can find several dozens of free writing assistance tools, including grammar and readability checkers, topic and citation generators, essay summarizer, and others. Also, their blog has numerous guides to writing various types of essays. Finally, the full-fledged essay writing service is also in place – apparently, as a last resort for struggling students.

Yes, it’s them again. Yes, free services on their website were obviously created to support their main business, but that’s not the reason to avoid them if they’re great. Compared to WowEssays, the PaperHelp’s sample directory is really tiny – just several hundred entries. Overall, the directory features just 11 types of samples popular among students (essays, reviews, research papers, case studies, etc.) but isn’t equipped with any kind of search engine.

Yet, their quality is something you would hardly find in other services. Supposedly, this is because these papers were written by professional writers and field experts who otherwise do such work for money. That’s the reason behind why one might call this small database created according to the ’less is more’ principle.

Use Free Online Writing Help As-You-Go

Once you’ve read how to craft this or that paper and even found the model sample to follow, you still need to put it all together and churn out the completed piece. Here are several tools you will inevitably need along this thorny way.

When you write a lot, you might notice that you keep using the same words and phrases over and over again. Of course, repetition is a great and quite frequently used literary device. However, it’s best to use it in poetry, not in academic writing. Thesaurus.com is basically a synonymizer, and it’s a quick and efficient way to grow your vocabulary and enrich your writing. You just enter the word, and the website returns dozens of words with the same meaning; various tabs include synonyms with regards to parts of speech or context. Thesaurus also displays the initial word’s antonyms, examples of its uses in a sentence, and related words. Overall, an awesome, amazing, fascinating, marvelous, incredible, wonderful, and marvelous tool! (You see how easy using this tool is 🙂 )


The Free Dictionary is a massive portal where you just type in the word, hit ’enter,’ and the website returns the aggregated search results from various authoritative sources. They encompass thesaurus, several dictionaries (general, medical, legal, financial, acronyms), encyclopedias, and idioms. The latter is, probably, the most useful feature for creative academic writing and just fun. Using idioms and aphorisms is a sure-fire way to liven and light up your writing. Due to a broad database and convenient content presentation, you would hardly find a better place to look for a relevant turn of phrase on the Internet.


If you’re an English as a Second Language (ESL) student, the Using English platform should definitely be bookmarked in your browser. This website is a great destination for learners who first of all want to improve their overall command of English, which will then positively affect their writing skills. Visitors can freely browse various glossaries, phrasal and irregular verbs, use grammar tools and text analysis, download e-books, and – fun! fun! fun! – take English quizzes, tests, and training online.

Websites That Help with Essays for Free and Add a Finishing Touch

Okay, you did it – you wrote your paper (with or without essay writing help)! But wait, that’s not all. If you don’t want to risk some points being deducted and chat with a teacher about how a drop of poison infects the whole tun of wine, you should meticulously proofread and edit the piece to rid it of mistakes. However, editing your own writing is not as easy as it may seem – that’s why even established authors hand out their works to professional editors. As this option is unavailable to the majority of students, they will need to look for such essay help for free. Fortunately, the Internet offers several great options to polish your paper at absolutely no charge (at least, when it comes to basic features).

Nowadays, Grammarly is almost a synonym to editing text by yourself – so popular and helpful this app is. Available online, via a browser add-on, an MS Word plug-in, and as a desktop app, the free Grammarly version requires registration. After that, you will be able to get writing suggestions on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Although pretty basic, these features are totally enough to eliminate all glaring mistakes and typos. If you want to get extended suggestions on correctness and fluency, clarity and conciseness, engagement and vocabulary, and delivery and tone, as well as plagiarism detection, you will need to pay for a Premium subscription plan.

Hemingway App

While Grammarly is focused on errors, the Hemingway app is mostly about readability and style. Meant to make your writing clear and bold, this app is an absolute must-use for academic writing. In color-codes highlights, Hemingway just points out hard and very hard-to-read sentences; phrases that have simpler alternatives; the use of passive voice; and adverbs. All this functionality is wrapped into a simple, no-registration-required we b interface. However, unlike Grammarly, this app doesn’t suggest fixes – it only points out the places where your attention is needed. But you will have to find the solution (if you decide that it’s required) by yourself.

There’s also a paid desktop Hemingway app version. Geared mostly for quick text publishing online and collaboration, it can also be used without the Internet.


Another proofreading tool worth knowing about is SlickWrite. First off, it is really free: no limited features, no trials, no premium version – just a completely free web-based interface or Chrome and Firefox extensions. The browser version has the 30.000-word submission limit, which should be absolutely enough for virtually any college written work.

How does SlickWrite help you improve your text? The grammar checker underlines wordy phrases, passive voice, adverbs but doesn’t offer alternatives or solutions. Structure and Flow tools provide insights into senrtences’ length and types and their distribution within the text, but all the conclusions you will need to make on your own. The Vocabulary tool is meant to help you avoid monotonous content, but if it’s there, you’d need to figure out how to fix it yourself. Finally, the most fun feature in SlickWrite might be the Associator that should allegedly help you create new metaphors via word associations. Yet, the enthusiasm dies down soon enough as, in most cases, associations and metaphors are weak.

Use these free tools and services whenever you get a chance to ease your writing task. But always remember that the key to better writing lies in more writing and more reading!

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