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Human resource specialists’ employment is expected to increase by 7% between 2019 and 2029, leading to approximately 47,000 new jobs. Just because more jobs will be available doesn’t mean you don’t have to do everything in your power to get ahead of other job applicants. One way to stand out is to submit a strong cover letter.

For tips on improving your human resources cover letter, download one of the four templates below. We have cover letter templates for entry-level HR professionals as well as applicants with several years of experience. You’ll also find tips for making sure your accomplishments are noted.

Downloadable Cover Letter Examples


Example #1 Entry-level


Example #2 Mid-career


Example #3 Senior-level

Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Examples (Text Format)

Years of experience.

Olivia Jones Human Resources | [email protected] | (123) 456-7890 | 555 Main St., Cleveland, OH 09876

January 25, 2021

Damon Smith Hiring Manager XYZ Corporation (987) 654-3210 [email protected]

Dear Mr. Smith,

At ABC Company, I trained a 50-member management team on interviewing techniques, teaching best practices through coaching sessions and group workshops, resulting in successful hiring decisions. I combined my organizational skills with excellent interpersonal abilities to become an employee leader in my company. I look forward to bringing that same work ethic to XYZ Corporation as a Human Resources Generalist.

With my two years of experience as a Human Resources Assistant, I have grown and developed my HR knowledge and abilities. I believe the position of Human Resources Generalist at XYZ Corporation will help further my growth in human resources.

Some of my previous successes include:

I’d love to speak more with you about my previous successes and how I can make a positive contribution to your company. Please feel free to contact me with a meeting time that works well for you.

Best regards,

Olivia Jones

P.S. I’d also like to tell you how I effectively resolved conflicts between employees and insurance carriers.

Kate Miller Human Resource Officer | [email protected] | (134) 634-9789 | 234 Job St., Houston, TX 77022

February 9, 2021

Sally Peters Senior Hiring Manager The Big Company (934) 304-8264 [email protected]

Dear Ms. Sally Peters,

I am a Human Resource Management graduate with seven years of experience at The Medium Company. During my time at The Medium Company, I implemented a highly successful incentive program, which resulted in a 28% improvement in employee satisfaction. I believe this is a great example of my initiative and the benefits I could bring to The Big Company team.

The key factor that attracted me to the Human Resource Officer role at The Big Company is the firm’s approach to employee well-being to improve staff retention. I believe that I could thrive in such a dedicated and high-performing environment.

If offered a role at The Big Company, I am confident that I will take your team’s success rate to even greater heights. My previous accomplishments within the sector include:

I am looking forward to discussing further how my unique skills and dedication to HR can help your team, and I am available for an interview at your convenience.

Best wishes,

Kate Miller

P.S. — I’d also love to discuss the events that led me to win an HR Excellence award!

John Smith Human Resource Manager |  [email protected]  | (1654) 739-9183 | 678 Location Rd., San Antonio, TX 78206

Julie Jefferson Senior Hiring Officer The People Company (346) 024-7536 [email protected]

Dear Ms. Jefferson,

In my current position, I implemented a new employee retention plan, which resulted in a 50% reduction in the total employee turnover rate within the company. The retention plan included an employee wellness program, additional staff benefits and an internal promotions program. I believe this is a great example of my success and demonstrates that I could be a great asset to The People Company’s team.

With 12 years of experience in Human Resources and a degree in Human Resource Management, I was drawn to The People Company because of the firm’s impressive employee retention rate and reputation for high-performing staff.

If I were to secure a role at The People Company, I assure you I will bring an even greater rate of success to the team. My previous accomplishments include:

I would like to set up an interview to discuss further my capabilities, work experience and the benefits I can bring to The People Company team.

P.S. — I’d also like to tell you all about how I was shortlisted for an HR Excellence award!

Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Checklist

Your human resources (HR) cover letter should have five elements:

1. Heading. Your letter’s heading should include your contact information, the date, and the hiring manager’s contact information. Make the header stand out by using a stylized template.

2. Salutation. If possible, use the hiring manager’s name in the salutation: Dear Mr. or Ms. [Last Name]. When you don’t know the recipient’s name, use “Dear Hiring Manager.”

3. Introduction. Use the introductory paragraph to introduce yourself and explain why you’re interested in the job. Tailor this section for each specific employer or industry to avoid sounding vague.

4. Body paragraphs. The next two paragraphs should explain why you’re qualified for the job. Describe your educational background, relevant skills, and work experience. To make it easier for the hiring manager to keep track of your qualifications, consider using a bulleted list instead of one large block of text.

5. Closing section. In your conclusion, ask the hiring manager to contact you for an interview. This is known as a call to action. To make a lasting impression, consider adding a postscript (P.S.) to highlight one additional achievement.


The introduction to your cover letter is the place to let the hiring manager know why you’re interested in the job. To do this effectively, choose one of your top accomplishments and incorporate it into your opening paragraph. Avoid choosing generic statements that could apply to almost any applicant, such as “Collaborated with colleagues to increase revenue.” Instead, go with something quantifiable — something that can be measured. You want the hiring manager to understand exactly why you’re interested in the job and why you’re a strong candidate.

One of my greatest achievements as a human resource specialist was increasing my firm’s retention rate without a corresponding increase in hiring and training costs. I’m committed to achieving the same results in the Recruiter II role at Creavey Plastics.

I’m qualified for the role of Recruiter II because I have five years of experience in the human resources field and understand current recruiting practices.

Body Paragraphs

Start off the body of your cover letter with a statement about why you admire the hiring organization and an explanation of why you want the specific position. Next, go through your resume and identify the achievements you want to include in your human resources (HR) cover letter.

Examples include relevant degrees, promotions, professional certifications, or completed projects. For each item, describe a positive outcome to demonstrate why you have what it takes to succeed in the new position. Make sure each achievement is relevant to the job opening and has a quantifiable outcome.

After 10 years of recruiting for a small manufacturing company, I’m drawn to Creavey’s success in expanding into the European market and doubling its client base over a three-year period.

I’m looking forward to applying my 10 years of experience as a recruiter to the human resources department at Creavey Plastics. Some of my past accomplishments include:

Your advertisement states that you’re looking for someone with at least five years of recruiting experience. I’ve been a recruiter for 10 years and want to work for Creavey Plastics. I’m currently responsible for the following:

A strong closing gives you one more chance to make a good impression on the hiring manager. Instead of thanking the reader for his or her time, end with a call to action. Ask the hiring manager to contact you to schedule an interview.

To strengthen your closing, add a P.S. right below your signature. The P.S. should highlight one more achievement that you want the hiring manager to know about, drawing positive attention to your success as a human resources professional.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss why my qualifications are an excellent match for the Recruiter II role at Creavey Plastics. Please contact me to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience.

Michael Talbot

P.S. I’d love the chance to tell you about the time I negotiated a discount on video-based training for new hires, saving my company more than $14,000 in a single year.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Other Resume & Cover Letter Examples

3 Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Samples, Tips—2023

Stephen Greet

As an HR professional, you know how to make employees and the corporation happy, especially when you bring in new talent. But even though you know the ins and outs of the hiring process, getting hired yourself is tricky. 

It’s maddening to fill out hiring paperwork and assess other candidates’  job skills  all day only to head home to perfect an  HR resume , cover letter, and application for yours truly. 

We understand that getting hired isn’t easy—even if you’re familiar with the process. Our guide, complete with three HR cover letter examples, will walk you through how to write a cover letter that will land you an interview and, hopefully, your dream job.

Human Resources Cover Letter Example 


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

Human resources cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

Human Resources Manager Cover Letter Example

Human resources manager cover letter template

Human Resources Director Cover Letter Example

Human resources director cover letter template

Build your human resources resume for a complete application

Before we dive into the specific ways you can write your cover letter, don’t let  writing your resume  slip through the cracks. We make it simple with  professional resume templates  just like this one.

Human Resources Resume

Need a resume to pair with your human resources cover letter?

or download as PDF

Human resources resume template

Write a Winning Human Resources Cover Letter

Rocket taking off from a laptop on a desk depicting writing a winning human resources cover letter

Writing a stunning human resources cover letter is difficult, so let’s break it down into three simple factors: research, details, and presentation.

application for hr letter

Step 1: Research the organization and its needs

As an HR professional, you know that reading generic cover letters is exhausting and annoying. They fail to show initiative or explain how the candidate will help you once they get hired. 

So, in your cover letter, show you care about the company and can help them reach its goals.  But you’ll only know what to write once you know what the business wants.

Start by reading the  human resources job description  to get a feel for their personality. Then scan their website to find their mission statement, vision, and goals. 

Assure the employer that you can deliver the results they desire by addressing their unique concerns and applying your relevant qualifications.

application for hr letter

Step 2: Share the details about one or two accomplishments

As you know, reading redundant paperwork is a complete snooze-fest. So, your human resources cover letter can’t be a repeat of your resume, or the recruiter will be snoring before they hit the second paragraph.

Think of your cover letter as a presentation. Pick one to two of your accomplishments that echo the job description’s requirements and give the full scope of those experiences. You could:

This example stays focused on one goal or talent (photography/videography). Although the candidate could have just focused on responsibilities, they focus instead on  how  their efforts helped the company.

application for hr letter

Step 3: Convey the right tone and a clear message

Your cover letter should strike a balance between unique and professional, personal but not sentimental. Easier said than done, right?

Start by limiting your cover letter to one page .  Then you can start modifying your message. Present a logical argument with enough ethos (credibility) and pathos (emotion) to sell anyone on your skills. 

Then adjust your tone. Your cover letter can be funny, heartfelt, or candid—but moderation is key. Let the job description help you choose your content, your words, and how you phrase your message. Most of all, shoot for a tone that matches the company. 

Present a logical argument with enough ethos (credibility) and pathos (emotion) to sell anyone on your skills. 

Don’t despair if this is difficult; next up is revision, where you can fix any errors and tweak the content. Now is also a perfect time to let someone else read your cover letter to recommend improvements. 

Outlining Your Human Resources Cover Letter for Success

Two people helping each other on outlining a human resources cover letter

Starting any project with a blank slate is intimidating, so use this HR cover letter outline to get you started on the right foot!

application for hr letter

How to start a human resources cover letter

Your contact info:  Give employers a helping hand and provide your contact information right from the get-go. List your name, number, email, and physical address right at the top of your cover letter template. 

Date:  Even in a virtual letter, you should include a date. It makes your cover letter look more professional, and it gives the hiring manager a timeline for your application.

Just make sure the date on your cover letter reflects the day you submit it, especially if you re-work your cover letters based on previous submissions.

Inside address:  Your address isn’t the only one that matters; also include the inside address, aka the employer’s address. It should have the hiring manager or recruiter’s name, their title, and the company’s physical address. This shows the employer you’ve researched their company and know to whom you’re speaking. 

If the company doesn’t list its address or has multiple locations, check sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and the company’s website (you can also check Google Maps).

Min Ju Ha, Director of Talent Acquisition 50 Eggs Hospitality Group 7350 Biscayne Blvd  Miami, FL 33138

Greeting:  A polite greeting is always in vogue, so start your human resources cover letter with a formal, yet personal, salutation. Use the tried-and-true “dear,” followed by “Ms.” or “Mr.” and the hiring manager’s last name to avoid ruffling feathers (some businesses don’t appreciate casual introductions).

Finding the person in charge of hiring can be a pain, but people love to be addressed by name, so it’s worth it to spend the time to make a great first impression. Worst case scenario, address either the whole HR team (“Dear HR Hiring Team”) or the department head (“Dear HR Manager”). 

application for hr letter

How to write your human resources cover letter

Body:  This is the hardest part to get right, but we have you covered. First, focus on cutting your letter down to three to four short paragraphs.

Within those paragraphs, express your enthusiasm for the job, your qualifications, and your desire for future discussion. 

Opening paragraph:  Remember the last time you read a book that started like, “I am writing to inform you of my purpose, which is to write a really good book?” Yeah, us neither. Yet, most people begin their cover letters with similar statements that are polite but boing, like this: 

I read your job post on LinkedIn, and I am eager to apply. This human resources director position sounds like a perfect fit for my experience, and I know I can help your department reach its goals. My years of experience in human resources and management makes me an ideal candidate.

This information might not be  wrong , but it’s vague and generalized—and like 95% of other cover letters in the stack of applications. A good opening is unique and exciting while still being formal. It should address the company and express personality immediately, like this opener: 

Central New Mexico Community College’s core values of connection, compassion, and inspiration resonate with my values as a human resources professional. Your unique value-based approach has unsurprisingly made CNM one of the top 5 community colleges in the U.S. That, combined with your defined vision plans, inspired me to apply because my work would make a concrete difference for students and staff.

From the start, this candidate explains what they appreciate about the company and how they align with its beliefs and goals. 

Paragraphs 2-3:  These paragraphs should provide evidence for your qualifications and dig deep into your achievements; it’s time to define your part of the project and how you turned it into a success. 

However tempting, don’t try to tackle a job’s worth of success. Your letter will just sound cluttered and unfocused. Instead, focus on one accomplishment at a time, and provide plenty of details about that experience. 

I also have experience solving complex employee relations issues. As the HR manager with Cygna Labs, positive mediation was roughly 50% of my role. I investigated complaints, ensured compliance with legal employment requirements, and developed new policies and procedures. By the end of my position, our retention rate had increased by 45%, our human capital return on investment had improved by 23%, and the number of promoter-level NPS scores had increased by 42%.

Although 50% of their role focused on other tasks, this candidate only mentioned mediation/resolution and their successes with such.

Closing paragraph:  Don’t quit while you’re ahead—finish strong with a closing paragraph that summarizes your values, qualifications, and eagerness for an interview. This can sound like a lot, but rest assured, it can be done.

Start with a sentence summary of what you value based on the work experience you’ve described and how that adheres to the company’s values. Next, describe what you hope to accomplish in the position. Lastly, thank the employer and reassure them of your willingness to talk further. 

Just remember: you are an ideal candidate, but you shouldn’t sound like this:

As you can see, I have done everything you require (and more) at my previous jobs, which makes me the perfect candidate for this position. I know I can handle all employee relations responsibilities and ensure complete compliance as I have done at every HR job so far. Please give me a call or email at your earliest convenience; I look forward to making your day at my interview. 

Even if all this was true, it’s self-centered and doesn’t address the company at all. Instead, remind the employer of what they stand to gain when they hire you. Further establish how your goals align with theirs and what you’ll do for their HR department. 

I strive to improve the lives of employees by implementing modern practices and offering practical solutions to common problems. As your HR director, I desire to develop new training programs, ensure compliance, and increase employee engagement/satisfaction. Thank you for considering me for this position, and I hope to experience your restaurants first-hand soon.

This candidate explains their competency and their goals without sounding brash. It’s a delicate balance, but we know you can find it!

Signature:  All that’s left is to sign off and say “thank you” if you didn’t in the closing paragraph. Use a professional closer along with your name. 

Derek Annais

Enclosure(s):  Many people don’t know about this section, but it’s important. It lists the other documents you’re submitting, reminding employers there’s more to come. It also helps them keep track of what you’ve included. 

HR positions usually require a job application and a resume, but some also require a supplemental questionnaire or references. Carefully scan the job description and application to make sure you provide everything requested.

Enclosures: Resume Application

Is Your HR Resume on Par with Your Cover Letter?

Woman doing a comparison on a blackboard to see if her human resources resume is on par with her cover letter.

Now that you’ve written your human resources cover letter, you’ll likely want to hit “submit” immediately. But don’t forget you still need to  outline your resume  and polish it to shine.  

You have a great persuasive argument, aka your cover letter, but you still need a document that quantifies your work experience, aka your resume. When combined, they paint a glowing picture of your career.

Want to know how to make your HR resume just as impressive as your cover letter? A look at our  resume examples  will give you the boost you need, and you can even edit this HR resume directly. 

Human Resources Director Resume

Need a resume to pair with your human resources director cover letter?

Human Resources Director Resume Template

If you’ve already started, try out our  resume checker  to get AI-powered advice to make your resume the best it can be. 

Now go snag the dream job you’ve always wanted!

Create my free resume now

Sample Human Resource Cover Letter

Create Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

Please accept this letter and attached resume for your consideration. I am highly interested in the Human Resources position that is advertised on Craigslist. A combination of factors including; a variety of managerial and administrative titles held in the past, extensive customer service experience and an innate sense of adapting to an independent or team oriented environment, leads me to believe that I would be a prime candidate for the position being offered.

The positions that compose my employment history and formal education have exposed me to many key facets of running and working in a healthy, prospering business environment. In return it has made me knowledgeable in areas, but not limited too, retention, hiring, performance management, operations, employee relations, quality customer service and management. Prime examples of titles held at The Lakewood Home Depot would validate the previous mentioned.

I am a conscientious employee, with an ability to communicate with both my co-workers and customers professionally, efficiently and with a great team oriented attitude. Thus, I will prove to be an asset to your company. I can assure you that my work experience will help me achieve all goals expected of me.

If you would like more information or would like to schedule an interview, please contact me at ( ). I can also be reached via E-mail at [email protected] Thank you for you time and consideration.

In addition to the Sample Human Resources Cover Letter, be sure to check out our Top Human Resources Resume Examples & Pro Writing Tips

More Human Resources Cover Letter Samples:


application for hr letter

How to Write a Great HR Cover Letter

Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization. Please note that all such forms and policies should be reviewed by your legal counsel for compliance with applicable law, and should be modified to suit your organization’s culture, industry, and practices. Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way (e.g., to republish in a book or use for a commercial purpose) without SHRM’s permission. To request permission for specific items, click on the “reuse permissions” button on the page where you find the item.

How to Write a Great HR Cover Letter

​While you might read hundreds (or thousands) of cover letters as part of your HR job, it can be a challenge to write one of your own. Where do you begin? What should you include? How do you get someone to read it carefully? And probably the most important question: Do you still need one?

The answer is yes . A cover letter is still an important tool in an effective job search. The cover letter's job is to give the reader specific information tailored to the open position. It is also the perfect place to show passion for your career. You want to go above and beyond what's on your resume by giving a personal touch to your achievements and stories of success.

Managing Your Career

You're likely familiar with the basics of a cover letter. You should have a strong opening that highlights an accomplishment, talks about your excitement for the job or shares a networking connection. The body should showcase your most relevant stories of success and skills (using either paragraphs or bullet points), and your closing should thank the reader for their time. But a cover letter is also an opportunity to stand out by tailoring your message.

What follows is an overview of the various types of cover letters, how to decide which one you should use and how to best personalize your cover letter to capture your reader's attention.

Types of Cover Letters

Did you know there are many types of cover letters? You're likely familiar with the traditional cover letter that responds directly to a job posting, but there are actually several versions you might need to utilize in your job search. Some of the more common types include:

Job-Posting Reply Letters

Your "normal" cover letter. This cover letter is tailored to a specific job posting and company.   Key Tip: Focus on demonstrating why you are the best candidate for the role by showcasing specific skills and achievements tailored to the open position.

Cold-Call Letters

A letter used to reach out to a company or recruiter to explore potential opportunities. You're not responding to a particular job posting but instead introducing yourself to a company you'd like to work for.   Key Tip: A cold-call letter needs to grab the reader's attention. Consider a powerful first sentence highlighting your best result or answering a specific problem: "Does your organization need a proven diversity and inclusion expert with 20+ years of experience?"

Recruiter Letters

A recruiter letter is simply a letter sent to a recruiter or search firm. You'll use this kind of letter when you want to respond to job postings placed by a search firm or to explore potential roles the recruiter is trying to fill.

Key Tip: Similar to a traditional cover letter, you'll want to talk specifically about your best achievements related to the job you're targeting.

Networking Letters

This letter's purpose is exactly as it sounds: to network with a colleague, an acquaintance, a former manager and anyone else who can help your search.

Key Tip: Immediately let your contact know why you're reaching out and how they can help you. Are you seeking a recommendation? A new connection to get your foot in the door at a company? Keep the letter brief and to the point.

Should You Write an E-Note or Traditional Letter?

An e-note is simply a letter sent in the body of an e-mail rather than a stand-alone letter in a separate attachment. There's no need to let the recipient know you're enclosing a cover letter—just write it in the e-mail itself.

An e-note is shorter than a traditional cover letter attachment and doesn't have the normal heading (with your name, contact info and formatting that matches your resume). Both an e-note and a traditional cover letter should be customized to the job and focused on your achievements.

In most cases, an e-note is the best approach with just a few exceptions. If you're submitting your documents to a database or e-mailing a top executive (like a CEO or member of a board), you'll still want to use the traditional cover letter. If you're simply e-mailing your resume, use an e-note instead.

Key Tip: I recommend writing a traditional cover letter and then copying and pasting the body of the letter when you need to use an e-note (simply remove the format/heading). Then read through it to make sure it isn't too long for an e-mail.

Write Separate Cover Letters for Specific Jobs

There's no doubt that an effective cover letter needs to be written for individual jobs and companies. But how? Focus on your best achievements, relevant skills and something that the resume may not have: a personal touch!

Look through your resume for some of your best stories and proudest moments. Maybe you reduced the average time-to-hire by weeks or lowered the monthly health insurance premiums by 36 percent. Consider using these results within your cover letter by sharing the story in detail, with information on how you went above and beyond.

Also, consider showcasing your best skills, whether they are talent sourcing, creating job descriptions, preparing budgets, onboarding, benefits coordination, project management or any other HR-related function. Don't forget about leadership, mentoring and training—key skills for many HR positions. You can also share your relevant education, training, certifications, credentials and organizational activities, including being a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Lastly, don't forget the human touch. Write about why you are passionate about what you do. Why do you love HR? What skills are you fantastic at? Why are you the perfect fit for this role? How can you help transform the organization's HR efforts?

The best piece of advice when writing a great cover letter is to tailor it to your goal . Think about your best, most relevant skills and achievements that you want to showcase. Then add a personal touch about why are you excited about this opportunity. Taking a few minutes to customize your cover letter will improve your chances of achieving your goal: to earn an interview.


Laura Fontenot, ACRW, CPRW, is an award-winning expert resume writer who has helped thousands of clients excel in their job search for more than 15 years. She offers a complimentary resume review at and at .

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Get Results in This Year With an HR Cover Letter

The Best HR Cover Letter Tips for 2023. Writing a cover letter can be easier if you have a copy of your resume to refer to.


Table of Contents

HR Cover Letter Example

Hr cover letter sample, great hr cover letter example, three tips for writing your hr cover letter using this example, faq: hr cover letters.

HR Cover Letter Example

The first impression a hiring manager will often get of you is from your cover letter. A cover letter gives you a chance to communicate some of your most valuable skills to the hiring manager, while demonstrating them at the same time through the quality of your letter. Communication skills are one of the key parts of an HR job description, so make your cover letter count!

If you are ready to apply for an HR job, then use ResumeHelp’s Resume Builder to write the perfect resume. Writing a cover letter can be easier if you have a copy of your resume to refer to.

This guide will give you:

Managing payroll for a company of 400 people

Conducting background checks and onboarding for new employees

Using Intuit QuickBooks and Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to analyze information and make informed decisions for the HR department

Introducing HR initiatives to increase employee retention

In addition to this, I am a responsible and proactive individual who takes pride in my excellent communication skills and attention to detail. With my unique background and prior HR experience, I feel that I would be able to greatly contribute to XYZ company in the human resources position. I think that I would also gain invaluable experience in a new working environment and aspire to learn from XYZ company to build upon my existing skill set.

Q: Is a cover letter necessary to get an HR job?

Q: How long should my cover letter be to get an HR job?

The ideal cover letter will be about 3/4 of a page long or 250-400 words. This is long enough to include all of the necessary information. At the same time, keeping your cover letter short shows that you can communicate effectively. If your cover letter is too long, then it may seem like you are unable to filter your thoughts down to convey important information.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

Yes. If you don’t have a lot of work experience, then you can still use this cover letter example to get a job. You can use academic, volunteer, or internship experiences to make the same point and show you are capable of doing the job. You can apply for an entry-level human resources job, such as a human resources assistant.


Move your cover letter to the top of the yes pile!

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Resume Genius

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Home Cover Letter Examples Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter

Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Example

April 20, 2021 | By the Resume Genius Team | Reviewed by Samuel Johns, CPRW

Not sure how to begin your cover letter? Follow our example below to learn what an ideal human resources cover letter should include.

A human resources (HR) cover letter example and template with a blue header to make the applicant's name stand out

Don’t like the look of this cover letter? Find a new design in our collection of free cover letter templates .

Other Samples Related to a Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter

Office Manager Cover Letter

Office assistant cover letter, executive assistant cover letter, hr cover letter template (text format).

Pay attention to the formatting used on your cover letter to guarantee it’s both readable and professional.

[Today’s Date]

[341 Company Address]

Company City, State xxxxx

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

[[email protected]]

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Manager’s Name),

I’m contacting you regarding your advertisement for the Human Resources opening listed on your website. My interest in this position stems from my belief that I have the right combination of relevant staffing experience, communication skills, and high levels of organization that make me a superb candidate.

To date I feel my strongest abilities are:

I consider myself to be a dedicated and dependable individual who possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills. I feel that a relationship with your company would be mutually beneficial, as my educational background, HR experience, and qualifications would make me a perfect fit for your Human Resources position, and would also allow me to refine my skills in a new working environment.

In closing, I would like to thank you for your time and attention, and I hope to have the chance to discuss the opening with you in person.

[Your Name]

Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Writing Tips

Learning how to put together a cover letter for the specific job(s) you want will help you land more interviews.

You’re probably familiar with the best practices to recruit talent, but do you need help showing off your own talents in a cover letter? Catch an HR recruiter’s attention by presenting your HR skills in a well-written cover letter, and you won’t be far from landing a spot on the other side of the hiring process.

Follow these three writing tips to write your own job-winning human resources (HR) cover letter:

1. Highlight your HR skills

An outstanding HR cover letter showcases HR experience, clerical knowledge, computer literacy, and most importantly, a passion for understanding a company’s hiring objectives and improving its structural culture.

Because your duties can vary depending on your role within the department, focus on highlighting job-specific skills throughout your cover letter.

For example, if you’re applying to be an HR representative, communication skills and attention to detail are essential for providing accurate information to employees and resolving any questions about a company’s policies or benefits.

When discussing your HR background and work history in the cover letter body, include key HR technical skills to show employers you meet their basic requirements.

Here are important HR hard skills recruiters seek:

In addition to proving you have the right skill-set, include a number of fundamental HR soft skills in your cover letter to show employers you’re a strong candidate. Here are soft skills to complement your HR expertise:

Here’s a great example of how to mention these skills in your cover letter body:

My interest in this position stems from my belief that my combination of relevant staffing experience, communication skills, and high levels of organization make me a superb candidate.

You may also emphasize your hard and soft skills in bullet points like this:

To date, I feel my strongest abilities are: Increasing employee retention by rigorously maintaining a positive work environment Developing targeted outreach recruitment programs to recruit the best talent and meet all departmental hiring requirements Creating user-friendly application forms and questionnaires to be used by the organization during staff recruitment and interviewing Arbitrating labor disputes in collaboration with the legal department

2. Use the proper cover letter format

Because you work in HR, you’re probably well aware of how competitive the job market is. To show employers you’re capable of being on the other side of the hiring process, it’s important to reflect a high level of professionalism with your cover letter. Use proper cover letter format to ensure your cover letter is neat, presentable, and optimized for easy readability.

Here’s how to correctly format your HR cover letter:

3. Make sure your cover letter isn’t too long (or too short)

As an HR professional, it only makes sense for you to consider your job application from an HR perspective. With countless job applications to screen through, recruiters will welcome a cover letter that isn’t overly long — or short.

Avoid going into great detail with an essay-like cover letter, which may cause the hiring manager to lose interest before they finish reading through. However, a cover letter that’s too short might give off the impression you didn’t invest much time or thought into it.

To write a cover letter that appeals to employers, keep it straightforward and concise. The best cover letters are usually 250–400 words in length.

Here are ways to achieve the perfect cover letter length :

Other Human Resources (HR) Cover Letters, Resumes, & CVs:

Cover letters:.

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